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apwcjwatson, i need to rebuild the Packages.gz files on the CD now, is there a simple way to do that08:34
cjwatsonIs a CD actually the easiest way for you to test this, I wonder08:35
apwcjwatson, it cirtainly isn't easy any more, but that is the only way i have seen it reproduce08:35
cjwatsonWould you maybe be better off with a netboot mini.iso and a locally-accessible archive?08:35
cjwatsonIf you have to rebuild them, cobble something together with apt-ftparchive I guess ...08:36
apwpossibly indeed, but i feel i have gotton this far, i ought to make it work right now, apt-ftparchive, ok08:36
cjwatsonRemember to regenerate the Release files to match08:37
* apw cries :)08:37
cjwatsonAnd I expect you'll want to boot with debian-installer/allow_unauthenticated=true, since constructing a properly signed image is way too much effort for a test08:37
cjwatsonSo just delete Release.gpg rather than trying to generate one08:38
apwcjwatson, as predicted i cannot get all the right bits to line up, i give up on remaking this cd10:33
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