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pittiGood morning03:10
ajmitchmorning pitti03:11
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tjaaltoncjwatson: right, it didn't work yet the other night05:39
tjaaltoncjwatson: went fine this time05:49
vipzrxhow can I found the gcc search path for include<XXXX.h> ?06:04
ScottKAny reason canonical-qt5-edgers PPA is building 5.0.1 when both 5.0.2 and 5.1 are out?06:22
vipzrxScottK:  hello06:30
vipzrxI want to know the location of some header files in a .c file , how can I di it ?06:30
pittivipzrx: check the output of e. g. echo '#include <stdio.h>' | gcc -E -06:36
vipzrxthank you pitti06:37
vipzrxI am raeding the android source code with emacs+cedet06:38
vipzrxwhen I am reading the source code , the cecet tells me that it can not find some header files location . Now I must tell the cedet where are these header files /06:40
pittivipzrx: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/344317/where-does-gcc-look-for-c-and-c-header-files06:40
vipzrxOn the other hand ,the source of android is builded with export TARGET_TOOLS_PREFIX=prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/arm/arm-linux-androideabi-4.8-linaro/bin/arm-linux-androideabi-06:41
vipzrxit is not the native gcc06:41
vipzrxhttp://gcc.gnu.org/onlinedocs/gcc/Directory-Options.html  I have read this ,but I have no idea.sorry06:42
vipzrxpitti:  ?07:03
vipzrxI am using a cross toolchain for arm07:04
vipzrxexport TARGET_TOOLS_PREFIX=prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/arm/arm-linux-androideabi-4.8-linaro/bin/arm-linux-androideabi-07:04
pittivipzrx: I gave you the link to stackoverflow; just call the cross gcc instead of just "gcc"07:05
vipzrxI got a error07:06
pittiwell, obviously you didn't install the header files07:12
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vipzrxI have got the linaro android source07:13
vipzrxlinaro does not ask to isntall the header , I think07:16
vipzrxlinaro_android_build_cmds.sh is the autorun script to download the source and build the android07:17
dholbachgood morning07:38
seb128slangasek, thanks for uploading the configglue revert07:47
infinity@pilot out07:50
infinityHrm, the bot seems to have died.07:51
mlankhorstso it would seem :o08:13
mwhudsondoko: hi, i have a python test suite hang on armhf ig you want a look08:21
dokomwhudson, not really this week ...08:22
mwhudsondoko: i'll file a bug when i've figured something out08:22
sil2100Wellark_: ping!08:24
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mwhudsondoko: the hanging test case is in a class called SignalsTest which makes me unhappy08:26
cjwatsontjaalton: Thanks08:31
xnoxcjwatson: is http://people.canonical.com/~cjwatson/ubuntu-policy/policy.html/ch-archive.html#s-multiverse authoritative ? Since http://www.ubuntu.com/about/about-ubuntu/licensing doesn't say multiverse requirements.08:37
cjwatsonxnox: Yes08:38
cjwatsonOnce upon a time there was something useful elsewhere about that, I think, but in any case that was common understanding among archive admins when I wrote it08:39
xnoxcjwatson: i think there are packages in multiverse that discriminate against persons, groups or against fields of endeavour. Is that ok?08:41
cjwatsonxnox: Yes08:44
cjwatsonxnox: (as explicitly stated in the link you gave)08:44
xnoxcjwatson: =))))08:45
xnoxah, need more coffee.08:45
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cariboucjwatson: infinity: I'm still having issues with my dante/autotool issue you helped with yesterday. where should I go to ask for help ?J10:29
caribounot sure #ubuntu-devel is the appropriate place10:29
cjwatsoncaribou: pastebin the failure10:31
cjwatson(and your current working patch)10:31
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cariboucjwatson: ok, I'll reproduce again as I'm working on two options10:34
cariboucjwatson: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5864483/10:38
cariboucjwatson: as you suggested yesterday, I investigated the source of the compilation failure10:38
cariboucjwatson: which seems to be caused by a missing HAVE_EXTRA_OSF_SYMBOLS which has nothing to do with us10:39
cjwatsoncaribou: It may not be relevant but given that clean rule you should drop your dh_override_clean and instead call dh_autoreconf_clean just before the two dh_clean calls10:39
cjwatsonIndeed you can also drop "cp /usr/share/misc/config.guess /usr/share/misc/config.sub ." and drop the "config.guess config.sub" arguments from dh_clean, since dh_autoreconf[_clean] will take care of those10:40
cjwatsonnow let's look at the actual failure ...10:40
cjwatsonThose are configure-generated type names so I can certainly see why that might be related10:42
cjwatsoncaribou: You really ought to be doing this work in saucy first, BTW.  Just trying to build it now11:00
cariboucjwatson: indeed11:00
cariboucjwatson: I'm pondering if just going with changing configure.ac & configure would be less of a waste of time11:01
cjwatsoncaribou: Let me have a look first11:01
cjwatsonThe problem is, it might be slightly less of a waste of time for you, but it's leaving a problem for future developers11:02
cjwatsonWe should try to avoid generated scripts in the archive that break when regenerated11:02
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cjwatsonThe difference is because new versions of Autoconf cause AC_AIX to be equivalent to AC_USE_SYSTEM_EXTENSIONS, but dante's very strange generation of sockaddr argument types apparently can't cope with the way glibc declares things when _GNU_SOURCE is in effect.  The most pragmatic fix appears to be to add a patch commenting out "AC_AIX" in configure.ac, since we clearly don't care about that.11:15
cjwatsoncaribou: ^11:15
cjwatsoncaribou: But OMG, somebody has *already* left a timebomb in dante: look at debian/patches/03-configure.patch11:15
cjwatsonThat's a horrifyingly bad patch11:15
cjwatsoncaribou: So maybe your best alternative is to go with the flow and patch both configure.ac and configure after all :-(11:15
cjwatsonGiven that the Debian maintainer has been either negligent or incompetent in this case11:16
cjwatson(You might patch out the "sleep 10" while you're at it so that configure is less annoying about options it doesn't recognise ...)11:17
cariboucjwatson: hmm ok I'll take your advice on that11:17
cjwatsonThe alternative is taking on the tech debt of refactoring 03-configure.patch as a proper patch to the source files, or calling configure in a different way, or whatever11:18
cariboucjwatson: If I may ask, can you add a task for saucy to the LP bug so I can go back to SRU logic ?11:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 816153 in dante (Ubuntu Precise) "dante-server using the wrong libc.so" [Medium,In progress]11:18
cjwatsoncaribou: the task without a series is implicitly for saucy.11:18
cjwatsonno need to create an explicit saucy task.11:19
cariboucjwatson: ah, ok, wasn't sure11:19
cjwatsonI'm going to file a Debian bug about that patch to a generated file11:19
* caribou must review the wiki again before sending the email to be added to UbuntuBugControl11:19
cariboucjwatson: once again thanks for the help & advice11:21
infinityNote that there's probably a semi-valid reason the current patch only touches configure and not configure.ac11:21
infinityPatching both appears to trip maintainer mode and try to regen.  Yay abuse of autotools.11:21
infinity(But yes, the right thing to do in Debian would be to make dh_autoreconf work with the package)11:21
cjwatsonBut hence dh-autoreconf.11:21
cjwatsonI'll send a bug with detailed advice.11:22
infinityThe above was just my hinting that caribou's path of least resistance (especially for an SRU) would be to patch *only* congfigure, as wrong and ugly as that sounds.11:22
cjwatsonYou may, sadly, be right.11:23
caribouinfinity: I would prefer to go the dh-autoreconf way as well, if it was not so time consuming for a package that seems rather 'dormant'11:23
infinitycaribou: Well, dh-autoreconf is the right thing to suggest in Debian and try to get fixed.11:23
infinitycaribou: For an SRU, the minimally invasive 1-line patch directly to configure will get the job done, though.11:23
infinity(And has precedence in the current broken packaging)(11:24
* infinity notes that the Debian patch to configure is also incorrect for other reasons...11:25
infinityHardcoded path to libdl that no longer lives there.11:25
caribouinfinity: out of curiosity, can quilt touch the same file with to separate patches ? I mean my patch will come on top of this 03- one, right ?11:26
infinityYeah, you can patch the same file as many times as you want.11:27
infinityThey just have to stack.11:27
caribouinfinity: ok, thanks11:27
caribouI'll get the debdiffs in after lunch11:27
caribouI will also try to summarize our discussions in the bug to leave a trace of the analysis11:30
shadeslayerLaney: question, account-plugin-groupwise depends on empathy, any reason why? aren't each of the account-plugins designed to work with the Telepathy framework? or do they only work specifically with empathy?11:32
cjwatsoncaribou: You might need to fix the libdl path too, for much the same reason.  I noticed it mentioned in another bug11:32
shadeslayerLaney: the other account plugins depend on empathy as well11:32
cariboucjwatson: ok, will do11:32
Laneyshadeslayer: Not sure - I guess it was like that before I touched the package11:33
Laneyshadeslayer: Ask kenvandine maybe11:33
shadeslayerLaney: same thing with unity-asset-pool11:33
cariboucjwatson: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dante/+bug/890887 ?11:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 890887 in dante (Ubuntu) "socksify try to LD_PRELOAD a missing library" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:34
shadeslayernot quite sure why it's there in Depends, imho unity should depend on that, and not the account plugins11:34
shadeslayer( and unity already does )11:34
shadeslayerwill ask kenvandine when he comes online11:34
Laneypresumably it uses icons only provided there?11:34
infinitycaribou: In fixing the libdl path, revert the Debian patch that hardcodes it and go back to fixing the detection code like you did for libc.11:34
infinitycaribou: Cause hardcoding won't work in a multiarch world, obviously.11:35
caribouinfinity: indeed. ok, I'll work on that & come back here so you can review the changes if you don't mind11:35
caribouthough that will be part of the sponsoring phase anyway11:35
infinitycaribou: *nod*11:36
infinitycaribou: I can sponsor all the uploads once we're happy with them.11:36
cjwatsoncaribou: Yes, though I only skim-read it11:36
caribougood. lunchtime now11:37
shadeslayerLaney: not sure, I see some icons in the source11:39
shadeslayerLaney: ./data/icons/hicolor_apps_48x48_im-facebook.png11:39
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cjwatsoncaribou: FYI, I filed Debian #71668112:14
ubottuDebian bug 716681 in dante "dante: patches generated configure file without corresponding patches to true source; incredibly confusing build system" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/71668112:14
sil2100Wellark_: hi! Are you around right now?12:28
cariboucjwatson: looking at the bug; now that I'm at it, would be be too much work to try to fix this myself (with some help from charitable  souls) ?12:35
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cjwatsoncaribou: Don't know, depends how much you fancy diving into the deeper corners of the autotools12:39
cjwatsoncaribou: The fix will probably wind up being too complex for precise, at least ...12:39
cariboucjwatson: hmm, I think I have better use of my current cycles; PlusOne being one of them12:40
cariboucjwatson: ok, will go for the easy way out12:40
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smoser@pilot in13:23
udevbot_Error: "pilot-in" is not a valid command.13:23
evpitti: apologies for the delay. I've fixed the problems pointed out in https://code.launchpad.net/~ev/apport/automatic-reporting/+merge/17355313:23
smoserudevbot_, doesn't want to pilot-in me.13:24
udevbot_Error: "doesn't" is not a valid command.13:24
ogra_your first command was ok ...13:25
ogra_not sure why it didnt pick it up13:25
seb128ogra_, smoser: should the bot be op to be able to change the topic?13:26
ogra_seems infinity had issues with it too (when signing off from it)13:26
seb128dholbach, ^ do you know?13:26
ogra_oh, since when is the topic not changeable anymore13:26
ogra_thats crap13:27
pittiev: splendid, thanks! I responded with two final nitpicks13:27
infinityProbably since services exploded yesterday.13:27
infinityCould use a channel op to fix it.13:27
geserso you are the pilot till it gets fixed? :)13:27
infinitygeser: Apparently. :P13:27
evpitti: will fix and merge! Thanks!13:27
infinity@pilot out13:28
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infinitycjwatson: Thanks.13:28
cjwatsonThough udevbot was supposed to have +t anyway.13:29
evWe're getting quite close with the mobile crash reporting stuff. If only I could get system-settings (QML) to not produce a solid black window since upgrading virtualbox.13:29
cjwatsonI bet it isn't identified.13:29
seb128no fun, I was looking forward having infinity being sponsor every day :p13:29
smoser@pilot in13:30
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dholbachseb128, :)13:47
seb128dholbach, unping ;-)13:47
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cariboucan someone explain the use of $QUILT_STAMPFN in debian/rules ?14:08
caribouor point to where  I can find info14:08
infinitycaribou: See /usr/share/quilt/quilt.make14:09
caribouinfinity: thanks14:10
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shadeslayerkenvandine: hi, I was wondering why each of the account-plugin packages made from empathy ( the source ) depend on empathy ( the binary )14:22
kenvandinebecause they depend on a private lib empathy ships14:23
kenvandineempathy upstream maintains that14:23
kenvandineit is far from ideal14:23
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slangasekseb128: configglue revert> sure thing - did that fix all the problems you were seeing?14:31
seb128slangasek, yes, u1 works correctly again (file syncing, sharing, control panel, indicator)14:33
dholbachbarry, are you planning to upload some of the downloader changes to saucy soon?14:47
barrydholbach: do you mean the new download service, or the client updater?14:48
dholbachbarry, I think the former14:48
barrydholbach: check with mandel; he was working on a packaging branch14:49
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caribouif I touch configure.ac & configure from upstream tarball, what do I need to do to have them appear as pristine ?14:55
dholbachbarry, I was just wondering if it'd make sense to get it on the images soon, so stuff can start using it, even if it's not 100% there yet14:55
caribouright now, I must touch aclocal.m4 & Makefile.in to have it build14:56
caribouso I suppose that there is a cleaner way of doing this14:56
barrydholbach: yes, i think it is worth doing, even though the upgrader client doesn't use it yet.  i'm not sure whether the click infrastructure uses it yet, but my guess is no14:56
barrydholbach: i don't see mandel online atm14:57
infinitycaribou: Is patching configure alone not enough?  Given that the package already does this, it would seem like it would be.14:57
caribouinfinity: just wanted to follow previous advices & touch them both. I guess it's useless given the current nature of the package14:58
caribouinfinity: I would still be curious to know how it's done14:58
infinitycaribou: Yeah, your path of least resistance here is just to do what the maintainer's already done, as wrong as it is.  Half-assing an in between solution isn't worth the effort.14:59
caribouinfinity: well other than dh-autoreconf which *is* the proper way14:59
caribouinfinity: true14:59
caribouinfinity: but is there a way to do that, if it was the correct way ?15:00
caribouinfinity: I was a bit surprized as I tried your patch of  yesterday and got the same result. Maybe I'm using quilt the wrong way15:01
infinitycaribou: There are ways to touch all the right files in the right order to fool it, but it's not worth the effort.  The autotools-dev README used to have an in-depth explanation that they've now replaced with "use dh_autoreconf".15:01
infinitycaribou: My patch will still trip maintainer mode.  If you drop the change to configure.ac, it should be fine.15:01
caribouinfinity: ok. what's maintainer mode btw ?15:02
infinitycaribou: It's autotools' way of saying "I'm the upstream maintainer of this project, and when I change files, I want you to regenerate everything".15:03
caribouinfinity: ah; ok15:03
infinitycaribou: Generally meant to be turned off in make dist when generating a tarball for distribution, but not everyone does.15:03
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cjwatsoncaribou: Having to touch individual files is only a problem if you aren't using autoreconf.15:17
cjwatsoncaribou: But we've already established that you can't do that here, sadly.15:17
cjwatsonThere isn't a correct way to do it because you're in incorrect land.15:18
cariboucjwatson: indeed. I'll follow infinity's advice & only touch configure15:18
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Laneyzul: your recent python-coverage upload took away /usr/bin/python-coverage16:07
zulLaney:  crap ill fix it16:09
Laneyzul: also I think you installed a load of python3 files into python-coverage by mistake16:09
Laneye.g. try to install both packages at the same time16:09
zulLaney:  k16:10
dokoinfinity, where are you?16:47
infinitydoko: Upstairs, where the wired internet doesn't suck. :P16:48
infinitydoko: What's up?16:48
pindongahi barry dobey17:25
pindongajust wanted to let you know I've updated the configglue mp17:25
pindongaafter your reviews17:25
dokoxnox, could you merge lvm2 again, or update the config.* for arm64?17:29
dokodannf`, ^^^17:29
dokoaway in a few minutes17:29
dobeypindonga: hi. i saw. thanks17:30
pindongadobey, ty17:31
ahasenackhi, I don't know if somebody can help with a silly issue with an upstart job17:54
ahasenackI can't get "console output" to actually allow my job to print out anything17:54
ahasenacklemme pastebin17:55
ahasenackwhat am I missing?17:55
ahasenackthe real job is something else. It's failing to start and printing the reason to stderr, but I don't see it when I start it, and I'm debugging why17:56
ahasenackthis on precise, upstart 1.517:56
smoserconsole output is /dev/console17:57
smoseri thikn you rpbably want 'console owner'17:57
ahasenackso, physical screen17:57
ahasenackconsole owner didn't change a thing17:58
smoserwell, /dev/console. (that could be ttyS0 or a vga device, which might have gotten re-tied up to console-9 or something)17:58
ahasenackand exit status is 017:59
smoserwell hten i'm not sure.17:59
smoserif you just want to see the output17:59
smoserthen upstart stores that for you in /var/log/upstart17:59
ahasenackyeah, with console log18:00
ahasenacknot the other options18:00
ahasenackI get exit status 1 if I add "task" to the config18:01
ahasenacksince this isn't a daemon18:01
smoserwell that makes sense.18:03
smoseri swear that console owner used to do whtat you want.18:03
smoserbut i dont know.18:03
smoserand the documentation disagrees with my memory18:03
ahasenackeven the example doesn't work 100% like it says there, I get the msg in /var/log/syslog, but nothing in my "console" (ssh)18:05
ahasenackslangasek: hi, around? Do you know what's missing to get the "echo" output in my terminal in this paste? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5865727/18:09
dobeyit *is* ok to have a package which is in universe, listed in the Depends section of debian/tests/control for a package that is in main, right?18:26
slangasekahasenack: the output never goes to the terminal; 'console output' goes to /dev/console18:31
ahasenackslangasek: is there a way for it to go to the terminal?18:32
slangasekahasenack: no18:32
slangasekahasenack: unless you want to wrap things to dump /var/log/upstart/$job18:32
ahasenackslangasek: so if I'm deploying something remotely, I can't see the errors I would if this were a normal sysv initscript? Like18:32
ahasenackssh server service foo restart18:32
ahasenackI will have to check that /var/log/upstart/$job file and use "console log"?18:33
smoserconsole log is the deafult.18:34
smoserwhen i'm debugging i often wrap any scripts in18:35
smoser{ } >/tmp/my.log 2>&118:35
ahasenackwell, it's not debugging, the service is reporting why it doesn't start, but it's lost18:36
ahasenackthe caller has to check another log file to try to find out, and even make sure the lines in that log file are recent18:36
ahasenackall because go doesn't work18:37
ahasenacknot work18:37
ahasenackso I was switching to upstart, so I wouldn't have to use start-stop-daemon's -b (background), where I can't check if the service startup worked or not18:37
slangasekahasenack: right - so arguably, this is a feature enhancement we should consider for the 'service' command, to have it tail the log file for the job18:53
ahasenackslangasek: is the upstart log for the job overwritten in each invocation?18:55
slangasekahasenack: no, it's appended18:55
ahasenackok, so it's not just tail the last line, there could be old stuff in there18:55
slangasekyeah; you'd want service to do something like: if [ -e /var/log/upstart/$job.log ]; then tail -n 0 -f /var/log/upstart/ssh.log &; tail_pid=$!; fi; start $job; if [ -n "$tail_pid" ]; then kill $tail_pid; else cat /var/log/upstart/$job.log; fi18:59
dobeyslangasek: can you answer my question? just want to clarify that autopkgtests for packages in main can depend on packages in universe, before i dput it :)18:59
slangasekdobey: I don't know of any reason they couldn't19:00
slangasekjibel: ^^ can you confirm that autopkgtests can use deps from universe?19:00
dobeyright, i just wanted to confirm the restrictions weren't the same as build-depends for the package itself not being able to use packages from universe19:02
LaneyIt's fine - I've done it with glib's autopkgtests19:02
LaneyI didn't even think of that to be honest ...19:02
LaneyTell me this is a fixed software-center :-)19:03
dobeyno, this is me adding autopkgtest support to ubuntuone-client :)19:04
jbichadobey: speaking of software-center could you take another look at bug 1163886 some time?19:04
ubottubug 1163886 in software-center (Ubuntu) "software-center crashed with signal 5 with WebKit 2.0+" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116388619:04
dobeyjbicha: is that the weird badmatch thing?19:05
jbichayeah, baddrawable19:05
dobeyno this is different, not the gtk+ thing19:05
dobeyyay javascript. thank you for suddenly making my pgup/pgdn keys not work on this page :(19:06
dobeyor maybe just a weird keynav bug in firefox :-/19:07
dobeyjbicha: actually, i have not seen the gtk+ one at all on saucy, even though it already has gtk+ 3.819:08
jibeldobey, I confirm there is no such restriction19:08
dobeyjibel: cool, thanks19:09
dobeyjbicha: what is the ppa url for the gnome3 ppa?19:09
dobeythe atmostone() issue in adt-run, yes19:22
dobeyaka TestDirectory: not working at all19:22
jibelright, I fixed it when you discovered it, and pitti merged it yesterday19:23
jibelyou're the first using this directive since it exists apparently :)19:23
smoser@pilot out19:25
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dobeyjibel: ah, great. yeah, kind of disappointing the test runner doesn't have tests, though :)19:26
dobey(among other things. that code is somewhat disturbing)19:26
dobeynow gotta fix ubuntu-meta19:28
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xnoxdoko: dannf`:  "xnox, could you merge lvm2 again, or update the config.* for arm64?" lvm2 2.02.98-1ubuntu2 (Accepted)19:42
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dobeywow, networking is really poor inside virtualbox (or maybe it's saucy, haven't tried other versions lately)19:42
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xnoxdobey_: ev had all sorts of interesting troubles with virtualbox lately =)20:56
=== dobey_ is now known as dobey
dobeyxnox: on raring host?21:06
xnoxdobey: on mac os x host21:07
dobeyxnox: i'm on raring host, so nothing there has changed really. lots have changed in saucy though. so not sure if it's just stuff broken in saucy when running in vbox, or what.21:09
barryslangasek: okay, so i have a new python-configglue 1.1.2 which un-reverts your change, updates to the new upstream, and removes the Build-Dep on python-configparser.  seems to work locally for me.  fingers crossed.21:50
slangasekbarry: tested with ubuntuone-syncdaemon? :)21:50
barryslangasek: i installed it on a vm, rebooted, and u1 file sync still seems happy21:51
barryslangasek: hopefully you won't have to revert my unrevert of your revert again tonight after my eod :)21:52
slangasekfortunately the fix is a new upstream version, so the ugly version number goes away :)21:52
barryyep :)21:53
stokachubazaar.launchpad.net down for anyone else?21:53
sarnoldstokachu: I was redirected to https://launchpad.net/21:54
stokachuhmm what about this link https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~charmers/charms/precise/python-moinmoin/trunk/view/head:/hooks/install21:54
sarnoldstokachu: .. and bzr up in a tree ran without issue21:54
sarnoldstokachu: 50321:54
stokachuok i need to check if anyone's reported it yet21:55
sarnoldstokachu: thanks, under investigation now :)21:57
stokachusarnold: ah oops i just posted in #launchpad so dis-regard that one :D21:57
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dobeyLaney: am sure you're gone now, but there's an issue with the branch import of software-center in saucy, which i've pinged wgrant about already so hopefully he'll fix it. i'll get a new software-center uploaded in the morning (hopefully without having to do it the old-school annoying way of apt-get source and modify things).22:52
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asac01:50 < asac> ouch ... i think it really happened... i lost core dev unnoticed once and for all (as i dont really have a reason get it back):)23:51
asac01:50 < asac> i am not even an ubuntu member anymore23:51
asac01:50 < asac> thats brutal :)23:51
asac well... guess expiring without me noticing is reason enough to justify at least loosing dev :)23:52

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