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Lazaruswho can help for me? i installed unubtu os, but deleted the old xp partition, from my pc of girlfriend13:01
Lazarusmy girlfriemd13:01
Lazarusnow i set her pc to live mod with pendrive, and here runing the lubuntu,13:02
Lazarusnow scan the pc with testdisk, and i found her old data, but i can not save... i have another pendrive (4gb)13:03
Nero_That what I do. You shoot, I shout! And here's a winner!16:31
holsteinNero_: i am here, whats is up?16:37
Nero_I'm unable to change my brightness on my laptop. I got ubuntu 12.04.16:37
Nero_Laptop make lenovo G580.16:37
Nero_I gathered info from ubuntu.com, ubuntuforums.com. askubuntu.com. Didn't help!16:40
holsteinmaybe you were similarly patient in those venues ;)16:45
secki cant seem to find pricing on landscape. can anyone tell me a general price this service costs?19:09
Unit193All I can find is http://www.ubuntu.com/cloud/management may have to contact them if it isn't what you're looking for.19:12
secki guess landscape is only available with support offerings?19:13
seckwhat a let down19:13
Unit193What were you looking for exactly?19:14
seckMAAS management console19:14
seckala landscape19:14
secki could be completely incorrect as im not an expert in ubuntu19:15
seckbut basically i'm attempting to setup 4 servers as one big resource pool (auto load balancing) for VM's19:16
seckvmware's offering for that is in the 20-30 grand USD range19:17
Unit193I have no idea, not done any of that.19:22

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