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dholbachgood morning07:38
elfyhi dholbach07:38
elfyhow's the hand now?07:38
dholbachhi elfy07:38
dholbachstill in a splint and hopefully mending slowly :)07:38
dholbachhow are you?07:38
elfypretty good thanks - on a week off again now07:39
dholbachnice :)07:41
elfybroken hand bits are not good ;)07:41
dholbachno, not really, but I guess it'll sort itself out07:41
elfydholbach: it's be nicer if it was a week holiday instead of only having a part time job :D07:41
dholbachah, ok, yes07:41
elfyyep - only thing I ever broke was the bones both sides of an elbow - that was pretty inconvenient :)07:42
elfywas worse the year after - the wires ended up poking though my skin lol07:45
dholbachwhich wires?07:46
elfythe ones they'd put there to hold it altogether while it healed07:47
elfyI can laugh about it now ;)07:48
elfyelfy was definitely a goblin that particular day ...07:49
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elfyhi jono14:49
jonohey elfy14:51
elfyjono: you know the meeting is in #xubuntu-devel not #xubuntu?14:55
jonoelfy, #xubuntu-devel14:58
jcastrohey jono15:07
jcastrodoes everything on developer.u.c need to be an API?15:07
jcastrofor example we have this:15:07
jcastrowhich IMO would be developer.u.c-related15:08
jcastrobut not necessarily in a "Write on top of our platform", this is more consumption15:08
* popey pokes jono15:08
jcastroalso jane just tweeted that Verizon joined the CAG!15:11
jcastro<air guitar>15:12
jbichawow, Ars went to their archives to find a Unity screenshot for http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2013/07/ubuntus-x-window-replacement-mir-coming-in-next-os-version/18:16
jcastrolooks like 10.1018:19
jbichait looks like UDS-M, the Google searchbar was never shipped18:21
jbichaI guess the current Ars writers and editors mostly ignore Unity18:33
jcastroI think he was going for an old school look to showcase how far it's come along, but that's not obvious18:44
jcastrojono: yo yo, should we perhaps do a minisync today since I just got back?19:00
jonojcastro, yep, will do after lunch19:00
bkerensaNow Ubuntu Touch just needs Sprint19:06
bkerensaand then some hardware19:06
IdleOneComcast will be next19:14
* IdleOne calls it19:14
bkerensanigelb: Did you get the link for the new shirt request?19:26
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jcastrojono: 15min until EOD if you wanna catch the Jorge Train20:44
jonojcastro, oh, I asked earlier if you could do in 45m, give me a sec and I will set up a hangout20:44
jcastrooh, ya that works too20:45
jonojcastro, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/3c35c2b2a3bb81c8e49e5ae1d711afbc7b0791ae?authuser=0&hl=en20:47

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