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vipzrxhow can I find the path which gcc used to do with #include <XXX>05:50
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vipzrxwhen I am reading the source code , the cecet tells me that it can not find some header files location . Now I must tell the cedet where are these header files /07:18
vipzrxit the file /home/jb/Documents/soft/soft_src/panda-linaro/system/core/init/init.c , there are a lot of #include <XXX.h> . I want to know   the location of XXX.h07:24
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Offshoregreetings, guys11:57
Offshoreim building headless custom arm device (AllWinner A11); got kernel compiled, it runs with debian rootfs perfectly11:58
Offshorebut when i try ubuntu 13.04 armhf core, i cant boot due to plymouth11:58
Offshorehow can i tune it to avoid any graphics or better avoid any non-failsafe techniques?11:59
Offshoreuart log:12:02
Offshore<4>init: plymouth main process (50) killed by ABRT signal12:02
Offshore<4>init: plymouth-splash main process (243) terminated with status 212:02
Offshore<4>init: failsafe main process (291) killed by TERM signal12:02
Offshore<4>init: plymouth-stop pre-start process (414) terminated with status 112:02
Offshore....and hang up (kernel panic?)12:02
Offshore(have no idea what happens)12:03
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Offshorephuken hate that :(12:55
Offshoregot to use debuan i think12:55
ogra_just remove the plymouth upstart jobs ... its trivial12:58
Offshoreogra_, after a little bit of googling i realize that plymouth is kinda hardcoded thing13:02
ogra_you dont need to start it13:02
ogra_just remove the jobs and it will work13:02
ogra_(or fix your kernel to have proper fbcon support)13:03
Offshoreso, just rm -rf /etc/init/plymouth* ?13:04
Offshoreogra_, fbcon? the only way to connect to device is uart (/dev/ttyS0)13:06
ogra_well, then proper VT support at least13:06
Offshorewell. what .config flags related to this thing?13:07
Offshorei just want to keep rootfs as untouched as it possible (rm -rf /etc/init/plymouth* is the last resort)13:09
Offshoreogra_, no luck with rm -rf /etc/init/plymouth*13:12
Offshore<4>init: failsafe main process (204) killed by TERM signal13:13
Offshoreand hang up13:13
ogra_how did you create your rootfs ?13:13
Offshorefirst tried ubuntu-core-13.04-core-armhf.tar.gz13:14
ogra_well, thats for building something on top13:14
ogra_not really something to boot13:14
Offshoreive also tried debootstrap --verbose --arch armhf --variant=minbase --foreign raring /target13:15
Offshore(then cp quemu -- mount proc&pts -- chroot into target and second stage, of cause)13:15
ogra_use qemu-debootstrap from qemu-user-static13:16
ogra_that will just create a cross chroot for you13:16
ogra_then you indeed need to make sure to have a serial getty configured, else you will never get a login on the serial port13:17
Offshorewhats the diff between qemu-debootstrap and debootstrap --arch armhf ....... then cp /usr/bin/qemu-arm-static target/usr/bin and chroot into there?13:18
ogra_qemu-debootstrap uses binfmt to actually provide you the ability to just chroot into the root you created13:18
ogra_it just saves you from a ton of extra work13:19
Offshoreok ill try, but its not a problem right now13:22
ogra_did you set up a proper serial config yet ?13:23
Offshoreecho 'T0:2345:respawn:/sbin/getty -L ttyS0 115200 linux' >> /etc/inittab13:23
ogra_follow the serial howto from the ubuntu wiki13:24
ogra_ /etc/inittab isnt used since ages13:24
ogra_like 4 years or so13:25
Offshoreogra_, thanx a lot13:31
Offshorefinally got kernel initialized13:31
Offshoreby the way13:33
Offshorewhy the f language-pack-en depends on firefox localization package?13:33
Offshoreeven when firefox is not installed13:34
ogra_you want the -base package13:34
ogra_the above is a toplevel meta package for languages13:34
infinityIt doesn't depend on it...13:34
Offshoreand until raring it (firefox localization package) even was not available on armhf, so dep was broken13:35
Offshoreinfinity, sorry, does not depend of cause, but recommends it13:35
infinity(base)adconrad@cthulhu:~$ apt-cache show language-pack-en | grep ^Depends13:35
infinityDepends: language-pack-en-base (>= 1:13.04+20130418)13:35
infinity(base)adconrad@cthulhu:~$ apt-cache show language-pack-en-base | grep ^Depends13:35
infinityDepends: locales (>= 2.3.6), language-pack-en (>= 1:13.04+20130418)13:35
infinity(base)adconrad@cthulhu:~$ apt-cache show locales | grep ^Depends13:35
infinityDepends: libc6 (>= 2.9-0ubuntu10) | libc6.1 (>= 2.9-0ubuntu10)13:35
Offshoreone moment please.13:35
infinityIn precise, it did Recommend it, yes.  But recommends don't prevent you from installing without.13:36
infinityAnd, of course firefox-locale-en is available on armhf.13:37
infinity(And always has been)13:37
Offshore# apt-get install language-pack-en13:38
OffshoreThe following extra packages will be installed:13:38
Offshore  firefox-locale-en language-pack-en-base13:38
infinityapt-get --no-install-recommends install language-pack-en13:39
Offshoreindeed :)13:40
infinityNot that having firefox-locale-en installed hurts anything.13:40
Offshorewell i just wanted to say that its better not to be recommended13:40
infinityAnd it's not in saucy, so you win. :P13:41
Offshoreinfinity, my apologies, i cant reproduce now the situation i met some time ago about firefox-locale-en package cannot be found in armhf reps. maybe it was before precise13:41
Offshoreinfinity, hah, finally :)) but stable saucy'll be available only in autumn13:42
Offshoreso, concluding plymouth stuff. I WAS AN IDIOT :) and have not properly configured serial console :)))13:44
Offshoreand it wasnt necessary to remove it from upstart13:44
Offshoredebian worked correctly because i conf'ed serial console in /inittab13:45
ogra_ah, lucky you, plymouth breaks the boot with kernels that have issues with VT and fbcon13:46
ogra_means your kernel is fine then :)13:47
Offshorethank you guys, again13:49
Offshoreudevd[171]: error changing net interface name wlan0 to wlan2: Device or resource busy13:57
Offshorecant understand why does it do that (renaming)13:57
infinityOffshore: A rule in /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules perhaps?14:01
ogra_because it created a persistent rule for your laptop when you built the chroot14:01
ogra_would be my guess14:01
Offshoreogra_, hmm.14:02
Offshoreinfinity, ill take a look, thanx14:02
Offshoreogra_, "sudo: unable to resolve host ubuntu-gnome" lol. You definetely right about qumy-debootstrap :))14:05
Offshoreinfinity, is there any common way to totally flush /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules ?14:06
Offshoreit seems that is it14:07
Offshore(i mean not editing)14:07
infinityOffshore: hand-editing is the way to go.  Just delete the offending line(s).14:08
Offshorewell manual edit is always an option14:09
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Offshoreawwww another question :)14:13
Offshoresometimes system hangs on reboot14:13
Offshorejust before reboot14:13
Offshorei cant fig out conditions for it14:14
Offshore[sw-ehci1]: close clock14:14
Offshore<6>[sw-ehci1]: shutdown end14:14
Offshore[sw_hcd0]: sw_hcd shutdown start14:14
Offshore[sw_hcd_host0]: Set USB Power OFF14:14
Offshore[sw_hcd0]: sw_hcd shutdown end14:14
Offshore<0>Restarting system.14:14
Offshore[  203.290000] Restarting system.14:14
Offshore...and over14:14
infinityThat would be a kernel bug.14:14
infinityUserspace is long gone by then.14:15
infinitySo, if your kernel (sometimes) fails to reboot your hardware, that's between you and your kernel.14:15
Offshorebut its... sometimes! not always :/14:15
infinityThe sometimes could be a clue.  If it only happens when a certain device is plugged in, on Tuesdays when the moon is full, dunno.14:16
infinityBut it could just as easily be sketchy hardware/firmware.14:16
Offshorefor me its absolutely random14:16
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Offshorekernel hacking is not my best practice14:17
Offshoremaybe i just can arm the watchdog? :))14:17
infinityAnyhow, definitely a kernel (or hardware) problem.14:17
Offshorehm, "arm the watchdog"14:17
Offshoreoh my goddess14:20
Offshoreat last.14:20
Offshoreearlier i hav yp to 80% rw packets dropped on wlan interface14:21
Offshore*have up14:21
infinityI want to meet the person at Allwinner responsible for their naming scheme, so I can smack them.14:33
infinityAnd the same with Apple.14:33
infinity"The A5 is an A9, and the A10 is an A8" is the most confusing sentence ever.14:34
Offshoreyup. allwinner's a10 is more powerful than a1314:35
maxinuxthey are allwinners @ allwinner14:35
Offshoreand a20 is more powerful than a1014:36
Offshoremagic, again14:36
Offshorehowever their cpus are convinient, cheap and powerful14:37
Offshoreand solderable by hands :)14:37
Offshore# sudo halt -p14:40
Offshore[sw_hcd_host0]: Set USB Power OFF14:40
Offshore[sw_hcd0]: sw_hcd shutdown end14:40
Offshore<0>Power down.14:40
Offshore[ 1447.390000] Power down.14:40
Offshore[axp] send power-off command!14:40
Offshore[axp] set flag!14:40
Offshore[axp] reboot!14:40
Offshoreso tired.14:40
Offshorereboot => sometimes halt14:40
Offshorehalt => everytime reboot14:41
Offshoreogra_, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/RootfsFromScratch/QemuDebootstrap, its really useful, thanx15:00
ogra_wow, thats massively outdated15:01
Offshoreso "mk-sbuild --arch armhf raring" wont work? :(15:02
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Offshoreogra_, if i compile kernel with CONFIG_IP_PNP (IP: kernel level autoconfiguration), do i still need dhcp3-client?17:37
infinityThat's really meant for very simple PXE-type setups.  It won't do any fancy userspace stuff that dhcp-client does (like, say, setting your DNS servers from dhcp)17:39
infinitySo, if you're happy with only contacting hosts by IP, and completely disabling any userspace networking fanciness, sure. :P17:39
Offshoreuh :(17:40
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