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RAOFWe now return you to your regularly-scheduled multi-minute btfrs hissy fit.03:48
SarvattRAOF: sorry you chose to inflict that pain upon yourself :P04:09
RAOFSarvatt: But it's soooooo shiny!04:10
Sarvattkind of amazing how long you've had btrfs problems actually04:10
Sarvattpre-nouveau getting merged upstream!04:11
RAOFThat hasn't been one continuous btrfs annoyance 04:16
RAOFIt's generally alternated between hating btrfs and running ext4, wondering whether btfrs will be different this time 04:17
ohsixsounds like an abusive relationship04:19
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* smb shuffles in07:31
ppisatismb: plenty of space here, welcome :)07:43
smbppisati, Good morning. :)07:44
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* apw yawns slowly08:05
* RAOF pours the bees from the pot.08:14
apwRAOF, you are the man08:15
* apw shows his age08:15
apwRAOF, lush08:15
* apw hopes he has covered it up08:15
RAOFBask in my self-inflicted pain: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5864165/08:15
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apwheh btrfs, that is a good idea08:30
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* ppisati -> out for lunch10:26
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rtgjsalisbury, bouncing gomeisa for kernel update13:27
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smosersmb, ping14:22
smbsmoser, pong14:22
ubot2`smoser: Error: ubuntu bug 1199151 not found14:22
smosercould you build me a kernel with that ? i know i can build one too...14:22
smoserplan would be to test on a raring instance, as there'd be no easy way to get the kernel *onto* a saucy instance.14:23
smoserah. never mind, smb. 14:26
smbsmoser, huh? bit lost (was looking away for a second)14:26
smosernever mind. i subscribed you to that bug, but utlemming just reported it that the patch was in our kernel14:27
rtgapw, apply your ext4 patch and I'll upload this morning. there is enough good stuff on tip to warrant an upload14:49
apwrtg pushed, do give it a good test14:51
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rtgppisati, rebooting tangerine for kernel update15:05
jsalisburyapw, Is it not possible to boot the mainline kernels on a Hyper-V host?  Does the kernel need drivers that are included in Ubuntu and not Mainline?  I'm referring to these Mainline kernels:http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/ 15:25
infinityppisati: Your ti-omap4 upload had a sad.15:44
infinitybjf: Well, technically yours, I suppose. :P15:45
ppisatiinfinity: sad moment? :)15:45
ppisatiinfinity: which one?15:45
infinityppisati: quantal15:45
infinityppisati: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/144713745/buildlog_ubuntu-quantal-armhf.linux-ti-omap4_3.5.0-228.41_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz15:45
infinityLooks like merging the configs needed you to sort out some fallout.15:46
infinityWow, someone forked sadtrombone.com15:47
ppisatiinfinity: crap15:47
ppisatiinfinity: wait a sec15:48
rtgapw, anything in particular I should do to test your ext4 patch ? 15:48
apwjsalisbury, a good question, i am not sure i can think of anything in the later ones ... for recent releases15:48
rtgI've booted it on an 8.8T file system15:48
infinityppisati: Given the unlikeliness of having ath9k on omap4, the path of least resistance is probably just to revert that one config change from master in your merge.15:49
apwrtg, i think if we can use it and not lose our filesystems15:49
apwliek if you can build a kernel i am happy its not regressing15:49
rtgI'll do a build...15:49
ogra_cking, CFQ vs deadline could be an MMC wearout thing 15:49
jsalisburyapw, cool, thanks15:49
ogra_(i doubt it matters much in reality, but deadline might be minimally better here)15:49
apwjsalisbury, the only thing they might not have is a valid hvp daemon, not sure how to handle that15:49
ckingogra_, who knows15:50
jsalisburyapw, ok, thanks.  I was wondering, so I know if a bisect can be done on Hyper-V using mainline kernels.15:50
apwwe would have to get signidicantly better merg15:51
apwmerging to have any obvious delta in writes per flash block15:51
ckingogra_, i'm more concerned about  the wear causes by excessive logging by unity8 at the mo15:53
ogra_cking, thats a temporary thing :)15:54
ogra_phonedations is aware ... we'll cuto down logging massively before release15:54
ckingogra_, it's darn hard to make sensible measurements when some processes are telling us what's going on all the time15:55
ckingis there a way to shut it up? 15:55
ogra_oh, you complain about the processes themselves 15:55
ogra_hmm, not really ... what we plan to do for release is to quieten syslog as much as we can and to do the same for upstart 15:55
ckingogra_, well, run fatrace -c from / and you will see lots of happy processes writing away 15:56
ogra_but that wont prevent the processes themselves from talking to the logging entity15:56
ckingI guess I symlink it to /dev/null and I'm happy15:56
ogra_symlink what to /dev/null ?15:57
ckingthe various log files15:57
ogra_ah, yeah, per logfile will work15:57
ogra_just dont like the whole of /var/log ... some apps expect nodes there :)15:58
* cking nods + sighs16:01
ppisatibjf: how do i trigger a reupload?16:10
ppisatibjf: lp119927616:11
ppisatibug 119927616:11
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1199276 in Kernel SRU Workflow prepare-package "linux-ti-omap4: 3.5.0-228.41 -proposed tracker" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119927616:11
bjfppisati, are you saying that you've made additional changes to your branch and you want me to pull that now ?16:12
ppisatibjf: yep, the building was broken 16:13
ppisatibjf: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/144713745/buildlog_ubuntu-quantal-armhf.linux-ti-omap4_3.5.0-228.41_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz16:13
bjfppisati, i'm looking at your branch. it has the same version and the history looks the same did you make a change and then just rebase it away?16:16
ppisatibjf: i did an updateconfigs, then i 'git rebase -i HEAD~5', moved it before the new release16:17
ppisatibjf: deleted the old tag, retagged, etc16:17
bjfppisati, that ship has sailed, you can't do that16:18
ppisatibjf: ok then, shall i start a new release&c?16:18
bjfppisati, yes please16:18
ppisatibjf: shall i change the version in the bug title too?16:19
bjfppisati, yup16:19
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infinityppisati: It didn't need yet another ABI bump.16:48
infinityppisati: 228.42 would have been fine.16:48
bjfi can fix that part16:48
bjfthough it would be better if ppisati did it and built it16:49
ppisatiinfinity: the new startnewrelease script now automagically bumps upload and ABI number16:49
bjfppisati, yes, but you can still edit the changelog and back that out16:49
ppisatibjf: well, if we do it blindly at every upload now, this is just one of them16:50
* infinity shrugs.16:51
infinityThe inflation isn't a big deal, it just seems silly for a kernel that no one could possibly have had installed.16:51
bjfppisati, is your branch all ready?16:53
ppisatibjf: one sec16:54
infinity(For the record, you could have reused the version too, if we'd deleted the old one and waited for it to get reaped)16:55
ppisatiinfinity: that's what i did first16:55
infinityI think we proved this theory a few weeks ago.16:56
infinityppisati: I know.16:56
infinityppisati: But I wasn't looking when Brad chewed you out for that. :)16:56
infinity(Plus, sitting around waiting for LP to scrub all knowlege of the previous upload is annoying)16:56
infinity(And not worth the effort)16:57
ppisatibjf: ready to go17:01
bjfppisati, thanks17:01
bjfppisati, uploaded17:20
ppisatibjf: thanks17:23
rtgapw, just pushed unstable. could you review 83d2cc37d009ec5dfdc3bb05410677b3deba6c6c and make sure the call to ddebug_dyndbg_module_param_cb() is correct.17:26
* apw looks17:26
* rtg -> lunch17:27
infinity  * Build armhf using gcc-4.717:28
infinityrtg: ^-- I thought we'd established that 3.10 was fine with gcc-4.8, and it was only the older kernels that needed older compilers?17:29
infinityAt least, that's how I interpreted yesterday's discussion.17:29
apwrtg, i think you need to check the all and return 0 if all is set as in pass_unknown_bootoptions()17:30
BenCrtg, infinity, apw: linux-ppc-3.10.0 uploaded for saucy17:30
infinityBenC: \o/17:30
apwfor that new routine as it is expecting to only see the unknown ones, we don't want it erroring out there17:30
BenCinfinity: If you could test ppc32/ppc64 for me when you get a chance, I'd appreciate it. I'm holding off on linux-meta until then17:30
infinityBenC: I'm nowhere near any such machines right now, but I might have a POWER7 in front of me sometime next week.17:31
infinityBenC: I'm not rebooting anything on my home network from across the ocean.17:32
BenCinfinity: Hmm…well, I may just upload meta then and wait for the fallout :)17:32
BenCI don't expect any problems though17:32
infinityBenC: How big is your patchset against master these days?17:32
infinityBenC: If you're getting closer to mainline, I imagine POWER and old skool PowerPC will be fine.17:33
BenCinfinity: about 10 sauce patches, 95% only affects my hardware though17:33
* infinity nods.17:33
infinityProbably won't be problematic.  Shame I can't test my home machines until August, though.17:33
infinityBenC: May as well just push the meta now, and let the chips fall where they may.17:37
BenCinfinity: done17:41
BenCinfinity: For reference, I didn't create a new repo, just a new saucy branch in meta git tree17:42
infinityBenC: Alright.17:50
infinityBenC: Your kernel was FTBFS anyway. :P17:50
BenC /bin/sh: 1: bc: not found17:51
BenCOdd new build-dep there17:51
infinityYou might want to double-check against master.17:52
infinityIt has that build-dep for sure, but you may be out of sync with others.17:52
BenCI added python-dev too17:52
rtginfinity, ppisati reported that gcc-4.8 would not compile a bootable kernel for a 3.10 omap, but that 4.7 was OK. its not clear if calxeda failed with gcc-4.8.17:57
infinityrtg: Hrm, in the discussion, I thought his omap mentions were 3.5/3.6, not 3.10 ... But I'm nowhere near hardware to test right now, so meh.17:58
rtginfinity, he's gone until Tuesday.17:59
infinityrtg: We can always revisit again later.  It's not like reverting the compiler will hurt anything, until doko starts getting annoyed with everyone who won't let him remove old versions. ;)17:59
infinityBenC: Is 0.2 on its way, or are you testbuilding first out of paranoia?18:01
infinityBenC: Ahh, there it is.18:11
infinityBenC: And failed again.19:02
infinityBenC: Looks like char signedness breakage (which is all over the kernel source, sadly), and a driver that builds with -Werror by default.19:05
infinityOh, or just building with -Werror=pointer-sign, which seems sane.19:06
infinityI wonder why that didn't blow up on ARM.19:08
infinityMaybe that driver's not built.19:08
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