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Kiloshi superfly Vince-0 and others06:46
Kiloshi tonberryE352 06:51
Kilosi go sort sheeps06:51
mazalMorning everyone06:53
magespawngood morning all06:54
superflymorning magespawn, mazal, Kilos, tonberryE352, Vince-006:56
superfly(did I miss anyone?)06:56
Vince-0everyone is afk06:57
Vince-0oh, and it's only Tuesday06:58
Kiloshi mazal 06:59
Kilosmazal, did you look at awstats07:00
magespawnhey hey its Tuesday07:01
Kilosmorning magespawn 07:03
mazalNee oom , kry nie kans nie , bk besig hier07:06
mazalSal nou nou loer07:07
Kiloshi Squirm 07:07
mazalKilos, I see it is a web server analyzer. And I remember it. Used it way back sometime. Why you want me to look at it ?07:08
mazalGives stats of your traffic and visitors etc.07:08
Kilosi found it in the repos and it looked good for server okeys07:09
mazalYeah I think I should give it a go sometime again07:09
mazalWas waaaaaayyyyy back when I had Fedora servers. Can't even remember how to configure it lol07:09
Kilosthe fly said it a good tool07:10
mazalIt is07:10
mazalTells many things , even which pages have been visited the most , which hours most active etc.07:13
Kilosis a web server only for servers on the internet or on lans as well07:13
mazalMine would probably read 90% faults register , 10% ip register , 10 asset register hehehe07:13
mazalLans as well , all 3 mine is for lan07:13
superflyhi Squirm07:13
mazalIt has an intranet web page , fault reporting system , as well as various front ends for me and barry's databases07:14
mazalLAMP has many uses :)07:14
mazalAnd while we were at it we sommer added samba and made a little backup system for every user to store his/her files07:15
mazalAnd we distribute av updates via it as well07:15
mazalAs you know , at work we have to battle with windoooooze. And I probably are allowed to say it , but the work's av is just to unreliable. So we had to make another plan07:17
mazalAnd for all these things we chose ubuntu servers07:17
mazalare not allowed even , sigh , and the terrible typing continues07:17
Kiloshehe my win 7 is very stable07:18
Kilosnever gets to see the internet haha07:18
Squirmhey superfly, mazal 07:19
mazalLo Squirm 07:24
Kilosi have a weird question07:24
mazalLet's hear07:24
Kilosi have a dvdrom that can boot and install win7 but wont boot from ubuntu07:25
mazalHow do you mean "from ubuntu"07:25
Kilosgigabyte dvdrom07:25
Kiloscant boot from ubuntu cds07:25
Kilosor dvds07:26
superflyKilos: are the DVDs or CDs set up to be bootable?07:27
mazalDoes another Linux live cd boot like parted magic for example ?07:27
Kilosyessir its my 12.04.2 and remastersys dvd and cd07:27
Kiloscan lemme try others07:28
Kilosnope with parted magic as well it stands a while on boot from cd then goes to the hdd07:31
Kilosflashes the dvdrom light a few times then goes past to the drive07:31
Kilosif i put my cdrom in there it works07:32
Kilosive tried the master slave strap things all over as well07:32
Kilosits like the bios dont wanna see linux cds07:33
mazalStrange that. I have no idea sorry07:37
mazalCan't you boot from usb and do what you need that way ?07:37
Kilosi havent tried but i first wanna try figure out why the dvdrom does that07:38
magespawnokay that was wierd07:38
Kiloswb magespawn 07:38
magespawnmight be the disk itself 07:38
Kiloswhat disk?07:39
Kilosdrive has 12.04 on07:39
Kilosbut they battle with nm so i wanted to use the remastersys dvd which i know works because i used it here07:40
Symmetriasup 07:52
Kilosfixed Symmetria ?07:52
Squirmlo Symmetria 07:52
Kilosyou came home to fix it07:52
Symmetriahuh? 07:52
Symmetriais what fixed ;p07:53
Kilosyou crashed your home pc member07:53
SymmetriaIm sitting at the equator looking out over paradise ;p if anything is broken I havent noticed or cared :)07:53
Kilosyou been offline for a week about07:53
Symmetriaoh haha yeah I forgot about that ;p hard to give a damn where I am right now07:53
Symmetriacheck out the cool spider!07:53
Kilosspiders are all made for splatting07:54
Symmetriahttps://fbcdn-sphotos-a-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/998711_10151645230755528_1369961849_n.jpg <=== lol and I took that one yesterday07:54
Symmetriahttps://fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/599593_10151643368035528_134081038_n.jpg <=== but thats the actual view from my holiday hotel room :)07:54
Kiloswhats with the holiday you have sorted afrinic yet07:55
Symmetrialol I keep trying but I got to the point where I said screw it and needed to just escape for a while07:56
Symmetriaand if the whole world burns while Im sitting in paradise, well, I'd find it card to care right now ;p07:56
Kiloshi psyatw 07:59
psyatwhi Kilos08:03
magespawnthe first photo is a golden/garden orb variety spider, probable the female and male, the female is the big one08:04
magespawnlooks like Zanzibar? Symmetria?08:04
Symmetriamagespawn Watamu, Kenya08:04
Symmetria80 kilometers north of Mombasa 08:05
Symmetriahow poisonous is that spider?08:05
magespawnnot at all08:05
magespawnwell not to you anyway08:05
magespawnpainful bite, but that is just because of their size08:06
magespawnmight be dangerous if you are allergic to the venom08:06
Symmetriaits still kinda cool looking08:08
Kiloshi nocware 08:08
nocwarehey, morning everyone.08:09
magespawntheir webs are the favorite of some species of sunbird for building their nests08:10
magespawnvery strong08:10
magespawnSymmetria: how is the travel in that region generally? safe? friendly?08:22
Kiloswbb, gonna install boot-repair and run it but need to disconnect 2 drives first08:30
Kiloswhew magespawn 42 onna week day08:50
Kilosand not even a meeting08:51
KilosBanlam, bakuman are you guys still alive?08:52
inetprogood morning08:55
inetprooh and good morning Kilos08:55
Kilosohi inetpro 08:55
inetproI'm alive 08:55
Kilosals gut?08:55
Kiloswe wonder at times08:55
* mazal munches on a sarmy09:11
Kilosuh oh09:12
mazaloh boy09:12
mazalWassie ekkie , het net 'n brooidtjie gekou 09:12
Kilosinetpro, you caused that net split hey?09:16
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy 09:16
magespawnNice turn out hey09:19
inetproKilos: me?09:20
Kilosdunno what happened to that meatpc guy09:20
mazalWhat's a meatpc ?09:20
Kilosits a new guy that joined here last week09:20
Kilosweb designer or something09:21
mazalah ok09:21
Kilosuses ubuntu and sucks09:21
mazalEverybody sucked at some stage09:21
Kilostheres a few guys that just dont come back09:21
Kilosmaybe i chase them09:22
mazalIs because they do it wrong09:22
mazalThere is a right way and a wrong way of converting09:22
Kilosmeatpc said he was an old irc guy09:22
mazalOh hehehe , I was refering to from ms to linux09:28
charlgood morning09:33
charlMaaz: coffee on09:33
* Maaz flips the salt-timer09:33
mazalMorning charl 09:33
Kiloshi charl 09:33
charlhi mazal 09:33
magespawnhi charl09:33
KilosMaaz, coffee please09:33
MaazKilos: Done09:33
charlhi Kilos 09:33
charlhi magespawn 09:33
magespawnMaaz large please09:33
Maazmagespawn: Excuse me?09:33
charlhow's it going with you folks09:33
magespawnMaaz coffee please09:33
Maazmagespawn: Done09:33
mazalGood thanx and you ?09:33
magespawnMaaz large please09:34
Maazmagespawn: Excuse me?09:34
magespawnMaaz large 09:34
MaazIn a beer mug just for you magespawn09:34
Kilosno please magespawn 09:34
magespawnbit slow on the uptake this morning09:34
magespawnall good charl09:34
MaazCoffee's ready for charl, Kilos and magespawn!09:37
KilosMaaz, ty09:37
MaazYou are welcome Kilos09:37
ThatGraemeGuyhowdy Kilos09:39
ThatGraemeGuyhello all09:39
mazalLo ThatGraemeGuy 09:39
charlMaaz: thanks09:40
Maazcharl: Okay :-)09:40
mazalHave anybody done efiling yet ? Does the new sars website work with firefox ?09:41
ThatGraemeGuyi installed the android app, looks promising09:46
Kiloswhich one ThatGraemeGuy ?09:47
ThatGraemeGuysars efiling app09:47
Kilosjust an app in here or the full adroid os09:47
superflyThatGraemeGuy: I used it last year09:53
mazalI have a strange thing I want to do10:20
mazalUSB stick , fat32 , Must be read-only until I change it to writable. Must be fully read only that no fungus can climb on it. Must be accessible on both Ubuntu and Win10:21
mazalAny ideas ?10:21
tonberryE352read only fat32 on windows?10:22
tonberryE352can windows mount things read only?10:22
mazalDon't want Windoz's virusses getting onto it10:22
tonberryE352sd card with a usb converter10:23
tonberryE352lock the card10:23
mazalBut a software solution that locks it won't work as I must be able to work on Ubuntu with it as well10:23
ThatGraemeGuyi think your only option there is a hardware switch10:23
ThatGraemeGuysd cards have them, not sure about usb flash drives10:23
tonberryE352old usb flash drives had those switches10:23
tonberryE352256mb era10:23
mazalYeah I remember those old ones , but seemed to have died out10:24
mazaltonberryE352, so if I understand correctly , I don't use a usb stick at all , but an sd card instead with a converter for the card ?10:25
mazalK thanx , will look into that10:26
mazalHow scarce are those converters ?10:26
ThatGraemeGuynot scarce at all10:26
mazalAnd ubuntu sees it easily ?10:27
tonberryE352haven't seen any that don't work10:27
mazalK , thanx10:27
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mazalEnjoy your evening everyone12:37
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SymmetriaI went fishing earlier and didnt take my camera on the boat cause I didnt want it to get damaged13:40
Symmetriaand for the first time in my life I caught something ;p13:40
Symmetriahaha stupid catch and release rules though, have to weigh, tag and release 13:40
Symmetriabut it took 5 of us to pull that thing in holy hell it was huge13:41
magespawnlater all home time15:16
Kiloshi Dreen 15:35
DreenHile fellow Ubuntuans!15:35
Kiloshehe who are you?15:35
Dreenmeatpc from Sunday15:36
Kilosaha wb15:36
Kilosthought you forgot about us15:36
DreenADSL was not cooperating last night15:36
Dreenlooking good so far though...15:37
Kilosearly reminder, we have our monthly loco meeting here on monday evening hey?15:37
Kilosno ?15:38
Dreenis that a question or a statement? lol15:38
Dreensupper time!15:38
Kilosadsl dont like meat, it blocks the tubes15:55
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Kiloswb Dreen 16:11
Kilosinetpro, dont forget this week. G+ and twit place meeting posts for monday night is your job hey16:13
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magespawngood evening17:03
Kiloshi magespawn sorry was busy working with iptables again17:51
Kilosha another idea17:51
Kiloshi theblazehen 17:51
Kilosand smile4ever 17:51
theblazehenhi Kilos 17:52
Dreenwhat you doing with iptables?17:53
Kilosi trying to get a second pc to share the 3g connection here17:53
Kilosgot it working once before but missing something here17:54
Dreensounds interesting!17:54
Kilostook weeks to get it right back on maverick17:54
Kilosnow ive forgotten what i did or saved wrong instructions17:55
Kilosserious business masquerading17:56
Kilosthen the bigger job comes making a wifi router on second pc also share this ones 3g17:58
Kilosyo charl 18:00
Kiloshi drubin wb. how are you?18:04
Kilosyour connection still not good meatpc 18:11
magespawnHey Kilos18:14
Kiloshi Cantide 18:16
Cantidehey Kilos :p18:16
Kiloswhen are you leaving Cantide ?18:17
CantideKilos, i don't know yet18:17
Cantidewhy? 'o'18:17
Cantidei'm pushing for mid-August18:17
Cantidebut i don't know if i will make it18:17
Cantidedocuments taking too long18:18
Cantidebut i've booked my flight to Pretoria already '-'v18:18
Kilosnot jhb?18:18
Cantidekak expensive -.-18:18
Cantidewell, OR Thambo18:18
Cantidebut i will stay in benoni and drive up to pretoria18:18
Kilosya thats jhb side18:18
Cantidebut i mean i'm going there to go to Pretoria, even though I'm flying to OR Thambo18:19
Kilosstay in durbs as long as possible its cold here18:22
smile4everthumbs up :)18:24
Kiloswhere is ubuntu?18:25
smile4everunder debian18:26
CantideKilos, lol18:26
Cantidei have warm clothes, so i'll be fine :)18:27
Kilosthats like putting a ferrari under bridgestone18:27
Kilosdurbans winter clothes are pta's summer clothes18:27
Kilosinetpro, ping18:28
smile4everKilos: debian and ubuntu are using deb, so that's the same for packages :)18:28
Kilosok ill take your word for it smile4ever 18:29
smile4evergreat :)18:29
Kiloskeep up the good work lad18:29
CantideKilos, winter clothes from Korea - it was minus 20 at one place i went to18:30
Kilosyou like a penguin18:31
smile4everI added installation instructions for Ubuntu in the Quick Manual :)18:31
smile4evergambas3 ppa can be helpful :)18:32
smile4everI have to go18:39
smile4evergood night!18:39
Kilossleep tight smile4ever 18:39
Kiloshi nlsthzn  dont forget meeting monday evening hey18:46
Kilosnight all. sleep tight. see ya morrow18:49
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