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GH0I seem to be having an issue with isc-dhcp-server on Ubuntu 13.04, I notice in my logs that I am constatnyl getting this: " Can't create new lease file: Permission denied: 14 Time(s) " I tried troubleshooting, by tearing down apparmor, looking up the permissions, stopping isc-dhcp, chowning the permissions for the lease file to dhcpd:dhcpd, then starting the services again. They are then chown'ed to root:root02:41
GH0I can't figure out what the cause of this is, or how to permanently resolve it.02:42
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GH0I did find in the startup script that at the end, it chowns them to root, but that wouldn't quite make sense because it would need to be dhcpd:dhcpd for the isc-dhcp server to modify the files.02:45
GH0But I didn't want to go about editing the startup script without making sure that would resolve the issue.02:45
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Nicolas_Leonidashi, there was a power outage and now this ubuntu server doesn't connect to network03:07
Nicolas_Leonidasat startup it says "waiting up to 60 more seconds for network configuration..", the lights on NIC and ROUTER are blank03:08
Nicolas_Leonidaswhat can I do ?03:08
GH0Test a nother nic?03:10
GH0Set a static IP and see if you can connect to the network via that way?03:11
Nicolas_LeonidasGH0: I went into /etc/network/interfaces and removed everything except loopback as some people have suggested, it's booting up03:12
Nicolas_Leonidasyup, see some light on the router03:12
GH0No idea after that, that would have been my basic trouble shooting steps, then I would have looked online, then I would have come here.03:13
Nicolas_Leonidasok so with only loopback, the light on router is blinking green, but as soon as I do ifconfig eth0 up
Nicolas_Leonidasthe light goes dead03:17
Nicolas_Leonidaswhat log file can I look at to see errors?03:19
Nicolas_Leonidasdmesg shows "eth0: link is not ready"03:21
Nicolas_LeonidasI'll download knoppix and see if the problem is with ubuntu or NIC03:25
Nicolas_Leonidasso silent here...03:25
GH0Nicolas_Leonidas, unfortunately, it is. I was having issues with isc-dhcp-server and am unable to figure them out so I am waiting.03:29
tedskiNicolas_Leonidas: what does dmesg and syslog say about what happened?03:33
tedskiGH0: dhcpd should be running as root03:36
tedskii don't have a 13.x system at my disposal03:36
GH0What permissions are needed for the dhcpd.leases file?03:37
GH0Maybe my permissions are just broken, but, rw-rw---- would seem appropriate to me.03:37
tedski-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 5076 Jul 10 20:16 /var/lib/dhcp/dhcpd.leases03:37
Nicolas_Leonidastedski: link not ready03:38
tedski$ ls -ld /var/lib/dhcp03:38
tedskidrwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Jul 10 19:59 /var/lib/dhcp03:38
GH0:/ Those are the same permissions I have.03:38
tedskiNicolas_Leonidas: are you sure the power outage did not cause a hardware failure?03:38
Nicolas_Leonidastedski: no I'm not sure I'm downloading knopiix in the setup you can open a browser, that's a good idea right?03:39
tedskiNicolas_Leonidas: that's a start03:39
tedskiNicolas_Leonidas: i also blow out /etc/udev/rules.d/*persistent-net.rules03:40
tedskiNicolas_Leonidas: that will ensure udev hasn't mixed up your hardware ordering03:40
tedskiGH0: what does apparmor say when you put it in complain mode?03:42
tedskiGH0: also, what are ther permissions on dhcpd.leases~?03:44
tedski(note the tilde)03:44
GH0The permissions are the same as the non-tilde file. However, how do you put apparmor into complain mode? aa-complain doesn't seem to work, though that is probably a really old command.03:45
tedskiaa-complain is the correct usage03:46
GH0sudo: aa-complain: command not found03:47
GH0Yeah, that is what I found...03:48
GH0I would figure that command would be installed with the apparmor package.03:48
tedskii'm at a talk right now, so i actually don't have access to any ubuntu boxen :(03:50
tedskiso, wish i could get help03:50
tedskimy debian boxes don't run apparmor03:50
tedskii'll be back later03:50
ScottKsarnold: ^^^04:00
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ansyfailed to detect os error while installing virtualmin on 12.04 server07:17
dosaboyDaviey: yep08:15
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jamespageyolanda, lemme pull that merge and take a look08:38
yolandanow finding that error: undefined reference to `libecap::Area::toString() const'08:38
yolandajamespage, problem with a diff of debian/control08:42
jamespageyolanda, did you managed to drop a dependency?08:48
yolandajamespage, i did an incorrect merge in control and dropped a dependency, yes08:49
jamespageyolanda, OK _ just reproducing your issue above08:50
bitnumushi, how am i able to force NTP to update my local system clock ?08:51
bitnumusthe offset is 264seconds, i need it to be 008:51
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jamespageyolanda, OK - I don't see that problem - are you sure the control line for BD's is OK now?09:00
yolandadouble checked now09:00
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jamespageyolanda, hmm - libecap2 is in universe09:02
yolandanot in main, so is not ok to add as a build-dependency?09:03
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jamespageyolanda, well it's been added since the last merge - it looks sensible so we should do a MIR for it09:08
jamespageyolanda, I'd include it in the merge and then file the MIR for libecap09:09
jamespageyolanda, have you done any MIR's yet?09:09
yolandajamespage, never09:09
jamespageyolanda, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MainInclusionProcess09:09
jamespageyolanda, its actually quite a simple one so a good one to start with09:09
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yolandajamespage, ok09:10
jamespageno extra dependencies or suchlike09:10
yolandalibecap2 and libecap2-dev09:10
jamespageyolanda, but do the merge first and then worry about the MIR09:10
jamespageyolanda, yeah - source is libecap09:10
yolandai submitted a merge request for nagios3 yesterday09:10
yolandajust filed a bug and sent the debdiff09:10
jamespageyolanda, for squid3 there are a couple of other bits that can be fixed09:13
jamespagethe transitional squid and squid-common packages can be dropped now09:14
yolandai did it09:14
yolandaand refreshed patches09:14
jamespageyolanda, did you drop two patches?09:14
jamespage98 and 99?09:14
yolandathe 9809:14
yolandarefreshed the 9909:14
yolandathere are two 99 anyway, the ssl-cert-snakeoil and the 99-lp09:15
yolandai found that there is a line that applies in 99-lp, the -667,7 one09:16
jamespageyolanda, okay  - good09:17
jamespage(I did not look that hard)09:17
yolandajamespage, i preserved the apparmor stuff09:18
yolandaand autopkgtests, i think it's all our delta09:18
jamespageyolanda, re 99-lp - that patch came from upstream so I don't think its still required09:20
yolandathe patch is slightly different from upstream, but it makes sense to drop it, yes09:21
jamespageyolanda, it will be because it was backported09:22
jamespageupstream move on afterall09:22
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Davieydosaboy: Sorry, just saw your response.  bug 1199037, are you working on it?10:15
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1199037 in python-eventlet "backport eventlet exception context fix" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119903710:15
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dosaboyDaviey: yes10:25
dosaboywell not right now but I aim to have it done soon10:25
dosaboy0.13 is currenlty being packaged for Ubuntu as well10:26
Davieydosaboy: OK, thanks10:26
Davieydosaboy: by who?10:26
dosaboynot sure which archive it is aimed at though10:27
Davieydosaboy / zul: Why are we jumping ahead on this one?10:27
dosaboyso I am gonna backport that fix to raring/cloud archive10:27
Davieydosaboy: Nothing should be targeted at the cloud-archive that isn't in the backing primary archive10:27
dosaboyDaviey: this backport is aimed at primary and cloud archive10:28
dosaboythe 0.13 release I am not sure, you'll have to ask zul10:29
Davieydosaboy: ok, thanks10:29
dosaboyDaviey: just noticed I had not assigned that bug ;)10:32
dosaboysorted now10:32
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SenorTo develop one tcp server ,which design is better ?  multithread and multiprocess11:15
jamespageadam_g, do we have a juju-deployer compatible with juju-core yet? you mentioned something yesterday?11:36
yolandajamespage, is ok to grab erlang for a merge?12:21
jamespageyolanda, already did it12:21
yolandaok, i'm looking at robies html12:22
yolandamaybe it's outdate12:22
yolandalibnss-ldap is ok then?12:22
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jamespageyolanda, yeah - it does not autorefresh I think12:36
jamespageyolanda, libnss-ldap - go for it12:36
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yolandasome conflicts with patches mostly12:45
raininjagood lawd the internet is a wasteland12:46
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ChocoboAnyone willing to help a newb manually upgrade certain packages?  I have myself in a wicked tangle right now.   I installed a package with dpkg (qemu-kvm from cloud archive), but I need to install some dependencies (like libbluetooth3) but it won't let me install that because it compains qemu-kvm has unmet dependencies.13:45
Jeeves_what does 'apt-get -f install' say?13:47
ChocoboJeeves_: it tries to remove a bunch of packages that I really do not removed.13:48
ChocoboJeeves_: http://pastie.org/813124813:49
Chocobonamely nova-compute and nova-compute-kvm  (qemu-kvm and qemu-system-x86 I installed manually with dpkg -i)13:50
ChocoboIs there an easy way to undo the manual installs that I did?  I am am so new to debian/ubuntu package management.  Sorry :/13:52
melmothChocobo, usually i use apt-get so it deals with dependencies itslef.13:52
melmothlike, once the cloud archive ppa is added to the system, apt-get update, and then apt-get install whetever i need from there13:53
melmothChocobo, if the ppa is correctly added, what happen if you apt-get update, and apt-get install qemu-kvm ?13:54
Chocobomelmoth: I would love to do that, but I am using Grizzly which does not include a newer version of qemu (>=1.3.0) which is required for 0-downtime snapshotting.   I am trying to install a newer version manually from the cloud archive.13:55
melmothi dont get the "from the cloud archive" bit. If the package you want comes from the cloud archive ppa, you shoul dbe able to use apt-get13:55
melmothif it does not, then, yeah, you ll have to install all dependencies first before dpkg -i works.13:56
Chocobomelmoth: Grizzly: http://ubuntu-cloud.archive.canonical.com/dists/precise-updates/grizzly/main/binary-amd64/Packages  and Havana: http://ubuntu-cloud.archive.canonical.com/dists/precise-updates/havana/main/binary-amd64/Packages13:57
ChocoboIf you do a search for "Package: qemu" on those sites you will see that hava includes the newer version of qemu but grizzly does not.13:57
Chocobomelmoth: any idea how to satisfy the dependencies when apt-get refuses to work because of missing dependencies?  it seems like "dpkg -i" installs the package even if there are missing dependencies which causes problems if you try to use apt-get?13:59
melmothChocobo, what i am about to propose may be a bad idea, but hey.. what about 1) adding the grizzly ppa, 2) install qemu-kvm from there (with dependencies)13:59
melmoththen removing the havana ppa, adding the grizzly one, and apt-get install the stuff you need from there13:59
melmothi dont know if dpkg -i install things breaking dependencies on top of my head, but i hope it would not do that :)14:00
melmothi meant, 1) adding the havana ppa14:00
jamespagemelmoth, Chocobo: please hold14:01
Chocobohtmmm, I could try that.  Not a bad idea.14:01
Chocobojamespage: ok.14:01
jamespageChocobo, we only backported qemu to havana14:01
jamespageso grizzly uses 12.04 version14:01
* jamespage reads backscroll14:01
jamespageChocobo, ah - I see - so you have picked the qemu from the havana cloud archive - but you don't have it installed as a specific source right?14:03
Chocobojamespage: I really need qemu >= 1.3.0 in Grizzly... I need to find a way to manually install it.   Correct, I do not hava Havana set as a source (because we are using Grizzly)14:03
jamespageChocobo, OK - this is not officially supported in any way14:04
jamespagebut you could add the havana CA to your sources and then use pinning to ensure if does not get picked by default14:04
jamespageso you can grab qemu from havana and openstack from grizzly if that makes sense14:04
Chocobojamespage: I think so.  I am not sure about the pinning part.14:05
jamespageChocobo, http://jaqque.sbih.org/kplug/apt-pinning.html14:05
jamespageChocobo, if you follow that but use the cloud-archive repos14:05
jamespageand ping havana lower than grizzly14:05
jamespageyou should be able to "apt-get install qemu-kvm/havana" for example14:06
Chocobojamespage: and that will handle dependencies?14:06
* jamespage crosses his fingers14:06
jamespageI think so yes14:06
Chocoboso.. I can't use "release" as my pin...  because it looks like the release for cloud archive is "main"   is there a pin for "repo"  or something similar so I can ping precise-updates/havana lower than precise-updates/folsom?14:09
ChocoboHold on, I may have found the man page on pinning14:10
tom[]anyone got an executable tcping http://www.linuxco.de/tcping/tcping-1.3.5/14:11
tom[]i can't be bother to install dev tools just for this14:11
jamespageChocobo,  Pin: release c=precise-updates/havana14:13
jamespageI think14:13
Chocobojamespage: and a Pin-Priority of probably..  0 < P <=10014:15
jamespageChocobo, something like that14:15
jamespageyou can alway check things by doing 'apt-cache policy qemu-kvm'14:15
jamespageit will tell you the orders of install by default14:15
DavieyChocobo: When you have the formula, can you pastebin it please?14:16
ChocoboI will.  Hrmmm, I hope the troubles I caused earlier is not going to get in my way.14:19
Chocobojamespage: E: Release 'havana' for 'qemu-kvm' was not found14:20
jamespageChocobo, http://pastebin.com/H3MfSJ1214:23
jamespageChocobo, with that approach you don't even need the /havana14:24
Chocobojamespage: I think I need to find a way to undo the trouble I caused with dpkg :(14:25
tom[]nevermind. i should use nc instead14:26
ChocoboWow, I am terrible at Ubuntu package management.  I feel like I am all thumbs.14:27
Chocoboand I keep going in circles.    Ok, so lets say I installed a package with "dpkg -i" and it had unmet dependencies...  how can I undo that?14:28
jcastroundo it or fix it?14:28
jcastrousually you can sudo apt-get -f install afterwards14:28
jcastroand it will fetch the missing deps and then resolve itself14:29
jamespagezul, actually qemu-kvm is uninstallable from the havana cloud archive right now14:29
Chocobojcastro: I can't do that because it want's to uninstall some of my openstack components.  What I really want to do is replace the manually installed version with the version in repository.14:29
zuljamespage:  uh?14:30
jamespagezul, vgabios and seabios14:30
jamespage qemu-system-x86 : Depends: vgabios (>= 0.6c-3~) but 0.6c-2ubuntu3 is to be installed14:30
jamespage                   Depends: seabios (>= 1.7.2-2~) but it is not going to be installed14:30
ChocoboSo this won't work even if I fix my problem from dpkg?14:31
jamespageChocobo, nope14:31
ChocoboWell crap14:31
jamespagehavana cloud archive is still work in progress14:31
jamespageconsider it as stable as the development release day-to-day14:32
ChocoboI am going to have to this from source.   :/14:32
ChocoboHow can I undo the changes I made with dpkg?  I want to go back to the version from the cloud-archive.14:32
zuljamespage:  ohhhh sshhi..14:33
ChocoboThese are the changes I made: http://pastie.org/pastes/8131364/text14:36
ChocoboThere doesn't seem to be an option to ignore dependencies in apt-get14:39
ChocoboIs there anyone that might be able to help me?  I am really stuck here.14:51
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ChocoboGosh, I think I got it... I needed --force-depends15:00
jcastrosmoser: do we have docs on simplesteams anywhere?15:03
jcastrostreams even15:03
smoserjcastro, not very good ones. but there is some in lp:simplestreams doc/15:05
zuljamespage:  http://people.canonical.com/~chucks/ca/15:05
jcastrosmoser: I'd like to put that on developer.ubuntu.com if you don't mind15:06
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psivaajdstrand: Just curious if any luck in reproducing bug #119748415:09
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1197484 in isc-dhcp "Connection requests to saucy server VMs from a hosts fail after fresh VM installs" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119748415:09
ndeehow can I respond to a Broadcast message when I'm logged in?15:11
jdstrandpsivaa: no, but I did see it on a lease renewal, so I have something to chase after15:12
rbasakndee: depends on what you mean by a broadcast message. Are you looking for wall(1) or write(1)?15:13
ndeerbasak, it was "wall" I think :) thanks15:13
psivaajdstrand: ack15:13
TheSovdoes anyone know why, when I connect an iscsi target to my ubuntu box it sends 12 megabits of data, from my system to the iscsi host continously for no reason whatsoever?15:19
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patdk-wkit has data it wants to save?15:26
patdk-wkoviously, your guess of, no reason whatsoever, is not accurate15:27
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jamespagezul, looks OK - do they build?15:29
jamespagewith precise havana15:29
zuljamespage:  yeah lemme double check15:29
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zuljamespage:  yep15:34
jamespagezul, +115:34
mgzjamespage: can we just put juju-core in saucy today?15:36
jamespagemgz, otp - free in a bit15:36
mgzsure, poke me when done15:36
ChocoboWhere can I find the source for packages?15:49
Chocobo(from cloud-archive)15:49
jamespagemgz, OK - done16:09
jamespagemgz, there are some challenges with the tarball up on launchpad.net  - namely the top-level source folder is missing16:10
jamespageso I could not load it directly into the packaging branch like we did last time16:10
jamespagemgz, I think dcheney proposed a branch - but it would be great to cut a new tarball if possible16:11
mgzbut we can do that step manually no? ( should have caught it in review of the script, sorry)16:11
jamespagemgz, well we can yes16:12
mgzbasically, we need a 1.11.3 pretty soon anyway to fix a few crucial upgrade bugs16:13
mgzgah, network connection being unreliable16:14
jamespagemgz, OK - I'll manually repack the tarball for now on the assumption that next release it will be fixed up16:15
jamespageso juju-core-XX.XX.XX/src/<projects>16:15
mgzso, we could reroll the tarball tomorrow, but seems like that step is just one of several niggles we can shake out before a cleaner release either tomorrow or early next week16:15
mgzyeah, that sounds good16:15
theazman__ Anyone know of a web based replacement to onenote that we can host on our servers?16:16
jamespagemgz, you will want to be aware of bug 120025516:17
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1200255 in golang "go get ... fails with SIGILL on armhf" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120025516:17
jamespagemgz, I'm intending on enabling the armhf arch for this next upload....16:17
mgzenabling arm sounds good, if if blows up, we need to know16:19
jamespagerbasak, bug 120025516:19
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1200255 in golang "go get ... fails with SIGILL on armhf" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120025516:19
mgzthat bug is new to me...16:20
mgzI'm not using golang 1.1.1 on my box of course16:20
jamespagemgz, uploading right now16:21
jamespagemgz, thats just on ARM16:21
jamespageah - of course16:21
mgzI've been living with cgo being borked on my arm machine, should try the 1.1.1 from ppa16:23
jamespagemgz, please do16:23
NoiseEeehey, im wondering if someone might be able to help me solve some openssl issues on 12.04 vs 10.04: https://gist.github.com/NoiseEee/b99e4994329ddab53fa916:24
jamespagemgz, OK uploaded16:29
mgzwhat's your packaging branch, so I can pull?16:30
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adam_gjamespage, i have a branch i was workin on that works now with py-juju. need to cleanup and make surei didnt break the juju-core interface16:38
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jamespagemgz, it will be ubuntu:juju-core once the upload is built16:41
andygraybealis there a reason i might have  a /srv/cvs folder on a serveR?  i've not installed CVS16:44
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sarnoldGH0,tedski,ScottK, aa-unconfined might not be installed because the apparmor-utils package drags in another 40+ megabytes of packages via hilarious dependencies. :(16:57
GH0alright, is there a specific package to run it?16:58
tropicalmugHi! Does anyone have experience with ircd-hybrid and hybserv?  I'm having some trouble getting NickServ and the like available.  I can see them when I log into my server from itself, but not from the outside.17:01
tropicalmugOh well.  Thanks anyways guys!17:07
tropicalmugjust for like...being on irc.17:08
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adam_gzul, are these issues on saucy or precise? https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/120023117:12
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1200231 in nova "Nova test suite breakage." [High,New]17:12
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zuladam_g:  saucy18:19
adam_gzul, have you tried with the newer sqlalchemy?18:19
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rbasakTheSov: that sounds like a bug. Can you check for an existing bug, and if there isn't one then make sure that you can reproduce the problem on a freshly installed system (and a fresh iSCSI target) and then file a bug with instructions to reproduce the problem?19:24
psyferreHey folks, anyone know if there is any local disk caching that happens with cifs shares?  I've got a file server that claims it is nearly out of disk space, but appears to be counting a mounted cifs share against that total.  0.o19:26
psyferreAs far as I can tell, I've got a 300gb dir which puts me at about 45% capacity.  That directory is being rsynced over a cifs share to a backup file server.  It appears that location I mounted the cifs share is counting against the total root file system capacity, so my server thinks it is nearing 100%.  It actually denied a write to another server, saying that the disk was full.19:30
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psyferreAny guesses or smacks with the clue bat would be appreciated... my googling isn't turning up anything helpful.19:31
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sarnoldpsyferre: can you paste df output?19:32
rbasakpsyferre: have you accidentally rsynced at a time when the cifs share was not mounted? When mounted again, it will be hidden.19:32
psyferrerbasak: you're a genius.  I bet that's it.19:33
rbasakBecause I've never ever forgotten to mount something and then accidentally filled the root fs up. Oh no. :-P19:34
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davegarathHi all I'm trying to export a nfs share with no_root_squash but when I mount it on my client and write a file with root this file is squashed nobody:nogroup. What I'm forgetting ?19:35
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davegarath( sorry for my bad eng )19:35
rbasakrsync over a cifs share though? I never trusted that, especially for backups. Have you considered running an rsync daemon on the backup server? cwrsync has worked well for me for Windows servers in the past.19:35
psyferrerbasak: I think I tried that and had a bunch of trouble getting it setup.  Then I found that I could mount the share with _netdev and it would *supposedly* remount if it lost connection...19:37
psyferreI'll go back to the drawing board and find a better way to sync.19:38
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zuladam_g: not yet20:23
zuladam_g: its still stuck in -proposed20:24
adam_gzul, can you pip install it and try the test suite ?20:24
zuladam_g:  sure20:24
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grex25Hello!   Could someone tell me typical values (watt) what a server consumes normally?22:05
grex25[New hardware, about 900eu / 1000 usd]22:05
sarnoldgrex25: in the wild-guess territory, I think 500 watts at boot, 350 watts at moderate load, 125 watts at light load22:12
grex25should be very energy efficient, what are "good" values? 80?22:13
grex25Normally there it should not have a to high load, but raspberry is to slow22:14
sarnoldgrex25: I think laptops under full-tilt will get closer to 80 or 100 watts, they'd still be way faster than a raspberry22:17
sarnoldgrex25: (I've got a pandaboard that I think is about 5 watts; it's sigifnicantly faster than the raspberry, but not exactly fast.)22:17
grex25sarnold: Now its a intel atom setup, 50W,   but I thought there would be something better now (2/3 years old hardware)22:18
sarnoldgrex25: intel's new haswell chips come in a variety of top-power-draw .. server editions can go for ~100 watts, laptops can be quite low... but of course that's just one component of the whole22:20
grex25sarnold: but panda/beagle/raspb are very nice22:20
sarnoldgrex25: I get 10MB/s IO to my pandaboard's CF. take that into consideration.. :)22:20
grex25sarnold: okay, than i have to wait a little bit22:21
sarnoldgrex25: I'm not saying it isn't nice :) it just isn't suitable for all server tasks. irc and torrent host? awesome. hehe.22:21
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anepanaliptosi used to be able to follow this guide, and it did work for some systems in the past, but recently, i have tried this on two more new installations and i always hang at updaing yasm to 2.023:40
anepanaliptoserr 1.2.023:40
anepanaliptosi installed a fresh 12.04LTS, and followed the steps. this did work for me in the past, no problems, just copy and paste each block23:41
anepanaliptosnow, i do the yasm compile instructions line by line, they all seem to complete, but when i do yasm --version i still get the 'old' one.23:42
sarnoldanepanaliptos: if you installed yasml from the archive, it is liable to be in your PATH before the version that you just compiled and installed..23:43
anepanaliptosyeap. and that's exactly what it ius. just thought about it.23:43
anepanaliptosid 10 t error.23:43
sarnoldanepanaliptos: and if your new one _should_ be in your PATH earlier, perhaps you have to tell your shell to delete the hashed location of the executable, hash -d  ought to do it..23:44
sarnoldanepanaliptos: woot. :)23:44
anepanaliptosroot@tesla:~/ffmpeg_sources# which yasm23:45
anepanaliptosroot@tesla:~/ffmpeg_sources# yasm23:45
anepanaliptos-bash: /usr/bin/yasm: No such file or directory23:45
anepanaliptosjust fixed it with a symlink23:45
sarnoldhash -d yasm   also should have fixed that, fwiw23:46
anepanaliptosnot sure if there is a 'proper' way23:46
anepanaliptos(well i did do the hash -d before i ran that command)23:46
sarnoldoh? hrm.23:47
anepanaliptosbut no worries. the major part is fixed.23:47
sarnoldmaybe your /usr/bin/yasm was missing a library. that's not as common as it used to be..23:47
sarnoldah. I was wrong. hash -d doesn't delete everything. bah. :)23:48

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