mightyhello guys....00:07
mightydoes anyone has a LG E975  ( aka Optimus G ) and if so did anyone compiled ubuntu phoneOS for it ?00:08
mightyAnyone ?00:12
RobbyFyou check the wiki?00:13
mightyyes... only the nexus are listed under devices, i know i can compile it for my device ( cm10.1 is supported ) but my computer is very slow... that is the only reason i ask.... otherwise i will compile it...00:15
RobbyFonly the nexus are support from canonical00:15
RobbyFthere are tons of others ported00:16
RobbyFhmm the page as changed since i've looked last00:16
mightyya... but i can't find one for my device00:16
RobbyFthere we go - yup I do'nt see it on the list00:17
RobbyFodd, it's an awesome phone00:17
mightyits basically the same hardware as nexus 4....00:19
mightywell good night ( depending on your country ) :)00:27
mterryracarr, heyo.  I'm running phablet-team/mir on my nexus4, and it doesn't have qtubuntu in the PPA, but the packages seem to need it?00:34
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mterryracarr, oh, nm.  qtubuntu is in saucy now, but with different binary names00:43
AskUbuntuUbuntu touch OS for desktops | http://askubuntu.com/q/31798001:32
mhall119nik90: your second-hand fix works great on the Nexus 702:48
asacveebers: !!03:00
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dholbachgood morning07:46
popeyis there a trick to running apps on the command line via adb shell?08:14
popeyI seem to find it hit and miss whether running "qmlscene /foo/bar/baz.qml" actually shows anything on screen. what am I doing wrong?08:14
rickspencer3popey, are you running qmlscene and sometimes it doesn't paint?08:26
rickspencer3a work around is to resize the window08:26
rickspencer3if it's bug #117971608:26
ubot5bug 1179716 in touch-preview-images "QML Scene does not reliably start" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117971608:27
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popeyrickspencer3: this is on-device08:28
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popeyrickspencer3: so, adb shell, su - phablet, /usr/bin/qmlscene /usr/share/music-app/music-app.qml08:29
popeyit starts the app and spits out some console output, but nothing appears on the phone, and eventually the app dies or is killed08:29
rickspencer3popey could it be bug #1191144 ?08:30
ubot5bug 1191144 in touch-preview-images "On most boots, apps do not run" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119114408:30
* ogra_ moved the automated image builds 5h earlier .... (starting in 2min now)08:30
popeyrickspencer3: no, i can run the very same app by launching from the dash, but i want to see console output to debug, hence running from CLI.08:31
popeyis there some way to "launch" the .desktop file (like I would with xdg-open on the desktop) on the device perhaps?08:32
popeyI wonder if the fact that I'm launching the qml file directly is the issue, and the rest of the .desktop file is not being taken into account08:32
popeyfor example08:33
timppaHi, I tried to ask yesterday if anyone has experienced this bug: 119765608:43
ubot5bug 1197656 in touch-preview-images "[rild] mako + 20130703.1, rild hogs 100% CPU" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119765608:43
timppaI still have the problem08:44
popey\o/ figured it out08:44
popey/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/qt5/bin/qmlscene /usr/share/music-app/music-app.qml --desktop_file_hint=/usr/share/applications/music-app.desktop --stage_hint=main_stage08:44
popeythat lot ☻08:44
JamesTaitGood morning all, happy Sugar Cookie Day! :-D08:48
popeya cookie made entirely of sugar?08:48
ogra_the true brainfood08:49
Hashcodeogra_ RAZR-HD running phablet on saucy boot :)08:51
Hashcodeyep great instructions08:51
Hashcodeany thoughts on how to integrate the initrd file into the build automatically?08:52
HashcodeI have it in my device/common folder for now w/ a boot.mk script overriding the main boot.img build.08:52
Hashcodeogra_ like this:08:53
HashcodeAnd then add this to BoardConfig08:54
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ogra_Hashcode, rsalveti has a patch i havent tested yet ... that actually pulls the deb from launchpad to use the initrd automatically from there08:56
ogra_that should be integrated in the deffaults soon08:57
Hashcodeah nice08:57
HashcodeThat's really the only thing that needs manual patching in the build atm for saucy, it's quite good.08:57
ogra_yeah, thats the one part we currently do during image build on the cdimage machine, we just didnt push it by default yet because we wanted to do some more testing for ports ...08:58
ogra_your feedback helped greatly here :)08:58
HashcodeFun stuff :)08:59
HashcodeI hope you don't mind, I'm also play testing a patch for TWRP to support ubuntu touch auto update08:59
ogra_oh, nice !09:00
ogra_the gpg binary will likely go away and be built from source too (or be pulled from a package)09:02
ogra_(no idea when though)09:04
tassadar_ogra_: hi, I can see that /scripts/touch in initrd is prepared to boot from /data/system.img image. Is that some next step for flipped images?09:04
Hashcodeogra_ yeah it's kind of messy atm.09:04
ogra_tassadar_, one of the next steps, yeah ... where we can we will re-partition the devices, wheer we cant we will use loop mounted images09:05
ogra_the loop stuff is the next step, then we'll get to the re-partitioning09:05
ogra_(and somewhere inbetween click packages and Mir will land, which will change everything )09:06
ogra_along with the switch to loop we will also go readonly for everything09:06
ogra_(except /data indeed)09:06
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tassadar_okay, thanks09:08
ogra_re-partitioning just means growing /system to a usable size btw ... so people can still roll back easily even on the changed partition scheme09:09
tassadar_not happening on n7 anyway, the bootloader won't allow it I would say09:10
ogra_yeah, n7 will be our reference device for loop09:10
ogra_(will have to be :P )09:10
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Saviqtmoenicke, hey, you saw bug #1199150 ?09:23
ubot5bug 1199150 in touch-preview-images "search lens disappeared when hitting any key on OSK" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119915009:23
sil2100oSoMoN: hi!09:24
oSoMoNsil2100: hey09:24
sil2100oSoMoN: hope you don't mind we made some packaging changes to webbrowser-app?09:30
sil2100oSoMoN: since we had to add a Replaces and Breaks since you split webbrowser-app to 2 packages09:31
oSoMoNsil2100: sure, no problems09:31
oSoMoNsil2100: I’m seeing that the CI job has issues with it though09:31
timppa  555 1001      20   0 36852  23m 2396 S 111.0  1.3  31:16.45 rild :(09:32
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sil2100oSoMoN: uh, right! Seems like a problem because of the mediumtests using a different versioning scheme09:34
sil2100didrocks: ^ https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/generic-mediumtests-runner-saucy/747/console <- interesting ;/09:34
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didrockssil2100: yeah, you can either force or bump the upstream version then09:35
sil2100I think I'll do the upstream bump then, it's the cleanest way09:36
user82can we change the color ourselves later? http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5344/9244461138_91a76c7dd1_z.jpg09:38
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popeyogra_: my nexus 4 shows an ubuntu logo in cwm, my nexus 7 shows a circle with a hat on.. will that change if I phablet-flash -b?10:14
popeyI prefer the ubuntu logo of course ☻10:14
ogra_it should, not sure that has been modified everywhere though10:14
ogra_the tophat was  in earlier images for sure, i think i havent seen it in a while though10:15
ogra_i might be wrng though ... and cant test, just noticed my grouper discharged completely  over night10:15
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* popey tries10:21
popeyi dont see the app lens scrolling issue you saw10:21
popey(on grouper)10:22
ogra_is it populated ?10:23
ogra_i cant reproduce it here anymore, but still have no pics in music/video and dont see installed apps10:23
popeyvideo lens had empty tiles10:24
popeyi am re-flashing atm10:24
popeywish phablet-flash let me specify device ID so i could do both devices at once ☻10:24
ogra_yeah, i have tiles everywhere, just no pics in them10:24
popeyyay, -b has put an ubuntu logo in the cwm10:24
ogra_home lens only shows apps10:25
ogra_great :)10:25
popeymost important thing of course ☻10:25
popey20130709 is glitchy10:35
popeyon grouper I keep getting booted out of adb shell10:35
ogra_oh ?10:35
ogra_mine is flashing now10:36
ogra_lets see10:36
popeyyeah, it just disconnects me after a few seconds10:36
popeyalso, -b _has_ wiped all my data10:36
timppa20130709 and my Nexus 4 rild still consuming 100% CPU :(10:37
timppopey: weird, it doesn't wipe my /data on maguro10:37
popeyno wireless too10:37
popeythe system-connections is empty10:37
ogra_timppa, wait for awe to get up later today, i think he can help you best with debugging10:38
timppacool, thanks10:38
* popey flashes nexus 410:39
timppathis has been a problem for the whole time10:39
ogra_popey, i didnt use -b and have wlan working, but otherwise it behaves as broken as maguro10:39
popeygetting booted from adb shell is frustrating10:39
timppaDoes phablet-flash re-flash the modem chip on handset also?10:39
ogra_timppa, define "the whole time" i know it works fine for others10:39
ogra_no, it only replaces the OS ... doesnt touch any hardware settings10:40
timppaI've had the nexus for few weeks now, so that's the whole time for me :)10:40
kalikianamusic and video lenses only show empty rectangles after flashing a few minutes ago10:40
ogra_i know it works for most people without going to 100%10:40
ogra_kalikiana, yeah, same here10:40
timppame too10:40
ogra_on grouper and maguro for me10:40
timppa  590 1001      20   0 24828  11m 2396 S 107.3  0.6  12:06.02 rild10:41
* popey runs screen on the phone to ensure his commands actually have some chance of running to completion10:41
ogra_popey, no adb issues for me10:42
popeymight be a usb issue10:42
ogra_flashes and boots fine10:42
popeydmesg on laptop spammed with arrival and departure of device10:42
popeybut the same cable has been fine for the last day doing flashing10:43
ogra_i dont have the balls to actually plug it over ... the battery still is deep red on mine10:43
ogra_weird, that looks odd10:44
* popey reboots10:44
popeyapps lens is busted10:45
popeyi installed loads, and see nothing10:45
popeyfiled a bug?10:45
ogra_nope not yet10:45
popeyok, will do now10:45
ogra_i wanted to actually look at the logs10:45
popeybug 119932210:49
ubot5bug 1199322 in touch-preview-images "App lens shows no installed apps" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119932210:49
ogra_Unable to assign [undefined] to QUrl10:49
ogra_lots of that in my logs10:49
ogra_/home/phablet/.ubuntu-touch-session/logs/unity8.log that is10:50
popeyyeah, i see that10:50
popeyadded to bug10:51
* ogra_ confirms the bug10:52
* popey decides not to flash his nexus 4 ☻10:52
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popeyogra_: wondering if we should have a thing in the /topic which warns people off a particularly dodgy image11:06
popeynot necessarily 20130709, just in general11:06
ogra_popey, well, theoretically we should all use /current ... and /current should only be updated to point to the recent image if it passed some automatic QA tests11:07
ogra_but i dont think thats fully in place yet ... and i also doubt it woulld catch issues like unpopulated lenses11:08
tmoenickeSaviq: i see, will check11:10
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tassadar_ogra_: ubuntu touch fails to initialize surfaceflinger(I guess?) with "D/NvOsDebugPrintf(12121): ****nvrm_init failed****", have you ever encountered that error?11:26
ogra_looks like the device permissions are not in place11:26
tassadar_the ones in /usr/lib/lxc-android-config, ah, thanks11:27
ogra_(though i wouldnt know why, thats clearly on the android side which sshould just work with the CM10.1 settings ... we dont touch anything there yet)11:28
ogra_that has nothing to do with the ubuntu side, your error is clearly inside the container11:28
ogra_(and all device permissions except some subdirs that arent graphis related are handled by udev in ubuntu, long after the container runs)11:29
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tassadar_nvhost-ctrl in android has 0666 permissions, the one in ubuntu is 0600011:30
ogra_well, if the container failed to start udev will never fire up11:31
ogra_it waits for the container to return before it starts11:31
ogra_what device is that ??11:32
ogra_grouper ?11:32
tassadar_grouper, but I'm multi-booting, so...that's my problem, just asking because I had no idea what is wrong11:32
ogra_well, your container doesnt start :)11:32
ogra_for whatever reason11:33
ogra_do you see the other android processes in ps ?11:34
ogra_(servicemanager etc etc)11:34
tassadar_I think I know what is wrong, gimme a while)11:36
tassadar_yeah, that was it11:39
tassadar_whoa, terminal app11:39
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tassadar_is there some new "close app" gesture or is it just not possible yet? I can't see the X in the overlay thingy11:42
ogra_thats long gone :)11:43
ogra_you need to go to the apps lens, hold your finger on the thumbnail until an X shows up11:43
ogra_then tap the X11:43
* ogra_ would like to see the in-app closing come back though11:44
ogra_the HUD is still in constant flux, so there is hope :)11:45
AskUbuntuUbuntu Touch the first phones | http://askubuntu.com/q/31812311:46
netcurliWhen I open the camera app in todays image on my galaxy nexus and then go into video recording mode, I see no preview and cannot click on the red recording button. When I switch to the front camera though and quickly switch back, I can see the preview and can record a video.11:51
netcurliDoes anyone else have the same issue?11:51
ogra_netcurli, yup, i see the same11:52
ogra_oh, wow, how do i stop a running app without thumbnails in the app lens :P11:53
* ogra_ really wonders how that unity8 package could sneak through the tests 11:54
netcurliwhere should I file a bug for the camera problems? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/camera-app ?11:54
ogra_Saviq, bug 1199322 in case you havent seen it ... todays image is largely borked11:56
ubot5bug 1199322 in touch-preview-images "Lenses show no dynamic content" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119932211:56
Saviqogra_, already in MP11:56
ogra_ah, sweet, you are to fast :)11:56
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Saviqogra_, once it merges I'd like to make a release and it'd be good if we spun an image11:58
ogra_seems the re-scheduling of the image builds actually pays off on the first day, yay :)11:58
asac o/11:59
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popeyhello awafaa12:04
popeyogra_: yeah, i tend to flash my phone/tablet first thing UK time so keen for it to be as early as poss ☻12:04
asacphablet-test-run ... any idea why i get12:04
asacssh_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer12:04
asaci assume i have to install ssh?12:05
popeyphablet-network-setup -i  should do that for you12:05
asacpopey: that installs ssh?12:06
asaci have wifi working if thats what it means12:06
popeyit copies your wifi config over and then installs ssh12:06
netcurlibug 119934312:06
ubot5bug 1199343 in camera-app (Ubuntu) "Camera app sometimes shows no live preview" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119934312:06
asacright. but my wifi config is fine ... does it do anything else? like installing magic ssh?12:06
asacssh keys12:07
popeyasac: no, but it does restrict ports12:07
popeyso people can't ssh into your phone on public wifi ☻12:07
popeywith a well known user/pass12:07
asacpopey: hmm. seems my laptop cannot ping the phone ip ... does it mean i am screwed?12:09
davmor2popey: my 3gup command doesn't seem to be working anymore did something change in the process for 3g. I get Error: Connection activation failed: The connection was not supported by oFono.12:10
popeyasac: interesting, is the network up on the device?12:10
asacpopey: sure... i have no SIM in it ... and i can use the browser12:11
popeyif you adb shell and "nmcli c" does it show as up?12:11
popeyodd, dunno why it would block pings, i can ping my nexus 712:11
asaci am on a managed network and seems i am on a different subnet with my laptop... might also be the reason12:11
popeythat'd do it12:11
asacso guess i am screwed12:12
asacthats awful12:12
popeycan't you plug a cable in?12:12
asacpopey: i have a usb cable connected and can use adb if thats what you mean12:12
asaccan the phone get an ip from my laptop through usb?12:13
asaclike tethering?12:13
popeywhen you run "phablet-network-setup -i" it details at the end how to setup that kinda of connection...12:13
popeyi think it echos a few lines12:13
asacok let me try then12:13
awafaacooey popey12:14
asacwhy do we need ssh and not use adb plain?12:14
popeyfor scp12:14
popeyadb can't recursively copy files AIUI, scp can12:14
popeydavmor2: does "nmcli d" show the network and ril device?12:16
* popey hugs vnstat for tracking 3g usage on his phone12:17
* popey knows that's wlan0 ☻12:18
popeyhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnmBs47Xmek  love that!12:20
popeyexactly how I'd want a lock screen12:20
timppaThat is a nice one yes12:21
asacpopey: nice ... adb forward is exactly what i was looking for...12:22
* asac runs the nice unit8 autopilot tests ... and watches nice stuff happening on screen12:23
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asacpopey: do you know out of your heads which of the apps that have autopilot packages are community vs. canonical developed?12:32
asacpopey: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5858264/12:32
popeythe ones at the bottom starting ubuntu-*12:32
popeythose are community apps, but canonical people contribute too ☻12:33
popeyhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps lists all the mostly community maintained ones12:33
asacpopey: maybe like http://pad.ubuntu.com/jlIeQVyP8X ?12:35
asacpopey: yeah... was told we dont run community apps on our infrastructure before implementing some isolation etc... so wanted to check what i can give QA team to run on our images12:36
popeywell, those ap test packages contain community maintained stuff too12:36
asacpopey: which ones?12:37
davmor2popey: hmmm okay this is odd, /ril_0 gsm connected12:37
davmor2popey: does it do it automagically now or something?12:38
asacpopey: i think its fine as long as "we" claim to develop those primarily from our resources... contributions are normal and wanted... doubt that can be a blocker12:38
davmor2popey: or is that just the telephone part?12:38
popeyasac: i don't know exactly without going through the merge requests12:39
popeybut I've certainly seen some from community contributors, plenty12:39
popeywe actively encourage it12:40
popeywe could of course gate these contributions before landing12:40
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asacpopey: if it goes through merge review its fine... also if there are single outstanding, trusted contributors that have merge powers its also pretty fine12:41
asacubuntu-devs are also fine :)12:42
davmor2ogra_: have the dailies finished spinning up yet I didn't want to flash my phone till it was safe :)12:42
popeydavmor2: the daily finished hours ago12:43
ogra_davmor2,  i wont re-spin until a new unity8 is there12:43
ogra_it is pretty broken, i would wait for the next spin :)12:43
davmor2popey: I thought the cron job ended about 13:4512:44
ogra_davmor2, are you subscribed to the ubuntu-phone ML ?12:44
davmor2ogra_, popey: thanks for the headsup12:44
popeyRead your email :D12:44
davmor2ogra_: I have no idea12:44
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davmor2ogra_: I'm subscribed to the universe I think :)12:45
* ogra_ makes a note to put davmor on CC in the future when making announcements :P12:45
* popey refrains from adding "< davmor2> I have no idea" to the /topic12:45
* popey hugs davmor2 12:45
davmor2ogra_: I am it seems but I haven't had time to read it yet12:45
ogra_builds should be done around 9:30 UTC  from today on12:46
davmor2popey: You smile now but wait till I test for real and your team is left picking up the pieces of what you thought was a phone :P12:46
davmor2ogra_: I'll read it in a minute12:46
ogra_i bet you can read it faster than in a munite, it is  not that long :P12:47
davmor2so popey back to the 3g issue nmcli gives me my wifi connection and 1 gsm /ril_0 that it says is connected12:47
ogra_sounds good12:48
davmor2ogra_: I don't know, I still am dyslexic, that's why my workload and email load and wife having to go for a checkup has basically thrown my day out the window :)12:49
asacbzoltan1: hey12:50
asacbzoltan1: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5858304/12:50
asacdo you really need gcc for the UIToolkit tests?12:50
asacor do you use gcc to determine something rather than compiling?>12:50
popeydavmor2: does "ifconfig" show it's up?12:55
ogra_stgraber, bug 1199084 ... can you imagine any other partitions we need to cover here (for people whose devices dont have partition names at all)12:56
ubot5bug 1199084 in initramfs-tools-ubuntu-touch (Ubuntu) "mount support via cmdline parameters: systempart= datapart=" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119908412:56
davmor2popey: I see lo rmnet0 and wlan0   rmnet has an IP address apparently12:56
popeyall working12:57
popeyyou doing this over adb shell?12:57
ogra_if you want to be 100% sure: route -n | grep ^
popeyif so you could bring the wlan0 down and then browse, proving 3g is up12:57
stgraberogra_: system and data should be all we need, the rest I extract from Android's fstab which I assume points to the right place on those devicess (that code may need some tweaks though for devices that don't use labels)12:57
ogra_stgraber, right, well, i want to just add some cmdline parsing, if thats there just use the names defined there12:58
ogra_at least for data and system12:58
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davmor2popey: indeed I seem to have a connection with the wifi knocked off, but apparently it's not using the setting I've given it for tmobile so I'm not sure where it is getting the connection info from13:04
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stgrabersergiusens: system-image meeting in #ubuntu-meeting13:05
cyphermoxanyone aware of issues with some of the android-side apps having trouble getting android properties?13:43
cyphermoxhci_qcomm_init here consistently finds ro.qualcomm.bt.hci_transport unset when it is actually set if I run getprop13:43
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oSoMoNsergiusens: hey, lately when flashing the daily image to my galaxy nexus I’m getting this: "Cannot find /data mountpoint", is that a known issue?14:02
ogra_did you do a phablet-flash -b ?14:03
ogra_and did that device run flipped before already14:03
popeyogra_: it was already flipped14:03
popeydid -b only to get the ubuntu splash ☻14:03
oSoMoNogra_: nope, is -b needed when switching to flipped?14:07
ogra_theoretically it shouldnt, practically there might be a bug so i would try -b too14:07
* ogra_ always flashes manually ... i dont have such issues due to that14:08
mhall119fginther: ping14:11
mhall119fginther: what branch is Jenkins using to auto-build the sudokutouchgame package?14:12
fginthermhall119, one moment14:12
fginthermhall119, lp:sudokutouchgame14:13
mhall119ok, they've renamed the project, it looks like it needs to be lp:sudoku-app now14:14
fginthermhall119, thanks, I'll get it updated14:16
mterrygreyback_, so what's the story then with the mir+unity images?  Is the black screen a known bug that is common or is it just you and me that see it?14:16
greyback_mterry: something is broken. I only found it this morning on update. I'm trying to get the right Mir people on it14:17
mterrygreyback_, OK, thanks14:17
greyback_I've no idea what broke, am unable to get a sensical backtrace for the segv14:17
popeymhall119: is that why the latest version doesn't look like what we have on the device?14:18
mhall119popey: yup14:18
popeymissed that, sorry.14:18
mhall119rsalveti: once the new sudoku-app packages are being build by jenkins, we'll need to apply the rename to the touch image seeds: https://code.launchpad.net/~mhall119/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu-touch-sudoku-rename/+merge/17372914:18
mhall119popey: nothing we can't fix :)14:19
ogra_mhall119, i'll take care14:19
mhall119thanks ogra_14:19
ogra_i need to watch the arcive anyway for an image re-spin14:19
rsalvetimhall119: ogra_: cool, thanks14:27
mine070hey guys, I have one quick queston... I have ported the android layer to my device sucessfully so do I just run phablet-flash -b now?14:27
ogra_awe_, could you give bug 1197656 some hits for debugging (we should probably have an ofono/rild debugging wikipage with some info what to collect for bugs)14:28
ubot5bug 1197656 in touch-preview-images "[rild] mako + 20130703.1, rild hogs 100% CPU" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119765614:28
awe_ogra_, yes...already talked to timppa.  I'm currently working on a reply to the GSM RADIO ON PORTS email, after which I'll take a look14:29
ogra_cool, thanks14:29
rtgrsalveti, ogra_, I'm working on bug #1190225 - what are the new runes for flashing grouper kernels ?14:29
ubot5bug 1190225 in linux-grouper (Ubuntu Saucy) "opening /sys/devices/platform/tegra-i2c.4/i2c-4/4-006a/reg_status (as user) causes immediate reboot" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119022514:29
ogra_rtg, flash-touch-kernel /path/to/zImage14:29
rtgogra_, k14:30
ogra_without path it will try to flash /boot/vmlinuz-$(uname -r)14:30
ogra_phablet-flash doesnt have support for ports yet14:33
ogra_you will have to flash your recovery img manually with fastboot ... then you can just follow the manual install instructions with your produced .zip14:34
ogra_rtg, oh, btw, i think i have seen ureadahed complain on mako dmesg outputs yesterday, could you check if we need the keybuk ureadahed patch there too ?14:35
mine070okay, what cdimage server zip should I use?14:36
rtgogra_, will do. bug  number ?14:36
ogra_rtg, no bug :) i just noticed the ureadahead complaints when looking at something else14:36
ogra_(might be userspace, i just want to be sure before digging in deeper)14:37
rtgogra_, so many kernels, so little time...14:37
ogra_mine070, the armhf.zip from the ubuntu-touch-preview dir14:37
ogra_rtg, haha, dont tell me ... we're still having to pull out the floor from the userspace several times until we're even remotely ready14:38
ogra_(flipped was only the first step ... there are at least three simlar hairy bits to happen before feature freeze)14:39
ckinghrm, / is world writeable on the phablet images, is that a know issues?14:40
ogra_yes, that will change once we have switched to loop mounted images and once Mir is in14:40
ckingogra_, ack14:40
ogra_(and then to repartitioned MMCs ... after that)14:41
tsdgeosdpm: do you handle http://developer.ubuntu.com/2013/07/announcing-the-ubuntu-core-apps-hack-days/ ?14:43
popeytsdgeos: yes14:44
popeyand me and mhall11914:44
dpmtsdgeos, exactly :)14:44
tsdgeosthe link to the documentviewer is wrong14:44
tsdgeosshould be https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/DocViewer instead of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/DocumentViewer14:44
* popey fixes 14:45
* popey fixes https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/HackDays I mean ☻14:45
dpmpopey, fixed14:46
dpm(sorry, hadn't seen you mentioning it on IRC)14:46
dpmpopey, ah, haven't fixed it on the wiki yet, just on d.u.c, I meant14:46
popeyyeah, i fixed the wiki, i cant edit d.u.c14:47
sil2100renato_: hi!14:47
dpmpopey, thanks! hm, you can't? Does it tell you something about permissions?14:47
popeyi only have a "view" option in wp14:47
dpmtsdgeos, fixed, thanks for the heads up!14:47
tsdgeosno worries14:47
sil2100renato_: address-book-app... I see it was prepared for daily release, but is its current state ready enough to be released?14:48
popeyi can make new ones, just not edit existing ones dpm14:48
* dpm fixes that14:48
popeythats better, thanks dpm14:49
dpmpopey, ok, cool :)14:49
oSoMoNogra_: so when running phablet-flash with -b, I’m now getting "FAILED (remote: Write Fail)" when "writing 'userdata'...", any idea what’s going on?14:51
ogra_not really, thats sergiusens special area14:51
popeywrite fail sounds somewhat serious14:52
popeyor out of space14:52
ogra_but phablet-flash has some size checks, it should complain14:55
sergiusensogra_: popey oSoMoN it's a bad bootloader, fastboot -w most likely didn't work14:55
* sergiusens is not here14:55
ogra_ah, k14:55
* popey blinks14:55
oSoMoNright, so how do I fix that?14:56
ogra_oSoMoN, popey, i just had the idea that it might be a broken bootloader, fastboot -w might not work14:56
oSoMoNindeed: "Error while executing fastboot -w"14:56
sergiusensoSoMoN: can you try and flash the latest stock android and see if the new bootloader reports the correct partition sizes back to fastboot so the on the fly userdata image it creates works?14:57
sergiusensoSoMoN: it's easy to recovery though14:57
renato_sil2100, bfiller is reviewing the last MR before start the releases. And om26er_ is review the MR related with autopilot14:57
oSoMoNsergiusens: sure, let me try that14:57
sil2100renato_: excellent14:57
sil2100renato_: thanks14:57
sergiusensoSoMoN: just boot into recovery, do a format of user data and sdcard from the menus, then run phablet-flash -d $device14:57
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seb128pete-woods, hey15:06
seb128pete-woods, I saw https://code.launchpad.net/~pete-woods/libusermetrics/internationalisation-support/+merge/173238 ... I didn't look at the details but what code is using the lib and where are the datas coming from?15:06
seb128pete-woods, I'm curious for 2 reasons, one being the translation domain/how we get strings in hand of the translators, and the second is to know if we have "control" of those strings or if any third part app can provide datas through e.g the greeter15:07
oSoMoNsergiusens: thanks, formatting the user data and sdcard did the trick, I now have the latest image up and runnig15:10
oSoMoNdidn’t flash the latest android though15:11
mhall119nik90: you've got a calendar invite for tomorrow, it's about getting time and timezone information from the carrier's network15:13
=== Namidairo is now known as Namidairo`bnc
om26er_renato_, hey15:14
nik90|Mobilemhall119, I know15:15
nik90|MobileI asked thomas to send it to you as well15:15
pete-woodsseb128: we ask each of the apps providing data for its translation domain15:15
seb128pete-woods, do they send you the string and the domain and you do the translation?15:15
pete-woodsseb128: and yes, it is potentially insecure to process the format strings in the login process15:16
pete-woodsseb128: yes15:16
nik90|Mobilemhall119 I will be home in another 2 houra. will talk then15:16
pete-woodsseb128: fortunately there is a command line interface for gettext, so the translation can be done in an external process15:16
seb128pete-woods, ok, that's something that we discussed with ted and the security team after oakland, they didn't want the greeter to directly gettext strings coming from outside, we said that we should have a translation service or something15:16
om26er_renato_, I am looking at your branch and I think we should go with my branch since your  branch still have references to the mediaplayer tests in launch_test_local() and also I have launch_app() much simple15:16
seb128pete-woods, oh, clever trick, spawning gettext -d <string> ;-)15:17
seb128pete-woods, that's easier than adding a service indeed15:17
pete-woodsseb128: it was ted's idea! :)15:17
seb128pete-woods, thanks for the reply, I just wanted to check if you were aware of the issues with processing those strings ;-)15:18
pete-woodsseb128: :)15:18
om26er_renato_, we could port the changes from your branch e.g. changes to main.cpp in another branch15:18
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williadurreahi for every body15:31
=== dandrader is now known as dandrader|afk
rtgapw, I uploaded grouper with some patches to fix bug #1190225. a gross and utter hack for nvdps15:38
ubot5bug 1190225 in linux-grouper (Ubuntu Saucy) "opening /sys/devices/platform/tegra-i2c.4/i2c-4/4-006a/reg_status (as user) causes immediate reboot" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119022515:38
apwrtg, cak15:38
TH_Hello, does anybody know if ubuntu touch has the "full pc" support via TV yet?15:46
ogra_doesnt, thats a 14.04 feature15:47
TH_Ah, thanks alot15:47
TH_Gotta wait till then15:47
ogra_target for 13.10 is "have a phone OS" ... target for 14.04 is "have a converged OS" :)15:48
TH_:) It will blow up my world when it comes15:48
ogra_not only yours ;)15:49
TH_"Shut up and take my money"15:49
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davmor2ogra_: did you say there would be a new spin for unity 8 or is it just a wait till tomorrow?15:57
ogra_davmor2, https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-unity/+archive/daily-build-next/+packages?field.name_filter=unity8&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=saucy ....15:57
ogra_no new unity8 yet15:57
ogra_still waiting15:57
williadurreahow i can download new unity desktop version15:58
ogra_but yes, i'll start a new build immediately if that changes15:58
ogra_williadurrea, i think #ubuntu-unity can help with that15:58
davmor2ogra_: ah okay thanks15:58
ogra_popey, poke ...15:59
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=== elhana_ is now known as elhana
popeyogra_: wassup?16:06
ogra_popey, soo ... sergiusens will soon switch phablet-flash to use /current ... and i asked that /current dfoesnt get populated automatically now ... until Qa has their ducks in a row we will need to test manualy and since i dont have an n4, could i ask you to be my wingman and do a manual test every morning ?16:07
popeyogra_: absolutely!16:08
ogra_perfect :)16:08
ogra_i dont want an image like todays anymore :) at least not published as default16:08
popeywill phablet-flash pull the right image i.e not current?16:10
ogra_well, atm it uses the numbered dirs only ... it actually should use /current ...16:10
ogra_and the links from /corrent to the numbered dir will only be set after i  hit a trigger manually16:11
=== om26er|dinner is now known as om26er
ogra_for testing you should be able to give it a version ...16:12
ogra_(i hope at least)16:12
popeylets see tomorrow morning16:13
popeywonder when my lenovo engineer will come16:13
popeymid flash I guess16:13
ogra_well, or later today ... still waiting for unity8 to show up16:13
popeyer. that all sounds very wrong16:13
popeywell, feel free to ping me to test, I'll be around16:13
ogra_just install arch :P16:13
ogra_it will fix all HW issues16:13
ogra_awe_, so the uid example is in /etc/init/ubuntu-touch-session.conf (not in powerd)16:15
awe_ogra_, why did I get in wrong in my email?16:16
ogra_setuid radio16:16
awe_that's what I mentioned!  ;D16:16
ogra_(seems you even wrote that job originally :) )16:16
ogra_no, not because you did get it wrong, just because i said in our call that i'd check :)16:17
ogra_(and i didnt see the mail yet :) )16:18
ogra_awe_, mail is perfect :D16:20
thansenthe data on the toro (vzw gnex) looks a bit dated...anyone know if the radios work with that image these days?16:24
om26erthe camera app is semi-broken bug 119943816:33
ubot5bug 1199438 in camera-app "[mako] the camera preview is corrupt, take the photos fine" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119943816:33
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om26ermzanetti, Hi! since you work on the greeter I have something to report. Got a minute?16:45
mzanettiom26er: actually its mterry16:45
mzanettiom26er: but shoot16:45
om26ermzanetti, sometimes the greeter does not appear at all.16:46
om26ermzanetti, like you turn off the screen and expect it to be there but it seems it does not even appear and you can use the phone without doing anything16:46
mzanettiom26er: huh? haven't seen that yet16:46
om26ermzanetti, I reported bug 119944116:46
ubot5bug 1199441 in Unity 8 "[regression] greeter does not appear on some occasions" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119944116:46
mzanettiom26er: does it appear once you turn the screen back on?16:46
mzanettiom26er: or doesn't it appear at all?16:47
om26ermzanetti, no it does not16:47
mptseb128, did you end up reporting a bug about buttons looking too tall?16:47
mzanettiom26er: hmm... thats weird...16:47
mzanettiom26er: it would be really useful if you could find a way to reproduce this16:47
mptseb128, which you noticed in the "Check For Updates" button16:47
popeyom26er: never seen that either16:47
om26ermzanetti, is there any log that's maybe needed for the time when I see the issue ?16:48
om26erpopey, I have seen that for a couple of times today and the day before, I am a heavy user of the phone FWIW16:48
seb128mpt, yes, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/119811616:48
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1198116 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "[ListItems] Recent update changed the ListItem.Base margins" [Undecided,Fix committed]16:48
mzanettiom26er: hmm... actually... one sec. I need to check where we store it16:48
seb128mpt, but the size is by design16:49
popeyom26er: which device?16:49
om26erpopey, mako16:49
mhall119Saviq: is the HUD broken?  My app added HUD actions, but they don't appear anymore16:49
popeyhmm, interesting16:49
Saviqmhall119, not that I know of16:50
seb128mpt, rosie said that the button size is fine, the issue is that the list item should be higher (e.g extra margin between the button and the separator)16:50
mhall119I just dist-upgraded, let me reboot and see if it's still missing16:50
mptseb128, hm, I'd forgotten that was just inside list items16:51
mzanettiricmm_: hey, do we store the stdout of unity8 somewhere in the logs?16:51
mhall119well, that only made things worse :(16:51
seb128mpt, well it's not only inside list items, they changed the default height of buttons, but that's a design choice16:51
om26erpopey, you see bug 1199438 ?16:51
ubot5bug 1199438 in camera-app "[mako] the camera preview is corrupt, takes the photos fine" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119943816:51
seb128mpt, she said it looks wrong in the list because of the margin being too small16:52
mhall119Saviq: http://ubuntuone.com/7aAgCUODKSgWx8lUNOjW5G my installed apps aren't showing :(16:52
Saviqmhall119, yes, that's about-to-be-fixed16:52
mhall119race condition?16:52
Saviqmhall119, i.e. it's only waiting for CI16:52
Saviqmhall119, no, we broke the shell yesterday16:53
mhall119I'd recommend not doing that :)16:53
mptseb128, yeah, I'm disliking the design choice, so I'll take it up with Rosie. :-)16:53
seb128mpt, I agree with you, thanks ;-)16:53
popeymhall119: https://launchpad.net/bugs/119932216:53
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1199322 in touch-preview-images "Lenses show no dynamic content" [High,In progress]16:54
mhall119popey: thanks16:54
mhall119is that causing the OSK to not show when searching a lens?16:54
mhall119or is that a separate bug?16:54
popeyom26er: not yet.16:54
popeyseparate I suspect16:54
mhall119bah, no OSK *anywhere*16:55
mhall119makes the webbrowser app so much less useful16:55
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ricmm_mzanetti: .ubuntu-touch-session/logs/17:11
mzanettiricmm_: thanks.17:11
davmor2mhall119: you need to use the new TTTI (Thought Transfer Text Input) method17:19
mhall119davmor2: my thoughts will only cause more problems17:29
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nik90mhall119: are all the core apps set up for translation?17:31
nik90I would ask david but he isnt here.17:31
om26erogra_, Hi! do we still need to flash the latest saucy-preinstalled-touch-armel+mako.zip to make sure we are fully updated? or is that covered now with the flipped setup ?17:31
mhall119nik90: not all of them it seems, I thought they were17:31
nik90mhall119: ah ok. I got an email from a contributor who wanted to help translate clock app and he got his translations approved 2 hours ago :).. But he asked if it is possible to translate other core apps as well17:32
mhall119nik90: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-coreapps17:32
mhall119so only a handful are setup for translations right now, we should fix that17:33
mhall119popey: ^^17:33
popeyom26er: phablet-flash -b, once, then after that just run phablet-flash17:33
* popey looks17:34
ogra_om26er, that will be covered once we have android packaged ... hopefully before end of the month17:34
om26erpopey, phablet-flash is too slow for me.. I download in a resumable way. so I always do the manual flash whenever I have to17:34
popeyit is resumable17:34
ogra_om26er, though apt-get will go away too17:35
om26erogra_, replaced by image upgraded ?17:35
ogra_(which means you will have to do image based upgrdaes)17:35
popeyI'd personally rather people test our tools than do it manually17:35
ogra_and these will operate with diffs ... so they will be a lot smaller17:35
om26erogra_, cool17:36
valerioQuestion: "We don’t combine flat with deep navigation in the same view."    Does this mean that we should not use tabs and pagestack in the same app?17:38
popeymhall119: enabled translations for all of them17:39
popeynot sure what else needs doing..?17:39
* popey has not done this before17:40
mhall119popey: we might need to produce .pot files for them17:41
mhall119I'll ask dpm tomorrow17:41
netcurlivalerio: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/1187850/comments/217:43
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1187850 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Page stack header within a tab should be displayed instead of tabs" [High,Confirmed]17:43
netcurliso you can use both in the same app17:43
valeriothank you17:45
nik90mhall119: generating .pot files is so easy now with qtcreator. Although I am not sure if there is anything else that needs to be done.17:48
mhall119there might be, to tell Launchpad where to look for the .pot file, but I'm not 100% sure17:54
mhall119dpm will know better17:54
nik90popey: Would it be able to move clock app design meeting on thursday from 12:30 UTC (current) to 16:00 UTC?17:59
* popey checks his calendar18:00
popeyactually, my calendar is irrelavent, it's design you want :)(18:00
popeyI'll ping them a mail and see18:00
davmor2popey: hahaha can we have <popey> actually, my calendar is irrelavent in the Topic?18:01
rsalvetipopey: thanks for helping with the daily testing :-)18:13
popeyrsalveti: np18:14
timppadoes anyone know any tutorials on programming Qt and networking?18:27
popeytimppa: http://www.developer.nokia.com/info/sw.nokia.com/id/a44ea099-bb7c-4c0c-bf59-0a5d63eddc8b/Tic-Tac-Toe.html18:28
popeynetworked tic-tac-toe18:28
popeyWARNING: Global Thermonuclear War may result!18:28
timppathanks, I will look into it18:28
=== valerio is now known as valerio_away
davmor2popey, ogra_: did the rebuild happen yet?18:46
timppabtw, is it possible to use Qt+python to develop applications to touch?18:46
popeynot yet davmor218:46
davmor2popey: I was about to say nevermind I found the link ogra_ posted earlier and it looks like unity for armhf is still building :(18:47
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tedgrsalveti, With the flipped images does upower work now?18:49
rsalvetitedg: it should, sforshee was looking into that18:50
sforsheetedg: so far upower has been working fine for me, outside of being poorly documented18:51
tedgsforshee, rsalveti, cool, thanks guys.18:51
tedgWe wanted to check to make sure before suggesting indicator-power.18:51
sforsheetedg: I won't say that my testing has been exhaustive though18:52
tedgsforshee, That's okay we'll just switch the default image and give jono your cell phone number.  He stays up late.18:55
tedgAnd has a small child.18:55
* sforshee quickly changes his cell number18:55
* jono folds his arms and looks at sforshee18:56
jonowould be a shame if your house was to...say...fall over... sforshee18:56
jonoI think I could play a Free Software gangsta18:56
ogra_tedg, dude, you are a week late .... we switched the default last week already18:56
sporkeeejono, horn in on stallman, lol18:57
tedgogra_, ? no more indicator-battery on the images?18:57
jonosporkeee, lol18:57
ogra_tedg, no, flipped as default :)18:57
sporkeeedon't eat the cheese. ;)18:57
tedgjono, I thought it was the wolf that blew the pig's house down?  /me realizes why they call him "Bacon"18:57
jonotedg, times are changing, the pig is the new king of the jungle18:58
jonoand I will smoke and eat that pig18:58
kenvandinejhodapp, hey... can you look at a qtvideo-node FTBFS for me?18:59
kenvandinejhodapp, https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/qtvideo-node-saucy-armhf-autolanding/6/console18:59
kenvandinejhodapp, fails on armhf19:00
jhodappkenvandine, FTBFS?19:00
kenvandine/usr/include/GL/gl.h:162:17: error: 'GLdouble' has a previous declaration as 'typedef double GLdouble'19:00
kenvandinefails to build from source :)19:00
kenvandinelooks like it no longer builds with opengl config set19:00
kenvandineonly on armhf though19:00
jhodappkenvandine, looks like something around the free GL implementation has changed again that's not compatible with the arm build19:01
kenvandinei'm just trying to land my branch... and this is a completely unrelated failure :)19:01
jhodappkenvandine, yeah, the last time something like this happened I wasn't involved in the fix...and I'm forgetting at the moment who did the fix19:02
jhodappkenvandine, it did require adding some C macro protection to the code19:02
ogra_there is no openGL on arm ;) only EGL/GLES19:04
ogra_if you build arm stuff that needs GL headers, add a mesa dep on the right -dev package19:04
jhodappogra_, right19:04
ogra_(it should DTRT)19:05
jhodappogra_, that should be all set for this package from the previous time this happened, which means some of the other packages are changing around qtvideo-node19:05
jhodappogra_, DTRT?19:06
ogra_do the right thing :)19:06
ogra_heh, you seem to be bombed with abbreviations today, sorry :)19:06
kenvandinelove the jargen19:06
kenvandinethis was building on arm a month ago19:07
kenvandinebut not anymore19:07
jhodapptwo acronyms I've never seen before :)19:07
kenvandineboth of which i use almost daily :)19:07
ogra_a *month* ... thats like *generations* away ...19:07
jhodappkenvandine, did you just commit a fix, why are you trying to build qtvideo-node?19:08
kenvandinetrying to build19:08
kenvandinei removed the tests and cleaned up the packaging a bit19:08
kenvandinetrunk doesn't build either19:08
kenvandinenot just my branch19:08
kenvandinemaybe gl is conflicting with glext19:09
jhodappkenvandine, oh really...that might be a possibility19:09
jhodappkenvandine, I'd recommend looking at the recent bzr history as well to see who and what they did for GL fixes19:09
kenvandineit's like abandonware :)19:10
=== R is now known as Guest5341
kenvandinenothing related in the past 6 months or so19:10
jhodappkenvandine, I need to sign up for notifications for when Jenkins fails on some of these libraries that I care about19:10
jhodappkenvandine, yeah, there's been no needed changes19:10
davmor2ogra_: Yay unity8 looks to of finally built :)19:33
* popey pictures davmor2 jumping up and down like an impatient child waiting for christmas19:36
rsalvetidavmor2: ogra_: seems it's still missing https://code.launchpad.net/~saviq/unity8/fix-mock-scopes/+merge/17369819:36
rsalvetifor some reason jenkins still didn't merge this branch19:36
rsalvetiSaviq: ^19:36
Saviqrsalveti, there's a queue on armhf afaik19:37
* davmor2 goes off in a huff, well that and EOD catch you all tomorrow :)19:37
Saviqrsalveti, http://s-jenkins:8080/job/unity8-autolanding/58/ is doing it19:37
rsalvetiSaviq: cool19:38
popeydavmor2: see you in the morning for an intense (testing) workout!19:43
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mhall119fginther: can we manually trigger a build of sudoku-app so we get the new package names in the PPA?19:46
ogra_rsalveti, /home/ogra/README.mark-current has the command for marking a tested image for /current (in cases wheer i'm not around) ... you need to call it as cdimage user19:47
ogra_rsalveti, on nusakan that is19:47
stgrabersergiusens, rsalveti: hey, so I'd like to replace system-image-upgrader in the recovery image by an initial working version I have here (no GPG yet, but the rest works), I believe that's somewhere on git, how do I update that and have it included in the next build?19:47
fginthermhall119, no problem19:47
rsalvetiogra_: awesome, thanks19:47
rsalvetistgraber: it's part of http://phablet.ubuntu.com/gitweb?p=CyanogenMod/android_bootable_recovery.git19:50
rsalvetiphablet-10.1 branch19:50
rsalvetitake a look at the head, there's s stub in there that ondra created19:51
stgraberrsalveti: I don't suppose I can just push to that branch?19:51
rsalvetistgraber: probably not, would need to ping is to add you there, but if you have the patches in hand I can just apply them19:51
stgraberrsalveti: ok, I'll send you a patch in a minute19:51
stgraberrsalveti: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5859454/19:55
rsalvetistgraber: thanks19:57
om26eris syncevolution known to work these days ?20:11
=== schwuk is now known as schwuk_away
rsalvetistgraber: seems it didn't break anything, so pushing :-)20:16
rsalvetistgraber: done20:17
stgraberrsalveti: thanks20:22
linux-newbieAnyone generous enough to help me figure out what is going wrong in my terminal?20:36
rsalvetiSaviq: jezzz, it failed again?!20:39
rsalvetiand now because of jenkins20:39
Saviqrsalveti, yeah, jenkins is not our friend today20:40
rsalvetithis is sad20:40
asac`rsalveti: so did more talks20:41
asac`and if we have a simple flag on phablet-flash to pull our staging image20:41
asac`we can get testing for that20:42
rsalvetisure, that's easy, we'll add the support for '/pending' already20:42
asac`first probably not done in an automatic gating manner , but dont think this should hold us back20:42
rsalvetiwould that be enough or would you like a different staging image?20:42
asac`rsalveti: /pending? whats that?20:42
rsalvetiasac`: cdimage, we publish it under /pending and then once tested we move the link to /current20:43
asac`i thought we discussed making an image that will be produced for checking stuff _before_ you upload to archive20:43
rsalvetiasac`: right, that as well20:43
rsalvetiI'd say we need both20:43
asac`so the pending you dont need to bother20:43
asac`that seems to happen anyay20:43
asac`i just need to keep it disabled until we have landed all our autopilot tests20:43
rsalvetiwhere, how and who is taking care of that?20:43
asac`and have them green :)20:43
asac`seems to have done all that20:43
asac`and just waits for something that i will find out tomorrow20:44
asac`so seems QA is adding support for image propagation20:44
rsalvetiright, ok20:44
asac`after testing smoke tests20:44
rsalvetiyeah, I know he added support for it, but I want to see it running :-)20:44
asac`however, given that we pump up smoke tests now massively, i believe we have to wait another few weeks and instead do the night call approach20:44
asac`i will have a call with them tomorrow20:44
linux-newbieHey developer people, is this the right place for linux questions regarding ubuntu touch?20:44
rsalvetiright, cool20:44
asac`i believe we should gate /pending to /current on just the "default" tests20:45
asac`and not all smoke tests20:45
asac`for now20:45
asac`i will ask him where that stands20:45
rsalvetiasac`: right, anything is already better than nothing20:45
asac`what i want to see is a ppa staging, produce image (with dist-upgrade) quickly and then send it to QA20:45
asac`as i want to use this as an example how daily-release could do it20:45
rsalvetisure, that's doable20:46
asac`i guess its a "/staging" :)20:46
asac`just coming from jenkins and not cdimage20:46
asac`rsalveti: hey ... is there a way i can copy all the .debs that were used to produce a phablet image from somewhere?20:46
asac`i dont really like the idea to run full livefs20:46
asac`but want to try just unpacking them20:47
asac`and measure the time20:47
* asac` guesses those are just deleted and he will have to do a full livefs run20:47
asac`err livecd20:47
asac`not sure whats called :)20:47
rsalvetiyeah, it gets the packages from the archive20:48
rsalvetiit'd be really nice to investigate if we could speed things up at the image build side20:48
asac`we can try to incrementally speed up20:48
rsalvetiwith jenkins we were building on a x86 machine using qemu, was taking ~40min20:48
asac`but real boost comes from killing maintainer scripts :)20:48
rsalvetiand a faster builder :-)20:48
asac`then you just unpack all cross20:49
asac`and run a "prep image" script20:49
asac`there is just one flaw20:49
asac`i like the idea of the "system builder mode" that brings the apt db back20:49
asac`that will be tricky if we don't use apt to assemble images anymore i guess20:49
rsalvetiwell, we'll always use apt, but not necessarily for everything anymore20:50
asac`maybe... maybe we can really hack apt to not run maintainer scripts anymore for all the stuff on the base system20:50
asac`of phone20:50
asac`err ubuntu-next :)20:50
asac`that would probably boost stuff by magnitudes20:51
* asac` has to get mvo back20:51
rsalvetiany sort of clean up or improvement at that level is useful anyway20:51
asac`we could run the intel bash20:51
asac`if we are very lame20:51
asac`and dont go fully innovative20:52
asac`but still ... this whole preparing, setting up, doing xys20:52
asac`is even taking loads of time here on my x220 thinkpad when doing a major dist-upgrade20:52
=== juicyjonz is now known as juicyjones|away
* asac` schedules a call with mvo :)20:52
asac`anyway ... is anyone producing the live-build stuff locally still from time to time here?20:53
asac`if so, please backjup the .debs :)20:54
asac`rsalveti: is there something like a hackbox?20:54
asac`that i could use to run live-build etc.?20:54
* asac` is ignorant about our infrastructure really20:54
rsalvetiasac`: not so sure, quite a while I used any of our machines for such tests20:55
rsalvetijust using the devices directly :-)20:55
asac`anybody knows canonicloud?20:55
asac`is that still available?20:55
asac`how can i get a machine?20:55
rsalvetiasac`: :-)20:55
rsalvetiasac`: depending on what you're testing exactly you could just use your own laptop20:56
rsalvetiwill just not be able to run live-build natively in an arm machine20:56
asac`rsalveti: are we running live-build really on an ARM machine?20:56
asac`not even binfmt?20:57
asac`but well. i really want to run it anyway on i38620:57
asac`whatever my experiment would be ... it would never involve not to cross stuff20:57
rsalvetiasac`: yeah, we still build the images using the native target :-)21:00
Orangermhall119: ping ! :)21:20
mhall119Oranger: pong!21:41
Orangermhall119: Hey how are you ? :) Just wondering, do you know who can edit this page ? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/Dogfooding21:42
asac`rsalveti: libPVROGL.so21:42
asac`whats that?21:42
asac`thats an .so missing21:42
asac`and always happens at end of autopilot tests for me i think21:42
asac`sounds like a powervr21:43
rsalvetiasac`: right, that's fine21:43
asac`have you seen that?21:43
rsalvetiyeah, it's expected to be missing21:43
mhall119Oranger: anybody can edit it21:43
asac`rsalveti: but the test fails because of that21:43
mhall119including you :)21:43
rsalvetiasac`: are you sure?21:43
rsalvetiasac`: where are the logs?21:43
asac`rsalveti: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5859782/21:44
Orangermhall119: Ahah ok thanks :) I have to update the status of docviewer :)21:44
asac`bfiller: ^^21:44
asac`above is what i get when running camera-app-autopilot21:44
rsalvetiasac`: right, that's just hybris showing the usual error with the lib, not the cause of the problem21:44
asac`(i think the PVR is a red herring as rsalveti suggested)21:44
rsalvetiE/linker  (  496): linker.c:1095| ERROR: Library 'libOpenVG.so' not found21:45
rsalvetiE/linker  (  496): linker.c:1095| ERROR: Library 'libPVROGL.so' not found21:45
rsalvetiE/linker  (  496): linker.c:1095| ERROR: Library 'libPVROCL.so' not found21:45
asac`bfiller: can you parse whats going on?21:45
rsalvetithat's not included by default21:45
asac`ok i move to friends-app-autopilot21:46
asac`and see21:46
asac`bfiller: here the compressed instructions to repro:21:47
asac` 1. install fresh image from today and get network going21:47
asac` 2. phablet-network-setup -i21:47
asac` 3. phablet-test-run -i -p camera-app-autopilot camera_app (use the right stuff here)21:47
asac`veebers: anything flawed with that approach above? (it definitly installs autopilot ppa etc.)21:49
asac`veebers: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5859782/ thats the output i see21:49
veebersasac`: just in a meeting, will be about 10min21:49
asac`veebers: friends-app also fails: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5859810/21:50
asac`bfiller: ^^21:50
asac`X11: ImportError('No module named Xlib',)21:51
asac`doanac: anything flawed doing this:21:52
asac`23:47 < asac`>  1. install fresh image from today and get network going21:53
asac`23:47 < asac`>  2. phablet-network-setup -i21:53
asac`23:47 < asac`>  3. phablet-test-run -i -p camera-app-autopilot camera_app (use the right stuff here)21:53
popeystep 2 does "and get network going" for you21:53
popeybeing picky21:53
asac`popey: yeah maybe... i have some kind of settings still on device21:54
asac`how can i tell phablet-flash to just wipe everything cleanly?21:54
popeynot sure you can21:54
popeymaybe ogra_ knows21:55
doanacasac`: seems sane21:55
asac`couldnt phablet-network-setup also get network going? like run nmcli nm up uuid <therightone>21:55
popeythe smarts which make it backup/restore your network config and home are inside the install zip21:55
asac`popey: do you know about any autopilot test that should run?21:55
popeyphablet-network-setup _does_ get network going21:55
popeythats what it's for21:55
doanacasac`: that error looks like its something specific to the test you ran21:55
popeyi haven't tried running autopilot on device recently21:56
asac`popey: ah ... so the instructions are perfect21:56
asac`oh sorry21:56
asac`yeah see what you mean :)21:56
asac`so i have this list:21:56
asac` * camera-app-autopilot - Test package for the camera app21:56
asac` * friends-app-autopilot - Aggregator for all your social network accounts21:56
asac` * gallery-app-autopilot - Autopilot tests for the photo gallery for Ubuntu21:56
popeyi suspect you're missing autopilot package from the ppa21:56
asac` * mediaplayer-app-autopilot - Test package for mediaplayer-app21:56
asac` * notes-app-autopilot - Test package for the notes app21:57
asac` * share-app-autopilot - Test package for the share app21:57
asac` * webbrowser-app-autopilot - Ubuntu web browser autopilot tests21:57
asac` * phone-app-autopilot - autopilot tests for phone-app21:57
asac` * phone-app-connected-autopilot - connected autopilot tests for phone-app21:57
asac` * calendar-app-autopilot - Autopilot tests for Ubuntu Calendar Application21:57
asac` * music-app-autopilot - Autopilot tests for Music App21:57
asac`i will just run every app21:57
asac`and see21:57
ogra_asac`, format /data before flashing to get it really clean21:57
asac`popey: that could be ... but phablet-test-run did that21:57
asac`it enabled at least the ppa21:57
ogra_(from recovery)21:57
popeyi dont see that in your pastebin21:57
popeyah, yes already newest version21:58
asac`damn :) ... terminal buffer not long enough (guess too long since i did something serious)21:58
asac`i somehow get the feeling only the community apps will work :)21:58
asac`ok gallery app now :)21:59
popeyi went through and made some instructions for running ap tests..22:00
popeyyou may have seen these22:00
asac`veebers: if you get off ... can you tell me one autopilot package that you know works from start to end and wont fail? i want to check my instructions22:00
asac`popey: yeah... veebers told me its now nicely "wrapped"22:01
asac`in phablet-test-run22:01
popeynot tried that22:01
asac`and i tried the same on the device with autopilot run22:01
asac`i can double check the packages22:01
asac`but let me wait for veebers who has real know how on this :)22:01
asac`so yeah ... gallery also failed using those instructions22:02
asac`guess there is something fishy22:02
ogra_what image is that ?22:02
asac`just a few minutes ago22:02
thomiasac`: got a second?22:02
asac`thomi: i am here, yes :)22:02
thomiasac`: care to join veebers and myuself for a quick G+ hangout?22:02
ogra_asac`, then autopilot behaves just right22:02
thomiasac`: to talk about autopilot test runs on the device: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/b42b1c5d1c7383252d57a7596a404f0000dfcdc122:02
ogra_todays image is completely borked22:02
asac`ogra_: i need to validate the instructions22:03
asac`because i will send a mail22:03
asac`telling folks to test their autopilot packages22:03
ogra_well, then you should do that with a working image22:03
popeyyou need to validate the instructions on an image which is at least barely function though22:03
asac`before they become dead critical later this week22:03
popeyto be fair22:03
asac`ogra_: give me an image that i can use22:03
asac`and tell me how to install it with phablet-flash while i am on the hangout22:03
popeyyou know we have this documented?22:04
popeythere's this thing called the wiki, you may have seen it22:04
popeysee "manual install"22:04
ogra_well, phablet-flash -r 20130708 might work too22:05
popeyooh, that would be great22:05
* popey tries22:05
* ogra_ isnt sure22:06
asac`i am just a dumb bot22:06
ogra_my phablet-tools is a bit putdated, and --list-revisions seems to not actually pull what it should22:06
ogra_so phablet-flash -r ubuntu-touch/2013070822:07
asac`so just -r doesnt work as in popeys test22:07
ogra_i would guess22:07
popeylooks in the wrong place22:07
popeyyeah, so manual it is22:08
* popey files bugs in phablet-tools22:08
popeybug 119814722:09
ubot5bug 1198147 in Phablet Tools "There should be an easy way to flash a non-latest image" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119814722:09
popeyalready done by Saviq22:09
popeyhaha, and confirmed by me yesterday!22:09
popeywow, I have a memory like a goldfish22:09
ogra_the beer !22:10
popeyi wish22:10
popeythe age ☻22:10
ogra_lol, you tell *me* ?22:10
ogra_the prob with phablet-flash is that it is like windows ...22:11
popeytrying to be clever?22:11
ogra_it tries to be backwards compatible to day one22:11
Saviqpopey, ;)22:11
asac`so what do i need to do?22:12
ogra_hmm, that doesnt point to flipped yet22:12
popeyhaha, we all fail22:12
popeyasac`: go and live in a cave, you're better off that way.22:13
popeyogra_: any chance you can update those instructions?22:13
* popey tests22:13
ogra_the instructions are the same, just not the download link :)22:13
popeynot that I dont trust you22:14
ogra_though current wont help indeed :)22:14
ogra_in this pecific case22:14
* popey gets a previous image from his home mirror :D22:14
ogra_asac`, so you want the zips from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/20130708/  with the instructions from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install#Manual_Installation ... note that the order of flashing is important with flipped22:16
popeyhmm, due to me using ethernet over power, it's actually _slower_ wgetting from my home server than from cdimage!22:16
ogra_is that your hypotethical tinfoil hat against wlan rays ?22:17
* ogra_ has a few ethernet over power devices ... on the shelf in a box, i gave up on them22:18
popeynah, just wifi is a pain on servers22:18
popeyand server is in the middle of the house, wifi at the edge, so signal not brilliant22:18
popeyI should set that up one day though, I guess I can just install nm on my server and copy my wifi config over like we do with the phone?22:19
ogra_ah, well, i have one cable across all three floors, server is in the basement on one end22:19
popeyyeah, wish I had better networking. wifey doesn't like cables22:19
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
ogra_well, its only one ... through a pipe22:20
ogra_i have an AP on everry floor ... all other devices (except router and FW) are wlan22:20
popeyi might try and carefully route one behind plants and stuff22:20
popeyso the first line in the wiki says "Boot your device into recovery mode" but doesn't say use adb reboot recovery, any reason why not?22:21
ogra_well,, i lie, my office is full of cables and HUBs with lots of blinking boards attached22:21
popeygiven we explicitly give that instruction later?22:21
ogra_well, when i wrote it i thought more about a shot down device22:22
ogra_not sure why :)22:22
asac`ogra_: so when is htere a good image?22:22
ogra_and i didnt feel like writing each and every key combo for that step22:22
asac`rick wants us to back stuff out22:22
popeystep 1: dig old crappy phone out of a drawer22:22
popey08 is a good image22:23
ogra_asac`, i was waiting for the fix to land, should be there now22:23
rsalvetiwaiting https://code.launchpad.net/~saviq/unity8/fix-mock-scopes/+merge/17369822:23
ogra_asac`, and now i didnt want to trigger the new build until you downloaded 0822:23
ogra_(which will be gone once the new one shows up)22:23
rsalvetihm, failed hard now22:24
rsalvetiCMakeFiles/ListViewWithPageHeader-qml.dir/ListViewWithPageHeader-qml_automoc.cpp.o:(.debug_info+0xc67d): undefined reference to `.LASF1781'22:24
rsalveticollect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status22:24
popeywould it be prudent at this point to wipe 09 after making sure 08 really is okay?22:25
ogra_yeah already looking into it22:25
Saviqrsalveti, nah ,we've just inherited a bug from the SDK this time...22:25
rsalvetiogra_: yeah, please kill it22:25
rsalvetiwith fire22:25
popeyogra_: the instructions for manual install are inaccurate.22:26
popeyadb push /path/to/your/downloaded/saucy-preinstalled-armel+grouper.zip /sdcard/autodeploy.zip22:26
popeythere is no such file saucy-preinstalled-armel+grouper.zip22:27
popeythere's boot, recovery, system and touch22:27
* asac` reads backglog22:28
asac`ogra_: how long does the new build take?22:28
asac`i could go to dinner22:28
asac`and wait :)22:28
asac`if i get genuine instructions working22:28
ogra_current points to 08 now and 09 is gone22:28
* asac` runs phablet-flash again22:28
ogra_asac`, about 1h22:29
asac`yeah. happy to test again then too22:29
asac`and phablet-flash -r will get fixed too... brave new world :-P22:29
ogra_well, i'm not so sure the actual fix is already in, seeing Saviq and rsalveti above22:29
rsalvetinot yet22:30
asac`yeah... as long as 08 is good and /current i am happy for a few more hours :)22:30
rsalvetifailing to be merged since 4-5 hours ago22:30
ogra_yeah, thats what i thought22:30
rsalvetidue random issues22:30
asac`i guess i dont want to know about those random issues :(22:30
ogra_popey, oh, it is preinstalled-touch now22:30
popeyand touch-armhf22:31
* ogra_ fixes22:31
popeythanks ogra_ !22:31
ogra_well, thanks for checking :)22:31
popey\o/ teamwork22:31
* asac` for dinner22:36
popeyEditing the wiki.. the sad moment when your 2 factor auth code has 007 in it, makes you feel like a secret agent.22:37
Hashcodeogra_ any reason why ubuntu/platformapi shouldn't be updated like libhybris during envsetup.sh?]22:46
=== RAOF_ is now known as RAOF
ogra_Hashcode, no reason i think22:48
popeyhmmm, phablet-network-setup fails on my desktop of course22:49
popey(no wifi)22:49
HashcodeI think from a typical porting stand point that might also be a "clunky" point22:49
HashcodeEverything else pulls in from repo / envsetup.sh and updates22:49
HashcodeExcept platformapi22:49
ogra_well, you need to update the bzr branches manually22:49
ogra_isnt hybris bzr too ?22:50
HashcodeI think that gets pulled now during envsetup22:50
Hashcodelibhybris anyway22:50
HashcodeI get a bzr error when doing bzr pull on it22:50
ogra_Hashcode, in ubuntu/hybris ?22:54
Hashcodelet me try again22:54
ogra_works fine here22:55
Hashcodebzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "/home/hashcode/android/ubuntu/ubuntu/hybris/".22:55
Hashcodelemme re-run phablet-dev-bootstrap22:55
ogra_yeah, looks weird22:55
rsalvetiogra_: hybris is a package now22:57
rsalveticlean, no bzr22:57
rsalvetiso it grabs it from envsetup22:57
* ogra_ didnt have to build for a while 22:57
ogra_anyway ... need to go afk ..22:59
popeyasac`: Good news, flashed 20130708 using manual instructions, followed your 3 steps as you laid out, and ran webbrowser ap tests. works ok -22:59
Hashcodersalveti: thanks :)23:01
popeyasac`: http://paste.ubuntu.com/585998223:03
* Saviq wants to cry23:03
Saviqcan we freakin' merge this please?23:04
Saviqpopey, the branch was first approved 15:41 UTC... still not landed23:05
Saviqbeen rejected 6 times now due to different jenkins / no jenkins failures23:05
Saviqthis is like the FAILEST DAY EVER23:05
popeyyeah, saw the merge. crappy23:06
popeymeh, it's not released yet23:06
popeybe thankful it's not broken in 20 million handsets ☻23:06
rsalvetipopey: easy one, mind you? https://code.launchpad.net/~rsalveti/phablet-tools/new_release/+merge/17384123:06
Saviqpopey, lol23:06
* popey looks23:07
rsalvetipopey: thanks!23:08
popeyi like easy23:08
asac`popey: awesome, but the paste failed, no?23:35
popeyasac`: well, some tests failed,23:36
Saviqwe have touch down!23:36
asac`Saviq: whats that?23:37
popeysome of the errors look very odd23:37
Saviqasac`, the freakin' fix for the broken shell landed23:37
Saviqasac`, after some 8 hours of fighting with jenkins23:38
popeyso for example it was trying to test the browser opening a local file using file:///tmp/fileblah... but when I looked at the browser it had file///tmp/fileblah..23:38
asac`Saviq: guess not bug that made everything scroll away :)? ... oh ic :-P23:38
asac`don't get me started on jenkins... cough23:38
Saviqasac`, that's fixed, too, I think23:38
Saviqasac`, if you mean that the header went down and everything else went up (in the shell, I mean)23:38
asac`well... i could only scroll up basically23:39
asac`until everything was gone :)23:39
Saviqasac`, in the dash?23:39
popeynice one Saviq23:39
popeylook forward to testing a working image in the morning ☻23:40
Saviqasac`, that's most probably http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity8/trunk/revision/9223:40
asac`Saviq: well... it was on the app home screen for instance ... everything was gone... pure purple23:40
asac`but from whatyou say above, that probably is what you describe23:40
Saviqasac`, yeah, that should be it23:40
asac`nice one :)23:40
Saviqasac`, steps to reproduce: scroll up to make the "thick separator" half on-screen23:41
Saviqasac`, swipe to the sides23:41
Saviqasac`, start scrolling around23:41
Saviqasac`, you got The Incredible Machine23:41
asac`i never was able to get such good instructions23:41
asac`let me try with my 08 image here :)23:42
* popey runs off to bed while you do that23:42
Saviqasac`, easiest to repro on Music and Videos, being the far-left / far-right scopes23:43
asac`i dont know what swipt to sides mean ... butr i remember me usually pulling the thick separator down all the time because i need my fingers to fiddly23:43
asac`so i am sure i ended up in that :)23:43
Saviqasac`, k, will be fixed in tomorrow's daily23:44
asac`now i want to reproduce23:44
asac`you say i go to videos23:44
asac`pull stuff down as far as i can (half screen thick separator)23:44
Saviqasac`, no no23:45
asac`and then i swipe without releasing to left?23:45
Saviqasac`, pull it up23:45
Saviqasac`, so the separator is cut in half23:45
Saviqasac`, at the top23:45
Saviqasac`, then try to swipe away from Home (left?)23:45
Saviqasac`, the header should come in, but overlapping the content23:45
Saviqdoesn't always happen, though23:46
asac`yeah nice... now at least the HOME is floating mid screen already23:47
asac`i think thatsw what happened first23:47
asac`then at some point everything was going up and all was purple :)23:47
asac`clean screen23:48
asac`Saviq: thx...thats the bug i was talking about yesterday23:48
asac`guess should reboot now before staring continuing my test experiments23:48
Saviqasac`, good, fixed!23:49
asac`or... how can i restart shell through adb?23:49
Saviqasac`, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity8/trunk/view/head:/CODING23:49
asac`killall unity8 restarted stuff23:49
Saviqasac`, yeah, if you wanted just that23:50
=== SkavenXXI-[OFF] is now known as SkavenXXI
Saviqasac`, then "restart ubuntu-touch-session" works, too23:50
asac`ok its very easy to reproduce now for me... so surely can confirm once its landed23:50
Saviqasac`, killing the shell does the same, really23:50
* Saviq just noticed I *just* made the daily release curfew23:50
asac`curfew? whats that?23:51
Saviqasac`, everything for daily release should be in trunk by 0000UTC23:51
Saviqasac`, otherwise it might only get picked up the next day23:52
asac`for a moment i thought you we didnt allow uploads for certain timzones :)23:52
asac`so guess that means that 10 will be our best image since container flip :)23:53
asac`Saviq: i guess you were not able to add a regression test for this phenomenon?23:53
Saviqasac`, we did23:54
asac`is that in autopilot unity8?23:54
Saviqasac`, although disabled for now as it's mightily unstable (the test) with Qt 5.023:54
asac`or a build time test?23:54
Saviqasac`, that particular thing is a build-time test23:54
Saviqasac`, or it might be qmluitest (a kind of autopilot, but internal to QML)23:55
Saviqasac`, we're testing bits of UI in isolation with that23:55
asac`but also build time?23:55
Saviqasac`, in CI23:55
asac`or can we also include that in our daily image tests?23:55
asac`hmm. how do i run those?23:55
Saviqasac`, make qmluitests in unity8 trunk23:55
Saviqasac`, mind you it requires OpenGL23:56
asac`so its build time... not something we can run against done images easily23:56
asac`and its desktop not phone23:56
Saviqasac`, /es23:56
Saviqasac`, would work on phone just fine23:56
Saviqasac`, just we're not packaging them (we're thinking of doing that, though)23:56
asac`the bad about build time tests is really that we really would prefer to do cross building before the end of the decade :)23:57
asac`ah... yueah once packaged that works again23:57
Saviqasac`, yup23:57
asac`we should package all and run all out of builders23:57
asac`death-of-the-make-check-syndrom :)...23:57
Saviqasac`, otoh some of them require a bigger screen23:57
Saviqasac`, and autopilot tests will really test most of the same23:58
asac`ok. guess we should look at that after all the autopilot stuff is done23:58
Saviqasac`, only out of isolation23:58
Saviqasac`, so yeah, let's revisit when we decide we don't have enough testing ;d23:58

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