ochosihm, and the fact that screenshooter keeps two dialogs open is also not very nice...00:02
ochosiwondering whether that's _really_ necessary00:02
Pwnnathe screenshooter needs to be better. needless to say00:09
ochosiPwnna: see, and a few minutes ago you were talking about forking something ;)00:25
Unit193ochosi: Do you know if they're trying to deprecate exo, though?00:27
micahgmr_pouit: watch file + cleaner debian/rules AFAICT, maybe I'll take a look00:27
Pwnnaochosi: well. if they're not gonna upstream my screenshooter patch (when i write them), i will fork it! 00:27
ochosiUnit193: maybe with the move to gtk3, afaik, but not before then00:28
Unit193micahg: For the gtk-greeter, Debian updated watchfile, compat, build-deps, deps, recommends, and changed some compile flags.  http://paste.openstack.org/show/yTPIdkqjXQXDvNDMOjjG/ is the full diff, lintian-overrides may or may not be interesting, but the patch isn't and I don't think the pre/post scripts are either.00:28
drcans that ladies and gentlemen, is both the strength and weakness of FOSS..."If they won't do what I want, fork'em"00:29
Unit193ochosi: Hrm, would they move to xdg?  I'm really hopeing so (xfce4-terminal already lost it.)00:29
Pwnnayeah. xfce4-terminal.00:36
Pwnnai want to add features there too00:36
Unit193Pwnna: Bit offtopic, but don't see you there.  You said something about changing keybinds?  Would this mess with applications such as screen?  Have a list of things you plan to take a peak at?00:51
PwnnaUnit193: that's the point! 00:52
Pwnnai want my terminal emulator to be my tmux :P00:52
Pwnnamaybe i should just jump on the finalterm train00:53
Noskcajwhat package is the shutdown button from?05:29
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NoskcajWhat package is the "logoff" window in?06:20
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GridCubesorry my internet wasnt working :/15:31
GridCubeits there someone here for the meeting?15:33
lderanand he's gone :(15:38
smartboyhwlderan, The next meeting is on Thursday, July 11 at 15:00 UTC on #xubuntu-devel in the Freenode IRC network (chat.freenode.net). (on the wiki page)15:39
lderansmartboyhw: aye I know of that one, but there was going to be a mini one today for the desktop gallery15:45
GridCube:( 16:09
knomeGridCube, what?16:11
GridCubei coordinated a meeting for the wallpaper things and i couldnt be here on time, and now i do have other things to do16:13
GridCube:( sorry16:13
lderanah well, it can be rescheduled if need be :)16:14
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jessejazzaIsn't the chat about development taking place tonight?20:44
holsteinjessejazza: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings21:07
jessejazzathanks - i wasn't quite sure about UTC but now i realise it's the same as GMT.21:13
jessejazzaI've missed it but not to worry21:13
Unit193jessejazza: Lack of people, there wasn't one.21:16
Unit193jessejazza: The wallpaper/artwork one, that is.21:16
jessejazzaIt does seem 1500 UTC is an awkward time. Most folk are at work (even if IT professional) may not be able to take part. 1900 or 2000 would be a better time i'd have thought21:20
pleia2hooray for time zones :)21:26
Unit193They should all just use EST, make it easier already.21:30
Noskcaji vote 2000UTC, then i can actually attend21:32
pleia2Unit193: heh, it wasn't actually until I moved to the west coast that I realized Eastern US was the center of the world21:37
Unit193Only lived in Ohio, what can I say?21:39
pleia2just smile and nod21:39
* drc used to have a watch (back in the analog days) that had two faces, one for local time and one for zulu (utc) time. Made things easier.21:48
pleia2I have 5 clocks on my xfce panel21:49
pleia2no, 4 now21:49
drcI only have one...could care less what time it is on the Isle of Man or anywhere else for that matter.  All I care about is what the local meal time is :)21:51

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