jbichaI'm hoping it will land this week00:14
darkxstok, g-s-d is basically blocked on lid close power actions00:15
darkxst(and possible wacom panel issues, which I can't test)00:15
jbichaI was thinking we should have ibus & indicator-keyboard land first and then start testing g-s-d 3.800:18
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alexandros_chello, I just changed the gpu in my laptop from ati x1400 tp nvidia go 7900, do I have to reinstall the os?00:45
darkxstjbicha, ok I need to sort the lid close stuff anyway00:57
darkxstalexandros_c, no but you may need to make sure you have the correct X drivers installed00:57
darkxstit should boot up in fallback X00:58
darkxstthen you can install nouvaeu or proprietry nvidia driver00:59
alexandros_cdarkxst: do you know where to location the information to do it? Thanks for your response01:06
darkxstalexandros_c, see software & update and then additional drivers tab01:07
alexandros_cdarkxst: thanks once again01:08
alexandros_cdarkxst: it says that I am currently using a Gallium 0.4 on NV4901:10
darkxstits quite possible that nouveau is already installed, but its also likely that 3D is broken01:13
alexandros_cso reinstall the os?01:13
darkxstalexandros_c, run `glxinfo | grep -i opengl`01:13
darkxstalexandros_c, no01:13
darkxstcheck that command, if it says LLVM, then you just need to reinstall the driver01:14
alexandros_cdarkxst: ok thanks, I have to install mesa-utils but I have to wait until the current update is finished01:16
darkxstsettings->details might also tell you01:16
alexandros_cok under driver it says Gallium 0.4 on NV49 and experience is standard01:18
darkxstok not sure about that then, just get the glxinfo output01:44
bjsnideralexandros_c, how did you change the gpu in a laptop?02:14
alexandros_cbjsnider: because the ati x1400 was dying on me and causing the cpu using to always be high making the laptop unusable02:21
bjsniderno, i didn't ask why02:21
bjsnideri asked how02:21
bjsnideryou'd have to change the whole board02:22
bjsniderthe gpu is part of the chipset02:22
alexandros_cwith the dell inspiron 9400 the gpu can be changed02:22
alexandros_call I had to do was open up the laptop and unscrew the old gpu and screw in the new02:23
bjsniderok, so it's an expansion card02:24
alexandros_cno it has a gpu port on the mobo02:24
bjsniderdoes it also have built-in intel graphics?02:24
alexandros_cwell actually it depends on what model you brought02:25
bjsniderwere you not able to get a newer nvidia card than that?02:25
alexandros_cno only certain cards will fit the slot without moding the mobo02:26
bjsniderthe newer blobs dropped support for hardware prior to the geforce 802:27
bjsniderso the 304 series is the latest you can use02:27
bjsnideror you can use nouveau, whichever works better02:28
alexandros_cok thanks, what about 3D acceleration?02:28
bjsniderboth would provide it, certainly the blob would be superior02:30
bjsniderif that's your biggest concern, go with the blob02:31
alexandros_cwhat concerns are there?02:31
alexandros_cwill it provide a performance boost?02:32
bjsnidernouveau would provide kms and plymouth02:32
bjsniderthe lbob wouldn't02:32
bjsnidernouveau might be faster in 2d situations02:32
bjsniderthen there's the ethical side if your interested in normative concerns. nouveau is foss02:33
alexandros_cwhat about nouveau 3d rendering?02:38
darkxstalexandros_c, like I said you will probably need to re-install the driver to get 3D rendering working02:38
darkxstX can only have a single GL driver installed at once02:39
bjsniderthat is supported but there are a lot of edge cases where it doesn't work well. and in any case it will not be as fast as the blob02:39
alexandros_cso just use sudo apt-get install nouveau?02:39
darkxstalexandros_c, you could try 'sudo apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg-core xserver-xorg-video-nouveau'02:40
bjsniderif he was using radeon before he doesn't have to change anything02:40
alexandros_cso 3d should be working then?02:41
bjsnideryou would have to reboot of course02:41
darkxstalexandros_c, glxinfo will tell you if 3D is working02:42
alexandros_cone more question, I according to systems detail I am using Gallium 0.4 on NV49, why is it saying that if I am using nouveau?02:43
bjsnidernouveau uses gallium02:43
bjsniderit uses gallium to provide opengl02:46
alexandros_chey I got for vendor noveau, renderer Gallium 0.4 on NV49 version 2.1 Mesa 9.1.3 shading language version 1.20 and nothing for extension02:47
alexandros_cis that bad?02:48
bjsnidercan you run glxgears?02:48
darkxstthats just from the grep02:48
alexandros_cit is running02:48
darkxstalexandros_c, it is fine02:49
bjsniderand you're getting 60fps02:49
bjsniderit's syncing to vblank02:49
alexandros_c114.198 fps02:49
bjsniderok, you maybe don't have vblank02:49
alexandros_cis that good?02:49
bjsnideryou're running gnome-shell?02:50
bjsnidercan you drag a window back and forth across the screen to see if you've got tearing?02:50
alexandros_cwith a bunch of extensions installed02:51
alexandros_cyes I did and there was no tearing02:51
bjsniderhm, whatever. anyway, opengl is working02:51
alexandros_care you running ubuntu-gnome?02:52
bjsniderdarkxst, you only have to worry about drivers if you're using a blob. all of the xorg drivers are preinstalled, and they all talk to the system mesa libgl. libgl is redirected through alternatives to the blob's libgl if that is used.02:53
bjsniderso you can switch graphics cards without making any changes other than rebooting02:53
bjsniderunlike windows, where it's a bigger meal than most users can handle02:55
darkxstbjsnider, right, guess I got momentarily confused, isnt something I do very often (switch cards)02:55
bjsnideryeah, mostly people switching cards are amd users who are sick of all the b.s.02:55
bjsniderin true howard beale fashion02:55
darkxstmy amd card is permently disabled ;)02:56
alexandros_cso you are using intel?02:56
bjsnidersounds like a good bumper sticker to me02:56
bjsnideri'm using intel ivb and got no complaints02:56
alexandros_cbjsnider and darkxst are you'll running ubuntu-gnome02:57
darkxstalexandros_c, yes02:57
alexandros_cI can't choose between unity and gnome-shell as Like both02:58
alexandros_cdarkxst and bjsnider thanks for all your help03:07
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jessejazzaIs there a mailing list for ubuntu-gnome? If not at present is that intended?20:45

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