Nothing_MuchI'm having a bit of a hard time trying to get Mir to run because I can't install the xorg-video-abi-13 package for some reason08:01
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BluesKajHi all11:55
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FernandoMiguelany body else stuck in an older kernel?13:26
FernandoMiguelI'm on 3.9.0-7, cause the only one that has proper CPU scheduler management13:26
FernandoMiguelanyone can point me in the direction of debugging unity ?14:08
FernandoMiguela # or something ?14:08
FernandoMigueldoing $ killall -9 unity-panel-service every few minutes, is no longer an option :(14:08
xjuniorMorning guys. Since yesterday I'm not being able to start X/XMir14:27
xjuniorit starts to initialize (I even see Mir's big arrow at the top-left corner)14:27
xjuniorThen crashes. Anybody having this issue?14:27
ikoniahave you got a bug logged ?14:28
ikoniahave you traced what packages have been changed ?14:28
xjuniorikonia: I saw a bunch of changes in drivers before it started crashing14:28
xjuniorI upgrade the packages pretty much every day14:28
ikonia"changes in drivers..."14:28
ikoniawhat ???14:28
ikoniaxjunior: 1.) work out what packages changed between working/not working14:28
xjuniorlike intel driver14:28
ikoniaxjunior: 2.) log bug with detail14:29
xjuniorikonia: is there a way to know which packages changed yesterday afternoon?14:30
ikoniacheck the logs - pay attention ?? you're supposed to be testing this...not just watching14:30
FernandoMiguelin which release cycle did we start having all these packages in -proposed ?15:18
FernandoMiguelI know for sure everything used to go to main15:18
Pici'these packages' ?15:18
FernandoMiguelPici: so many of them15:18
FernandoMiguelthat repo used to be empty till final release15:19
PiciI think they started to put stuff in there that would have more of an impact on system stability started to come out.15:20
FernandoMiguelPici: maybe last cycle?15:20
PiciI think it was before that.15:20
FernandoMiguelI can't put my finger on it15:21
FernandoMiguelI just enabled it on mine15:21
FernandoMiguellets see if I can even boot after that :p15:21
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xjuniorikonia: https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/119939915:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1199399 in Mir "System-Compositor-Testing PPA's Mir/XMir out of sync" [Undecided,New]15:28
SuperLagI think it's libpixman.15:33
SuperLagthat's what is making X segfault here.15:33
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Nothing_MuchDoes anybody know why I can't install xorg-video-abi-13?16:43
ikoniahave you looked at the error ?16:44
Nothing_MuchIt won'd allow me to upgrade the Nouveau/Radeon/Intel driver for Mir16:45
ikoniaok, so again "why"16:46
Nothing_Muchxorg-video-abi-13 doesn't have an installation candidate16:49
Nothing_MuchBut I can't seem to get Mir to work properly without the nouveau driver16:53
holsteinNothing_Much: i heard only the open drives work with it16:54
holsteinNothing_Much: MIR literally just came out.. i wouldnt expect much in the way of featuers or support16:55
Nothing_MuchWell, I was just expecting it to pick the correct driver instead of the VMware one, and I did remove the nvidia driver and the xorg.conf16:55
holsteinNothing_Much: right.. i would adjust your expectations.. since its *quite* early days16:56
ikoniaNothing_Much: ok - so it doesn't have an installation candidate meaing that package is either a.) not valid in your cache, b.) not valid in the repo16:57
ikoniaNothing_Much: so 1.) apt-get update to make sure your cache is current 2.) try again16:57
ikoniaNothing_Much: it's possible that the package just doesn't exist at the moment16:57
Nothing_MuchIt looks like it's in 12.10, but not 13.0416:58
ikoniaok, so there you go16:58
Nothing_Muchor 13.1016:59
ikoniathere you go again then...16:59
ikoniayou have the answer why there is no candidate available16:59
Nothing_MuchIt's nonexistant, but I read the wiki on how to install pre-built packages on a PC17:02
Nothing_MuchOh, there's updates17:02
Nothing_MuchI'll brb17:02
Nothing_MuchOh wow, it installed :D17:12
geniiMy touchpad stopped working after latest updates. The buttons still work, just not the pad. Still works under 13.0418:20
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kanliothow do i see if MIR is running?21:22
holsteinps aux ?21:23
holsteini heard there were 2 cursors showing in MIR right now... that might be an indicator21:23
holsteinif you dont want a frowny face, dont use MIR right now.. its quite new21:24
kanlioti didn't come here for a lecture21:25
kanlioti was wondering if MIR was running in todays Lubuntu build21:25
kanliotwhich seems to be a valid question21:25
holsteini dont think mir is planned for lubuntu, corret?21:26
holsteinkanliot: im not questioning the validity, nor lecuturing.. nor tring to be combative.. im just saying, its new, so expect some "issues" for a while21:26
kanliotyou assume that my concerns aren't valid21:27
kanlioteven after i state them plainly21:27
kanliotand i actually like you21:27
holsteinkanliot: actually, i dont.. i assure you, im assuming nothing.. and i like you too21:27
kanliotseems like we've chatted before in #lubuntu or something21:28
holstein^^ that is what i heard, that lubuntu is not planning to use MIR21:28
yofelkanliot: if you have mir running then you'll have an additional mouse icon in the top left corner. (Unlikely as MIR isn't in the archive yet)21:29
kanliotyofel i thought the changes to x.org stack got pushed today.  and TYVM for the answer.  I do not see the mouse icon21:30
yofelkanliot: you can also check for a 'unity-system-compositor' process, that would be mir21:31
maslenRandom question: If apt-get build-dep doesn't actually install all of the build dependencies, is that considered a flaw?21:56
maslenAssuming that the missing packages are available through apt-get install21:56

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