MarkDudeJono, you are hella awesome- I *just* noticed your twitter pic is of actual bacon.01:48
jonoMarkDude, thanks, man :-)02:33
jonogay rights, expressed with bacon strips02:33
jonowhat is not to love :-)02:33
MarkDudeAgreed :)04:02
nhhOut of curiosity, anyone heading back to the Menlo Park area after the BAD dinner tomorrow?16:36
pleia2not I16:37
pleia2nhh: I actually have to go home right after the ubuntu hour (have to prep for a talk on thursday night), will you be at the ubuntu hour to sign keys?16:40
nhhpleia2: I'll be there. I'm personally planning on taking Caltrain back to California Ave, Palo Alto afterwards. I'm trying to get another DD who I work with to come, and he is looking for a ride.16:41
MarkDudepleia2: Lightsaber relay in SF- looks fun18:09
philipballewpleia2, Care if I invite a few people to your SF Ubuntu Hour?19:34
pleia2philipballew: always invite!19:35
* philipballew invites away!19:35
akkNo, this is one of pleia2's private Ubuntu Hours that people aren't allowed to come to. :)19:35
rwwyay keysigning.19:36
MarkDudepleia2: answers door thru small hole (like Wizard of OZ) and asks for secret word to enter :D19:57
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