boss2022003QUESTION: What is the timeline for the release of MIR not XMIR but MIR itself. So the users can play with it00:01
popeyboss2022003: not online right now00:02
boss2022003Thnx popeye!! :$ I feel dumb!! :D00:16
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timushell ..12:49
abcccdddQUESTION: New to ubuntu, few tips to start for it13:01
abcccdddi want to do APP development....where to start for it13:01
bertjerredQUESTION: What's the cool gear in the background?13:14
SLayeRDKthe show is live18:59
SLayeRDKsomething and yes i can see you19:00
UbuPhillupSLayeRDK: ?19:16
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SLayeRDKthe fun of timezones :P19:28
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