rick_hhuwshimi: yea, that's on my todo for autocomplete. Basically we'll need a viewNavigate with some sort of history flag that tells it to reload the previous state 00:02
rick_hhuwshimi: so it doesn't exist yet, and needs to be defined/coded into the bit that updates state to go off the old state first. 00:02
huwshimirick_h: Ah right. We need some breadcrumbs under the search box so I was going to start that with a home button but I'll leave that until your bits are in place.00:03
rick_hhuwshimi: ok00:03
huwshimi(Unless doing breadcrumbs as part of your work makes sense)00:03
huwshimirick_h: ^00:03
rick_hhuwshimi: not really00:03
huwshimirick_h: Sure :)00:04
rick_hhuwshimi: honestly we're a bit out of the loop. We didn't think we'd still be on this and we've ignore much of the new design/etc. 00:05
huwshimirick_h: OK sure.00:06
rick_hso breadcrumbs is 'what breadcrumbs?' :)00:06
huwshimirick_h: Fair enough :)00:06
huwshimirick_h: The latest visuals for the autocomplete have the breadcumbs in them, so hopefully you're building the right thing :P00:07
rick_hhuwshimi: https://drive.google.com/a/canonical.com/#folders/0B7XG_QBXNwY1ZmdTTDdTZEdFOGM is what I'm going off of. It's what I know about in the oscon deliverables folder and search00:08
rick_hnothing there, so if ther's other stuff we need to be updated. 00:08
rick_hand we should start killing off out of date visuals as there's too damn many things floating around in docs to keep up with00:09
huwshimirick_h: Agreed.00:09
huwshimirick_h: That's the latest one. The screen for when you've searched or when you're browsing a category has the breadcrumbs00:10
huwshimirick_h: I.e https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/file/d/0B7XG_QBXNwY1ZVpkRjVtY0luaE0/edit00:11
hatchevening gui nightcrew02:51
hatchaka huwshimi02:51
huwshimihatch: Night02:51
hatchoh I was using evening as a greeting02:52
huwshimihatch: Oh, hello :)02:54
luca__can someone help me bzr something? argh...11:55
rick_hluca__: rgr11:55
luca__rick_h: I was hoping you wouldn't help since I pestered you so much yesterday!11:55
rick_hluca__: going to be slim pickings this morning :)11:55
luca__rick_h: I've just typed "bzr branch lp:~huwshimi/juju-gui/visual-update-4"11:56
rick_hthough I don't know. Sometimes some of the guys are around in the moring but in quiet mode11:56
luca__hehe yeah :(11:56
luca__and it came back with "Branched 824 revisions. "11:56
rick_hluca__: ok, and you have a visual-update-4 directory like yesterday?11:56
rick_hluca__: ah heh, so you did that in some other path than the previous one?11:56
luca__I have a update-4 directory in my files11:57
rick_hluca__: ok11:57
luca__but when I type "make devel" it says "make: *** No rule to make target `devel'. Stop.11:58
luca__it's never done that before11:58
rick_hluca__: so you have to be in the directory in the project that has the Makefile in it11:58
rick_hif you can't do an `ls` and see the Makefile then you're not going to be able to run make *11:58
luca__so I need to cd into the update-4 file?11:59
rick_hluca__: correct11:59
luca__ah "make devel" is doing something now11:59
luca__I need to obviously update my instructions12:00
luca__so, it should be:12:01
luca__1. cd .. (cd src/jujugui/)12:01
luca__2. run "bzr branch lp:~juju-gui/juju-gui/browser-default"12:01
luca__3. cd to file drectory12:01
luca__4. run "make devel"12:01
luca__5. Open browser and visit http://localhost:8888/12:01
rick_hluca__: that looks good12:02
luca__rick_h: nice12:02
luca__rick_h: it's all up and running in the browser, thanks for your help again :D12:02
rick_hluca__: np, glad to help :)12:02
luca__rick_h: :)12:03
luca__rick_h: do you have the link to that site where I can leave feedback for the branch?12:26
rick_hluca__: sorry, missed your request there. https://codereview.appspot.com/11160043/ is the link12:50
luca__rick_h: thanks :D12:52
rick_hgary_poster: so huw's branch is a LGTM with the update branch I've linked into the comments. luca__ might have some other feedback. If someone can help usher that through that'd be great. 13:06
luca__rick_h: I have 8 bugs so far13:06
gary_posterfantastic, thanks for the update branch rick_h .  luca__ are any of them  showstoppers or ok to land separately?13:06
rick_hluca__: k13:06
luca__gary_poster: nothing serious, I'll send them to you in 2 seconds13:07
luca__gary_poster: it looks very good13:07
gary_posterluca__, awesome thanks13:07
luca__gary_poster: sent13:09
gary_posterthx, will look soon (on call)13:09
luca__gary_poster: no worries13:09
jcsackettsinzui: having issues with g+, be on standup soon.13:33
bacgary_poster: let me know when you'd like to have our cal13:36
bacour call, not our cal13:37
gary_posterbac, yeah sorry finishing up13:37
gary_posterluca__, is https://drive.google.com/a/canonical.com/?tab=co#folders/0B7XG_QBXNwY1Y3k3UWJibndUbHc narrow charm details the visual design for the vertical scrollbar?13:59
luca__gary_poster: yep14:12
luca__gary_poster: we're not entirely sure what we can do with a scroll bar so….if you guys have some good ideas then I would be really happy to see them.14:12
gary_posterluca__, ok cool.  so we shouldn't worry too much with assets for now, but just get it working then, IIUC. bac ^^^14:13
luca__gary_poster: bac yeah, the most important thing is that it's unobtrusive14:13
luca__gary_poster: bac we like chromes scroll bars which disappear 14:14
bacluca__: actually, we're talking about the vertical zoom slider14:14
bacluca__: gary_poster misspoke when he said scrollbar14:15
luca__gary_poster: bac oh!14:15
luca__gary_poster: bac then yes, thats the one :D14:15
luca__gary_poster: bac I can send you the assets if you need them14:15
gary_posterluca__, +114:15
bacyes please14:15
gary_posterrick_h, you available for a quick call about charm model issues?  will let you go asap I promise :-)14:16
rick_hgary_poster: sure thing14:16
bacluca__: with the slider marker (called the 'thumb' in yui-speak) have a drop shadow?14:16
abentleyadeuring: I believe your get-content-from-bzr branch will fix this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/charmworld/+bug/1199780 See comment #414:18
_mup_Bug #1199780: search requests errors when a charm has no last_change <charmworld:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1199780>14:18
luca__bac: the little white circle does have a drop shadow14:18
luca__bac: I'm sending you assets for this zoom bar https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/file/d/0B7XG_QBXNwY1QjdzNWMwUm9ENDg/edit?usp=sharing14:19
bacluca__: yui requires the marker and shadow to be in one image as sprites.  i may need to work with you to get that done correctly.14:20
luca__bac: ok14:20
adeuringabentley: it _might_ fix the error  -- but it is also a reminder that I should test how the new code behaves for an empty branch14:20
abentleyadeuring: True.14:21
abentleysinzui: If the charm store doesn't care which branch is promulgated, should we?14:23
sinzuiabentley, I don't think we want to care14:28
sinzuiabentley, I think the store is making zips from snapshots. It doesn't care about continuity.14:29
hatchluca__: is the prototype scrolling wrong? I was under the impression that it should 'push' the previous one up? https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10004366/juju-gui/index.html#14:33
hatchone being heading14:34
hatchright now that prototype simply covers up the previous one14:34
luca__hatch: that's correct, it should push the other header out like it does on iOS and instagram, Ant couldn't spend too much time on it.14:35
hatch*phew* ok14:35
hatchluca__: I should also mention that the 'push up' kind of looks like garbage when using a scroll wheel on a mouse with a large scroll value14:42
hatchI'm wondering if we shouldn't trap the scroll and then animate it ourselves14:43
hatch(this is of course way more work)14:43
hatch^ gary_poster if you're around you may want to weigh in14:43
luca__hatch: the push seems to be really hard to animate14:43
luca__hatch: as a compromise we was looking at possibly a fade state between the 2 colliding headers14:44
hatchwell yes the push is hard - but that's not really the issue14:44
gary_posterhatch, trap scroll and animate: +1 as bug for later work14:44
hatchok I'll create that bug14:44
hatchluca__: are you ok with that?14:44
luca__hatch: do you mean something like that demo you showed me yesterday?14:45
hatchwhen header 2 comes in contact with header one, it pushes header one up as it scrolls14:46
luca__hatch: ok, that is what we want14:46
hatchhowever when you use a scroll wheel it 'jumps' which looks bad because of the order of events that need to happen14:46
luca__hatch: right14:47
hatchso we will need to trap the scroll and then animate the scroll ourselves14:47
hatchto smoothen it out14:47
luca__hatch: that makes sense, thanks14:47
sinzuiluca__, arosales_, rick_h: We appear to be accepting icons that are not based on the one true icon template: http://manage.jujucharms.com/charms/precise/postgresql shows the issue best. orangesquad discussed enforcing icons based on the template, and we concluded that would be too strict. We can revisit the decision.15:00
rick_hsinzui: yea, I think it's great to help with the icons, but not sure it's great to enforce too much as many projects have established icons and not all charmers are going to be graphic artists to adjust/fix them?15:01
rick_hbasically we stand to take a hit on charm submissions/etc if we enforce it too much. Then again, we only show them for reviewed charms so that limits the numbers a bunch. 15:01
arosales_sinzui, rick_h: I take it if the icon isn't in the correct format it is not picked up correctly in the charm browser?15:02
rick_harosales_: if it's not icon.svg and valid svg (coming soon) it won't get pulled in. 15:02
rick_harosales_: however, if it's a valid svg, but doesn't use the gradient/lighting guidelines we accept it currently15:02
sinzuiarosales_, the icon template has the squircle outline and sets the dimensions to 96x9615:02
sinzuithe template has a gradient. users may change it, but they must follow the guidelines15:03
arosales_aiui as long as a charmer submits a valid svg, their icon will show up even if they don't follow the template/guidelines, correct?15:04
sinzuiarosales_, icons are only shown for reviewed charms. ~charmers approved the icon15:04
arosales_sinzui, yes sorry. If they are ack'ed by the review process too.15:05
arosales_sinzui, but if ~charmers don't catch the icon not being in the correct format and still ack it will show up in the store as long as its a valid svg15:06
arosales_my question is around how much review ~charmers should be doing around the icon15:06
=== arosales_ is now known as arosales
hatchdarn my trackpad is out of batteries15:06
sinzuiarosales, I don't see think document on juju.ubuntu.com. I thought it was added: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hBTH_7RLUYMV-VhZOGxb-bFHICXyVRU4t8L79Dlea80/pub15:08
frankbanbac: could you please take another look at https://codereview.appspot.com/11110043 ?15:09
bacfrankban: sure15:09
arosalesjcastro, did you icon guide get ported over to the new docs15:09
arosalessinzui, ya I am not seeing it. We'll need to add that15:10
hatchgary_poster: luca__ http://jsbin.com/utitov/2/ - this breaks in FF for some reason and has an odd offset issue when scrolling back but it's very close15:10
jcastrowe never added the icon guide to the docs15:10
jcastrowe just gave people the google doc15:11
jcastroit never made it out of a google doc onto normal docs15:11
hatchoh noes not another Google Doc ;)15:11
hatchtoo soon?15:11
arosalesjcastro, ah15:11
arosalesjcastro, I'll sync up with evilnick on getting that google doc added to the docs15:12
jcastroI believe we used the "I sent it to the list, therefore it's documented" method on that one, heh15:12
arosalessinzui, in progress of adding it to the docs https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/119936715:13
_mup_Bug #1199367: icon.svg isn't documented anywhere <juju-core:Triaged by evilnick> <juju-core docs:Triaged by evilnick> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1199367>15:13
arosalessinzui, any guidance on how much review of the icon ~charmers should do?  Must follow the template, can deviate a little, or any valid svg?15:14
gary_posterluca__, I remembered what I was going to say: the way we *can* get reuse of ant's prototype in the GUI is to reuse his brain :-)  he will have solved the issues before so maybe can be faster.  (whew, remembering makes me feel better ;-) )15:18
hatchis better but there is an issue15:20
luca__gary_poster: haha well, feel free to speak to him, he's solely on Juju until the end of next week so he can work on anything Juju related15:20
gary_postercool luca__ :-) thanks15:20
luca__hatch: that's better, there seems to be a tiny issue scrolling upwards15:20
hatchit appears that scrolling fast and with different scroll values 'tricks' it into thinking it's in a different position than it should be15:20
hatchluca__: yeah, which doesn't happen if you scroll slowly heh15:20
sinzuiarosales, sorry, webops pinged and I have waited 11 days to get their full attention15:20
luca__hatch: hehe15:20
hatchgetting closer15:21
hatchscrolling is friggen hard15:21
sinzuiarosales, per the guidelines in the url I pasted, I think the dos and don'ts section makes it easy to spot check.15:21
hatchluca__: btw it works stunningly (not a word) in FF now15:22
sinzuiarosales, the postgresql example is clearly missing the squircle and background15:22
gary_posterhatch, cool, I think I see the issue you mean15:22
gary_posterhatch lemme know if you think we should discuss trapping the scroll etc.15:23
gary_posterhatch just finished call.  going to your call :-P15:24
gary_posterMakyo, will probably be late ^^^15:25
Makyogary_poster, ack, lmk15:25
gary_posterwill do15:25
luca__bac: are the assets from jamie ok?15:26
bacluca__: except for the sprite/shadow issue.  haven't plugged them in yet.15:26
luca__bac: ok, let me know15:27
bacfrankban: the code looks good but i haven't qa'd it yet.  did the changes you made address the issues i raised?15:27
frankbanbac: yes, the should fix constraints order and unexpected conflicts15:28
bacfrankban: great15:28
bacdone frankban15:30
frankbangreat, thanks bac15:31
luca__Category results and Search results for browse mode can be seen here: https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/file/d/0B7XG_QBXNwY1LS04ZTUyeUk1bEU/edit?usp=sharing15:36
arosalessinzui, ok. so well try to take a strong stance on the guidlines in the doc15:37
Makyojujugui call in 10 kanban now15:50
hatchluca__: can you tell me what the width of the inspector panel is and what the gap to the right of the inspector is15:51
luca__hatch: width is 290px15:53
rick_hI hate testing autocomplete. Talk about a mess of integration. 15:54
hatchbcsaller: your status bar branch shows numbers for the units but the mockups don't - sorry I forgot to include that in my comments15:54
luca__rick_h: but auto-complete is one of my most beloved features ^^15:55
rick_hluca__: it's coming, just writing tests around it is a pita15:55
luca__hatch: the gap to the right hand side of the inspector is 20px15:56
hatchluca__: ok 20px all around, got it15:57
sinzuigary_poster, we are doing some in-place changes to the webops deployment script to gather all the pieces (release tarball and npm cache) into the charm for the deploy. I agreed to add a upgrade hook to support unpacking the tarballs for future deploys16:01
gary_posterjujugui call now16:01
sinzuinp, just an fyi that I we are working on the deploy now16:02
gary_postersinzui, you should not need the npm cache for non-dev builds; that may be a regression16:02
gary_posterbcsaller, call ping16:02
gary_posterjcastro, bug 1194866 has fix going into review very soon16:05
_mup_Bug #1194866: Cannot deploy http://jujucharms.com/~marcoceppi/precise/discourse from GUI <juju-gui:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1194866>16:05
marcoceppiI can finally stop getting pings :P16:05
benjibac: I'm far from a CSS expert, but I'll be glad to pitch in once my branch is reviewed/landed.16:08
bacthanks benji16:08
rick_hhere comes autocomplete: reviews please sinzui jcsackett hatch and luca__, if you want to peek to start writing up the UX issues. I wasn't sure on exact sizes of things in the result set. https://codereview.appspot.com/1112604316:10
rick_hthis is sans-categories for an initial stab16:10
hatchbcsaller: did you see my comment about the status bar branch showing numbers?16:11
gary_posterfrankban, how goes the arm stuff?16:14
luca__rick_h: I can check it tomorrow16:14
frankbangary_poster: Start in 1 hour -> https://launchpad.net/~frankban/+archive/ppa/+builds?build_text=&build_state=all16:15
rick_hluca__: cool. I look forward to the checklist to update :)16:17
sinzuiorangesquad, does anyone have 5 minutes to review https://code.launchpad.net/~sinzui/charmworld/sane-icon/+merge/17405816:30
abentleysinzui: Sure.16:30
abentleysinzui: Since abel is in the middle of changing it so we don't use the on-disk file, could you use from_bufffer instead?16:33
sinzuioh, yes I can16:33
hatchrick_h:  the 'reviewed' flag looks like a 'favourite' button, especially because the pointer changes to a cursor when you hover over it16:33
rick_hhatch: k, but the new design moves the reviewed badge over to a * on the right so it's just a fact of the charm-token for today16:34
hatchrick_h: it is a * on the right now though?16:35
rick_hhatch: huw's branch is up for review doing that. 16:35
hatchno I mean, it is right now16:35
rick_hhatch: so it's pointless for me to make any UX mods to the charm-token for this design issue. 16:35
rick_hhatch: ah, I don't have it locally in my branch atm I guess then16:35
hatchthe first thing I thought was "oh cool you can favourite charms"16:36
rick_hhatch: ok, well we can toss that to design, but not sure what to do about that atm16:36
bcsallerhatch: sorry, missed that, yes, it has numbers, some of the mocks did in the past. I think it makes sense to include them but if we get feedback otherwise its simple to remove. The ratios shown reserve minimum space for small segments so 9999 running units and 1 in error doesn't end up being 1 pixel. Because of that the numbers can make it clear if its 1 unit or 30 or whatever16:36
hatchbcsaller: yeah - I can see an argument for both, I just wanted to point it out in case it was accidental16:36
hatchrick_h: yeah maybe we can switch the star to a badge with two lions fighting over a steak16:38
rick_hhatch: ooh, needs moar shark!16:38
hatchok ok - a shark can be jumping over the lions16:39
hatchbenji: review done16:40
benjicool, thanks16:41
sinzuiabentley, I had a bad push, If you look at the MP again you will see the code now reads from the handle provides and on 1k is read16:42
sinzuiPS, the test actually shows the bare minimum to pass a magic match for svg16:43
abentleysinzui: RULES suggests that this branch enforces a 96x96 valid svg, when actually, that's being left to proof.16:45
sinzuiabentley, right, that is what we want to do16:45
abentleysinzui: R=me.16:46
sinzuiafter todays discovery, we may want to do more like verify the same ids as the template are present, or check for the squircle and gradient elements16:46
=== matsubara is now known as matsubara-lunch
rick_hteknico: review inbound16:55
teknicorick_h: thank you16:56
sinzuigary_poster, bac, juju-ui, the production deploy failed because the charm wants an npm cache: https://pastebin.canonical.com/94238/  This happens juju-gui-source changes. Is there another config setting that makes it clear we don't need the npm-cache? serve-tests=false perhaps?16:57
frankbangary_poster: the binary packages for i386, armel and armhf are now in ppa:juju-gui-charmers/devel . amd64 is still pending. I'd like to test the new packages before copying them in stable. I'll do that tomorrow morning17:03
hatchbcsaller: nice fix for the units17:04
bcsallerhatch: thanks17:16
rick_hanyone aware of the status bar code? I'm getting test failures, but only on test-prod in the views.StatusBar stuff?17:28
rick_hhttps://pastebin.canonical.com/94254/ I've make clean'd and runs fine in browser/debug. 17:29
gary_posterbenji, any quick fix for sinzui's report above?  This is high priority17:29
benjigary_poster: sorry for the slow response, I'm eating lunch and need to get back to it, but the quickest fix I can see is to wrap the fetch in a try/except that passes on a subprocess.CalledProcessError17:37
gary_posterack thanks benji17:37
sinzuiWe will accept a timeout? Wont that slow the charm deploy by minutes?17:38
gary_postersinzui, yeah, we don't need it for stable releases.  The proper fix is to not do it at all.17:38
rick_hbcsaller: is the statusbar yours? If I move it to the list of 3rd party files to load in merge-files it works.17:39
rick_hbcsaller: curious how you got it to land. :)17:39
sinzuigary_poster, okay. I can wrap the call and put it up for review to unblock webops17:39
rick_hfocus daniel-son :)17:39
bcsallerrick_h: it worked fine here17:41
bcsallerbut I'll add it to that list17:41
rick_hbcsaller: I'm trying to submit a quick branch. I'll include it here17:41
bcsallerand submit a trivial 17:41
bcsallerahh, thanks17:42
rick_hbcsaller: I just wanted to sanity check I'm not missing something. 17:42
rick_hbcsaller: since it must have gone through to land, but I can't get it to combine at all after multiple clean/clean-all's 17:42
bcsallerI suspect I had the test server running already when lbox check ran and it used the built files? I've seen that work around this issue in the past17:42
hatchfew things are as irritating as a Y.View not firing a render event.....17:42
hatchcc rick_h ^17:42
hatchehh?? :)17:42
rick_hhatch: :/ ?17:43
hatchthe fact that a Y.View doesn't fire a render event....is very irritating17:43
rick_hmeh, I've not had that big a problem with it that I can recall.17:43
rick_hnow the AC widget...17:43
* hatch walks away17:43
abentleyhazmat: Part of ingest permits the branch name to be either 'trunk' or 'trunk-117:44
abentleyhazmat: What's the rationale for that?  Doesn't it make the charm store address ambiguous?17:44
rick_hhatch: don't walk away, you're supposed to be reviewing my branch :P https://codereview.appspot.com/11126043/17:45
hatchohhh am I now17:45
hatch4000ln difs are too big :P17:45
=== matsubara-lunch is now known as matsubara
rick_hoh bah, conflicts17:46
rick_hwas like "wtf...4000 lines?!"17:46
rick_hoh, and you've learned by now to ignore test/data/autocomplete.json :P17:46
hatchhaa yup17:46
rick_hbcsaller: https://codereview.appspot.com/10839044 has the change if you don't mind peeking at the other 4 lines while you're in there :)17:47
rick_hsinzui: jcsackett can I get a second on ^^ as well please?17:48
* sinzui looks17:50
teknicoI get three errors in trunk when running "make test-prod": http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5865679/17:55
rick_hteknico: see the discussion with bcsaller ^^, branch is incoming17:55
teknicorick_h: great, thanks17:55
rick_hteknico: just as fast as lbox can run its little heart out 17:55
hazmatabentley, ignore it.. it was for a branch a legacy issue from the charm distro on lp i found on a single charm when doing the initial impl17:56
hazmatabentley, s/ignore/yank17:56
abentleyhazmat: Excellent.  So from here on out, only "trunk" branches are considered.17:57
hazmati think there was maybe two charms that exhibited that problem and they were from natty17:57
abentleyhazmat: I'm hitting it with ~zulcss/charms/oneiric/nagios/trunk and ~zulcss/charms/oneiric/nagios/trunk-117:57
rick_hgrrr, branch switching confusing lbox fml18:00
teknicorick_h: how about another look? https://codereview.appspot.com/10888048/18:01
rick_hteknico: loaded up right now18:01
rick_hteknico: LGTM thanks for the test changes/fixes.18:03
teknicorick_h: thank *you*! :-)18:03
rick_hteknico: the fix for the test failures is landing18:06
rick_hteknico: so pulling from trunk should be good for that now18:06
teknicorick_h: great. it's a bit late now, so if someone else will give the gift of a review, I'll merge trunk and land this later18:07
rick_hteknico: rgr, have a good night18:07
hatchrick_h: just fyi I am reviewing your branch right now, it's just taking a bit18:07
teknicorick_h: thanks18:07
benjigary_poster: I'm back from lunch.  Is there anything I can do to help on the NPM cache issue?18:07
rick_hhatch: thanks, yea, it's a pita branch. I'm pushing a fix for the template conflict currently now that the test fix is in trunk18:08
gary_posterbenji, yes, gimme one sec18:08
gary_posterbenji, ok here.  maybe guichat?18:10
benjigary_poster: k18:10
hatchrick_h: is this branch supposed to be QAable?18:10
rick_hhatch: yes18:11
rick_hhatch: once the confilict is resolved. The template won't compile until then18:11
rick_hhatch: pushed update should be there now. 18:11
hatchhmm ok - well the error I get is actually a 406 http error18:12
rick_hhatch: OH! right, no. You have to change the api enpoint to staging. in the config to QA18:12
rick_hsorry, my mistake on the instructions. 18:12
rick_hhatch: it's waiting on a release to production on the back end currently. 18:12
hatchwhen is that going to be released?18:13
rick_hhttp://staging.jujucharms.com/ to be exact18:13
rick_hhatch: any time. sinzui was looking at getting into the queue to get a release today. Not sure if it'll happen today/tomorrow. 18:13
rick_hhatch: so obviously I won't land it until the back end supports it18:13
hatchok I'm asking because it causes other errors to cascade which we obviously can't have in trunk18:13
rick_hhatch: rgr18:14
hatchwill check your new code18:14
hatchrick_h: although this could be good18:14
hatchthe code should be able to handle this failure without throwing a console error18:14
sinzuirick_h, hatch. We are in the queue. there is an incident in front of us.18:15
sinzuiI think we will have webops attention again in 2 hours18:15
hatchsinzui: that's fine - I'm just saying that the GUI code shouldn't break if the api endpoint goes down so the AC failure code should be able to handle that inevitability cc) rick_h18:16
hatchso this was a blessing in disquise :)18:16
hatchwe caught the issue ahead of time18:17
rick_hhatch: gotcha18:20
rick_hhatch: though if the store goes down it's far from a silent failure as you'll not get this far to get an AC widget, but ok :)18:21
hatchhaha well maybe it will go down after they got this far ;)18:21
hatchbac: do you have a 'positioned' vertical scroll bar?18:28
hatchI am trying to figure out how far left to position the inspector18:28
hatchthe values in the mockup and from Luca were wrong heh18:28
bachatch: i do...but i'm not sure where exactly it is going to go18:29
hatchhazmat: that's awesome news!!18:29
bachatch: won't know until i get the new assets in place18:29
hatchok I'll just place it whereever then, it's a single line fix in a follow-up then  I guess18:29
bacno verizon on the island. :(18:29
hatchno verizon in Canada either18:30
hatchas soon as there is a north american GSM band phone then we r golden18:30
bacgary_poster: hurrah, i found the issue.  it was coming from bootstrap and was not on the element i'd been looking at.  img max-width:100%18:32
gary_posteryay bac!!!18:32
hatchwe are so close to removing bootstrap :)18:32
hatchdoesn't Verizon have a horrible track record of loading a TON of bloatware on their phones?18:33
bacyes, vzn is notorious for that i hear18:33
hatchI'm kind of curious how the ubuntu smart phone will manage carrier garbage and lock ins while keeping an open platform18:33
bachatch: you should join the CAG18:34
hatchI'll bring with it my nation(see house) wide cellular network(see wifi)18:35
bacgary_poster: look at little old caktus listed with the big boys: http://us.pycon.org/2014/18:37
gary_posterbac cool :-)18:37
bacapparently they did the site18:37
bacper calloway18:37
hatchpast employer?18:38
bacno, a local little consulting shop that sponsors python user group stuff18:38
bacby local, i mean NC18:38
hatchMontreal....that's near me18:39
hatchonly a 3h flight....lol18:40
hatchactually there is a js conf in Vancouver in November18:42
jcastrohey gary_poster 18:45
jcastrosearch is busted on uistage18:45
jcastrothe new one, 808618:45
hatchthe manage.jujucharms.com is 503'ing18:46
gary_posterjcastro, thanks much.  sinzui, ^^^ deployment?18:46
hatchgary_poster: can you head to 8086 and quickly drag the bottom of the window up to see if there is a scrollbar ?18:48
hatchit's like the resize event doesn't always fire18:48
hatchand I am just wondering if it's just me18:48
gary_posterhatch confirmed it sometimes happens18:49
hatchalright thanks, looking for the cause18:49
sinzuigary_poster, They are waiting on a revised charm. I am putting that together now.18:50
gary_postersinzui, ah ok, no I meant the fact that search is broken on 808618:50
gary_postersinzui, jcastro wfm now.  jcastro works for you?18:51
hatchjcastro: wow osx port of juju? well done18:51
gary_postersinzui, bug and possible "proper" fix here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-gui/+bug/120033718:51
_mup_Bug #1200337: gui charm should only get npm cache when building <juju-gui:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1200337>18:51
gary_postersinzui, have not tested18:51
jcastroCharm API server did not respond18:51
jcastrois what I get18:51
sinzuirick_h, your autocomplete changes are in production as of this minutes, but I think squid has cached some of the old representations18:52
jcastrooh dude, hard refresh fixes that, got it18:52
gary_posterok cool thanks jcastro18:52
sinzuigary_poster, rick_h, what is the state of the autocomplete branch. The changes just went into production. I was not expecting regressions, only new features for autocomplete18:54
sinzuigary_poster, I expected your charm changes to be based on the stable charm: https://code.launchpad.net/~juju-gui-charmers/charms/precise/juju-gui/trunk18:57
gary_postersinzui, sorry, no, but you probably can apply the revision18:57
sinzuioh, fab, yes I can thanks gary18:57
* Makyo -> lunch19:09
hatchmy fan sounds like an old 486 when it changes directions19:12
hatchmaybe it is.....19:12
jcsackettjujugui: can i get two reviews of https://codereview.appspot.com/10944045/, please?19:17
jcastrohey guys how long does it take for the gui to show a change in the store?19:29
jcastroI just added a bunch of categories19:29
rick_hjcastro: 15min ish19:31
rick_hsinzui: AC is in progress. Needs another review and some updates from me. I figure to get it landed in the morning hopefully19:32
jcastrorick_h: thanks19:33
sinzui I can participate when I webops doesn't need me19:33
rick_hsinzui: https://codereview.appspot.com/11126043/ is the in progress review19:33
jcastrook so now that I am using the search for all these fixes19:33
rick_hsinzui: ok19:33
jcastroI am totally confused on how to navigate19:33
rick_hjcastro: ?19:33
jcastrook so I click on the juju button19:33
jcastrothen I browse by category19:33
jcastrosay apps19:33
rick_hjcastro: so once you start searching you're done for. 19:34
rick_hjcastro: there's work in progress to add some breadcrumbs/better nav19:34
jcastroyeah I need a way to go back19:34
jcastrooh ok19:34
rick_hjcastro: but yea, known issue19:34
* jcastro nods19:34
jcastroI does anyone know what we put in "file-servers"? 19:34
rick_hjcastro: ceph? samba? I'm not sure tbh19:35
rick_hjcastro: feel free to use the back button to help nav. It should work to get you where you were19:35
rick_htime to mow the lawn...yay me19:39
sinzuirick_h, looking19:39
rick_hsinzui: cool, thanks. I'll have the updates requested first thing in the morning and will get hatch to ok before he gets sidetracked :)19:40
hatchtoo late, I've already been sidetracked for tomorrow19:40
hatchthe moment when you realize fixing tests is taking longer than the code you wrote19:51
bcsallerhatch: only when I TDD can I avoid that but my TDD skills are not always up to the task19:57
jcsackettbcsaller: thanks for the review. jujugui, can i get one more review on https://codereview.appspot.com/10944045/20:00
benjijcsackett: I'll do one.20:00
jcsackettbenji: thanks!20:00
benjijcsackett: LGTM20:02
jcsackettthanks, benji.20:03
bacjujugui: i need reviews on https://codereview.appspot.com/11182044 please20:20
benjibac: I'll take one20:21
jcastrohey sinzui 20:24
jcastrocan we make `juju deploy ubuntu` do the right thing? It's an old bug where the store can't handle "ubuntu" 20:24
hatchheh too much awesome in "ubuntu" ?20:27
bcsallerstill need one review on https://codereview.appspot.com/1118104320:27
bacthanks bcsaller and benji20:30
benjimy pleasure20:30
bacbenji: that other guy sure messes up your nick tab completion20:31
sinzuijcastro, I don't hack on juju. How is that broken? I assume it deploys a charm named ubuntu (that presumably is a vanilla install)20:35
jcastroyeah it's just a blank server20:36
hatchjujugui looking for two reviews https://codereview.appspot.com/11186043/20:43
bcsallerhatch: I can take one20:43
jcsacketthatch: i can take the other.20:46
gary_posterhatch I qa'd fwiw.  nice20:51
sinzuijcastro, I think I found your bug about deploying ubuntu. It certainly is in the store: https://store.juju.ubuntu.com/charm-info?charms=cs:precise/ubuntu&stats=020:51
hatchgreat thx20:51
jcsackettinspector is looking pretty cool.20:53
hatchyeah it's coming together nicely20:55
gary_posterhatch, bcsaller, interesting bug to explore next week: 1000-unit service in sandbox with simulator on is unresponsive every 1 second (delta push?).  Made a card.  inspector-specific20:58
bcsallergary_poster: yes, I've seen that too, the timeline profile does indicate its tied to the delta20:59
gary_postersomething fun to debug, hopefully nothing paradigm shifting20:59
gary_posterhuwshimi, whoa man, you are starting earlier and earlier :-)21:00
huwshimigary_poster: Morning :)21:00
hatchmaybe he is moving west21:00
gary_posterMakyo was working on getting your branch landed again, working with fixes from rick_h IIRC21:01
MakyoJuuust pushed.21:01
arosalesgary_poster, I see the apache2 icon is showing the category instead of the icon.svg21:01
jcastrosinzui: I wonder if the new add-machine command means we don't need it anymore21:02
gary_posterarosales, AIUI there is a problem with that svg.  I emailed you and jcastro about it.  The category icon is actually a new improvement thanks to sinzui: it was simply not rendering any image21:03
hatchgary_poster: bcsaller the 'overview' viewlet is being touched 1000 times every second21:03
hatchthis might be related to the d3 thingy21:03
gary_posterMakyo, awesome thanks.  huwshimi do you want to take it from here, or what?21:04
gary_posterI'd like to get it landed asap one way or another, and it sounded like it needed some important fixes21:04
huwshimigary_poster: Can do, let me take a look21:04
gary_posterthanks huwshimi.  ping us when you want us to review or approve or whatever is appropriate21:05
hatchupdated the card21:05
sinzuijcastro, my local deploy is of ubuntu is fine. (juju deploy ubuntu)21:05
gary_posterbenji, hatch, what do we need to do to get the destroy branch landed?21:05
Makyohuwshimi, gary_poster I adjusted some things based on comments, but I'm not sure where the original stuff came from; take those or leave those as you need.21:06
benjigary_poster: I need the linter to stop abusing me21:06
MakyoI guess I can use my big programmer words.21:06
benjiit will land in just a few seconds21:06
gary_posterbenji, awesome thanks21:06
hatchbenji: ping me when it's up and I'll do another QA21:06
arosalesgary_poster, was that email sent today. I am not finding it. But  I will take a look21:07
gary_posterarosales, no, not today, looking21:07
sinzuiarosales, The category issue that cause a non-existent icon to appears is in user data...outside of our control. We fixed that by filtering out categories we don't know about. As of two hours ago, icon.svg files that don't convince magic that they are genuine svgs are ignored21:10
sinzui^ this last change address that fact that apache2's charm has a png claiming to be an svg21:11
hatchbenji: I think you applied the pointer:cursor to the wrong element other than that LGTM21:12
huwshimigary_poster: What's your opinion on how to know which changes to make? Do I go by the designs or on the feedback in the review?21:15
arosalessinzui, hmm the apache2 icon ~should~ have been valid, but I'll re-upload the one design sent21:16
huwshimigary_poster: (And that's not me trying to pick a fight, I'm just trying to figure out which changes to make...)21:16
gary_posterhuwshimi, :-)21:16
benjihatch: indeed, thanks21:17
sinzuiarosales, does "file icon.svg" say it is an svg?21:17
sinzuiit says it is a png for me21:17
gary_posterhuwshimi, want to have an early call in guichat?21:17
* Makyo walks dogs quick (or not so quick - so hot, gonna have to hose them off first).21:17
huwshimigary_poster: Sure21:18
sinzuiarosales, while nautilus wont show me the icon for apache's icon.svg, it will if I rename it to icon.png21:20
arosalessinzui, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5866259/21:20
sinzuiyeah I just did the same. We agree21:21
sinzuiarosales, I think I have the charm template. I can try making a replacement as I queue for you division21:21
* sinzui has great hope that gui will be deployed in the next 20 minutes21:22
arosalessinzui, I am little confused as to why the browser isn't currently parsing the current icon.svg21:23
arosalessinzui, but really what ever we need to do go get to to render correctly I am a +121:24
sinzuiarosales, the browser did parse it. I saw it lied and decided not to get involved with a possible malicious vulnerability21:25
sinzuiIt saw the icon is a lie21:25
sinzuiarosales, pngs don't scale well either21:25
arosalessinzui, do you need me to commit a version  I got from design which should be the same thing.21:26
sinzuiarosales, if you have a genuine svg, then go ahead and commit it. If not, I can make something. I just found the official apache logo svg that I can use with the templte21:27
sinzuigary_poster, you might need to sit down for this...21:27
gary_postersinzui, uh oh21:27
sinzuigary_poster, juju-gui is deployed and the right version...21:27
gary_postersinzui, YAY!21:27
gary_postersinzui, thanks, and thanks to IS!21:27
sinzuiNo one, not even webops can see the site at the ip it is deployed too21:27
sinzuithedac will try to ssh tunnel into to see the site render with the proper UI21:28
sinzuiI need to file an rt to get the IPs public21:28
arosalessinzui, I'll confirm the one design sent is a _real_ svg21:28
arosalesif not I'll get that one and re commit21:28
hatchbcsaller: mind finishing up that review? :)21:30
bcsallerhatch: sorry, got sidetracked with the perf issue21:30
bcsallerback on it21:30
hatchhey that's for next week :P21:30
hatchwas it the d3 thingy?21:30
hatchno matter how much I try to prepare I'm always way behind on house stuff for a sprint21:32
bcsallerhatch: no, not d3 :-p   It looks like sandbox calls sendDelta for each new unit in the loop which calls update for units which renders the template 1000 times for 1000 units21:36
hatchohh lol21:37
hatchglad it wasn't the d3 thing, that thing is cool21:37
arosalessinzui, uploaded an svg for apache. We'll see if that helps.21:41
arosalesgary_poster, sinzui thanks for the explanation there21:41
gary_posterthanks arosales 21:41
arosalesgary_poster, icons and categories are looking better. But if design can get us some more we will add those.21:42
arosalesI'll do another check post what design is able to give us in terms of icons.21:42
benjigary_poster: branch landed (finally)21:44
gary_posterbenji, yay thanks! :-)21:44
sinzuigary_poster, thedac confirmed that the gui is operational in production. I am now creating an rt to ask that the IPs be public21:44
gary_postersinzui, even better, thank you :-)21:45
hatchhmm I can't submit this branch21:50
hatchit says it's out of date but there are no changes when I pull21:50
hatchand it says it's up to date when I use bzr update21:50
hatchyeah it's definitely out of date21:52
hatchcleared it out and trying again21:55
gary_posterhatch could you give me the link of your most recent header prototype again pls?21:55
hatchI haven't done any work on it since this morning21:55
hatchjust playing around with trunk22:07
hatchthe inspector is comign along really nice22:07
hatchI can switch between inspectors all day long watching that status bar move around :)22:08
hatchsimple things....simple minds I guess :)22:08
rick_hgary_poster: reply inbound. Taking the boy to dinner, but please let me know if that doesn't clear up the discussion.22:09
gary_postercool, thanks rick_h !22:09
hatchgary_poster: next task on my list? I was thinking of working on the header of the inspector22:11
gary_posterhatch, sounds good.  that will move the scroll down to the bottom div?22:11
gary_postera bottom section I mean, sorry22:11
hatchyeah so we would have Status and Settings, as well as the header with the icon and title visible at all times22:12
hatchto match v7 design22:12
hatchbac: really cool technique on the slider but why didn't you set the slider orientation to vertical instead?22:14
gary_posterjujugui if anyone wants to come to the call with huw that would normally be in 16 minutes, please come now! :-)22:14
MakyoNew bug, hopefully small fix: #120041222:31
_mup_Bug #1200412: drag-and-drop: dropping a service on a non-drop target leaves the token appended to the body <juju-gui:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1200412>22:31
huwshimirick_h: Sorry for the confusion about the home/back link. Any pointers on what I need to set to get back to the initial screen for the sidebar. Fire viewNavigate something...22:46
hatchgary_poster: did you let slip that we are doing another Friday EOD release? :P22:49
hatchbcsaller: so are you thinking of creating a throttling method for update?22:50
hatchso it only allows the ux to update once per second?22:50
bcsallerhatch: there are a few related fixes, that one and making sure the bindings list we generate is unique 22:51
hatchahh great great22:52
huwshimigary_poster: Do I need another lgtm or is the one from rick_h and changes from Makyo enough?23:07
MakyoLGTM :)23:07
huwshimiMakyo: Thanks :)23:09
hatchMakyo:  huwshimi here ya go http://i.qkme.me/3v5d87.jpg23:19
MakyoPff hahaha23:20
MakyoMeanwhile: http://blog.anguscroll.com/if-kerouac-wrote-javascript23:20
huwshimihatch: Can I just use that for all my reviews from now on then?23:26
rick_hhuwshimi: yea, to get back we'll need to fire viewNavigate with a valid change object. We can bind that link in the events object for the view it's rendered in23:46
rick_hhuwshimi: did the viewmode controls changes make sense?23:51
huwshimirick_h: Yeah that was great, thanks.23:52
rick_hhuwshimi: ok, going to put the little guy to bed/bath. I'll check in if yuo need anything else. 23:53
huwshimirick_h: Thanks, I'll see how I go.23:56

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