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Gibeardslee: Lenovo do, do windows-less laptops (I had one for work) but I don't know who you have to beg for that05:13
ibeardsleeG: we have some communication going with Silicon Systems here in Wellington for a couple of the X1 Carbon models.  My goal is to get more options and make them easier to get for everyone, not just those in the know.05:26
ibeardsleeI have another angle I am working to get in the face of Lenovo as well05:27
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ibeardsleemutter mutter got in this morning to discover that only one of my monitors was wanting to turn on.23:15
olly_ibeardslee: is it viewsonic?23:33
* olly_ noticed a large pile of empty viewsonic boxes in the room where PM happens...23:34
olly_i bought a pair of viewsonics a few months ago, and one's already had to go back to get the OSD fixed23:34

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