ScottKjamespage: Do we have a documented openssl exception for mongodb now?00:01
sarnoldakurilin2: /etc/apache2 might be Good Enough00:02
akurilin2sarnold, cool, thank you.00:04
Senormy ubuntu command line is not aligned to left ,what is the reason?01:36
marcoceppiSenor: screenshot?01:39
Senormarcoceppi:command line start at the middle of the screen ,does it need i install vga driver?01:43
Senorlike this :01:43
marcoceppiSenor: you shouldn't need to, how are you connecting to the machine?01:43
SenorI login directly from physical machine01:44
Senornot by  remote access01:45
marcoceppiSenor: just at console, or do you have a desktop package installed?01:45
Senorsince it is used as a server01:45
marcoceppiYeah, I don't think you'll need any graphics packages. I'm curious what the photo looks like01:46
sarnoldSenor: is this a CRT or an LCD? hooked up over VGA or DVI?01:46
Senor                                                     Senor:~#abcd01:46
Senorjust like that01:47
Senormarcoceppi:Do you have mothod to fix it ?01:49
Senoror Does it reply on some configurations ?01:51
marcoceppiSenor: what happens when you type reset?02:01
Senormarcoceppi:it just clear the screen02:04
sarnoldSenor: is this a CRT or an LCD? hooked up over VGA or DVI?02:04
Senori am not clear of that ,how does I check for that?02:06
sarnolddoes the monitor weigh two kilograms or fifteen kilograms? :)02:07
sarnoldfor the connector, well, you'll probably just have tofind the cable on the back of the computer and look at it to see if it is a VGA connector or a DVI connector02:08
sarnoldVGA was complicated, the video cards output the signal for pixels as the crt scanned from top-to-bottom, left-to-right02:09
sarnoldit outputs video signal while scanning across, and turns off when the electron beam is sent back to the other side of the display -- and again when moving from bottom right corner to upper left corner02:09
sarnoldas a result, it was very easy for displays to be shifted, squashed, stretched, or even "wrapped around" by the correct monitor settings or video card settings02:10
ScottKIn fairness, that's exactly how CRTs work in hardware, so it made sense at the time.02:11
sarnoldif you're lucky, you just fiddle with the controls on the front of the monitor. but if the monitor is used with multiple machines, and can't store settings for multiple video cards, you might need to change the way the video is output from the machine...02:11
Senorhow does I change that?02:11
sarnoldScottK: definitely, it drastically simplified the CRT hardware, and usually some simple controls were enough to fix it, and fix it just once..02:11
sarnoldSenor: you could fiddle with the monitor knobs directly02:13
sarnoldSenor: or you could try adding vga=ask to your kernel command line, try different vga settings, and find one that works better02:13
Senorsarnold:If I add nomodset to kernel command line ,it output as normal02:14
sarnoldSenor: oh! hurray. :)02:15
sarnoldSenor: I was going to aim you at Documentation/fb/modedb.txt in the kernel sources if vga= .. didn't fix it. but that sounds good too. :)02:15
SenorBut I really do not know meaning of nomodset02:17
SenorI google it02:17
vexed___can anyone give me a hint on how to install ubuntu (server) on KVM ?  I try to do virsh console guest and it hangs at the prompt.  vrish ttyconsole shows /dev/pts/302:26
Senorsarnold:thanks anyway02:26
sarnoldSenor: sure thing :) have fun!02:26
thesheff17vexed___, I would try virt-manager02:30
vexed___that won't work, no X here.  Only console.02:31
thesheff17well virt-manager works across a machine if you have X on another02:31
thesheff17it can connect over SSH02:31
thesheff17or forward X02:31
vexed___Hmmm, never tried that before.02:31
thesheff17to your local02:31
sarnoldbrad100: hello :) irc tends to be quiet until someone asks a question..02:53
sarnold(if all 200-odd people rpelied to every "hello", not much else would get said :)02:54
brad100oh ok, so i just set up my very own email server and i cant recieve any emails at all02:54
brad100and google gives me an error when i try to send emails to it02:54
brad100can you help?02:54
sarnoldbrad100: sending and receiving are often very different things, it'd make sense to focus on one at a time02:55
sarnoldbrad100: do you have any error messages in the log files that look relevant?02:55
brad100i want to work on receiving02:55
brad100im checking /var/log/mail.log02:56
brad100but there is nothing02:56
brad100im using dovecot to receive mail02:57
sarnoldbrad100: dovecot is probably how your client retrieves mail from a server; probably postfix or exim is broken if you're having trouble sending mail to your new server02:59
brad100ohhhhh, yeah i found the errors. Virtual_alias_maps  map lookup  problems seems to pop up a lot03:01
sarnoldyay :) now you've got a loose string to pull03:01
brad100nice, now what do i do ? xD03:02
sarnoldbrad100: check the pathname you gave to the maps, see if it is (a) there (b) readable by the server (c) well-formatted (d) contains the data you need it to contain...03:02
brad100yep youre right its a postfix thing too. uhh could you walk me through that please?03:03
sarnoldsorry, time for me to get some dinner and walk the dog :)03:03
brad100ok well thank you so much for youre help03:04
sarnoldbrad100: there's Way Too Much documentation on postfix in both the manpages and the postfix.org site -- and who knows, someone who knows postfix may just show up soon..03:04
sarnoldbrad100: have fun and good luck :)03:04
brad100thanks ill need it xD03:04
brad100uhhh anybody else here who can help me?03:10
wxlanyone around know how i can autostart wifi on boot?03:15
brad100my server already does that03:16
wxlbrad100: i'm convinced i know how to set it up in general but i'm wondering if the hidden ssid isn't a complication03:17
brad100yeah that might be03:17
wxli assume you have auto wlan0 etc. in /etc/network/interfaces?03:18
wxli should just stop being stubborn, unhide the thing and see what happens :)03:24
vexed___thanks thesheff17 ssh -X works with this.03:24
brad100@wxl yes do that03:24
thesheff17vexed___, cool glad it worked03:24
brad100doo itt03:24
wxlwell that did it03:31
wxlnow if i can just figure out how to get around it… ;)03:31
Guest58432I just install ubuntu-server and install mailutils packages,now can send mail ,but can't recipent mail. wo can help me?05:27
brad100good luck05:39
brad100i tried to set up a mail server and i still need help05:39
xirreHi, I was looking around and just could not find words on how to express this question in a  search format. I'm looking for a program that would allow a user, typically one running a server, the ability to place processes in a depressed state while keeping certain processes running normal to save power. More like a sleep mode that "dreams" about a specific thing which in this case would be the server and the internet.05:59
jamespageScottK, not yet06:46
jamespageScottK, whilst we are talking about this; do you have an opinion on what needs to be done to make things good for raring once the license exception is documented?06:50
jamespageI expect the licensing changes to land into the current devel releases - is that sufficient or would we need to add something to the package in raring to document this06:51
NiaobuHi, I'm trying to setup an old laptop as a headless server running ubuntu server 12.04. The laptop has a ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 graphics card which is producing a lot of heat when it should be doing nothing. Temperatures reach 80C when all that is running is a single ssh session. Temperatures are low when running windows etc. Is there anything I can do to control the gpu?07:45
jamespageNiaobu, yes - let me dig the option out for you08:10
jamespageNiaobu, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5857743/08:16
jamespagethats an upstart configuration I used to force the card into low power mode08:16
Niaobujamespage: thanks! I'll try that.08:16
jamespageScottK, also I'm assuming the backport I requested for mongodb 2.2.4 + SSL to 12.04/12.10 is blocked on resolution of this issue as well?08:26
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1168389 in quantal-backports "Please backport mongodb 1:2.2.4-0ubuntu1 (universe) from raring" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:26
psivaajdstrand: i have just updated bug #1197484 with the answers to your questions.08:55
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1197484 in isc-dhcp "Connection requests to saucy server VMs from a precise host fail after fresh VM installs" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119748408:55
psivaajdstrand: i see you are finding it difficult to reproduce. I could show the error if you are able to log into the server in our lab, if that's ok08:57
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vlad_starkovQuestion: What PAM module do you use for authenticating vsftpd users?09:17
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ScottKjamespage: I think that as long it's documented in the devel release, that's sufficient.  Do we have a timeframe for resolution?  Given the TB decision, I think that it ought not remain SSL enabled for long without the exception.09:46
ScottKI hadn't looked at that request, so I hadn't blocked on that, but unless it's urgent for other reasons, perhaps waiting does make sense.09:46
davegarathHi all, I have a little problem with nfs on ubuntu 12.04. I have to do strange conf: I have to mount a nfs share from the same server that export it ( sorry for my bad eng :P ). When I do I/O on the mounted nfs this hang and load average grows to 1010:12
itarchitectkevhey folks, I'm having fails on installing rabbitmq-server on 12.04. can haz helpz please?10:28
itarchitectkevI've purged, reran update, same errs: http://paste.openstack.org/show/39808/10:29
jamespageScottK, OK - my understanding is that the exception in the licensing is signed off internally upstream; its just waiting for engineering resource to implement into the codebase10:36
Niaobujamespage: I pasted that script into a new file in /etc/init and it seems to work. I rebooted and the temperature seems to stay at 70C which is lower, but still pretty useless. Do you have any other suggestions?10:43
jamespageNiaobu, hmm10:44
jamespageNiaobu, is it the CPU or GPU which is running hot?10:44
jamespage(sensors would tell you on most systems)10:44
jamespagereason I ask is I just tested that script on my old laptop with is also ATI based10:44
jamespageand it did the trick10:44
ScottKjamespage: If they could put an announcement on their web site or something, that would be enough.10:44
jamespageScottK, ack - I'll see what can be done10:45
Niaobugpu is running hot. the cpu is at about 40C10:45
jamespageNiaobu, hmm10:46
jamespageNiaobu, can you cat /sys/class/drm/card0/device/power_profile please10:46
jamespagejust to make sure the change did apply10:46
Niaobuit reads low10:46
Niaobui havent done anything with drivers for the gfx card. this is a fresh ubuntu server 12.04 install10:47
jamespageNiaobu, might be a kernel difference - I'm using the 3.10 kernel on saucy10:54
Niaobusaucy is 13.04?10:55
Niaobuthis seems to be 3.5.010:56
NiaobuI'll try wirh 13.04 then10:57
ivokssaucy is 13.1010:57
jamespageNiaobu, its possible to install newer kernels on 12.0411:06
Niaobuoh, ok. I'll try that first then11:07
jamespageNiaobu, see linux-generic-lts-raring11:09
jamespagefor example11:09
Niaobuok. that's kernel 3.8, right?11:11
Niaobuinstalled 3.8 and rebooted. it rebooted at 70C, but i'll give it a couple of minutes11:14
seiflotfy_hi guys11:21
seiflotfy_i am trying to install ubuntu-minimal with a preseed11:21
seiflotfy_i am booting it as follows11:21
seiflotfy_linux vga=788 initrd=initrd.gz -- quiet preseed/url=http://some/path/to/preseed.cfg11:21
seiflotfy_first question: What happens if the url is not available?11:22
seiflotfy_nm that is answered now11:22
Niaobujamespage: it's still at 70C11:32
jamespageNiaobu, not sure then - sorry...11:33
Niaobuno problem. thanks for your help11:33
Niaobui'm almost at the point where I'm considering installing windows for the drivers and running ubuntu in a vm :/11:34
jamespageNiaobu, this is just running server right?11:39
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SiebjeeDoes any one know if you can see which data is going into /dev/null ?12:16
asacsmoser: seems stuff is moving towards green again :) ... nice ... what was the reason for the server dashboard bustage?12:18
asacah jamespage  :)12:18
smoseryeah, jamespage fixed that.12:18
smoserthe ec2 tests still needt to be fixed12:18
zuljamespage:  we should probably rename the quantum jobs to neurtron12:26
jamespagezul, you got a plan for that yet?12:26
jamespagei.e. the name transition12:27
jamespagezul, has the upstream repo been renamed yet?12:27
zuljamespage:  i have a branch that renames everything for neutron that i had pending after the rename12:27
zuljamespage:  yes12:27
zuljamespage:  i was going to work on packaging things today btw12:27
koolhead17zul: jamespage & in next release all the pkg names will too get changed to neutorn?12:27
jamespagezul, good-oh12:28
jamespagekoolhead17, yes12:28
zulkoolhead17:  yes12:28
zuljamespage:  ill just need someone to review the MP when im ready12:28
koolhead17jamespage: zul cool. would be handy if a blog comes with existing & rename. :)12:29
zulkoolhead17:  uh huh12:29
jamespagekoolhead17, OKies12:29
jamespagewe'll make sure that happens12:29
koolhead17thanks jamespage12:29
koolhead17zul: better start putting some post on your blog12:30
* koolhead17 hides12:30
smoserutlemming, could you look at the ec2 tests sometime today. i'm looking  at https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/ec2%20AMI%20Testing/view/Overview/job/raring-server-ec2-daily/ARCH=i386,REGION=us-east-1,STORAGE=ebs,TEST=simple-user-data,label=ubuntu-server-ec2-testing/73/console12:31
smoserand it appears to me that the trace there is from a version of ubuntu-server-ec2-testing that is in a PPA at https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-server-ec2-testing-dev/+archive/testing/+packages12:32
smoserit also appears to me trunk (lp:ubuntu-server-ec2-testing) is fixed.12:33
koolhead17hola Daviey12:33
smoserso maybe all we need to do is upload a new version to the ppa and update whatever system is running that code12:33
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jamespagezul, is the newer version of sqlalchemy in saucy going to break stuff in openstack?12:42
zuljamespage:  yes12:43
zuljamespage:  how do you think i get my fun then? :)12:43
jamespagezul, lol12:43
koolhead17i saw zigo<deb guy> coming up with some soln in the list, it seems12:44
jamespagezul, any objection if I do a mass update of branches for the lab so that the VCS fields point to the correct locations?12:50
jamespage(seeking a pre-ack)12:50
zuljamespage:  nope12:50
jamespagekoolhead17, I can't see that?13:02
jamespage(re name changing)13:02
koolhead17jamespage: cool13:03
zuljamespage/roaksoax:  https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/python-neutronclient/rename/+merge/173715 (quantumclient renaming)13:14
jamespagezul, can you rebase that on the Vcs changes I just pushed please13:16
jamespagezul, also merged in infinities direct distro changes for glance and nova13:17
zuljamespage:  ack13:17
jamespagehopefully the Vcs fixes will prevent that happening going forwards13:17
zuljamespage:  done13:18
jamespagezul,  you need to add transitional packages no?13:21
zuljamespage:  do i?13:21
zuljamespage:  *sigh*13:21
jamespagezul, otherwise upgrades will break13:21
zuljamespage:  *sigh*13:21
* zul shakes his fist13:21
jamespagezul, watch file also needs an update13:23
zuljamespage:  ack13:23
jamespageI think - I'm assuming they renamed the LP projects?13:23
jamespagerbasak, infinity fixed up the golang armhf headers issue with a patch13:24
zuljamespage:  done13:25
zuljamespage:  feel free to +1 neutronclient13:33
rbasakjamespage: ack. He's here at Linaro Connect - we've been talking about it.13:48
rbasakjamespage: there's more work needed if we need to backport golang 1.1. Do we need to do that?13:48
jamespagerbasak, good-oh - I also uploaded 1.1.1 post that fix to get things rolling with juju-core13:48
jamespagerbasak, yes we do13:48
jamespage(need to backport that is)13:49
koolhead17jamespage: can you point me testing repo 4 cloud archive13:58
koolhead17which has havana pkgs13:58
jamespagekoolhead17, the cloud-archive is probably best place to go right now13:59
jamespagekoolhead17, I pushed b1 into the updates pocket last night - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/CloudArchive14:00
koolhead17jamespage: am in openstack meeting & now openstack-doc becomes a project. so need to work on how release install doc same day havana comes out14:00
jamespagekoolhead17, OK14:00
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jamespagekoolhead17, I remember committing to writing some docs for OpenStack + Ubuntu + Juju and reviewing the full install instructions in portland14:06
jamespagebut I've not done anything yet14:06
koolhead17jamespage: well i have always done that but not with Juju :(14:06
koolhead17i will create new branch and start pushing install doc for havana/OS so the day havana releases we have a install doc14:07
jamespagezul, when will all project converge on using the neutronclient?14:09
jamespagewe need to time uploads with that otherwise everything will break big time14:10
zuljamespage:  i think its starting now14:10
jamespagezul, we need to audit the repo's in the lab with whats in staging for havana/precise as well14:11
jamespageI'm assuming its got out of sync with all the new backports we are doing.14:11
koolhead17jamespage: zul just let me know when is the write time to start documenting havana based isntall steps14:11
zuljamespage:  projects have been renamed but things like nova are still using quantumclient14:11
zuljamespage:  yeah14:13
zulkoolhead17:  yeah14:13
zuljamespage:  maybe we should add Provides: python-quantumclient as wel since things like nova hasnt been updated yet14:14
jamespagezul, yeah - but that won't work as the package namespace has changed internally14:27
jamespagenova will try to import 'quantum' and it won't find nothing14:27
jamespageso Provides: python-quantumclient != True14:27
zuljamespage:  frig14:27
jamespagezul, we could not add the transitional package right now14:28
jamespageand then we can manage it with both in the archive at the same time14:28
jamespageif that makes sense14:28
zuljamespage:  true14:28
jamespageonce all deps on python-quantumclient have been switched, then add the transitional package for client tooling only upgrades14:28
zuljamespage:  ok ill drop the transitional stuff from my branch then and then re-added when stuff like nova gets updated14:29
rbasakjamespage: what do you think about bug subscriptions as mentioned in bug 1197896? These aren't really "server" packages per se - just dependencies of puppet. Do we usually step up and subscribe/manage bugs for packages like these?14:30
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1197896 in ruby-indentation "[MIR] ruby-safe-yaml, ruby-hashie, ruby-indentation" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119789614:30
jamespagerbasak, yes14:30
rbasakjamespage: please can you subscribe ~ubuntu-server to those then please?14:31
jamespagerbasak, ack14:32
jamespagerbasak, done14:34
zuljamespage:  should be ok now14:40
jamespagezul, OK - one final thing I think14:42
jamespageConflicts: python-quantumclient ( << 1:2.2.0-0ubuntu1 )14:42
jamespageReplaces: quantum-client, python-quantumclient ( << 1:2.2.0-0ubuntu1 )14:42
jamespage1:2.2.0-0ubuntu1 -> 1:2.2.0-0ubuntu1~ otherwise we break stuff in the cloud-archive backports14:42
jamespageactually lemme think about that again14:43
jamespage python-quantumclient ( <=1:2.2.0-0ubuntu1 )14:43
jamespagezul, I think thats right?14:43
zuljamespage:  looks like it14:43
jamespageit would be << 1:
zuljamespage:  pushed for review14:46
jamespagezul, apologies - you need to use Breaks/Replaces14:48
jamespagerather than Conflicts/Replaces14:48
zuljamespage:  done14:49
jamespagezul, hrm double "<< <<"14:50
jamespagezul, can we drop the quantum-client from replaces as well?14:50
zuljamespage:  done14:51
zuljamespage:  we need a way to prevent tox from downloading stuff from the internet while running tests15:01
jamespagezul, egress filtering!15:02
zuljamespage:  nah i was thinking of patching tox.ini15:03
jamespagezul, yes - see MP15:04
zuljamespage:  cool thanks15:04
Davieykirkland: There is a screen merge begging for your help btw.. :)15:12
SpamapSzul: PIP_INDEX_URL -> black hole15:21
kirklandDaviey: oh, lovely15:21
kirklandDaviey: has it been started yet?15:21
zulSpamapS/jamespage: ripped from python-tox http://paste.ubuntu.com/5858703/15:22
SpamapSzul: yeah, same difference :)15:23
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Davieykirkland: nope, we've been keeping it warm for you :-)15:25
kirklandDaviey: oh, thanks for saving it for me15:25
kirklandDaviey: I see it hasn't been touched in ages15:25
Davieykirkland: Does the delta still make sense?15:27
kirklandDaviey: hopefully most of it can go away15:35
jamespagejdstrand, re bug 1187262; did my response about v8, embedding and potential attack surfaces make sense?15:42
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1187262 in snowball "[MIR] mongodb, libv8, snowball, gyp" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118726215:42
jdstrandjamespage: yes, I thought I responded, I will do so now15:44
jamespagejdstrand, thanks15:44
TheSovI need a little help with logrotate, I have an ubuntu server and i needed to run logrotate on my syslogd, but it only runs correctly the first time, and syslog stops collecting data16:00
TheSovi dont think logrotate is properly restarting syslog16:00
erictr1ck I'm trying up change the upload_max_filesize in Ubuntu 12.10 but no matter what I do it stays at 2M. I have changed upload_max_filesize in /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini, /etc/php5/cgi/php.ini, and /etc/php5/cli/php.ini and also restarted apache. What could I be doing wrong?16:09
mustafahi i have a problem with my www directory it says 550 permission denid whenever i want to transfer files to ...any idea17:24
resnowhat server you using?17:29
resnoand what type of files?17:29
resnomustafa: ^17:30
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mustafa<resno> yes ...have you got any solve for this17:31
resnoi asked you questions above17:31
mustafa<resno> iam using ubuntu and any file (hole file ,img, etc....)17:32
mustafa<resno> using sftp over vsftpd17:32
resnowhere are you seeing the 550?17:33
roastedHello friends. I noticed at home when pulling a large (1GB+) file over samba and wireless, my connection seems to continually drop halfway through. It just stalls and that's it. At work on the same machine, things are great. I'm beginning to wonder if it's something with my server (guess it could be my router too). Anybody have any insight to throw on the table?17:34
wxlroasted: anecdotally, i find that wireless is inconsistent over the long run. i betcha if you were wired, you'd have no problem17:35
sarnoldmustafa: are you certain about sftp over vsftpd? I didn't think vsftpd did sftp...17:35
roastedwxl: I have no problems wired. and I agree with you, I just find it disturbing that *every* transfer I do over wireless at home, it tanks, but at work it's absolutely fine.17:35
resnosarnold: 550 is an apache error. right?17:35
roastedthing is, I find it foolish to go inside to plug in to pull a large ISO when I'm on the deck and planning to sit out there for another 3 hours anyway17:36
sarnoldresno: sounds a bit like an internal server error, yeah17:36
wxlroasted: it is for this reason i don't really use wifi for production. i use it to set things up but that's about it.17:36
sarnoldresno: oh! ftp error code, 550 Requested action not taken.17:36
roastedwxl: thanks, but that doesn't really get me anywhere closer to finding out what could be the root cause of this issue.17:36
resnosarnold: he said 550 permission denied17:37
sarnoldresno: yeah. ftp error message.17:37
resnoso what im trying to do is create a user that can do access root files, but no other root abilities17:38
resnothis user will be for backing up using rsync17:38
sarnoldresno: you could create a new user, set their shell to be the script that does the backup, set their uid to 0, and put an apparmor profile on their shell that grants "capability dac_read_search," and /** r, and the'll be able to read any file on the system but not load modules, modify files ,etc17:40
sarnoldresno: you'll probably want to grant /usr/bin/rsync ix, and rsync might need write access somewhere too..17:41
resnosarnold: im presently going to login from a remote machine and doit.. does this still apply17:41
sarnoldresno: yes17:41
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NomadJimis this still a legit way to get the up to date version of node? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7214474/how-to-keep-up-with-the-latest-versions-of-nodejs-in-ubuntu-ppa-compiling18:15
NomadJimi meant - http://stackoverflow.com/a/721470018:16
zulDaviey:  python-oslo.sphinx uploaded18:18
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Davieyzul: ok, will review it either later tonight or tomorrow18:22
zulDaviey:  ack18:23
zuladam_g:  ill get keystoneclient 0.3.1 uploaded today18:49
adam_gzul, nice18:49
Davieysmoser: Any idea why I am seeing this, http://pb.daviey.com/Hx2F/ on a cloud image?19:17
zuladam_g/roaksoax: https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/python-keystoneclient/0.3.1/+merge/17379519:18
smoserno. that sucks.19:18
smoserutlemming, ^19:18
cortexmani'm having a hard time getting Lucid to take a static ip address. i've got precise doing it using just the network settings gui19:47
cortexmanhowever lucid keeps getting a dynamic ip. in precise I had to add sudo dhclient eth0 to /etc/rc.local. i did the same in lucid, and I also specified the ip, netmask and gateway19:48
cortexmanin precise dhclient causes it to work. in lucid dhclient changes the static ip seen in ifconfig to a dynamic ip19:49
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mgwis there a tool for querying dhcp for an available IP without actually taking out a lease?21:09
sarnoldmgw: if I'm reading page #13 correctly ... http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2131.txt21:11
sarnoldmgw: .. a DHCPDISCOVER without a followup DHCPREQUEST is more or less what you want21:11
mgwsarnol: thanks21:12
mgwsarnold: ^21:12
mgwas an alternative, how can I ensure that once a lease has been obtained, the IP will not change?21:12
mgwwhich is my actual goal21:12
sarnoldconfigure your dhcp server for insanely long lease times?21:13
mgwwill that persist over a dhcp server restart?21:13
sarnoldsome will, yeah21:13
mgwI was going to use OMAPI to create host objects21:14
mgwBut then I have the problem of finding a free IP21:14
mgwsarnold: I've also seen some mixed info on whether host objects created with OMAPI will survive a dhcpd restart; do you know?21:20
sarnoldmgw: sorry, well outside of my experience :)21:20
mgwsarnold: np, thanks!21:22
theazman_Hi everyone, I'm looking for a web based onenote replacement that we can host on our servers. We have to be able to drag and drop photos in? Any suggestions? I have looked at a ton of them.22:00
e-DIO-ttheazman_ evernote ?22:01
e-DIO-tah no, evernote's not web based .22:01
Coreye-DIO-t: It can be!22:10
CoreyYou just can't self host it.22:10
sarnoldtheazman: look for CMSes with 'drag and drop content" on cmsmatrix.org ..22:13
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cortexmanI have tried /etc/modules, /etc/modprobe.conf, /etc/modprobe/alsa_dummy.conf, yet I cannot get ubuntu to load a set of kernel modules on reboot.22:27
delinquentmeFOAR all those in here who would consider themselves hardcore server maintainers ... Any chance someone might have compiled a list of ReallyBadIdeas™  double points for anything specific to ubuntu23:52
delinquentmeI've got a server which has grown organically ... and I know what I"m used to seeing ... but I need to pick out what things are actually critical issues vrs non-compliant23:52
sarnolddelinquentme: if I see one more person recommending "chmod -R 777 ..." as a solution or troubleshooting tip, I think I'll go mental...23:52
sarnoldaha :)23:53
delinquentmethis is true23:53
delinquentmesurely there is a script which I could run which would just go through every file and report back what is chmodded as 77723:53
delinquentme... im thinking that would be a pipe to find or locate?23:54
sarnoldI think find / -perm 777   would do it23:54
sarnoldoh heck, that also finds symlinks. oops.23:55
delinquentmesarnold, i've never seen the / before23:55
Picifind takes a path as the first argument23:55
delinquentmeoh hio Pici o/23:56
delinquentmejust OOC has anyone taken a toll of what kind of applications you guys here are deploying?23:56
delinquentmeSoo what files SHOULD be 77723:57
sarnoldyay on my system, find / -mode 777 -type f     and find -mode 777 -type d   both return no results :) that'd be a decent enough period check...23:57
sarnolddelinquentme: just about nothing; /tmp is going to be 1777, sticky bit set, and perhaps other dirs should be the same..23:58
sarnoldsigh, not -mode. stupid brain makes for lousy copy-and-paste :)23:59

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