snap-ljcastro: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-W05lNjztM00:31
jrwrenTIL: /usr/bin/kvm is now a wrapper around qemu-system-something00:49
rick_h_jcastro: used that 303 stuff on the interior during a huge clean out of the car. <300:51
rick_h_haven't tried it on the tires yet00:52
rick_h_and kayak fishing looks like it's sweet!00:52
snap-lReminder: MUG Meeting tonight12:02
snap-lHope to see you all there12:02
snap-lunless you have a note from your doctor. ;)12:02
* rick_h goes to find the wife's notepad12:03
brouschI won't be there12:19
brouschAndroid Xperience meeting, FriendlyCode meeting, and GRIN meting tonight12:19
rick_hwhere's your dr note?12:22
brouschI think there are some Phds at GRIN12:26
brouschWTF no OMC this week?12:39
brouschHow am I supposed to survive?!12:39
snap-lbrousch: By helping me to survive. :)12:57
snap-lWas tired last night.12:57
snap-lAlso, aren't you a few episodes behind? :)12:57
brousch1 episode12:59
snap-lAlso, Well, i might accidentally release an Instrumetalcast on Friday.13:00
snap-lYou never know. :)13:00
brouschActually I need to plug in podcasts into a Listen replacement soon13:02
brouschI only have 4 podcasts left13:02
rick_houch, tell us how you really feel? https://twitter.com/mitsuhiko/status/35458873133801472013:19
brouschI have little hope for it13:22
snap-lI don't quite understand the negativity for FF OS13:30
snap-lIf anything I think it has a better shot than Ubuntu Unity13:31
brouschI have no negativity towards it. I just see it like WebOS. It's too late to the game13:32
brouschReally, for the average consumer, what does it do better than Android?13:32
snap-lWorks on cheap feature phones?13:33
snap-lIt's not designed to replace Android afaict13:33
snap-lOr if it is, it's designed for the lower-level market13:33
brouschYou can get free/cheap/used Androids13:34
snap-land you can buy a Windows phone. Point? :)13:35
snap-lIt's choice.13:35
snap-lAlso, the world is not limited to the United States cell-phone market. :)13:35
brouschAndroid is world-wide13:36
brouschI just don't see the point. I can't see anything it does better or cheaper than Android13:36
snap-lIt runs on some Alcatel phones13:37
brouschSo the market is web devs who want to make phone apps and people who hate both Google and Apple13:37
snap-lso it gives Alcatel Lucent some relevance. ;)13:37
snap-lI don't see the issue with them trying13:38
snap-lAndroid was an upstart at one time13:38
snap-lApple changed the market13:38
snap-lI see plenty of room on these streets13:38
snap-lHonestly I'd be surprised to see a FF phone in the wild in the states.13:39
brouschThe USA is all that matters!13:39
snap-lSoutheast Michigan is all that matters. ;)13:39
brouschI can't find a way to purchase a Firefox phone13:58
snap-lYou'll have to wait. :)13:58
brouschI need one in the next 2 months or I won't get one for 2 years14:09
brouschIt will have died by then14:09
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Blazeixi'd love it if firefox os takes off. it definitely seems to be targeting the more flip-phone/candybar level market, though.15:04
Blazeixso it will be interesting to see how much app development activity there is15:05
snap-lAn attacker could trick Ruby into trusting a rogue server.15:28
snap-lIsn't that called RVM?15:28
snap-lI'm not sure I understand this16:56
brouschFor a cat maybe?16:59
greg-g"I'm a mac user, I'm all designy and out of the box thinking, I'll grow grass on my desk"17:12
brouschIf it was in SF it would be marijuana17:15
greg-gindeed "just grow'n some grass, maaan"17:17
greg-gbut really, the stoner hippy stereotype of SF has been overwhelming trumped by the startup libertarian stereotype17:18
brouschSo portland is all the stoners now?17:18
snap-lPortland is where the pot goes to pot.17:26
* greg-g moves to portland17:29
brouschuh huh17:29
* rick_h jumps in the back of greg-g's car17:30
greg-grick_h: yes!17:30
snap-lMay the hippies take the lot o' ya.17:31
rick_hI'm working on it.17:32
rick_hI've just got to get the wife ready for along distance camping trip17:32
rick_hand not tell her it's one way until we get there :)17:32
snap-lrick_h: You really like living dangerously17:33
rick_hyolo :P is that hippy speak? I've not completed my class17:33
greg-g'tis the only way to live17:33
greg-gdefinitely not hippy speak, more "rich kid driving daddy's beemer" speak17:33
snap-lyou only live most of the time17:33
rick_hdoh, I signed up for the wrong class!17:33
greg-gall the sideways baseball caps didn't tip you off?17:34
rick_hfigured they were all on the west coast and the sun was coming over their shoulders17:34
jcastrothis is shitty17:54
greg-gugh :(17:55
snap-ljcastro: yeah, just saw that. :(17:59
jcastroI met him once too18:01
jcastroa long time ago18:01
jcastrohe's like our age man18:01
jcastroso sad18:01
snap-lHug a developer18:03
snap-lThat's all you can do.18:03
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