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AskUbuntusimple MAAS setup in ubuntu 13.04 and virtual box | http://askubuntu.com/q/31803206:28
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sputnik13anyone around?  I'm wondering if there's ways to use a hybrid virtual and real maas setup11:00
sputnik13I know there's a way to do virtual-maas but can you include real physical nodes as well?11:00
sputnik13or are they mutually exclusive11:01
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melmothsputnik13, if the real node are on the same network/bridge tje vm are on, it should work.13:10
melmothi had some maas hosted in a vm, coping with other vms as node as well as real hardware one.13:10
roaksoaxsputnik13: maas in reality sees VM's and physical machines as a machine. The only difference is how will it control the power14:03
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hazmatroaksoax, around?22:02
roaksoaxhazmat: here!22:06
hazmatroaksoax, awesome.. i'm trying to reset/debug a bespoke maas setup.22:06
hazmatwith juan..22:06
hazmatif you've got a few m we're in a hangout22:06
roaksoaxhazmat: sure,22:07
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hazmatroaksoax, thanks.. i think i got it working.. all machines powered down minus juju bootstrapping23:27
hazmatroaksoax, that github ticket was key i think23:28
hazmatfor the bot archive.. https://github.com/celery/celery/issues/98423:28

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