krabadorhisto, yes, the user tells that nomodeset don't worls for him00:00
krabadorin live dvd boot00:00
histokrabador: what is the issue they are experiencing?00:00
krabadorhisto, black screen00:00
krabadorhisto, i told him to use the alternate00:00
krabadorhisto, but i don't find it in cdimage00:00
histokrabador: 12.04.2 has alternate00:00
histokrabador: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/alternative-downloads00:01
krabadorhisto, if he runs the mini iso, he must configure the lan manually00:02
krabadoror it have dhcp inside?00:02
icerootkrabador: it has dhcp00:03
histokrabador: It will dhcp.00:04
histokrabador: cdimage is all disorganized from what I can see00:04
krabadorsome day ago i look inside the alternates00:04
krabadorand others00:04
varunendrakrabador, iirc, the alternate iso has been removed since 13.0400:05
histoAt least logically from what I see all the arm stuff is where the other variants should be etc..00:05
krabadorvarunendra, oh, yes i looked for lubuntu00:06
krabadorok,in netboot folder, on cdimage, i look mini.iso, if i tell to the user to run it, it wuold run a line command, complete installare, or he must download ubuntu-installerm and run it someway inside mini.iso?00:09
varunendrakrabador, no idea about the mini iso, but if you think the alternate may help, trying the lubuntu one would be a good idea. If it succeeds, you may just install the "ubuntu-desktop" metapackage then.00:11
krabadorvarunendra, ok00:12
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histoYeah I don't get cdimage.ubuntu.com organization of images.  For instance where the hell is ubuntu-13.04-desktop-i386.iso00:12
sporkeeekrabador, The mini is a net install, it will install the base and whatever desktop is chosen, it will if prompted install many things big choices.00:14
krabadorsporkeee, great, it's what i neet to know00:14
Maroloccio_Is there an online list of popular packages?00:14
histoMaroloccio_: I believe in the software center you can view that information00:14
sporkeeekrabador, Takes a little longer, but is a good alternative for computers to old to run the pae kernels00:15
Maroloccio_histo: Thank you. Do I need to be running Unity?00:15
histoMaroloccio_: No you can view the top rated packages etc...00:16
krabadorMaroloccio_, not00:16
Maroloccio_Command line or GUI?00:16
histoMaroloccio_: gui00:16
histoMaroloccio_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuPopularityContest00:17
Maroloccio_histo: Perfect.00:18
skorpiohello can i somehow scroll through windows in compiz/scale?00:19
varunendrahisto, just looked at cdimage.ubuntu.com. I've only visited it once or twice before but it really seems changed (messed up?). Apparently, they have left the default images only on http://releases.ubuntu.com00:21
dreadiscoolHi guys00:22
dreadiscoolI was wondering if someone could help me with a problem that I've been struggling with for the past 3 hours00:22
dreadiscoolI have a directory in /var/www called screenshots00:22
dreadiscoolHowever, I upload files there through a seperate user named 'screenshots'00:23
dreadiscoolNormally, apache has access to everything in /var/www, but I guess since files are being uploaded through a different user, apache no longer has permission to access the file00:23
dreadiscoolHow can I set up the file permission system so that apache has access to all files in /var/www/screenshots/ ?00:23
dreadiscoolI already tried setting the folder file permissions to chmod 0777, but that didn't work00:24
dreadiscoolI also tried adding the user 'screenshot' to the group www-data, but that also didn't fix the problem00:24
marcoceppiI'm getting Segmentation Fault whenever I run `ls -lah` but not with any other command `ls` works fine00:25
dreadiscoolWhat other options are available to me to get this to work?00:26
varunendradreadiscool, I have no experience with apache, but which user the accessing program (apache?) is running as? Try adding that user to the uploading user's group instead.00:30
dreadiscoolI am a complete noob to ubuntu's file permission system00:30
dreadiscoolYou can add users to users in ubuntu?00:31
marcoceppidreadiscool: what's your problem with apache?00:31
dreadiscool[Tue Jul 09 00:59:08 2013] [error] [client <ip here>] (13)Permission denied: file permissions deny server access: /var/www/screenshot/20130708225859585.png00:31
dreadiscoolI have a directory called screenshots in /var/www00:31
dreadiscoolNormally, apache is allowed access in there00:32
varunendradreadiscool, usually new users have their own group. You can check for user "uploader" with - "groups uploader"00:32
dreadiscoolBut, I upload files to there through FTP through a seperate user other than root, and now, apache doesn't have access to the files that are uploaded through this secondary user00:32
marcoceppidreadiscool: can you pastebin `ls -lah /var/ww/screenshot`00:32
dreadiscoolAllright, let me connect to the server again00:33
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marcoceppidreadiscool: so the ownerships is fine, the problem is those screenshots have literally no premissions00:35
dreadiscoolHow would I set it so that apache has access to them then?00:35
dreadiscoolThanks for your help btw, I appreciate it00:35
marcoceppidreadiscool: try running `find /var/www/screenshot -type f -exec chmod 0644 {} \;` that will find all of the "files" in the /var/www/screenshot directory and make them 644 (rw-r--r--)00:36
dreadiscoolWhat about newer files that I upload via the user 'screenshot'?00:36
marcoceppidreadiscool:  What program are you using to upload?00:36
dreadiscoolI have that separate user set up because I'm using Hyperdesktop to upload screenshots00:36
marcoceppiSo, that program isn't setting the permissions properly then. Either configure the program to properly set permissions (if possible) or you can set that command to run as a cron every min. The former would be the preferable way, the latter is a workaround if the software doesn't allow you to. Ultimately it's on the software to properly set permissions00:38
histomarcoceppi: isn't apache creating the files?00:40
histomarcoceppi: also fin /var/www/screenshot -type f -exec chmod 0644 {} +    would probably be faster00:40
CetrianHi all, what's a good way to add NTFS support to Ubuntu so I can read from some of these old Windows Server drives and eventually move my data to a better file system ;)00:40
dreadiscoolI'm using vfsftp or something as my ftp server00:41
sporkeeeCetrian, ubuntu should read them.00:41
dreadiscoolTo upload those files00:41
marcoceppihisto: Not nessisarily, though possible. I've not used the program so I can't say. But based on what dreadiscool said, it looks like the program is 'uploading' them and and via FTP00:41
dreadiscoolHow would I set that up?00:41
varunendranice permissions Cetrian the best way is to leave things as they are. Ubuntu already has support for ntfs.00:41
dreadiscoolYeah, the exact name is vsftpd00:42
dreadiscoolThat's my ftp software, since hyperdesktop doesn't support sftp00:42
dreadiscoolOr just ssh00:42
histodreadiscool: so then vsftpd is setting the file permissions00:42
marcoceppidreadiscool: can you pastebin /etc/vsftpd.conf ?00:42
Cetrianhmm thanks guys - interesting it's not reading my drives then00:43
marcoceppiI vaguely remember having this issue when I configured vsftpd a while back00:43
Cetrianthey were formerly FlexRAID drives so who knows....00:43
marcoceppiCetrian: is it an external drive?00:43
CetrianTrying to decide if I should stick with FlexRAID or go another route now that I'm on Ubuntu.00:43
marcoceppiCetrian: it looks like FlexRAID has linux support, but it's not native. You'll have to install and follow the directions on their site00:44
Cetrianright… these drives are NTFS, but I'm getting an "unable to mount" error from Ubuntu00:44
marcoceppidreadiscool: change local_umask to 002200:45
dreadiscoolDoes vsftpd have an option to set file permissions then?00:45
james41382My whole library is gone.00:45
dreadiscool022 or 0022?00:45
marcoceppidreadiscool: yes, that's what the local_umask option does, histo was correct :)00:45
dreadiscoolBecause it says in the line above it 022 is the most common for ftp00:45
james41382I imported my itunes library off my windows partition into rhythm box, but it didn't get everything so I deleted it to try again.00:45
james41382But now all my music is gone.00:45
marcoceppidreadiscool: either will work. the forward 0 is a bit overkill, it's just clearing any special bits00:45
james41382Does anyone know when you import into rhythmbox does it move or copy the music?00:45
dreadiscoolIt worked!!00:46
dreadiscoolThanks guys!00:46
noideasis it possible to create a software raid in ubuntu 12.04 server with 2 newly installed harddrives00:47
dreadiscool<3 you guys00:47
varunendraCetrian, if there are remnants of raid metadata, it may cause troubles. To remove it - "sudo dmraid -E -r /dev/name_of_your_disk"00:48
james41382and I recently formatted my backup... for i don't know why reason.00:48
james41382now all my music is gone.00:48
james41382i'm so mad!00:48
Cetrianthanks varun - I am not sure I want to do that yet.  FlexRAID uses some weird stuff in Windows… I'm going to try to install Linux FlexRAID and see if it can read the drives00:48
Cetrianbut it's delivered as a .bin - reading how to install that now (noob here)00:49
varunendraCetrian, usually - "./<whatever>.bin" or "sh ./<whatever>.bin" with sudo if required.00:50
Cetrianvarun - thanks again! :)00:51
varunendranp :)00:51
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CetrianI am really regretting using FlexRAID.  It seems Ubuntu has some built in RAID capabilities… I might look into that.00:53
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jonielboa noite galera01:00
thurstylarkdoes anyone know how to get the Blue Snowball working well with Jack?01:09
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Guest29001My function keys have stopped working.  When going to assign shortcuts, it actually displays my F-keys as "New", "Undo", etc. instead of F2, F3, etc.01:13
Guest29001How would I go about fixing my keyboard?  Seems the mapping for my function keys is wrong and it behaves as though I have a laptop's "Fn" key locked (which I don't have).01:27
thurstylarkGuest29001: are you using an actual laptop?01:29
Guest29001thurstylark: no, it's a desktop.  My keyboard DOES have shortcuts assigned to the Fkeys, but I've never used them.01:29
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Guest29001thurstylark: the shortcuts written on the actual keys themselves (Help, Undo, Redo, New, etc) show up when assigning shortcuts in linux, though.  Instead  of saying I pressed F-whatever, it will say I pressed the "Redo" key.01:31
Guest29001thurstylark: annnnnnnd.... .just noticed a key on my keyboard that I've never noticed before called "F Lock".  Problem solved lol01:31
thurstylarkGuest29001: mmkay. Mine is a laptop, and there was a BIOS option. my desktop keyboard has those seperately.01:32
thurstylarkGuest29001: I was just going to ask that01:32
thurstylarkGuest29001: Woo! Yay problems that fix themselves!01:33
blckpythnHas anyone here made a live iso boot from PXE?01:35
varunendrablckpythn, only Slax, not Ubuntu :P01:36
blckpythnvarunendra: is PXELinux the defacto for all linux distributions that don't have their own solution built in?01:37
varunendrablckpythn, it's used often, but I can't say if it's de-facto.01:38
thurstylarkdoes anyone know how to get the Blue Snowball working well with Jack?01:38
blckpythnvarunendra: any recommendations for a first time linux based PXE server?01:39
varunendranope, I didn't use it myself. The slax iso has its own pxe boot option.01:40
blckpythnvarunendra: The live image allowed machines to boot to it?01:42
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varunendrablckpythn, the slax iso - Yes.01:42
blckpythnvarunendra: so... how did your end devices know to boot to your iso?01:43
varunendrablckpythn, some routers/switches do have problems with dhcp though. You may have to turn it off if it is enabled in the router.01:43
varunendrablckpythn, the target device has just to be set to boot from LAN, that's all01:44
blckpythnvarunendra: I see... so your iso was also your only real dhcp server at the time of boot. That makes sense.01:44
varunendraI use it often to recover files from old laptops that can't boot from usb and optical drive is busted.01:44
blckpythnThis is sort of a commercial environment where I have windows servers that I configure PXE and boot image options in dhcp for, so the iso idea didn't make sense at first.01:45
varunendrablckpythn, iirc, the pxe configuration has the option to use existing dhcp. But it's usually better to configure your own, and temporarily turn the one in the router off.01:46
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blckpythnSure, which would work fine except when the IP changes because it is a live image, that's the only hiccup I foresee01:47
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varunendrablckpythn, a very crude and probably silly workaround maybe to look into options with clonezilla. It gives the option to change network configuration on each client it is "Restoring" an image on.01:49
blckpythnvarunendra, I have been looking at clonezilla, but configuring the server side of it does feel crude. But it wasn't the client IP I was wondering about, rather the boot to a PXE server whose IP might change because is a live image...01:50
varunendrablckpythn, I don't see a problem with server's IP, there is no configuration to be done on the clients except setting them to boot from LAN. Am I missing a point here?01:52
blckpythnYeah, if you have a third party dhcp server, it has to point to your PXE server for you, pointing to a live image would be the problem01:53
thurstylarkdoes anyone know how to get the Blue Snowball working well with Jack?01:53
varunendrablckpythn, yes that may be a problem in using third party dhcp. But then you can always manually assign/change IP of the server. :)01:55
zimzum_hi, does anyone know how to increase the window border size in Xubuntu/Xfce?01:56
varunendrablckpythn, if all or most of the machines on the network are identical, I find clonezilla to be an ideal solution.01:56
zimzum_it's so small that I have a hard time resizing windows01:56
blckpythnvarunendra, that's the problem, they really aren't, lots of refurbished machines and such....non-profit sector sysadmin here.01:58
XenoModhello all01:58
ChrisF-If I want to make an admin area of my site, should I just make an admincontroller.php and then use a route filter?02:00
varunendrablckpythn, that still shouldn't be a problem unless you have installed any proprietary driver on the source image.02:01
varunendrabut yes, you will need to do some extra work on the clients afterwards blckpythn02:02
blckpythnvarunendra, I tried FOG, which has a lot of great features, but I could never get the non-fixed(see: identical hardware) images to work at all.02:04
varunendrablckpythn, I feel lucky to have never faced that issue then ;)02:05
blckpythnvarunendra, yeah....1200+ machines, divided into 20+ windows domains does not make for consistency...oh how I wish02:06
varunendrablckpythn, that's huge ! :-o02:08
varunendraI've only worked with 34 machines at most.. !!02:08
blckpythnvarunendra: I've got 5 other sysadmins who share the load, but it falls on two of us to for most of the tier 2 and above work... 34 machines would be a breeze02:09
RJ_How many people here use Ubuntu on a flash drive for school/work?02:14
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Guest81066Hi. I'm having difficulties using inotify_add_watch in a C program, it returns 'no such file or directory' even though the directory exists and the user has access to it.02:16
net0pssecgot this message on an smtp server..what does it mean... 252 2.1.5 Cannot VRFY user, but will take message for <lisa@srv2.acme.local> ...02:16
blckpythnnet0pssec, I only have experience with windows smtp servers but it sounds like it isn't sure if the recipient mailbox exists02:28
blckpythnit will still try to send an email to that address but if its outside of network it will probably always say that02:28
blckpythnif inside the network and on the same server as email....sounds like a problem02:28
blckpythnnet0pssec, and seriously you work at ACME?! haha02:29
net0pssecthanks guys.. work round the clock02:32
masterzufuI'm having problems with mounting my cdrom drive on ubuntu 13.04. I don't see any icons, I can mount it as "read only" with the command line and I have to browse to the file02:43
masterzufuit does not mount automatically upon disc input02:43
akurilin2Is there any way to speed up recognition of a dns name in Ubuntu? I added an A record and I can see the new value propagated everywhere, but on one of my EC2 instances it still won't resolve the host02:44
rexfordWhat's up everyone?02:54
FoxhoundzI can't figure out what the proper permissions are for the /var/www directory02:55
blckpythnwhat's up...bad?02:55
FireBeyondWhat command could I use from the shell to replicate ":%s/archive.ubuntu.com/mirror.local/g" in vim (trying to automate server setup, and want to edit /etc/apt/sources.list)03:00
hugokuo?????? LVS ?? TCP window scale  ??03:02
varunendraFireBeyond, use sudo sed -i 's/archive.ubuntu.com/mirror.local/' /etc/apt/sources.list ......... of course make a backup first.03:03
FireBeyondthankyou, sed is what I was thinking of03:03
varunendraObvious choice ;)03:04
Seven_Six_Twohysteryman23, hey. need help?03:10
dasworti tried  xmodmap -e "add lock = Caps_Lock" but it exit with errno 103:20
daswortis there a command to leave the caps lock mode?03:20
dasworthi i used xmodmap to remove the binding for the caps lock key; but i accidentally activated the caps mode before so i am stuck in caps lock.03:21
* daswort hopes that's not a repost – i lost connection so i don't know if the lines where send03:22
marcoceppidaswort: try this:03:26
marcoceppidaswort: nevermind, only works in console03:27
PhyGreetings. I had one 150 gb folder with files. When i installed the system, unwittingly it becomes a swap partition. Can I access the folder and take my stuffs back? Where is it?03:28
PhyI mean, just open the actual swap folder?03:28
PhyAnd see what happens there..03:29
Sidzee1sjd_zeus: root account is bad..03:30
Sidzee1yes Phy, ask your question03:30
PhySidzeel, I had one 150 gb folder with files. When i installed the system, unwittingly it becomes a swap partition. Can I access the folder and take my stuffs back? Where is it?03:31
Sidzee1well, it's difficult situation03:32
Sidzee1you could recover some files, probably all, we canno't know before testing but stop writing on your pc to stop damages03:33
PhyOk.. How can I start?03:33
PhyI had a look and didn't find anything..03:34
DiamondciteThere is an app known as testdisk, assuming it wasn't activated, swap wise, a liveUSB or liveCD might be able to see the files that used to be there?03:34
DiamondciteBut please don't use the PC with the 150GB in question to look things up03:34
DiamondciteAs it will turn bad real quick if you do03:35
Sidzee1the best thing to do is, download a livecd with test disk  ( you can download it from depot without livecd, directly using your computer but it's not recommanded or using a livecd as Ubuntu Rescue Remix ) so, burn it and start from the cd/dvd and start the recover03:35
PhyBut, I'm on right now..03:35
Sidzee1but you will have a lot of unsorted files and it could a lot a lot a lot of time to sorted, search which files you have very need ... and the test take longtime03:37
Sidzee1( sorry about bad english ... )03:37
varunendraphy, the first (immediate) thing to do is - "sudo swapoff -a"03:37
PhySidzee1: Can I do it from an ordinary Live cd? Like ubuntu03:37
Phyvarunendra: ok.03:37
varunendraphy let us know when you have done it successfully.03:38
Sidzee1Phy, well yes I think you can but probably need internet access to download the necessary package03:38
PhyI turned the swap off with gparted..03:39
Sidzee1as varunendra say, the first thing to do is stop to write on the disk03:39
DiamondciteYou really made a 150GB SWAP!?/03:39
varunendraphy, do you have an internet connection available?03:39
DiamondciteOr did the swap happen to run through part of it?03:39
PhyI'm connected.03:40
varunendraphy, how much RAM do you have?03:40
Phy5.50 ~ 603:40
varunendranow install testdisk - "sudo apt-get install testdisk"03:41
varunendraphy, whether you use a live cd/usb or the installed system for recovery, do remember to turn off the swap (at least the partition in question) to avoid writing on it.03:42
Phyvarunendra: I'm using the system installed. Can we proceed?03:43
varunendraphy, as long as you don't need to use the swap.03:43
Phyok. installing the package.03:43
varunendraPhy, show us the pastebin link of - "parted -l | pastebinit"03:44
Phyjust a second please....03:47
Campfirejust a minute03:48
Campfirei need some code03:50
Campfireoh you cloned me03:51
Campfiremod ified03:52
papertigersAnyone know how to test memory on a system with uefi since memtest86+ doesn't work anymore?03:52
Campfirewhats that03:53
Campfireif you don,t mind typing03:54
varunendrapapertigers, don't know about such an issue, but can't you just temporary turn off uefi while trying memtest?03:54
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papertigersvarunendra: mono is in "UEFI / Legacy mode" still no luck03:55
zephyr28Anyone know of a telnet client (to connect to BBSes) that isn't full of Chinese symbols?  I've tried QTerm and PCMan and can't figure out how to correct the text on either.03:55
Phyvarunendra: http://pastebin.com/ixjMgywt03:55
Campfireor reflash your firmware on pc router modem etc03:55
Campfirewhats the worst virus anyone has had03:56
Campfirei,m cloned03:56
Campfirem in the m03:56
varunendraPhy, okay, so you indeed have a 161 GB swap :P03:57
daptordarattlerI still cant fix the background problem with my ubuntu 13.04. Does anyone have a permanent fix?03:57
thesheff17all of a sudden in the last month my ctrl key goes in and out....its not a hardware issue because it works fine on the windows side...anyone have any idea...its driving me crazy03:57
ghsHow to fix my /etc/host to my machine accept connections ?03:57
varunendraPhy, you may try this guide to use testdisk to try recovering the original partition, or at least remaining files : http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Step_By_Step03:57
Campfire//pc says time to upgrade03:58
daptordarattlerghs: the configuration depends on what server you want to connect to03:58
varunendraphy, you need to remember NOT to use swap if you reboot or use a different media to recover the files.03:58
Phyvarunendra: heh.. ok. I'm seein' I come back to tell you. Thank you.03:58
Campfiremy irc has been saying this all day whats the prob03:58
varunendraPhy, please also do --03:59
Campfirehows it feel to be g04:00
varunendraPhy, sudo sed -i 's/.* swap .*/# &/' /etc/fstab04:00
wheatthinunless you have a randisk which stores info after reboot04:00
ghsdaptordarattler, I have a RMI Java in my server listen at port 1099. However, when I try connect, give the following error: Connection refused to host04:00
Phyvarunendra: * ?04:00
Phyvarunendra: dev/sda6/04:00
wheatthingha, are you behind a router too? is that also unblocked?04:00
varunendraPhy, the above command will comment out the fstab line that makes swap partition(s) load at startup04:00
Campfirewhats a good channal we can talk about anything but personal stuff04:00
daptordarattlerghs : I take it ur connecting from somewhere in your network and you have pinged the machine to confirm that its accessible on the server?04:01
Campfirejust pc stuff04:01
varunendraPhy, if you need to see the effect of that command..04:01
varunendrado - "cat /etc/fstab | sed 's:.* swap .*:# &:'"04:01
wheatthinhmm when I go to install ubuntu 12.04.2 in vmware, it shows up multiple desktops right next to each other ;/04:02
varunendraPhy, but you will have to manually turn off the swap if you boot from a different installation or live media. Hope you won't need it though..04:03
ghsdaptordarattler, yes.04:03
CyanideI'm trying to update Ubuntu but I'm getting a 404 on the packages it's trying to fetch04:03
CyanideAnyone know what could be causing it? I also can't download software from the software center04:03
varunendrawheatthin, are you sure it is not a messed up graphics showing overlapping desktops/items ?04:03
PhyI'm not having success with the intructions in the page.04:04
Campfirei think 7 vm,s ar runing at once what should i do04:04
wheatthinvarunendra, nope~! I cannot confirm nor deny04:04
varunendraPhy, do a deeper search with the partition04:04
daptordarattlerghs: Hmmmmm..... You need to configure the RMI server to listen on
Campfirewhats a good deep search method04:05
Campfirefor partitions04:05
varunendraPhy, you may also try photorec (included in testdisk package), but it won't restore directory structure/filenames : http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/PhotoRec_Step_By_Step04:05
daptordarattlerghs: cos  hosts configuration is mainly  for domain name resolution and direct ip injection on a small network. On larger networks the router or switch handles this so it should be accessible remotely via the ip04:06
suyulaihi, everybody,i am new comer04:06
Campfireops i don,t go by your rules are you sure its me04:06
Campfiredo you remember me04:07
Campfireanyways we here to help04:07
varunendrawheatthin, which version of VMware?04:07
Campfiregood job04:07
Campfirevaruendra does it matter04:08
wheatthinvmware-fusion 3.1.3 varunendra04:08
varunendraUh, no experience with it :/04:08
=== Trel|errands is now known as Trel
suyulaiit work for what04:09
Phyvarunendra: I ran testdisk and proceed, like the instruction above. So, nothing apparently happened..04:11
suyulaias a begainner,i hope i can get help from you04:11
Campfireplease ask your question we are here to help04:11
varunendraPhy, no previous partitions appeared in the 161GB partition?04:12
Phyvarunendra: In the terminal, running "testdisk", just the principal ATA 1000gb..04:13
Campfirewhats ubuntu stand for again04:13
suyulaii will ask you when i have troubles04:13
suyulaiwhatever,thank you very much04:14
Campfiresuyulia say what04:14
varunendraPhy, don't the partitions appear in it? Only the drive as a whole??04:14
Campfiresuyulia my real name bowlshietinse04:15
Campfireyou might know mw by04:15
Phyvarunendra: ok. Next step. I did right now. I've to choose the device. Show only intel pc. I have an AMD..04:15
Campfireor nick nunya bizz04:15
Phyvarunendra: Is it? Anyway?04:16
varunendraPhy, the partition type is Intel.04:16
suyulaii am sorry,i dont konw it04:16
Campfireso you phishing me for info i,m phishing you04:17
suyulaii mean when i get a promblem of linux ,i would ask your guys for help04:17
Campfireask su04:17
wheatthincampfire, if you don't have a problem that needs a solution, or aren't here to help, go to #ubuntu-offtopic04:17
Campfiremay i call you su04:17
suyulaioh, i got .i am so sorry04:18
Campfirei,m the founder wheathin cool your jets04:19
wheatthinO dpm04:19
Campfirelets help suyulai04:19
suyulaii was a windows user,now,i try to use linux04:20
Campfiregreate whats the prob04:21
Campfireask away04:21
suyulaican you guys tell me how to fast and easy04:21
suyulaikown linux04:21
Seven_Six_Twosuyulai, kown?04:21
wheatthinthere's many tutorials avaiable04:21
Campfirelets create a room called fast and easy anthing goes ubuntu04:22
Campfireand irc help04:22
Phyvector: its searching right now. According with the page, the software will list only which it supposed might.04:23
Phyvarunendra: its searching right now. According with the page, the software will list only which it supposed might.04:23
Phyvector: mistake.04:23
varunendraPhy, No prob :)... deeper search will take a lot of time, especially when the disk is 1TB !04:24
Campfireyou must think i have never seen a simple hack04:24
Campfireok so you think so04:25
Phyvarunendra: ok. if the software doesn't list wich I want, i can change, right?04:25
sigansalgum brasileiro aqui?04:25
suyulaiand,i want to say that,my english is poor04:25
Campfiretest of times i,m up for04:26
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.04:26
aeon-ltdisn't that portuguese?04:26
Seven_Six_Twoaeon-ltd, thanks04:26
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.04:26
varunendraPhy, at the end of the search, you will have the option to write the found partition layout to the disk (if the older one was found).  But I'd recommend to just save your files/folders using the "P" option that appears after deeper search (refer to the step-by-step)04:26
Physigans: Sim.04:27
denSo, on ubuntu 13.04 on Gnome 304:27
denThis is ... different04:27
wheatthinden, isn't it nice? :P04:27
Campfirenever presione04:27
denwheatthin I'm pretty into it. I certainly like the color scheme better04:28
Phyvarunendra: Ok.04:28
Campfirei don,t speak spanish04:28
denwheatthin Kind of a different paradigm in terms of operating environment04:28
wheatthinden, you can also change those with ubuntu-tweak04:28
Campfirety for ?04:28
denwheatthin Oh, I did :) I like the Gnome 3 default04:29
wheatthinincluding using extensions n stuff04:29
varunendraPhy, the whole operation (until you choose to "Write" the found partition layout) is read-only. You can always return without saving anything.04:29
Seven_Six_Twolol. I think I just installed a new font. Everything on the screen looks different now.04:29
suyulaithat,s alright04:30
siganssomeone has ubuntu 13.04,  with gnome 19.04?04:30
wheatthingnome 19.04???04:30
den... yeah, I'm using the latest version of gnome 304:31
denExcuse my ignorance on that one04:31
varunendraPhy, keep "sudo photorec" next in the list of your options if this doesn't work. Alternatively you may go for some commercial application if you trust one (although I've personally found testdisk/photorec to be the best).04:31
Phyvarunendra: Ok. I appreciate your patience and help. I neither use ubuntu, but, its transferable, so.. I like to be here.04:32
sigans someone has ubuntu 13:04 with  gnome ubuntu 10:04?04:33
Campfirephy am i on the net here04:33
wheatthinsigans, did you have a question about dual booting or something? You must be more detailed04:33
Campfiregive a 101 if you see my text04:33
PhyCampfire: What you mean?04:34
varunendraPhy, you'll find many people on this channel who are both knowledgeable and eager to help. You don't need to depend on someone in particular. :)04:34
Campfireoh nothing04:34
Campfirei,m hacked04:34
Campfirei,m hacked04:34
wheatthinplease don't spam Campfire04:35
Campfireyou mean flood04:35
varadharajanmI've 4 postgres instances configured to use 8GB of shared buffers (shared memory) each totalling up to 32GB. The total RAM in the server is around 32 GB. `top` command shows me only a couple of GBs actively used. I'm wondering where the shared memory will be allocated and why it does not show up in `top` eventhough `ipcs -m` shows 32 GB being allocated. Also looked at the swap using `free -m` and it shows even swap consumes about couple04:35
varadharajanmof GBs04:35
siganscan use the old gnome in the new ubuntu12.04LTS?04:37
=== Campfire is now known as spam
=== spam is now known as Guest44163
densigans I'm not sure you can use Gnome 2, but you could take a look at Cinnamon04:37
sigansok thnks04:38
Guest44163/nick fire04:38
densigans let me know if I can help you get those going04:38
Guest44163fto a  ino too04:38
=== Guest44163 is now known as webmaster
Seven_Six_Twowebmaster, It's likely that you're going to have to be a bit more inventive with your nick.04:40
denwebmaster That looks ... dubious04:40
Seven_Six_Twowebmaster, unless that's yours...in which case, nice nick!\04:40
whoeverGuest73681: greate job, still tring to change your nic?04:40
whoeverwebmaster: oh i see you got it04:40
Seven_Six_Twowhoever, how do you see if someone has identified?04:41
Phylvarunendra: If doesn't work, I'll make a clean installation, I have not even nothing to lose anyway, literally.04:41
Phyvarunendra: If doesn't work, I'll make a clean installation, I have not even nothing to lose anyway, literally.04:41
webmasternot sure04:42
=== webmaster is now known as bmaster
varunendraPhy, it's your data, you know better. But it's good to have hands on experience with tools like testdisk :P04:42
bmastertit for a tat04:43
bmasterthey say04:43
bmasterdo you like acdc04:44
Phyvarunendra: Well.. The size says itself: 150GB of movies, images, musics, many musics, pdf's, everything.. I lost the control ang forget about backup...04:44
bmasteryou still there your fun04:45
varunendrajoys of a partitioning mistake ;P04:45
bmasterdo want to learn or keep playin games04:46
bmasterfu for yes gb for no04:46
makarahi. In Nautilus, how can I disable—what I can only describe as the 'statusbar'. It jumps out of the way of the mouse, but with long filenames it has nowhere to go, and it obscures the last file in the list.04:48
makarahi. In Nautilus, how can I disable—what I can only describe as the 'statusbar'. It jumps out of the way of the mouse, but with long filenames it has nowhere to go, and it obscures the last file in the list.04:54
wheatthinbtw varunendra installing vmware tools fixed the whole desktop mirror thingy04:58
varunendrawheatthin, why are the obvious fixes ignored sometimes ;) lol !!05:00
wheatthinvarunendra, well in the default installation process, it gets stuck on trying to install, when the installer I guess had prompts in which halted the procedure05:00
wheatthinfor vmware-tools..05:00
varunendrawheatthin, I was expecting only a small, low resolution graphics without vmware tools, not a mirrored desktop :P05:01
wheatthinso i created an empty virtual machine, and booted.05:01
wheatthinno, the installation iso05:02
varunendrawheatthin, I didn't try 12.04.2, but the original release (12.04 32bit) installed absolutely fine on both virtualbox and VMware workstation 8. 13.04 is something I'm only using in live mode when required.05:04
wheatthinahh.. I only installed it so I can relate to others' problems05:05
varunendra..and got into a problem yourself .. lol. But good for experience at last . ;)05:05
wheatthinalways gonna learn something new :)05:06
varunendraYay !! for today's lesson then :D05:06
wheatthinDNS was one that was dogging me earlier, but it's all good now thanks to phunyguy05:07
SuperGauntletIs it possible to undervolt your CPU in ubuntu 12.10?05:12
wheatthinSuperGauntlet, you mean underclock?05:14
SuperGauntletNo, I mean undervolt05:14
Phyvarunendra: Should I change the filesystem type before proceed to backup. It's as swap now. I found it.05:14
wheatthinall cpu clocks and voltages are done via bios, and relayed to kernel05:15
SuperGauntletApparently there was a way to undervolt at one point, but is no longer supported?05:15
holsteinSuperGauntlet: i think you mean underclock... you are talking about the CPU frequency?05:15
SuperGauntletNo, I'm talking about the CPU voltage.05:16
holsteinSuperGauntlet: then, you *are* going to want to look at the bios.. AFAIK, nothing like that has every been in any OS05:16
SuperGauntletThis apparently did05:16
holsteinSuperGauntlet: i havent looked at that, but if its a link saying "control your CPU voltage in linux", ask the creator of the docment about it05:17
varunendraPhy, did you find your files in it?05:17
holsteinSuperGauntlet: (#linux-phc on freenode.net)05:18
SuperGauntletIs dead05:18
holsteinSuperGauntlet: i propose it was never "alive"05:18
Phyvarunendra: I can't. I found the right partition, meantime, doesn't look like what I really wat. I got an error: Wrong structure to backup'05:19
Phyvarunendra: without the list option..05:20
varunendraPhy, you can use the "p" key while the found partition is highlighted - to see if the previously existing files are in it. If not, it's not worth saving.05:21
holsteinSuperGauntlet: you saw http://www.linux-phc.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=211 ?05:21
SuperGauntletI did, that's from 200905:22
Phyvarunendra: Ok. It's searching again..05:22
holsteinSuperGauntlet: i would say thats about how current it is, and it was never in ubuntu or debians repos...05:22
SuperGauntletI'm not particularly interested in decreasing clock speeds because modern CPUs apparently consume less power at idle05:23
SuperGauntletso it's better for it to work quickly and then rush to idle05:23
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest4027
holsteinSuperGauntlet: then, i wouldnt bother with the voltage either, since power consumption seems to be the only valid argument05:23
SuperGauntletlow voltage would imply lower power consumption though05:24
holsteinSuperGauntlet: sure, unless it didnt matter.. if it really didnt help much, or any05:24
wheatthinI agree05:24
Network2501Hi, I'm trying to set up a VPN from the CLI (using 12.04.2LTS). Is there a way to establish a vpn connection without saving my password in plain text? The exmaples I've found on google suggest to edit a file ConnectionName05:24
SuperGauntletWhat kind of VPN?05:25
Network2501cisco vpn05:25
SuperGauntletI only really know anything about openvpn, sorry05:26
PhyNetwork2501: A Switch Cisco 2501?05:27
Network2501so my problem isn't establishing the connection i've tested it in unity just fine. I learnt I needed an extra software/package to get cisco vpns working so that's sorted. I'm currently using fluxbox not unity so am wondering how to connect the vpn from the CLI. I could in theory start the gui for managing the vpn but i'm not sure what that's called either so i just figured CLI would be easier.. except i don't05:30
Network2501want tos store my pw in plain text in the file mentioned in all the how tos.05:30
Network2501it'd be awesome if it prompted me but... eh05:32
makarahi. In Nautilus, how can I disable—what I can only describe as the 'statusbar'. It jumps out of the way of the mouse, but with long filenames it has nowhere to go, and it obscures the last file in the list.05:33
varunendramakara means the horizontal scrollbar at the bottom. It annoys me too..05:34
Phyvarunendra: If I change the type, can I lose something?05:35
makaravarunendra, not the scrollbar, although that is annoying. I'm talking about a yellow tooltip kind of element.05:35
varunendramakara, oh, that one too..05:36
varunendraPhy, from what to what?05:36
Phyvarunendra: From swap to fat, or ext?05:37
Phyvarunendra: as swap is impossible.05:37
wheatthinwhy not just use swap file?05:37
varunendraPhy, if you know correctly what type it was, change it. But I don't think it is a write operation anyway, but not sure.05:38
holsteinPhy: you shouldnt need to, nor should you change a file system type to do a backup05:39
PhyI'm changing to fat32 linux05:39
Phyholstein: Yes, but, I cant make a backup as Swap..05:39
holsteinPhy: there is no "fat32 linux"05:40
holsteinPhy: theres no data in a swap file to backup05:40
holsteinPhy: and, you dont make a swap file to backup to.. a swap file is for swap..05:40
holstein!swap > Phy05:40
ubottuPhy, please see my private message05:40
varunendraholstein, phy is trying to recover files (using testdisk) from a 150 GB partition that was accidentally converted to swap. Could you help with that?05:41
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
Phyholstein: I did. I have to reboot now.05:42
varunendraappreciated :)05:42
Phyvarunendra: Is worker.. I'll see.05:42
holsteinPhy: not mess with the partition anymore.. install testdisk, and run "photorec" and follow the prompts, selecting the entire drive that you are trying to recover from as the source05:42
holsteindont mess *05:42
PhyAnd now, holstein?05:43
holsteinPhy: a disk that size could run for a few hours.. or, overnight.. or a few days.. so, you set up the process, and wait05:44
varunendraholstein, what I've made them do so far - comment out the swap line in fstab, run deep search with testdisk05:44
holsteinvarunendra: i literally just use photorec on the drive05:44
holsteini dont mess with fstab, or anything else... i use a live CD, and use photorec from testdisk05:44
varunendraholstein, I prefer that too. Was hoping that maybe testdisk could recover the previously existing partition.05:45
holsteinusing the partition as swap for any amount of time will overwrite some data05:45
holsteinit wont recover any partition... best case, it'll give you the files, with no names Phy05:45
holsteinPhy: keep in mind, there are companies that would literally charge you hundreds of dollars to do this, and maybe not recover anything05:46
Phyholstein, The software didn't give me the lost files, just the actual directory. It's intact.05:47
holsteintake your time, and get photorec set up correctly, and just let it go, and hope for  the best05:47
holsteinPhy: then, access the data05:47
holsteinPhy: otherwise, it'll likely take you a while05:47
* cfhowlett2 would ask HOW one converts a data partition to /swap but remembers his OWN ... questionable ... keyboard commands.05:48
Phyvarunendra, holstein, Thank you. I have to sleep a little now.05:49
holsteinPhy: good luck!05:49
holsteinhttp://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk is what i refer to Phy05:49
Phyvarunendra, holstein, I will try tomorrow. Good noght.05:49
PhyWorked. holstein, varunendra. I just had to select the directory to recovery..05:52
varunendraPhy, sure ?05:53
afidegnumhello, pls I am curretly on root.... how do I change my webfolder so ftp, http and others can access and modify its foldern contents?05:54
xirreHi, I was looking around and just could not find words on how to express this question in a  search format. I'm looking for a program that would allow a user, typically one running a server, the ability to place processes in a depressed state while keeping certain processes running normal to save power. More like a sleep mode that "dreams" about a specific thing which in this case would be the server and the internet.05:54
ubottuafidegnum,: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo05:54
afidegnumI have down chmod 775 -R folder name but not work05:54
afidegnumlol, I am not gessing any root password :D05:55
cfhowlett2xirre, perhaps a good question for #ubuntuserver05:55
xirreAlright, I'll take it there. Thanks.05:55
skillpiGI just installed the AMD 13.6 beta drivers for ubuntu 13.04 64bit and everything worked fine. Then I adjusted the monitor frequency inside the AMD catalyst centre to 120Hz and worked fine.. untill I restarted. Upon logging into my username, the screen turns black, but the mouse is still there. No wallpaper, no unity and no toolbar at the top. Any advice? Please open dialog with me if you have advice, I'm running IRSSI and cannot scroll up. :)05:55
afidegnumany answer pls ?05:56
skillpiGgive them a chance afidegnum :)05:56
skillpiGpatience is a virtue we should all have :)05:56
Phyvarunendra: Actually, A lot of crap.  Did not worked..05:57
xirrecfhowlett2: Are you sure that's the right channel?05:57
xirreI can't seem to remember the correct name.05:58
cfhowlett2xirre, as you mentioned a network issue I thought ...05:58
afidegnumany answer pls?05:58
ubottuUbuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server05:58
cfhowlett2xirre, oops!  I left out the hyphen.  Apologies05:58
xirreYes. Thank you. :)05:58
varunendraPhy, most probably you chose incorrect filesystem type. You may still try photorec or testdisk again though.05:58
Phyvarunendra: Thank you. Probably.05:59
varunendraPhy, Good-Night ! (final or semi-final ?)06:00
agendoing fresh installtion getting error unable to install bootloader on specified location and solution?06:12
aeon-ltdwhat's the current specified location?06:13
aeon-ltdagen: what's the current location?06:14
agenaeon-ltd: location?06:14
agenerror is coming while installtion06:15
aeon-ltdagen: you said "unabe to install bootloader on specified location" so what is the specified location?06:15
=== jeff_ is now known as jeff_liu_cn
agenaeon-ltd: /dev/sda basically06:16
afidegnumI have down chmod 775 -R folder name but not work06:18
afidegnumthis followed by the php error I am getting    Warning: chmod(): Operation not permitted in _event_css_add()06:19
makuseruIm having a problem with dual monitors. When ever I open a new tab in firefox it goes to my second monitor, even though in the display settings i have my main monitor set as the primary output. How can i stop this?06:20
skillpiGI just installed the AMD 13.6 beta drivers for ubuntu 13.04 64bit and everything worked fine. Then I adjusted the monitor frequency inside the AMD catalyst centre to 120Hz and worked fine.. untill I restarted. Upon logging into my username, the screen turns black, but the mouse is still there. No wallpaper, no unity and no toolbar at the top. Any advice? Please open dialog with me if you have advice, I'm running IRSSI and cannot scroll up. :)06:37
grass7boydoes somebody know that how to use key for authentication in rabbitvcs?06:47
grass7boyis there any document on line?06:48
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
abdelhello please how do i share my screen btw a desktop(ubuntu13,04) and a TV screen....so that what ever am doing on the desktop is different from whats on the tv screen07:00
iTailsabdel, do you have any drivers installed for your video card? It should detect it automatically inside of the monitor settings.07:03
abdelitails: I have a hp desktop running ubuntu 13.04 ( when u install ubuntu all the drivers are there right)07:04
iTailsabdel, Ubuntu doesn't install video drivers by default.07:05
iTailsOnly the basic driver to display the unity desktop.07:06
auronandaceabdel: some graphics cards and wifi chips may require drivers07:06
abdelwhy am asking this is that if i use my laptop running on ubuntu it works fine without installing any driver, thats why am curious07:06
abdelso how do u install the drivers pls07:06
iTailsWhat you're going to want to do abdel is search for Software & Updates in the Unity Lens.07:07
iTailsThen go to the addition drivers tab and select one of the drivers from the list. Preferably the stable ones.07:08
abdelbut what will i search for itails? drivers for screen or what07:08
iTailsSearch for "Software & Updates"07:08
iTailswithout quotations07:08
abdeli went to additional drivers but there was no list @itails07:15
iTailsabdel, Alright. If it doesn't show up there, go into Ubuntu Software Center and search for "Additional Drivers" and install it. After that, run it and it will detect the video card in your system.07:16
iTailsThen select which driver you want to use.07:16
iTailsabdel, it will look similar to this.07:17
skillpiGiTails: I also have a little question regarding GPU and drivers07:17
skillpiGI just installed the AMD 13.6 beta drivers for ubuntu 13.04 64bit and everything worked fine. Then I adjusted the monitor frequency inside the AMD catalyst centre to 120Hz and worked fine.. untill I restarted. Upon logging into my username, the screen turns black, but the mouse is still there. No wallpaper, no unity and no toolbar at the top. Any advice? Please open dialog with me if you have advice, I'm running IRSSI and cannot scroll up. :)07:17
iTailsskillpiG, check your PMs07:19
kdmurrayHi - Not sure if this is the right place to ask this or not. I'm setting up a new file server and the boot drive is a SSD. The system has plenty of RAM (16GB) and I was thinking it would be prudent to remove the swap partition to avoid excessive wear on the SSD. Does anyone have any exprience with this?07:23
ikoniakdmurray: why would it make excessive wear ?07:24
histokdmurray: don't put swap on an ssd07:24
ikoniano issue with swap on the SSD07:25
histokdmurray: Or you can reduce the use of swap since you have so much ram by lowering swappiness07:25
=== tbn is now known as Guest68003
histoikonia: excessive writes07:25
kdmurray@histo could a system like this go without the swap altogether/07:25
ikoniait shouldn't though07:25
ikoniahence why I'm asking why you think it would write a lot07:25
ikoniakdmurray: why do you think it will swap a lot ?07:26
histokdmurray: it could however in the event of running out of ram if you don't hvae swap your system would hang07:26
kdmurrayThe system will use the swap partition even before it becomes memory limited if there are pages of memory which are underutilized.07:26
ikoniakdmurray: yes, because they are not needed so it swaps them out to disk07:26
ikoniakdmurray: that is not "excessive"07:26
ikoniathat is a very small ammount07:26
ikoniahence why I'm asking you think it will write a lot and cause wear07:26
histokdmurray: just decrease the swapiness if you are concerned07:27
kdmurrayExcessive was maybe the wrong word. "Unnecessary" would probably be better.07:27
kdmurray@histo how would one go about doing that?07:27
ikoniakdmurray it is nessasary - as those segments are not in use, it's managing your system07:27
ikoniaso a few writes isn't a problem07:27
ikoniait's working as designed07:28
histokdmurray: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq#What_is_swappiness_and_how_do_I_change_it.3F07:29
kdmurray@ikonia @histo thanks for the input & feedback, you two. much appreciated.07:29
krypto"install kernel_module_name /bin/false" is this a good practice to prevent kernel from loading,is there a better way07:32
dell_ how install latest python-requests?07:39
dell_ how to  install all latest python-requests07:41
varunendrakrypto, to prevent kernel from loading ?? Or just a specific module?07:45
kryptospecific modules07:46
varunendralike which ones?07:46
kryptolp parport07:46
kryptoits a virtual machine and dosnt use these07:47
llutz_!blacklist | krypto07:47
ubottukrypto: To blacklist a module, edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist.conf and add « blacklist <modulename> » to the end of that list - To explicitly load modules in a specific order, list them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and type « sudo update-initramfs -u »07:47
=== llutz_ is now known as llutz
ilmerovingiohi, is already online a changelog about the 12.04.3 release?07:48
varunendrakrypto, what llutz pointed to above ^ Just use the blacklist.conf file or a new "<something>.conf" file in /etc/blacklist.conf.d directory. On the other hand, there are some embedded drivers like uhci, ehci etc. which need boot parameters to be prevented/modified.07:49
kryptoi tried that once but without updating ramdisk...07:50
kryptotrying with update-initramfs -u07:51
varunendra*correction - /etc/modprobe.d directory07:51
llutzvarunendra: /etc/blacklist.conf.d?  it's modprobe.d or did they change that with 13.04 too?07:51
llutzwhoops, to slow, sr07:51
varunendrallutz, ^ lol (/facepalms)07:52
kryptounfortunately it didnt work i can still see blacklisted modules in /proc/modules07:52
kryptoits ubuntu 12.04.2 pv guest07:53
abdeli have installed the additional driver but i cant see it in the software update07:53
abdelstill blank07:53
abdelhelp pls07:53
kryptoif i specify  it as  /bin/false everything is fine.07:54
varunendrakrypto, usually updating initramfs is not necessary if modules are blacklisted correctly. If a blacklisted module is required by another module which is not blacklisted, it'll load anyway.07:54
varunendrakrypto, for example, in my lappy - "parport" is being used by - "parport_pc,ppdev,lp", so unless these are blacklisted too, it would get loaded anyway.07:55
kryptolp depends on parport and parport doesnt have any depends07:55
=== llutz_ is now known as llutz
kryptoso i added both to blacklist07:55
testbottuhi all - i want to give a friend a login to my server, but i want to restrict him to ONLY use his home directory. is that possible? how?07:56
varunendrakrypto, is parport ONLY used by lp in your vm?07:56
cfhowlett2testbottu, if you set up a non-privileged account, he can only use his /home by default iirc ...07:56
kryptomodprobe --show-depends lp07:57
kryptoinsmod /lib/modules/3.2.0-48-virtual/kernel/drivers/parport/parport.ko07:57
kryptoinsmod /lib/modules/3.2.0-48-virtual/kernel/drivers/char/lp.ko07:57
llutzcfhowlett2: wrong, he only can write there (and /tmp) but access the full filesystem07:57
kryptomodprobe --show-depends parport07:57
kryptoinsmod /lib/modules/3.2.0-48-virtual/kernel/drivers/parport/parport.ko07:57
cfhowlett2llutz, thanks.07:58
varunendrakrypto, it only shows which drivers lp requires, not that which drivers IT is REQUIRED BY.07:58
Nothing_MuchI'm having a bit of a hard time trying to get Mir to work with 13.10, since I can't install the xorg-video-abi-13 package07:58
llutztestbottu: "chroot users into home" is what you search for, there should be tutorials in the wiki/forum07:58
helios_How How to know which port is plug my usb sound card ?07:58
llutz!13.10 | Nothing_Much07:59
ubottuNothing_Much: Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) will be the 19th release of Ubuntu. Announcement: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1252 - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+107:59
varunendrakrypto, simply see lsmod to see which drivers are listed in front of "parport". Those will have to be blacklisted too. In my lappy, they are 3 - "parport_pc,ppdev,lp"07:59
darruwho help me? How settings wine for play pso2?07:59
Nothing_MuchThank you llutz07:59
kryptoModule                  Size  Used by07:59
kryptodm_crypt               23125  007:59
kryptolp                     17799  007:59
kryptoparport                46562  1 lp07:59
FloodBot1krypto: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 17799 in firefox (Ubuntu) "replace debian package search with ubuntu package search" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1779907:59
varunendra!pastebin | krypto08:00
ubottukrypto: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:00
suorehi, anyone know  non prism email service?08:00
pvh_sahey, anyone here using chromium? i'm using it on ubuntu 12.10+ (12.10 with some 13.04 upgrades) and after a while it always starts hitting DNS failures, and after a while longer runs out of system resources (resource not available errors). also when I close the browser window processes are still running. anyone else seeing similar?08:00
cfhowlett2pvh_sa, works perfect for my on 12.0408:01
kryptovarunendra: i dont have any other module other than theses 308:01
cfhowlett2pvh_sa, I'd suspect your DNS settings before a browser issue ...08:01
testbottullutz: thanks08:01
llutzsuore: that will be hard to find, start using pgp or other end-to-end encryption08:01
pvh_saI wonder cfhowlett2, what's different. my setup is a laptop that moves around a lot. i've checked DNS - its dnsmasq talking to different servers depending where i'm using the computer08:02
varunendrakrypto, as per your output, it should work if you blacklist both. Can't say what is triggering these even after updating initramfs.08:02
cfhowlett2pvh_sa, say what?  I could be wrong, but shouldn't the default be the google dns server?08:02
abdelany body pls help08:02
pvh_sacfhowlett2, uh, no. split horizon DNS - can't use google DNS as default08:03
ujjainI have 2 servers with seemingly identical set-ups... what can causea user to be able to log in on 1 server, but not on the other with this error: pam_unix(vsftpd:auth): authentication failure;08:03
cfhowlett2pvh_sa, ah.  well then.08:03
pvh_sacfhowlett2, other apps handle the setup quite fine. i'm wondering if chromium is doing something different w.r.t. DNS then08:04
cfhowlett2pvh_sa, I can't offer a fix, as that's beyond my knowledge, but I'd still say it's a DNS issue.  you could test that by using an alternate browser and see if the fail repeasts08:04
pvh_sacfhowlett2, firefox works fine.08:04
cfhowlett2pvh_sa, nicely done.  then yeah, it seems to be chromium specific.  But ... I don't know where that setting is08:05
pvh_saok. hm. so I guess my question is... anyone using chromium who switches between different DNS setups lots?08:05
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sapagequestion; if you had folder / mount point but cp it to a new mount point say ~/Downloads then rebooted how to you delete the files on /?08:29
krasnozeris there a way to automatically put the computer to sleep without relying on the gnome power applet, e.g. on a system withtout X?08:30
mmackHey all... I have a question about iptables... Is it, in general, possible to look for a string in a tcp packet (--algo bm --string...) and if it is found redirect the packet to another port? The first part is already done, but the redirection does not work....08:30
krasnozeris there a way to automatically put the computer to sleep without relying on the gnome power applet, e.g. on a system withtout X?08:32
vltkrasnozer: automatically?08:32
krasnozervlt, after fixed idle time08:33
krasnozervlt, not like shutdown now+3008:33
vltkrasnozer: How do you define “idle”?08:34
krasnozervlt, yes that is what i'm asking08:35
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dsalfran_I'm having issues with the wifi driver, anybody in here with a Ralink 539b?08:46
sapagequestion; if you had folder / mount point but cp it to a new mount point say ~/Downloads then rebooted how to you delete the files on /?08:46
histosapage: can you rephrase that?08:48
histo!anybody | dsalfran_08:48
ubottudsalfran_: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.08:48
sapagehisto: i had a folder which i cp to a new HDD and re-mounted to the same folder location08:50
histosapage: and the problem is?08:50
sapagehisto: how do i now clean up the original hdd?08:50
histosapage: you'd have to mount it elsewhere and delete files or you can just format the other drive08:50
llutzsapage: umount the new hdd temporarily, remove the old files, mount again08:50
sapageok cheers08:51
dsalfran_Ok, I'm looking for a driver for a Ralink 539b, I'm having random disconnections and very slow wifi. I already tried updating the kernel to 3.10 which at least give some support08:51
blazemoredsalfran_: Try sudo iw wlan0 power_save off08:51
blazemoredsalfran_: Don't PM me; what error did you get when you ran that command?08:55
dsalfran_blazemore: the syntasis is wrong, it just gave me the help08:56
blazemoredsalfran_: OK I don't know then, that's just something I found by Googling08:57
dsalfran_blazemore:  I checked I had to add set or add before command08:57
varunendradsalfran_, follow this post to run "wireless_script" and post back the pastebin link to the report it generates : http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=1235038508:58
dsalfran_blazemore: "sudo iw wlan0 get power_save off " says is power save is off08:58
varunendradsalfran_, blazemore usually the command is - "sudo iwconfig wlan0 power off"08:59
blazemoreOK ty varunendra08:59
dsalfran_varunendra: I ran the script and pasted the output in http://paste.ubuntu.com/5857835/09:01
varunendradsalfran_, what is this - a university campus wifi ?09:04
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CommaCrazyhi all, question. Using ubuntu server 12.04.2 where can I find postfix-policyd package for it09:06
=== CyberJacz is now known as CyberJacob
CommaCrazycause when I do apt-get install postfix-policyd it tells me that there is not candidate09:06
CommaCrazycan some 1 point me to a package09:06
CommaCrazyI tried searching09:06
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michaeladoes anyone have a dell inspiron  1545?09:07
dsalfran_varunendra:  Yes, I'm at the university right now. The wifi works, the problem is that is unstable, I have an older machine next to it and is not a wifi provider issue09:07
varunendradsalfran_, try - "sudo modprobe -rfv rt2800pci" ...... then ......... "sudo modprobe -v rt2800pci nohwcrypt=Y".09:09
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amerHi. I installed Ubuntu 13.04 on ASUS U500VZ Touch. Some of the function keys are not working (keyboard backligt + wireless). Any Help ?09:12
snqlyou need install driver09:12
michaelais this room ok a lot of people quit at once09:13
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit09:13
k1l!details | michaela09:14
ubottumichaela: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."09:14
amersnql  Do you mean asus-vmi-dkms? I installed it but still not working09:14
Dheeraj_k is it possible to pass duration to ffmpeg for how long it should record desktop?09:15
snqlreboot your system09:15
amerI did but still not working09:15
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amerand the asus kernel module is loaded09:15
dsalfran_varunendra: I ran the commands you gave, that mess up with the vpn buy I'm back. By the way I already had "options rt2800pci nohwcrypt=1" on /etc/modprobe.d/rt2800pci09:17
vlad_starkovQuestion: What PAM module do you use for authenticating vsftpd users?09:17
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=== Siebjeee is now known as Siebjee
michaelaim thinking about upgrading the wifi card on my dell inspiron 1545 to a faster n one. does anyone have any suggestions09:19
varunendradsalfran_, if the access-point is not under your control, there is not much you can do with this driver. Disabling N channel on the router/access-point often helps with this driver in such issues, but obviously that is something you can do only with your own routers.09:19
=== illovae_ is now known as illovae
dsalfran_varunendra: Well, the issue is more problematic at home. I have access to the router there but no idea what is the N channel or how to disable it :(09:22
draconushas anyone heard of a fix for expect that would allow bigger output buffer? or perhaps there is a better tool than expect?09:23
amerHi. I installed Ubuntu 13.04 on ASUS U500VZ Touch. Some of the function keys are not working (keyboard backligt + wireless). Any Help ?09:23
varunendradsalfran_, it is meant for speeds higher than 54 Mbps (upto 300 Mbps), but is still not very well supported by most of the linux drivers. In router it is usually in the list of "Modes" or "Channels" (a/b/g/n) where you can choose a mode without "n" (usually "b/g only")09:24
gribouillewhat's the use of syslinux-themes-debian?09:25
=== Troy_ is now known as Guest46915
varunendradsalfran_, in some cases, where too many access-points with same SSID are available (like your current situation), sometimes Wich performs better than NetworkManager : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WICD09:26
varunendradsalfran_, although by your dmesg part, it doesn't look like a NM issue.09:27
dsalfran_varunendra: Thanks, I will try to play with the router when I get home. Silly question, is that something I do physically on the router?09:27
meethi. I created a bootable usb of lubuntu 13.04. And tried to boot into a old machine with it. It gives black screen with message boot error. What could be the problem?09:28
=== Guest46915 is now known as Troy^
varunendradsalfran_, no, it's just a setting in admin control web interface of the router.09:28
sporkeeemeet, Whats the error?09:28
meetsporkeee: "boot error" is all that is displayed on screen09:28
meetand then it proceeds to boot from the hard disk into winxp.09:29
sporkeeemeet, How did you load the usb, and did you check the sum of the iso?09:29
meetsporkeee: I tested the iso on my laptop in virtualbox. worked fine. then created the usb using unetbootin09:29
dsalfran_varunendra: Ah, I was looking at the syslog last time I had the issue at home and I remember that when trying to connect to the network it had problems with the IPv4 resolution or something like that09:29
=== trench_ is now known as trench
sporkeeemeet, Lots of loaders, I would check the sum anyway, and try another.09:31
sporkeeemight of just been a bad load.09:31
meetnow I tested the usb on my other laptop. the live session did boot up with no problems.09:31
varunendradsalfran_, a DNS or resolving issue should at most affect browsing, page not loading etc. It should not affect your connectivity to the access point.09:32
sporkeeemeet, This computer does boot a usb it sounds like, not sure really.09:32
varunendradsalfran_, here is a short guide to make the proprietary driver "rt5390sta" work with this chip : http://irrelevantcheetah.com/?tag=rt539b But consider it the last resort since I'm frequently seeing freezing issues with ralink drivers on latest kernels.09:32
meetsporkeee: the machine I am trying is p4 and never updated the bios or anything. but it does show a boot from usb option in bios settings.09:33
meetAny work arounds?09:33
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fALSOthe iptables-save man page specifies09:36
fALSO       iptables-save - dump iptables rules to stdout09:36
fALSOroot@lemonparty:~# iptables-save09:36
blazemorefALSO: Do you get any output from "iptables -L"?09:36
fALSOwhat is wrong, the script is borked, or the man page is incorrect?09:36
fALSOyes blazemore i have rules in iptables09:36
blazemorefALSO: Neither probably09:37
TSOTFauto scripter09:37
dsalfran_varunendra: I'll keep that link if I have further issues. Yes, I thought the nohwcrypt=1 was for better speed but what I have been getting is that pages stop loading. A DNS resolving issue should be the problem. Is something I can fix?09:37
sporkeeemeet, I see yes and no's on the p4 and pae kernels, you might try a mini iso net install.09:37
fALSOblazemore,  what do you mean?09:37
fALSOblazemore,  both the manpage and the script are borked ?09:37
blazemorefALSO: what's the output of "which iptables-save" ?09:38
varunendradsalfran_, try using open DNS like google's ",", If you are not using IPv6, make sure it is set to "Ignore" in Network Manager. You can even completely disable it if you wish (search net for it, and pick up the "sysclt.conf" formula)09:39
fALSOnice... found the problem09:39
blazemorefALSO: What was it?09:39
fALSOroot@lemonparty:~# which iptables-save09:39
fALSOroot@lemonparty:~# ls -sl /sbin/iptables-save09:39
fALSO0 lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 9 2012-02-06 03:30 /sbin/iptables-save -> /bin/true09:39
FloodBot1fALSO: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:39
fALSOLOL amazing09:40
fALSOthis is awesome09:40
fALSOis this normal in ubuntu blazemore ? LOL09:41
varunendradsalfran_, correction - it is /etc/sysctl.conf file that needs to be edited to disable IPv6 (only if seems affecting browsing, or if you see problems with it in syslog)09:41
blazemoreIt's not on my system fALSO09:41
dsalfran_varundendra: Thanks for the help. I will try all of this when I get home tonight09:41
varunendrayou'te welcome :)09:42
dsalfran_varunendra:  Not sure if I'm using IPv609:42
varunendradsalfran_, just take a look at your syslog (cat /var/log/syslog). If you don't see problematic lines regarding IPv6, then setting it to "Ignore" in NM is enough.09:43
duke_hi folks, i have severe problems with my mdraid6 (3/7 failed) and like to examine it with a ubuntuLiveCd (13.04), but i'm afraid that the livecd with try to assemble it at boot time (before i can have a look at it). How can i prevent this? (theres also lvm upon the raid)09:47
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pascalhi all09:50
=== pascal is now known as Guest85039
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pherosi need some help with useraccount management, can someone help me please?09:52
blazemoreAsk your question pheros09:53
pheroshow can i set a max usage on the harddisk for a user? or isnt that possible?09:53
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
blazemorepheros: You're looking to set a "usage quota" or "disk quota" - I googled for a guide and found this http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2010/07/disk-quota/09:54
pherosok ill check it09:54
resureI want to setup an OS inside VBox for rails development, but can't choose between ubuntu, lubuntu and xubuntu09:57
=== babilen_ is now known as babilen
auronandaceresure: they all have the same base09:58
k1lresure: you can install ubuntu minimal and then choose a desktop as needed09:58
dukjeis there a liveCd specific chan?09:59
resureAnyway, I can install other desktop environments on any of that systems09:59
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ESnowdenRoger 1310:06
zaertiopapt-get update10:06
zaertiophello anyone there ?10:06
k1l!details | zaertiop10:06
ubottuzaertiop: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."10:06
sweet_kidhello zaertiop :) yes, 1550 people are here :D10:07
ShariffHi there10:07
ShariffDoes anyone have a recommendation for a nice torrent client (with webui) under ubuntu? Preferably a server daemon thingy :)10:08
blazemoreShariff: deluge10:08
Shariffblazemore: thanks! Will look into that immediately :)10:08
k1lShariff: torrentflux10:08
blazemoreShariff: deluged runs as a daemon, can be connected to locally or remotely with gtk and webui (gtk works well on Windows too)10:08
Shariffk1l: Thanks!10:08
blazemoreShariff: It also has "classic mode" which hides a local daemon when you just want a simple torrent client10:08
Shariffblazemore: Sounds great!10:09
ShariffDoes it also check watch folders for new torrent files?10:09
blazemorek1l: I've never used torrentflux, have you used deluge?10:09
blazemoreShariff: Yes10:09
Shariffblazemore: Sounds brilliant10:09
zaertiopi got lots of annotation on a file10:09
kdmurray@Shariff I've been using Transmission for the past few years. Does a good job.10:09
blazemoreShariff: http://dev.deluge-torrent.org/wiki/UserGuide/ThinClient10:09
zaertiopi would like to cat the content expect annotation how to do ?10:10
ShariffThanks for all the help!10:10
blazemorezaertiop: What do you mean bu annotations?10:10
k1lblazemore: no, i just used torrentflux and was satisfied with it10:10
zaertiop remark, comment  what ever you like10:11
dukjehi there, how do i prevent a ubuntu (13.04 or an other) livecd from trying to assemble  a (faulty) raid at boot time?10:11
blazemoredukje: I don't see why it would10:12
zaertiopanyone understand my question ?10:12
blazemorezaertiop: How did you add these annotations?10:13
dukjeblazemore, that it sees what could be mounted after. but are u sure, because i want to examine it, before its getting messed up more10:13
zaertiopwell let me explain you again10:14
zaertiopi got this file10:14
zaertiopfor example10:14
blazemoredukje: Use the boot option raid=noautodetect10:14
dukjeblazemore, great thx & cu10:15
blazemoreOK zaertiop and what do you want to get out of it?10:15
zaertiopi would like to see the content of this file without the hash10:15
zaertiopwhat i have to do ?10:15
blazemorecat filename |  sed -e 's/#//g'10:17
blazemorezaertiop: Or do you mean you only want lines which do not have a hash?10:18
blazemorezaertiop: in which case it's "grep -v \# filename"10:18
zaertioplet me check10:21
zaertiopperfect working blazemore10:22
blazemoreNo problem zaertiop10:22
zaertiopare you good on bash script ?10:23
blazemoreNot hugely so, only to what my job requires. I can handle simple grep and sed :)10:23
krasnozerhi, the fonts look different between unity and others wm, is it possible to apply the defaults gtk font/themes settings outside unity?10:24
blazemorekrasnozer: Do you mean when you start a different desktop environment from the login screen?10:24
blazemorekrasnozer: If so, you need to go into the configuration options for each desktop environment to change its fonts10:24
krasnozerblazemore, yes10:24
blazemorekrasnozer: How you do that will be different for each desktop environment (KDE, XFCE etc)10:25
krasnozerblazemore, but what about a barebone wm?10:25
blazemorekrasnozer: Which one is it?10:26
krasnozerblazemore, i remember xfce had something like a xfce-settings daemon for that, is there something similar in ubuntu/unity?10:26
blazemorezaertiop: Did you want to /join #bash10:26
krasnozerblazemore, ratpoison10:26
blazemorekrasnozer: Changing the unity settings will affect only unity10:27
zaertiopi m asking  you if you are good on bash10:27
zaertiopthat's akk10:27
krasnozerblazemore, but there are no fonts settings in unity10:27
meeti was trying out lubuntu13.04. I was not able to add icons to the desktop. is that a bug which has been fixed?10:27
blazemorekrasnozer: Try out the program "gnome-tweak-tool" which is in the repositories - It will allow you to make changes to fonts which should affect all GTK applications, regardless of wm10:28
zaertiopwell this is my work file http://paste.ubuntu.com/5858002/10:29
zaertiopi would like to make a script with that10:29
zaertiophow to do ?10:29
krasnozerblazemore, that's exactly what i was looking for thanks10:29
blazemorezaertiop: What do you want the script to do?10:29
varunendrazaertiop, please ask bash specific questions in #bash only (where you are already asking the same question)10:32
zaertiopthen keep you silence from there varunendra10:33
zaertiopthen why you keep silence from there varunendra ?10:33
varunendrazaertiop, I am mostly a learner there, I provide support answers only for Ubuntu specific questions.10:34
Daulityhey all10:35
Daulitywhen i try options index=0 in alsa-base.conf the sound card is appears ?10:35
zaertiopthen leave alone with my question10:35
Daulitytrying to set a usb audio card as the first card.10:35
blazemoreDaulity: Can you see the USB audio card when you run "aplay -l" ?10:36
Daulityblazemore: it's not there and it's not in alsamixer, when i remove the line it comes back as the third card.10:37
blazemoreDaulity: Take a look at http://alsa.opensrc.org/MultipleCards#The_older_.22index.3D.22_method10:37
LartzaIs there no /etc/locale.gen? :S10:40
Daulityblazemore: the slots option worked thanks :)10:41
blazemorenp Daulity10:41
blazemoreLartza: I think t's /var/lib/locales/supported.d/local but you don't want to edit that directly10:42
IdleOnezaertiop: your question has nothing to do with Ubuntu, please seek help in the proper channel like #bash10:42
nodieI'm having problems with a ath9k wifi card, I'm unable to connect to a 802.11N network10:42
blazemoreLartza: Check which locales are supported with "less /usr/share/i18n/SUPPORTED"10:42
nodieI'm running 13.04 with kernel 3.10.0-031000-generic10:42
blazemoreLartza: Then add them to the system with (for example) sudo locale-gen ru_RU.UTF810:42
nodieand I'm getting crazy :)10:43
Lartzablazemore, Yeah I just ran locale-gen :) Thanks10:43
blazemoreLartza: Don't forget you might have to run "sudo update-locale" after but I'm not 100% sure10:43
nodiecould you refer me to some tutorial or explanation about why ath9k cards have so many problems and how could I fix the 802.11N connection problem?10:43
Lartzablazemore, I am guessing I either have to manually edit /etc/default/locale or update-locale LANG=mylang :)10:43
blazemoreLartza: I believe so, there's a graphical utility in system settings too10:44
Lartzablazemore, Server ;)10:44
blazemorenodie: Which card have you got, and can you connect to 802.11g networks?10:44
Lartzablazemore, That's basically why I had no locales at all, but it didn't cause any problems before now :P10:45
blazemoreLartza: It probably fell back to en_US.utf810:45
Lartzablazemore, there was no en_US.UTF-8, fallback is probably C then10:45
=== gbyers[Away] is now known as g_byers
LartzaAnd I faced some unicode problems with python now and realised LANG is not set :)10:46
nodieblazemore, 03:00.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR9287 Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01)10:47
=== kelemvor is now known as tsmes
blazemorenodie: echo "options ath9k nohwcrypt=1" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/ath9.conf10:48
cfhowlettskander, greetings10:48
nodieblazemore, I added that line and created the file, no improvement10:48
blazemorenodie: Then reboot10:48
nodieI did blazemore10:48
bplmHi, is there a location in my home dir, where information about usb-drives, which have been mounted once before, are stored? Since I upgraded to 12.04LTS certain usb-sticks won't be mounted correctly (I am using the same home-dir as before, therefore old settings got carried over)10:48
blazemorenodie: or "sudo ifconfig wlan0 down; sudo rmmod -f ath9k; sudo modprobe ath9k nohwcrypt=1; sudo ifconfig wlan0 up"10:49
nodiein fact after reboot, "iw list" still does not shows any speed about G (54MBPS)10:49
blazemorenodie: So you cannot connect to ANY networks?10:49
nodieI can connect to G networks10:49
nodiebut not to N networks10:49
nodieI tried with a external USB wifi N card => TL-WN722N10:50
varunendrablazemore, never use rmmod unless you are sure the module has no dependencies. Instead use "modprobe -r"10:50
samyhow to install .img driver on ubuntu10:50
blazemorevarunendra: Ty for the tip10:50
nodieand it didn't allow me to connect to N cards neither10:50
samyfor one controller adaptec raid 010:50
nodieand everybody here is connected to the N card (apple and macosx computers)10:50
blazemoresamy: Where are the instructions for it?10:50
samysil3132 silicon image10:50
nodieI'm going to try the rmmod and modprobe forcing nohwcrypt ... which will disconnect me blazemore, see you in a minute10:51
blazemorenodie: Are there any drivers available in Software Properties10:51
nodiehi again blazemore10:53
nodieafter executing the rmmod/modprobe... no improvement10:53
nodieiw list still list 54MBPS as max speed available and the N networks does not appear in the network manager10:53
samyi have a adaptec raid controlle with silicon image 3132... and the raid doesnt run on ubuntu.. please help10:54
blazemorenodie: sudo modprobe -r iwlwifi; sudo modprobe iwlwifi 11n_disable=110:54
blazemoresamy: What is the model of the adaptec raid controller?10:56
nodieblazemore, iwlwifi does not recognizes any wifi card11:01
nodieI'd to rmmod ath9k for loading it, and after checking that no wlanX appeared I rmmod iwlwifi and reload ath9k (this is how I'm connected now)11:01
samyblazemore it's a adaptec 1220sa, configured with 2x500gb raid011:02
samyon windows 0 problems... on any live cd with linux... other dist.. i see the raid.. but.. i installed ubuntu studio and i dont see the raid11:03
blazemoresamy: So you have already built the .img package for the driver?11:03
itamoshi guys. I have a problem starting up a daemon11:03
samyi download 1 for red hat or suse...11:04
samybut all files are .img11:04
itamosafter installing it with apt-get install, it is loaded correctly. Running /etc/init.d/daemon_name start|stop also works fine. After rebooting, the daemon will not load. The error I get is: chroot: no such file or directory.11:05
samyi dont know the img files11:06
itamosRunning apt-get remove and apt-get install again, loads the daemon.11:06
blazemoreNot sure if that card is supported at all, samy11:07
T3Xcan i print the time next to each output in my bash script?11:17
blazemoreYes T3X for example, to get the same prompt as me do "export PS1=\[\033[0;34m\][$(date +%H:%M)][\u:\w]\$ \[\033[0m\]"11:17
blazemoreLooks like [12:18][rory:~]$11:18
blazemoreT3X: http://www.kirsle.net/wizards/ps1.html11:19
T3Xblazemore: will go through and get back to you11:20
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makarahi. In Nautilus, how can I disable—what I can only describe as the 'statusbar'. It jumps out of the way of the mouse, but with long filenames it has nowhere to go, and it obscures the last file in the list.11:25
jpdsmakara: Tool-tip pop-up of the selected file? Don't think you can.11:27
makarajpds, yes11:29
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=== fego is now known as Guest17283
dannymichelHow can i search my whole hardrive for a folder called 'backup' using the terminal?11:41
dannymichelfind / -name 'backup' -type d?11:42
ikonia_dannymichel: or use the gui11:43
dannymichelthat command searched recursively11:45
theadmindannymichel: That'll do. Best to also add 2>/dev/null to it as that command will also search /dev, /proc and that'll fire a bunch of permission errors11:45
dannymichelI'm using ssh bro11:45
ikonia_dannymichel: yes it will11:45
ikonia_I'm not your "bro"11:45
ikonia_theadmin: super tip11:45
mumpitzelikonia_: can you be my sis then? :)11:45
=== ikonia_ is now known as ikonia
ikoniamumpitzel: or you could stop calling me stupid names11:45
dannymichelwasnt talking to you ikonia11:46
ikoniadannymichel: who where you talking to11:46
ikoniaas I am the only one that had responded11:46
MagicarpI used to use a PS/2 mouse but tried out one of my other mice via USB. Now when I used my PS/2 mouse the cursor just won't move.11:46
ikoniathats odd as you responded before the admin had typed, but not to worry11:46
auronandaceikonia: you must have had a bit of lag11:47
dannymichelthanks theadmin11:47
ikoniadannymichel: why are you telling him you're using ssh - he's given you a command for ssh, he knows your using ssh11:47
BluesKajHi all11:55
christophorosHello i am using Alienware 17x R3 and it has 2 graphics card 1 intel intergrated and 1 more ATI 2GB . how can i configure them and use the ATI graphic card  instead of the intel one ? :) thanks11:56
adamkchristophoros: The proprietary AMD driver (catalyst/fglrx) supports hybrid graphics on some laptops. Your best bet is to install the driver and see if it works.11:57
theadminchristophoros: If you have the propretiary ATI drivers, just go to the AMD Control Panel and set the card you want to use11:58
theadminchristophoros: Have no idea how to do it with the open ones though11:58
adamkThe open source drivers don't support hybrid graphics yet.11:58
theadminSwitchable graphics are a pain on any system for me :/11:58
christophorosow:( so i shall return to windows if i dont make it :(\11:58
numHello! Does anyone have experience with libtorrent for python?11:59
ikoniathe descreet graphics cards are a failure on the open platforms sadly11:59
theadminchristophoros: Not really a problem, open the extra drivers tool and search for the ATI ones11:59
theadminchristophoros: Either in System Settings -> Additional Drivers or, in 12.10 and up, System Settings -> Software & Updates -> Additional Drivers12:00
adamkThere is a good chance it won't work.  I'd say it's about 50/50.12:00
theadminadamk: The AMD support has seen quite a few improvements over the recent years I would say, although honestly it's still on the starting stage12:01
adamkYes, it has, but it12:01
adamkBut support for hybrid graphics is still very iffy.12:02
christophorosin Additional drivers i can see my ATI12:02
companionnum, ask your question they will answer12:02
companionUbuntu is a part of prism! Go install Windows!12:02
companionwrong chan <.>12:02
krabadorcompanion, shut up and go away12:02
companion!topic krabador12:02
companion!ontopic krabador12:03
companiondamn bot >.<12:03
theadmin!botabuse > companion12:03
ubottucompanion, please see my private message12:03
auronandacecompanion: you need the pipe |12:03
christophoros<theadmin> let me give u my screenshoot .. give me a sec to upload it on an uploader12:03
companionthanks for the highlights going back to work <.>12:03
theadminchristophoros: If you can see it, then just click "Activate", wait for the install to finish (can take a while) and then reboot12:04
numThis is what a python implementation of libtorrent looks like: http://www.rasterbar.com/products/libtorrent/python_binding.html . The following is a C++ method which I want to use in the python version: session::set_max_connections() . How do I set the max connections? , companion12:04
auronandacenum: probably best asked in #python12:05
companionnum, just ask your question without highlighting me :-*12:05
christophoros<theadmin>  http://img850.imageshack.us/img850/7913/qr44.png12:08
christophoros<theadmin> whitch from the 3 of them shall i choose ?12:08
theadminchristophoros: The current setting looks okay, actually12:08
theadminchristophoros: Just reboot (if you changed it) and then find the AMD control center in the dash12:09
christophoros<theadmin> so the pc now is using the ATI one ? how can see that ?12:09
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SiebjeeDoes any one know if you can see which data is going into /dev/null ?12:16
marzHi, where can I change my Grub2 menu? Tried opening /etc/grub.d but it doesn't show anything that would seem its menu12:16
theadminSiebjee: ...Uh, no. That's kind of the point of /dev/null.12:16
Siebjeetheadmin, i know, but still am wondering how much output my application is writing to the blackhole without restarting it12:17
japrohi, any pointers to what would be good to use to convert pdf slides to a stack of png images?12:17
Siebjeemarz, have you checked /etc/default/grub ?12:17
marzSiebjee: Yes, no menu items either12:18
japronvm, convert does a good job at it it seems12:19
Siebjeemarz, what is the thing you want to accomplish ?12:19
meethey. I was trying to install flash plugin using instructions on ubuntugeek.com. after some time it got stuck while downloading some .tar.gz file. So I cancelled it. Now everytime I try to install something error comes up. how do I cancel this operation entirely? I dont want to apt-get install -f or dpkg configure -a12:20
marzI want to change the menu of my Grub. In the training video that I'm watching, it says I can change it on /boot/grub/menu.lst I googled it and found out that Ubuntu has it on /etc/default/grub or /etc/grub.d12:20
marzSiebjee: I want to change the menu of my Grub. In the training video that I'm watching, it says I can change it on /boot/grub/menu.lst I googled it and found out that Ubuntu has it on /etc/default/grub or /etc/grub.d12:20
Siebjeemarz, most of the configuration of grub2 is located in either /etc/grub.d/ or /etc/default/grub12:20
Siebjeemarz, that is the old style of grub (grub1)12:21
marzSiebjee: my grub2 menu contains an item that says "Older Version of Linux" does that mean that there is an older version of Linux installed onto it?12:21
mumpitzelmarz: what do you want to change?12:21
Siebjeemarz, yes, older versions of your kernel12:21
marzSiebjee: How do I remove it?12:21
Siebjeemarz, to remove them from the menu remove them from the client12:22
Siebjeemarz, apt-get remove <old kernel version>12:22
Siebjeemarz, http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/17787/clean-up-the-new-ubuntu-grub2-boot-menu/ or follow this howto12:22
marzSiebjee: How do I now what version that it?12:23
Siebjeemarz, gui or cli version ?12:23
Siebjeemarz, current kernel you are running on (uname -a)12:23
Siebjeein the terminal that is12:23
Siebjeeuname -r even12:24
Siebjeewould print something like '2.6.32-5-amd64'12:24
marzSiebjee: its 3.5.0-36, how do I know what version that older version is? It doesn't list on the grub2 menu12:24
marzSiebjee: It only says, Older Version of Linux12:24
Siebjeemarz, dpkg --list |grep linux-image12:24
Siebjeemarz, that will give you a list of all installed linux images12:25
Siebjeeremove anyother that you are not running on12:25
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marzSiebjee: It shows 412:26
Siebjeemarz, one of them is linux-image-3.5.0-3612:26
Siebjeeor something like ti12:26
Siebjeeit *12:26
marzSiebjee: How do I remove the others?12:27
marzSiebjee: i'm sorry, I'm a total noob, hehe12:27
Siebjeeapt-get remove linux-image-<version> as dpkg has shown you12:27
Siebjeemarz, no worries mate :) we all had to start from there ;)12:27
theadminmarz: Run this, it will remove all the kernels except your current one: dpkg -l 'linux-*' | sed '/^ii/!d;/'"$(uname -r | sed "s/\(.*\)-\([^0-9]\+\)/\1/")"'/d;s/^[^ ]* [^ ]* \([^ ]*\).*/\1/;/[0-9]/!d' | xargs sudo apt-get -y purge12:27
Siebjeetheadmin, howly crap =D that should do the trick indeed :)12:28
SiebjeeNot that much of a regex person my self :)12:29
marztheadmin: W0W! I don't understand that at all. Is that what they call bash scripting?12:29
Siebjeemarz, yes12:29
Siebjeeone-liner to be more precise :p12:29
Siebjeebut it does the trick for ya12:29
varunsklooking for ubuntu ARM project in live mode12:29
theadminmarz: Well, yes -- sed uses regular expressions which is quite evil. That's probably not the best way to get the names out, but eh, it works12:30
Siebjeetheadmin, nicely build though :)12:31
Siebjeemarz, why do you actually want to remove your older kernels ?12:31
theadminSiebjee: Well, that should go to whoever made up that command, I just found it on some sort of blog or forum or somethings.12:31
auronandace!arm | varunsk12:31
ubottuvarunsk: ARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.12:31
Siebjeemarz, you can just disable the entire chainload in grub and or put the menu timeout to 012:31
Siebjeetheadmin, nicely found then :) kudo's to him / her12:32
varunskanybody knows about bringing back an uninstalled cryptkeeper to decrypt a folder ?12:32
marzSiebjee: I just want to remove entries from Grub2 menu12:32
Siebjeemarz, normally there is no need for that. They don't use that much resources. In fact only some disk space. Which usually is no problem at all12:33
marzSiebjee: I just want to know how it's done12:33
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Siebjeemarz, fair enough :), just pointing it out12:33
varunskget  to grub conf file12:34
marzSiebjee: Isn't there any configuration files that I can open and change the list from there?12:34
theadminmarz: Well, in Ubuntu, GRUB detects kernels automatically and builds the resulting config from that. So in general, not really12:35
auronandacemarz: /etc/default/grub and /etc/grub.d/12:35
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theadminmarz: I mean, that part of the config is just scripts responsible for finding the kernels12:35
WhiteSupremacistGreetings, fellow inferior human beings. Will using Linux in the form of Ubuntu help with stability in critical scenarios, especially as regards my new, completely digital gas chambers?12:36
marztheadmin: Oh, I see, so I really can't manually control what items will be listed on the GRUB2 menu then12:36
marzauronandace: I tried checking both files12:36
auronandacemarz: any alterations to them should be followed by update-grub12:37
Siebjeemarz, Quote: I really can't manually control what items will be listed on the GRUB2 menu then, < Yep thats correct. Unless you uninstall your old kernels12:37
marzSiebjee: Oh, that's the answer I was looking for. Hehehe12:38
Siebjeemarz, :)12:38
=== peter is now known as Guest99170
marzSiebjee: See, I'm currentyl watching a video from CBT Nuggets about Linux, and I think its using the older version of GRUB where you can edit it in /boot/grub/menu.lst, and in the file is a list of items that you can modify to add or delete items from the grub menu12:39
Siebjeemarz, with grub1 you had a menu.lst which was quite easier. But since grub2 this has been removed, and automated.12:39
Siebjeemarz, that is indeed the older grub version12:40
Siebjeequite confusing in the beginning12:40
theadminSiebjee: Actually, Ubuntu has been using autodetection mechanisms for quite a while even back when GRUB 1 was around.12:40
marzSiebjee: Well, thanks for the help mate. I'll be back for more. That's for sure . . . hahahaha12:41
Siebjeetheadmin, i came around at the grub2 area12:41
auronandacemarz: the file grub2 uses is grub.cfg which gets generated from the scripts in /etc/grub.d/12:41
Siebjeemarz, You're welcome :)12:41
marzauronandace: Oh okay, you edit /etc/grub.d/ then do a update-grub to refresh or update the scripts generated in grub.cfg12:42
marzSiebjee: By they way, can I ask for tips on how to get proficient in Ubuntu?12:43
Hejkkihello. i am trying to get uShare to work. if i add a folder with mp3's or video files, any type, i will get a segfault, core dumped.12:43
Hejkkiit works only with an empty folder12:43
auronandacemarz: get proficient in ubuntu is rather vague, what exactly do you have in mind?12:44
marzauronandace: Just be able to do anything I like similar to Windows12:44
auronandace!manual | marz12:44
ubottumarz: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/12:44
marzauronandace: I'll bookmark that one. Thanks ;_12:45
theadminmarz: You can't do anything you like in Windows, you can only do what Microsoft likes ;)12:45
MonkeyDustmarz  try this http://mybroadband.co.za/news/software/32474-a-windows-users-guide-to-linux.html and this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwitchingToUbuntu/FromWindows12:45
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marztheadmin: I was expecting that kind of an answer. Hahaha12:45
nnyk_marz: and you sure got it...:D12:46
marznnyk: Good Thing steam already supports Linux. Hehehe12:47
=== kcristiano_ is now known as kcrist
theadminmarz: Well, Steam worked rather okayish even before it had a Linux version, actually :)12:48
mayankmadancan anyone help me with setting up nginx12:50
julianwaHi, I just upgrade to raring and found unity not work any more. anyone can help?12:50
marztheadmin: I'm just glad we now have a full blown support from Steam. :D12:50
marztheadmine: That kinda sounds like I'm part of the ubuntu developer. lol!12:51
jgcampbell300I have a fresh build of ubuntu 12 server and am looking for a very good guide to installing Zabbix as a network monitor ... or suggestions of better software12:51
theadminmarz: Yesh. Hope they port Portal 2 soon12:51
MonkeyDustmarz  I saved this Freenode quote a few months ago: "you won't get a system that behaves the same way as a windows system.. linux has its own advantages and disadvantages.. you just learn to live with a different set of annoying things =)"12:52
marzMonkeyDust: True that! :D12:52
quetzakubica1Hello, how can I list all usb ports on my machine? active12:56
Mave`tsquetzakubica1: lsusb12:56
=== Mave`ts is now known as mavensk
mayankmadani cant install less using npm12:57
mayankmadanit gives me a bunch of errors12:57
mayankmadancan any one help?12:57
blazemoremayankmadan: Put the errors in http://paste.ubuntu.com12:57
quetzakubica1Mave`ts:  but I dont see names of usb ports. Like /dev/ttyUSB012:58
auronandacemayankmadan: surely less is already installed12:58
mayankmadanblazemore: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5858342/13:03
blazemoremayankmadan: Is that a Ruby thing?13:04
blazemoreFrom the looks of that error, you need to update npm. What version of Ubuntu are you on?13:05
blazemore"Not compatible with your version of node/npm"13:05
mayankmadanblazemore: less is a js library for dynamic stylesheets13:06
mayankmadanim on 13.0413:06
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auronandace!uefi | SwashBuckla13:07
ubottuSwashBuckla: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI13:07
blazemoremayankmadan: did you install with sudo npm install -g less13:07
blazemoremayankmadan: sudo apt-get install node-less13:08
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hidn_shadowsRunning 12.04, and it appears my power management software (or perhaps firmware) is fried. Occasionally my laptop will be plugged in, and the line-in light is on, but the battery won't charge, and will eventually die. I thought it was my PEM or battery, but the battery starts charging as soon as I turn off my laptop. How should I go about testing this?13:20
auronandacehidn_shadows: if you get the same results from windows then you may want to ask in #hardware13:22
hidn_shadowsauronandace, It might be a few days until I can try Windows, anything I can do to test in the mean time?13:23
=== minilyn is now known as lyntoo
auronandacehidn_shadows: not sure sorry13:24
SwashBucklagoddamn you evil UEFI13:33
SwashBucklaah well. I will buy my laptops in the future, not mummy and daddy13:33
nic013good evening! is anyone here using LINE (powered by NAVER)??? can someone please help me get LINE running in my laptop? I'm using ubuntu 12.10 quantal13:34
blazemore!wine | nic01313:34
ubottunic013: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu13:34
blazemorenic013: http://solutions4linux.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/line-messenger-under-ubuntu-1204-with.html13:34
nic013thanks! gonna check that out13:35
blazemoreNo problem, good luck13:35
elijahI have two repos added for 'nuvolaplayer' one for stable,one for beta. How can I force an install of the beta version?13:36
marcoceppielijah: it should install which ever version number is highest13:36
marcoceppielijah: what repos did you add?13:36
j_wolf1quick question...I just reset my passwd on my ubuntu box by restarting, dropping to root shell, typing in passwd <username> and then entering in the password twice. It said it saved correctly. per the instructions I was following, I typed sync, then reboot -f. now when I try to log in, I type the password, it drops to a quick shot of the shell, then back to the login screen...it's not letting me log in...anyone know where I went wrong?13:36
j_wolf1I followed these instructions: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/linux/reset-your-forgotten-ubuntu-password-in-2-minutes-or-less/13:37
blazemorej_wolf1: Check what session it's set to log you into13:38
rajrajwhich package or script is good for connecting usb modem in ubuntu 12.1013:38
elijahmarcoceppi: ppa:nuvola-player-builders/beta && ppa:nuvola-player-builders/stable13:38
j_wolf1blazemore: elaborate?13:38
blazemorej_wolf1: On the login screen, what does the Session Chooser say? http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/session-chooser.jpg13:39
marcoceppielijah: the packages are identical in both repositories13:39
elijahmarcoceppi: From what I am seeing they both have the same build for Raring13:39
marcoceppielijah: correct13:39
elijahmarcoceppi: lol, thanks for verifying13:39
marcoceppielijah: heh, no problem :)13:40
occim looking at laptops, some have touchscreens..... does ubuntu have any compatibility problems with toucscreen laptops? or it will work fine and will ubuntu will just ignore touchscreen input13:40
elijahLooks like unstable has something different13:40
nic013@blazemore dude what is p7zip-full?13:40
ctcbI'm a little bit confused right now.13:41
occi know ubuntu dosnt have touchscreen support, i just wondered if maybe touchscreens require some weird driver ubuntu might not have..... but then i guess it all comes down to the graphics card maybe? if that is the middle man that handles everything13:41
SwashBucklaoh gad13:41
elijahmarcoceppi: okay, now it is picking the unstable version after I added that repo13:41
SwashBucklawish I didn't have only this UEFI laptop13:41
SwashBucklano more linux13:41
ctcb...Is BrainStorm dead?13:41
elijahmarcoceppi: How would I revert back to stable if it is no good?13:41
j_wolf1blazemore: it looks like I have only two options. ubuntu and ubuntu 2D. this is ubuntu 12.04 with a only a few updates (not actively used)13:42
marcoceppielijah: remove the unstable ppa, then sudo apt-get install nuvolaplayer. It'll install "upgrade" the version with what it knows13:42
marcoceppieven if that means downgrading13:42
ctcbFor some reason http://Brainstorm.Ubuntu.com redirects to http://Community.Ubuntu.com13:43
cragdorHello all13:43
=== skirge1 is now known as skirge
elijahmarcoceppi: gotcha, that will work, thanks much!13:44
kostkonctcb, it is13:44
marcoceppictcb: I believe it was shutdown13:44
* marcoceppi looks for post13:44
rajrajwhich software/package/script is good for connecting usb modems in ubuntu12.1013:44
ctcbHow do I give my ideas to the community now? :(13:44
marcoceppictcb: there's a whole blog post on it, one second. tl;dr; no one really listend to brainstorm - it was a failed expierement13:45
cragdorIs this the correct place to talk about a bug? More specific a bug raised in 2006 that still inflicts brand new hardware resulting in an unusable system?13:45
ctcbmarcoceppi: Okay, where do I give my suggestions for Ubuntu 13.10/14.04?13:46
marcoceppictcb: mailing lists13:46
MonkeyDustctcb  1313:46
ctcbLast time I tried mailing lists, I was getting hundreds of Ubuntu Emails per day.13:47
MonkeyDustctcb  13.10 is supported in #ubuntu+113:47
marcoceppictcb: http://community.ubuntu.com/contribute/13:47
marcoceppictcb: http://www.jorgecastro.org/2013/05/15/brainstorm-does-not-make-sense-in-the-age-of-virtual-uds/13:48
marcoceppictcb: Join the next Virtual UDS and discuss your ideas there, forums, mailing list, irc. Essentially any other venue13:48
MonkeyDustbrainstorm is no more13:49
ctcbPart of me feels that without Brainstorm, Ubuntu seems Closed Source to those who do not have the ability to code for it. I always felt Brainstorm was there for people who weren't coding on it to give their suggestions for what they want to see in a simple way.13:49
simpleuserHello there. My EEEpc is a bit hot (70°) and it's very unconfortable. I don't have this problem on Windows. I already have installed bumblebee to disable my nvidia card. But i don't know what to do next... It seems fans are not working.13:50
OerHeksctcb it was a nice project, true.13:50
marcoceppictcb: to be honest, as it's discussed in the post, the people who could inflict change in the system never really watched brainstorm. Thereby it was a false sense of contribution. If you want to get your ideas in to the system you need to write them yourself or talk about them where the people making the changes live13:51
simpleuserI also have installed jupiter. And i'm under On Demand mode.13:51
marcoceppictcb: this is mailing lists, irc, forums, etc13:51
ctcbmarcoceppi, Which IRC should I be joining?13:52
marcoceppiDepends on what you're interested in, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList13:53
j_wolf1followup question...so I changed the password on my ubuntu following these steps: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/linux/reset-your-forgotten-ubuntu-password-in-2-minutes-or-less/...I am not able to log-in via gui...but I can SSH into it using the password that I changed it too. I just logged into guest for the time being...but this is very perplexing to me13:53
ctcbRight now, I have an idea for Ubuntu Terminal.13:53
MonkeyDustctcb  try the idea here, maybe it already exists13:54
hidn_shadowssimpleuser have you checked the Repos and made sure there aren't any necessary packages for advanced hardware use for the EEEpc? I can't remember if there are or not13:54
ctcbMonkeyDust, I already know what I want doesn't exist.13:54
marcoceppij_wolf1: try resetting the password again from ssh, then log in13:54
blazemorectcb: What is it?13:55
j_wolf1marcoceppi: s'alight13:55
MonkeyDustctcb  or try in #ubuntu-offtopic, as this channel is for support13:55
roshI have both JDK6, and OpenJDK-7 installed in Ubuntu 12.04. `java -version' shows it's using "OpenJDK 7u21" version while `javac -version' gives me "javac 1.6.0_27" .. how can i fix that?13:55
marcoceppictcb: if it's for the Terminal application, try talking about it in #ubuntu-desktop, #ubuntu-offtopic, #ubuntu-discuss, #ubuntu-app-devel13:55
marcoceppiAlso, gnome-terminal is maintained upstream, so you could try tracking down their bug tracker/mailing list/irc channel and getting it in there13:56
blazemorerosh: sudo update-alternatives --config java13:56
simpleuserhidn_shadows, it seems there's not any :-/13:56
roshblazemore, let me see13:57
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j_wolf1marcoceppi: changed it via ssh to no avail...guess I'll try a reboot13:57
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marcoceppij_wolf1: that's odd, sometimes there's an issue unlocking the gnome-keyring but it shouldn't prevent you from logging in (just makes you type your password in a few times)13:57
vlad_starkovQuestion: Anyone know how to deal with vsftpd ssl/tls issue "I/O Error: Connection failed. Unsupported record version Unknown-48.48." ?13:58
roshblazemore, It was `sudo update-alternatives --config javac' .. Thanks. :)13:58
Sergio965Hi! Can anybody offer some help on using QEMU under XFCE? Each time QEMU captures my mouse, I can't release it using the key combination. This only happens in XFCE. If I switch to Gnome, all works as expected.13:59
blazemoreSergio965: Check the XFCE settings, there's probably a keybinding there which is takng precedence14:00
j_wolf1marcoceppi: hmmm...yea I changed it again via ssh and rebooted...still won't let me in. I'll try an update...hasn't been updated in awhile14:01
nimdAHKCan I get KDE-resizing (with alt+rightclick) in Cinnamon?14:01
afidegnumeuh, how do I find stings "stringname"in a directory of scripts using either find or grep?14:03
Sergio965blazemore: Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a shortcut with the key combination (<Control><Alt>), but there are many that use the combination (<C>A<>d, <C><A>left, etc.)14:03
dr_hail guys14:03
blazemoreafidegnum: grep stringname *14:03
dr_im new buntufan14:03
afidegnumoh, is that all?14:04
blazemoreSergio965: Can you change the keybinding in qemu?14:04
blazemoreyes afidegnum14:04
Sergio965blazemore: Looking into that now.14:04
blazemoreafidegnum: If you want it to go down into subdirectories do "find . -type f | xargs grep stringname"14:04
dr_got prob..any1 help..bout wifi in buntu ...cnnot work14:05
blazemoredr_: What version of Ubuntu are you using? And what wireless hardware do you have?14:05
Dalek-CaanHello all! Is this the channel where people can request assistance for Ubuntu?14:06
blazemoreYes Dalek-Caan14:06
mumpitzeldr_: either or, can't be both. pastebin the output of lspci -nn maybe14:06
Dalek-CaanThanks blazemore !14:06
lllsondowlllHello friends, I was here last time with a problem with the fglrx drivers having choppy audio. I fixed this by using AMDOverdriveCfg and setting the idle RAM to a higher clock. Now I'm on to one last issue I am having with Ubuntu. I dual boot Ubuntu and Windows and it seems after switching from windows my reciever has an insane scroll speed. Is there a way to calm down the mouse wheel without unplugging / plugging it back in af14:06
dr_wat shoul i do??14:06
blazemoredr_: Can you please post the output of running the command "lspci -nn" onto http://paste.ubuntu.com14:07
Dalek-CaanI seem to be having some issues since I got rid of Windows Server 2008 R2 yesterday and installed Ubuntu, one of my harddrives won't mount whatsoever and I tried Ubuntu in the past, but only to play around, so not sure what to do right now.14:07
blazemoreDalek-Caan: Please can you post the output of running "sudo fdisk -l; mount" onto http://paste.ubuntu.com14:08
dr_k..but im slow..still panic wit buntu14:08
blazemoreIt's OK dr_ I'm here for another 2.5 hours14:09
Dalek-CaanOkay, blazemore ; http://paste.ubuntu.com/5858496/14:10
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dr_now im in window...in buntu cnnot connect any wifi i got around me.14:10
blazemoreOK Dalek-Caan which drive is not mounting?14:10
Dalek-CaanI called it  "Data 2"14:10
blazemoredr_: Can you connect with a cable temporarily?14:10
Dalek-CaanPhysically it is identical to the one that did mount.14:11
blazemoreDalek-Caan: I can see there's something mounted on /media/raymond/Data\ 114:11
Dalek-CaanI will copy what it says when I try to access the drive, one moment.14:11
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occi want to install ubuntu 12.04 on an aspire s7 which has "2 SSDs arranged in a RAID 0 configuration...the SSD is actually one physical mSATA card that appears to the computer's operating system and BIOS as two distinct physical drives." i read somewhere that someone had to go into live cd and run some strange commands to fix the setup (maybe to do with raid).... is this still true? or i should be able to just install ubuntu  o14:12
occn either one of the SSDs and it will book ok?14:12
VecHey guys, i need some help here. Im pretty baffled.14:13
blazemoreocc: http://njhurst.com/blog/0136021526414:13
blazemore!ask | vec14:13
ubottuvec: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:13
Rav3n00wheya, is anyone able to upgrade ajenti on ubuntu server ?14:13
blazemoreRav3n00w: Are you getting an error?14:14
Rav3n00wblazemore: i can t upgrade it14:14
VecEvery time i reboot, my 2nd HDD switches between being called "sdb5" and "sdc5", it alternates between those name EVERY single time i reboot. What gives? u..u14:14
blazemoreocc: Do that from the LiveCD, before you install14:14
blazemoredr_: where?14:14
Dalek-Caanblazemore,  this is what I get, when I go to the drive (clicking on the icon in the sidebar does not even show this, or anything, it does nothing visible): http://paste.ubuntu.com/5858501/14:14
mumpitzelVec: use labels or UUID. no need to use the device names14:14
Rav3n00wblazemore: i ve installed it , 0.6....., but want to test the 1.0 version and get errors when using the git repo14:15
Vecmumpitzel: sure, but still it should not behave like this...14:15
lllsondowlllI dual boot Ubuntu and Windows and it seems after switching from windows my reciever has an insane scroll speed. Is there a way to calm down the mouse wheel without unplugging / plugging it back in after each reboot?14:15
occok blaze thanks. hopefully it will work. but i havnt bought the laptop yet. it is £900. maybe ill get another model which i will be more certain will work14:15
blazemoredr_: Can I please have the link?14:15
marcoceppiVec: there's no guarentee when a disk will be read. Esp. if they're attached in parallel and not serially14:15
marcoceppiVec: that's why we have labels and UUID14:16
mhrI am not able to use sudo command with only user that I have as it says <user> is not in sudoers list. I tried editing sudoers file with visudo but it also needs sudo and gives same message. How can I solve this without creating a new user?14:16
blazemoredr_: After you submit it, copy the link from the address bar14:16
Vecmarcoceppi: Sure i can get fstab to work through uuid, but it seems incredibly weird and not how it should work. On my previous install that disk was called /dev/sdb5 all day every day14:16
blazemoreDalek-Caan: The output of "fdisk -l" on your system shows that "/dev/sdb1" doesn't exist14:16
blazemoreDalek-Caan: But you are trying to mount it14:17
Dalek-CaanDalek-Caan, But I do have 2 data disks, that are both 500 GB14:17
Dalek-Caanblazemore, *14:17
marcoceppimhr: You'll need to drop in to single (repair) console from the GRUB screen then add your user to the admin group14:17
blazemoreDalek-Caan: According to fdisk -l you have something called a "SFS" partition on /dev/sdb1 - is that something that sounds familar?14:18
marcoceppimhr: sorry, sudo group. Not admin14:18
mhrmarcoceppi, which option should I use14:18
Vecmarcoceppi: Basically u are advising me not to care about it and use uuid?14:18
marcoceppiVec: yes14:18
Vecmarcoceppi: Ok, you sure its not some indicator of something being fundamentally wrong?14:18
marcoceppimhr: http://askubuntu.com/questions/92556/how-do-i-boot-into-a-root-shell then run `adduser -aG sudo <username>` reboot14:18
blazemoredr_: Go to http://paste.ubuntu.com - paste your error message and click "Paste". Then copy and paste the link which will look somethng like http://paste.ubuntu.com/1234567814:18
Dalek-Caanblazemore, I'm not sure, because all I did was; let the live-disk use the "C:" harddisk that had Windows server on it and not change the other 2 disks.14:19
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MonkeyDustVec  uuid is the name used in fstab, it's very easy14:19
Dalek-Caanblazemore, So that Windows Server would be replaced on the 160GB harddisk and I'd have 2 data harddisks to work on.14:19
blazemoreDalek-Caan: Can you please pastebin me the contents of the file "/etc/fstab" ?14:19
VecMonkeyDust: Sure i get that. What i dont get is WHY in the world should the OS behave like this.14:19
blazemoreVec: the "/dev/sdxn" system is very old14:20
lllsondowlllI dual boot Ubuntu and Windows and it seems after switching from windows my reciever has an insane scroll speed. Is there a way to calm down the mouse wheel without unplugging / plugging it back in after each reboot?14:20
MonkeyDustVec  havent followed, what's the issue14:20
VecMonkeyDust: Especially since it was consistent on previous isntall14:20
blazemoreVec: You happened to be lucky14:20
VecMonkeyDust: disk2 name alternates EVERY reboot.14:20
Vecblazemore: Stuff nots supposed to be random :p14:20
marcoceppiVec: When I connect multiple disks via USB and a USB drive and reboot, the order is almost never the same. It just depends on when the kernel and disk device respond14:20
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blazemoreI don't understand why you can't use UUIDs?14:20
Vecmarcoceppi: Its SATA tho14:20
mumpitzelVec: or labels14:21
blazemoreThat's exactly what they were introduced for14:21
MonkeyDustVec  and is that disk named in /etc/fstab ?14:21
mumpitzelVec: with race conditions it is14:21
Vecblazemore: I can, will and do. Its just really annoying that it changes name for 0 reason.14:21
blazemoreThis is precicely the reason /dev/sdXN was phased out14:21
VecMonkeyDust: At this point i use /dev/sd*, but ill change to uuid now.14:21
Dalek-Caanblazemore, How do I do this? Sorry, kind of new to the Linux world.14:21
dr_look...that prob when i use/try connet wifi in buntu...now i in window...but i think,no error massage in there....only cnnot connect wit other wifi...always dc...no massage eroror....just need fill password wifi...even i fill already14:21
MonkeyDustVec  good, the advice you got here was correct14:21
marcoceppiVec: same thing. It's not indicative of an issue, it's Linux working as expected. Making sure disk devices have a unique dev point. To properly mount the disk in fstab use UUID or labels14:21
blazemoredr_: I can't help you if you won't do what I ask14:22
blazemoredr_: I've asked you clearly and repeatedly but I'll do so one more time14:22
Vecmarcoceppi, blazemore, MonkeyDust: Ok, i read you clearly. Thanks, will use UUID now and be satisfied with the fact that nothing is horribly wrong ^^14:22
marcoceppiVec: cheers :)14:22
dr_but its easy connect wifi when i in window....14:22
lllsondowlllIs anyone available?14:22
blazemoredr_: Go to http://paste.ubuntu.com - paste the output of "lspci -nn" and click "Paste". Then copy and paste the link which will look somethng like http://paste.ubuntu.com/1234567814:23
ubottulllsondowlll,: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:23
marcoceppi!ask | lllsondowlll14:23
ubottulllsondowlll: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:23
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/14:23
nimdAHKCan I get KDE-resizing (with alt+rightclick) in Cinnamon?14:23
Rav3n00wdoes anyone here uses ajenti 1.0 ? can help me upgrade it please!14:23
cfhowlettnimdAHK, cinnamon isn't supported here.  ask the mint folk14:24
mhrmarcoceppi, I dont know why but at the time when it should show me the grub menu, The monitor(screen) shows me "OUT OF RANGE\n 92.4kHz / 58Hz" in a rectangle. what should I do?14:24
MonkeyDustRav3n00w  it's not in the repos, if you installed it with a PPA, contact the maintainer14:24
lllsondowlllI dual boot Ubuntu and Windows and it seems after switching from windows my reciever has an insane scroll speed. Is there a way to calm down the mouse wheel without unplugging / plugging it back in after each reboot?14:24
MonkeyDustcfhowlett  however, cinnamon is in the 13.10 repos, i have it installed (but don't use it)14:25
cfhowlettlllsondowlll, this is on bluetooth14:25
cfhowlettMonkeyDust, eh, what?  OK.  Hush my mouth and good to know!14:25
lllsondowlllThis is on an FM wireless reciever14:25
marcoceppimhr: your grub resolution is off, which is odd. Try this: http://askubuntu.com/a/161312/4114:26
marcoceppimhr: Doh, you can't use sudo.14:26
xjunioris there a channel for ubuntu unstable?14:26
MonkeyDustcfhowlett  i meant the 13.04 repos ^^^^14:26
MonkeyDustxjunior  13.10 is not stable as of yet, support in #ubuntu+114:26
lllsondowlllcfhowlett: Wireless reciever FM not bluetooth.14:27
cfhowlettlllsondowlll, sorry, no experience with FM ...14:27
lllsondowlllcfhowlett: Basically it is just the standard wireless reciever that comes with all wireless devices.14:27
xjuniorthanks, MonkeyDust14:28
Dalek-CaanIf it helps, blazemore, my 2nd DVD drive is also not found for some reason.. I simply don't see it.14:28
lllsondowlllcfhowlett: With that note for a moment lets just pretend it is not wireless and tackle the fact that the scrolling speed is too high is there a way to over ride this in ubuntu14:28
marcoceppimhr: what version of Ubuntu do you use?14:28
blazemoredr_: Go to http://paste.ubuntu.com - paste the output of "lspci -nn" and click "Paste". Then copy and paste the link which will look somethng like http://paste.ubuntu.com/1234567814:28
cfhowlettlllsondowlll, keypad/mouse settings have a speed option14:29
Dalek-CaanOh wait, apparently it just does not show up when it's empty.14:29
mhrmarcoceppi, I am using 12.04 desktop14:29
lllsondowlllcfhowlett: Nothing on scroll speed however.14:29
blazemoredr_: running "lspci -nn" did not give you that output14:29
cfhowlettlllsondowlll, ??? pretty sure but I'm on xubuntu.  YMMV14:29
marcoceppimhr: when the grub *should* appear, press down arrow once then enter. That should select the second option on the list which is the recovery mode kernel. It's basically trial and error shot in the dark approach but I'm nto sure how to get around grub now showing without having access to grub or sudo without using a live cd14:30
lllsondowlllcfhowlett: I am both on Unity and Cinnamon neither have the option for scroll speed just pointer and double click speed14:30
cfhowlettlllsondowlll, yep.  Mouse/Touchpad/Devices/Pointer Speed14:30
lllsondowlllcfhowlett: Pointer speed is not the same as scroll wheel?14:30
cfhowlettlllsondowlll, I'd be inclined to dispute that as it's such a basic setting option14:30
cfhowlettlllsondowlll, not the same.14:31
lllsondowlllcfhowlett: The scroll wheel setting is what I need. It jumps about.14:31
lllsondowlllcfhowlett: Using scroll wheel jumps the equivlent of using the page up/down buttons14:31
cfhowlettlllsondowlll, silly question; this thing has an actual physical wheel?  Which contact points you clean regularly, right?14:32
mhrmarcoceppi, I tried that before you answered but the out of range screen got stuck, probably waiting for some more input. I will try that again and let you know. thanks for your help.14:32
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lllsondowlllcfhowlett: Please don't take this wrong as I am not trying to be offensive in anyway, but I am in the IT field I have gone over basic troubleshooting. It behaves properly after disconnecting and reconnecting the device. I figure if I could find a setting for the speed I could perm over ride this mishap.14:33
Dalek-Caanlllsondowlll; I've had this on some older system under Firefox when I had "smooth scrolling" on, does this only happen to you in a browser?14:34
cfhowlettlllsondowlll, as I said, it was a silly question.  But point taken.14:34
dr_lspci -nn    ....wat it is????14:34
lllsondowlllcfhowlett: It happens in file browser, Chrome, Firefox, any general app.14:34
Dalek-CaanOh, that's not the same issue then I suppose.14:35
cfhowlettlllsondowlll, I'm going to have to punt on this question, but Dalek's "smooth scrolling" comment suggests a setting to investigate in mouse settings14:35
lllsondowlllcfhowlett: This is very frustrating as my computer is by my televesion and I have to get up and down each reboot to unplug / reset ut.14:35
Dalek-Caanblazemore; Could you still tell me how I can do what you said (not trying to sound impatient)14:35
Dalek-Caancfhowlett; Maybe something like Windows's "precise location pointer" ?14:36
MonkeyDustlllsondowlll  mousewheel sensitivity? you're not the first to ask, maybe you find a setting in dconf14:36
Dalek-CaanSorry for my English btw.14:36
cfhowlettlllsondowlll, wish I could help.  Restate the query in the cannel.  Most folks here are smarter than I about such things14:36
blazemoreDalek-Caan: Do you need the data on your disks?14:37
nimdAHKDalek-Caan: open a terminal14:37
nimdAHKtype cat /etc/fstab14:37
nimdAHKand paste that at a pastebin site14:37
nimdAHKunless I missed something14:37
Dalek-Caanblazemore; Actually, yes, I was just migrating this system to Ubuntu because I was having too much issues with Windows Server, but It has items of value on the harddisks.14:37
lllsondowlllMonkeyDust: Just unplugged it / plugged it back in and as of now scrolling is again normalized. I read online that this is a bug dating back to ubuntu 11 between dual boots. It has yet to be fixed.14:37
cfhowlettlllsondowlll, as most people are not on FM accessories, it probably won't see a fix ...14:38
dr_lspci -nn14:39
lllsondowlllcfhowlett: That's a very odd statement as anytime you buy a wireless kb/mouse it comes with a wifi reciever which is known as FM14:39
lllsondowlllcfhowlett: Very few mice and kb come with a bluetooth adapter in a retail setting.14:39
cfhowlettdorongutman, greetings14:39
lllsondowlllcfhowlett: This is a brand new combo purchased less than a half a year ago.14:40
dorongutmanhow can I send rsyslog entries to a remote server, but only entries logged to the LOCAL4 facility ?14:40
Dalek-CaanThis is what I get, blazemore, nimdAHK ; http://paste.ubuntu.com/5858583/14:40
dorongutman(as opposed to any entry)14:40
mahabalhey guys, is there a better "office" suite than libreoffice? my job has a timesheet we HAVE to use the macros to fill out, and libreoffice keeps telling me that it is not a valid input14:40
nimdAHKDalek-Caan: you might want ntfsprogs14:40
cfhowlettlllsondowlll, I meant only that the preference seems to be for bluetooth devices14:40
nimdAHKDalek-Caan: you could try ntfsfix in ntfsprogs14:40
mahabalis there a specific way to enter in a date in libre office? cause it tells me: 07/05/2013 isn't a friday14:40
Dalek-CaanLet me find ntfsprogs in the Software center, nimdAHK14:40
nimdAHKand you can try to mount it with ntfs-3g instead of mount14:41
nimdAHKi.e. sudo ntfs-3g -o force,rw /dev/<device name> /mountpoint14:41
cfhowlettmahabal, there's an option to set date styles in preferences or customizations14:41
lllsondowlllcfhowlett: The prefs seem to be equal for both bluetooth and standard wireless neither have a scroll wheel config.14:41
MonkeyDustlllsondowlll  "new" is relative nowadays, after 6 months14:41
Dalek-CaannimdAHK; I'm really new to this and not sure if I would be able to understand those commands.14:41
nimdAHKDalek-Caan: learn by doing :)14:41
nimdAHKman is your friend14:41
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blazemoreDalek-Caan: Do NOT "learn by doing" on your business-critical data!14:42
nimdAHKI'm assuming your drive is NTFS14:42
Dalek-CaannimdAHK; I would not mind if there was no important data on it.14:42
nimdAHKah ok14:42
nimdAHKwell then we have to be more careful14:42
blazemorenimdAHK: This is his fdisk -l and mount http://paste.ubuntu.com/5858496/14:42
blazemorenimdAHK: This is his error on mounting http://paste.ubuntu.com/5858501/14:43
blazemoreI haven't seen his fstab yet14:43
lllsondowlllMonkeyDust: I am aware the rate at which hardware evolves. However to this day if I were to order a wireless kb/mouse off of newegg or go to bestbuy the tech is still the same using wireless adapters. Bluetooth as efficent as it is, not everyone has it but newer laptops and even then for a desktop you must purchase the adapter seperately.14:43
Dalek-Caanhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/5858583/ < that is my fstab, blazemore14:43
blazemorety Dalek-Caan I mssed it earlier14:43
lllsondowlllMonkeyDust: I just believe since Ubuntu 11 that this should have been fixed.14:43
nimdAHKDalek-Caan: you don't seem to have a sdb2 at all14:43
nimdAHKdid you mean sdc1?14:44
Dalek-CaanI don't quite understand these terms, to be honest.14:44
lllsondowlllThanks for the help anyway guys! I'll try back if I don't figure it out myself14:44
pranayThis is my first time on IRC. I have little idea how this works. I needed some help though, my sudo iwlist scan gives "No scan results", everytime, no exception14:44
nimdAHKDalek-Caan: sd is the type of drive14:44
nimdAHKa, b, c, ... are physical drives14:44
nimdAHKand 1, 2, 3, ... are the partition numbers14:45
Dalek-CaanOh, I see, nimdAHK14:45
nimdAHKtry changing your mount command to point to /dev/sdc114:45
nimdAHKinstead of /dev/sdb214:45
Dalek-CaanHow do I do that, nimdAHK ?14:45
nimdAHKover here you pasted the output of a mount command14:46
nimdAHKuse the same command, but change sdb2 to sdc114:46
pranayCan anyone help me, please?14:46
nimdAHKheh, wrong bot14:47
nimdAHKdon't ask to ask, just ask, pranay14:47
nimdAHKDalek-Caan: where did you get that command?14:47
Dalek-CaannimdAHK; What do you mean, which command?14:48
nimdAHKthe mount command14:48
Dalek-CaanI'm not sure what you mean, what I did is "cat /etc/fstab"14:49
nimdAHKhow did you get http://paste.ubuntu.com/5858501/ ?14:49
Dalek-CaanIt shows up when I try to open the contents of "Data 2" which is my second data harddisk (the third harddisk in this system, internally) from "Files" or Explorer as I used to call it haha14:50
nimdAHKah ok14:50
Dalek-CaanIt does show the second harddisk as an icon in the left toolbar, but the button does not work though.14:51
mahabalthanks cfhowlett I'll look into it14:51
nimdAHKdo you have a root password, Dalek-Caan ?14:51
Dalek-CaanYes, I do, nimdAHK14:51
nimdAHKok, open up a terminal14:51
ravenany tool to "convert" a speech audio file into a textfile?14:52
cfhowlettraven,  you mean produce a transcript?14:52
Dalek-CaanWhat do I do next, nimdAHK ?14:53
nimdAHKDalek-Caan: I'm going to give you some commands. If you don't know them, google them, because a sudo command can be malicious14:53
Dalek-CaannimdAHK; Will do!14:53
nimdAHKmkdir "/media/raymond/Data 2"14:53
nimdAHKhmm, let's do it all as sudo. Type "su"14:54
=== Troy__ is now known as Troy^
Dalek-CaanIt says, "su: Authentication failure" nimdAHK14:55
nimdAHKdid you type the correct password?14:55
blazemoreDalek-Caan: use "sudo -s"14:55
ravencfhowlett, a transcript yes14:55
Dalek-CaanYes, it was the right password and what blazemore said, did work, I'm root now.14:56
nimdAHKmkdir "/media/raymond/Data 2"14:56
Dalek-CaanIt does not output anything, but I did press "Enter" so I assume it did create that direction?14:57
Dalek-CaanOkay, then it's done.14:57
cfhowlettraven I'm unaware of one.  that would entail speech recognition, transcription, etc.  I'm quite willing to be proven wrong however14:57
nimdAHKmount -t ntfs /dev/sdc1 "/media/raymond/Data 2"14:57
Dalek-CaannimdAHK; Mount is denied because the NTFS volume is already exclusively opened.14:58
Dalek-CaanThe volume may be already mounted, or another software may use it which14:58
Dalek-Caancould be identified for example by the help of the 'fuser' command.14:58
=== jr_ is now known as JackRelish
nimdAHKhuh, ok...14:58
Dalek-CaanShould I use fuser?14:59
nimdAHKwe'll umount it14:59
JackRelishDoes anyone have a thorough knowledge of tc that would mind explaining some things?14:59
nimdAHKDalek-Caan: umount /dev/sdc115:00
Dalek-CaanI'm assuming that is a typo, nimdAHK ?15:00
pranay_Can anyone help me with a wireless issue, iwlist scan gives "No scan results" everytime.15:00
nimdAHKDalek-Caan: don't run it yet, but umount is short for unmount15:01
Dalek-CaanOh, i did not know that. Was just assuring :)15:01
zipywhich backup software in ubuntu has otpions to mount images?15:01
Dalek-CaanBut I will wait, nimdAHK15:01
rhododendronhi, i'm stuck with an odd problem. i installed gnome-sudoku, and every time i start it the width of the window is wider than my display. I can change the height, but i cannot narrow the window, only make it even wider.15:02
antisober552Hi guys i looking for help with  my wifi card im running lubuntu and like one min wifi was working after a pc restart wifi not workng15:02
blazemoreantisober552: Do you have a hardware switch for wireless?15:02
nimdAHKDalek-Caan: df /dev/sdc115:02
antisober552No this is a dsktop and the card i have is a realtek 8185l15:03
aguitelwhy cannot view panoramia photos in google earth ?15:03
zipywhich backup software in ubuntu has otpions to mount images?15:03
nimdAHKDalek-Caan: that should show you where it's mounted15:03
Dalek-CaannimdAHK; Filesystem     1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on15:04
Dalek-Caan/dev/sdc1      488383484 410772748  77610736  85% /media/raymond/Data 115:04
antisober552Can u help15:04
nimdAHKalright, let's dismount it15:04
nimdAHKumount "/media/raymond/Data 1"15:04
Dalek-CaanBut that is "Data 1" just saying.15:05
nimdAHKoh wait15:05
Dalek-CaanI can access Data 115:05
nimdAHKwell then we have a bit of a problem15:05
blazemorenimdAHK: He has two identical drives but one has a weird flesystem on it15:05
nimdAHKyeah, what is that, squashFS?15:05
Dalek-Caan3 drives*15:05
Dalek-Caan2 are identical, indeed.15:06
allaireHi, is update-rc.d only useful to start a process on server restart, or if the process goes down, it will automatically restart it? Like if my postgres process crash, will it automatically restart?15:06
blazemorenimdAHK: He was on Windows Server 2008, it could be anything O_o15:06
s89s96hi in my ubuntu the built in speaker and headphone mode doesnot auto switch i hab to go for settin and set at every transition can any body help me out with what installation or any i need15:06
Dalek-CaanI did not have a power loss or anything, all data was fine untill I installed Ubuntu.15:06
nimdAHKblazemore: should we run ntfsfix on it?15:06
blazemorenimdAHK: No15:06
noslin005hey, can anyone help me, the file .xsession-erros in /home directory is taking so many disk space, 24 GB15:06
Dalek-CaanDid not use Bitlocker or any kind of protection on the harddisk. nimdAHK15:06
blazemorenimdAHK: Dalek-Caan I thnk we need to find out what that other partition is formatted as15:07
Paulo_netohow i mount some file shared in other pc on new ubuntu 13.? i have instaled samba and when i can access with smb://[IP]/[directory] do erros15:07
blazemoreI guess ntfsfix couldn't hurt, since if it isn't NTFS it's not gong to break it15:07
nimdAHKblazemore: SFS sounds like squash15:07
Dalek-CaanIt is is formatted as a NTFS harddisk, just as Data 1 is15:07
blazemoreMaybe but Windows Server 2008 doesn't use that15:07
blazemoreDalek-Caan: You're not dual booting are you?15:08
Dalek-CaanNo, I just wiped the 160 GB drive with the live disk from Ubuntu15:08
antisober552Does anyone know how to solve my prblem15:08
Dalek-Caan!question antisober55215:08
blazemore!ask | antisober55215:08
ubottuantisober552: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:08
nimdAHKalright windows thinks it's ntfs15:08
nimdAHKbut linux thinks it's sfs15:08
Dalek-CaanCan I somehow tell it, that it's NTFS?15:09
blazemorenimdAHK: Can you pull the drive and checkdisk it from a Windows install?15:09
blazemoresorry, Dalek-Caan rather15:09
nimdAHK^ that's the smart idea15:09
blazemoreI'd feel much more comfortable recommending that15:09
blazemorentfsfix could eat things15:09
antisober552I have a rlt8185l wireless card which is no longer working after a reboot but works on the live usb15:09
Dalek-CaanMhh.. I can run it from the Hiren disk? I don't feel like re-installing it all and Hiren has checkdisk on the disk, bootable.15:10
blazemoreDalek-Caan: Is it "real" checkdisk?15:10
nimdAHKby "real" he means "Windows"15:10
Dalek-CaanYes, they ripped it from the Windows XP install CD as far as I know.15:11
blazemoreDalek-Caan: I was suggesting physically removng the drive, puttiint t in another computer runnning Windows, and doing the chkdsk from there15:11
blazemoreI need to fix my "I" key15:11
nimdAHKDalek-Caan: an actual Windows install is optimal, but if Hiren has "real" checkdisk, you can use that15:11
Dalek-CaanI will try that for now, write your names down first, so I can come back later and see the results. Thanks for the suggestions and help so far, blazemore & nimdAHK !15:12
Dalek-Caan*I will write your names down first15:12
blazemoreGood luck Dalek-Caan I hope it is a nice simple chkdsk fixes it15:12
nimdAHKlast time I had a problem like this, I had used the dd command15:12
nimdAHKthose were dark times15:12
antisober552Dalek-caan I have a rlt8185l wireless card which is no longer working after a reboot but works on the live usb15:13
blazemore!patience | antisober55215:13
ubottuantisober552: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/15:13
zipyi want to backup a windows partition, is there any backupsoftware that can mount the backup image?15:13
nimdAHKzipy: ubuntu has ntfs support built in15:14
Dalek-Caanzipy; I suggest running Acronis from a LiveCD ! Worked awesome for me!15:14
zipycan i mount acronis images?15:14
zipyi think acronis use dd doesnt it?15:14
nimdAHKzipy: how do you want to back it up?15:14
nimdAHKdo you want to clone the whole partition?15:14
Dalek-CaanThat, I am not sure of, anyways, got to go, be back later!15:14
zipyye better whole partition15:15
zipywith mbr etc15:15
zipyi could dd the whole partition but it takes to mcuh space then15:15
nimdAHKyou can use dd if you're extra careful15:15
nimdAHKoh I see, you want it compressed too?15:15
zipyall the freespace will go in the backup15:15
zipyi can mount dd too right?15:16
mumpitzelzipy: MBR is not part of any partition. and look at clonezilla15:16
zipyi have tried clonezille15:16
zipyi got some backups15:16
nimdAHKwhy not gzip it?15:16
zipywith it15:16
zipyye i guess clonezilla did that15:16
zipycuz i have files like15:16
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!15:16
nimdAHKpipe your dd with no of to gzip -c15:17
zipybut if i want to mount them15:17
zipyi have to unpack them first15:17
nimdAHKanother option: clone the whole partition, then resize the clone15:17
mirko_join #logo-ubuntu15:18
zipymaybe i just cp the data15:18
nimdAHKyou could cp, yeah.15:18
=== dorong is now known as dorongutman
zipyk thx i gues i go with that15:19
zipyand for full images i keep clonezilla15:19
dorongutmanhow can I send rsyslog entries to a remote server, but only entries logged to the LOCAL4 facility ?15:19
timiniI have a ubuntu box running a web app, I can access it by going to but I can't access it from a another machine by going to the public IP of the machine. Can anyone think what the problem might be?15:21
nimdAHKI like this channel. It's for ubuntu, but 90% of it is just general linux15:21
nimdAHKI'm not even running ubuntu.15:21
nimdAHKtimini: common problem. You have to forward the port.15:21
zipyits the most active helpchannel i know :D15:21
blazemoreNeither am I actually15:21
=== om26er_ is now known as om26er|dinner
nimdAHKtimini: http://portforward.com15:22
nimdAHKignore their software and find the instructions for your router15:22
Bower^Workanyone here use mysql workbench? just installed it but can't for the life of me get an output from queries to appear15:22
blazemoretimini: You have a BT Home Hub?15:22
nimdAHKtimini: the other option is to use UPnP from your web app15:23
timiniblazemore: how did you guess?15:23
blazemoretimini: Your hostname15:23
blazemoretimini: Look up "forward http port bt home hub" on Google15:23
timiniHmm, Actually I don't think the router is the problem, I'm running the ubuntu server as a virtual machine (vbox) on my laptop15:27
nimdAHKnow you have 2 ports to forward15:27
nimdAHKthere's ports in vbox and ports outside15:28
nimdAHKalthough, you said you can access it on your LAN...15:28
nimdAHKdid you try forwarding it from the router?15:28
timiniI'm running with bridged connection, I havn't tried forwarding yet, will try that now.15:28
antiOkai the card show up under lspci but does not work please help15:30
timiniI didn't have to forward any connection for ssh, seems odd I should have to forward for http15:31
=== axl__ is now known as axl_
rymate1234so I have some graphical corruption on my PC http://i.imgur.com/Zqgvnsv.png15:32
VecIs it ever bad to have root user with RWX access to whatever files?15:32
rymate1234how do I restart unity?15:33
blazemorerymate1234: log out and in again15:33
Vecrymate1234: http://askubuntu.com/questions/31849/how-do-i-restart-unity15:33
blazemoreVec: That's some pro Googling, right there :P15:33
Vecblazemore: Please advise, i dont see how its ever bad for root user to have full access to a file, why am i wrong?15:34
Vecas in 7xx @ file x15:34
rymate1234welp unity --replace borked everything15:35
blazemoreVec: root always has full access15:35
blazemoreVec: You don't have a choice, that's why it's root15:36
=== jack is now known as Guest85715
rymate1234nvm fixed15:36
VecIm setting up SAMBA that shares folders to windows clients. The windows user is in a group with full access to the file. However, i cant delete files even though the group the user is in has full access.. However, if i give root user which owns the file write access, then the windows user can delete the file. This leads me to believe that SAMBA uses rootuser to delete files or something15:36
blazemorethe 7 in 7xx refers to "Owner of the file can do everything"15:36
VecI found it weird that the windowsuser cannot delete his groups file even tho the group has full access and the user is a member.15:36
VecSo im stuck having to have 770 perms on all my shared files15:37
Vecblazemore: Excuse my lack of precision. "Is it ever bad for the owner of the file to have full access if the owner is root?" >..<15:37
blazemoreIt doesn't matter if the owner has full access if the owner is root15:38
blazemoreSince root has full access anyway15:38
blazemoreVec: running "ls -l filename" will tell you the permissions and stuff15:39
Vecblazemore: Yeah i know >:|15:39
blazemoreVec: Find out what user samba runs as (Anybody in here know?)15:39
Veci googled, samba apprantly runs as root15:40
=== oblio is now known as curiousHug
blazemoreVec: Yeah http://askubuntu.com/questions/1298/ubuntu-server-samba-running-as-root15:40
blazemoreThe problem is I don't *really* understand Samba15:41
Vecblazemore: So basically, if root.<group> owns a file. Root needs to have same perms as the group if the functionality is gonna be right15:41
X200Hey guys, does anyone have experience in mounting bitlocker encrypted drives?15:41
VecIs what i just reasoned.15:41
blazemoreX200: It's possible but not massively easy, how confident are you with Linux?15:41
blazemoreVec: I don't know enough to confirm or contradict you15:42
MonkeyDustVec  root has root permissions, what exactly do you mean15:42
blazemoreX200: http://superuser.com/questions/376533/how-to-access-bitlocker-encrypted-drive-in-linux15:43
mstafahi i have a problem with the www folder i mess with the permissions and now i cant upload any file to it using sftp but i can see all files in it using command line but i cant delete any file from it help please >>>15:43
VecMonkeyDust: A file, root is the owner. Then you set owner permissions on that file. Then you set roots perms to that file, ya?15:43
X200blazemore: I'm ok with linux, I installed the dislocker driver and enabled the fuse mode. But I need some sort of key and I don't know where to get it.15:43
X200I know the password for the drive but I need something in the form of a file.15:43
MonkeyDustVec  still not clear what you mean. what do you want to achieve?15:44
blazemoreX200: type "man dislocker" to see usage15:45
mstafahi i have a problem with the www folder i mess with the permissions and now i cant upload any file to it using sftp but i can see all files in it using command line but i cant delete any file from it help please >>>15:45
VecMonkeyDust: I have a shared directory through SAMBA. The dir is owned by user=root and group=derpgroup. Perms are 070 on the dir and files beneath it. On my windows client i have a user that belongs to derpgroup, in other words that user should have FULL ACCESS to the directory and files beneath it. However, if i try to delete a file it says "file in use" (weird i know). But if i give the user15:46
Vec(root, in this case) FULL ACCESS then the windowsclient-user can delete files just fine.15:46
thunkeemstafa: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions15:47
mayankmadanblazemore: i have a problem here15:47
VecThis leads me to believe that SAMBA runs as user root, and that the user root needs writeperms on the file to be able to get the file deleted.15:47
mayankmadani have symlinked node to nodejs but still node wont run nodejs15:47
VecMonkeyDust: However it does not make sense to me since the group has full perms and as such the windowsclient-user shoul have full perms to delete, but apparantly the file is "in use" (its not..)15:48
blazemoreVec: I can't think of a file that the user root doesn't have write permissions on.15:48
X200blazemore: I did it, it says that I need some file.BEK to decrypt that volume. Do you know how to create such a file?15:48
VecMonkeyDust: Its extra confusing because its "in use" and not"axx denied"15:48
blazemoreVec: I can't think how you could even achieve that15:48
blazemoreX200: No I don't know. It seems you can use -p flag to give it a recovery password or something15:48
Vecblazemore: I dont understand how it works cus im new to this, but here goes: File x has 000 perms. owner is root. therefore root has 0 axx to file.15:48
blazemoreVec: root is special15:49
blazemoreVec: In a normal situation you'd be right15:49
Vecthen user=root perms are useless?15:49
MonkeyDustVec  it confuses me too, samba means it involves windows and i'm not familiar with that15:49
mayankmadani have symlinked node to nodejs but still node wont run nodejs15:49
mayankmadanany clues?15:49
blazemoremayankmadan: what's the output of "which node"15:49
VecMonkeyDust: It should all just be a question of proper user/groups & perms tbh.. I dont remember having this problem on previous installs.. Its sorta frustrating15:50
mayankmadanbut i linked /usr/bin/node15:50
X200blazemore: ohh, I don't know how I missed it. Thank you for your help.15:50
mayankmadannot usr/sbin/node15:50
mayankmadanblazemore: ^15:50
blazemoremayankmadan: and the output of "file /usr/sbin/node" ?15:50
blazemoreX200: No problem15:50
mayankmadanblazemore: /usr/sbin/node: symbolic link to `ax25-node'15:51
=== guey is now known as pal
hazardousi somehow have a raid10 in software with 2 drives, how does that work15:52
Vecblazemore, MonkeyDust: Nevermind me...... Obv when i create a file in the share, the user is obv the user creating it and not root. Therefore if the user creating it has 070 (as in 0 perms for user on the file) then its obv i cant delete it even tho im in the group with 7 perms.15:53
VecProblem understood=solved :)15:53
meetmy sound drivers were working in windows and when i tried the live installation of lubuntu13.04 on my old desktop pc. Now there's no sound. How do I fix this and get the proper drivers etc?15:53
mayankmadanblazemore: /usr/sbin/node: symbolic link to `ax25-node'15:54
erictr1ckI'm trying up change the upload_max_filesize in Ubuntu 12.10 but no matter what I do it stays at 2M. I have changed upload_max_filesize in /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini, /etc/php5/cgi/php.ini, and /etc/php5/cli/php.ini and also restarted apache. What could I be doing wrong?15:54
mayankmadanoutput of file /usr/sbin/node15:54
pranayCan anyone help me with a wireless issue I am having, sudo iwlist scan gives 'No scan results' and dmesg gives "wlan0 not ready"15:54
unutulmusolanhi  i cant get recognized my wacom can somebody help?15:56
TheSovI need a little help with logrotate, I have an ubuntu server and i needed to run logrotate on my syslogd, but it only runs correctly the first time, and syslog stops collecting data15:58
MonkeyDustTheSov  there's also #ubuntu-server15:59
TheSovMonkeyDust, thanks16:00
schnuffleTheSov: that's normally due to logrotate moving away the file handle that syslog still uses which leads to syslog not being able to write to it anymore16:00
schnuffleTheSov: rsyslog is used in current deployments and has a working logrotate entry16:02
=== eric is now known as Guest52623
hazardoushow do i make a spare turn into active sync in mdadm on precise lts? been googling for the last two hours, still nothing16:05
jgcampbell300can anyone tell me why when i change date.time in my php.ini it dosnt work ?16:05
mayankmadani uninstalled amateur packet radio node and now node command gives me an error "/usr/sbin/node No such file or directory"16:06
hazardousdo you mean date.timezone16:06
cchiversI am having some performance issues with 12.04 on my ASUS zenbook. Programs become unresponsive for a few seconds at a time quite often. Have looked into whether it might be frequency scaling, but doesn't seem to be the issue.16:06
mayankmadanhow do i make node command run nodejs (js interpreter) ?16:06
hazardousln or alias node to nodejs16:06
jgcampbell300changed it to date.timezone = America/Chicago16:06
hazardousjgcampbell300: are you running php in apache, or fpm/16:06
jgcampbell300hazardous, apache216:06
hazardouscli and apache2 have different php.inis16:06
cchiversThe system resources all appear to be quite free (cpu, RAM, etc.)16:06
hazardousif you are running it as mod_php16:06
hazardousrestart apache to take effect16:06
jgcampbell300hazardous, ya i have changed in both16:07
cchiversSorry about the vague problem.16:07
blazemorejgcampbell300: You probably edited the wrong php.ini. See php_info() (or php -i for the cli interpreter) which one is used. For example on ubuntu (and probably other linux distributions) its /etc/php5/cli/php.ini for the cli-interpreter, /etc/php5/apache/php.ini/ for the one used by Apaches mod_php and /etc/php5/cgi/php.ini used by php5-cgi (which is used by nginx).16:07
hazardouscgi is still a thing?16:07
hazardousi thought everyone just used php5-fpm16:07
hazardousfor non apache now16:07
jgcampbell300hmm guess ill look for more php.ini files ... but i made changes in /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini and fixed like 4 problems already16:08
jgcampbell300maybe i should reboot or something16:08
blazemore!ask | Joker__16:09
ubottuJoker__: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:09
hazardousjgcampbell300: service apache2 restart16:09
mayankmadanhazardous: i want node command to execute nodejs in terminal16:09
hazardousso alias node=nodejs16:09
mayankmadanalias command not found16:10
blazemoremayankmadan: Then "echo alias node=nodejs >> ~/.bashrc"16:10
blazemoremayankmadan: Are you on Ubuntu?16:10
hazardouswait, what16:10
mayankmadanblazemore: ^16:10
hazardous...not found?16:10
blazemoremayankmadan: "which alias" what does it give you?16:10
mayankmadanblazemore: returns nothing, no errors just nothing16:10
blazemoremayankmadan: Have you been messing around with your paths trying to get this working?16:11
wheatthincause it's a function16:11
jgcampbell300hazardous, no change ... even changed browsers16:11
=== om26er|dinner is now known as om26er
pranaysudo iwlist scan gives 'No scan results" dmesg gives "wlan0 not ready". Help please16:11
wheatthinalias is a function16:11
mayankmadanblazemore: never mind,  sudo ln -s /usr/bin/nodejs /usr/sbin/node worked16:12
blazemorepranay: try "sudo service networking restart"16:12
jgcampbell300think ill reboot the server16:13
pranayblazemore: did that earlier, did  not work.16:13
jgcampbell300omg ... nothing ... maybe i have it typoed or sometihng16:16
jgcampbell300;date.timezone = America/Chicago16:16
jgcampbell300anyone see a typo16:17
blazemorethat comment16:19
blazemorejgcampbell300: Remove the semicolon in front of it16:20
Trel_mobileIf I'm using kubuntu, what's the bare minimum packages I need to install to get the classic gnome desktop installed?16:20
blazemoreTrel_mobile: gnome-core I believe16:20
MonkeyDustTrel_mobile  plasma-desktop16:20
blazemoreMonkeyDust: no16:20
MonkeyDustah gnome, sorry16:20
jgcampbell300blazemore, k16:20
Trel_mobileBlazemore, thanks. I need to test if something is kde or graphics related so i need another desktop environment installed16:21
jgcampbell300blazemore, holy crap ... i wish everyone would  not use diffrent !;#$ what ever lol ... thanks much16:21
Trel_mobile(splash screen on kde flickers badly, but login screen (kdm) and kde itself is fine)16:21
Kitt3nTrel_mobile, try #kde16:22
iVitoMy ubuntu 12.04 is freezing with thelast kernel 3.2.0-4916:22
Trel_mobileKitt3n I know. I came here just for info to install basic gnome16:23
holsteiniVito: you tried the older kernel to confirm?16:23
Kitt3nTrel_mobile, I see, I see! Well, good luck.16:23
iVitoYes im back on 3.2.0-4816:23
holsteiniVito: you can look for a bug report for your hardware and that kernel.. otherwise, i usually just boot the older one and check for upgrades and keep trying them16:24
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blazemoreGoing home now, good luck with your problems ppl16:29
Nero_runaway blazemore!16:29
timiniif i add a line to my /etc/hosts file like " localhost" i guess that is a kind of alias, It there anyway to add a similar rule to make 'localhost' available from external public IP?16:31
jribtimini: you would buy a domain name or use some dynamic dns service (some are free)16:33
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Nero_floodbot! lol!16:36
Nero_floodbo1t! lol!16:36
Nero_floodbot1! lol!16:36
jribNero_: stop please16:37
DJonesNero_: Stop that16:37
litzlitzwhois litzlitz16:37
PiciThats you.16:37
=== hawk_ is now known as Guest15028
Nero_Jrib where is everyone? that's boredom btw when people don't breathe and are still said to be alive.16:39
DJonesNero_: No discussion in the channel is a good thing, it means people don't need support at this time16:39
jribNero_: no more bugs left in ubuntu of course!16:40
jribbug: no more bugs are making Nero_ bored in #ubuntu16:40
Nero_Jrib Good luck with that!16:40
Nero_DJones I get it.16:41
Nero_I'm unable to change my brightness on my laptop. I got ubuntu 12.04.16:41
Nero_ Laptop make lenovo G580.16:41
Nero_I gathered info from ubuntu.com, ubuntuforums.com. askubuntu.com. Didn't help!16:41
DigeratiWI installed a new drive and created a partition /dev/sdb1/ and I cant see it? how to mount and see it in file system16:41
Nero_DigeratiW http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/mounting.html16:43
TrentHHello everyone, i'm trying to install Mumble on Ubuntu 12.10 the install goes fine, but whenever I try to restart the service it gives me Failed to set initial capabilities.16:45
ikoniaTrentH: have you configured it...16:46
TrentHHow do I do that?16:46
Nero_TrentH whats the output?16:46
TrentHNero_:  whats an output?16:47
holsteinNero_: you just asked me in another channel about yoru brightness.. are you going to stay here?16:47
=== georgelappies_ is now known as georgelappies
Nero_TrentH the output from the terminal post the statement "failed to set initial capabilities"16:47
TrentHThat's it Nero_16:48
holsteinNero_: easy first steps i would take.. try the live CD for 13.04.. try other proprietar graphics drivers, if available.. share information about what hardware you have16:48
TrentHI type "sudo service mumble-server restart" and it gives me that error.16:48
Nero_I don't have a graphic card on my lappie.16:48
Antisober552So can anyone help like ive waited but not got an awnser16:48
ikoniaTrentH: have you configured it.....16:49
holsteinAntisober552: ask again please, and wait patiently.. support is not guaranteed by a volunteer, but you must try and see16:49
holsteinNero_: yes, you do.. you have graphics hardware16:49
lotuspsychje!cookie | holstein16:49
ubottuholstein: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!16:49
TrentHikonia: I just ran the dpkg-reconfigure command. Afterwards, it said it set the password and "Failed to set inital capabilities"16:50
Nero_Holstein Just the onboard graphics. Intel HD 400016:50
ikoniaTrentH: have you actually configured it though16:50
TrentHikonia: What do you mean?16:50
holsteinNero_: so, the intel stuff is usually well supported out of the box.. how about 13.04 live?16:50
TrentHikonia: How do I "actually configure it"16:50
ikoniaTrentH: set up the config file to match your enviornment16:51
Antisober552Okai i have an wireless card which is not working like it show up under lspci but does not connect or even find wireless connections16:51
holsteinNero_: im proposing the kernel from 13.04, or another version could support your hardware "better" and add the functionality you seek.. and you could learn from that experience16:51
holsteinAntisober552: pastebin lspci16:51
Nero_I haven't tried 13.04 live yet. Its not happening on 12.04. :/16:51
TrentHikonia: Are you talking about editing the mumble-server.ini?16:52
LyndsySimonI've got a netbook that I'm considering giving to my 4-year-old. It's got ArchLinux installed right now, but I think Ubuntu+Unity would be better for her. Is there anything I should consider when setting up a machine for a child who is still effectively illiterate?16:52
Antisober552Abit hard as i can connect to the net lol16:52
Nero_12.04 has LTS. So I'm sticking to it.16:52
holsteinNero_: a suggestion i am making is.. 13.04, since it has a different kernel, might provide support for you hardware..16:52
ikoniaTrentH: is that the config file ?16:52
holsteinNero_: i thats why i suggested "live", so you can keep 12.04, and learn from the trial run if support is in a newer kernel version16:52
TrentHikonia: Yes, and I just went through it and it's all fine.16:52
holsteinNero_: otherwise, file a bug against the kernel support for your specific kernel16:53
holstein!bug | Nero_16:53
ubottuNero_: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.16:53
jribLyndsySimon: you may want to check out edubuntu16:53
Nero_Holstein Will try that!16:53
LyndsySimonShe's using i3 as a window manager right now, and doing fairly well actually. I've set up some scripts with easy names that do things like "connect to the internet".16:53
holsteinAntisober552: however you want to convey to a volunteer what hardware you have16:53
LyndsySimonjrib: Thanks, I wasn't sure if it was still around :)16:53
namidarkHow can I get dpkg-buildpackage to pacakge up my binaries ( in this case I'm trying to pacakge up ruby 2.0 ) - right now when i do dpkg --contents on the deb file generated its just pacakging up the /usr/share/doc folders - the binaries (and other files ) are being generated in debian/tmp/usr but they don't get put into the deb... any ideas?16:53
holsteinAntisober552: no one anywhere will be able to help you otherwise.. i can suggest looking here, since you might have a broadcom chip16:53
jribLyndsySimon: i was also not sure when I pressed enter ;)16:54
holstein!broadcom | Antisober55216:54
ubottuAntisober552: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx16:54
ikoniaTrentH: try launching the mumble server manually16:54
holsteinAntisober552: but, without the specifics, its just a guess16:54
Nero_Antisober552 what is it?16:54
Antisober552No i have a rtl8185l chip16:54
Nero_Antisober552 aren't u able to configure your LAN/wifi ??16:55
holsteinAntisober552: i would confirm that the chip is on.. on a hardware level.. the function keys that disable it. the bios.. etc16:55
Antisober552Wifi does not even show16:55
TrentHikonia: I got it to work16:55
fwaokdahow can i open a port on ubuntu terminal? I want to open ports 300016:55
holstein!firewall | fwaokda16:56
ubottufwaokda: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw also exist.16:56
Nero_Antisober552 Can u update me the make of your system now?16:56
jribfwaokda: no ports are closed by default unless you closed them16:56
fwaokdajrib, oh16:56
=== vivi is now known as vivi3
Antisober552Well its an old pc which has lubutu16:56
=== vivi3 is now known as vivi
fwaokdajrib, well I'm trying to access localhost from my host os windows7, on guestos ubuntu with bridge connection but it doesn't... any ideas?16:57
holsteinAntisober552: if it were my box, i would wire it up to internet, and apply all upgrades, then test16:57
holsteinfwaokda: that could be anything, from virtualiztion configuration, to network configuration16:58
Nero_I suggest u download the driver package from this link and configure the driver independently. http://wireless.kernel.org/download/compat-wireless-2.6/16:58
holsteinfwaokda: i would disable firewalls to test, and make sure you can do the basics.. ping each other16:58
=== vivi is now known as vivi1
=== vivi1 is now known as vivis
Antisober552Umm wifi worked fine on xubuntu 13.04 then changed to lubuntu 13.04 it was working on first boot then i restarted the pc due to freezing after loosing wifi16:58
fwaokdaholstein, well i've got the guest connecting to the host's ip16:58
roastedQuestion - if I install a new mainline kernel, I lose my wireless since broadcom STA is evidently not there. Is there a way I can get the system to somehow autocompile the driver automagically with ANY new kernel I add, even if it's not pushed from Ubuntu?16:58
fwaokdaholstein, i'll try some more stuff thanks16:59
holsteinAntisober552: they are both ubuntu.. so the issue could be the kernel versions, tus the driver support16:59
=== vivis is now known as vivisaji
Nero_roasted try this. http://wireless.kernel.org/download/compat-wireless-2.6/16:59
ikoniaroasted: kmod - but then why are you using the mainline kernel ?16:59
Antisober552Not worked ever since i installed niswrapper to try and fix the freezing issues as i was told that the freezing problem is driver related16:59
holsteinroasted: not that i know of.. depends on what is supported in the repos, and the mainline kernel wont be, so you are bascially asking to be on your own with that16:59
ikoniakmod is the answer17:00
=== olli_ is now known as olli
roastedikonia: I've been having lockup issues on the 3.8 kernel. In 3.8, the main thing that changed was some vsync changes on intel sandybridge GPUs, which is exactly what I have. My intention is to get off of 3.8 to see if it locks up there.17:00
holsteinAntisober552: feel free and try the live CD, to remove your configuration from the equation.. could be you blacklisted something.. could be literally anything you copy/pasted in17:00
roastedikonia: problem is, I can't swap this wireless chip because this laptop is a Lenovo, and Lenovo stupidly whitelists their wireless cards. Otherwise I'd put in an Intel, upgrade kernels, and call it a day.17:00
ikoniaroasted: so surly just a one off test kernel and wireless build will work17:01
Antisober552I installed the winxp driver for the card that was before having to restart the pc17:01
ikoniaroasted: rather than different builds17:01
roastedikonia: whenever I add the broadcom STA driver on the other kernel, it succeeds, says its active, but I reboot and... nothing.17:01
ikoniaroasted: ok, so just build it for the kernel you want to use17:01
roastedikonia: I'm not entirely sure where to start for that. I'm messing with Fedora now, and learned a bit with akmod vs kmod. I understand akmod auto-compiles itself against any new kernels. That got me wondering if I could get *that* with Ubuntu.17:02
ikoniaroasted: I'd strongly suggest using kmod17:03
roastedikonia: am I correct in understanding that kmod just compiles it against the current kernel I'm using, and won't work if I get a kernel update?17:03
ikoniaroasted: yes, but for your situation, I feel it will work better as your module should be compatible across kernels and if it's not - you want to know, rather than akmod rebuild it and mask it17:04
Antisober552The wifi is working on the live cd17:05
roastedikonia: in regard to kmod, akmod, etc., are there broadcom-specific akmod/kmod packages?17:05
ikoniaroasted: no17:05
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Guest29129I get this at boot: Mount is denied because the NTFS volume is already exclusively opened.17:07
Guest29129Can some one help me out?17:07
vorlkethi i can ssh into a server but can't ping it. suggestions on how to resolve?17:07
ikoniaGuest29129:.....look at the error17:08
schnufflevorlket: check your iptables rules if they drop ICMP packages17:08
Antisober552Holstein wifi works fine on live disk17:08
Guest29129I just installed i don't know what can be possibly mounting it17:08
Guest29129or how to find out17:08
steveryherdI'm having the weirdest error.  If on the command line I type "uwsgi" it says "-bash: /usr/bin/uwsgi: No such file or directory"17:08
schnufflevorlket: but it could be that they are dropped before reaching your server17:09
ikoniaGuest29129: first thing is look in your fstab - is there any reference to it17:09
Guest29129yes, i added a line in fstab17:09
ikoniaGuest29129: right, remove it17:09
ikoniaGuest29129: that's what's mounting it17:09
Guest29129it wasn't mounted before though17:09
steveryherdecho $PATH  shows me "/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games"17:09
Guest29129i added a line in fstab to mount it, but it wasn't mounting before that17:10
ikoniaGuest29129: remove it17:10
Guest29129k ill give it a try thanx17:10
steveryherd"which uwsgi" shows me "/usr/local/bin/uwsgi"  and running "/usr/local/bin/uwsgi" runs correctly17:10
steveryherdbut I can't just type "uwsgi"17:10
schnufflesteveryherd: check for access rights17:11
=== root is now known as Guest94542
schnufflesteveryherd: then it should show up, but it doesn't hmm17:12
steveryherdDon't beat me, but I'm sitting on "root".  So I was doubting rights.  Plus it's nearly a brand new install.17:12
ikoniasteveryherd: why are you root ?17:12
=== Guest29129 is now known as david111
jribsteveryherd: also try running "hash -r"17:13
Antisober552So how do i unblacklist it17:13
steveryherdjrib, that sounds like a malicious root prank >_> so I looked it uip...17:15
steveryherdThat actually worked.17:15
jribsteveryherd: :x17:15
steveryherdjrib, any clue why I got the problem?17:15
* jrib sighs that his malicious root prank failed17:15
jribsteveryherd: you probably used to have the version in /usr/bin installed, used it, your shell learned its location, then you removed it.  hash -r resets your shells knowledge (see "help hash")17:16
steveryherdjrib, That's exactly what I had.17:16
steveryherdI had uninstalled the ubuntu repo uwsgi and replaced it with one from pip.17:17
steveryherdVery cool, thank you!17:17
jribsteveryherd: no problem17:19
Antisober552So what driver am i looking for on the blacklist17:20
sasha-O hai17:21
sasha-Anyone know how to use ffmpeg to join two files together, transparently (no transcoding)?17:21
sasha-I tried ffmpeg -i File1.aac -i File2.mp4 copy FinalFile.mkv17:22
bazhangsasha-, try #ffmpeg17:22
Antisober552Bazhang ive blacklisted prism54 how can i remove that17:26
Antisober552Please help17:27
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manevskifi4oi cant watch hd fullscreen videos on youtube and i cant watch hd videos is ubuntu itself ( by this i mean video files on my pc ) but i can watch vimeo hd videos in fullscreen17:32
manevskifi4owhy ??17:32
mxoSorry lol! How does one install steam in terminal on ubuntu 32bit?17:32
mxoIt says on SC that I have to 'buy it' ?17:32
manevskifi4omox : software center ...17:32
mxomanevskifi4o, : It says I have to buy it?17:32
DJonesmxo: The price is 0 though17:33
manevskifi4omox : i know it isnt really true it just wants you to login with your ubuntu account17:33
mxoDJones: Does it need my information?17:33
mxomanevskifi4o, : I don't have one17:33
schnufflemxo: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve17:33
DJonesmxo: I think its so that they can register it against your ubuntuone/launchpad id17:33
manevskifi4omxo : click buy and you will be directed to a page and you can create a account there17:33
mxoSo no way to get it through this little hassle?17:33
manevskifi4omxo : you can aways create a fake account ...17:34
mxoThat's really not what I want17:34
mxoReally weird...17:34
manevskifi4osudo apt-get install steam ?17:35
manevskifi4omxo : open terminal and write17:36
manevskifi4omxo : sudo apt-get install steam17:36
kostkonmanevskifi4o, probably it won't work. and the package name is steam-launcher17:36
goddardi have a website that uses flash but i cant click on the settings box to allow the flash component to access my web cam17:37
goddardhow can i do that?17:37
goddardis there a way to auto allow in settings the website17:37
Antisober552Damn it gunna go back to windows at least i know what to do then17:37
manevskifi4ogoddard : google search flash cant enable webcam i know it dosent look like the answer but you will find it :D17:37
mxomanevskifi4o, : Yeah no, the sudo apt-get install steam is not working :p17:38
manevskifi4omxo : then go to steampowered.com and download the steam .deb that should work17:38
mxotell me again how do i install a .deb?17:39
kostkongoddard, try doing it online, here http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/settings_manager02.html17:39
david111thanks ikonia it worked, i don't know how 1 partition is getting automounted but my other ntfs arent17:39
manevskifi4omxo : just click on it it gets installed trought the software center but dont worry it wont ask you to buy it17:39
david111anyway thanks17:39
mxomanevskifi4o, : Awesome, gotta try this!17:40
manevskifi4omxo : hope you sucseed :P17:40
david111Now, I have ubuntu 13.04 minimal installed with xbmc, but my sound hardware isn't installed anyone can help please?17:40
mxomanevskifi4o, : Can I use sudo install xxx.deb when in the right working directory in terminal?17:41
mxomanevskifi4o, : or does it have it's own cmd to install .deb?17:41
marcoceppimxo: sudo dpkg -i xxx.deb17:41
kostkonmxo, sudo dpkg -i xxx.deb17:41
manevskifi4oidk try it but i dont think so why dosent the other way work lol ?17:41
ohnoididitagainhi there17:43
ohnoididitagaindoes anybody here use spotify-notify?17:43
murrayukWhy does the caps lock have a slight delay in ubuntu?17:44
meethow do I resolve sound card issue? when i searched for sound card drivers installed it listed two.. one was intel something and the other creative sound blaster. But I am not getting any sound. how do I solve this?17:44
murrayukITs insanely annoying..17:44
david111anyway thanks17:44
sporkeeemurrayuk, It doesn't in general.17:44
kostkonohnoididitagain, yes17:44
murrayukIT does. IF you are typing fast and using caps lock, it caps two letters instead of one like windows.17:45
ohnoididitagainkostkon: do you have a problem with it not starting up when you wae up ubuntu? It starts up when I turn on the OS but when I put it to sleep and then wake it up it doesn't work17:45
mxoany commands to first see running processes (and maybe memory usage) and to kill them after by name?17:45
murrayukI've found a few threads on it but none with a solution..17:46
kostkonohnoididitagain, i have it as a startup app too, so it never closes, and it works just fine, every time, and i do suspend my netbook. so everything's fine here17:47
ohnoididitagainhow did you do it? I honestly dont remember how I put it on startup17:47
sporkeeemurrayuk, In 5 years of use and ovet 10,000 posts at the yuntu forums and countless here your the first person I have seen say this, and have never seen the problem personally. ;)17:48
murrayukHere is a thread where people are talking about the issue - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=192569317:48
TiCPUI just updated my 13.10 via apt-get dist-upgrade and noticed my touchpad which was working properly now lost all its acceleration and is twice as fast: no more accuracy, anyone's aware of this?17:48
sporkeee13.10 | TiCPU17:48
kostkonohnoididitagain, manually. i just added the line  python /home/username/.spotify-notify/spotify-notify.py -s17:48
sporkeee!13.10 | TiCPU17:48
ubottuTiCPU: Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) will be the 19th release of Ubuntu. Announcement: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1252 - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+117:48
bazhang#ubuntu+1 for that please TiCPU17:49
ohnoididitagainkostkon: okay, I'll try adding that17:49
kostkonohnoididitagain, you have to give it the argument -s otherwise it will close when spotify quits.17:49
TiCPUI never chatted about Ubuntu's alpha software on IRC before17:49
rymate1234My cpu is at 64C17:49
rymate1234could this be because I'm compiling android?17:49
sporkeeemurrayuk, Ah, I have experienced the double cap at sentence fronts I thought it was bad typing, I think you may be right. ;)17:50
ikoniacompiling android.....17:50
ohnoididitagainkostko: will that command override the old setting or do I have to remove it from startup first and then add it again?17:50
murrayukIt's really annoying and pushing me back towards windows..17:50
kostkonohnoididitagain, you can edit your current startup line17:50
sporkeeemurrayuk, I do use W8 and word 365 to write my grad papers, but linux otherwise, use what works for you in the end.17:51
kostkonohnoididitagain, i have put the .py and the cover image files in the hidden folder .spotify-notify that's why my line is  python /home/username/.spotify-notify/spotify-notify.py -s17:52
goddardkostkon: there is no always allow17:52
kostkongoddard, ?17:52
kostkongoddard, ah yeah, i remembered your problem17:53
vorlketi have two servers and a client: i can ping a server from other server; i can't ping servers from the client, but can ssh into them. what would be the issue?17:54
k4t434sisvorlket - do you have port forwarding set up17:55
xorredguys, I am having a problem with an apt-get install php-pear, which returns "broken pipe"17:55
kostkongoddard, that's bad then, but that's the best you could do. i think the settings in flash are buggy so you can only change them online. you can always try in chrome which comes with its own flash that is more up-to-date17:55
=== Catbuntu is now known as Guest56834
david111i haeas? xbmc any idve hdmi but i want to use my onboard audio and I can see it when i run aplay -l but not in17:59
=== HelenCrowley is now known as Catbuntu
vorlketanother piece of information: i can ping the servers from another client18:00
ohnoididitagainkostkon: thanks it works! <333318:00
kostkonohnoididitagain, nice :)18:00
ohnoididitagainI didn't write -s at the end and that was the problem18:00
kostkonohnoididitagain, ;)18:00
ohnoididitagainbye bye :)18:00
david111 ihave hdmi but i want to use my onboard audio and I can see it when i run aplay -l but not in xbmc, any ideas18:01
hakim123hello everybody i need some help pleas18:03
Liam562Hi! Who can help me?18:03
sporkeeehakim123, Give the channel the details of your problem.18:04
manevskifi4onot me18:04
xorredguys, I am having a problem with an apt-get install php-pear, which returns "broken pipe"18:04
sporkeeeLiam562, ^^^^^18:04
OntologicalCan someone check out my iptables rules and help me figure out why 22/443 is being dropped?  http://pastie.org/private/tt5osnej978aec9567jkxa18:04
hakim123i can't install google earth on ubuntu18:05
sporkeeehakim123, what release are you running of ubuntu?18:06
Liam562My system is dual booted with windows 8 and ubuntu 13.04.  when I boot Ubuntu from the grub screen it boots to a black screen that says tty1? and prompts me to login ?18:06
PeterGriffinHow to find out which device in /dev is my modem and which is the LAN card? Both PCI.18:07
hakim123i guess that problem is in source list of apt-get18:07
sporkeeehakim123, What happens on the install?18:08
DigeratiWwhats the preferred way to run a few windows application on ubuntu18:08
Getsuga93the lone ranger18:08
sporkeeeDigeratiW, wine or playomlinux18:08
kostkon!wine | DigeratiW18:09
ubottuDigeratiW: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu18:09
Liam562Who can help me?18:09
sporkeee!help | Liam56218:09
ubottuLiam562: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:09
Liam562My system is dual booted with windows 8 and ubuntu 13.04.  when I boot Ubuntu from the grub screen it boots to a black screen that says tty1? and prompts me to login ?18:10
sporkeeeLiam562, The channels works with you stating your problem to begin with. ;)18:10
sporkeee!uefi | Liam56218:10
ubottuLiam562: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI18:10
sporkeeeLiam562, Here is another link the UF is the best place on uefi issues and the threads author is who you want, if you find no resolution here. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=214729518:12
hakim123aaaa riyad wah18:12
sporkeeeLiam562, I assume you have uefi do you?18:12
OntologicalCan someone please take a look at my iptables and help me figure out why the ports are being block? http://pastie.org/private/adcbfww8ui3lreu4dkl0uw18:12
Liam562What is that?18:12
ikoniaOntological: which ports ?18:13
Riyadkhayr a hakom18:13
sporkeeeLiam562, Is your W8 a manufactures install?18:13
Liam562No I upgraded from vista18:13
=== Blue is now known as Guest46032
Guest46032Excuse me, does anyone know how to give an application (In my case Vidalia) root access every time I open it18:13
hakim123w khebarkom labaas wah18:13
=== cisco is now known as Guest18778
ikoniaGuest46032: how are you lauching it ?18:14
Riyadhanya ga3 w ntoma ?18:14
ikoniaRiyad: hakim123 the channels languge is English18:14
sporkeeeLiam562, Ah, cool you have a regular partitioning setup, uefi is a new safe boot gpt set up that is most common. I the ubuntu a fresh install?18:14
=== Guest46032 is now known as BlueSquirrel
hakim123ok sorry18:15
Liam562Sorry what do you mean by fresh18:15
sporkeeeLiam562, When did you install ubuntu?18:15
Liam562About a week and half ago18:16
sporkeeeLiam562, The key here is details, did it do this to start with, and if not what led up to it in your work on the OS?18:17
Liam562It didnt used to do it but it randomly started doing it and I cant think of what I did to make this happen18:18
vorlkethi i can't boot from a disk what can i do? i am using ubuntu 12.04 desktop18:18
sporkeeeLiam562, Did you modify the grub menu?18:18
sporkeeeLiam562, Did you add graphic drivers?18:18
Liam562I had BURG but I have uninstalled18:19
sporkeee!details > vorlket18:19
ubottuvorlket, please see my private message18:19
Erik_dcI just installed Jack audio, and somehow its in german, anyone have a idea how to get it back to english?18:19
ikoniawhy did you install burg....18:19
sporkeeeLiam562, Ah that will do it can you get to the desktop?18:19
ooxmoeis lxde lighter and faster than xfce or the opposite? (i need one of them on a 686 pc)18:20
kostkonooxmoe, lxde tends to be lighter than xfce18:20
sporkeeeLiam562, The is a tool called bootrepair load ot to the live cd and run the basic fix, and save the url to the bootinfo summary to post if it is not fixed.18:20
ooxmoekostkon: ok thanks18:21
Liam562How do I get bootrepair18:21
PeterGriffinHow to find out which device in /dev is my modem and which is the LAN card? Both PCI.18:21
sporkeeeLiam562, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair18:21
=== Jikai is now known as Jikan
ikoniaPeterGriffin: your lan card won't have an entry in /dev18:21
mrvisserhas anyone had any success maintaining a mostly binary package in apt repos?18:22
sporkeeeLiam562, Personally I do this from a chroot in the terminal, but the tools works quite well for many.18:22
ikoniamrvisser: why don't you ask the real question.18:22
jcowanI hosed my /etc/passwd file, and I'm configured for auto-login.  How can I force Ubuntu to give me a root shell?18:23
Liam562I can get to the terminal by booting from my usb and clicking try ubuntu?18:23
BlueSquirrelthere's an application I want to run from unity, it's vidalia, and I was wondering how can I run a graphic application as root (I understand the risks of this)18:23
ikoniajcowan: boot into recovery mode18:23
jcowanHow is that done?18:23
ikoniaBlueSquirrel: how are you launching it18:23
ikoniajcowan: select it from the boot menu18:23
sporkeeevorlket, Can you give details on this disc boot problem, is it a black screen, is it not booting at all?18:23
jcowanI don't get a boot menu, it just auto-starts.  Sorry to be naive about this.18:24
BlueSquirrelwhat do you mean by how? I'm launching it from the unity launcher by clicking18:24
randomnick_whats best twitter client?18:24
viaSanctusmy post screen hung at "/dev/sda6 has been mounted 24 times .."18:24
viaSanctuswhat now?18:24
mrvisserwell my project is in nodejs, and for my production build I'd like to not run "npm install". Instead I'd like to package it up on a PPA, so we can automate its deployment with puppet18:24
ikoniajcowan: I think it's left shift to get the boot menu18:24
BlueSquirrelis there a way to start the graphical interface thru the terminal?18:24
kostkon!best | randomnick_18:24
ubotturandomnick_: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.18:24
ikoniaBlueSquirrel: right - so it shouldn't be run as root then18:24
ikoniaBlueSquirrel: it's a userspace application18:24
jcowanI was afraid it would be something like that ... I'll try.18:24
PeterGriffinikonia: Why? Don't all devices have /dev entry? Anyway, so as there is something on /dev/ttyS0 it's the modem?18:24
viaSanctusthought that windows only hung randomly18:24
sporkeeeBlueSquirrel, If this tor just use the bundle from them no root.18:24
ikoniaPeterGriffin: lan cards don't18:24
ikoniaOntological: ttyS0 is probably your modem18:25
mrvisserthe debuild process barfs that I have changed binaries in my package though when I try and upload a new version18:25
BlueSquirrelthe problem is that vidalia tells me it can't find the tor executable file18:25
BlueSquirreland it's pointing to it18:25
BlueSquirrelso I thought it was a permission issue18:25
vorlketi have a problem with booting from a hdd on which  12.04 desktop is installed. when i try to boot i get blank screen with a cursor blinking. i want to boot from the hdd.18:25
ikoniaBlueSquirrel: what evidence do you have ?18:25
Psychocan i link an ubuntu laptop with a kali linux laptop via wired network?18:25
vorlketsporkeee: yes18:25
jcowanikonia: It starts faster than I can react18:25
BlueSquirrelthat I know the file is there, however vidalia doesn't see it18:25
ikoniaPsycho: yes18:25
ikoniajcowan: just hold down shift18:25
sporkeeeBlueSquirrel, I would just use the bundle unpack it and pull the launcher where you need it.18:25
ikoniaBlueSquirrel: have you actually "looked" at the permissions ?18:25
ehhhhey guys, i'm expecting a new graphics card to arrive soon and just wondering if i should use the manufactures driver supplied on their website or if it's as easy as plug-and-play since i've already got a bunch of nvidia drivers installed? (from the additional drivers part . . )18:26
BlueSquirrelyes I went to /usr/share/applications with nautilus as root and change the permissions to read and write for everyone18:26
sporkeee!nomodeset | vorlket  be sure to use nicks here.18:26
ubottuvorlket  be sure to use nicks here.: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter18:26
ikoniaehhh: what card is it ? does the vendor provide a linux driver on their website ?18:26
BlueSquirreland the thing is taht I dont need the tor browser, I use tor with my pytho nscripts18:26
BlueSquirreland it had worked before18:26
viaSanctusman linux sucks18:27
ikoniaBlueSquirrel: that is not where the binary is18:27
viaSanctusbugs all over18:27
ikoniaviaSanctus: do'nt use it then18:27
BlueSquirrelbut something happened with my video card and i did a clean install18:27
viaSanctusi wish I could18:27
viaSanctusbut this client has an ubuntu controller18:27
ehhhikonia: it's a zotac geforce 610 2gb card, they supply a .run file for linux amd6418:27
viaSanctusno way to get rid of it18:27
sporkeee!ot > viaSanctus18:27
ubottuviaSanctus, please see my private message18:27
ikoniaehhh: I'd advise you to use the package provided by ubuntu18:27
viaSanctusI asked a genuine question18:28
sporkeeeviaSanctus, If you want help, state it this is not #ubuntu-rant. ;)18:28
viaSanctusmy screen hung at a forced check18:28
viaSanctusmy post screen hung at "/dev/sda6 has been mounted 24 times .."18:28
ehhhikonia: so i'm pretty much set with the additional drivers that's already there? (i'm using the beta build currently for the built-in card)18:28
BlueSquirrelikonia, sporkeee, where can I find the binary?18:28
ikoniaviaSanctus: it's not hung, it will take a long time to check18:28
ikoniaehhh: beta build ?18:28
viaSanctusit's on 4,5% for like an hour18:28
ikoniaBlueSquirrel: normally in /usr/bin18:28
sporkeeeviaSanctus, Have you checked fstab?18:28
ikoniaviaSanctus: that's not a bad thing18:28
Psychookay both laptops say wired connection 1 connected.  What's the next step?18:28
viaSanctussporkeee, read the "hung" part18:29
ikoniaPsycho: give them IP's on the same network18:29
viaSanctusmeans = i can not check fstab18:29
sporkeeeBlueSquirrel, Not sure ikonia is better help here, than myself.18:29
ehhhikonia: i'm running xubuntu so there's about 5-6 choices of what driver to use, like nvidia-current, nvidia-experminetal-724 (or something along those lines), they're all selectable from the additional drivers section18:29
defaultro_has anyone here used L7 filter on ubuntu?18:29
viaSanctusfunny how no one reacts until you say "linux sucks"18:29
ikoniaehhh: tht's fine, so they are from the official ubuntu repos - no issue there then18:29
Psychowait, both laptops say not connected18:29
ikoniaviaSanctus: I'll stop helping then18:30
sporkeeeviaSanctus, You can look at fstab from a live cd.18:30
ikoniaPsycho: have you assigned an IP address on the same network18:30
viaSanctussporkeee, I'm at a client, forgot to bring my reanimate linux material18:30
viaSanctusin windows you reboot, period18:30
ikoniaviaSanctus: drop the smart attitude18:30
Erik_dcI just installed Jack audio, and somehow its in german, anyone have a idea how to get it back to english?18:30
ikoniaviaSanctus: if you want help - listen to the person helping, if you don't, please don't speak18:30
ehhhikonia: cool, so it won't prove a problem to get it running atleast :) i'm nearly set with my pc so now all i need are some hardware upgrades and i'm loving this computer right now :P18:31
ikoniaehhh: can't see it being a problem18:31
=== Troy__ is now known as Troy^
viaSanctusikonia, I just think there's nothing to be done18:31
ikoniaviaSanctus: ok, then you know better, don't ask for help18:31
RubasviaSanctus: I have to agree with ikonia, drop the smart attitude.18:31
BlueSquirrelI changed the permissions for vidalia and tor and neither worked :'(18:31
viaSanctuswant to know how i ran into this? First, my usb stick gave "A security policy in place prevents mounting of volumes"18:31
ikoniaBlueSquirrel: exactly what file did you change18:32
ikoniaviaSanctus: - no, don't need info, you said there is nothing more to be done, no more info needed18:32
Psychomsg ikonia  how can i assign ip if it won't even show wired connection?18:32
viaSanctusso..I need to change "“/etc/dbus-1/system.d/hal.conf"18:32
ikoniaPsycho: how are you trying to confiure it18:32
ikoniaviaSanctus: don't need to hear about it18:32
theupsideI need some help determining why my 12.04 LTS install keeps getting "System program problem detected" error ever time i log into my computer.  I get two of them about 1 min after I login to my machine but not sure where to look to determine what is causing the issue.18:32
theupsideAlso, when i log out of my account i can see a number of error messages between clicking the logout button and returning to the login screen but not sure how to see what those messages are....18:32
viaSanctusbut that gave the following bug: servicemenu for amarok has an invalid menu entry "addAsPodcast"18:32
BlueSquirrelikonia,  /usr/bin/vidalia and /usr/sbin/tor (wich is the one vidalia is point to, and points to by default)18:32
Rubasikonia: You're not the only one here, maybe other people want to help him.18:32
cekimogloyHey can someone help me figure out why I am getting "cannot create temp file for here document: Read-only file system"18:33
ikoniaBlueSquirrel: what's the actual error you're getting18:33
ikoniaRubas: there is nothing more to be done - we've been told,18:33
BlueSquirrelikonia, Vidalia was unable to start Tor. Check your settings to ensure the correct name and location of your Tor executable is specified.18:33
ikoniacekimogloy: what are you doing18:33
tecnicoHello, could anybody running the latest ubuntu tell me if you have adobe-courier fonts? (  xlsfonts |grep adobe-courier  )18:33
viaSanctusso in the end I though "why not reboot"18:33
Psychomsg ikonia connected via network cable.  both went through the cycle of trying to connect wired connection 1, but then both went to no wired connection even though wired connection 1 is  still shown as an option18:33
viaSanctusthen the whole thing died18:33
ikoniaBlueSquirrel: ok, so manually try to start Vidalia see what happens.18:33
viaSanctusyay for ubuntu18:33
cekimogloyikonia: it happens for anything. Right now If I just try and tab and finish a pathway I get it18:33
cekimogloyikonia: or if I try and sudo apt-get update18:34
ikoniaPsycho: ok, they tried to get a dhcp address (but didn't as there is no dhcp server) so assign an ip address18:34
jcowanikonia: Trying to hold down shift, but I can't do it fast enough still.  I am now not getting to auto-login, instead I get the startup message "mount: mount does not exist"18:34
kostkonPsycho, is it a crossover cable?18:34
ikoniacekimogloy: ok, so it's probably had a file system error and gone into read-only mode18:34
viaSanctusso you come to ubuntu and get some whining kid yell "i dont want to hear about it"...yay for ubuntu support18:34
Rubasikonia: Yes. But helping him, will get him to use Ubuntu more often, by this - he might relize that it aint this bad, as he imagines. He might see the light.18:34
Psychomsg kostkon no18:35
* viaSanctus wonders when he'll get banned18:35
sporkeeetecnico, Yes in 13.04 but I installed the restricted extras, it might be part of the ms-fonts part of that load.18:35
BlueSquirrelwhat do you mean by manually? as a root thru the terminal?18:35
ikoniaRubas: not interested if he uses ubuntu or not, that's up to him18:35
kostkonPsycho, there. you can't connect them then18:35
bazhang!ot | viaSanctus18:35
ubottuviaSanctus: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:35
cekimogloyikonia: it may be worth mentioning i rebooted earlier and it said the "/" was not avaialbe. I had to reboot a few times.18:35
ikoniaBlueSquirrel: just launch it from the terminal as a normal user18:35
tecnicothanks sporkeee18:35
Psychomsg ikonia set in ipv4?18:35
ikoniacekimogloy: sounds like your disk is having a problem.18:35
sporkeeetecnico, No prob.18:35
Rubasikonia: fair enough18:35
theupsideI need some help determining why my 12.04 LTS install keeps getting "System program problem detected" error ever time i log into my computer.  I get two of them about 1 min after I login to my machine but not sure where to look to determine what is causing the issue.  Also, when i log out of my account i can see a number of error messages between clicking the logout button and returning to the login screen but not sure how to see wh18:36
cekimogloyikonia: that is what I was afraid of. Thanks for confirming.18:36
sporkeeetheupside, Those errors have more info what is it?18:36
ikoniacekimogloy: if you do "mount and put the output in a pastebin we can get more idea of what's going on18:36
BlueSquirrelikonia, (thanks a lot by the way) this is what I get running and normal user: "(<unknown>:4656): IBUS-WARNING **: Unable to load /var/lib/dbus/machine-id: Failed to open file '/var/lib/dbus/machine-id': Permission denied18:36
BlueSquirrel(<unknown>:4656): GVFS-RemoteVolumeMonitor-WARNING **: cannot open directory /usr/share/gvfs/remote-volume-monitors: Error opening directory '/usr/share/gvfs/remote-volume-monitors': Permission denied18:36
theupsidesporkeeeee,   just a pop up screen that give the option to cancel or report problem18:37
ikoniaBlueSquirrel: ok - so there you go, there are the two files causing a problem18:37
ikoniaBlueSquirrel: I suspect the last one is because you've tried to run it using sudo18:37
sporkeeetheupside, Ah, are you updated? Others may be more helpful here.18:37
BlueSquirrelikonia, what do you recommend I do?18:37
ikoniaBlueSquirrel:....look at the permissions on those files....18:38
theupside sporkeee ,   yes fully updated18:38
sparrDoes the Update Manager differentiate between security and non-security updates?18:38
ikoniaBlueSquirrel: apply logic "permission deined on those files" checking those files seems to be a wise starting point18:38
=== mickeyd is now known as fwaokda
sporkeeetheupside, Cool, the best help comes with details if you can. Its not always easy to do that I know. ;)18:39
theupside sporkeee , understood but not sure where to look on my machine to give you details18:39
sporkeeesparr, Ubuntu does separate those in general.18:40
sparrsporkeee: I know the notifications are separate, but once notified is there a way to say "install just security updates"?18:40
theupside sporkeee: only thing i see is messages that pop up for a second when logging out of my account and returning to the login screen but not sure how to view those.....18:40
sporkeeesparr, Not a good idea anyway, you can lock apps if that is your goal.18:41
BlueSquirrelI did but they seem to have permission granted18:41
sparrsporkeee: this is for a non-savvy friend. I don't want to tell them to upgrade everything all the time, but I'd like to keep them safe18:41
ikoniaBlueSquirrel: show me "ls -la" on the files18:41
utopiahhi #ubuntu ... getting bit desparate here. Yesterday had sound without any problem, I installed icecast2 and darkice to stream my audio (from ALSA) to my phone, worked perfectly. Today I reboot, no sound. I remove icecast2/darkice, reboot, nothing. alsamixer shows me volumes are ok, my soundcard is detected, aplay doesnt make an error... Im lost.18:42
ikoniaBlueSquirrel: (use a pastebin please)18:42
sporkeeetheupside, I see errors on log outs at times a as well, you have to be careful in linking any errors together, and if the log out one you even matters.18:42
theupside sporkeee: exactly how can i see what those messages are when logging out ??18:43
sporkeeesparr, Honestly I have never had problems in 7 years of use with just updating.18:43
sporkeeetheupside, Not sure here, without googling it, I rarely use those tools.18:44
theupsidesporkeee:  dmesg ??18:44
sporkeeetheupside, I'm not your best help here.18:44
theupsideok thanks...18:44
isiah_s I have a program called xdelta3, it takes two files operates on them and outputs a result file. I want to send it the results of I/O somethign like cat foo I can not write to a file inbetween. Was looking into the tee command, something like cat foo | xdelta tee foo2 foo_result. Doesnt seem to be working, any ideas? The issue is that the files I am mainpulating are so large that having to rewrite them would involve leaving ram and going into hard drive sp18:44
isiah_sace which is a time penaility I cant afford. So to summarize: I have a command that takes in two files as input I want to send I/O to it instead. The man page didnt have anything on this.18:44
Ihsan_Hi, I managed to install Ubuntu 13.04 on my 16GB SSD drive. I also have another 1TB drive. I chose the "Erase disk and install Ubuntu" and selected only the SSD drive. The installation did nothing with the 1TB HDD. Now I'm booted up, it's very fast and nice! But I only have 16GB :) How can I configure my 1TB HDD to use with my Ubuntu? I mean, for example when I apt-get install something it uses the 1TB HDD?18:44
superdovarunendra, thanks :)18:45
theupsideHi #ubuntu... I need some help determining why my 12.04 LTS install keeps getting "System program problem detected" error ever time i log into my computer.  I get two of them about 1 min after I login to my machine but not sure where to look to determine what is causing the issue.  Also, when i log out of my account i can see a number of error messages between clicking the logout button and returning to the login screen but not sure18:45
superdoguys keepassx should read keepass files?18:45
superdoboth linux version18:45
ikoniaIhsan_: tha'ts not going to work18:45
ikoniaIhsan_: the majority of software will install in /usr, so you'll need to have /usr mounted off the 1TB disk18:45
mrehsuperdo, it does for me18:45
varunendrasuperdo, hi ! How did it went?18:45
Psychookay, forget the wired connection for a minute.  Can I just adhoc the two laptops together via wireless and still access the files from one onto the other?18:46
BlueSquirrelikonia, http://pastebin.ca/242309618:46
=== BadLarry is now known as BadLarry_
Ihsan_Oh, do you know if I can setup it up so Ubuntu is on the 1TB drive and boots from the SSD so I can get faster boot? Reïnstall is no problem for me18:46
BlueSquirrelikonia,  maybe I should try to uninstall everything and try a clean install18:46
superdovarunendra, after *correctly* followed your tutorial , went good.18:46
ikoniaIhsan_: it won't work like that18:46
ikoniaBlueSquirrel: why ?18:47
superdoonly after an update newest kernel again has no wifi but install time kernel has...18:47
superdomreh, really? hmm18:47
sporkeeeIhsan_, I would run the OS on the ssd and use the disc for18:47
varunendrasuperdo, Congrats ! :D18:47
sporkeeethe rest18:47
superdovarunendra, no, for you !18:47
BlueSquirrelikonia,  because last time I didnt have this much trouble getting it to work18:47
Ihsan_sporkeee_ yes I want to do that, but how? :) I installed the OS now on the SSD, what now to configure the 1TB HDD18:48
superdomreh: http://www.keepassx.org/faq#q_318:48
superdoso Im wondering18:48
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umindedBy broadcom wifi just quit working after an update yesterday. Wlan0 is now eth1 and the command line and network manager applet wont connect list any ssid18:48
=== mfisch is now known as Guest1021
ikoniaBlueSquirrel: this looks like it's dbus having the issue.18:49
mrehsuperdo, now I understand your question18:49
mrehlooks like you have your answer18:49
superdoyes :)18:49
varunendrauminded, "wlan1" means you installed the sta driver (wl). Isn't always the correct one.18:49
superdonp Ill export kdbx and then import to keepassx18:50
superdomreh, have you ever had problems with keepass showing the full texts of a field?18:50
ikoniaBlueSquirrel: first hit on the bug page open file '/var/lib/dbus/machine-id': Permission denied18:50
umindedIt worked fine on the 12.04 stock install. Updated for the first time yesterday and now no wifi18:50
ikoniaBlueSquirrel: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/vidalia/+bug/68019218:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 680192 in vidalia (Ubuntu) "Vidalia was unable to start Tor. Check your settings to ensure the correct name and location of your Tor executable is specified." [Undecided,Confirmed]18:50
Liam562I've downloaded the repair disk and unetbootin but what distribution do I select for this?18:50
superdoso the last chars were hidden or distorted18:50
varunendrauminded, do you know exactly which card you are using? If not, please show us the pastebin link to output of "lspci -nnk | grep -iA2 net"18:51
sporkeeeLiam562, You can just load the iso.....disk image18:51
sporkeeeLiam562, No prob.18:52
=== BadLarry_ is now known as BadLarry
umindedVarunendra: broadcom bcm4312. And im on my phone as their is only wifi here18:53
sporkeee!broadcom | uminded this may help.18:53
ubottuuminded this may help.: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx18:53
ubottuGetsuga93: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».18:53
theupsideI need some help determining why my 12.04 LTS install keeps getting "System program problem detected" error ever time i log into my computer.  I get two of them about 1 min after I login to my machine but not sure where to look to determine what is causing the issue.  Also, when i log out of my account i can see a number of error messages between clicking the logout button and returning to the login screen but not sure how to see wh18:55
ikoniatheupside: best not to keep randomly repeating it every 5 minutes,18:56
varunendrauminded, download "linux-firmware-nonfree" package on some computer > copy to your ubuntu machine > double-click to install : http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/all/linux-firmware-nonfree/download18:56
varunendrauminded, then purge the sta driver - "sudo apt-get purge bcmwl-kernel-source"18:57
varunendrauminded, reboot or do - "sudo modprobe b43" - wifi should be up.18:57
umindedVarunendra: let me restart and see if b43 works19:00
BlueSquirrelikonia, thank you, but I tried all the patches suggested and I still get the same error :/19:00
theupsideikonia: just trying to get help.. not sure how this process works... looks like i post and wait for a reply and if no one responds try again19:01
umindedVenezuela: wifi card is no longer detected. No wlan or eth given to it19:02
varunendrauminded, did you install the firmware package?19:02
titta2is lubuntu.fr the official lubuntu site for the french community?19:03
ubottuNous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.19:03
BlueSquirrelikonia, I tried running the tor browser, now I get another message that hints something, it says that tor is not owned by my username19:04
wheatthinI find tor browser totally annoying.. just install privoxy with torsocks and be done19:05
BlueSquirrelikonia, I changed the owner of it and it worked, but now it says that I don't own the directory under home that has tor data19:06
wheatthinBlueSquirrel, which owner did you give tor browser?19:07
BlueSquirrelit has root19:07
umindedVenezuela: no sdcard on my phone and no wifi on the laptop. This really is not working19:07
wheatthinBlueSquirrel, don't ever use a browser as root19:07
BlueSquirrelikonia, im going to try to go in as root and change it to me as the owner19:07
BlueSquirrelikonia, I didn't i dont know why it's set that way19:08
wheatthinDid ikonia set me to ignore? hmmm19:08
sporkeeewheatthin, Maybe your usually in mine. ;)19:09
wheatthinin yours? ignore list? lol19:10
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, wait I thought you were ikonia for a second lol19:10
=== adamxx is now known as adamx
varunendrauminded, my nick is varunendra by the way ;)19:10
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, it's not the browser, but the folders in its directories that are owned by root19:10
sporkeeeoff topic stuff gets really old19:10
varunendrauminded, b43 isn't going to work without the firmware.19:10
umindedLol auto correct on the phone19:11
secki cant seem to find pricing on landscape. can anyone tell me a general price this service costs?19:12
wheatthinBlueSquirrel, let me fire up ubuntu real quick, and I'll help ya19:12
umindedAny idea how to enable mass storage usb mode on a galaxy s4 by chance? Only mtp mode is showing up19:12
IdleOneseck: contact Canonical, you can find contact info on canonical.com19:12
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, I think I fixed the browser, it runs now19:12
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, vidalia isn't tho19:13
varunendrauminded, that package is just 4 MB, you should have enough internal memory to store that much.19:13
varunendrauminded, then you may use usb or BT connection to transfer that.19:13
jakechapais it possible to get source-code from apt-get? I'm trying to get the mysql 5.5.31 server source code that my package manager isntalled.19:13
wheatthinBlueSquirrel, the way I have mine setup, is I installed privoxy and torsocks, and everything just works after I configure privoxy to use tor19:13
wheatthinBlueSquirrel, then you can use whatever browser you want19:13
ehhhdoes SSD's need fan cooling or are they silent/cool by nature ?19:14
umindedI do but the latest android removed mass storage as a friggin usb option. Only media and picture mode. Might be because I have no sd card installed19:14
geniijakechapa: apt-get source <packagename>    will download it to the directory you call that from19:14
BlueSquirrelyeah I mean I had it set up well and I could run my python scripts to use tor no problem, but I had to do a fresh isntall of ubuntu so I'm trying to get it to work again :/19:14
rubas938ehhh: by nature19:14
k1l_ehhh: i dont see a ubuntu specific point in that question :) better ask in #ubuntu-offtopic or in #hardware for that hardware talks19:15
=== shelbydz is now known as shelbydz_
varunendrauminded, can't you "Fool" the OS by just renaming the file as ".jpg" ? :P19:15
ehhhrubas938: thx, was just wondering where i would go placing one without mounting slots19:15
rubas938kil_ relax, he was having some help with ssd setup19:15
umindedTried that. It must acually read the file header itself19:16
Sirisian|WorkI created a user using useradd -m <username> and can login to it with an ssh key. How do I set a passwd to an account created that way?19:16
tgunranyone using webmin 1-630, I just did a fresh install from the git repo and during setup.sh I am at 'Enabling background status collection. where it has been sitting for several minutes (15+), is this expected behavior or is it stuck?19:16
rubas938ehhh: will pm you.19:16
k1l_!webmin | tgunr19:16
ubottutgunr: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.19:16
umindedI dont think this laptop has bluetooth...19:16
VecGuys. I now have my home server setup exactly like i want it to, but i got hooked on learning linux and i now want to set up a webserver. However, i dont want to derp around with the server as i've set it up now, and my plan is to install virtualbox, create a virtual ubuntu server and run the LAMP stack on that virtual server. Is this 'easily' doable via only commandline, or should a novice19:16
Veclike me install some lighweight GUI like LXDE and use the VirtualBox GUI while setting up the virtual machine?19:16
varunendrauh, linux (read "android") is smart ! :/19:16
wheatthinBlueSquirrel, yeah running tor as service is automatically ran by root. but you don't have to be root to use the utilize the service after it's been running19:16
wheatthinto utilize the service*19:17
tgunrah, didn;t know that, is there a 'admin' package that is similar?19:17
varunendrauminded, can't you connect the phone as a modem?19:17
wheatthinBlueSquirrel, however, I don't believe vidalia (for linux) is bundled with a caching proxy19:18
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, yeah I was running tor thru terminal and then tried to run my script and tor told me I didnt have privoxy, which is weird cause I thought I did19:19
mojtabaHi, Does anybody know what is the IRC channel for the thunderbird?19:19
umindedAny idea how? I usually wifi teather19:19
wheatthinBlueSquirrel, privoxy doesn't come with tor browser for linux19:19
titta2how to know how much storage space is available for the guest session?19:20
wheatthinBlueSquirrel, so If that's what you're looking for, you don't need vidalia as a launcher.. uninstall it, and install torsocks, and privoxy19:21
tgunrMaybe a better question is, "How to remotely administer ubuntu server?"19:21
wheatthintgunr, through ssh19:21
zipy_BlueEagle, http://uckanleitungen.de/tor-privoxy/linux/ this worked for me privoxy connected to tor19:21
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, I have both of them installed tho, I just checked in the synaptic19:21
zipy_its in german tho but all u need is to run the steps19:21
tgunrthats not much of a solution for multiple servers19:21
wheatthinBlueSquirrel, and what do you have your browser setup to use tho?19:22
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, how can I check?19:22
wheatthintgunr, you didn't ask for multiple servers, you asked to remotely administer ubuntu server.19:22
varunendrauminded, if you have an alternate way to connect the phone (via usb?), it should be able to connect in "DUN" or "Modem" mode. If so, Ubuntu will detect it as a modem and a wizard will become available in NM to configure it.19:22
tgunrMaybe a better question is, "How to remotely administer ubuntu servers?"19:22
zipy_over ssh19:23
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, by the way this is what tor says: Jul 09 15:22:47.000 [warn] Your application (using socks5 to port 80) is giving Tor only an IP address. Applications that do DNS resolves themselves may leak information. Consider using Socks4A (e.g. via privoxy or socat) instead. For more information, please see https://wiki.torproject.org/TheOnionRouter/TorFAQ#SOCKSAndDNS.19:23
tgunrthats not much of a solution for multiple servers19:23
titta2how to know how much storage space is available for the guest session?19:23
varunendrauminded, you originally said - "wlan0 is NOW eth1.." Are you sure it wasn't earlier??19:23
wheatthinBlueSquirrel, yes, tor should be running on port 9050 from
titta2i remember it being quite small....19:24
zipy_titta2, why dont u just rightclick preferences in guests home folder19:24
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, it is but not 9050, it's 915119:25
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, oh wait, that might be the problem...19:25
titta2ok thank you... that was easy... :)19:25
wheatthinBlueSquirrel, you'll need to change it to 905019:25
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, my program is trying to go thru 905019:25
zipy_u can setup the port in privoxy port in the config19:25
zipy_i think 3400 or 8118 is the port19:25
=== sins_x is now known as sins
wheatthinprivoxy's default is 811819:26
Estrobedahello folks what a wonderful day =D19:27
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, I cant change it gives me an error19:27
wheatthinBlueSquirrel, so if you have privoxy installed, you'll want to edit the privoxy.conf and change it to use Or your internalIP:8118, and scroll down and make sure you have it forwarding to
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, Vidalia was unable to apply your Advanced settings to Tor.19:28
BlueSquirrelUnable to set option: Failed to bind one of the listener ports.19:28
no-codehello everbody19:28
g105bDoes the cron service need restarting each time crontab is edited?19:28
adamkg105b: No.19:28
wheatthinBlueSquirrel, I wouldn't use vidalia as a kick starter, it's not needed19:29
no-codei need kali-linux channel19:29
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, it says that it couldnt bind to because the address is already in user and then asks me if tor is already running19:29
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, I'm just using the tor browser to try19:29
wheatthinBlueSquirrel, so torsocks is already installed and running... type sudo service tor stop19:29
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, I did, still doesnt let me19:30
sporkeeeno-code, Look on  the web must be one somewhere this is ubuntu support. ;)19:30
wheatthinBlueSquirrel, uninstall vidalia plz19:30
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
wheatthinBlueSquirrel, did torsocks uninstall with it?19:31
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, no it did not19:32
wheatthinBlueSquirrel, k..   now service tor stop (if it's not stopped already)19:32
wheatthinif you want to check,   ps aux | grep tor19:32
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, aight, I closed the browser, I stopped the service, did a ps aux |grep tor, found the process, and killed it19:34
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, there should be no tor open19:34
wheatthinBlueSquirrel, great.. now go   sudo nano /etc/torsocks.conf19:34
mojtabasorry, mistakenly pasted here.19:35
BlueSquirrelaight it opened in the terminal19:35
teratomaI think Unity might have a memory leak.  I do not have consistent records of ps to prove it though. compiz would always be the biggest memory hog.  I installed the x edgers ppa yesterday, and that appears to have fixed my problem19:35
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, is this the file I have to modify?19:35
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, what do I do to it19:35
murrayukHey, I had a problem  with an application and after a bit of googling I found someone that seemed to have fixed it but I'm not really sure how to apply a .patch file... can anyone give me a hand?19:35
wheatthinBlueSquirrel, indeed19:35
umindedVarunendra: it might have been eth1 all along. Why did it just stop working?19:36
wheatthinyou'll make sure that server =
wheatthinBlueSquirrel, and then server_type = 519:36
=== d1gital is now known as ofosho
wheatthinand the server_port = 905019:36
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, #        server =
BlueSquirrel#        server_type = 519:37
BlueSquirrelis that the one I change19:37
wheatthinBlueSquirrel, yes, change that to
varunendrauminded, can't say about that, but did you at any point choose to "accept" a driver proposed by "Additional Driver" dilogue lately?19:38
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, wait nevermind19:38
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, that one is comented19:38
wheatthinkk.. just make sure server =
BlueSquirrel# Default server19:38
BlueSquirrel# For connections that aren't to the local subnets19:38
BlueSquirrel# the server at should be used (again, hostnames could be used19:38
BlueSquirrel# too, see note above)19:38
BlueSquirrelserver =
FloodBot1BlueSquirrel: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:38
wheatthink.. and server_port = 95019:38
wheatthingrr 905019:38
wheatthinthen hit   cntrl+x  then hit y and enter19:39
wheatthinBlueSquirrel, then you'll edit your /etc/privoxy/conf19:40
umindedVarunendra: nope, just the usual ipdates luke firefox19:40
wheatthinBlueSquirrel,   sudo nano /etc/privoxy/conf19:40
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, I think it was already the way you said: this is without changes http://paste.ubuntu.com/5859403/19:40
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, server type is commented tho, should I comment it out?19:41
wheatthinBlueSquirrel, that's fine, just making sure everything is good19:41
wheatthinyes, uncomment it19:41
varunendrauminded, for just a test, check yourself - "ls /lib/firmware/b*" -- does something show up (basically, is "b43" directory there?)19:41
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, aight! (thanks for the help by the way)19:42
wheatthinBlueSquirrel, now  sudo nano /etc/privoxy/config19:42
xanguateratoma: you mean the xorg edgers ppa or the stable x ppa one¿19:42
tecnicolooking at the output of 'xlsfonts' do you know how to pinpoint the package that provided that font?19:43
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, what do I check for?19:43
teratomaxangua: xorg edgers.  did i do something bad19:43
wheatthinBlueSquirrel, you'll go where it says "listen-address localhost:8118"19:43
xanguateratoma: on what ubuntu release¿¿ no i was just curious...a long time since i tried that ppa19:44
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, ok found it19:45
wheatthinBlueSquirrel, once you find that, change it to "listen-address <yourinternalip>:811819:45
teratomaxangua: raring19:45
wheatthinremember to switch <yourinternalip> to what it actually is19:45
wheatthinwithout brackets19:46
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, by internal ip, you mean jsut my ip address?19:46
xanguateratoma: gonna try it :D19:46
wheatthinBlueSquirrel, yes for instance mine is
wheatthinBlueSquirrel, so it'll look like "listen-address"19:47
umindedvarunendra: ok I have my phone teathered. that was an ordeal. seems samsung crippled android 4.2.2 to remove mass storage so you had to use their software. Need to root my device...19:47
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, like the one I get when I go to http://whatismyipaddress.com/19:48
xanguauminded: what ubuntu release are you using¿ my android phone mounts the sd with mtp with no problems19:48
umindedvarunendra:  any ways I installed that package and purged the kernel sources. /proc/modules says "b43 379088 0 - Live 0x0000000000000000"19:48
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, isnt that the external?19:48
guntbertBlueSquirrel: not that one19:48
wheatthinno, that's an internal19:48
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, ok ok hold on19:48
wheatthinBlueSquirrel, ifconfig eth0 should tell ya19:49
umindedxangua: galaxy s4, and I dont have an sd card so the mtp mounts some ghosted copy of the internal sd structure but with no files visible... its an odd bug19:49
varunendrauminded, if you just installed the firmware, you'll need to remove, then reload the b43 module - "sudo modprobe -rfv b43" == > "sudo modprobe -v b43"19:49
umindedvarunendra: but ifconfig does not list anything besides eth0 and lo19:49
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, aight done19:49
wheatthinalrighty, then scroll further down, until you come to section 5.219:50
wheatthinand uncomment forward-socks5 / .19:50
umindedvarunendra: yay wlan0 is back19:51
varunendrauminded, as long as a driver is not binded with an interface, it is not usable, so ifconfig won't show it.19:51
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, done19:52
umindedvarunendra: and my wifi is working now. What should I do to make sure this doesn't happen again??19:52
wheatthinBlueSquirrel, now   cntrl+x  hit y and enter19:52
dexterityI consider working on my Linode, but I need ssh access to my git repos, is it safe to have a (new) private ssh key on a remote server? It will have access to all my repos.19:52
varunendrauminded, make sure you do "nothing" with the wifi. Simple as that :P19:52
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, alright, do I try to run tor now?19:52
guntbertdexterity: as long as you give it a good! passphrase19:53
=== danielbw_ is now known as danielbw
varunendrauminded, the b43 driver is included in the kernel, the only external thing you need was the firmware which now you have.19:53
wheatthinBlueSquirrel,  sudo service tor start && sudo service privoxy restart19:53
dexterityguntbert: should I generate the key on the remote server or locally, or doesn't it matter?19:53
=== Troy__ is now known as Troy^
umindedvarunendra: I wonder what wonky package caused this all to happen19:54
guntbertdexterity: I usually try not to send private keys trough the network - so I'd say create it on the server19:54
irreverantAre those the only ports you want?19:54
irreverantOoops really late in the channel.19:55
irreverantForget it.19:55
varunendrauminded, is it ubuntu 13.04 ?19:55
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, ok done! should I try m yscript?19:55
varunendrauminded, the wl driver (the one you removed) has been problematic with some cards in 13.04. Some versions work, some give problems like this.19:56
wheatthinnope.. BlueSquirrel now you go to your favorite browsers settings19:56
wheatthinnetwork settings19:56
wheatthinand under proxy settings use  http   <yourinternalip> 811819:57
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, okaay19:57
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, done19:58
wheatthinnow test it by going to http://checkip.dyndns.org  it should be different from your external IP address19:58
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, hey nice it works!19:58
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, I'll have to rewrite my scripts to work with it now19:59
rubas938Nice BlueSquirrel and wheaties466 :D19:59
wheatthinnow any other proxy programs you want to run, just point it to your internal ip with 811819:59
rubas938wheatthin* xD19:59
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, thanks a lot!20:00
wheatthinBlueSquirrel, np20:00
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, Im gonna go try to make this work now, thanks20:00
wheatthinhave fun man20:00
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omarHello there20:04
guntberthelllo omar Do you have an ubuntu support question?20:04
acron^Hello. I have a support question, is this the right place?20:05
omaryes i need some help to install world of goo20:05
elisa87I have switched to Python2.6 with pythonbrew but I am receiving the same error yet libpython2.6.so.1.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory. Also  ldconfig -p | grep python  only shows stuff related to python2.7 . Any idea how to solve this problem?20:06
guntbertask | omar acron^20:06
guntbert!ask | omar acron^20:06
ubottuomar acron^: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:06
=== adamk_ is now known as adamk
acron^Apologies :)20:06
elisa87I have switched to Python2.6 with pythonbrew but I am receiving the same error yet libpython2.6.so.1.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory. Also  ldconfig -p | grep python  only shows stuff related to python2.7 . Any idea how to solve this problem?20:07
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=== TheDrums_ is now known as TheDrums
acron^So, I think this is a general linux question. I am attempted to delete a hidden file using 'sudo rm filename' except it's simply having no effect; the file is never removed. What could this be?20:07
acron^am attempting*20:07
wheatthinacron^, is it telling you permission denied?20:07
acron^No, no error message20:07
acron^ls reports this:20:08
acron^-rwxrwxrwx 0 root root    0 Jul  9 18:29 .fuse_hidden00001e300000000e*20:08
geniiPerhaps it's being auto created again immediately afterwards.20:08
=== danielcbit_ is now known as danielcbit
wheatthinacron^, try using   sudo rm -rf20:08
guntbertacron^: if the file is hidden it's filename starts with a  . (like .settings)20:08
elisa87What should I do? build/ARM/gem5.debug: error while loading shared libraries: libpython2.6.so.1.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory20:08
=== Sam_OTnosc is now known as SamOTnosc
acron^guntbert: yes, it's hidden: .fuse_hidden0000...20:08
=== SamOTnosc is now known as Sam_OTnosc
guntbertacron^: so sudo rm .fuse_hid<tab>20:09
acron^wheatthin: sudo rm -rf made no difference20:09
geniiacron^: If you sudo rm  it, then check again with ls -l   does it show different creation/modification time?20:09
wheatthin.fuse_hidden000 isn't just a file, it's a hidden mountpoint20:09
=== me is now known as Guest30592
acron^genii: nope, same time20:09
acron^wheatthin: Ah, what's a mountpoint?20:10
BlueSquirrelwheatthin, so my script use to have a connection with tor that sent a signal "NEWNYM" to tor to change the ip address, I have no idea how to do that now20:10
wheatthinacron^, it's where Fuse tries to mount a partition20:10
wheatthinBlueSquirrel, it'll change randomly every so often20:11
acron^wheatthin: :( sounds bad. I'm just trying to do svn cleanup....20:11
wheatthinacron^, just make sure your have whatever partition you have mounted with fuse  (you can check under 'mount' command'20:13
jayanyway to install Ubuntu with out a CD rom drive in the PC ?20:13
wheatthinto unmount it before the svn cleanup20:13
jayin windows 720:13
wheatthinjay, you can use wubi, although that'll make it dualboot20:14
jayyeah i want it to duel boot20:14
wheatthinjay, or you can use dd, or a number of other utilities to "burn" the iso image to a usb drive20:14
k1l_wubi :(20:14
dllamahi guys,   i'm having a ton of issues installing a ruby gem "RedCloth" on ubuntu 12.04 — in the rails related rooms, i was told that it could be related more to ubunuty than ruby.20:14
KyouReeUs4nfoIs it safe to install kernels manually from http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.9-rc8-raring/ for Raring 13.04?20:15
wheatthinKyouReeUs4nfo, you can, but it's not supported20:15
k1l_wubi is not compatible with newer windows and is very hard to support and doesnt offer that speed and feeling of a native install20:15
acron^wheatthin: okay, i see the mount on /dev/sda4 - how do I unmount/remount?20:15
QuestI dont see a software running in processes but when i start that software, it says ts already running, how can i be sure?20:15
icerootKyouReeUs4nfo: you may not get security updates and it is not supported, also ppas are normally not a trusted source like the main repos20:16
wheatthinacron^, just   sudo umount /media/mountpoint or whereever the mount point is located20:16
icerootQuest: maybe there is just a lock-file still alive20:16
Questiceroot,  how can i be sure. the software is truecrypt20:17
acron^if i unmount it though....how will i be able to access the directory??20:17
wheatthinacron^, it's temporary.. it can be remounted, you just want to see if that file goes away when you unmount it20:17
acron^wheatthin: Ok...I trust you20:18
KyouReeUs4nfowheatthin and iceroot, thanks. I would like to know which is current supported version from main repos. I am running 3.8.0-25.20:18
iceroot!info linux-image-generic20:18
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (raring), package size 2 kB, installed size 33 kB20:18
wheatthinKyouReeUs4nfo, that is current that i know of20:18
acron^wheatthin: acron@Fenixbuntu /m/a/p/P/TVQuiz> sudo umount /media/acron/projects20:18
acron^umount: /media/acron/projects: device is busy.20:18
acron^        (In some cases useful info about processes that use20:18
acron^         the device is found by lsof(8) or fuser(1))20:18
wheatthinacron^, you'll want to cd /20:18
wheatthinand try again20:19
geniiOr close a file browser that might be open and looking at something under that hierarchy20:19
icerootKyouReeUs4nfo: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade  to get the latest kernel security fixes20:19
KyouReeUs4nfothanks again, for some reason when I do sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade it is not upgrading20:19
KyouReeUs4nfoI would like to add that I purged that version once20:20
icerootKyouReeUs4nfo: you only need "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"20:20
PashaPastaKyouReeUs4nfo: try doing "apt-get -y upgrade....."20:20
icerootKyouReeUs4nfo: what is the output of "sudo apt-get update && apt-cache policy linux-image-generic20:20
wheatthinbrb medication time20:20
icerootPashaPasta: upgrade will not upgrade the kernel20:20
PashaPastaiceroot: that's what the ........... was for :)20:21
varunendraPashaPasta, never knew "......." is another meta package for kernel image.... lol !20:22
Questiceroot,  how can i be sure. the software is truecrypt20:22
PashaPastavarunendra: oh, it is!  (in lazy speak)20:22
silvio-is there anyone here that knows about OCFs2 with DRDB ?20:22
QuestI dont see a software running in processes but when i start that software, it says ts already running, how can i be sure?20:22
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit20:23
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KyouReeUs4nfoiceroot: http://paste2.org/Cfv7ed0V20:24
=== jhutchin1 is now known as jhutchins
acron^wheatthin: I did umount20:28
silvio-is there anyone here that knows about OCFs2 with DRDB ?20:28
acron^I now can't get into the directory to check if the file is gone..20:28
wheatthinacron^, and did the hidden file go away?20:28
wheatthinacron^, then it was definitely on that partition itself20:29
acron^the mount was /media/projects20:29
wheatthinand what device was it?20:29
acron^the file was in /media/projects/.svn20:29
wheatthinso, sudo mount /dev/sda4 /media/projects20:29
Questrm ~/.TrueCrypt-lock-USERNAME20:30
acron^wheatthin: remounted aaaand file is gone :)20:30
acron^thanks so much dude20:31
=== mikestewart is now known as ms|eat
elisa87how can I install libpython2.6 in Ubuntu12.04?20:33
KyouReeUs4nfoiceroot or wheatthin: how do I manually install latest kernel from main repos.? Apt is not finding it for some reason.20:34
Picielisa87: Why do you mean 2.6? 2.7 is the version of Python included with 12.04.20:34
elisa87pici I need it for this build/ARM/gem5.debug: error while loading shared libraries: libpython2.6.so.1.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory . I installed python2.6 by pythonbrew and switched to it but yet have the same problem20:35
=== thomas is now known as Thomas
=== Thomas is now known as Guest33189
wheatthinKyouReeUs4nfo, which version of ubuntu are you running?20:36
Picielisa87: You'd likely need to explicitly provide the path to your libpython2.6.so.1.0 that was compiled via pythonbrew.20:36
KyouReeUs4nfowheatthin: Raring 13.0420:37
elisa87pici I don't know what's the path to it . find or locate couldn't find it20:37
Picielisa87: What are you trying to compile?20:37
elisa87a package my friend compiled with python 2.620:38
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit20:38
wheatthinKyouReeUs4nfo, here's a tutorial  http://www.liberiangeek.net/2013/04/ready-for-linux-kernel-3-9-install-upgrade-your-kernel-in-ubuntu-13-04/20:38
KyouReeUs4nfowheatthin: yes I read that wheatthin but that points me to a ppa20:39
wheatthinKyouReeUs4nfo, go ahead and use it. As long as it's labled "stable" it should be fine20:39
KyouReeUs4nfowheatthin: already, thanks!20:40
=== SailorThor is now known as SailorWho
KyouReeUs4nfowheatthin: would kernel.org stable version be ok to try?20:40
wheatthinKyouReeUs4nfo, yes, but ppa would definitely be alot easier20:41
wheatthinKyouReeUs4nfo, with kernel.org, you'd have to manually configure and compile and do a whole bunch of stuff20:41
KyouReeUs4nfowheatthin: thanks again!20:41
gms_Hi all ! I have a connection problem to a specific wifi whereas ethernet connections works fine. The connection was established on Windows as well. Is it a configuration problem? I don't know what to do20:44
superdogms_ lot of us suffer from it..20:44
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gms_it's on 12.04 by the way20:44
superdosuggestion: search askubuntu.com with your wlan manufacturer name read the results20:45
elisa87how can I fix this? What should I install? error while loading shared libraries: libprotobuf.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory20:45
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gms_superdo: good idea. thanks20:45
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=== dragon is now known as Guest460
superdogms_ but you can ask also here, just was an idea20:46
wheatthinelisa87, did you try to install libprotobuf520:46
superdogms_ also: ubuntuforums20:46
elisa87wheatthin: E: Unable to locate package libprotobuf520:46
=== heathjs is now known as heath
gms_superdo: actually I used to connect to another wifi. I think that the problem is rather on the router ?20:47
wheatthinelisa87, which ubuntu release are you on?20:47
elisa87wheatthin: 12.04 precise20:47
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superdogms_ no idea20:47
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superdohave to leave bye20:47
gms_superdo: ok. thanks20:47
OerHekselisa libprotobuf5 is removed when maverick 10.10 came out. that source you are trying to buils is old ( according to your previous question about python 2.6)20:49
wheatthinyeah the new one is libprotobuf720:49
OerHeks!find libprotobuf20:50
ubottuFound: libprotobuf-dev, libprotobuf-lite7, libprotobuf7, libprotobuf-c0, libprotobuf-c0-dev20:50
elisa87I specifically want version 5 of it20:51
wheatthinelisa87, it's no longer in repo.. try 7 and see if it works as a replacement20:51
lol_devil_lolHello people20:52
OerHekselisa87, good luck! http://pkgs.org/download/libprotobuf520:52
elisa87OerHeks: I already have version 7 libprotobuf7 is already the newest version. but I need version 5 for this program20:52
HankMccoyi'm back20:52
manevskifi4odoes ubuntu have a mumble server ?20:54
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dgfxdcvgxcMaybe somebody knows how to fix this ? I install ubuntu into lastest virtualbox, and its not ussable, it runs very very slow... maybe somebody has solution ?20:55
HankMccoyso can anyone explain how someone could jack me while using Ubuntu to initate a bot flood on another channel?20:55
OerHeks!info mumble-server20:57
ubottumumble-server (source: mumble): Low latency VoIP server. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.3-349-g315b5f5-2.2ubuntu1 (raring), package size 807 kB, installed size 2777 kB20:57
HankMccoywell what I am asking is how did they do it and what can I do to prevent it from happening again20:59
PiciHankMccoy: 'jack you'?21:00
HankMccoyas in hijack my pc or just the IP to attack another channel21:00
HankMccoyI'm still pissed for getting blamed for that21:01
gms_Hi all ! I have a connection problem to a specific wifi whereas ethernet connections works fine. The connection was established on Windows as well. I couldn't find anything about Philips CGA5722 routers. Any ideas? What can I do to diagnose the configuration21:01
PiciHankMccoy: on freenode?21:01
HankMccoynope thought it was more secure than that or so I was told...21:01
gms_no ideas ?21:02
HankMccoythe admin gave me a copy of some crazy code and said UR banned don't come back21:02
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karthi[jensen]: hi21:03
PiciHankMccoy: Do you mind pastebinning the relevant section? You don't need to include your conversation with them.21:03
HankMccoycan not ask what it was because i'm banned just wondering about how it works and how to secure my connection moar...21:03
karthigeekstay: hi ftnd21:03
PiciHankMccoy: I'm asking because it may not be that your connection was hijacked, there are other things can can cause a 'flood' on IRC.21:04
HankMccoyno copy and like I said I was kicked so I am at a bit of a loss21:04
=== ecks is now known as away
HankMccoylike what I thought that was how it worked...21:04
HankMccoyanyway it was linked to my IP so obviously it got back to me :(21:05
PiciHankMccoy: Unless you had an unpatched webserver or you had opened up ssh access and used a simple password there is next to no chance that your computer was comprimised.  You might have been joining and parting due to an excess flood, but that is between you and the IRC server with your own IRC client.21:06
gdoteofi am having a hard time getting some keyboard short cuts to work21:07
gdoteofpretty vanilla 12.04 intall21:07
gdoteofwhen I go to keyboard->shortcuts and change, for example.. maximize screen to alt+shift+f  all i do is send 'FFFFFFF' over and over again to input21:07
gdoteofif i change switch to workspace N to Super+N  the default bejhavior of switching to the app based on it's order in the launcher still happens21:08
gdoteofit's basically as if my keyboard shortcuts are just being straight up ignored21:08
holsteingdoteof: i have found that as well in gnome3, and cinammon.. is that in unity?21:10
gdoteofholstein: yeah.. literally just a vanilla 12.04 desktop install21:10
gdoteofidk what cinammon is21:11
holstein!info cinnamon | gdoteof21:12
ubottugdoteof: cinnamon (source: cinnamon): Innovative and comfortable desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.7.4-1 (raring), package size 607 kB, installed size 2460 kB21:12
varunendragms_, do you currently have an ethernet connection?21:16
gms_varunendra: yes. Actually, when I turned off the WPA it connects21:18
varunendragms_, no problem solved ? :)21:18
gms_varunendra: it has connected when there's no protection21:19
rubas503What kind of WPA is it? gms_21:19
jakechapaIs there any way to get the source-code from an apt-get? I'm trying to get the source for my msql 5.5.31 but can't find it on their website (they only have 5.5.32)21:20
varunendragms_, please post the pastebin link of : "lspci -nnk | grep -iA2 net | pastebinit"21:20
=== jayne_ is now known as jayne
auronandace!source | jakechapa21:22
ubottujakechapa: You can easily fetch a package's source with apt-get. See: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-sourcehandling.en.html21:22
explodesUbuntu Server 13.04, how do I get "ls" to show the user and group?21:23
explodesright now its one or the other, I can't tell which21:23
explodesalias la='ls -Alh --color=always'21:23
OerHeksexplodes >  ls -Al21:23
gms__KyouReeUs4nfo: yes I'm connected physically21:23
gms__KyouReeUs4nfo: by ethernet, and I can reach to config. page of the router21:24
varunendragms__, did you get this message - please post the pastebin link of : "lspci -nnk | grep -iA2 net | pastebinit" ? It may help21:25
gms__varunendra: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5859739/21:27
=== Guest68009 is now known as Guest68009|Away
varunendragms__, Ubuntu 13.04??21:28
KyouReeUs4nfogms_ : here is a link, that may help you. http://www.p4c.philips.com/cgi-bin/dcbint/cpindex.pl?slg=en&scy=gb&ctn=CGA5722/0521:28
gms__varunendra: no. 12.0421:28
varunendragms__, kernel version? (uname -mr)21:28
gms__varunendra: I!m checking it21:29
gms__varunendra: 3.2.0-49-generic-pae i68621:29
gms__varunendra: I've just verified that it connects to the wifi when I disable WPA or all types of protection21:30
varunendragms__, the newer version (6.xx) of this driver had some problems initially. I'm not sure if they still exist. But the older version in those cases worked better (
KyouReeUs4nfogms_: In your NetworkManager, update wireless network configuration and try and reconnect after making sure you have reconfigured your wireless network on router.21:33
varunendragms__, please show us - "dpkg -s bcmwl-kernel-source | grep -i version"21:33
gms__varunendra: Version:
jactaCan anyone help me with this? http://pastebin.com/zJsigemG - the daemon cant access folders :/21:34
varunendragms__, you may try the older version if you wish. If it works, you can 'Pin' it in apt.21:35
gms__varunendra: Hmm I see. I'm a beginner. So I wonder how to use an older version. Also, does it have any disadvantages?21:36
KyouReeUs4nfojacta: try chmod 755 ~/Downloads/Torrents/Completed/21:37
varunendragms__, no disadvantage if it works fine. Let me dig up my post on "how to".21:37
holsteingms__: an advantage might be that it works21:37
gms__holstein: :D yeah21:38
gms__verysoftoiletppr: thank you so much21:38
verysoftoiletpprgms__ you are very welcome21:38
johan`Hey, how do you log out via the terminal?21:39
holsteinjohan`: exit should do what you want21:39
varunendragms__, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2140263&p=12625996#post1262599621:39
johan`Ok, thanks :), trying it out. I'll be back if it doesn't work! holstein21:39
jactaKyouReeUs4nfo: still the same, ls: cannot access /home/jacta/Downloads/Torrents/Completed/: Permission denied21:39
varunendragms__, basically - "sudo apt-get purge bcmwl-kernel-source" ..... then ........ "sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source=", while you are connected via cable.21:40
johan`holstein: Ouch! Okay, seems like I've gotta give you guys some more info: Something happened to the graphical... Window, the one that you access with CTRL+ALT+F7. I'm currently in CTRL+ALT+F1 and I want to log out of CTRL+ALT+F721:40
KyouReeUs4nfojacta: can you cd into that directory?21:40
holsteinjohan`: go back to the main graphical one and logout21:41
holstein!tty | johan` might help you21:41
ubottujohan` might help you: To get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution21:41
eroeurbanoI am looking for help with Ubuntu 12.04 and my Kindle 421:42
holsteinjohan`: sounds like you have a different issue altogther.. can you reboot and tell me exactly what the issue is? sudo reboot from a prompt will do21:42
eroeurbanoit doesn't get recognized anymore21:42
eroeurbanoand I can't manage to mount it21:42
jactaKyouReeUs4nfo: as me (jacta) yes, but not as the daemon i think21:42
explodes8/10 sigh here. How do I install mod_wsgi for apache2 on ubuntu server 13.04 ...21:42
holsteineroeurbano: im not sure where kindle support is, but ubuntu 12.04 support is here.. when did it stop "showing up"? and what do you want it to do?21:42
johan`holstein: The problem would be solved by rebooting. Hm, I think I'm wasting your time more than I should. Thank you for your help, I'll just reboot.21:42
eroeurbanoHi Johan, it is an issue with Ubuntu not mounting the device21:43
eroeurbanoI think that somehow I corrupted the filesystem21:43
holsteineroeurbano: on the kindle?21:43
eroeurbanoyes holstein21:43
eroeurbanothanks for the help (sorry I got the name confused)21:44
holsteineroeurbano: i would do normal troubleshooting.. see if its showing in "fdisk -l" or where ever you want to look21:44
KyouReeUs4nfojacta: please explain what you are trying to do.21:44
eroeurbanothanks holstein I don't know normal troubleshooting that's why I am here21:44
eroeurbanoI'll try fdisk right now :)21:45
gms__varunendra: sorry. I was away from keyboard for a while. Thank you for your help. I'm gonna dig the links you shared21:45
varunendranp :)21:45
holsteineroeurbano: so you see it in a filemanager? what are the errors, if so.. does the device work otherwise?21:46
jactaKyouReeUs4nfo: I try to get transmission-daemon to work, it says Access Denied for that folder21:46
varunendragms__, if that works better, and you wish to 'Pin' the version (so it doesn't get updated with normal updates), take a look at "man apt_preferences" (or just search an example on net)21:46
holstein!chown | jacta might help you21:47
ubottujacta might help you: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions21:47
sarkie_hi all, I have been getting an error message on start up, "Could not apply the stored configuration for monitors" I have therefore created an xrandr script to run at start up, but I think its wrong, since it "works" but all my games act odd. Since I am running two screens, full screen either spans both my monitors or a 1/3 of one depending on the game. Any help would be appreciated. I am running an ATI 4850 with xorg edgers. (same happened without edge21:47
sarkie_st thought it might help) http://pastebin.com/UhtQLctN21:47
eroeurbanoholstein: it doesn't show up in nautilus; the device seems to work fine (but the troubles started a few days ago: when it was connected to my laptop it suddenly rebooted and all the content was gone)21:47
gms__varunendra: I didn't get it. Using an older generic means no regular updates?21:47
holsteineroeurbano: that would be not "fine"..21:48
varunendragms__, updates tend to replace packages with latest versions, while the latest in your case is not the greatest. That's why we need to hold (only) that one back.21:48
eroeurbanoholstein: I know.. but now it works fine.. I think the USB port of the computer I had it connected is defective (a lot of devices don't work there)21:48
eroeurbanocan I post the output of fdisk?21:49
MonkeyDusteroeurbano  use pastebin21:49
eroeurbanothanks MonkeyDust21:49
holsteineroeurbano: ? then dont use it. that does sound plausible21:49
gms__varunendra: oh I see. That's a clear explanation. Alright, so I need to check out apt_preferences right21:49
KyouReeUs4nfojacta: are you configuring transmission-daemon for a remote use?21:49
varunendragms__, by pinning a package, you tell apt to NOT upgrade that particular package. Rest of the updates will be normal (and you can always "unpin" a package)21:49
varunendragms__, only if it proves to work better :P21:50
eroeurbanonow I am on my laptop (that works) and would like to get the Kindle mounted again...21:50
gms__varunendra: :D Okay. I'll  give a shot right now21:50
eroeurbanoholstein: here is the output of sudo fdisk -l : http://pastebin.com/A5RNgP6s21:53
eroeurbanoholstein: /dev/sdc is the Kindle21:54
gms__varunendra: nothing seems to change. do I need to reboot ?21:54
varunendragms__, shouldn't be necessary. Still unable to connect?21:55
gms__varunendra: yes. It keeps trying and trying... Icon moves slightly and and repeats21:55
theazmanHi everyone, I'm looking for a web based onenote replacement that we can host on our servers. We have to be able to drag and drop photos in? Any suggestions? I have looked at a ton of them.21:56
jakechapa<auronandace: YOU. THANK YOU21:56
varunendragms__, please show again - "dpkg -s bcmwl-kernel-source | grep -i version"21:56
gms__varunendra: Version:
varunendragms__, that's correct. Probably time to check other factors. Please follow this post to post a detailed report : http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=1235038521:57
gms__varunendra: Ok!21:58
theazman_Hi everyone, I'm looking for a web based onenote replacement that we can host on our servers. We have to be able to drag and drop photos in? Any suggestions? I have looked at a ton of them.21:59
meLonAnybody here have mpdscribble stop working for them July 4th?22:00
meLonmpdscribble: mpd error (9): you don't have permission for \"status\"22:00
gms__varunendra: here it is . http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5859843/22:01
jactaHow can I mkdir as another user? is that possible?22:02
meLonLike.. you want to mkdir and have it owned by another user jacta ?22:02
meLonjacta: sudo su USERNAME -c 'mkdir /path/to/newdir/'22:03
gms__varunendra: I guess the last one was catched while trying to connect to another wifi. I rerun the code . http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5859855/22:03
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meLonjacta: or mkdir /path/to/newdir && sudo chown USER:USER /path/to/newdir22:04
jactameLon: maybe you can help me change some folders, it says access denied - folders are 777 and owned by me, not by the daemon22:04
jactameLon: http://pastebin.com/zJsigemG22:04
autojackis there a way to get Launchpad to keep more than one version of a package in a PPA?22:06
jjavaholic_External Hard drive not displayed in disks utility that used to how would you recommend  debugging22:07
sporkeeejjavaholic_, Is it a ntfs?22:07
eroeurbanoholstein: sorry to bother you, I will have to leave in a few minutes, did you have the chance to have a look? Thanks in any case for the help!22:07
jjavaholic_I think it was.22:08
sporkeeejjavaholic_, You ever defragg,or chkdsk it?22:08
namespaceis there a channel for xubuntu?22:08
varunendragms__, nothing suspicious there (those few dmesg errors are usually harmless). I can only suggest to try the native brcmsmac driver now.22:08
jactaNewest, oh, I dont get this, can anyone help me understand and solve? http://pastebin.com/ikGYS5iE22:08
sporkeeenamespace, #xubuntu22:09
gms__varunendra: Okay. What should I do in this case? If you're tried of helping I can find it out with a little referrence22:10
=== jjavaholic_ is now known as jjavaholic
varunendragms__, actually multitasking at the moment... hence the delay in replies...  :P22:11
jactano one that knows some simple about chown and such? :S22:11
gms__varunendra: no problem :)22:11
KyouReeUs4nfojacta: apparently 777 is required for that directory22:12
varunendragms__, try the native one - "sudo apt-get purge bcmwl-kernel-source", then - "sudo modprobe brcmsmac". See if it lets you connect. I hope it should.22:12
jactaKyouReeUs4nfo: but even with 777 its not possible22:12
NotproNi have a ubuntu that every time i log in i have to 'sudo ifup eth1', is there a way for me to make it happen at the boot?22:13
cortexmanwhen I use modprobe via the command line it works but putting the same lines in /etc/modprobe.conf and rebooting doesn't work. example: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=hZ2idLsm22:13
=== marahin_ is now known as marahin
KyouReeUs4nfojacta: see if this link helps you with the steps http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/setting-up-transmission-remote-gui-in.html22:14
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gms__varunendra: Nope...Can't it be from router configs. ? I have philips cga572222:15
sporkeeeautojack, Many so per releases, a ppa is the owners choices.22:15
varunendragms__, given the unique nature of your problem (same behaviour with all three drivers), yes, it may be an external factor. Or something other than the driver.22:16
jjavaholicexternal Drive doesn't show up in gparted22:16
gms__varunendra: I see...22:16
sporkeeejjavaholic, Have you ever defragged or done a chkdsk on that HD if it is a ntfs?22:16
varunendragms__, which one is your access point / router ? There are 7 in your report.22:17
gms__varunendra: yer sir22:17
varunendrayes sir :P22:17
mapbakerCan anyone tell me the syntax for referencing the location of a file on disk in Ubuntu?22:17
gms__varunendra: It was meant to be like that, I made a mistake :D22:17
autojacksporkeee: guy who maintains the Node.js PPA is saying Launchpad will only let him keep one version in a given repository, but somehow the nginx guys are able to have >1.22:18
autojackI'm trying to tell the first guy how, if it's possible.22:18
mapbakerie. home/Documents/folderName...?22:18
gms__varunendra: I guess I had activated the firewall on ubuntu by following a security guide page on the net. Can it have effects on connections ?22:18
=== medberry_ is now known as med_
FranklinWhen I try "sudo apt-get install gnome-device-manager" then I end up with "sudo apt-get install gnome-device-manager". I did sudo apt-get update in advance22:18
varunendragms__, I thing bingo ! Please show us - "sudo ufw status"22:19
FranklinWhen I try "sudo apt-get install gnome-device-manager" then I end up with "Unable to locate package gnome-device-manager". I did sudo apt-get update in advance22:19
jjavaholicif chkdsk is no longer found which package do I need to install?22:19
gms__varunendra: Status: active22:19
=== _JKL1234-_ is now known as JKL1234-
varunendragms__, try (just for test) - "sudo ufw disable"22:20
trismautojack: which ppa has multiple versions for nginx? I don't see them in either stable or dev22:20
cortexmanI cannot get modules to load on startup. I have put 'modprobe snd-dummy' etc. in /etc/modprobe.conf, and /etc/modprobe.d/alsa_dummy. QUESTION: how do I get modules to load on boot?22:20
trismautojack: you can of course have multiple ppas, if that's what you mean22:20
FranklinI am just looking for a device manager to see the connected hardware22:20
autojacktrism: when I look at http://ppa.launchpad.net/nginx/stable/ubuntu/pool/main/n/nginx/ I see several versions.22:21
gms__varunendra: Firewall stopped and disabled on system startup22:21
holsteinFranklin: there are plently, but what we use mostly is "lspci" or "lsusb" in the terminal, since its included by default22:21
varunendragms__, can you connect now?22:21
holstein!info gnome-device-manager22:22
ubottuPackage gnome-device-manager does not exist in raring22:22
sporkeeeautojack, Its probably a dependency issue in some cases, your chasing a unanswerable question overall to some extent due to the size and amount of ppa's and packages. ;)22:22
holsteinFranklin: ^^ that one is not in 13.0422:22
varunendragms__, I think you may try either versions of the wl driver now if the native one (brcmsmac) doesn't work.22:22
trismautojack: I only see one version, but for each ubuntu release22:22
KyouReeUs4nfomapbaker: are you looking to find index node of a file?22:22
autojacktrism: yeah the Node guy has multiple PPAs, but it's annoying for production use because if I point boxes at PPA x, and he uploads a new version, then all new systems in my production environment silently get a different version from what I was using before.22:22
hfguycan anyone help me install ubuntu 13.04 32 bit?  I am able to successfully install 13.04 64 bit but when i try to install the the 32 bit version i get a "stopping mount network filesystems" error right before the ubuntu installer menu asks me to choose my disk size.22:22
holsteinhfguy: why not use the 64bit version?22:22
autojacknginx-common_1.0.14-1ppa1~precise_all.deb and nginx-common_1.4.1-1ppa1~precise_all.deb ?22:23
hfguyi have a software package that was specically designed for 32 bit an it unfortunately does not work on the 64 bit version.22:24
sporkeeehfguy, Have you summed the ISO?22:24
holsteinhfguy: it should... i run a 32bit only app in 64but ubuntu 12.04 and it was quite easy to setup22:24
FranklinHolstein: Weisst du warum ich immer "Unable to locate package gnome-device-manager" zurueck bekommen? Danke, lsusb habe ich ausprobiert, reicht mir aber nicht von den Funktionen22:24
autojackwhat am I missing there?22:24
hfguywhat do you mean by 'summed'22:25
trismautojack: hmm22:25
holsteinFranklin: correct.. the application is not in 13.04.. there is no "gnome-device-manager" in 13.0422:25
autojacktrism: maybe I should ask the nginx guys how they do it :)22:25
Franklinah thanks :)22:25
holstein!de | Franklin22:25
ubottuFranklin: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!22:25
sporkeeeautojack, Just a guess, but with dependencies involved in apps and packages, there may be apps that have to be limited in versions to curb breakage.22:25
k1l_autojack: the PPAs are 3rd party. they are not managed by ubuntu. better contact the maintainer of that PPA for questions about their packages22:26
trismautojack: yeah that's weird, might try #launchpad22:26
MonkeyDustFranklin  in a terminal, use     apt-cache search [package] to know if it exists, sudo is not needed for apt-cache22:26
Franklinthx, I try22:26
varunendrahfguy, try installing 32-bit libraries if they are not already present - "sudo apt-get install ia32-libs"22:27
autojacktrism: good idea, I didn't think to check if they had a channel. thanks!22:28
cortexmanI have tried /etc/modules, /etc/modprobe.conf, /etc/modprobe/alsa_dummy.conf, yet I cannot get ubuntu to load a set of kernel modules on reboot.22:29
KyouReeUs4nfojjavaholic: is your external drive encrypted?22:29
holsteincortexman: what modules? for what device? do the modules state they support the kernel version you are using? where did you get them?22:29
l3dwas wondering when I add a launcher icon on the bar at the top  i cant remove it    I am using ubuntu 12.10 gnome classic22:29
cortexmanholstein, it works when I manually load them with i.e. modprobe snd-dummy22:29
KyouReeUs4nfojjavaholic: sudo fdisk -l  will show you your partitions22:31
HankMccoydoes anyone remember the chat room i was fucking with the other day? or could recommend a political or anime oriented channel they could reccomend?22:32
cortexmanholstein, i've also tried `sudo update-initramfs -u` afterwards to no avail.22:32
holstein!language | HankMccoy22:32
ubottuHankMccoy: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.22:32
HankMccoy*messing with22:33
holsteinHankMccoy: i would just search.. or ask in #freenode maybe.. this really isnt much of a directory listing channel22:33
ikoniaHankMccoy: the topic of this channel is ubuntu support, not "please find channels for me"22:33
cortexmanthis is really annoying :(22:33
hfguyVarunedra, the software i use requires gsl i386, which is the 32 bit version.  do you think the reason it didnt work work was because i didnt download the 32 bit libraries like you suggested?22:34
HankMccoyonce again sorry just prefer human input and love survey's part of my Major actually Social Science...22:34
holsteinHankMccoy: sure.. not worries.. try the #ubuntu-offtopic channel as well.. this is the support channel22:35
cortexmanHankMccoy: searchirc.org22:35
postmodernim trying to setup a postfix catch-all rule, using virtual_alias_maps = regexp:/etc/postfix/virtual22:35
postmodernwith /.*/ user22:36
KyouReeUs4nfocortexman: Is that a new driver you just installed?22:36
postmodernbut the catch-all rule isn't routing the messages22:36
cortexmanKyouReeUs4nfo: yes, I followed these instructions: http://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Matrix:Module-dummy22:36
FranklinI found Udev-Discover but it is not found by mine apt-get.22:36
varunendrahfguy, sorry, I missed your last message here (my nick was wrong, so wasn't highlighted ;)) Hope you got your answer.22:36
cortexmanKyouReeUs4nfo, holstein: if I do modprobe snd-dummy, followed by modprobe the rest of the modules on the command line, it works. i just can't get it to happen on boot22:37
gms__varunendra: sorry. I'll be back very soon22:37
holsteincortexman: could be failing for any reason.. kernel version, alsa version.. could be failing a check at boot, that you are able to force it to bypass by loading manually.. at some point, i would probably just add it to startup22:37
jjavaholicchkdsk: command not found22:38
ikoniajjavaholic: because it's a windows command22:38
varunendracortexman, that driver is already available in the kernel, why did you need to follow the guide to install it?22:38
FranklinWhich device manager is similar to gnome-device-manager and works under ubuntu 13.04 ?22:38
ubottufsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo shutdown -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot22:39
cortexmanvarunendra, those instructions didn't work without the manual compile22:39
holsteinthere is is :)22:39
ikoniafsck is NOT chkdisk22:39
ikoniait should not be used in place of chkdsk22:39
ikoniait should not be used on NTFS partitions at all22:39
cortexmanvarunendra: can you do modprobe snd-dummy ; modprobe snd-pcm-oss ; modprobe snd-mixer-oss ; modprobe snd-seq-oss on your system22:39
cortexmananyways what's a good way to run these modprobe commands manually on startup?22:40
jjavaholichow can you modprobe on boot?22:40
cortexmansupposedly via /etc/modules22:41
ikoniait does it automatcially22:41
varunendracortexman, those '-oss' drivers are not default. Probably that's why you needed that guide.22:41
jjavaholicwhat should I find in ./etc/modules?22:41
ikoniajjavaholic: what are you trying to do ?22:41
KyouReeUs4nfocortexman: I ran into similar issue with my ethernet driver and I followed this link to get it to load on boot, it may help you http://unixblogger.wordpress.com/2011/10/18/the-pain-of-an-realtek-rtl8111rtl8168-ethernet-card/22:42
jjavaholicsudo modprobe snd-hda-intel22:42
varunendracortexman, could you show us all the files that you have tried to add those modules in?22:42
ikoniajjavaholic: why do you think it's not loaded ?22:42
HankMccoyactually need help now...22:42
jjavaholica number of things are wrong with my current system22:42
HankMccoySay that I need plugins22:43
jjavaholicbut I have to run it each boot to get any audio22:43
ikoniajjavaholic: has it ever worked ?22:43
ikoniajjavaholic: or did something happen to stop it working22:43
jjavaholicI would like to say it happened with 13.04 but I suspect it happened once I had added all the ppa and added some more.22:44
varunendracortexman, you can run custom commands at startup by adding them in "etc/rc.local" file. But that is not recommended when more elegant methods like "/etc/module" are available.22:44
cortexmanvarunendra: /etc/modules (one module name per line only) and /etc/modules.conf and /etc/modprobe.conf (with the syntax `modprobe modname`, one per line) and /etc/modprobe.d/alsa_dummy (modprobe modname)22:45
ikoniaI suspect if it's not loading intel modules, there is something more serious wrong22:45
cortexmannever saw anything in dmesg, tried updating initramfs multiple times22:45
ikoniasomething causing a conflict22:45
cortexmanworks from the command line22:45
ikoniayes, that's what worries me22:45
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jjavaholicwhich is the best method?22:46
varunendracortexman, please show us (pastebin links) of only the relevant lines in those files. And only /etc/modules should've been enough.22:46
HankMccoyis it a browser thingy?22:46
HankMccoyi'm using firefox22:47
cortexmanvarunendra: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=7y6LMxFY22:47
varunendracortexman, may be you can cat the relevant lines in one output and give us one link to them all.22:47
l3dfyi on removing a added luncher on the panel in gnome classic hold alt then right click22:49
HankMccoyOk how about XChat support instead of Ubuntu help???22:50
cortexmanwelp i'm pretty tired of this so i think i'm going with manual modprobes in /etc/rc.local22:50
cortexmanHankMccoy: i use Adium. for the most part any popular software you use has an irc channel22:51
ikoniaas does xchat, the #xchat channel...shock horror22:51
varunendracortexman, I see something weird in your previous reply.. wait..22:51
adillianJust installed Ubuntu 12 on a virtualbox on windows 7, and after logging in for the first time it's given me a terminal but no gui22:52
varunendracortexman, except for /etc/modules, I think you have manually created the other files, and there may be a conflict/confusing situation.22:52
Guest88311anyone there22:52
adillianhow do I make x11 start again? if it's configured22:52
cortexmanvarunendra: unfortunately not. i always nuke the other files before moving to a new one22:52
HankMccoyso Adium would not have the same problems as XChat???22:53
cortexmani switched from xchat to adium. not sure what probs your having.22:53
ikoniadepends what the provlems are22:53
k1l_!details | HankMccoy22:53
jjavaholiccortexman: I think I was able to work out what I needed to add to /etc/modules given your pastebin thanks.,22:53
ubottuHankMccoy: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."22:53
varunendracortexman, so is the /etc/modules file the only one now? Because 'especially' the one in /etc/modprobe.d was in a wrong place.22:53
evilbugi've created a bootable usb stick for an eeepc with 8.04 and i keep getting stuck on "not detecting" cd-rom. anyone have experience with this issue?22:53
cortexmanjjavaholic: glad my woes were not for naught22:53
HankMccoyI could not connect to http://searchirc.com/irc-politics-122:53
ikoniabecause it's a website22:53
ikonianot a chat channel22:53
ikoniait's like saying xchat won't connect to www.google.com22:54
jjavaholicI'll know for sure the next time I need to boot.22:54
HankMccoysaid I needed plugin's so Adium is better?22:54
cortexmanHankMccoy: none of those rooms have very many people in them.22:54
cortexmanexcept ##politics22:54
cortexmanjust type /join #politics22:54
k1l_HankMccoy: xchat doesnt need a plugin for connecting to channels22:54
ikoniaI suggest reading the xchat documentation or channel (#xchat) to find out how to do basic functions such as join a channel22:54
ikoniathe problem you are having is you are telling xchat to join a web page....which won't work22:55
k1l_HankMccoy: so specifi  what you actually want to do22:55
HankMccoyI just double click and nothing the other method of entering channel then specifying a chat room is harder22:56
ikoniayes, it's very hard to type "/join #channel_name"22:56
sporkeeeevilbug, When are you getting this, the eee has some usb ports that are not boot friendly.22:56
HankMccoyi'm lazy22:56
ikoniaI suspect you need to talk to #xchat about how to get it to parse URL's and translate them into literal IRC channel URI's22:57
k1l_HankMccoy: ask the site you are using what they need you to intall22:57
cortexmanwelp i stuck my modprobe commands in /etc/rc.local and it works. :D whatev.22:57
donvitohello my ubuntu 12.04 LTS with kernel 3.2.0-49 keeps freezing in every 2-3 hours, what kind of hardware problem may it be, processor or graphic card?22:57
evilbugsporkeee: thing is i installed xubuntu a while ago on this eeepc via usb and i had no issues so it has worked.22:58
Znooseydonvito, i'm just going to guess that it is compiz or unity that freezes up and has nothing to do with your hardware, maybe try 13.04 it should be more stable22:59
sporkeeeevilbug, As well, is with 8.04 using to load, or loading it. How does that help or answer my question.22:59
mbhatnagdonvito: you could test if it was your memory with memtest8622:59
donvitotrue, 5 days ago i installed compiz, after installing my pc started to freez, so i thought its kernel 3.2.0-4923:00
jjavaholicif kopete is crashing inside ubuntu should it go here or #kopete?23:00
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sporkeeeevilbug, I assume you meant that the port your using is one that worked, I see now,23:01
evilbugsporkeee: sorry. it loads fine until "detect and mount cd-rom". i've looked and tried both /dev/sdb and /dev/sdb1 as my cdrom source since that's what the usb stick is but keeps saying it's undetectable on any of the 3 available ports.23:01
donvitoZnoosey: if i upgrade to 13.04 will it be more stable?23:01
sporkeeeevilbug, How are you loading the usb?23:01
donvitoor is better to remove compiz?23:01
Guest15121i am very new to linux and i am trying to get my system up and running these problems are probly related but i have 2 problems so far google has not helped me 1. I have a water mark in the bottom right hand corner of my screen says amd unsupported software 2. i cannot get the sound to go through my hdmi cable. the option isnt listed in the sound settings23:02
Znooseydonvito, it has been for me23:02
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donvitowere i can get instructions how to upgrade from 12.04 to 13.04 or should i do clean install?23:02
varunendracortexman, yeah, whatever, as long as it works ;P23:02
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rOhbhello world :)23:02
evilbugsporkeee: connected it then chose it as the primary boot in my bios. it loads and works fine up until this point. i've tried disconnecting and connecting again on different ports as i've read some sites but doesn't work.23:03
jrib!upgrade | donvito23:03
ubottudonvito: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade23:03
jribdonvito: you must upgrade first to 12.10 and then to 13.0423:03
sporkeeeevilbug, How are you putting the iso on the usb?23:04
sporkeeeand what release is it?23:04
evilbugsporkeee: i tried unetbootin and startup disk creator. unetbootin created a corrupt usb each time with different distros.23:04
sporkeeeevilbug, What release?23:04
evilbugsporkeee: but now with startup disk creator.23:04
evilbugsporkeee: 8.04 and 12.04 (server and alternate) same issue.23:05
sporkeeeevilbug, Have you re-partitioned the usb in lieu of a fix?23:06
Scarliithakien me ayudaa23:06
sporkeeeevilbug, I'm having a hard time separating what releases you are loading to the usb.23:07
cardplayeri am very new to linux and i am trying to get my system up and running these problems are probly related but i have 2 problems so far google has not helped me 1. I have a water mark in the bottom right hand corner of my screen says amd unsupported software 2. i cannot get the sound to go through my hdmi cable. the option isnt listed in the sound settings23:08
evilbugsporkeee: i've reformatted the usb every time.23:08
k1l_cardplayer: which ubuntu are you running? and what is that watermark exactly?23:09
sporkeeeevilbug, I'm having a hard time separating what releases you are loading to the usb. Have you checked the sums of the ISO's?23:09
cardplayeri pretty sure its 13.04 and the water mark says amd unsupported hardware23:09
canaima172421quien abla español23:10
sporkeee!es | canaima17242123:10
ubottucanaima172421: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.23:10
k1l_cardplayer: seems like this issue: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=190499723:10
canaima172421oks grac23:11
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evilbugsporkeee: i'm saying i've tried 12.04 server, then alternate, then 8.04 server, then alternate. i've reformatted the whole usb after each install didn't work so it's a fresh partition now with 8.04 alternate.23:11
k1l_cardplayer: or see this answers. but i didnt test them so have a read first what suits best:http://askubuntu.com/questions/206558/how-to-remove-the-amd-testing-use-only-watermark23:12
cardplayerok not testing only water mark but i am trying the first fix... then maybe it will fix my hdmi problem too... if not ill be back23:12
ubottuUbuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on May 12 2011, Server support ended on May 9th 2013. See http://ubottu.com/y/hardy for more details.23:13
evilbugsporkeee: 12.04 support hasn't ended and i've been having the same issue with it.23:14
ctcb Using a terminal, I've created  a folder in my Home called Dev, and one inside it called Android. I copied it in using the cp command and used the tar command to extract it, but when I type "cd android-sdk-linux", it comes up with "bash: cd: android-sdk-linux/: Permission denied" - Then, typing "sudo cd android-sdk-linux" comes up with "sudo: cd: command not found"23:14
k1l_evilbug: 8.04 is ou t of support. so try again with a supported release.23:15
ctcbI'm more convinced this is a problem on Ubuntu's side, than the SDK.23:15
sporkeeeevilbug, 8.04 is end of life not supported, I suspect you are trying this to get something working. As far as a bootable usb I would sum the ISO and try the multisystem loader at pendrive linux23:15
ctcbSince, I can sudo dir it to see what's inside, but cannot sudo cd in to it.23:15
evilbugk1l_: same issue with 12.23:15
OntologicalYeah... mostly because sudo cd into a directory wouldn't do you much good.  You'd immediately lose superuser prives.  You can't cd sudo.  You have to sudo su -23:16
ikonianot sudo su -23:16
ikoniasudo -i23:16
k1l_evilbug: just dd the actual supported iso onto a usb and it will work23:16
OntologicalWhynot ikonia ?23:16
ikoniait can screw up your shell23:16
k1l_Ontological: sudo -i sets the variables right. the other commands dont and that can cause problems23:17
OntologicalOh, haha.  That's what I want... I want it to reload shell/variables/.bashrc23:17
ikoniaOntological: screw up != reload23:17
jribOntological: sudo su - will also do that, but it's just a bit redundant when compared to sudo -i23:17
Ontologicalsudo su - switches to root and reloads .bashrc and /etc/bashrc23:17
OntologicalJust used to those commands :P23:17
ikoniaOntological: please re-read what I said23:17
k1l_Ontological: again: its not the ubuntu way and its not etting all variables right. just use sudo -i on ubuntu23:18
evilbugk1l_: i'll try that.23:18
Ontologicalikonia: What I thought you meant is that you lost your normal user's environment23:18
Ontologicalkk, thanks guys.  I'll recommend that in the future :D23:18
adillianhi, ubuntu 12.04 LTS is showing that my graphics card is bad an starting in terminal mode, even though the graphics card is good. It's in virtualbox. Any ideas what's wrong?23:23
k1l_adillian: install the guest additions23:24
adillianhuh, cheers23:24
k1l_and not the video card drivers from your system. virtualbox is simulating a videocard, and not using your real video card23:24
oinkonis there a good way to test if a specific ppa is installed?23:27
oinkonfrom a shell script?23:27
k1l_oinkon: just see in "/etc/apt/sources.list.d/"23:28
oinkonk1l_: good idea. thanks23:28
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Guest5891Hi. I just installed 13.04 and while trying to get my favorite fonts back, I followed the directions here: http://embraceubuntu.com/2007/09/16/installing-vista-fonts-in-ubuntu/ and now my fonts are messed! All the letters overlap. How can i reset what they did?23:35
Guest5891I know it was incredibly stupid... -sigh-... but I should have read the citation at the bottom "updateS"23:35
Guest5891wierd... now it works. nevermind! thanks everyone!23:37
trismGuest5891: if you wanted to remove them later, it looks like it just copied them to ~/.fonts23:38
adillianI can't get the guest additions to work - it says unable to mount (VERR_PDM_MEDIA_LOCKED) and I get the options 'force unmount' or 'cancel'23:40
sporkeeeadillian, Just info but there is a #vbox as well.23:41
adillianah thanks23:42
area51pilotI've installed samba but when I select "Personal File Sharing Preferences" it says the feature cannot be enabled because the required packages are not installed on the system ... cant seem to find what else I need ... ANY IDEAS???23:42
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coldpizza72iIm trying to figure out if I have any data on a hardrive. I thought "df -h" was a good way to check but this doesnt make sence... "/dev/sde1       917G  200M  871G 1%"23:51
coldpizza72iWhy is there only 871G available if I only used 200M of a 917G disk?23:51
mbhatnagcoldpizza72i: sometimes operating systems reserve some of the space23:53
dn5any advices for tootache? :>23:54
coldpizza72imbhatnag: i checked the only directory too "lost and found"... nothing in there23:55
coldpizza72iwhat do they reserve it for23:55
coldpizza72iSo you think im safe to format it?23:56
huttancoldpizza72i: yeah, if thats what u want23:58
sporkeeecoldpizza72i, Sizes of discs on the package are a different measurement than real use.23:58
area51pilotI've installed samba but when I select "Personal File Sharing Preferences" it says the feature cannot be enabled because the required packages are not installed on the system ... cant seem to find what else I need ... ANY IDEAS???23:58
sporkeee1000mib measured 1024 real life23:59
Picicoldpizza72i: Because typically 5% of the disk is reserved for root.  And 5% of 917 - 917 is 87123:59

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