sabhainJay2k1: thanks for the debug help last week.  Ended up being a bad (old) motherboard.11:22
Jay2k1sabhain: oh cool, glad you were able to sort it out11:34
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qwebirc6882Howdy!  Just joined the world of mythbuntu.  Installed 12.04.  Trying to figure out how to get to the Mythbuntu Control Center to get the Nvidia card working....22:46
qwebirc6882I installed the "regular" mythbuntu disc, and got it booted up and the audio is working properly.  Just trying to find the menu option that gets me into the Control Center so I can get the repos and the restricted Nvidia drivers working properly.22:56
Jay2k1let me see where that is23:00
Jay2k1i think under "system"23:00
Jay2k1yeah. applications -> system -> mythbuntu control center23:01
Jay2k1you should also find "nvidia x server settings" in the system menu.23:02

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