yofelworth a try indeed, lets see what happens00:14
yofelkde4libs - 4:4.10.90+git20130709-0~519~saucy100:31
yofelapachelogger: I'll leave designing a sane version number to you https://code.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-members/+recipe/kubuntu-kdelibs-stable00:32
ScottKyofel: What's the -0~519?00:40
ScottKFor the stable builds, can we do release number instead of name?00:42
yofelno, ~<release>1 is appende by launchpad00:42
yofelI filed a bug for that like half a year ago00:43
yofelit's 'Low'00:43
ScottKLow means send patches or wait for the heat death of the Universe.00:43
yofelwell, in this case patches or until we actually reach u-series00:43
yofelnot too far away00:44
* yofel is off to bed - good night01:16
smartboyhwGood night yofel 01:19
ScottKQuintasan: Re the firefox-en thing, installing kubuntu-desktop in a clean chroot doesn't pull it in, so likely the language thing.02:10
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ahoneybunhey manchicken02:59
manchickenahoneybun: Hiya02:59
ahoneybundid you get to test moindump?02:59
manchickenahoneybun: Sorry, for some silly reason I thought you were doing that :)03:00
manchickenI'll try now03:00
ahoneybunreason I don't is I was confused with the thing03:01
ahoneybunsorry :)03:01
manchickenNo worries :)03:02
ahoneybunyea I was just wondering03:04
ahoneybunif Ubuntu is moving to qml and Qt what does that mean for all the GtK/GNOME apps?03:05
manchickenI can't do this, I think it has to be done from the machine on which MoinMoin is installed.03:06
manchickenahoneybun: I've heard a lot of people ask that question.03:06
ahoneybunI think that it will just be like how qt covers over gtk apps in KDE03:07
manchickenIt'll finally be a reciprocal arrangement.03:07
manchickenCould result in *shock!* standards.03:07
manchickenOr at least conventions.03:08
ahoneybunthat is one of the reasons I did not like Ubuntu Unity, no standards mix of GTK, Qt, and Nix?03:11
shrinihello all05:20
ScottKRiddell: Released the qt4-x11 revert to raring-updates.05:53
soeegood morning06:10
smartboyhwsoee, hey. Again, how's 4.10.5 in raring?06:11
smartboyhwScottK, ^06:11
soeesmartboyhw, smooth :)06:11
ScottKQuintasan or yofel have been working on that.06:11
smartboyhwScottK, ooh06:11
soeesmartboyhw, do you have expirience with multiple distros on one PC ?06:12
ScottKI'll approve it once it's uploaded.06:12
smartboyhwsoee, no.06:12
apacheloggeryofel, ScottK: 4:$UPSTREAM+git$DATE+bzr$REV~$SERIES$PACKAGINGREV I'd say07:16
yofelapachelogger: ~$SERIES$PACKAGINGREV isn't doable though (even if I very much like the idea)08:24
yofelapachelogger: +pkg{rev} or +kubuntu{rev} ?08:26
apacheloggerwhy is it not doable?08:26
yofelthere is no template for SERIES08:27
yofelthe ~foo1 part isn't editable08:27
apacheloggerso it is always 1?08:27
apacheloggerquite the letdown08:27
apacheloggeryofel: ~pkg{rev}+series1 then08:28
apacheloggeror is that always ~series1?08:28
* apachelogger should get more coffee before talking about weird launchpad stuff08:28
yofelor +r{revno}+bzr{pkgrev} ?08:28
apacheloggerIMO using bzr for the bzr import identifier of the source makes more sense08:29
yofeler, really o.O?08:29
yofelwell, ok08:30
yofelfrom a certain POV, yes it does08:30
apacheloggerif you tell me that version as upstream I will at least be able to deduce that bzr was involved :P08:30
apacheloggernew upstream will trigger upgrade, new day will trigger upgrade, new import will trigger upgrade, new packaging will trigger update08:31
apacheloggershould be all fine08:32
apacheloggerexceedingling long but sufficient layers of version sizing ^^08:32
yofel# bzr-builder format 0.3 deb-version 4:{debupstream}+git{date}+bzr{revno}+pkg{revno:packaging}08:34
apachelogger  Could NOT find JPEG (missing: JPEG_LIBRARY JPEG_INCLUDE_DIR)08:34
apacheloggeryofel: looks good08:34
yofelwhere to put the imports? (here I could actually be convinced that projects would be the sensible way  to go)08:35
apacheloggersame as with neon, roll a dice :P08:36
apacheloggereither many projects ~kubuntu-packager/kde-workspace/master (allowing for more than one branch to be imported)08:36
apacheloggeror one project with many branches ~kubuntu-packager/kde-git-imports/kde-workspace (forcing other branches of the same repo to have some suffix or something e.g. kde-workspace.master and kde-workspace.framework-scratch)08:37
yofelthen I would rather do the projects thing. And maybe me and shadeslayer_ can clean up neon next week if there's spare time08:38
apacheloggerthere is one case that could be made for a single project08:39
apacheloggeryou can easily iterate everything08:39
apacheloggeriff all imports are there08:39
apacheloggerwhich is probably hard to get done seeing as a lot of stuff is imported all over the place on lunchpad08:39
yofel(latter I mean)08:39
smartboyhwyofel, how's 4.10.5 -> raring-proposed? ScottK said you or Quintasan are doing the work:)08:40
apachelogger-- The following REQUIRED packages have not been found:08:41
apacheloggerand of course it's a qt library :@08:41
yofelsmartboyhw: not done, somtime today08:41
markeyapachelogger: should I check for OpenGL or QtOpenGL? 08:41
apacheloggermarkey: that depends on whether you do native paintaing using opengl ... at the very least you'll need qtopengl though08:42
markeyapachelogger: well I reckon QtOpenGL depends on OpenGL08:42
markeyso that should suffice?08:42
apacheloggermarkey: qtopengl can also use GLES08:42
markeyI think we're compatible with ES08:43
apacheloggermarkey: do you have beginNativePainting in your code somewhere?08:43
apacheloggerthen it doesn't matter anyway most likely08:43
apacheloggersimply check for qtopengl08:43
apachelogger(either that or you are not telling Qt that you are about to do native gl painting :P)08:43
apacheloggeryofel: you don't have qimageblitz in neon?08:46
yofelwe do, that's *still* in kdesupport08:46
yofelyou need that for the oxygen-icons anyway08:47
apacheloggerdunno why cmake talks about sourceforge then -.-08:47
apachelogger844.1 MiB (41.22%) of 2.0 GiB08:48
apacheloggerI am reasonable certain oxygen will eat all of that :O08:48
yofelno, that's like 250M source + some 30M binary08:49
apacheloggerwe'll see :P08:50
* apachelogger is in a very vim mood08:52
yofelconsidering we've got the namespacing worked out you can just move it to the main ppa if you run out of space08:52
apacheloggerwe'll see08:55
apacheloggeror just request a size bump :O08:56
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smartboyhwScottK, any time to approve an SRU for me?09:48
ScottKNot now.  Need to get ready to leave for a $work meeting.09:49
smartboyhwScottK, :(09:49
afiestas_ScottK: thanks for your email with some "let's do it" feedback10:14
afiestas_made my morning :)10:14
ScottKI think it was a bit less enthusiastic than that.10:29
ScottKI think it was more of "we could live with it".10:29
smartboyhwScottK, finished $work meeting already? That quick?10:31
markeythis QtScript crash bug was fixed in Qt 4.8.3, IIRC?10:31
ScottKNo, still getting ready to go.10:31
smartboyhwScottK, that's long:P10:31
smartboyhwScottK, just to tell you: The bugs are Bug 1189083 and Bug 1189085. The patch (same) is attached to the two bugs10:32
ubottubug 1189083 in ibus-cangjie (Ubuntu Raring) "Make "Preferences" button work in "IBus Preferences"" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118908310:32
ubottubug 1189085 in ibus-cangjie (Ubuntu Raring) "ibus-cangjie missing dependency gir1.2-ibus-1.0" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118908510:32
smartboyhwIt's rather simple to review actually:P10:34
yofelTBH, some of the dependency update information for a new KDE SC release could be extracted from project-neon, as that was already updated there before beta1 is even tagged10:43
yofelexcept stuff that has daily builds there as well. E.g. SDO or akonadi10:43
yofel kde4libs - 4:4.10.90+git20130709+bzr92221+pkg519~saucy111:31
yofellooks reasonable11:31
shadeslayer_whats that11:35
yofelshadeslayer_: https://code.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-members/+recipe/kubuntu-kdelibs-stable11:36
shadeslayer_and that's being done why?11:37
shadeslayer_did anyone test 4.10.90 for quantal apart from me? should I move it?11:37
yofel<ScottK> I'm thinking if we did that, maybe we could send a point release straight to proposed since we'd have tested it already.11:38
yofel<ScottK> So it would ~replace the updates PPA.11:38
yofelwrt. stable daily builds11:38
shadeslayer_I see11:39
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yofelI just added https://trello.com/c/gj9wpF5W for that, still incomplete I think11:50
apacheloggeryofel: do you have a neon policy on strict linking requirements?11:52
apacheloggere.g. linking against qtgui/qtcore requires libgl to be present, so anything builddeping qt needs to builddep libgl11:53
apacheloggerI was thinking about a pseudo dev package... qt5-dev { depends: qt5, libgl1; files: null }11:54
shadeslayer_doubt it11:54
shadeslayer_Packaging for Neon 4 is very minimal11:54
shadeslayer_so unless shlibs:Depends or misc:Depends automagically add that, no11:54
yofelapachelogger: there is project-neon-kdelibs-dev for that11:55
yofelnot sure what that wasn't qt11:55
BluesKajHi all11:55
apacheloggerwell, in qt5 we need that for qt as well11:55
yofelthen just move it there and make project-neon5-kdelibs-dev depend on it (or junk it)11:56
yofelapachelogger: and no, there's no strict linking policy in neon (we use the defaults mostly)11:56
yofelif anything there might be a place or two where rpath is forced11:57
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* apachelogger meows11:59
apacheloggershadeslayer_: did you actually look into the zic thing?11:59
shadeslayer_apachelogger: nope, I did not commit to doing that11:59
apacheloggerbecause I removed it from my todo after asking you12:00
* apachelogger sighs12:00
apacheloggertaring the kdesupport takes forever12:02
* apachelogger surely forgot a dep again 12:02
yofelcan't you just fork what we have in neon4?12:03
apacheloggerthat's what I did I think12:04
apacheloggerECM is new though12:04
apacheloggerRiddell: bug 500936 :P12:19
ubottubug 500936 in umbrello (Ubuntu) "umbrello: command "Align right" essentially aligns left" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50093612:19
Riddellapachelogger: we like to keep our users on their toes :)12:22
apacheloggerI see :P12:22
apacheloggersupport should be building now, going to attempt workspace again tomorrow13:25
apacheloggeryofel, shadeslayer_: did anyone actually subscribe kubuntu-bugs to the new packages btw?13:37
apacheloggerkubotu: hi13:41
kubotu'afternoon apachelogger13:41
apacheloggeryofel: kubotu's back13:41
apachelogger-> dinner13:41
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smartboyhwkubotu: help14:16
kubotuhelp topics: 10 core modules: auth, basics, config, filters, httputil, irclog, remote, unicode, userdata, wordlist; 57 plugins: alias, autoop, autorejoin, bans, bar, botsnack, chanserv, debug, dns, eightball, excuse, factoids, googlefight, greed, greet, hangman, host, identica, insult, iplookup, karma, keywords, lart, map, markov, modes, newpackage, nickrecover, nickserv, note, poll, q, quote, reaction, remind, ri, roshambo,14:16
kuboturot, rss, salut, script, search, sed, seen, shiritori, spotify, time, topic, translator, tumblr, twitter, uno, urban, usermodes, wheeloffortune, wserver, youtube; 32 plugins ignored: use help ignored plugins to see why; 1 plugin failed to load: use help failed plugins to see why (help <topic> for more info)14:16
agateauRiddell: I think I fixed the icon issue in Ubiquity. Can't find a bug report for it. Do you know if there is one?14:39
Riddellagateau: no I don't think there is14:39
agateauRiddell: ok. Committing and filing merge request then14:40
smartboyhwScottK, can you try to approve my SRUs a.s.a.p so I can test it tmr morning?14:58
smartboyhwIt's Bug 1189083 and Bug 1189085.14:58
ubottubug 1189083 in ibus-cangjie (Ubuntu Raring) "Make "Preferences" button work in "IBus Preferences"" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118908314:58
ubottubug 1189085 in ibus-cangjie (Ubuntu Raring) "ibus-cangjie missing dependency gir1.2-ibus-1.0" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118908514:58
smartboyhwI'm leaving for London soon14:58
yofelapachelogger: at least not me, will look in a bit15:44
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Peace-mm http://paste.ubuntu.com/585897817:12
Peace-that was a comment on my blog17:14
Peace-ah seen the paste :D17:14
Peace-it's not readable17:15
yofelrekonq at its best -.-17:15
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Peace-well i personally did not get the point of this   Installing a second browser as you say is no option in my case. I run a double boot and I am very concerned about using non native softwares on my Linux boot.17:17
Peace-i can't understand why he can not install the second browser 17:17
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QuintasanWell, fuck this, I give up.20:58
soeeKDE 4.11 RC1 tomorrow :)21:46
kubotu::qt-bugs:: [1194501] [ 4.8 Linaro regression] ICE on gcc-4.8 building kde4libs @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1194501 (by Scott Kitterman)22:02

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