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AskUbuntupackage development tools | http://askubuntu.com/q/31879405:36
odraencodeDoes anybody know how can I add something to the mail notification icon in ubuntu?06:06
Luke_1odraencode: Are you talking the web api?06:19
odraencodeLuke_1: No, this thing http://i.imgur.com/WwzywtZ.png06:19
odraencodeThe mail icon.06:19
odraencodeMy mail icon has a gmail icon in it. I thought I could somehow add another site to it.06:20
dholbachgood morning07:37
dpmgood morning all07:55
dpmgood morning dholbach07:55
dholbachhey dpm07:55
popeyhmm, i need to change the topic09:01
JamesTaitGood morning all, happy World Population Day! :-D09:03
janimo`Are unity webapps supported in the current touch images?09:09
popeyjanimo`: it's not installed by default as far as I can see09:11
janimo`popey, is there another blessed way to support HTML5 then?09:11
janimo`The public facing sites advertise this quite prominently and I was wondering if it's something new or unity webapps09:12
popeyi see plans09:13
janimo`popey, thanks.09:14
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om26ertmoenicke, Hey10:55
om26ertmoenicke, I have found that the introspection broke with the update to maliit 0.99. it works fine with 0.9410:56
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tmoenickeom26er: dbus?11:23
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kempeso i have a problem setting up Ubuntu SDK, the "run", "start debugging" and "build project buttons in the lower left corner is grayed out. this is not the case in my normal Qt Creator. Anyone know what this is about?12:33
dpmkempe, have you tried this? -> http://askubuntu.com/questions/259719/qt-quick-ui-templates-missing-from-qt-creators-new-file-or-project-dialog12:54
vl4kn0Hi, I'm developing an application and put all my files into /opt/ (because of cross-platform compatibility) and I'd like to put  icons there too. Problem is that when setting icon-path I'm only able to specify one icon filename. But then the icon is the  same for ambiance and radiance themes, I'd like to distinguish between dark and light icon theme. How do I do that?12:57
dpmMirv, I've got a bunch of Qt 4 packages installed on my 13.04 laptop. I'm not using them, so I'm wondering if you know of an easy way to remove them. Is there a metapackage that I can use to remove them app?12:57
dpmvl4kn0, can you not specify an absolute path in the icon path?12:58
vl4kn0dpm: yes I do that, I only specify icon-ubuntu in the icon path and then I can specify icon-theme-path, that's where I specify absolute path to the icon theme (directory where the icons are stored)12:59
Mirvdpm: libqtcore4 should help, assuming you don't have Qt apps. if just the dev stuff, maybe libqt4-dev would be enough13:00
dpmvl4kn0, can you paste your .desktop file somewhere? it might be easier to follow if someone can help you13:00
caersithCan i use the ubuntu-sdk on a vbox ubuntu guest machine? When I ran the code it only shows black screen. Could someone help me?13:01
Mirvdpm: well of course you have Qt4 apps, not just Qt5, so try the dev package13:01
dpmMirv, I'll try that. I only have Qt 5 apps, basically those I've created with the Ubuntu SDK, I'm not using Qt413:01
Mirvdpm: apt-get remove libqt4-dev libqt4-dev-bin qt4-dev-tools qt4-qmake13:01
dpmcaersith, unfortunately it seems that it's not possible to do that due to a bug in Qt, let me give you the link to provide some more context13:02
caersithI see. I'm waiting for the link13:03
dpmcaersith, here you go: https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-3222513:03
Mirvdpm: trying to remove libqtcore4 removes ubuntu-desktop, since we have accounts/u1/sso using it in default install. but that apt-get remove line above should get a rid of most of the normal development stuff.13:03
caersiththanks for the link13:03
dpmnp ;)13:04
dpmobviously, I've been playing too much with the Ubuntu Touch images. I was just prompted to input my password on my laptop and I just typed: "phablet"13:04
kempedpm, Yes that was my first problem that i did not have ubuntu in new project, så i did that and i also aded Desktop-Qt 5.0.2 under build & run -> kit. but it wouldent help13:05
vl4kn0dpm: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5864850/13:05
dpmkempe, ah, in that case, if you don't have Ubuntu in your Qt Creator, it's because you're starting the plain Qt Creator without Ubuntu integration. Try to type "ubuntu sdk" in the dash, and click on the Qt Creator icon that has a small embedded Ubuntu icon13:07
dpmvl4kn0, I see. Hm, unfortunately I don't think I can help, I don't know much about switching themes. If no one on the channel can help right now, you might want to ask on Ask Ubuntu: http://askubuntu.com/questions/ask?tags=application-development13:09
vl4kn0dpm: that's all right, thanks anyway13:09
dpmnp :)13:10
kempedpm, No i'm starting Ubuntu SDK but first after installation i did not have ubuntu category under new project but after following the ask ubuntu answer and added the right qmake that was solved. My problem now is that i cant launch, build or debug13:10
dpmMirv, that apt line looks fine. It also wants to remove libsignon-glib-dev signond-dev, but I guess it's fine to delete them13:10
dpmhm, I'm out of ideas, then. Mirv, do you have any ideas to help kempe to get Qt Creator's run button working? ^^13:13
dpmyay, the music app just found my music after yesterday's fix was landed!13:14
popeyyeah, i played with it last night13:15
dpmhm, unfortunately, it won't play the MP3 in there :/13:15
popeycouldn't wait so I did a bzr branch of trunk and built my own packages13:15
popeyit plays here13:16
popeywell, did last night13:16
* dpm looks at command line output13:16
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dpmaha, missing mp3 gstreamer connector13:16
dpmerr *plugin13:16
kempedpm, :) thanks anyway13:17
popeyhmm how come?13:17
popeyit plays here with todays image13:17
dpmthat's what I get on my desktop:13:18
dpmWarning: "No decoder available for type 'audio/mpeg, mpegversion=(int)1, mpegaudioversion=(int)1, layer=(int)3, rate=(int)44100, channels=(int)2, parsed=(boolean)true'."13:18
dpmError: "Your GStreamer installation is missing a plug-in."13:18
popeyoh, desktop13:18
popeyworks on the device ☻13:18
dpmthe package probably needs an extra dependency to play on the desktop13:18
* dpm tries to find out which one13:18
kaleonik90, hey13:19
kaleonik90, I don't remember, did you test the toolkit's gradient theme branch by building it yourself or using the packages provided by jenkins in the merge request?13:20
nik90|Mobilekaleo I tried building it myself13:23
nik90|MobileJenkins package was not available then13:24
kaleonik90|Mobile, ok, thanks13:26
Mirvdpm: I thought it was my Qt 5.1 experiments, but I see it on saucy default Qt as well. qmlscene works externally just fine. I wonder if it's related to last night's qtdeclarative upload, which added documentation and two patches required by the SDK Team13:26
Mirvdpm: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtdeclarative-opensource-src/+bug/1198830 this bug got fixed13:27
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1198830 in qtdeclarative-opensource-src (Ubuntu) "QML Text Component ignores alpha component of color property " [Undecided,Fix released]13:27
Mirvkaleo: it's possible the backported patches cause problems13:28
kaleoMirv, hmmm, unlikely13:28
kaleoMirv, what's the issue?13:28
Mirvkaleo: yeah, so I'd say as well looking at them, I'm just puzzled13:28
dpmMirv, I'm not sure I follow. What issue is that bug related to?13:29
Mirvkaleo: dpm and me are seeing non-working "Run" button in Qt Creator today, even though qmlscene works otherwise fine13:29
Mirvdpm: something completely unrelated to qmlscene..13:29
kaleoMirv, yeah, that's unrelated to the patches :)13:29
kaleoMirv, but it could be related to the upload itself13:30
kaleoMirv, or the removal of qmlrunner13:30
kaleoMirv, did you ask bzoltan1 and jppiiroinen?13:30
kaleoMirv, do you have a bug report?13:30
Mirvkaleo: well the qmlrunner wasn't installed on desktop for anyone (or hardly on device either). no bug report, dpm just noticed it.13:31
kaleodpm, bug repooooooooort :)13:31
Mirvit might be something completely else as well. as I said, I had Qt 5.1 installed myself today when I noticed the problem.13:32
dpmkaleo, I would have, but I'm actually not the one experiencing the issue :)13:32
kaleodpm, ah yeah, who is it?13:32
Mirvhmm, hold on a second13:33
kaleodpm, you still can :)13:33
Mirvdpm: I thought it was you :)13:33
kaleodpm, (unless you are really not able to reproduce it of course)13:33
dpmkempe, we think you might have stumbled upon a bug on Qt Creator. Would you mind reporting your issue here? -> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-qtcreator-plugins/+filebug13:33
MirvI'm running Qt 5.1 beta1 now, just a second :D13:33
dpmI'm not able to reproduce it on my 13.04 system, but I can try on my 13.10 pc13:34
Mirvdpm: yeah it's saucy or nothing13:34
dpmlooks like the title of a song13:34
MirvI "finely" reverted from Qt 5.1 final to Qt 5.1 beta1, which obviously doesn't help much13:34
Mirvdpm: ok correction, I don't have the problem on normal saucy13:36
Mirvdpm: so the normal instructions could apply, try resetting QtC configuration13:37
Mirvdpm: or in this case, check that you aren't using qt5-beta-proper / qt5-staging PPA:s which have Qt 5.1 stuff13:37
Mirvkaleo: so, no problem after all13:37
dpmok, thanks Mirv. Unfortunately, the original reporter is no longer here. In any case, where are the instructions on how to reset the QtC configuration?13:44
dpmpopey, ok, I just needed to install gstreamer0.10-fluendo-mp3 to get the music app to play music on the desktop13:44
dpmit works! \m/13:44
dpmwe're on the road to get it installed in the default images, it seems :)13:46
kempedpm, yeah of course but as always when i'm trying to report a bug i don't really know what to include.. but i will atleast create on13:55
dpmkempe, just explaining what you did as in the previous conversation would be really good. Add which Ubuntu version you're using and how you installed the Ubuntu SDK (e.g. with the instructions on developer.ubuntu.com/get-started)13:56
kaleonik90, mhall119: the theme name won't be Ubuntu.Components.Themes.AmbianceGradient but Ubuntu.Components.Themes.SuruGradient13:57
dpmpopey, you mentioned you wanted to add instructions to the wiki on how to load music to the device to test the music app. Have you had the chance to look into it?13:58
kaleonik90, mhall119: the whole thing is landing tomorrow.13:58
mhall119kaleo: what else will be different about it?13:58
kaleomhall119, nothing13:58
kaleomhall119, to follow progress: https://code.launchpad.net/~fboucault/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/background_gradient_api/+merge/17402713:58
mhall119kaleo: seems overkill to have a whole new theme just to add gradient support13:58
kaleomhall119, ah ah13:59
popeydpm: good point, not yet, will do13:59
kaleomhall119, there are a lot of differences13:59
kaleomhall119, that's why it took so long13:59
kaleomhall119, nearly every color is different13:59
nik90|Mobilebut currently I dont specify anywhere what theme I am using13:59
kaleomhall119, and every shadow too13:59
kaleonik90|Mobile, you were doing Theme.name = "Ubuntu.Components.Themes.AmbianceGradient"14:00
nik90|Mobiledoes it do that automatically though?14:00
nik90|Mobilesince I dont remember adding that code14:00
kaleonik90|Mobile, you did14:00
kaleonik90|Mobile, I gave it to you14:01
mhall119kaleo: ah, gotcha14:03
kaleomhall119, thankfully the new themes are very very light14:03
kaleomhall119, thanks to the new Theme color palette infrastructure developed14:04
kaleomhall119, anyway, that was a long piece of work14:04
mhall119kaleo: will individual apps be able to supply their own theme?14:05
mhall119and can they sub-class one of ours to do so?14:05
oSoMoNtmoenicke: /usr/lib/*/qt5/qml/Ubuntu/Components/TextField.qml14:05
tmoenickeoSoMoN: thx14:06
kaleomhall119, no, they should not14:06
kaleomhall119, any use case you have?14:06
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1200242 in Ubuntu QtCreator Plugins "Run, debug, build buttons disabled" [Undecided,New]14:07
mhall119kaleo: not currently, but I recall the Facebook app doing it14:08
kaleomhall119, that was bad14:08
kaleomhall119, really bad14:08
mhall119I can imagine other commercial apps wanting to brand their components14:08
kaleomhall119, never ever ever do it14:08
kaleomhall119, they can14:08
kaleomhall119, but we don't recommend it14:08
mhall119popey: dpm: any hacking so far today?14:20
popeynot that I've seen. ☹14:20
popeyaviral joined earlier and is keen to do some development..14:20
oSoMoNkaleo: are you looking at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/1199662 ?14:42
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1199662 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "New easing causes animations not to reach their target values" [Critical,Confirmed]14:42
oSoMoNbfiller: will you have some time to test my thumbnails branch, or should I try and find another reviewer?14:44
bfilleroSoMoN: I can try it14:50
oSoMoNbfiller: cool, thanks: https://code.launchpad.net/~osomon/webbrowser-app/thumbnails/+merge/17397814:50
kaleooSoMoN, yes, right now14:53
kaleooSoMoN, I noticed the email only 10 minutes ago, sorry14:53
oSoMoNkaleo: no worries, but if it can’t easily be fixed today, I’d advise to revert the faulty revision from the UITK14:53
kaleooSoMoN, tbh it looks like a bug in Qt14:54
kaleooSoMoN, so I don't know yet14:55
oSoMoNkaleo: yeah I had a very quick look at the changeset in the UITK this morning, and nothing obvious stood out14:55
kaleooSoMoN, I looked into the qt bug tracker, nothing related14:55
oSoMoNkaleo: in any case, a unit test in the UITK would be welcome, to catch this sort of regressions14:55
kaleooSoMoN, that does not quite make sense14:55
kaleooSoMoN, that would mean writing tests for features of Qt14:56
kaleooSoMoN, that would be a lot of tests14:56
kaleooSoMoN, thousands14:56
kaleooSoMoN, ie. this test belongs to Qt14:56
kaleooSoMoN, hey, the 4 failures at the bottom of http://paste.ubuntu.com/5862805/15:02
kaleooSoMoN, don't seem related, what do you think?15:02
oSoMoNkaleo: I’m pretty sure they are: the suggestions popover is in the way (because it’s opacity is > 0), so interacting with the open tabs fails15:04
kaleooSoMoN, ok15:04
WebbyIToSoMoN: about https://code.launchpad.net/~rpadovani/ubuntu-calendar-app/1193090/+merge/170957, addEvent is DataService.addEvent(event); line 144,15:05
WebbyIToSoMoN: addEvent function is in DataService.js15:06
oSoMoNWebbyIT: sure, but when running the app on my desktop I’m not seeing the "Save" button, can you see it?15:08
WebbyIToSoMoN: no, but I think is a problem with QQuickGradient: one week ago there was, and I have not change code off Save button15:10
oSoMoNWebbyIT: ah, right, I’m seeing errors related to the gradient, good point15:11
mhall119morning WebbyIT15:11
WebbyIThi mhall119 :)15:12
kaleooSoMoN, https://code.launchpad.net/~fboucault/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/workaround_easing_bug/+merge/17422315:18
oSoMoNWebbyIT: so if I modify the code to make the save button a direct child of the Column, it re-appears, but clicking it raises errors, can you have a look at the validation code (I’ve commented on it in the MR)15:21
oSoMoNkaleo: testing15:21
kaleooSoMoN, unrelated, I was wondering if you had any plans for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/118496915:22
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1184969 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "There is no way to open a URL with the Browser from within an app" [Critical,Confirmed]15:22
WebbyIToSoMoN: Yes, I see, sorry for the disorder :-/ I'll fix it asap15:23
oSoMoNkaleo: this is a duplicate of a bug filed against qtubuntu, let me mark it as such15:23
kaleooSoMoN, found it15:24
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1186556 in qtubuntu "Browser does not respond to Qt.openUrlExternally(link)" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:24
oSoMoNyep, that one15:24
oSoMoNkaleo: how about adding a comment in the code to explain that the animations are not bezier splines because of a bug in Qt?15:25
kaleoseb128, question, do we have any standard place on the phone that says what is the default browser?15:25
seb128kaleo, not that I know about15:26
kaleooSoMoN, hmm, I'm the only one who is going to want to put a bezier spline there :)15:26
oSoMoNkaleo: fair enough, ignore my suggestion then :)15:26
kaleoseb128, anything planned in that regard?15:26
seb128kaleo, not that I read about, but it's a good question15:27
seb128mpt, ^ do you know?15:27
kaleoseb128, ok15:27
kaleoseb128, we need qtubuntu to implement Qt.openUrlExternally but for that we need to know what browser to launch :)15:27
oSoMoNkaleo: the standard easing used to be a QEasingCurve::OutQuint before rev 600, and you now made it a QEasingCurve::OutQuad, is that intentional?15:27
kaleoseb128, cf bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/qtubuntu/+bug/118655615:27
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1186556 in qtubuntu "Browser does not respond to Qt.openUrlExternally(link)" [Critical,Confirmed]15:27
kaleooSoMoN, yes15:27
kaleooSoMoN, it's the closest to the bezier curve we had15:28
oSoMoNkaleo: ok15:28
kaleooSoMoN, unfortunately it's not quite the same..15:28
oSoMoNkaleo: on est bézier…15:28
kaleooSoMoN, lol15:29
kaleooSoMoN, mdr15:29
seb128kaleo, what about doing the same thing as on the desktop?15:29
kaleoseb128, why not15:29
seb128kaleo, use the default handle for x-scheme-handler/http15:29
kaleoseb128, right but where do we have that information?15:29
kaleoseb128, I mean, where do we store the default handlers15:29
seb128kaleo, /usr/share/applications/defaults.list15:30
seb128well those are for mimetypes15:30
seb128kaleo, you mean when you change it?15:30
oSoMoNkaleo, seb128: the desktop file of webbrowser-app has a MimeType entry, fwiw15:31
kaleoseb128, nice15:31
kaleooSoMoN, nice15:31
kaleoseb128, do you know if there is any lib or anything that accesses  /usr/share/applications/defaults.list ?15:32
oSoMoNkaleo: approved, feel free to top-approve once CI has run15:32
seb128kaleo, the fdo spec is http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Specifications/mime-actions-spec/ ... let me have a look15:34
kaleooSoMoN, thx15:35
kaleoseb128, thanks, putting that in the bug report15:35
oSoMoNWebbyIT: could you please also update the commit message of the MR to something more descriptive of what it actually does?15:37
dpmpopey, mhall119 "- Initial click packages for all community core apps have been created and added to Jenkins, next step is to land on the image." <- oh, that's pretty cool, I hadn't noticed that yet15:39
popeyholy hell15:40
dpmI don't quite understand how we'll be using the PPA from now on, but it's pretty cool15:40
popeythats quick!15:40
kaleoholy shit15:41
kaleodpm, amazing15:41
dpmyeah :)15:41
kaleobfiller, you rock15:44
bfillerkaleo: what did I do?15:46
kaleobfiller, 3G15:46
kaleobfiller, and on/off15:46
bfillerkaleo: just the messenger :) renato and cyphermox deserve the credit15:46
kaleorenato, cyphermox: bravo15:47
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seb128kaleo, http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.0/qtgui/qdesktopservices.html ... seems that does what you want?15:49
kaleoseb128, well no15:50
kaleoseb128, this very likely relies on the platform plugin15:51
kaleoseb128, in our case, qtubuntu15:51
kaleoseb128, oh, but you are giving me an idea!15:51
kaleoseb128, the platform plugin on the desktop does the right thing15:51
kaleoseb128, we can just use that15:51
seb128right ;-)15:51
kaleoseb128, or part of that15:51
kaleoseb128, cause launching apps is done differently15:52
kaleoseb128, ahah, it uses xdg-open on the desktop16:02
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seb128kaleo, ah, that makes sense ... in any case I think gtk&co copy the fdo code from http://cgit.freedesktop.org/xdg/xdgmime to do the mime parsing work16:07
seb128kaleo, so if qt doesn't do it for you I guess you should use that in qtubuntu16:07
kaleoseb128, well, it's not really cool to use a perl script16:08
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kaleoseb128, I put my recommendation in the bug report in the end16:09
seb128kaleo, right, I don't like xdg-open/don't say it's a good solution, but I'm not surprised it's being used there, most desktop have been doing that16:10
kaleoseb128, yep16:10
kaleoseb128, so in essence I think the fix is simple16:10
seb128kaleo, question for you ... do you have any pointer to documentation/code showing how to display a spinner on screen or something in qml while things are loading?16:11
kaleoseb128, spinner is the ActivityIndicator16:12
kaleoseb128, in the toolkit16:12
kaleoseb128, however, what's your design?16:12
seb128in fact I've a simple app16:12
seb128with a16:12
seb128Text { text: backend.data }16:12
kaleoseb128, I mean what's the app, what's the design, who's the designer?16:13
seb128where backend.data is 30Mb or text read from disk and returned in a buffer16:13
seb128my app hangs while the backend reads/return the datas and those are rendered16:13
seb128kaleo, I don't have a design for the "what to do while it loads"16:13
kaleoseb128, get one :)16:14
seb128kaleo, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AboutThisDevice#Phone16:14
seb128kaleo, it's the "Software Licenses"16:14
kaleoseb128, also if you know the progress, you can use a ProgressBar16:14
seb128which is basically "dump /usr/share/doc/*/copyright"16:14
kaleoseb128, one clue: nobody is going to read 30Mb of text16:14
kaleoseb128, so something's wrong :)16:14
seb128kaleo, yeah, it's legal obligation16:15
seb128android does the same16:15
seb128I looked on my phone16:15
kaleoseb128, they have books of text in one page?16:15
seb128they have a screen taking 15s to load16:15
seb128with endless content16:15
kaleoseb128, I hope you are not blocking the device while doing that16:15
kaleoseb128, I also hope the rendering of Text {} is done smartly16:15
seb128kaleo, well, for now I'm not doing anything, I'm working on that, it's not commited yet16:15
kaleoseb128, :)16:16
seb128no, atm it's not :p16:16
seb128I just started16:16
kaleoseb128, so, you need the designer's input16:16
seb128I've a dumb cpp function going over the files and filling a buffer16:16
kaleoseb128, but you have ActivityIndicator and ProgressBar at your disposab16:16
seb128I guess I need to do progressive data filing somewhat16:16
seb128my current approch is file a buffer and return it when done16:17
kaleoseb128, there are some facilities in Qt for that I think16:17
seb128but that's not going to work for progressive stuff16:17
kaleoseb128, can't remember16:17
WebbyIToSoMoN: done16:17
seb128do I need threads?16:17
seb128kaleo, I'm pondering just doing the stupid stuff, nobody is ever going to be interested in that dialog, it's just there to be compliant with the copyright/licenses16:18
kaleoseb128, yes, but you don't want to block nonetheless :)16:18
seb128kaleo, even android does it in a stupid way16:18
kaleoseb128, check around http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.0/qtcore/qfile.html16:18
kaleoseb128, if there is nothing that does it progressively then threads are an option16:18
kaleoseb128, for which you have good facilities in Qt too16:18
seb128kaleo, ok, thanks16:19
oSoMoNWebbyIT: well done, approved16:35
WebbyIToSoMoN: thank for your patience!16:36
WebbyIToSoMoN: before the merge do you want that I set the default value of endTime to startTime + 1h?16:37
oSoMoNWebbyIT: nah, that’s ok, let’s do it separately (and get input from design on it)16:38
WebbyIToSoMoN: ok, thanks :)16:39
dpmmhall119, popey, I've just been chatting to vtorvv and he's all set up to help with the music app dogfooding. He's a developer and he's checked out the music app code. I've described a few areas in which he could help and pointed him to you guys and me to ask if he's got any questions16:41
popeywelcome vtorvv !16:42
mhall119dpm: awesome!16:42
vtorvvpopey, hi!16:46
surgemcgeeAny know if the Stock-ticker app is working with the new update. Chart canvas looks normal and the sorting buttons are no clipped?16:51
surgemcgeeWith a device, I mean.16:52
* popey checks16:53
mhall119nik90: ping16:53
dpmyay, Sudoku Touch is now in the default images!16:54
popeysurgemcgee: http://popey.com/~alan/device-2013-07-11-175349.png16:54
popeymhall119: dpm ^^^ check that out!16:54
nik90|Mobilemhall119 hi16:54
WebbyITmhall119: hi, can you do me a favor? Jenkins failed a continuuos integration, but I have port 8080 blocked. Can you take a screenshot of for me? Thanks!16:54
dpmnice work surgemcgee16:54
mhall119nik90|Mobile: hey, I was wondering if sometime today you could send me a list of things people can work on for the Clock during tomorrow's Hack Day16:55
mhall119popey: surgemcgee: nice!  doesn't work on my Nexus7 though :(16:55
surgemcgeedpm: Hey thanks, the picture tells me exactly what is wrong.16:55
surgemcgeemhall119 the canvas?16:56
surgemcgeemhall119: the entire application?16:56
nik90|Mobilemhall119 sure I actually have something big planned. will send you all the details at the end of the day. would that be okay?16:56
mhall119surgemcgee: just the chart16:56
mhall119surgemcgee: I'm updating to see if I'm maybe just a version or so behind16:57
nik90|Mobilecant send now since I am at work actually16:57
mhall119nik90|Mobile: that'll do just fine, thanks16:57
mhall119nik90|Mobile: anytime today, there's no rush16:57
mhall119I'll be writing the blog about it tonight16:57
nik90|Mobileoh yeah I remember the timezone u r in now :)16:58
popeymhall119: surgemcgee this is what stock ticker looks like on my nexus 7 http://popey.com/~alan/device-2013-07-11-175845.png16:59
mhall119IIRC, rickspencer has issues with the Canvas on the Nexus 7, I wonder if they aren't fixed yet17:00
surgemcgeemahall: popey if you resizing the subtabs bar by pressing it and moving vertically, does it correct itself?17:01
mhall119surgemcgee: after upgrading, mine now looks like popey's17:01
mhall119surgemcgee: it does, yes17:02
surgemcgeemhall: ok, must need a time delay with the canvas available intitialization17:02
mhall119man, BBRY has been on a wild ride17:04
WebbyITdpm mhall119 popey: can you help me? I don't understand what's the problem with https://code.launchpad.net/~rpadovani/ubuntu-calendar-app/1193090/+merge/170957/comments/39017917:07
=== om26er|afk is now known as om26er
AskUbuntuI want to download Ubuntu 13.04 but I can not to do it | http://askubuntu.com/q/31902018:32
mihahnSo what's going on? You are planning or programming atm? :D18:52
danielholmits been rather quite, I think. I'm working in the playlist at the moment though18:53
mihahnokay so how did you tell all the ppl what to do? :)18:57
mihahnor when did you start? ^^18:57
mihahnah just checked it 09-21 UTC18:58
nik90mhall119, popey: Do you know anyone's nick who is working on the browser app?18:58
mihahnokay and what's your set up to do all of the stuff required to be done?18:58
mhall119nik90: I'm not sure who is, ask in #ubuntu-touch18:59
nik90mhall119: ok18:59
danielholmmihahn: I dont tell people what to do. If anyone wants to help, the Wiki link is found in MOTD here, and you're welcome to check it out and make sure that the things working to mae Music dogfoodable, actually works.19:00
jonodanielholm, hey19:02
jonoit might be handy to update https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/Dogfooding with which features currently work for music player19:03
danielholmhey Jono19:03
danielholmFor the first item in the list, I need someone to confirm that the music from ~/Music actually gets read.19:04
bfillerkaleo: please see thread on #ubuntu-touch, need some guidance19:15
=== popey_ is now known as popey
Joe_BIs it possible to test this on the desktop using the nvidia driver? I'm currently getting "libGL error: failed to load driver: swrast..."19:46
kaleobfiller, let me see20:09
mhall119danielholm: my ~/Music gets read on my desktop20:09
mhall119which takes a *long* time, actually20:09
kaleobfiller, can you give me a copy/paste, I was not in the chan20:10
danielholmlovely. then thats done and working.20:10
danielholmyeah, it seems to do that from time to time20:10
mhall119danielholm: it currently drops and re-scans every time I load the app20:10
danielholmmhall119, yes, that's how it runs corrently for the dogfooding.20:11
danielholmjust to be sure that any scanning gets done at all.20:12
jonodanielholm, to run the app, do I just run ./music-app ?20:12
jonoit asks for QML file20:12
danielholmjono: if you dont have it installed from a package, its better to run qmlscene and use music-app.qml20:13
jonojono@forge:~/source/music-app$ qmlscene music-app.qml20:14
jonofile:///home/jono/source/music-app/music-app.qml:23 module "org.nemomobile.folderlistmodel" is not installed20:14
jonodanielholm, ^20:14
danielholmjono: oh. you need qtdeclarative5-nemo-qml-plugin-folderlistmodel20:15
jonothanks danielholm :-)20:16
jonowindow has blocked painting, I assume it is scanning ~/Music20:16
danielholmhappy to be of any help20:16
jonoI have a *lot* of music :-)20:16
jonodanielholm, you are doing a great job!20:16
jonodanielholm, the music app is such a core piece of the platform20:16
danielholmjono: thank you very much. I really appreciate it.20:17
jonodanielholm, do you think you can continue to help get it dogfood ready by the end of the month?20:18
danielholmjono: absolutely!20:18
* jono high-fives danielholm :-)20:18
jonodanielholm, so does this scan of ./Music write a file that it loads or does it do this every time I start the app?20:19
danielholmjono: it populates a localStorage DB - which basically is a file, I suppose. it was meant to only be populated once, and then only refresh after new tracks, but since the scanning process was rather unstable for some, it now scanns and populates the DB on each run.20:22
jonodanielholm, gotcha20:23
jonodanielholm, well it successfully scanned in 95GB of music :-)20:24
jonotook a while to scan it in, and the UI blocked, but it didn't crash :-)20:24
danielholmjono: wow. that is very much music! :P20:24
jonoI will file a bug about the UI clocking20:24
danielholmjono: great. I'll take a look at it later then20:25
jonothanks danielholm20:25
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1200368 in Ubuntu Music App "UI blocks when scanning in music" [Undecided,New]20:25
danielholmI much say: this is very much fun. branches and bugs. making something that runs on my phone.20:27
danielholmone of the items in the list is playing music in the background. How is the "background" defined? I can play music and browse the web, or whatever, at the same time on my device, but is this more like being able to play music while screen off?20:28
number22i think background is able to listen music while doing *whatever*20:31
danielholmso, that works then?20:31
danielholmwouldn't you say?20:31
jonodanielholm, I would say 'background" is while using other apps20:32
jonoI thought that didn't work right now?20:32
jonodanielholm, glad you are having fun :-)20:32
jonodanielholm, your work is so valuable :-)20:32
danielholmjono: then I suppose I need for someone to confirm this, but it works for me.20:33
jonodanielholm, I believe mhall119 is working to get the app landed on the default image20:33
danielholmjono: :) that makes me wanting to try even harder.20:33
jonoand then we can test more easily20:33
jonodanielholm, :-)20:33
jonodanielholm, so what are you working on right now in the app?20:34
mhall119danielholm: yup, as soon as we get the very basics working on devices, we'll propose it for inclusion in the images20:34
danielholmjono: right now, at this very moment, I'm working on the playlist support. The last weeks I've been working on the scrobble support.20:35
jonodanielholm, awesome20:35
danielholmmhall119: looking forward to it! :D20:35
jonoso does the current allow me to browse by artist?20:35
jonomhall119, so I assume "very basics" is the dogfood features?20:36
mhall119jono: a subset of those features20:36
mhall119jono: danielholm: "very basics" is making sure that reading from ~/Music works and you can play, which I think popey confirmed for us this morning20:36
danielholmjono: it [should] shows each artist in your library, but they are not yet clickable or does anything.20:36
popeyi notice the fonts look very different on device20:37
jonodanielholm, ahh cool20:37
jonodanielholm, so I assume the plan is that you can tap an Artist and then see the list of albums by that artist20:37
jonoand then tap an album and see the list of songs?20:37
danielholmmhall119: exactly20:37
popeycompared to https://plus.google.com/u/0/104229542816608041441/posts/TfpJsh8fTsy20:38
danielholmjono: precisely!20:38
jonodanielholm, I think when we have that, that will make the app mostly dogfoodable20:38
mhall119popey: do you think the functionality right now is enough for us to add it ot the device images?20:38
jonothen I can browse my collection an dplay20:38
popeymhall119: not quite, almost20:39
mhall119popey: what's left?20:39
danielholmjono: great. I'm glad to hear.20:39
popeythe artist/album views don't seem to work as intended20:39
jonodanielholm, so I assume you will probably look at that after the playlist support?20:39
danielholmpopey: I have that issue as well. and a bug is filed. But I dont yet know why20:40
danielholmpopey: no, unfortunatly not yet. I hope that Victor will help me some with that since I'm having some difficulty with that part of the code.20:42
Aviral_need some help anyone interested?/20:43
popeyAviral_: ask away.. ☻20:43
Aviral_i was watching the animal-farm app then i added two more animals and header as animal-farm20:45
Aviral_the problem i am facing is the grid is of fixed size20:45
Aviral_i want a scroll option so that if i add more animals i can just scrool down and see other animals20:46
Aviral_if at this position i add more animals the size of animals picture is decreasing20:46
popeyoooh that sounds hard ☻20:50
popeya dynamically resizing display?20:50
Aviral_no just kind of a list like in u reader20:51
Aviral_dynamically resizing is a big task20:51
Aviral_i just want is if one adds 100 animals20:52
Aviral_the size remains same of each animal user just scroll down and watch the animals20:52
mhall119Aviral_: you'll need to put them in a Flickable, that will give you scrolling I believe20:53
Aviral_let me try it :)20:53
mhall119and change the height (or width) to not be based on screen height (or width)20:54
mhall119I assume you'll want width based on screen width, but make height a fixed size (or the same as width) and allow scrolling if there's more than fits on screen20:54
mhall119but, even better, would be to use ConditionalLayouts so that on tablets like the Nexus 10 you have more columns too20:55
mhall119several ways to approach it20:56
number22got a question, is there anyone who uses playlist, i've never used them in my life20:57
mhall119I have21:02
mhall119balloons: can you give me a hand with ?21:04
mhall119I'm not sure where to find what actually failed21:04
Joe_BIs it possible to test ubuntu touch apps on the desktop using the nvidia driver? I'm currently getting "libGL error: failed to load driver: swrast..."21:06
mhall119Joe_B: you should be able to, just run them with qmlscene21:07
Joe_B@mhall119, so the launch command for music would be "qmlscene /usr/share/ubuntu-music-app/music-app.qml"?21:08
Joe_BI'm getting a bunch of "QOpenGLShaderProgram::uniformLocation( shapeTexture ): shader program is not linked" and similar.21:09
Joe_BAnd no output in the window.21:09
mhall119Joe_B: if it's installed yes21:09
mhall119Joe_B: do you have the Ubuntu SDK installed?21:09
danielholmJoe_B: the command is correct if you have it installed. But you can also run "music-app"21:10
Joe_BI believe so, I have "ubuntu-sdk" installed.21:11
danielholmJoe_B: and yes, there is a bug filed on that. dont know why that happens yet. doesn't the music window show anything at all?21:11
Joe_BI'll grab a screenshot.21:11
mhall119Joe_B: can you join #ubuntu-touch and re-paste your OpenGL error?21:12
Joe_BActually, I just upgraded, and it looks like it's at least running something now.21:13
mhall119ah, ok21:13
mhall119Joe_B: if you have a lot of songs in your ~/Music/ folder, it could take a while to finish scanning them all and load the app's GUI21:14
Joe_BYup, that's what it's doing now, a lot of warnings about tags as well, but nothing worrisome.21:15
danielholmJoe_B: yeah, there is a lot of debug output on right now.21:23
Joe_BGot frustrated with that, so I put one file in ~/Music, and let it go at that, it's still not drawing anything.21:24
Joe_BThis time I will get you a screen.21:24
Joe_BHere's the log: http://www.bylund.us/~jbylund/debug_output.txt21:26
Joe_BThere's not anything to see in the screen, but it's here: http://www.bylund.us/~jbylund/music_app_screen.jpg21:27
danielholmwhat version are you running?21:27
danielholmhmm. and how did you change the music path?21:30
Joe_BWell ~/Music was just a symlink for me, so I just deleted the link created a folder and copied one file into there.21:30
danielholmcould you please file a bug and attach the logs you shared here?21:31
* jono listens to music with music-app :-)21:31
Joe_B@ https://launchpad.net/music-app ?21:33
jonodanielholm, just filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/music-app/+bug/120039321:35
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1200393 in Ubuntu Music App "Shuffling doesn't display the correct song" [Undecided,New]21:35
danielholmthank you21:37
Joe_Bdanielholm, bug filed at https://bugs.launchpad.net/music-app/+bug/120039421:39
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1200394 in Ubuntu Music App "OpenGL Isses with NVidia driver desktop" [Undecided,New]21:39
jonodanielholm, I have to say, the app is pretty functional :-)21:41
jonoreally nice work so far :-)21:41
jonowhen we have the rough edges buffed off as part of the dogfooding, this is going to be a killer app21:41
danielholmjono: I'm glad to hear! I'll tell Victor ;)21:42
jonodanielholm, :-)21:42
danielholmI'm convinced it'll be as well21:42
danielholmno, I'm actually having some issues with the playlist functionality that someone might help me with? I'm having playlists stored in a LocalStorage DB with an ID and a name. I want to show each of these names in a list, but I just get "undefined" back as a result21:44
danielholmI can post a snippet if anyone is willing to help21:44
jonomhall119, can you help here?21:48
jonodanielholm, can you add a back skip button21:52
danielholmon it!21:53
jonothanks danielholm :-)21:53
jonojust for listening to a cool song again :-)21:53
ayr_tonI tried to update my coreapps in raring and I saw this: "touch-coreapps : Depends: sudokutouchgame but it is not installable"21:54
nik90mhall119: I sent you the email for tomorrow's hackday21:59
jonomhall119, when you get a sec, can you fix the link for the getting started guide on http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/programming-languages/qml/22:00
jonoit is broken22:00
ayr_toncor3ntin, offtopic?22:00
cor3ntinayr_ton> mistake, don't mind me :)22:01
danielholmjono: try out this branch: lp:~danielholm/music-app/back-button22:04
danielholmMy library wont load on my desktop so I cant see what it does to the rest yet. like progress22:06
popey22:54:56 < ayr_ton> I tried to update my coreapps in raring and I saw this: "touch-coreapps : Depends: sudokutouchgame but it is not installable"22:11
popeyfixing that now22:11
ayr_tonpopey, awesome :)22:12
mhall119jono: the link works for me22:15
mhall119the external links need to be updated though :(22:16
danielholmalright, so I resolved the old issue, but does anyone how to delegate an array?22:18
mhall119popey: while you're in that branch, can you make sure it depends on calendar-app and not ubuntu-calendar-app?22:19
popeymhall119: will have to make a new version and push again22:24
popeywill do now22:25
popeymhall119: any others before I push 1.0.8?22:25
popeymhall119: pushed 1.0.822:32
ahayzenHi, i've been hacking about on the music app and have managed to exponentially reduce the amount of time to load a large set of music files (~1800 in 7s). I've done this by moving the db writes into a single transactions. Not sure how useful this is as the UI still freezes while scanning the dirs but it is much faster at building the database :)22:34
popeyoh nice22:35
popeymhall119: diverged branches ☹22:35
popeyi forgot to pull first22:35
danielholmahayzen: thats awesome22:37
ahayzendanielholm, the only thing it is missing is any error handling in the db writes, but is that taken into account at the moment any way?22:38
jonoahayzen, awesome :-)22:38
mhall119popey: bzr rebase :)22:39
mhall119ahayzen: wow, do you have that in a bzr branch on Launchpad?  I'd love to try it22:40
ahayzenI can push up if u want, is very hacky though ;)22:40
mhall119ahayzen: that's fine22:40
danielholmahayzen: I dont think so, no.22:41
popeyi did bzr merge, and it found one conflict...22:41
danielholmahayzen: please push it :)22:41
ahayzenmhall119, where do i push to?22:42
ahayzenmhall119, ah its called music-app .. got it :)22:43
popeymhall119: think i fixed it ☻22:44
ahayzendanielholm, https://code.launchpad.net/~andrew-hayzen/music-app/database-write-single-transaction22:44
danielholmahayzen: lovely!22:45
popeysweet! thanks ahayzen22:45
* ahayzen hopes it works22:45
popeymusic app hack day success!22:46
ahayzenand 15mins left :)22:46
popey1 hour 15 if you go by utc ㋛22:46
popeyget back to work!22:46
jonoahayzen, testing now22:52
jonoI have 95GB music so keen to see how much faster this is22:52
* ahayzen (yn)22:52
ahayzeni have 20GB and its loading in ~7-8 secs with a 1651 change count22:53
jonoahayzen, I started up both branches at the same time22:55
jonothey are both processing now22:55
ahayzenyeah the UI still freezes :/ but the writing to the DB is very fast...before for me it sat for 60s+ writing to the disk22:56
jonoahayzen, cool22:56
jonoahayzen, I filed a bug about the UI freezing22:56
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1200368 in Ubuntu Music App "UI blocks when scanning in music" [High,Confirmed]22:56
ahayzeni tried to figure out how to solve the UI..22:56
ahayzenyh saw tht, tht was where i started :) but ended up making this change22:57
jonoI am not sure how QML handles async22:57
ahayzenlooked into WorkerScript to run in background thread but u can't pass Qt objects through :( (or u could before but not anymore :/)22:57
ahayzenjono, was it any faster? or are they still processing?22:59
jonoahayzen, still going22:59
ahayzenat the UI stage?22:59
jonoI am running two clients, so both will be slower, but the difference should be clear22:59
jonostill sucking in ~/Music22:59
ahayzendid urs take forever to write the DB aswell after the UI has finished?23:00
jonoahayzen, looks like the DB portion is running now- I see a lot of terminal output23:00
jonoahayzen, ok, you branch now showing UI23:01
jonoat 4pm my time23:01
ahayzenawesome ... midnight :)23:01
jononow the other branch will be running full steam23:01
jonoso it is not a completely fair test23:01
jonoit seems to be still sucking in music and not at the DB write part yet23:01
ahayzenit finds a file then adds to db then goes to the next...whereas mine finds all the files puts in a buffer then writes them all23:02
jononow it is complete at 4.0223:02
jonoit is definitely faster :-)23:02
jonoI am sure danielholm will take a look soon and then merge23:03
jononice work ahayzen :-)23:03
ahayzenjono, thx... first thing i've ever done with QML/JS :)23:03
jonoahayzen, nice :-)23:04
jonothanks for helping the core apps, we really appreciate the help23:04
jonoto get them dogfoodable this month will be awesome :-)23:04
danielholmI will! it already looks promising. But its time for bed. take care and good work today23:04
popeythanks danielholm23:05
jononight danielholm, thanks!23:07
mhall119ahayzen: man, that's a *huge* difference23:08
ahayzenmhall119, thx :)23:09
renatokaleo, has the dark theme landed?23:10
kaleorenato, yes23:10
renatokaleo, any example how to use it?23:10
kaleorenato, Component.onCompleted: Theme.name = "Ubuntu.Components.Themes.SuruDark"23:10
renatokaleo, for every component? or just the mainwindow?23:11
kaleorenato, just the root23:11
renatokaleo, ok nice23:11
kaleorenato, I'm considering doing something a bit better23:11
kaleorenato, where you create a text file, say suruTheme.ini23:11
ahayzenmhall119, i've removed the commented code and added code comments for the new code...do i now propose for merge? or are there more steps first?23:11
kaleorenato, with a value 'light' or 'dark'23:12
kaleorenato, that would be more future proof maybe23:12
kaleorenato, let me know how it  works anyway23:13
renatokaleo, does not looks nice :( : http://img838.imageshack.us/img838/8810/e4n.png23:14
kaleorenato, ah yes, you need https://code.launchpad.net/~fboucault/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/background_gradient_api/+merge/17402723:15
kaleorenato, so that the header looks nice23:15
kaleorenato, also list items highlight still need some design23:15
renatokaleo, ok I will the old theme for now23:16
kaleorenato, this MR will land tomorrow23:16
kaleorenato, so not long to wait23:17
kaleorenato, there will still be some small glitches in the dark theme, but nothing majorly wrong23:17
renatokaleo, ok let me try the branch23:17
renatokaleo, you should put a togle button in the galery example to change the theme :D23:20
kaleorenato, we have 3 themes, it should be a list :)23:20
kaleorenato, a ValueSelector for now23:21
kaleorenato, an OptionSelector when it landsq23:21
kaleorenato, btw you can change it system wide live, while the gallery is running23:21
kaleorenato, by editing ~/.config/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/theme.ini23:21
mhall119ahayzen: I think it's ready to propose it for merging23:23
ahayzenmhall119, do i propose...and if so how do i set as the reviewer?23:24
renatokaleo, looks better but : http://img6.imageshack.us/img6/8606/h3e.png23:24
ahayzenmhall119, i guess danielholm?23:25
mhall119ahayzen: it should default to the project's team as the reviewer23:27
ahayzenmhall119, ok i'll try it :)23:27
kaleorenato, list highlights are a bit ugly, will fix later23:28
kaleorenato, any other issue?23:28
renatored text23:28
ahayzenmhall119, seems to have worked :) thanks23:28
kaleorenato, that's the highlight color indeed23:28
kaleorenato, could bit better23:28
kaleorenato, but apart from that?23:28
kaleorenato, in the rest of the UI?23:29
mhall119thank you ahayzen :)23:29
renatokaleo, I will try more tomorrow, I ping you if I find something wrong23:29
kaleorenato, thanks23:30
kaleorenato, you will be the first user!23:30
renatokaleo, any example of visual changes? I would like to change the visual of the ListItem. (font size, icon size)23:37
kaleorenato, don't23:38
kaleorenato, it should probably part of the toolkit23:38
kaleorenato, what's the design you need to implement?23:38
kaleorenato, what's missing?23:38
renatokaleo, the list item on contact list has different font size and icon size23:38
kaleorenato, show me23:39
kaleorenato, (we always need to check with the designers if the difference between the design of the app and the sdk are meant to be or just a mistake)23:39
kaleorenato, (a mistake in the design or a mistake in the sdk)23:39

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