mhall119jono: got a re-share from the Qt Project's G+ page: https://plus.google.com/104580575722059274792/posts/fj7q9eSjDMW01:56
jonomhall119, oh sweet :-)02:33
dholbachgood morning07:26
smartboyhwhey dholbach07:45
dholbachhey smartboyhw07:46
smartboyhwdholbach, how's your finger?07:46
dholbachit still hurts and typing with the splint still sucks :)07:48
dholbachDJing last night was a litlle less fun as well07:48
smartboyhwdholbach, eh:(07:48
smartboyhwdholbach, I don't know why, but you now seem to blog less than before (at least relatively less than balloons or jono)07:49
dholbachI'm a bit busy with all kinds of things right now07:50
dholbachyou could do some blogging too ;-)07:50
smartboyhwdholbach, I'm leaving to London soon, probably not.07:50
dholbachthat's no excuse ;-)07:51
dholbachall right, got to take the dog for a walk - brb07:51
smartboyhwdholbach, :P07:51
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jcastrodholbach: dpm: cezz wants to know who owns what social accounts so we can see what's out there13:09
jcastroon G+ who maintains those mostly, the app dev ones and stuff?13:10
dholbachdidn't we answer that question just a while ago?13:10
dholbachdpm, ^ did we have a document for that?13:10
jcastroYep it gave me so much trouble I gave up til something gives. Waylands starting to look better to me. Have you tried the Maui live CD ? There suposed to come out with an installable one this month, I hope !13:11
jcastrobuffer paste from mark's blog this morning I guess. :)13:12
jcastrodholbach: http://developer.ubuntu.com/community/app-developer-blog13:12
jcastroI'm guessing that's a team wide one?13:12
dholbachjcastro, I think I just posted on there once or twice13:20
dholbach"guest blogger" ;-)13:20
jcastroif you post there, you own it.13:24
SergioMeneseshi everybody!13:32
marcoceppijcastro: what's your leafs count?13:40
* jcastro checks mail frantically13:41
jcastroI hate you13:41
marcoceppiclose again13:41
jcastro7 more than the average13:42
marcoceppijcastro: mine just shames me: "2 fewer than may"13:43
jcastroyeah me too13:43
jcastroI had 2 fewer as well13:43
marcoceppiw/e nest, it's hot outside, deal with it13:44
smartboyhwdholbach, jcastro now there's talk in the Elementary OS community of moving away from Ubutnu14:52
popeythey're entitled to do that if they want14:53
popeyas can any derivative14:53
smartboyhwpopey, agreed. I think maybe Linux Mint will move away too:P14:54
* popey shrugs14:54
popeythey have tried debian in the past14:54
mhall119smartboyhw: allowing politics to determine technical choices is a recipe for disaster, IMO14:59
smartboyhwmhall119, heh14:59
smartboyhwBut politics do exist14:59
mhall119true, but they shouldn't interfere with technical things15:02
jcastrois this the proper "how to try mir" page?15:15
smartboyhwjcastro, yeah15:15
smartboyhwWith of course http://unity.ubuntu.com/mir/installing_prebuilt_on_pc.html15:15
jonomhall119, dpm all set?15:30
mhall119jono: yup15:31
dpmjono, coming, was wrapping up another call15:32
smartboyhwjono, mhall119 dpm dpm QUESTION: When's next vUDS?15:36
smartboyhwOuch, second dpm is supposed to point at dholbach :P15:37
jonosmartboyhw, brb phone15:37
smartboyhwjono, alright15:37
smartboyhwdholbach, well, when's vUDS-1307?15:41
smartboyhwOr don't tell me you guys decided not to run it:P15:41
mhall119smartboyhw: http://uds.ubuntu.com/15:41
dholbachyeah, we keep as much secret as possible15:41
smartboyhwOh August15:41
dholbachthat's how we work15:41
smartboyhwGreat, now I can join15:42
smartboyhwAway for the whole Julyt15:42
smartboyhwFirst time I can really join a vUDS on Hangout I think15:42
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jcastrojono: holy shit17:32
jcastroSeth Vidal got killed17:32
jonojcastro, fedora guy, right?17:33
jcastroman, he was such a nice guy too17:33
jcastrothat's terrible17:33
jonothats aweful17:34
jonodidnt know him17:34
jcastrohe's like our age17:34
elfyjcastro: that's horrid :|17:50
dakeroh Tizen Game competition and 4M $ of prizes ! https://developer.tizen.org/contests/tizen-app-challenge18:37
daker s/Game/App18:38
bkerensajono: we are green light19:36
bkerensajono: PM?19:36

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