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Dougie187I just had a package build fail, and I'm not sure why. Anyone wanna take a look and give me any tips? https://launchpadlibrarian.net/144660823/buildlog_ubuntu-precise-i386.parallel-netcdf_1.3.1-1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz01:50
Dougie187btw, this is my first package.01:51
StevenKDougie187: Looks like an infrastructure failure. Can you link me your PPA?01:58
Dougie187StevenK: https://launchpad.net/~douglasjacobsen/+archive/mpas-packages01:58
Dougie187It could easily be a problem with the package, since I've never really done this before. but I used dpkg-buildpackage to make deb's and test them. And then debuild -S to make the files to upload.01:59
StevenKDougie187: I've retossed your build at the build farm, so let's see.02:01
Dougie187When I build a package that depends on another package in my PPA, how do I let buildd know that it's on my PPA?02:02
StevenKDougie187: You don't, the build system knows to check the PPA you're building from.02:04
Dougie187Oh ok. cool. Thanks02:04
Dougie187(I'm new to this whole thing, so sorry for the stupid questions. But thanks for the help)02:05
Dougie187Failed. Looks like I'm missing some dependencies.02:08
StevenKDougie187: I'd suggest you look into pbuilder for building in a clean environment, means you can pick up errors like that locally.02:10
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Error404NotFoundare there any alternate domains for launchpad? the main one seems blocked for me. I can resolve it, i can't ping or telnet to port 8005:31
StevenKError404NotFound: Only launchpad.net and its subdomains, I'm afraid.05:32
Error404NotFounddamn it :(05:32
hyperairError404NotFound: try 443.06:44
Error404NotFoundworks :)06:44
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ricotzczajkowski, hello :), could you please take a look at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/23223510:09
czajkowskiricotz: I can look but it won't matter I don't work on LP any more I'm afrid10:13
ricotzczajkowski, ah sorry, didn't know that10:13
czajkowskiricotz: also it's only filed 2 hours ago, there are people who still work on LP, but are in a different timezone so just be patient10:13
ricotzczajkowski, i know, it is a bit urgent since the package is a little broken10:15
ricotzczajkowski, thanks10:16
czajkowskiyes but 2 hours.. :)10:16
czajkowskiI'm sure once wgrant and StevenK see it tomorrow they will look after it10:16
ricotzyeah, it takes 9 hours to built those :\10:17
ricotzthanks for pinging ;)10:17
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Dougie187After I build a package using pdebuild, Do I want to dput the files in ../ or in /var/cache/pbuilder/result/?15:17
cjwatsonThe former, because you must only dput a source package15:21
Dougie187So, when I do that, I get the following: http://pastebin.com/wqZMYFLp15:22
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hannieNo idea what this means: Error: uploading files for distribution UNRELEASED to ubuntumanualnl not allowed.15:25
hannieI used dput according to the instructions on Launchpad, the error does not mean anything to me15:26
Dougie187It's a problem with your changelog file, I think15:26
hannieI checked it, and you may be right, but I'll have another look at it15:26
Dougie187It should be something like "package-name (version) distribution; urgency=xxx"15:27
Dougie187And your distribution might be wrong. It needs to be something like "precise" or the name of an ubuntu distro15:27
hannieI will let you know in a second15:27
hannieDougie187, It says: ubuntumanualnl (12.04ubuntu1) precise; urgency low15:28
hannieInitial Release15:28
hannieThe signature is checked. Good signature15:29
Dougie187Is there any file in your debian folder that contains "UNRELEASED" ?15:29
hannieI did see it in changelog, but I deleted it15:30
hannieIt may still be present in *.changes or *.dsc15:30
Dougie187Try rebuilding the package with the new changelog.15:31
Dougie187And then submit it again15:31
hannieah, yes, I was afraid I had to do that. Thanks so far, I'll be back if I have more questions15:31
Dougie187So, pdebuild is not signing my source.changes file it seems. Is there any way to force that? Right now I'm using the following flags:  --auto-debsign --debsign-k XXXX --debbuildopts "-S -sa"15:39
Dougie187Where XXXX is a real key ID15:39
hannieDougie187, I reentered the command dbuild -S -sa and then dput worked:15:51
hannieSuccessfully uploaded packages.15:51
hannieNow I guess I have to wait and see if I receive an email15:52
Dougie187Anyone know a good reference for the variables available in debian/rules?16:00
dobeyDougie187: there isn't really, and it depends on what system you're using (pure dh, cdbs, etc…)16:12
hannieAfter dput, how long does it take for LP to send me an email?16:15
hannieI checked https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/UploadErrors, the upload appears to work but I don't get any email about it16:17
hannieAll .changes files were signed successfully and my page has my gpg key16:18
hannieTerminal output: Checking signature on .changes > Good signature on /home/etc.16:20
hannieChecking signature on .dsc  > Good signature on /home/etc.16:20
hannieUploading to ppa (via ftp to ppa.launchpad.net): Successfully uploaded packages.16:21
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smo_hi, i try to make another package on my ppa wich contain a binary and a .so i had many errors with : dpkg-shlibdeps: error: couldn't find library .... i added all the related packages as build depends but one package is not in the raring repos. (libudev0) is it possible to install libudev1 and make a symbolic link before the build start? or maybe i m wrong... ?21:01
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Dougie187smo_: you might want libudev-dev21:10
smo_ok just retried to build it and now i only have dpkg-shlibdeps: error: couldn't find library libudev.so.0 needed by debian/ht5streamer/usr/bin/ht5streamer (ELF format: 'elf32-i386'; RPATH: '')21:11
smo_ok i ll try Dougie187  brb21:12
smo_how can i generate i386 and amd64 in the same time ? change Architecture: i386 to something else?21:16
smo_Dougie187, i m trying but if i search with apt-file libudev.so.0 is only in libudev0 not in libudev-dev21:19
Dougie187well, in precise I only have libudev1, not libudev021:20
Dougie187but if you're missing it, you might be missing multiverse or whatever.21:20
smo_libudev0 is not available at all in raring or precise :( we can only add it manually... but i don t know how to tell the ppa builder to install it ....21:23
smo_exemple: http://www.webupd8.org/2013/04/fix-google-chrome-cant-be-installed-in.html21:24
smo_dpkg-shlibdeps: error: couldn't find library libudev.so.0 needed by debian/ht5streamer/usr/bin/ht5streamer (ELF format: 'elf32-i386'; RPATH: ''), same result Dougie18721:33
Dougie187That sucks.21:33
smo_yep... my soft is using node-webkit wich is based on chromium and google fixed it and use libudev1 but node-webkit is not up to date not ubuntu s fault...21:35
smo_i can build it for precise maybe then use the same package  it works with a symlink it s just "bad" for building on ppa and raring...21:36
dobeywgrant: if/when you're around, could i get you to poke at fixing lp:ubuntu/software-center import again. seems to have cocked up again - http://package-import.ubuntu.com/status/software-center.html#2013-07-05%2021:56:29.96830621:55
dobeysmo_: #ubuntu-packaging would be a much better channel for your questions21:55
smo_is it possible to install a custom deb in the ppa before build start ???21:56
smo_ok dobey thanks21:56
dobeysmo_: no. you can upload source packages for other packages to your PPA though, and use them as dependencies.21:56
stokachuis anyone aware of bazaar.launchpad.net returning 503?21:57
dobeystokachu: from bzr client or in a browser?21:59
smo_yes dobey i understand but my problem is just to build the package, not a problem as a "client" i make a symlink of libudev.so.1 on .0 and it works but in the ppa builder...21:59
dobeysmo_: you can't do that21:59
dobeysmo_: it might appear to work, but it is not correct.22:00
stokachudobey: i think sarnold was looking into it but this was viewing it through the browser22:00
stokachuthough it seems to have come back to life22:00
dobeystokachu: ah yeah. i think it just happens sometimes toon, when the haproxy or something gets a bit overloaded. just retrying after a few minutes wait usually resolves it22:01
smo_i knw dobay but it s the only solution for me, i wait an update of chromium and node-webkit for my software...22:01
stokachudobey: ah ok, thanks for the info22:01
dobeysmo_: node-webkit depends on libudev?22:04
smo_ldd on latest update of node-webkit : libudev.so.0 => /lib/i386-linux-gnu/libudev.so.0 (0xb6974000)22:05
dobeyyou don't have the source to node-webkit?22:05
dobeywhat are you trying to upload to a PPA exactly?22:06
dobeyyou can't upload binaries to a PPA, only source22:06
dobeysmo_: what is the url to your PPA on launchpad?22:08
smo_i can t upload source22:10
dobeyyou must upload source. you are not allowed to upload binaries22:10
smo_node-webkit himself is a binary (nw), sources of my app are only html/js/css, i zip then then i cat the nw on my zip resulting in the binarie i m trying to put on the ppa...22:11
dobeyare you trying to build node-webkit, or are you trying to build your thing?22:12
c0d3rHow do i retrive code from launchpad?  sort of like cvs checkout ....22:12
c0d3ror svn checkout..22:13
dobeyc0d3r: bzr is the vcs used on launchpad hosting22:13
dobeyc0d3r: see #bzr for more help on it specifically22:13
c0d3rthanx dobey.. that should work..22:13
dobeysmo_: whetever it is, you are not allowed to upload built binaries to launchpad PPAs.22:14
c0d3rhaven't been on irc in like a decade... used to dcc and ctcp back in the day... op on efnet...  maybe i'll hangout a bit..22:14
smo_where is th problem dobey since sources are available for each ??22:22
smo_but i note..22:23
dobeysmo_: sources are available where? the problem is that it is against the terms of service and you do not provide the sources for all the binaries you've uploaded in your "source" packages. and the problem is it creates problems exactly like the one you are trying to find a workaround for22:24
c0d3rdobey: is it ok to upload .sh scripts that embedd binaries for automated install?  =]22:25
c0d3rdobey: I'll uuencode it.. =]22:25
c0d3ri'm just joking...  =]22:25
dobeysticking binaries in bzr or git is bad anyway, because if you change them, you get N copies of the file22:26
c0d3rI think if u don't have the skillz to compile it you don't deserve to have it...all good..22:27
dobeyand sticking binaries in a source package to upload to launchpad is bad, because it's a violation of the terms for using a PPA that you agreed to when enabling PPA support for your account :)22:27
smo_all sources are available dobey i just can t add them directly in my build22:27
dobeysmo_: what sources? and why not?22:28
smo_my soures are on a github22:28
smo_and node-webkit too...22:28
dobeywhat has that got to do with PPAs?22:28
smo_so if i add all the sources of node-webkit and my app it s ok?? don t understand...22:29
c0d3rdobey so what do i enter for the url?  https://code.launchpad.net/~root/kernel/2.11   ?22:30
dobeyyes. only source must be uploaded to a PPA. if you need a dependency which is not packaged in ubuntu to build it, you should make a package for that dependency in your PPA by uploading its source and building it in there, and then having your package build-depends on it22:31
dobeyc0d3r: that doesn't exist.22:31
c0d3rdobey: that was an example.. it seemed to work..22:32
c0d3rthanks bro..22:32
c0d3rI'm going to upload a bunch of open source i got...22:32
c0d3rwhat does bzr have that rcs/svn/cvs/git doesn't?22:33
dobeysmo_: as well as only source being allowed, it must also be redistributable. if you do not have the rights to redistribute the hsource and binaries, you can't upload it22:33
dobeyc0d3r: it's not any of those things.22:33
c0d3rwhats the difference real quickly?22:33
c0d3rLooks like tortoisesvn..22:33
dobeyc0d3r: if you want to know more about bzr, then #bzr is the channel to ask in :)22:33
c0d3rright on ...l8tr..22:34
smo_so no node-webkit appwill be on a ppa at all...?22:34
dobeyi don't know. i don't know what node-webkit's licensing is like, or the licensing for any of the things that use it22:34
smo_it s based on chromium all is gpl...22:36
smo_but all is ditributed as binaries22:36
dobeyno it isn't22:36
dobeyhttps://github.com/rogerwang/node-webkit/blob/master/LICENSE <- that is not the GPL22:36
dobeyit's MIT though, which is generally fine22:37
dobeyhttps://github.com/rogerwang/node-webkit/releases/tag/nw-v0.6.2 <- and there are source code releases of the latest version22:38
dobeyso one could take that nw-0.6.2.tar.gz and make a debian package out of it easily enough22:38
smo_so what must i do exactly to be able to put my app on a ppa?22:38
dobeyi think you need to get help in #ubuntu-packaging on how to properly package things. and packaging node-webkit would probably be a good thing to start with, since it seems to be a core dependency for what you want to do22:39
smo_ok... i ll take time for this :)22:40
smo_imagine we have a node-webkit package... it will contain the nw binarie, i install it on my pc .. ok, in my package now what will i upload???22:41
dobeythe orig.tar.gz should only contain the source code for your app.22:42
smo_the zip file with my sources and script wich run  the nw binarie (tat s how i build my app, exemple:  'cat nw ht5streamer.zip ht5streamer ' ?22:42
dobeythe necessary build system files are a part of your source code.22:44
dobeyi don't know what the best way to build a node-based app is, exactly22:44
dobeyi haven't looked into it, because i don't write node-based apps :)22:45
smo_ok so first i need to cretae apackage for node-webit then a package of my app with the content of my github (all js/html files...) then make some script to build it on the fly...22:45
smo_it s very easy .. just the cat exemple i show you...22:46
smo_that s what i m trying to upload...22:46
saiarcot895smo_: You don't directly upload a zip file to a PPA22:46
dobeyyou will need to create the .zip probably, to pass to nw; you don't want to upload a tarball that contains a zip22:46
smo_yes yes i understand :p22:47
dobeywell you can, but it's weird22:47
dobey(as long as the zip only contains source, of course)22:47
smo_it s weird yes but theres no other way if i understand...22:47
saiarcot895dobey: well, technically, you'll have to use dput, which will want a .changes file22:47
dobeysaiarcot895: you need the .orig.tar.gz .dsc _source.changes, and either .debian.tar.gz or .diff depending on source format of the package22:48
dobeysmo_: yes, there is another way22:49
smo_which way? :p22:49
dobeysmo_: the orig.tar.gz contains source and a Makefile or something, which generates the zip in the correct way, and then which gets passed into nw to build the binary. and that Makefile can also install the binary to the correct location, etc… (Makefile can be lots of things, just using Makefile as an example)22:50
dobeyanyway, i have to go now. time for me to get away from the computer for a while :)22:53
smo_ok thansk for the help i posted some issues on the node-webkit github...22:54
smo_with my poor english22:54
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