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m4n1shin .install file, I have a bunch of files under python2.7 directory07:26
m4n1shI am putting in install file07:26
m4n1shusr/lib/python2*/* usr/lib/python3*/07:26
dholbachgood morning07:26
m4n1shhoping those folders to be copied inside all the python3 python3.3 folders07:27
m4n1shbut it isnt07:27
m4n1shdo I need to hardcode paths usr/lib/python2*/* usr/lib/python3.3/07:27
geserwhat are you trying to do?07:29
m4n1shI have a package which has a bunch of python files which installs in python2.7 location07:30
m4n1shI need them to also have in python3.x directory07:30
m4n1shgeser: check python-zeitgeist package, I want to have python3-zeitgeist package too which installs in python3 dist-packages for ubuntu07:31
geserm4n1sh: I guess you need to use dh_python3 and let setup.py run with python3 to install it to the right directories (most can be done with dh if you tell it to build for python3 too)07:35
m4n1shgeser: it uses automake07:38
m4n1shpython-zeitgeist is a part of bigger package07:38
geserdoes it work with python3?07:39
m4n1shgeser: noes. when running with python3, it cannot import packages07:40
geserdoes upstream support to run it with python3 or does it need some porting first to be able to run with python2 and python3?07:41
m4n1shgeser: upstream doesn't support. Most probably due to an unknown technical restriction http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17541207/am-path-python-for-python2-and-python307:43
m4n1shbecause automake's AM_PATH_PYTHON cannot handle two python version at a time, or there is a way around which I am not aware of07:44
geseryou might need to have to build it twice then, once for python2 and once for python3 (if upstreams allows to set python to python3)07:48
geserperhaps barry has some more ideas what needed to get a python3 package for it too07:49
m4n1shgeser: you mean to say another source package?07:52
m4n1shor in the debian/rules change it in such a way that it builds twice?07:52
geserm4n1sh: the later07:53
m4n1shgeser: well, I have no idea how that has to be done, but AFAIK the python2.7 version can also work for python3.3 without any change07:54
gesergoogle knows about a lp:~ev/zeitgeist/python3 branch, perhaps ask ev in #ubuntu-devel about the status of it07:55
tumbleweedif this is a pure-python package and the same source works with python & python3, you can use .pyinstall files or dh_install to install it for python308:00
m4n1shtumbleweed: yes. it is pure python package08:04
m4n1shyou mean no seperate python3-zeitgeist package?08:05
m4n1shpython-zeitgeist will install in python2.7 and python3.3 both?08:05
tumbleweedone source building multiple binary packages08:07
tumbleweedwe always have python and python3 in separate binary packages08:07
gesertumbleweed: I didn't look at the package but I assume it's python bindings for a C library (build from the same source)08:08
tumbleweedI'd assume so too, if it's using autotools08:08
m4n1shgeser: it isn't a binding over C, it is a pure python package which wraps over dbus interface08:09
m4n1shC bindings too wrap over dbus interface08:09
tumbleweedalso, fyi, the source package is zeitgeist not python-zeitgeist08:09
tumbleweedanyway, it contains a bunch of C08:10
m4n1shyeah. python-zeitgeist is a binary package of source package08:10
m4n1shsource package zeitgeist contains C library package named libzeitgeist-2.0 and python library/module package named python-zeitgeist which is right now installing in python2.708:10
tumbleweedit looks entirely plausible that this python works unmodified under python3. have you tested it?08:12
m4n1shnot very exhaustively, but yes, it works08:13
tumbleweedthen some hacky dh_install ing is probably the easiest08:14
m4n1shwont putting this in .install file work?08:15
m4n1shusr/lib/python2*/* usr/lib/python3/08:15
tumbleweedshould do08:16
m4n1shshould it be specifically python3 or python3.3?08:18
Noskcaj10Is it possible to directly add apt-fast? the debian bug has halted09:00
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dkesselgood evening dholbach :)17:44
dholbachhi dkessel17:45
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