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mpaeis anyone using juju with openstack?01:04
mpaeby that I mean using openstack as the environment...01:04
hloeungmpae: yes, I am01:06
mpaehloeung: question, if you don't mind...  I'm getting a "could not find AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID" error when I try to bootstrap, where did you find this?01:07
mpaeor do you already have amazon credentials...01:08
hloeungmpae: from the sound of it, it sounds like you're using the Go version of juju?01:09
mpaehloeung: actually I'm not...  I had that problem even when trying to use maas with the Go version01:09
mpaeso I switched to the non Go version early on01:09
mpaeerr the python version :)01:10
hloeungmpae: hmm interesting. What does 'juju --version' return?01:10
mpaejuju 0.701:11
josehey marcoceppi, did you get to take a look at my charm/01:11
mpaehloeung: I'm also getting a warning about OpenStack identity service not using secure transport, I don't know if that's significant to this01:11
hloeungmpae: hmm, so looking at one of the environments we've deployed using the Python version. AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID isn't set01:12
mpaehloeung: juju -v bootstrap shows that it's using "auth-mode 'userpass'"01:13
mpaehloeung: I followed the instructions provided here https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/config-openstack.html to configure the environments.yaml01:14
mpaehloeung: is there a different guide I should be following for the python version?01:14
hloeungmpae: I'd try remove auth-mode01:16
mpaehloeung: but I don't have that anywhere in my environments.yaml01:16
marcoceppijose: not yet01:17
mpaehloeung: do you have the same options specified in your environment as what's specified in https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/config-openstack.html ?01:17
joseok :)01:17
mpaehloeung: and are you using https or http for the keystone url?01:17
hloeungmpae: here's an example of my juju environment - http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5857107/01:18
hloeungmpae: HTTPS for keystone01:18
mpaehloeung: thanks for that, I see you're using openstack type rather than openstack_s301:19
mpaehloeung: you also don't have the keystone url, is that a copy paste ommission?01:19
hloeungmpae: the environment variable OS_AUTH_URL sets my keystone URL01:21
mpaehloeung: I see, I have that set as well, so I guess I don't need it01:21
mpaehloeung: I mean I don't need it in environments.yaml01:22
hloeungmpae: right01:22
hloeungmpae: let me know how you go01:22
mpaewell, different error now :)01:22
mpaehloeung: different error now but progress :)  I'm going to try digging in to this a bit, thank you01:23
hloeungmpae: heh cool :)01:24
mpaehloeung: what version of openstack are you using?  the examples on the juju website say use openstack_s3 for and openstack deployment01:30
mpaethis would be so much easier of the juju credentials download in horizon was working :'(01:36
mpaedang...  all I had to do is download the ec2 credentials and add the ec2rc.sh to my profile01:39
mpaenow it no longer complains about AWS credentials01:39
mpaeand I can use openstack_s3 provider type just fine01:39
_mup_Bug #1199205 was filed: juju boostrap does not work if keystone url does not have trailing / <juju:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1199205>02:07
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* davecheney facepalm02:10
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AskUbuntusimple MAAS setup in ubuntu 13.04 and virtual box | http://askubuntu.com/q/31803206:28
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melmothI need a way to get a list of all units peers. I can get info about new one in peer-relation-joined all right.08:06
melmothbut i need this information anytime, so i have to store those peers somewhere.08:06
melmothhow can i "lock" this somewhere for both reading and writing so i m sure i change thing atomically there ?08:06
melmothif i dont use any locking mechanism i loose data because when i add n unit, i end up with n hooks changing the data there without tacking care of each others.08:07
melmothis there a way to get either a write _and_ read lock in python ? (i only manage to make a write lock with fcntl but i dont undertsdant how to block reading too)08:07
melmothor a thread like semaphore within a hook  code ?08:08
henningemelmoth: You have the "relation-list" inside a relation hook. That will give you the names of all the peers (minus the one the hook is running on).08:26
melmothhenninge, only when this hook is fired up by a "relation hook"08:27
melmothand i need the data at another stage, so i need to store it when i have access to it.08:27
henningeAFAIK, yes.08:27
melmothgetting the data is not a problem, it s storing it in a safe way.08:27
henningeYou can store the data in the charm directory.08:28
henningeI think that is ok to do.08:28
henningeor some other place.08:28
henningeMaybe some other place is better. ;-)08:29
melmothhenninge, the problem is concurent acces. When i have n unit added at the same time, i need a way to synchronise access to wherever the data is store08:42
melmothi think i ll juts use a simple lock file. if it s there, let s wait. if its not, lets put it and do the job08:43
henningemelmoth: All hooks on one machine run in one thread.08:50
henningeSo I don't think there is concurrency.08:50
henninge(I assume they run in one thread, actually)08:50
melmoththere is.08:51
melmothyesterday i added like 5 unit, saw in the log that all the unit where viewed, but in the resulting file i wrote, some were missing08:51
melmoththe only way i can explain that is a race condition between the moment the file was read by one hook, and the moment it was written again wit the new data08:52
melmothi bet between those two moments,  an other unit did the same stuff and i lost 1 info08:52
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jamespagemgz, how are we with regards 1.11.2 release of juju-core? I'd like to get something uploaded to saucy and I just resolved the golang 1.1.1 issue in the interim12:24
mgzjamespage: I'll poke dave, I don't feel we're blocked on anything now12:25
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=== jcastro changed the topic of #juju to: Share your infrastructure, win a prize: https://juju.ubuntu.com/charm-championship/ || Review Calendar: http://goo.gl/uK9HD || Review Queue: http://jujucharms.com/review-queue || http://jujucharms.com || Reviewer: m_3
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marcoceppiquiet today20:20
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arosalesany one have any ideas on https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/juju/2013-July/002657.html22:03
josemarcoceppi: hey, wht did you mean by 'change configuration'?22:34
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josealso, do I need to design my own icon?22:46
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marcoceppijose: if a user runs `juju set postfix hostname="something else"`23:42
marcoceppiright now nothing happens, this triggers the hooks/config-changed hook in the charm though23:43
marcoceppiBasically you'd just put the bulk of the hooks/install in to hooks/config-changed23:43
marcoceppijose: not your own, but you should try to find the logo for postfix and put it on the charm icon template23:44
sarnoldhaha, http://www.postfix.org/mysza.gif23:44
marcoceppiYup :) that should make for an interesting charm icon23:45
sarnoldperhaps a touch less professional looking than exim or sendmail23:46
sarnoldah but still better than qmail :)  http://www.qmail.org/Q.6.01.Logo.lg.jpg23:46
marcoceppiWell, not much we can do a out that23:46

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