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pleia2who all is here for the meeting? :)18:00
Dolasillao/ ...but I have a doubt18:00
pleia2a doubt?18:01
Dolasillaabout the fact that on the wiki this time it's wtitten 19 utc18:01
Dolasillaso...in one hour?18:01
Dolasillait looked weird to me, but I thought it was a decision taken during last meeting I missed?18:02
IdleOnesays 1900 UTV in this channel topic also18:02
pleia2where on the wiki?18:02
pleia2ah, both times are listed18:02
DolasillaI sent the email to the list taking it from that page on the wiki :/18:03
pleia2yeah, that's a mistake :(18:03
pleia2we always have them at 18:018:03
IdleOnelol the topic says the 11th too18:03
DolasillaI know but i thought it was changed last time I was not on the meeting18:03
IdleOnewe are all really early18:03
pleia2IdleOne: of june18:03
pleia2I never go around to updating it18:03
IdleOnenevermind me :)18:03
pleia2well, let's have the meeting and if anyone shows up in an hour we'll fill them in18:04
Dolasillaok :)18:04
pleia2(I have a meeting then, can't attend in an hour)18:04
Dolasillafine for me18:04
IdleOneme too18:04
pleia2so, agenda item one: can I get help with handling meetings? I clearly need someone spot checking, I'm getting worn out :)18:04
Cheri703I'm good. and I'll be around in an hour and can point people at minutes or whatnot18:04
Dolasillapleia2: I can help :)18:05
pleia2thanks, and thanks for sending out the reminder!18:05
Dolasillapleia2: maybe I am not there at every meeting, but when available I can help :)18:05
Dolasillayes, a wrong reminder ;)18:05
Dolasillabut the intention was good ;)18:05
pleia2sending out the reminder is usually when I double-check the wiki, topics, etc18:05
pleia2but I didn't have to this month, so didn't even think to double-check18:06
pleia2so maybe I should write down my pre- and post-meeting tasks so others can pick up18:06
pleia2#action pleia2 to document pre- and post-meeting tasks18:06
meetingologyACTION: pleia2 to document pre- and post-meeting tasks18:06
Dolasillathis is a good idea, maybe share them on the wiki18:06
pleia2alright, now on with the agenda!18:07
pleia2#link  http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Meetings/Agenda18:07
pleia2#topic blueprint18:07
pleia2#link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-women.org/+spec/community-1305-ubuntu-women18:07
pleia2so for my items, I created a doc for project survey questions and sent it off to AlanBell and Deindre a few weeks ago, hoping they'll find time to add some questions18:09
pleia2once I get their input we can start putting it together for circulation18:10
pleia2for the competition, I worked with Cheri703 to draft the rules and we published them here: http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Events/Competitions/ScavengerHunt18:11
pleia2Cheri703: care to update on other competition things?18:11
Cheri703Yep, question creation is in process, we have like 9 or 10 of the 20 we need. If anyone even has one or two question ideas, feel free to email them to me if you don't want to commit to coming up with more/helping grade.18:12
Cheri703Once all of the questions are in, we'll just create a google form and be ready to go18:12
DolasillaCheri703: can you send over an example of question, to understand the kind?18:12
pleia2if you submit questions you can't participate in the competition18:12
Dolasillaof course :)18:12
Dolasillabtw shall we add this to the list of rules?18:13
Cheri703things like "who was the first woman on the community council?" or "what was the full name/title of the first computer programmer"18:13
Cheri703things that are google-able18:13
DolasillaCheri703: ok18:13
DolasillaCheri703: so both Ubuntu world and tech in general, ok18:13
DolasillaI will send you something if I get some idea18:13
pleia2great :)18:14
Cheri703great! yeah, ideally with a women related angle, but if not, that's really fine too18:14
pleia2I added a few general ubuntu ones18:14
DolasillaI will try to think18:14
pleia2Cheri703: do we have any career days sessions in the pipeline? if not, I can reach out to a couple folks18:15
pleia2I know czajkowski just got a new job so it may be interesting to finally reschedule her session18:15
Cheri703no, we were going to gather contact info for everyone and send out a "tell us when you're available" form18:15
pleia2I have all the contact info18:16
pleia2(in the very least we have lp ids for everyone and can contact them that way)18:16
Cheri703ok, if you could send it on to me, I will put together a form asking for name of session, general overview of what they'd discuss, availability, etc18:16
pleia2each person who volunteered has a todo item in our blueprint assigned to their lp id18:17
pleia2thanks Cheri703 :)18:17
Cheri703ok cool18:17
pleia2looks like that's it for blueprint items18:18
pleia2#topic Any other business18:19
pleia2if anyone has anything they wish to talk about, please go ahead :)18:19
Cheri703I don't really have much18:20
pleia2yeah, I'm pretty much done too18:21
Cheri703except this just came through my rss feeds and I felt I should share: http://cuteoverload.com/2013/07/09/this-just-in-kitten-in-crocheted-mushroom-costume/18:21
Cheri703a bit off topic but...yes18:22
Cheri703And on that note, I'm done :)18:22
pleia2ok, we'll wrap up then, thanks everyone!18:23
Dolasillathanks to you! :) bye18:23
meetingologyMeeting ended Tue Jul  9 18:24:40 2013 UTC.18:24
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IdleOneif that isn't one of the cuttest kittehs ever :)18:30
* MarkDude would like cute kitten link- please :) (cant have enough of the kittehs)18:35
MarkDudeTy. +1 that IS cute overload as well as really awesome :)18:43
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