xkernelWhen creating a Touch app in the Qt Creator; do I have to type all the QML scripts or is there a way for GUI designing?00:25
mhall119xkernel: you have to type it out currently, I think the Qt Designer still isn't working for Qt5/QML00:31
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odraencodeOne of these days I'm going to make a QML app :|00:46
odraencodeThen I'll join the circlejerk of phone developers00:46
odraencodeMaybe I should get a phone00:46
jonomhall119,  around?03:04
mhall119jono: about to head to sleep, got an early morning call tomorrow03:20
jonomhall119, np, we can chat tomorrow03:24
ezu5tHello. Reading the page http://developer.ubuntu.com/2013/02/releasing-the-ubuntu-touch-developer-preview-and-sdk-alpha/ and trying to determine what kind of tablet to get. from what I see, none of the supported ones have removable battery or a micro-sd slot.05:53
ezu5ti wish one of them did05:53
dommertnatorSo whats going down07:06
dholbachgood morning07:26
MirvI'm proposing a change to the ubuntu-sdk meta package so that people get lots and lots of new documentation inside the Qt Creator Help function https://code.launchpad.net/~timo-jyrinki/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu-touch.saucy.add_documentation/+merge/17365907:34
Mirvqtdeclarative5-doc is still missing from saucy archives, so didn't add that yet07:34
Mirv(pending someone sponsoring https://code.launchpad.net/~timo-jyrinki/ubuntu/saucy/qtdeclarative-opensource-src/merge_continued/+merge/173448)07:35
Mirvsaucy users? could you try out Qt Creator (~test12) from ppa:timo-jyrinki/qt5-testing - smoke-testing - the only interesting thing is you see some difference compared to the ~test10 in SDK Release PPA (you shouldn't)08:14
MirvI'm hoping to get that or something very similar to saucy archives now finally08:15
MirvI asked jppiiroinen to test it as well but he's needing a saucy reinstall first08:19
JamesTaitGood morning all, happy Sugar Cookie Day! :-D08:48
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om26eroSoMoN, can you +1 this please since gusch is on vacation. https://code.launchpad.net/~om26er/gallery-app/fix_test_run_devices/+merge/17357310:37
oSoMoNom26er: looking10:37
oSoMoNom26er: this was already fixed and merged at revision 771 in lp:gallery-app10:44
om26eroSoMoN, ah,thanks. Its a bad day ;) I fixed test run for gallery and Chris already fixed it, I also add autopilot testing to address-book-app and seems ranato also propsed it :O10:46
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AskUbuntuI'm having a difficulty in the application intalled menu | http://askubuntu.com/q/31814012:50
kaleoLaney, https://code.launchpad.net/~laney/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/crossfadeimage/+merge/170391 has a fix13:13
Laneykaleo: saw, will merge shortly13:19
kaleoLaney, cool13:20
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Laneykaleo: ah, cunning, why didn't I think of that? :P13:44
kaleoLaney, there is another way that does not require an extra variable13:44
kaleoLaney, but it would have meant some deeper changes13:44
kaleoLaney, no time for that :)13:45
Laneyheh, not sure I need to know ;-)13:45
* Laney builds13:45
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kaleoLaney, merged! thanks a lot15:26
Laneykaleo: woo! thank you for the reviews!15:26
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renato_om26er, ping17:31
om26errenato_, pong17:31
renato_om26er, what is the problem with my branch :D17:31
renato_I like the make autpilot17:32
om26errenato_, def launch_app(self, movie_file=None):17:32
om26er+        if os.path.realpath(__file__).startswith("/usr/"):17:32
om26errenato_, we can go with as it is now and I'll fix those things in another merge proposal, if you want17:33
renato_and I like to be able to run the autopilot even if I have build the app in a diff directory17:33
om26errenato_, that makes running tests difficult for someone who is running the testsuite for the first time17:33
renato_om26er, I can use hardcode dir like you did "local_location = "../../src/imports/main.qml"" as a fall-back if the var was not found17:35
om26errenato_, yes would be simpler17:35
renato_om26er, why I need to do in a another merge proposal? why I can not fix mine?17:36
om26errenato_, sure you can ;)17:36
mihahnHello :)18:09
renato_om26er, MR fixed18:11
om26errenato_, looking18:11
mihahnGuys what are the skills you should have when you wanna help tomorrow?18:12
om26errenato_, the copyright headers need to be 2013 other than that LGTM18:16
om26ermihahn, depends if you have knowledge of python you could help with writing tests, if you want to help in basic app development you need to know QML18:17
AskUbuntuWhy Java is not there for development of ubuntu phone? | http://askubuntu.com/q/31824018:18
mihahn@om26er I have basic python skills, but not much more. Maybe I will just be spectating... but that's why I love Ubuntu - the community. To work together for updates and discussing here is so great!18:19
mihahnbtw how to name ppl here in freenode? ^^18:19
om26ermihahn, see this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch18:21
mihahnOkay I know the site :)18:22
AskUbuntudevelopment desktop in ubuntu 12.04 | http://askubuntu.com/q/31824318:30
kaleomhall119, who wants to play with gradient backgrounds?18:32
mhall119kaleo: nik90 does, I'm sure18:32
kaleomhall119, cool18:33
kaleonik90, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5859216/18:33
kaleomhall119, do you know what apps need it?18:34
kaleomhall119, the clock app for sure18:34
mhall119kaleo: the clock and calendar are the only ones with final Suru-style designs18:35
mhall119sorry, Clock and Calculator18:35
kaleomhall119, ok18:35
kaleomhall119, I'm never able to find dalius18:36
mhall119Weather and Calendar *might* use it, but until we get the final visual designs we won't know18:36
kaleomhall119, ok18:36
nik90kaleo: me me me :-)18:36
mhall119unfortunately dalius has stepped down from working on the Calculator, so we'll need to get someone else working on it18:36
kaleomhall119, ok18:37
kaleonik90, check out the link :)18:37
nik90kaleo: How do we get it to use a specific toolkit version?18:37
kaleonik90, you can compile it yourself18:37
kaleonik90, bzr branch thebranch && cd thebranch && qmake && make && source export_modules_dir.sh18:37
kaleonik90, then launch your app18:37
nik90kaleo: how to revert the toolkit?18:37
kaleonik90, or you can wait for launchpad to build an ubuntu package of the toolkit for which a link will appear in the merge request I sent you18:38
kaleonik90, revert?18:38
nik90kaleo: when I do qmake and source export.. etc. I start using your toolkit branch essentially. How do I go back to the original version of teh toolkit?18:39
kaleonik90, just close the terminal18:39
kaleonik90, all other terminals will use the system toolkit18:39
nik90ah ok :) perfect. Will post screenshot when I finish :D18:39
kaleonik90, cool18:39
nik90kaleo: I get an error while compiling. http://paste.ubuntu.com/5859250/18:44
kaleonik90, you need to have installed all the packages listed at the beginning of debian/contrl18:45
kaleonik90, debian/control18:45
kaleonik90, you are missing qtdeclarative5-private-dev,18:45
nik90kaleo: will go through the list and install required packages18:45
nik90kaleo: I am stuck since when I try to install a package it is conflicting with the version of it already installed on my system. http://paste.ubuntu.com/5859281/18:55
kaleonik90, do apt-cache policy libqt5v8-5-dev18:55
nik90kaleo: Installed: 5.0.2-3ubuntu1~raring1~test1 Candidate: 5.0.2-3ubuntu1~raring1~test118:56
nik90no idea where the raring came up from. I am running saucy18:57
nik90I get similar error when trying to install qtdeclarative5-private-dev18:57
nik90the *-private-dev cannot be installed because of this18:57
kaleonik90, policy tells you where it comes from18:58
nik90kaleo: It comes from saucy then based on output http://paste.ubuntu.com/5859289/18:59
kaleonik90, and apt-cache policy libqt5v8-5-private-dev ?18:59
nik90kaleo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5859295/19:01
nik90ah I dont have that installed19:01
kaleonik90, try the following19:02
kaleonik90, sudo apt-get install libqt5v8-5-dev=5.0.2-3 libqt5v8-5-private-dev19:02
nik90kaleo: nope same situation http://paste.ubuntu.com/5859304/19:03
nik90if I install the package from your MP built by launchpad, will it automatically fix these dependency issues19:04
kaleonik90, yes19:04
kaleonik90, try19:04
kaleosudo apt-get install libqt5v8-5-dev=5.0.2-3 libqt5v8-5-private-dev libqt5v8-5=5.0.2-319:05
nik90okay that allowed me to isntall those packages.19:05
nik90Now I shall continue installing other packages from debian/control19:06
nik90kaleo: hitting the same issue qtdeclarative5-private-dev, tried your way of sudo apt-get install qtdeclarative-dev=5.0.2-2 qtdeclarative5-private-dev qtdeclarative5=5.0.2-2...but doesnt seem to find the package19:15
kaleonot 219:16
nik90kaleo: I tried that but it say version 5.0.2-3 does not exist for that package. I also tried 1,2,319:17
renato_om26er, thanks for the review, and sorry because of the duplicated work :D19:17
kaleonik90, ok, what's the error message19:17
kaleonik90, what's the dependency that cannot be installed?19:18
nik90kaleo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5859337/19:18
om26errenato_, np ;)19:18
kaleonik90, do it without the versions please19:18
kaleonik90, and paste the result19:18
nik90kaleo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5859339/19:20
nik90I noticed I typed qtdeclarative-dev instead of qtdeclarative5-dev in the last command, but then it complains that "Unable to locate package qtdeclarative5"19:21
kaleonik90, sudo apt-get install qtdeclarative5-private-dev qtdeclarative5-dev=5.0.2-1ubuntu219:22
kaleonik90, you must have installed a PPA at some point19:23
kaleonik90, that's messing up your Qt installe19:23
nik90kaleo: true I get more warning than before stating the qt quick, quick particles etc are wrong19:23
nik90I will wait for launchpad :)19:23
kaleonik90, try this19:24
kaleodo the same apt-get with -f19:25
kaleoe.g.: sudo apt-get install -f qtdeclarativeblabla19:25
nik90kaleo: doesnt work. same error. It is ignoring the force install parameter19:26
kaleonik90, sorry, I asked you before I think, you are on saucy?19:27
seb128kaleo, nik90: do you guys need help sorting that out?19:28
nik90kaleo: yes on saucy19:28
nik90upgraded from raring if that matters19:28
nik90seb128: help welcome :)19:29
kaleonik90, I'm guessing you have the qt5-proper PPA installed; sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/canonical-qt5-edgers-qt5-proper-raring.list*19:29
seb128nik90, try sudo apt-get install qtdeclarative5-dev/saucy qtdeclarative5-private-dev/saucy19:29
kaleonik90, then sudo apt-get update19:29
kaleonik90, it does matter; that's the issue :)19:29
nik90yes I do have the ppa installed19:29
kaleonik90, we need to remove it19:29
kaleoseb128, thanks!19:29
seb128yw ;-)19:29
seb128nik90, disable the ppa anyway, or it will try to upgrade the packages using it again, it seems to raring packages in the ppa are newer than the saucy version19:30
nik90seb128: ok19:31
seb128nik90, let me know if the command I just gave work19:31
nik90seb128: nope it did not work19:31
seb128nik90, can you pastebin the error?19:31
nik90seb128: so I removed the PPA adn then am updating19:31
nik90seb128: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5859365/19:32
seb128nik90, ok, that's easy enough...19:32
seb128nik90, dpkg -l | grep ~raring19:32
seb128nik90, then you need to "sudo apt-get install binary/saucy otherbinary/saucy yetanotherbinary/saucy"19:33
seb128where the "binary/saucy" list is all the binary the dpkg -l command listed19:33
nik90seb128: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5859371/19:33
seb128or keep trying and add things that are listed in error19:33
nik90seb128: that's a lot of packages to do "sudo apt-get install binary/saucy otherbinary/saucy  yetanotherbinary/saucy"19:34
seb128nik90, you can shell script if you like :p19:34
mhall119kaleo: seb128: I hope this is going to be easier once all the packages are built and published19:35
kaleomhall119, they are19:35
nik90so at the end of the day, does saucy need the qt5-proper PPA or not?19:35
kaleomhall119, it's just that the PPA has incorrect versions of Qt19:35
kaleonik90, no19:35
nik90kaleo: mhall119: then the developer.ubuntu.com needs an update definitely19:36
kaleonik90, it does not talk about Saucy (13.10) :)19:37
nik90kaleo: it does say "a development release" which is saucy19:38
nik90Alternatively, for those using Ubuntu 13.04 or a development release:19:38
kaleonik90,  ah ah19:38
kaleonik90, right19:38
mhall119kaleo: do we have package version conflicts between the saucy archives and the PPA?19:39
nik90kaleo: would I need the sdk-ppa then?19:39
nik90or shall i remove that as well19:39
kaleomhall119, it kind of looks like it19:39
kaleonik90, no19:39
kaleonik90, saucy has everything19:39
renato_timp, I am having problems with popover and keyboard, could you help me?19:45
renato_kaleo, who can help me with a popover problem?19:45
kaleorenato_, timp can19:45
kaleorenato_, by keyboard you mean keyboard navigation?19:45
kaleorenato_, the best is to report the bug first19:46
kaleorenato_, send an email to timp with the link (I believe he is EOD)19:46
renato_kaleo, no, the problem is that, just after the popover appear I ask the keyboard to dismiss, and then my item that is anchored to the popover moves but the popover does not follow it19:48
renato_kaleo, do you know if there is a easy way to fix that?19:49
kaleorenato_, don't know19:49
kaleorenato_, definitely a bug19:49
renato_ok I will report a bug19:49
kaleorenato_, thanks19:50
renato_kaleo, can I assign it to timp?19:53
kaleorenato_, yes19:53
renato_kaleo, ok thanks19:53
renato_kaleo, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/119950219:54
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1199502 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "[popover] Popover does not follow parent if it moves" [Undecided,New]19:54
mhall119kaleo: I built ubuntu-ui-toolkit using your branch, having some trouble getting it to work with the gradient20:22
mhall119file:///home/mhall/projects/Ubuntu/sdk/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/modules/Ubuntu/Components/Button.qml:83: TypeError: Cannot read property 'defaultGradient' of null20:23
mhall119file:///home/mhall/projects/Ubuntu/sdk/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/modules/Ubuntu/Components/Button.qml:72: TypeError: Cannot read property 'defaultColor' of null20:23
mhall119file:///home/mhall/projects/Ubuntu/sdk/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/modules/Ubuntu/Components/Label.qml:59: TypeError: Cannot read property 'selected' of null20:23
mhall119is what I get when running qmlscene with -I to point to the ./modules/ folder of the branch20:23
kaleomhall119, ./gallery.sh works?20:25
kaleomhall119, (after qmake && make)20:25
mhall119kaleo: it works,but I don't see any gradient20:28
mhall119kaleo: my test app works fine too if I don't use:20:29
mhall119Component.onCompleted: Theme.name = "Ubuntu.Components.Themes.AmbianceGradient"20:29
mhall119I get the normal flat theme20:29
kaleomhall119, did you use the pastebin?20:29
kaleomhall119, did you set the properties on the MainView?20:29
mhall119http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5859216/ yes20:29
kaleomhall119, what branch of the toolkit are you using?20:29
mhall119kaleo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5859559/ is my testing code20:30
mhall119kaleo: I'm using bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/+branch/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/ with bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~fboucault/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/dark_gradient_themes/ bzr merged on top20:30
kaleomhall119, should work20:33
kaleomhall119, did you do source export_modules_dir.sh ?20:34
mhall119no, didn't do that20:34
kaleomhall119, what I told nik90 earlier: bzr branch thebranch && cd thebranch && qmake && make && source export_modules_dir.sh20:35
kaleoI gotta go though20:35
kaleogood luck20:35
mhall119ah ha, that did the trick,thanks kaleo20:35
nik90mhall119: can you try those 4 line code in the clock app as well?20:36
nik90I can give you the gradient color definitions20:37
mhall119nik90: sure, send them over20:37
nik90header: 57365e20:37
nik90body: a5526320:38
nik90footer: d7566920:38
mhall119nik90: hmmm, the header disappears when I apply the theme20:41
mhall119kaleo: are Tabs supported yet?20:41
nik90mhall119: you mean you can see Stopwatch, Timer and Alarm headers any more?20:41
nik90mhall119: screenshot pls20:41
kaleomhall119, yes20:42
kaleomhall119, it works here :)20:42
kaleomhall119, can you share the patch?20:43
ctcbHi all...20:43
nik90mhall119: that is reminiscent of a bug I faced when the simple themeing infrastructure landed. However it was fixed the same day.20:43
mhall119kaleo: nik90: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5859611/ is the only change I made20:44
* nik90 think the clock looks like a glowing sun with the new background :-)20:45
mhall119nik90: kaleo: when I comment out just the Theme.name line, I get http://ubuntuone.com/5wDK1GChj6Su2ccDeyTffa20:45
kaleomhall119, I can reproduce the issue20:45
kaleomhall119, not sure if it's a bug with the app or the toolkit20:46
nik90mhall119: did your test app have tab headers?20:46
kaleomhall119, I have an idea of what the issue might be20:46
kaleomhall119, I will look into it later20:46
ctcbI'm wondering if somebody can help me with a little bash code in a .sh file I'm making.20:47
mhall119nik90: it used PageStack, but it displayed the header: http://ubuntuone.com/0e1zEDG8vaAgMz1P8SEOEf20:47
kaleomhall119, I have to go20:47
kaleomhall119, nik90: it's very pretty though20:47
mhall119thanks kaleo, it's looking great20:47
mhall119kaleo: it is very pretty :)20:47
nik90kaleo: thnx20:47
nik90kaleo: looking forward to its merge20:48
nik90and very easy to use20:48
nik90mhall119: the test app looks great20:48
nik90mhall119: although you wrote the code in the mainview, so it applies to all tabs. However I need different background gradient for different tabs20:49
nik90hope that is supported as well20:49
mhall119nik90: the visual design had different gadients per tab?  I don't think kaleo's changes will do that...20:50
ctcbI want a way that in bashcode I can check if a folder exists and then do some if it does.20:55
ctcbI'm writing a script for an app installer.20:56
nik90mhall119: http://ubuntu-touch.blogspot.com/2013/07/clock-app-update-july-7th.html20:56
nik90mhall119: check out the stoptwatch and timer background gradient20:56
mhall119nik90: they look the same20:56
nik90mhall119: the clock background is different from the (stopwatch and timer)20:57
mhall119the two pictures you have under "Visual designs"?20:57
nik90mhall119: basically the clock has a pinkish footer color while the timer and stopwatch have a more orangish footer color20:58
mhall119their gradients are the same20:58
nik90look at http://ubuntuone.com/46klPt2Ofxct0F4d9OgOP4 and http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-XFEE_1vaxYE/UdlfDshUE9I/AAAAAAAAB2U/LQtRqO9oul4/s1600/stopwatch_home.jpg20:58
nik90side by side20:58
mhall119oh, mine is different from yours20:59
nik90mhall119: yup.20:59
mhall119hey, I just used the hexcodes you gave me :)21:00
mhall119but each tab should have the same gradient, they won't be different21:00
nik90mhall119: the think is I received the visual design in 2 parts21:01
nik90mhall119: in each part, the background gradient is different21:01
nik90I will be meeting with the designers this thursday hopefully. Will ask them there21:02
mhall119still, we're making progress!21:03
nik90mhall119: yes :)21:03
nik90mhall119: I am also looking forward to tomorrow's timezone meeting21:04
ctcbI know this isn't the best place to ask this. But how would I make a linux dist?21:05
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