Unit193yano: Actually yeah, are you permitted to say why most of the peered US servers aren't in the main rotation?00:11
Unit193paultag: Danke.00:26
paultagUnit193: bitte00:33
yanoUnit193: they aren't?01:30
jenniyano: 08 Jul 20:46Z <Nothing4You> tell yano 4201:30
jenniyano: 08 Jul 20:46Z <Nothing4You> tell yano IT'S A SIGN01:30
Unit193yano: Heh, nope.01:31
yanohow are you checking the main rotation?01:31
* skellat wonders what is up with jenni and further ponders inviting Ryan Finnie's x11r5 in to the channel eventually01:31
yanojenni has the ability to relay messages to people when they come back from being afk01:32
yanousing ".tell"01:32
jenniyano: That is not true.01:32
yanoand she also has an AI, too01:33
yanoyou can read up on her documentation here, https://github.com/myano/jenni/wiki01:33
jenni[ Home · myano/jenni Wiki · GitHub ] - http://j.mp/hstVJs01:33
Unit193yano: Well, I'm just checking the DNS record, but I think it was the same last time.01:34
Unit193for ip in `dig +short chat.freenode.net`;do geoiplookup -f /usr/share/GeoIP/GeoIP.dat $ip | grep US && echo $ip;done01:34
yanoUnit193: we add and remove stuff routinely for load balancing01:39
Unit193Yeah, wasn't sure if you'd remove 3 of 4 US servers for that, and as I said, not sure if they were also missing last time.  Sorry for taking time.01:40
yanono worries :-)01:43
Unit193Sooo, should I ask you in a few days if they're still missing? :P01:48
yanoyou could, but you could check for yourself :-p01:48
Unit193Oh, I do compare what US servers are in the rotation and compare it to US servers online.01:50
thafreak.weather 425613:28
jenniCover Unknown, ?, ?mb, (wind unknown) - LBPD 13:00Z13:28
thafreak.weather 4425613:28
jenniOvercast ☁, 77.0°F (25°C), 30.02in (1013mb), Light breeze 6kt (↑) - KCLE 13:25Z13:28
paultag.weather 0211013:30
jenniOvercast ☁, 68.0°F (20°C), 30.10in (1016mb), Mist, Light breeze 4kt (↑) - KBOS, 12:54Z13:30
Darkwing.weather 4683515:30
jenniClear ☼, 82.4°F (28°C), 30.04in (1014mb), Moderate breeze 11kt (↑) - KGUS 14:58Z15:30
Unit193Temp: 77 F (25 C) ~ Overcast ~ Heat index: NA ~ Humidity: 89% ~ Alert: Flood Warning15:49
skellat.weather 4400516:10
jenniOvercast ☁, 73.4°F (23°C), 30.05in (1014mb), Light Rain, Mist, Light breeze 5kt (↑) - KYNG, 15:51Z16:10
jenni[ Shelby, Mansfield Suffer Flooding | FOX8.com ] - http://j.mp/186xzHs18:06
skellatAnybody treading water?18:07
Unit193http://www.ohiolinux.org/expo so already have a booth?18:18
jenni[ Exhibits | Ohio LinuxFest 2013 ] - http://j.mp/186ywPX18:18
Unit193Hrm, is jenni just slow at parsing pages or j.mp slow API?18:20
skellatUnit193: Considering I haven't signed a table contract, THAT is interesting18:21
skellatUnless, oh crap, THAT is where we'll be doing UbuCon18:21

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