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ikoniahello popey09:01
popeyis it possible for someone on the irccouncil to grant me ops in #ubuntu-app-devel09:01
popeybecause i need to change the topic and only irccouncil and jono have access09:02
ikoniapopey: is the channel getting busy now ?09:02
popeyand he is getting beauty sleep09:02
popeya bit busier, but we are using it for some specific events over the next 2 weeks09:02
popeyand we get people turning up and wondering what's going on, so want to set some appropriate things in the topic09:02
popeynot moderation or anything, just informational09:03
ikoniano no, just wondered if it had picked up in terms of interest09:03
popeyi guess ☻09:04
AlanBellmorning popey09:19
AlanBellyou should have op access now09:20
popeythank you09:22
ubottuiceroot_ called the ops in #ubuntu (x87)09:22
popeyoops, i wasn't identified09:22
popeynaughty AlanBell ! :D09:22
AlanBellwell I gave ops to the identified popey, even if it was an imposter asking me to do so :)09:23
Myrttiikonia: your slip is still showing12:16
ikoniado we have chanserv back then12:17
ikoniaI see we do12:17
ikoniathank you12:17
Myrttiyes, last night12:17
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bazhanggnomon] (~smuxi@ip98-164-211-84.oc.oc.cox.net): gnomon    troll detected17:24
IdleOnewhat is leoquant on about?17:54
Picisomething about banning and quieting.  He just thought something was #ubuntu policy, but I couldn't make heads or tails about what exactly it was. I don't really care either.17:55
bazhanghe wondered whether ubuntu ops +q more than +b as freenode staff are wont to do17:57
IdleOneI see. Nothing important then.17:57
geniiIdleOne: Couldn't resist, sorry.18:04
IdleOneneither could I18:05
ubottuLeave the ops alone!18:05
bazhangubottu, random yourock Irock18:06
ubottubazhang: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:06
IdleOnebot doesn't lie18:09
bazhangwe need a gangnam factoid18:09
geniiMaybe for -ot18:09
bazhangksplice is for kernels not websites18:32
geniiAh, yes, perhaps misinterpreted the question.18:33
bazhangwe now have an accurate measurement of patience: 120 seconds18:37
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* genii swats at his crappy router19:52
k1lgenii: at least your router works better than freenode ;p19:53
geniiI'm not so sure lately19:53
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ubottuIn ubottu, herrkin said: sorry, it is a little hard for me to read all of you in the main chat19:57
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