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josehey marcoceppi, is this the right place to report a bug in jujucharms.com?01:08
sarnoldjose: a bug with jujucharms.com itself, or a bug in a charm?01:12
josesarnold: with the webpage itself01:12
sarnoldjose: try this, https://launchpad.net/charmworld01:12
josesarnold: will do now, thanks! :)01:13
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josesarnold: hey, think you can give me a hand with my charm? I don't know how should I write my config-changed hook01:21
sarnoldjose: I can try, but I'm pretty new here too :)01:21
joseok, let's try then :)01:23
joseso I have http://jujucharms.com/~jose/precise/postfix/hooks/install as my install hook, and would like to have a way for users to run 'juju postfix config-changed domain abc.com' to change the domain, for example, that's on line 2801:25
joseand line 13 too01:25
joseI have 3 of those variables01:25
josesarnold: any idea on how to do that? :)01:25
sarnoldjose: oh, wow, this is cool :)01:26
sarnoldjose: some of these pieces are going to be needed only at install time, apt-get install -y ...01:27
joseso I can't run the whole thing again01:27
sarnoldjose: some of these will probably need to be re-run on every configuration change -- debconf-set-selections, postconf ..01:27
joseoh wait01:28
sarnoldjose: can you push the debconf-set-selections and postconf commands to the config-changed hook?01:28
joseyeah, I just thought that01:28
joseonly that part, right?01:28
sarnoldjose: probably just the parts that depend upon variables that the user might set01:28
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sarnoldjose: _but_, it might _feel_ cleaner to move all the configuration things to the config-changed hook01:29
joseright, I'll do that now, that just gave me the general idea01:29
josethanks a lot! :)01:29
sarnoldyou'll have to guess which one feels easier to maintain over the long run -- one with all the configuration in one hook, or one with just the user-data-dependent configuration in the hook01:29
joseI think the first option should be best thinking on a user-end01:30
sarnoldjose: oh, hey, is that a bug on line 76? "apt-get -y libsasl2-2" ... does it need the 'install' there?01:30
joseoh, that's totally right!01:30
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* jose goes and fixes it01:30
sarnoldjose: line 79 appears to be missing a close " as well.01:31
sarnoldjose: actually, consider using printf(1) for all those echos, I think they are a bit tough to read as-is, and some of them might not work perfectly..01:31
joseoh, but is that working with the >> after it?01:32
sarnoldjose: yeah, printf can redirect with >>01:33
sarnoldjose: I think you'd re-write 81 like printf "PARAMS=-m%s\n" ${PWDIR} >> /etc/default/saslauthd   -- I suggest it because the " are awkward there..01:34
sarnold.. so you might want to use single qoutes '' around the double-quotes "" .. but that'll make variable interpolation difficult... hence printf, which will use %s and arguments.01:35
sarnoldit's up to you, you might not like it at all :) but I think it'll lead to easier results than trying to figure out the proper escaping of embedded " quotes01:36
joseblargh, I don't get that one :(01:40
joseI'm just starting with bash and python01:40
sarnoldjose: ah, well, feel free to ignore it for now :)01:41
josethanks a lot for your help01:41
sarnoldjose: just don't be surprised if you have change some of those echo "foo="".."" things to echo "foo=\"" ...\""01:41
josesure :)01:42
joseI'll take that in consideration01:42
sarnoldonce you get there :D01:42
sarnoldhave fun! :)01:42
josehey marcoceppi, just resubmmitted postfix for review. please, take a look once you have some time :)02:00
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jcastroanyone have the tldr on debug-hooks for goju?14:07
AskUbuntuHow to change charm service IP from default 10.0.0.X if running juju on local? | http://askubuntu.com/q/31896014:46
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AskUbuntuHow do I get juju 1.11 to bootstrap on a private OpenStack cloud? | http://askubuntu.com/q/31897015:30
avoinewith the lastest release I keep having error like: error: cannot start bootstrap instance: no "saucy" images in RegionOne with arches [i386]15:56
avoinewhat are the properties that I must add to my images to make them valide for juju?15:57
avoineon openstack15:57
avoineI've tried  arch=i386 release=saucy version=13.1015:58
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koolhead17marcoceppi, jcastro Juju deployment has become 100 times easier16:25
koolhead17kudos to you guys16:25
* koolhead17 watching juju demo live in polish openstack meetup16:26
arosalesniemeyer, opened bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/120028516:41
_mup_Bug #1200285: Fix/Update Charm Author Formatting <docs> <juju-core:Triaged by evilnick> <juju-core docs:Triaged by evilnick> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1200285>16:41
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jcastrohey m_3_16:47
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jcastroarosales: got time to fire up your mac today?16:58
jcastromramm: also ^^^16:58
mrammjcastro: sure probably have time this afternoon16:59
arosalesmramm beat me to it :-) and way better and juju-core acking than me :-)16:59
arosalesoh, you mean to test, not compile17:00
arosalesnice :-)17:00
jcastroarosales: if you could give that a shot this afternoon and either +1 or -1 I can announce it on the mailing list17:00
arosalesjcastro cool thanks. mramm fyi ^17:00
jcastrom_3_: so this releases thing in github is sweet, once we mirror the core in there it should just be easy for users to find it17:05
marcoceppijcastro: wonder if we could use travis-ci for free unit testing17:07
jcastrois that the hosted thing?17:08
m_3_jcastro: did it get decided we should go ahead and put that mirror in place?17:09
marcoceppiyeah. free to use for open source projects on github17:09
m_3_jcastro: kinda thought it got the kaibash(sp?)17:09
jcastrom_3_: I say why not!17:09
jcastrogives us a nice place to put OSX binaries too17:10
jcastrom_3_: I don't suppose you have OSX handy to help test this client?17:10
m_3_jcastro: nope on OSX17:10
m_3_jcastro: oh, maybe an old snow leopard laptop of tay's17:11
jcastronah, queue is more important17:11
m_3_I understand it's legal to run OSX in a vm on my ubuntu macbookair though... just gotta get the right image17:11
jcastroI'll find less busy Mac folks17:12
m_3_jcastro: target for the juju-core mirror?17:12
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m_3_github.com/juju/juju-core? or github.com/ubuntu/juju-core?17:12
jcastrom_3_: I just made /juju/juju-core so I could put the binary there17:12
jcastrobut was thinking you could put the source there along side?17:12
m_3_yeah.... no17:13
m_3_jcastro: perhaps save the juju-core repo for the source17:13
m_3_and stick the binaries somewhere else like github.com/juju/juju-client or /juju/juju?17:13
jcastroso should I rename it?17:13
jcastrook I can do that.17:14
m_3_we could mirror lp:juju-core to github.com/juju/core or something... but really that should match17:14
m_3_lp:juju-core to github.com/juju/juju-core seems simplest to me17:15
jcastroyeah, I agree17:15
jcastrolet me rename this one I just made so you don't clobber me17:15
jcastrohmm, can't get through to github, it working for you?17:16
m_3_jcastro: yup, seems ok to me17:17
m_3_little sluggish on styling artifacts17:17
jcastrom_3_: can you do a rename? I'm stuck waiting for some akamai stuff that isn't loading and the page doesn't even render for me17:22
m_3_jcastro: will do17:29
m_3_jcastro: how's that look?18:22
jcastrolooks awesome18:27
jcastroI just was now able to get in18:27
jcastroI removed the release from -core and made this18:27
m_3_jcastro: hmmmm18:33
m_3_not seeing it18:33
marcoceppim_3_: how often will core sync with gh?18:50
m_3_marcoceppi: how often do you want it to?18:51
* marcoceppi looks at commit history18:51
m_3_marcoceppi: charms've been syncing daily18:51
marcoceppim_3_: I'll get back to you, but how about every 6 hours for now? Unless that's too frequently18:52
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m_3_marcoceppi: sure, np18:53
marcoceppim_3_: so here's the next part. How hard would it be to put a file in the repo that doesn't exist upstream?18:54
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m_3_marcoceppi: probably not hard at all actually as it's a one-way mirror19:04
marcoceppim_3_: I'm going to try to hook the repo up to travis for S&G, but I need to have a .travis.yml file in the root of the repo19:05
m_3_marcoceppi: ack... I should probably add you to the mirroring machine anyways19:06
marcoceppim_3_: I might, instead, just set up a second mirror in my repo that will rebase the sync'd branch with the travis.yml file Or see if the core guys want a .travis.yml file in the root :P19:07
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jcastroadam_g: around?19:38
adam_gjcastro, hey19:38
m_3_marcoceppi: hey19:38
marcoceppim_3_: hey19:38
m_3_ok, so github.com/juju/juju-core has code in it19:38
jcastroadam_g: if you have a chance can you add an icon to the glance charm? You can rip it off from the cinder charm.19:38
jcastroadam_g: it would make my presentation look nicer in the GUI19:38
m_3_we might wanna think about mapping tags to branches here19:39
marcoceppim_3_: shouldn't we just map releases to tags?19:39
adam_gjcastro, sure. do i just drop it in19:40
jcastroadam_g: yeah, and there's a little snippet in the metadata.yaml19:40
jcastroicon goes in the root19:40
jcastrothey're all the same icon for anything openstack related19:40
adam_gjcastro, what is the metadata snippet i dont see anything in cinders19:40
m_3_marcoceppi: should be running as-is every 6 hours or so19:41
m_3_marcoceppi: lemme know if you want me to add a .travis.yml file into the mix19:41
jcastroadam_g: oh dude nm, just the icon.svg outta be enough19:41
m_3_jcastro: marcoceppi: think about tags though... we should have release branches in github19:41
adam_gjcastro, ah, cool. done19:42
jcastroadam_g: that covers me for OSCON, but as you touch any openstack charm if you could drop that in that would be <319:42
adam_gjcastro, ack19:44
jcastrowe really should have an openstack category19:44
m_3_jcastro: don't make changes to github.com/juju/juju-core directly... it'll barf the mirror19:48
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m_3_jcastro: you scared me for a second there... I was seeing all sorts of whack ordering on the charms mirror19:54
m_3_then I realized there were lots of changes in progress19:54
jcastroI am pushing up a bunch of small category changes in charms19:56
Pretenderhow's it going guys?19:58
jcastrom_3_: hah, scumbag spammer --> http://jujucharms.com/recently-changed19:58
* m_3_ likes the "NFS formula..."19:59
PretenderCan any1 tell me exactly what juju is doing? i'm a bit slow :)20:00
jcastrowhat's the output of juju status say? That should tell you what it's doing20:01
m_3_Pretender: orchestrating services (deploying and configuring a bunch of stock services like mysql and wordpress... right outta the box... on, primarily, the common public cloud providers20:02
Pretendererror: error parsing environment "amazon": no public ssh keys found20:02
Pretenderi made a folder set up a password...and they i got stuck20:02
m_3_Pretender: ah, my bad... thought you were asking a different question20:03
m_3_Pretender: it should default to using the keys in your '~/.ssh' directory20:03
Pretenderi understand i can make a irc or cloud server ...so i'm starting it easy as soon i can understand it20:04
m_3_in particular the '~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub' unless you've changed it in '~/.ssh/config'20:04
Pretenderlet me try something20:04
AskUbuntuMAAS / JuJu zookeeper issue | http://askubuntu.com/q/31906120:08
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jcastroPretender: you probably need to generate a keypair, see the step before "Installation"20:23
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Pretenderj castro ty20:33
jcastrom_3_: we got rid of revision in the metadata.yaml right?20:36
m_3_jcastro: revision was a separate file... and yes, we got rid of that20:37
m_3_jcastro: shouldn't be in metadata at all... that'll barf20:37
* jcastro removes it from the docs20:37
m_3_where was that?20:37
m_3_the docs said to add 'revision' to the metadata?20:37
jcastroit's under policy20:37
jcastroremoving it now20:37
m_3_hmmmm.... /me wonders if that changed sometime20:38
jcastrowe mention metadata.yaml in 2 places20:38
m_3_whaddya know?  metadata.yaml's schema had a 'revision' key20:41
m_3_ok, so we had 4 different notions of version for a charm... not just 320:41
jcastrom_3_: we gotta get that django python rewrite thing in tomorrow or we suck20:46
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Pretenderc'ya guys21:06
m_3_jcastro: oh, from the queue.... yeah, that'll go in21:06
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sputnik13anyone here using juju on openstack?22:24
sputnik13rather...  juju with an openstack provider22:24
sputnik13err openstack environment...22:24
sputnik13bootstrap seems to have gone fine but when I do a juju status I get an error "Machine provider information missing"22:25
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josehey jcastro, have a minute?23:43
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