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fairuzexcalibr: woot02:48
excalibrsedih la..pg tadi perasan internet down..tengok2 router dah kejong..03:10
excalibrlampu semua tak nyala langsung03:10
excalibr/poke fairuz 03:28
excalibrhttp://www.raspberrypi.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=6620 ('Raspberry Pi • View topic - Will a power supply with a higher amp-age work with the pi?')05:23
stickyboyGood morning, Malaysia. :D06:13
excalibrmorning stickyboy 06:33
stickyboyexcalibr: Good morning, from Kenya.06:36
excalibrfrom kenya? How did you stumble on this channel?06:39
stickyboyexcalibr: I'm thinking of coming to Malaysia, so I decided to see if there was a GNU/Linux community :D06:54
hyperairhmm kenyans..06:57
hyperairevery time the topic of kenyans comes up, i keep thinking how screwed we would all be if there were kenyan zombies around.06:58
stickyboyHeh, I'm American.  Living in Kenya. :D06:58
stickyboyI don't think Kenyan zombies would be worse than any other zombies.06:59
hyperairif they start running..06:59
stickyboyAh :)06:59
hyperairdon't hope to get away? ;-)06:59
stickyboyAlso Ethiopians06:59
stickyboyI was gonna go to California (home), but the plane ticket is **** expensive.07:00
stickyboySo I thought, "Malaysia sounds nice!" :P07:00
hyperairvacation coming up?07:00
stickyboyYah haha07:00
stickyboyI'm a Linux sysadmin at an NGO here07:00
stickyboyDoing high-performance computing; lots of storage, computing, etc.07:01
hyperairi see07:02
stickyboyAre you guys in Malaysia?07:03
stickyboyIs there much of a FOSS community in Malaysia?07:15
stickyboyAlright, I think I'm coming to Malaysia.10:47
stickyboyhyperair: So you're in Malaysia?12:35
hyperairstickyboy: nope, i'm in singapore.12:39
stickyboyAh. :D  Lots of python hackers there I hear12:39
hyperairyeah there are12:56
hyperairi'm one too12:56
stickyboyNice, I was experimenting with Pelican last night.13:00
stickyboyGonna play with Tinkerer tonight.13:00
stickyboyStatic blog generators. :D13:00
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