unheedingi've never felt better in my life01:45
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jbichadarkxst: what do you want for the default homepage?03:33
darkxstjbicha, for firefox? what does ubuntu use?03:34
darkxstnot sure really, I sort of inclined to just give them a nice clean google page. but having the help/community links is nice03:40
jbichaI really like about:home but I don't know how long it will take for someone to try to fix ubufox (since it's only minimally maintained now)03:45
darkxstoh that is cool03:47
jbichathat's Firefox's real default and I've set it as my default for quite a while but when I tried setting it for Ubuntu GNOME I hit bug 119536703:51
ubot5bug 1195367 in ubuntu-gnome-default-settings (Ubuntu) "Firefox about:home doesn't work right when set with ubuntu-defaults-builder" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119536703:51
darkxstoh, so ubufox kills whatever you set then?03:53
jbichano, I think we could set whatever web page we wanted but about:home is internal and it looks like the javascript is blocked for some reason03:55
darkxstjbicha, does anything show up in the error console ?04:06
jbichaSecurity Error: Content at about:startpage may not load or link to chrome://branding/content/icon32.png.04:17
jbichathat's it04:18
darkxstwouldnt have through that would block js though04:19
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meethow unstable is an alpha version?07:58
darkxstmeet, in general its quite stable08:00
darkxsthowever from time to time things might break for a short time08:00
meetbut do these breakings affect the system critically?08:01
darkxstwell that is unlikely, but its a development release so maybe occasionally something really bad will happen08:02
meetI have a dual boot. I am basically a hobbyist and frequently hop from distro to distro. And even if a major error occurs I may afford to replace the distro. Should I try it out? :D08:04
darkxstyeh sure08:05
darkxstlike I said anyway its quite unlikely that anything critical will happen08:05
darkxstand if it did, sounds like you can boot back to backup distro anyway!08:06
meetya..ok.. btw in 13.04 i was having many problems related to online accounts. Like many a times empathy would not connect or ask me to authenticate several times and many such problems. Have these been addressed?08:07
darkxstmeet, we have removed ubuntu online accounts08:22
darkxstso hopefully that might be fixed08:22
Nedwinso i have an annoying problem. gnome online accounts would crash every time i tried to remove my google account. I was trying to remove because i could not authenticate with 2-factor authentication. i deleted it from some config files and that apparently fixed the problem. but upon boot i get an authentication request.08:23
Nedwinhow do i stop these phantom authentication requests?08:24
Nedwinthey come up when i start a search in the activities screen too.08:25
Nedwinshould i just purge goa all together???08:28
meetNedwin: i am not sure, but on ubuntu-gnome 13.10 release notes they have given a work around for problems with two factor authentication. have a look. here's the link: http://goo.gl/JT6Ir08:35
Nedwincheers @meet08:36
NedwinI hope that works. otherwise i might end up getting it twice.08:46
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unheeding( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)23:44
unheeding>tfw you are using GNOME3.823:44

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