maxinuxbenbloom:  cat /proc/filesystems00:24
maxinuxthe kernel may not have been cmopiled  with it00:24
benbloomyes maxinux: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5857005/ not there! is there a way to add support after the fact?00:26
maxinuxrecompile the kernel w/ udf support00:26
maxinuxadd it as a module, and make modules modules_install00:26
maxinuxthen modprobe it and pray00:26
maxinuxotherwise you may have to re-run make00:26
benbloomhmmm. sounds like a big job. I've been thinking about starting with ubuntu-server from scratch instead of the preconfigured install provided by compulabs. maxinux, is there a good tutorial on how to cross-compile armhf on my i86 pc for use on the other device?00:29
maxinuxthere is a cross compile dev kit you download for that00:31
maxinuxits pretty easy once its setup00:31
benbloomis that gcc-arm-linux-gnueabihf ?00:31
benbloomI've only used ubuntu installers for this. but I've been wanting to shake my dependence (pun intended) on canonical and apt. i'm very comfortable on the CL and in bash... just a noob when it comes to the low level stuff00:36
maxinuxbenbloom:  believev that be it00:37
maxinuxand you set your CCPREFIX to arm-linux-gnueabihf-00:38
benbloomso maxinux, Sorry to be a pest, but I've been following http://www.cnx-software.com/2012/03/27/cross-compiling-the-arm-linux-kernel-in-ubuntu-12-04-lts/ and I was wondering is there a config file where I decide which modules I want in and which I don't for this build?02:00
maxinuxin the github repo its in is a .config file02:13
maxinuxso you can simply make oldconfig;make02:13
maxinuxor make menuconfig02:13
maxinuxto update options02:13
maxinuxmost people dont cross compile on a daily basis ;)02:15
benbloomyeah. It's getting more common though with all the micro-PCs coming to market.02:16
maxinuxthough a beaglebone is fast enough to compile its own kernel02:16
benbloomTrimslice only has HDMI for video output. I use it headless via ssh02:17
maxinuxneed to add serial support?02:19
maxinuxid hope that was compiled it but not in the config.txt02:19
benbloomit has a mini-RS232 port. I'd like to be able to use my old laptop as an interface if I could. the preconfigured ubuntu install that compulabs has released is really not designed with the uses I am looking for in mind.02:26
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benbloomis there descriptions of what each configs are fore in arch/arm/configs?03:34
benbloomi see that there's a 'tegra' one, I guess i should try that?03:36
maxinuxti omap3/404:11
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srwarrenAre there mirrors of ports.ubuntu.com?20:16
ogra_srwarren, sadly no (there might be some inofficial ones, not sure)22:01
srwarrenogra_, pity; that makes running debian-cd a little harder. Well, generating a local mirror before running it, that is.22:03
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