thurstylarkdoes anyone know how to get the Blue Snowball working well with Jack?01:11
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holsteinthurstylark: plug it in and try it05:06
ninjamaster1616using the newest ubuntu studio 13.04 in amd pc...where did they hid the application manager?05:58
ninjamaster1616specificaly the startup applications05:59
cfhowlett2ninjamaster1616, botton ribbon, settings manager05:59
cfhowlett2ninjamaster1616, or settings > settings manager06:00
ninjamaster1616sweet suace thanks got it06:00
ninjamaster1616and just to check once more on this....is there a short cut button for terminal?06:03
cfhowlett2ninjamaster1616, well, right click on the screen will bring up a menu ...06:03
ninjamaster1616is there a fast key short cut?06:04
ninjamaster1616like alt+ctl+t06:04
cfhowlett2there's a list of shortcuts on the help menu ...06:04
cfhowlett2which I can't see at the moment for some reason...06:05
ninjamaster1616me neather... lol06:05
cfhowlett2or I might be mistaken.  forget I said that...06:05
ninjamaster1616hahah... k06:05
ninjamaster1616since you offered can you find it for me?06:05
cfhowlett2ninjamaster1616, look under About Xubuntu06:06
ninjamaster1616for ubuntu studio?06:06
cfhowlett2about XFCE that is06:06
cfhowlett2yes UbuntuStudio is built on XFCE06:06
cfhowlett2xfce4-appfinder would seem to be the right place, but I don't see the keyboarding bindings.06:07
ninjamaster1616ok this i just googled... dosen seem right though...http://lgallardo.com/en/2009/07/18/accesos-rapidos-en-xfce-4keyboard-shortcuts-in-xfce-4/06:08
cfhowlett2I think that's the one!06:09
cfhowlett2but I don't see the terminal keybinding06:10
ninjamaster1616whats the terminal program located06:11
ninjamaster1616what folder?06:11
ninjamaster1616ok for those who wanted to know as well use th link find your applications manager go to keyboard control06:23
ninjamaster1616select applications06:23
ninjamaster1616create a new short cut type in you keyboard short cut...06:23
ninjamaster1616and type in this as the command to call up terminal; exo-open --launch TerminalEmulator06:24
ninjamaster1616all god06:24
ninjamaster1616need to know the call to get it to work..06:24
ninjamaster1616now i got a ctl+alt+T for a terminal now.... cool06:25
cfhowlett2ninjamaster1616, I posted the question in #xubuntu06:25
ninjamaster1616i got the solution now its cool06:25
cfhowlett2really?  doesn't work for me ...06:26
ninjamaster1616round about way but... its working here06:26
ninjamaster1616find you applications manager06:26
ninjamaster1616for me its under setting manager06:26
ninjamaster1616in the drop down06:26
cfhowlett2another time and I'll play with that ... maybe06:27
ninjamaster1616work solid...its another way to make any kinda short cut happen.... maybe ill do that for ardour06:27
ninjamaster1616what do you guys do any way... for work/ money?06:28
cfhowlett2Me?  Teaching English in China but hoping to do SOME kind of multimedia stuff that'll actually pay06:28
ninjamaster1616is any one a ubuntu/linux coder?06:29
ninjamaster1616got your tfl certificate?06:29
cfhowlett2next month I'll get my CELTA.  Really not a pre-requisite in China ....06:30
ninjamaster1616hmmm... how did you get that work? what steps...06:30
ninjamaster1616im wanna do that to06:30
ninjamaster1616japan and korea06:30
cfhowlett2searched on Dave's esl cafe for job listings, applied, interviewed via skype, offer made and accepted and here I am.  I extended my first contract.  The CELTA provider offered me a job once I graduated.  I told my school I was leaving and they sweetened the deal substantially so I re-signed for another term.06:31
cfhowlett2ninjamaster1616, as far as Korea/Japan, a CELTA/CertTESOL is highly recommended.06:32
ninjamaster1616BA or what for requirments?06:32
cfhowlett2BA + certificate plus state license is the best of all worlds, but definitely a BA + certificate for Japan.  If you're a recent graduate, see Japan English Teacher scheme for Japan (JET) or the English Program in Korea (EPIK) for Korea.06:34
ninjamaster1616i am an ex service men in the states... i wanna move onto something better in a new place....think teaching english over seas06:35
cfhowlett2!ot|and I think we've pretty much moved offtopic06:35
ubottuand I think we've pretty much moved offtopic: #ubuntustudio is the official Ubuntu Studio support channel and #ubuntu-offtopic is for general chatter. Welcome!06:35
ninjamaster1616i do not have a BA06:35
ninjamaster1616lol yes06:35
cfhowlett2ninjamaster1616, skype me and let's get off channel with this06:35
ninjamaster1616k how?06:36
ninjamaster1616be guys06:36
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rodney_stpHi. having a bit of trouble with getting kicked out to the login prompt15:53
rodney_stp...at random times and intervals. I'll have to deal with this later, I guess.15:58
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lumpyello all23:31
lumpyholstein, you got a few minutes to help me hack 12.04 up a bit23:31
lumpyi will try you tomorrow23:39
lumpyi can't get audio in idjc23:40
lumpybut i have another fire i have to deal with atm23:40
holsteinlumpy: in what way?23:40
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Lump|AFKholstein, i think i might have to remove pluseaudio23:40
Lump|AFKbut not sure23:40
Lump|AFKi lost a HD and had to start fresh23:41
holsteinyou shouldnt23:41
Lump|AFKwell jack indicates everything is connected23:41
Lump|AFKbut idjc does not pick up my line in23:41
holsteinyou can always disable the pulse bridge in qjackclt under the misc tab.. Jackdbus checkbox23:41
Lump|AFKand, likely unrelated, i can't connect to the remote server23:41
holsteinwhat server?23:42
Lump|AFKthe shoutcast server23:42
holsteintroubleshoot connection issues seperate from audio23:42
Lump|AFKi tried the dbus both ways23:42
Lump|AFKsame result23:42
holsteinLump|AFK: sure.. and i have no idea wht that result is23:43
holsteinyou need to elaborate, and test that you can use audio in general in JACK23:43
Lump|AFKthe result is23:43
holsteinthen, make sure you are setting idjc to use JACK.. then route properly.. then troubleshoot the network23:43
Lump|AFKthat when i talk on the mic23:43
Lump|AFKnone of the meters move in idjc23:43
holsteinLump|AFK: can you "talk on the mic" to *anything*?23:43
holsteinLump|AFK: take idjc out of the euation23:44
Lump|AFKi can hear it through the speakers23:44
Lump|AFKand record in audacity23:44
holsteintake pulse out of the equation23:44
holsteinLump|AFK: in audacity with JACK?23:44
Lump|AFKin the past, i have had to remove pulse23:44
Lump|AFKno i use alsa for audacity23:44
holsteinLump|AFK: you are not using pulse, correct?23:44
holsteinLump|AFK: if you are nt using pluse, then you are not using it. remove it if uyou like, but if its off, its off23:45
Lump|AFKactually not sure at the moment23:45
holsteinLump|AFK: confirm23:45
Lump|AFKi killed it in the term23:45
holsteinLump|AFK: you mues disable the dbus, then restart jack23:45
holsteinLump|AFK: i dont kill it in the terminal23:45
Lump|AFKi do not see any pulse in the connect after restart23:46
holsteinright.. you shouldnt if you unticked the box23:46
holsteinand, you dont want it, correct?23:46
Lump|AFKdon't want it23:46
Lump|AFKand didn't see it before either23:47
holsteinso, load up something easy like audacity and test23:47
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Lumpynothing there either23:49
holsteinso, its not idjc23:51
holsteinyou can stop messing with it23:51
holsteinits that you are not routing jack properly23:51
holsteinyou tested the mic with audacity with pulse, and it worked, because pulse is easier to configure, and usually "just works"23:52
Lumpybut it is routed, in the patch bay, exactly as i did it in the past23:52
holsteinLumpy: route *all* the ins to the outs23:52
holsteindont trust the labels23:52
Lumpyi had this problem with an earlier studio version23:53
Lumpyi remember removing pulse completely to fix it23:53
Lumpythat is the reason i tried that first23:53
holsteinremove it then23:53
holsteinbut, you are *not* using pulse23:53
Lumpyi know that and get that23:53
Lumpywhich is why i am confused23:54
holsteintry lubuntu live CD.. they dont ship pulse23:54
Lumpyi just can't see anything different than what worked before23:54
holsteinLumpy: are you routing *all* the ins to some outs you confirmed are working?23:54
Lumpyas far as i can tell yes23:54
holsteinLumpy: confirm that23:55
Lumpylook, i will poke about a bit more with it and get back to you23:55
holsteincheck alsamixer and tweak *everything*23:55
Lumpyalready checked alsamixer as well23:55
holsteinLumpy: ok.. check in #opensourcemusicians as well23:55
holsteinLumpy: dont "check" it.. make the connetions, and tweak *everything*23:55
holsteinyou cant trust the labels in alsa23:56
Lumpyand what is the dev channel again?23:56
holstein#ubuntustudio-devel ?23:56
Lumpyi swear if i lose one more piece of hardware i am going back to passenger pigeons23:56
Lumpyi will look into it more and get back with you tomorrow or the next day23:57
holsteinsure.. cheers!23:58
Lumpyi might have work tomorrow and if i do that will bump this back a day23:58
Lumpythank nonetheless23:58
Lumpyi must scoot now23:58
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