zimzum_ hi, does anyone know how to increase the window border size in Xubuntu?01:58
Unit193zimzum_: If I remember correctly, that's more theme based.02:09
zimzum_Unit193, ah well -- tried some other built in themes and the borders were all the same size afai can tell02:18
zimzum_do you know what folder the themes are stored in?02:19
Unit193/usr/share/themes/ and ~/.themes/  I may be remembering quite wrong.02:24
zimzum_you got it02:27
Unit193(Wrong on the borders, gtk-theme-editor may help.)02:28
zimzum_okay, I'll try and see what I can find02:30
gryhttps://pastee.org/jnvm8 what did I break here?04:12
pleia2gry: looks like this is related: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/octave3.2/+bug/46500504:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 465005 in octave3.2 (Ubuntu) "octave3.2 fails to install via apt-get with libumfpack.so.3.2.0 error" [Undecided,Invalid]04:14
gryI don't get libumfpack line04:15
pleia2don't worry about that, later in the bug someone has your same problem and a solution04:16
gryliterally - I don't see a line like that in my output04:16
gryyes, thanks04:17
gryadded this detail to Octave wiki itself so others have it without skimming irc and bugs logs04:21
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cfhowlett2anyone home?  what's the keyboard shortcut to call the terminal06:25
elfycfhowlett2: Super+T06:31
cfhowlett2elfy, thanks.06:34
elfyI believe that there is a change coming - ctrl+alt+t06:36
elfyor at least it's being discussed06:36
Unit193And commited, may have been uploaded to Saucy too.06:37
elfyUnit193: thanks - wasn't sure - just know it's not working here yet :)06:43
Unit193elfy: And it won't, unless you dump your .config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts.xml (May have to do it with xfce not running.)06:45
SoPHi guys, I am about to install xubuntu on my laptop after buying an SSD11:12
SoPI still have a hard drive in my second drive bay, so i was wondering how i should divide the partitions...11:13
SoPRight now i have a 200MB boot and 50 GB root partition on my ssd11:13
baizonSoP: i have root and /home on my ssd11:13
baizonmy media is on HDD11:14
SoPand /home (400 gigs) on my hdd11:14
baizonSoP: how big is your ssd?11:15
SoPMy ssd is only 64GB, so i supposed it would be better to put /home entirely on the hard drive11:15
SoPbut I was wondering about /usr/local, /var and /tmp?11:15
baizonSoP: well it depends. I got a 40GB SSD and both root and home are on it11:15
SoPbaizon, (for me) i believe 40 gigs of /home wont be enough11:17
baizonSoP: well all my configurations from home are on the SSD. The other "big" stuff is on the HDD11:17
baizoni got it mounted into /home/user/Media11:18
SoPI see, thats a good idea11:18
baizonbecause when you put home on your hdd programs will start fast but they need to read/write cache/config which will get slow because they have to access the HDD11:19
baizonA question... There is a icon which pops up when some additional things have to be done, for example when installing flash/dropbox etc. Where can i find information about it? I want to write a script which activates this information icon.11:28
NewbieLinuxHi is this where I could get some assitance with xubuntu?11:30
NewbieLinuxIts relating to a "hdd:0 out of disk" error at boot11:31
baizonNewbieLinux: you can ask here or on #ubuntu11:31
Sysibaizon: "xwininfo" might tell11:31
NewbieLinuxOk thanks baizon11:33
NewbieLinuxSo its alright I explain my problem here to you?11:33
NewbieLinuxCrap I got a short time, Thanks anyway11:39
baizonSysi: thanks, problem solved :)11:39
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rajuneed help about binding separate /home to a fresh install  Xubuntu System.11:57
baizonraju: yes, and the problem is?12:03
rajubaizon, fresh system not taking /home as a home place12:04
baizonraju: have you formatted it and set the filesystem?12:04
rajuno , its a separate home partition and from my old ubuntu system12:05
Sysiraju: check UUID with "sudo blkid" if you know the partition and add it to /etc/fstab12:05
rajuit's moung with out any problem .  Sysi  but the problem is how can makde my system to use /home as its home partition .12:07
Sysiby mounting the partition to /home12:08
rajuok i will try12:09
Sysiif you want to use the old user's home folder you need to have same username and maybe chown files to new user if the id is different12:09
rajuoh no , here they are different :(12:10
Sysiwell, you can copy files12:11
rajuyou mean from /home to new home ?12:12
Sysifrom old user's folder to new user12:13
rajugot it :)12:13
Sysimoving with mv would probably work better though12:13
rajuthank you :) Sysi12:14
rhododendronhi, i'm stuck with an odd problem. i installed gnome-sudoku, and every time i start it the width of the window is wider than my display. I can change the height, but i cannot narrow the window, only make it even wider.14:29
cfhowlettArsapi, no such animal ... try #ubuntu-offtopic14:48
Arsapikeyboard mallfunction :)14:49
Sysi(there is #xubuntu-offtopic though)14:49
antisober552Hi guys i have a problem with my wifi card it was working now its not14:49
antisober552My card is rlt8185l14:49
Unit193!crosspost | antisober55214:49
ubottuantisober552: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.14:49
Arsapiyes there is :) and thats what i was tryin but forgot to add the "/join"14:50
ubottuantisober552,: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."14:50
cfhowlettantisober552, lots more people in #ubuntu so you might wish to ask there14:50
antisober552Well i cant cause i cant ask in  multiple channels14:51
antisober552Im on lubuntu and i had this problem on xubuntu there the pc just freezes when i lost wifi now i installed lubuntu and worked fine for he first boot after a restart it does not work at all14:53
TheSheepwhat did you do just before it broke?14:53
antisober552I was just xchat irc14:54
antisober552I can remember why i needed to reboot the system but i did now it does not work14:55
antisober552I tried to install the windows driver using ndiswrapper14:56
antisober552But nothing14:56
antisober552I have a lve usb i i bot into that and run it from usb the wifi works fine14:57
antisober552Sorry about spelling im on my phone14:57
SoPHi guys, I have a question about cron (that i didn't by googling)15:18
SoP(for which I didn't find the answer by googling)15:18
PiciJust ask.15:18
SoPWhen i want cron to do a certain job every day, but my pc is off when it should run, will it run automatically when it boots?15:19
baizonSoP: cron -> no, anacron -> yes15:19
SoPEven when it's actually already too late for the job?15:20
SoPI'll look into anacron15:20
baizoncron will just drop the job, anacron will run it15:20
SoPI see, that's exactly what i needed, thanks!15:21
kim_plausiblehi, how is the support for switchable gpu tech like optimus at the moment?15:22
Sysinot great but it's there15:24
kim_plausiblea few years back i tried to install xubuntu on a laptop with 2 gpu's (hard to find one without them), but i couldn't even run it live15:24
Sysidepends about the machine I guess15:24
SoPkim_plausible: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTM0NzE15:25
SoPPhoronix shows that it is there, but it's still not fully operational15:25
kim_plausiblebumblebee works great when you first get past the os instalation15:27
kim_plausiblethat's what i have on my ubuntu (with xfce installed)15:27
antiSo my wifi card shows up under lspci15:32
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Antisober552Hi guys how can i remove a driver from the black list17:33
brainwashAntisober552: check the config files located /etc/modprobe.d/17:45
Antisober552Ive done that and theres a p54pci blacklisted i need to un-blacklist that17:46
brainwashcomment out the driver entry17:46
Antisober552I dont inderstand17:49
brainwash add # before that specific entry -> "#blacklist ..."17:51
brainwashthis way the entry will be skipped and the driver module won't get blacklisted17:52
Antisober552Okai thx17:53
brainwashor simply delete the entry :)17:53
Punnao.o the creator of yum died.18:22
Antisober552I dont have permission to edit the config or eve delete the entry18:59
Sysiuse gksudo18:59
Sysi"gksudo mousepad /etc/modprobe.d/file"18:59
Antisober552Still have no permission19:02
geniiMaybe the fs is mounted ro19:15
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antisober552Hi guya i stil have a permission problem so i cant edit any files in root and as i dont know the root password cand do anything anyone know around this20:12
kRushask your sysadmin20:17
Piciantisober552: is this your computer?20:17
geniiIf you're booting up into recovery and having this problem it's probably the filesystem mounted read-only.20:18
antisober552:-) yes20:18
antisober552I need to edit the blacklist but i have no permission20:18
Sysisudo mount -o remount,rw /20:19
ochosihaving a system where you don't know the root password sucks anyway20:20
ochosijust saying20:20
Pici!sudo | antisober55220:21
ubottuantisober552: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo20:21
antisober552Oh of cause i fotgot about that20:21
geniiMight need - force,remount,rw   there20:21
antisober552Sudo worked20:22
antisober552Im gunna have to reload the os20:30
antisober552Got wifi back but lost graphics20:31
jessejazzaDoes xubuntu recognise a 3.5 ins floppy? It doesn't seem to on my machine running 12.04 LTS.20:42
jessejazzaReason being that my CD/DVD has died... so has my spare. As this is for my test machine i was thinking that i can use PLoP on the floppy to boot the USB stick. Thanks20:43
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geniijessejazza: Does: lsmod | grep floppy   ..produce a result?20:45
Noskcajjessejazza, i think it works. If you want  to install of a floppy there still is a netboot image20:46
jessejazzaI will try! I'm not too technical but have used ubuntu since 2007. What i don't follow is that gfloppy seems to have been deprecated on xubuntu anyway.20:47
jessejazzaNoskcaj: good point... thanks. although if one has two machines one might as well download a full iso. When i upgrade i like to do all backups and then do a clean install on each machine.20:53
jessejazzagenii: i get floppy    60310      0. But it doesn't seem to boot. In ubuntu 8.04 (lkast ubuntu version i used) i remember in the file manager that it always foudn the floppy drive20:58
nasirhow do i back my apps . i do not want to install them again when i format again.21:07
holsteinnasir: not really an easy way of doing that... i would just make a note of what you have, and grab the configs in /home21:08
holsteinin synaptic, you can generate a list pretty easily that can be added back to synaptic21:08
holsteini like to just have a list like a command i can paste in.... "sudo apt-get install whatever whateverelse"21:09
holsteinsince, for me, there is a lot of "kruft" that i actually dont want to install.. i like to review what i have each time, and take a fresh install as an opportunity to do better, rather than the same21:09
nasirok. my problem is internet here sucks and its expensive21:10
holsteinnasir: there are likely other ways to go that you can use21:11
holstein^^ doenst really offer anything better though..21:12
nasiram there21:12
holsteinmaybe http://www.howtogeek.com/110034/how-to-back-up-restore-your-installed-ubuntu-packages-with-aptoncd/ if aptoncd still workds21:13
nasirthanks holstein21:14
frustratedHello, my computer is failing to boot properly, a black screen appeared with "could not write bytes: Broken pipe"21:51
frustratedWhat should I do?21:54
frustratedHello, my computer is failing to boot properly, a black screen appeared with "could not write bytes: Broken pipe"22:05
NotproNi have a ubuntu that every time i log in i have to 'sudo ifup eth1', is there a way for me to make it happen at the boot? btw this interface is set as istatic at /etc/network/interfaces22:14
holsteinfrustrated: i would try fsck22:15
holsteinfrustrated: http://ubuntugeek.com/forum/index.php?topic=4651.022:16
holsteinsimilar suggestion at the bottom of http://askubuntu.com/questions/105857/ubuntu-11-10-not-booting-could-not-write-bytes-broken-pipes22:16
holsteinbasically, boot the recovery mode, make the filesystem useable, since it will be read-only at that point with mount -o remount,rw,errors=remount-ro /22:17
holsteinthen, dkpk-reconfigure lightdm i suggested.. though, pepperming may use slim?22:18
holsteinfrustrated: sorry.. xubuntu does use lightdm AFAIK22:18
holsteinNotproN: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9683357/ubuntu-run-command-on-startup22:19
frustratedthanks for the help22:20
namespaceHow do you do luks encryption in ubuntu?22:49
namespaceIIRC its in expert mode in vanilla ubuntu, but i cant get expert mode in xubuntu22:50
frustrateddon't bother asking, everyones asleep ;)22:54
namespaceAh, okay.22:54
namespaceMore specifically what I was asking was how to do it at install.22:55
namespaceBut thinking about it again, I think that's actually a debian feature.22:55
frustratedxubuntu is based on ubuntu, which is based on debian22:59
namespacefrustrated: The ubuntu installer will not do luks for me, and I don't want to set it up myself.23:09
namespaceSo there.23:10
frustrateddunno, then23:13
frustratedhave to wait until someone else awakes ;)23:14

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