MartijnVdSmorning AlanBell04:38
MartijnVdSyou're up early04:38
diploMorning all07:51
MooDoomorning diplo07:51
diploHow're we all this fine lovely morning07:52
MooDoodiplo: groovy baby07:53
hoovergood morning all08:06
brobostigongood morning everyone,08:09
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:13
christelmorning boys and girls08:16
popeyah christel08:17
MooDoomorning christel again08:17
bigcalmHola christel08:17
brobostigonmorning christel, MooDoo popey and bigcalm08:20
hooverHey biggie08:22
bigcalmHi hoover08:26
MooDoohi venkat08:36
venkatcould you help me  i have  dout in ubuntu08:37
MooDoovenkat: just ask away, if anyone can help you they will08:38
venkatmy boot partation full08:39
popeythats unfortunate08:39
popeyyou could boot to recovery mode (or use a live cd) and remove some older kernels that are no longer needed08:39
venkatthe partation 100% use08:40
brobostigonkernels can be reletivly big, so would empty some space, allowing it to boot, and freeing up more space.08:41
popeyI would boot to a live cd, mount the partition and get rid of some very old kernels08:42
popeywell, i wouldn't be in this position in the first place, but hey ho08:42
venkatwhich kernel i have to remove  now am using 3.5 kernel08:43
popeyyou would need to boot to a live cd, and see what kernels are installed08:43
popeyI can't see what's on your disk from here08:43
brobostigontelepathy. :)08:43
directhexvenkat, ubuntu updates its kernels very often, and most of the time, it installs the new one alongside the old one08:44
directhexvenkat, this means you likely have lots of kernels installed, all 3.5 but with minor version differences, filling /boot08:44
directhexvenkat, you basically need to get at your disk and uninstall all but the newest one08:44
venkatno i have some applications are running that system08:45
directhexvenkat, is the system currently booted and working?08:47
JamesTaitGood morning all, happy Sugar Cookie Day! :-D08:48
directhexwhere's my cookie then?08:48
MooDoohowdy jame08:48
MooDoohowdy JamesTait08:48
hooverHi James08:48
JamesTaitMooDoo, hoover, o/08:48
JamesTaitdirecthex, I don't know, where did you put it? ;)08:49
JamesTaitMooDoo, I guess I've become like czajkowski (cz-tab), only jame-tab?08:50
MooDooJamesTait: ahem ;)08:50
JamesTaitHeheh. :)08:51
venkatplease  tel me   what i have to do (boot partation full )08:51
MooDooczajkowski: talking about you not to you :p ;)08:51
popeyvenkat: http://askubuntu.com/questions/171209/my-boot-partition-hit-100-and-now-i-cant-upgrade-cant-remove-old-kernels-to08:52
JamesTaitMooDoo, funny(-ish) story. When I joined canonical I used the same nick on the internal IRC server as everywhere else - jamestait.  But in the U1 channels, James Henstridge was already around - jamesh.  The presence of two jameses in the channel was awkward for tab completion.08:52
JamesTaitSo I changed my nick to jayteeuk. :)08:53
popeyalso, jnick_tait confuses me08:53
czajkowskithat explains that08:53
JamesTaitpopey, it confused me when I got his plane ticket once.08:53
JamesTaitSpeak of the devil!08:53
JamesTaitjnick_tait, o/08:53
* MooDoo wonders how many people actually remember that lol09:00
jnick_taitpopey, JamesTait... it is i, the one true original jnick_tait :-)09:02
venkatin my system  kernel version 3.5.0-17, 3.5.0-25, 3.5.0-26, 3.5.0-28, 3.5.0-30, 3.5.0-31, 3.5.0-32, 3.5.0-34  (which one i have remove)09:02
brobostigonthe first 7, and leave the last.09:03
bigcalmAs long as the last one works :)09:03
bigcalmWhen in doubt, leave 209:03
JamesTaitjnick_tait, I'm just grateful for the fact that you chose to go by your middle name and not your first.  It's bad enough having two Jameses on the team call each week, never mind two James Taits in the company! :D09:04
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bigcalmIt's another one of those days09:13
meueshethi, someone here?09:33
DJonesThere are people here09:33
meuesheti've instaled a backuppc on my server.09:33
meueshetand i want to make a backup for only 1 folder.09:34
meueshethow i can do it?09:34
lubotu3There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning09:34
=== slvr_ is now known as slvr
meueshetDJones: my server make every day a folder with backups and every day it's overwrite the folder..  i want to make like a versioning for tha backup09:37
DJonesmeueshet: Probably better just asking the channel generally, my backups are only from desktops to a server & just use the builtin DejaDup backup09:38
brobostigonrsync can do versioning if memory serves,09:38
meueshettoday folder, yesterday folder,  befor 2 days folder, befor 3 days folder, befor 4 days folder, befor 5 days folder, befor 6 days folder, befor week folder,  befor 2 weeks folder, befor 3 weeks folder,  befor month folder,   befor 2 months folder,    befor 3 months folder,  etc..09:40
slvrfrom what I understand BackupPC already stores multiple backups. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:BackupPC_host.png09:47
meueshetbut i need only 22 in 1 year not 36509:47
directhe`i pay a freaking fortune for crashplan - unlimited cloud backup space for all household computers09:50
slvrUnfortunately I'm not a user of that software, but from the documentation it does not look like that option is available.09:51
slvrMaybe you should contact them on their user mailing list instead? backuppc-users@lists.sourceforge.net09:51
slvrAlternatively, if you want full control, consider rsync: http://www.mikerubel.org/computers/rsync_snapshots/09:51
slvrOf course, you could always manually delete backups you do not want, I suppose.09:53
mungbeancan someone remind me how i install linux bios on dell? i've got a .BIN file10:00
mungbeanfor a poweredge server10:00
MartijnVdSmungbean: firmware-addon-dell - A firmware-tools plugin to handle BIOS/Firmware for Dell systems10:01
mungbeanMartijnVdS: that's old/doesn't work10:01
mungbeanah the bin file is a sh script10:01
MartijnVdSsh or bash?10:01
MartijnVdSit could be a bash script with a #!/bin/sh header10:02
mungbeanruning now10:02
davmor2Morning all10:02
MartijnVdSwhich can break if /bin/sh != /bin/bash10:02
mungbeanthis dr who action figure set looks epic but pricey http://www.amazon.co.uk/Character-Options-Doctor-Doctors-Collector/dp/B002YX011E10:15
mungbeannot reall sure who will spend 50 quid on such thing10:15
directhe`cheap for what you get10:18
mungbeani would like airfix to release a bunch of resin figures you can paint like that10:19
mungbeanthey did one before with tennant and the tardis10:20
Laneyoh no, a huge bee in the office with me :(((((((11:16
* Laney runs11:16
bigcalmLaney: steal its honey11:16
Laneycollected myself together and flicked it away with a book11:17
MooDooLaney: don't kill it, they are endangered11:26
hoovercheers all11:28
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bigcalmUgh, the humid heat can go away now please13:13
Dave2Air conditioned office is fine. 30 degree bedroom not so much.13:14
MartijnVdSDave2: mv bed office13:14
Dave2That would be rather difficult13:14
MartijnVdSNothing is impossible!13:14
Dave2I didn't say it would be impossible. It would just be pretty hard and pointless.13:15
bigcalmJust sleep on a roll mat13:15
bigcalmIs there a way to commit everything in git except for selected files?13:16
BigRedSyou could add them to .gitignore, commit -a , then remove them?13:18
MartijnVdSbigcalm: git commit -a --interactive13:18
BigRedSah, that sounds like someone who's read the documentation13:18
bigcalmMartijnVdS: thanks :)13:18
MartijnVdSyou could also just stash the bits you don't want to commit yet, commit, then unstash13:18
BigRedSEvery time I offer some daft workaround in ehre MartijnVdS seems to appear with the right way to do it :)13:18
MartijnVdSBigRedS: and I don't even *like* git :P13:19
BigRedSMartijnVdS: I've not used anything else enough to know if it's something I like or dislike. It's one of very few pieces of software I don't recall ever having sworn at, though13:20
MartijnVdSwe use bitkeeper at work, which is OK13:20
MartijnVdSyou can see where Linus got his inspiration for git, and the bzr people for bzr ;)13:20
BigRedSYou keep Perl in bitkeeper? That's asking for a snide remark about the '90s, surely!13:22
MartijnVdS\o/ 90s ;)13:22
MartijnVdSalso.. :( legacy13:22
BigRedSyeah, that's a common excuse :) I found myself installing an svn server for a customer the other day which seemed a bit historical13:23
MartijnVdS"quaint" is the word I'd use ;)13:24
BigRedSthe rustic VCS13:24
* popey calls IBM to get his laptop fixed13:24
BigRedSpopey: it's not the '90s any more13:25
mungbeanpopey is the worst advert for thinkpad i've seen13:25
BigRedSAh, you need to see me. I'm a good advert for them13:26
BigRedSmine still works13:26
MartijnVdSBigRedS: "for al your picturesque Perl code"13:26
mungbeanmy IBM (not lenovo) one still works13:26
mungbeanand its 13 years old13:26
BigRedSmungbean: runs OpenArena but not Firefox?13:27
MartijnVdSI threw my Pentium 2 thinkpad away a few months ago13:27
BigRedSmungbean: haha, I might give our SVN server here that as a tagline13:27
MartijnVdSBigRedS: other m<tab> I guess? :)13:28
BigRedSMartijnVdS: yeah :)13:28
popeyhaha mungbean13:33
popeyi called lenovo support, the guy asked me to describe the problem.. I asked if he had access to the internet and pointed him at my twitter feed ☻13:33
popeyBigRedS: actually it is IBM you call for Lenovo support13:33
popeymight see if the guy can replace the wrist-rest while he has it in bits, given I got a replacement one on ebay a while back and haven't fitted it yet13:34
BigRedSpopey: oh, really? I've never broken one in a warranty-supporting sort of way13:36
Azelphurwhen I bought my thinkpad it arrived with a busted key on the keyboard13:37
Azelphurdidn't bother sending it back though, replacement keycap was only $713:38
MartijnVdSI feel a new image macro meme coming up.. "Upper-crust Azelphur"13:38
MartijnVdSall we need is a photo13:38
AzelphurMartijnVdS: haha, whys that? :P13:38
MartijnVdSAzelphur: "I didn't send it back, I just paid a bit more"13:38
AzelphurMartijnVdS: haha, well, it was either send it back to Lenovo, probably wait like 2 weeks for a slightly dodgy key13:39
Azelphuror pay $7 and have it done next day13:39
BigRedSand, to be fair, when you've just got your shiny new laptop that last thing you want to do is give it back13:39
MartijnVdSfair enough13:39
Azelphur^ that13:39
AzelphurMartijnVdS: if you're gonna do upper crust azelphur, you've gotta do it on the real upper crust things, like getting invited to the top of canary wharf for a cocktail party with bankers.13:40
popeymine broke within days13:40
popeyhad to have a new mobo because it refused to boot from ssd one time in 313:40
MartijnVdSAzelphur: and paying in bitcoin ;)13:40
MartijnVdSpopey: UEFI?13:40
AzelphurMartijnVdS: that's why I was invited ;)13:40
popeynot EFI at all13:41
mungbeanis there an easier way to fill a rack in racktables than clicking the object and then the rackspace tab?13:50
mungbeantrying to fill arack is tedious13:50
MartijnVdSarack? related to the alot?14:09
mungbeanhis son14:11
mungbeanalso teh president14:11
mungbeanarack bobama14:11
MartijnVdSmungbean: http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_949926&feature=iv&src_vid=GIgHDE1AhyU&v=fbqeyHxH-zU14:14
mungbeanthought that was a racktables tutorial :(14:18
MartijnVdSmungbean: it's a song about bad jokes :)14:18
MartijnVdS*entirely composed of14:18
mungbeanpeople are drinking tea in this weather :S14:27
popeyOoh yes.14:27
* bigcalm sips his tea14:27
popeyI've been drinking coffee all day14:27
mungbeanbegone devil people14:27
popey s/mungbean/captain_contraire/14:28
mungbeani like coffee14:29
mungbeanbut i only drink on special occasions14:29
BigRedSI got a 'coffee cooler' the other day14:29
BigRedSit was a really expensive cold coffee :(14:30
mungbeancofee stimulates me too much14:30
mungbeanso only drink at a wedding or in an irish coffee (best drink ever)14:31
BigRedSdrink more of it, it loses its effect14:31
mungbeanif i'm not expeting to sleep anytime14:31
* MartijnVdS had a lot of tea today14:31
MartijnVdSand it's 30-ish C out14:31
popeythe only time coffeee keeps me awake is if I have the fresh stuff in a restaurant after a meal14:33
BigRedSGood Morning!14:48
* AlanBell has no X :(14:48
MartijnVdSBigRedS: time to set up ntp14:48
* popey wonders if AlanBell has -proposed enabled14:49
* popey suspects he does14:49
AlanBellnope, but I have mir-team/staging14:49
popeyah fun14:49
MartijnVdSis it #blamepopey time? ;)14:50
popeyNope ☻14:50
diddledanslow work day14:53
AlanBellsudo ppa-purge ppa:mir-team/staging14:53
AlanBelltells me it could not find the package list14:53
popeytry add-apt-repository -r ppa:mir-team/staging14:54
AlanBellthat did something14:54
AlanBellnow an update/dist-upgrade?14:55
popeyI'd be inclined to see what packages you had from that ppa14:55
popeyi.e. look at what's in it on lp14:55
popeyand apt-get remove or downgrade them14:55
AlanBellcool, will do that14:56
popeyapt-get install package=version package=version package=version   etc14:56
AlanBellyay, now installing ubuntu-desktop15:03
AlanBellalso had to remove the mir-team/system-compositor-testing ppa15:04
davmor2MartijnVdS: you seem to be insinuating there is a time when it isn't blame popey15:06
AlanBellyay, I have a desktop again \o/15:07
AlanBellthanks popey :)15:07
MartijnVdSdavmor2: true :)15:07
MartijnVdSAlanBell: you should give him a beer in thanks :P15:08
MartijnVdSAlanBell: once it arrives..15:08
BigRedSis mir day-to-day-use working?15:08
AlanBell . . . ooh, interesting15:08
MartijnVdSBigRedS: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/126915:08
AlanBellBigRedS: nope, not really (well not today for certain)15:08
MartijnVdSAlanBell: that's what the DHL link I sent you is for :)15:08
BigRedSMartijnVdS: yeah, but he would say that!15:08
AlanBelllooks like I uninstalled xorg yesterday, then suspended, then during a meeting with a client inadvertently rebooted, and had no X15:09
AlanBellluckily I wasn't attempting to demo anything at the time ;)15:09
AlanBellnow recovered via tethering over my phone in a hotel as network manager works awesomely from the command line15:10
AlanBellso Mir kinda worked when I tested it, but there were several showstopper bugs for me, some of which have apparently been fixed15:10
diddledanthat shuttleworth post: "perhaps also the advantage of looking at things through the perspective of a mobile lens" <-- is that a new unity feature? :-p15:10
MartijnVdSis it "in scope"15:11
AlanBellbug 1102760 is probably quite a biggie15:12
lubotu3bug 1102760 in Mir "Multi-monitor support incomplete - can't show different images on each screen" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110276015:12
diddledanmultimonitor would be a deal-breaker for me15:17
diddledanI _require_ two screens to be civilised15:17
diddledanI'd really like 3 screens or maybe 615:18
MartijnVdSdiddledan: also a top hat and monocle?15:18
mungbeankindle fire hd now 139 "with special offers"15:27
MartijnVdSi.e. ads15:28
mungbeani hate the kindle fire interface15:28
mungbeanreally nasty15:28
diplomungbean: Me to, going to flash mine soon I think15:55
diploAlso don't like that no google services :/15:55
mungbeanhad to edit my /etc/redhat-release in order to get a dell fw update to work :(15:59
diploSounds fun :)15:59
mungbeanwould prefer a better message than "Unable to get the System Generation"15:59
diploRight, going to go home on time tonight16:00
diplogn all16:00
venkatcould you help me please17:35
venkati have dout in ubuntu  could you help me17:38
brobostigonhow can we help.17:39
venkatmy boot partation 100% use   i remove old kernel  am not able to login server please  tel me17:41
brobostigonif you run "df -h -T" how much free space is it showing, and where.17:42
brobostigonthat will tell you, where you need to free up more space.17:42
MartijnVdSand removing kernels: http://askubuntu.com/questions/2793/how-do-i-to-remove-or-hide-old-kernel-versions-to-clean-up-the-boot-menu17:43
brobostigonthat was mentioned earlier MartijnVdS :), last time venkat asked this afternoon.17:43
directhe`popey, bigcalm: organ trail. yay or nay?17:44
popeyuninstalled it17:44
brobostigonbeer and food with my dad, woop.17:44
MartijnVdSdirecthe`: little inferno: ++17:44
brobostigonat 7:30pm.17:44
brobostigoni am not complaining, my dad is buying.17:45
venkatnow am  removed old lernel   (3.2.0)   am  not able to login     how to recover17:45
venkatmy boot partation17:46
MartijnVdSvenkat: did you remove *all* kernels?17:46
MartijnVdSvenkat: so now you just get grub (the boot loader screen)?17:46
venkatno am removed only  now working  kernel
MartijnVdSvenkat: then you're probably just typing your password wrong?17:47
brobostigoni just overclocked my mobile by 200odd mhz, lets hope it keeps up.17:49
MartijnVdSdon't phones run at >1GHz these days?17:50
brobostigonMartijnVdS: this is my htc dream,17:50
venkatn  i start server   is  recover mode   ubuntu , memory test   that  sereen  avaliable17:50
MartijnVdSvenkat: no option to start
brobostigonMartijnVdS: i made my own kernel this afternoon, for it, with zram to extend the ram abit further.17:51
MartijnVdSvenkat: do you get an error? if so, which error?17:51
venkatya  some  errors i watched17:51
MartijnVdSvenkat: http://bernaerts.dyndns.org/linux/232-ubuntu-boot-failure-initramfs might help you17:51
venkatbut  i dot'no  i have    lot of data is there in that system17:53
MartijnVdSvenkat: it's hard to understand what you're trying to say17:54
brobostigonok, bbl, food andbeer time, :)17:54
MartijnVdSvenkat: maybe there's another IRC channel, with people who speak your language, who can help you better17:55
venkatno   could  we please me  i can tel you  currently17:56
MartijnVdSvenkat: What do you see on your screen?17:57
MartijnVdSvenkat: the boot loader?17:57
MartijnVdSa "Login:" prompt?17:57
venkatwhen  i restart  i got  ubuntu, memory test. like   ok   after select  ubuntu  pres enter key    i sa  reeor messages17:58
MartijnVdSvenkat: what's the exact text of the error messages?17:58
venkatno not com login prompt17:58
MartijnVdSI don't know that error message.17:59
venkatwait  for  2minits  will tel you18:00
venkathttp://parmeter.net/tech/?p=1116    am  followin   this  url18:19
MartijnVdSvenkat: did you notice /boot was full while doing an upgrade?18:19
MartijnVdSvenkat: because then the initramfs probably wasn't installed correctly18:20
MartijnVdSvenkat: or the entire kernel18:20
MartijnVdSvenkat: so again, what's the error message?18:20
directhe`i tried to help venkat earlier today, but he disappeared partway & was basically uncontactable, on top of the language barrier18:20
directhe`so *shrug*18:20
MartijnVdSdirecthe`: OK, thanks18:20
MartijnVdSyoutube died?18:21
=== directhe` is now known as directhex
venkatlike  my old kernel  remove   after  restart     came  only  ubuntu  screen  only  after  enter  i got  erroe  messages18:23
* popey wonders if venkat might get better help in somewhere where his first language is spoken.18:26
popeywhich may or may not be #ubuntu-in18:27
MartijnVdSjudging by his IP, it might be18:27
HoT|2fC^Anyone know if I can get DD-WRT on my NetGear DGN2000 Router? it's ADSL+18:33
MartijnVdSHoT|2fC^: I'd recommend OpenWRT instead of DD-WRT18:34
MartijnVdSHoT|2fC^: it tends to use more recent kernels and software18:34
MartijnVdSHoT|2fC^: http://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/netgear/dgn2200v2 <-- currently unsupported18:34
popeydidnt think dd-wrt supported any adsl routers18:35
popeyonly real routers18:35
* popey has deja-vu18:36
popeydidn't we talk about this recently18:36
MartijnVdSonly very few routers with DSL are supported by either DD or OpenWRT18:36
Seeker`popey: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2013/07/02/%23ubuntu-uk.html18:37
HoT|2fC^No popey it wasnt yesterday it was ages ago lol, and thanks MartijnVdS! yeah looked into it and they do ADSL DD and OpenWRT supported routers now.18:37
MartijnVdSI have fibre now18:38
MartijnVdSfibre is cool18:38
HoT|2fC^haha alright for some MartijnVdS I live in the countryside and max d/l speed is 5mbps and u/l speed 0.38mbps18:38
MartijnVdSHoT|2fC^: awww18:38
HoT|2fC^So you are one lucky person.18:38
Seeker`MartijnVdS: FTTC or FTTP?18:39
HoT|2fC^Also I have the DGN2000 MartijnVdS, http://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/netgear/dgn200018:39
MartijnVdSSeeker`: P18:39
MartijnVdSSeeker`: 100/100 (soon to be 500/500)18:39
Seeker`FTTC is probably enough for me for now. 65/2018:39
MartijnVdScome to the Netherlands ;)18:39
MartijnVdSMost of the country will get fibre like this before 201718:39
HoT|2fC^haha yeah Neatherlanders have it all ;)18:39
HoT|2fC^dude in our clan has 200/20018:40
diddledandamned dutch18:40
HoT|2fC^yeah dutchyys18:40
* HoT|2fC^ passs di dutchiee pon di left hand side..18:40
diddledanI've been looking for some way of bonding two lines so I have a bt-based fttc and a virgin-media-based cable in a bonded setup - can't find any place that does it that tells me how pricey it would be18:41
popeyAAISP do it18:42
MartijnVdSHoT|2fC^: that page doesn't specify support status though18:42
popeybut not cable18:42
diddledanthey all talk of like 6x5Mbps though, and none of them seem to consider fibre-based bonding18:42
HoT|2fC^MartijnVdS, yeah gatherd that ;)18:42
HoT|2fC^How do I find out for the DGN2000?18:42
MartijnVdSHoT|2fC^: let me check my build root :)18:43
HoT|2fC^Ok :D18:44
HoT|2fC^I just want to use a better control panel for my Router as the Netgear one is boring :D18:44
HoT|2fC^I just like to make things more advanced and colorful.18:45
popeyget a better router?18:45
HoT|2fC^popey, stop being mean :D18:45
HoT|2fC^popey, I dont have the money right now.18:45
HoT|2fC^I can make a better router from an old IBM pc and stick pfSense on there !18:46
MartijnVdSHoT|2fC^: grepping18:46
* HoT|2fC^ runs off to make a quick sandwich..18:47
diddledanI like my mikrotik router. it's a shame the gui is a windows application, though, but at least it runs in wine/crossover18:49
diddledanI like that it allows you to admin via mac address in case you've forgotten what ip you gave it and it isn't doing dhcp18:50
MartijnVdSHoT|2fC^: nothing found18:58
MartijnVdSdiddledan: the GUI is web-based as well18:58
MartijnVdSdiddledan: for Mikrotik18:58
diddledanyeah, I haven't tried the web admin on it. the windows client works well enough for me in wine18:59
diddledanthey've got ssh cli admin too19:00
MartijnVdSyeah, I've used that too19:12
MartijnVdS\o/ blog post finished19:13
MartijnVdSI need to stop writing these 3km long posts19:14
diddledanhmm.. wordpress wsod - on the /wp-admin/post.php?action=edit page19:14
MartijnVdSdiddledan: but.. I use blogger.com19:15
diddledanserver says 200 OK19:15
diddledanMartijnVdS: nah, on my own thing19:15
diddledanI'm building something secrit19:15
diddledansyslog says nothing, server log says nothing. I hate when wordpress does this kind of thing19:17
MartijnVdSdiddledan: apache errorlog?19:17
diddledanI'm trying out google's own php thing on the app engine development server19:17
diddledanINFO     2013-07-09 19:14:23,367 server.py:593] default: "GET /wp-admin/post.php?post=1&action=edit HTTP/1.1" 200 -19:18
diddledanthat says it sent a 200 OK response19:18
MartijnVdSisn't that the access log though?19:18
MartijnVdSdoes WP have its own log?19:18
MartijnVdSor PHP19:19
diddledanI've got a syslog plugin installed in wordpress but it's not reporting anything unusual19:19
diddledanif php had a fatal error I would expect to find it reported by syslog. as it is there is nothing logged.19:20
MartijnVdSI have never set up wordpress myself (almost typed "mysql" there.. hmmmm)19:20
MartijnVdSdiddledan: are the file permissions set correctly?19:20
MartijnVdS(where "correctly" I mean "however WP expects them")19:20
MartijnVdSI'd double-check that :)19:21
MartijnVdSif anyone wants to proof-read or fact-check.. http://blog.vandestreek.net/2013/07/playing-with-wpa2-enterprise-using.html :)19:23
MartijnVdSAlanBell: ^ ? :)19:23
mungbeanhas anyone seen this programme on dave called storage hunters?19:24
diplomungbean: yeah watched it a few times19:24
diploit's on discovery channels as well19:24
mungbeanits weird. bunch of hillbilly types and caricatures19:24
diploto many of them now19:24
MartijnVdSmungbean: is that the one where they auction off contents from storage that wasn't paid?19:24
mungbeani dont get it19:24
diploMartijnVdS: yeah19:24
mungbeanMartijnVdS: seems so19:24
mungbeanthe people on it are horrib19:25
mungbeanits all staged surely. there's a genuine WWII prop in there.19:26
MartijnVdSit's like Antiques Roadshow for Americans19:26
diployeah I'd say its staged, but then they are americans :)19:26
mungbeanthere's a programme called toy hunters which is horrid too.19:26
diddledanthere's no way they get all that junk in such a small area randomly19:26
mungbeanthey miss the point that its about toys19:27
mungbeanand the guy just rips peopole off19:27
mungbeandiddledan: exactly. there was a pristine train set, all set up, no dust19:27
mungbeani call shenanigans, and big ones too19:27
mungbeanit stinks of fakery19:29
diddledanI don't get why they need to cut the lock off the door either, because the auctioneer says things like "we've got a killer lockup later on, you're going to be amazed" so he's seen inside already, which means he was the one who locked the door, and then he gets someone to take a pair of bolt cutters to his lock19:29
mungbeanthen again those, essex/chelsea progs are fake too19:31
diploI hate most reality tv19:31
mungbeani also hate most american tv19:32
popeyreminds me, dexter is back soon/already19:32
bigcalmGood evening peeps :)19:33
mungbeanalso, some company brands are blurred out19:33
mungbeanbut the sony and dell gear is on19:33
diploI like things like ncis/elementary etc19:33
diddledan<3 abby in ncis!19:34
diploVery nice :)19:34
diddledanthe actress manages to look very young compared to her real age19:34
diddledanas abby she looks like 20's? she's actually in her 40s19:35
mungbeanlol they planted a load of rats in the container underneath antique furniture19:35
bigcalmdirecthex: not yet tried organ trial19:36
* bigcalm has a look19:36
bigcalmNice music19:36
MartijnVdSorgan music?19:37
bigcalmdirecthex: the little I just played was pants19:38
* bigcalm uninstalls19:38
bigcalmdirecthex: popey: you guys should buy Trials Evolution on Steam, plug in a xbox controller and play multi-player with me :D19:38
* bigcalm reboots to GameOS to play said game19:43
* popey is in gameos playing with unity3d19:44
popeysophie was telling me what to do19:44
popey"put a ball there"19:44
popey"make it blue"19:44
popey"make it rolle"19:44
mungbeanquidco are offering me a £5 bonus if "he rules are the same - simply purchase at any retailer before midnight Sunday, 14 July."20:02
mungbeandoes that mean i could buy any item from amazon for £6 and get a fiver back?20:03
mungbeanthere's no obvious T&C.20:12
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redtape|renegadeOT | Crytek® has posted a job advert for a 'Linux dev.' ::: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTQwNTY ::: althou. Crysis is 5 years old, we'll prob. see it  within 2 years on steam\ubuntu.20:47
redtape|renegadeprob. should post it on linux jobs mailing list ....20:47
directhexredtape|renegade, cryengine is still actively developed, and crysis 3 was released a couple of months ago21:08
* redtape|renegade wonders why he's permanently living 1hr in the past according to the Ubuntu-UK logs ? http://bit.ly/1amagu4 :: Oh, & who do I poke about this ?21:14
redtape|renegade**makes that two hours in praeteritum21:16
popeythe job runs in UTC21:16
directhexlog files are often kept in GMT21:16
* redtape|renegade makes a note of this, as so not to go poking around again.21:18
* redtape|renegade is chipper [OT] Mrs Merkel& and 5% of .DE is using Linux is switching to Linux .. according to Mr Pogson ::: http://mrpogson.com/2013/07/08/gnulinux-breaking-out-in-germany/ :: (last OT post, today; [hypo's-honour])21:25
diddledanhang on, if that's OT then someone forgot to tell me there's a T to go O of.21:29
redtape|renegadediddledan: troo .. but it really a silent protest about the fact there's no-one to put a T to go O of.21:33
* redtape|renegade makes an apology cake for diddledan for the remonstration.21:33
diddledanyey cake!21:34
diddledanwait, is the cake a lie?21:34
* redtape|renegade tries to insert a ginger slab into his DVD drive for diddledan .. as he forgets wat that's for since no 12.10 DVD's off ABell have arrived .. gives up.21:37
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redtape|renegadediddledan: Sorry for that, I guess .DE isn't classed as in the ubuntu-UK's region .. so that's why it's OffTopic. Unless you count  Herman Ze German Café :)21:50
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redtape|renegadeAnyone for google glass ? £5K ::::: http://bit.ly/12kazQI :::23:02
* redtape|renegade goes to bed wondering who clicked the bit.ly Link from Southern IRL ? .... I'll check the logs in the Mir-ning.23:52

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