popeyif you swipe back up to the top of the screen it will make the network indicator disappear00:00
murrayukIs it possible to add my google contacts yet? It says that I should go into the accounts in system settings but there is only twitter and facebook there00:02
popeythere is a command line tool to do it00:02
murrayukis there a thread with useful command lines such as that?00:02
murrayukI keep getting this error "bash: ubuntu_chroot: command not found"00:11
dejelloAnyone synced repos and try building again?  Mine's having an issue with the ubuntu-boot.img file not being present.  Started looking around but just wanted to see if anyone else had this issue00:11
popeymurrayuk: ahh interesting, where are you seeing instructions to use ubuntu_chroot?00:12
popeywe no longer need that00:12
murrayukAh okay, it was on the link you gave me :)00:13
* popey pokes sergiusens to fix that00:13
* sergiusens thinks about updating blog entry00:14
murrayukis there a default sudo password for the phone?00:14
murrayukI'm getting this error now "[INFO] addressbook: looking for databases...00:16
murrayuk[ERROR] GLib-GObject: g_object_unref: assertion 'G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed00:16
murrayuk[INFO] addressbook: backend failed00:16
asaccyphermox: you said that by now i can roam nicely between 3g and wifi?00:29
asace.g. is it worth me giving that a try?00:29
asacok cool00:31
popeytodays image has 3g on by default00:31
asaclet me double check i have the latest image00:31
asachow can i find that out without installing latest?00:31
asacwell let me just flash and be safe00:32
popeyif i could remember how to tell, I'd tell you, then put it in the FAQ00:32
asacstill would love to be able to see the build id somewhere in the UI :)00:32
asacor shell00:32
popeyits in a file somewhere, i just dont recall where00:32
asacpopey: yeah. no problem my memory is at least as bad as yours :)00:32
asacwe are just old00:33
popeyso true00:33
asacinteresting ... so phablet-flash didnt download anything, just went directly to flashing... guess that means i had the latest :)00:33
popey /system/ubuntu_stamp00:33
popeywhich means you could CTRL+C00:34
asacit is already pushing00:34
asaci am scared that it will be trashed00:34
popeyyou can kill that00:34
asacok done :)00:34
popeythats just like ftping a file up00:34
asacand now?00:34
asacjust pull power?00:34
popeyadb reboot00:34
asacnice ... screen is off :000:34
asacnow it boots00:35
asacok the wifi indicator is still bogus i guess ... i am connected against a 70/70 AP and its completely black. but i can ping00:41
popeyi find that the best way to see what connections i have00:41
asaccool... both are connected :)00:42
asacwonder if thats good for power consumption ... is that also the case on android if i am on wifi?00:42
asacbfiller: when is "remember password" for webbrowser targetted?00:44
* asac goes for smoke00:45
RobbyFalright, unlocked my galaxy datt, time to ubuntu touch it up00:47
RobbyFanyone done this before and want to walk me through it, first time ever. not a dev00:49
popeyasac: 3g eats battery way more than wifi00:49
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asacpopey: right... hence i thought that on android they go to pure phone and turn off 3g if you hit wifi00:56
asacwhile here it seems we have now both cooking :)00:56
asacok going for real :)00:56
zdliteHi, Just dropped Ubuntu touch onto Nexus 4. I'm having issue making phone calls though when i press the dial button nothing happens.01:12
zdliteDid i do something wrong?01:12
zdliteanyone here?01:14
RobbyFpeople are here01:15
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zdliteok thanks Rob01:16
RobbyFmust be busy01:20
RobbyFshouldn't have a problem with making a call01:20
RobbyFI was on 0708 build and it was ok01:20
pmcgowanzdlite, do you have a pin on your sim01:25
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lyric340Hi, I'm just getting started and involved, is the data for maguro accurate (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices/Nexus)?02:03
pmcgowanlyric340, that page is a bit out of date, maguro is a primary reference so support there will be as good as any device02:07
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lyric340@pmcgowan, Thanks for the heads up. Is there any documentation on what is not working on Galaxy Nexus?02:14
=== dlan_ is now known as dlan
lyric340I'm looking for an area to help...02:15
pmcgowanlyric340, not really an up to date list, better to ask here, the PIN support just landed for example02:15
pmcgowanlyric340, happy to have help, whats your interest02:16
lyric340I'm a little more partial to kernel/HAL layer when working with Android, but interested in looking at Ubuntu Touch as a whole.02:16
pmcgowanlyric340, did you get on the email list as well?02:17
lyric340@pmcgowan, not yet. I have only just now pulled the code, and begun setting up my environments and keys.02:18
pmcgowanlyric340, we are using much of he HAL so thats good02:19
pmcgowanmost of the devs are offline this evening02:19
lyric340@pmcgowan, I'm in the market for a new phone to free up my galaxy nexus for work on this.02:19
lyric340Okay, I'll sign up for the mailing list, and then plod through the code and read through the mailing lists. As soon as I can get a replacement phone, I'll wipe and flash my galaxy nexus and begin more in depth work.02:20
pmcgowanreflashing is pretty straight forward but it wipes android so its all or nothing02:20
pmcgowanlyric340, anything that is working will work on the nexus so its a good device to use02:22
lyric340Exactly why I need the replacement first...02:22
lyric340@pmcgowan, All signed up, I have some reading to do. Thank you so much for your time this evening.02:23
pmcgowanok will look for you next time02:24
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djcanadajeffif I can get into ubuntu touch chroot but my screen is black06:18
djcanadajeffhow do I fix this, can I post/view logs that will help find whats wrong06:18
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rickspencer3hey all, does anyone know if awe's PIN support is in the current build if I do phablet-flash now?07:06
rickspencer3or do I need to wait for popey and ogra to validate the image?07:06
rickspencer3didrocks, ^ do you know? awe's mail said something about "today's image"07:09
didrocksrickspencer3: no, I'm more reviewing our work to publish as much as packages as possible, didn't flash before ogra or popey gives the green flag :)07:10
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rickspencer3didrocks, ok07:16
rickspencer3didrocks, I thought they were going to validate the image and the move it to current07:16
rickspencer3so you couldn't get an "awful" image with phablet-flash07:17
rickspencer3did I understand that correctly?07:17
didrocksrickspencer3: I understood that too, so if you're wrong, we both are :-)07:17
didrocks(not sure it's a good relief though ;))07:18
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rickspencer3didrocks, should be interesting to see how it goes when all the auto-pilot tests are being run on the daily images07:19
didrocksrickspencer3: well, TBH, I don't expect that much difference as explained in the email as we already run 80% of them in daily releases07:19
didrocks(but better once we will be able to run then on the hardware)07:20
rickspencer3didrocks, I think we will see issues07:20
didrocksthey are, the apps stacks have tests failing for 2 days for instance07:20
rickspencer3I think running the tests on the daily image will cause back pressure to ensure that the daily upstream releases are good07:21
didrocksbut you shouldn't see those as the components are then blocked for release07:21
rickspencer3I suspect it will make your job easier07:21
didrocksI hope so as well :) also, it's another data point to try to ducktype where the breakage happened07:21
didrocksif it passed dailies07:21
rickspencer3didrocks, also, I think adding the existing testes are just a start07:21
didrocksand then it's broken, we'll see that it's something else from distro07:21
rickspencer3we can use auto-pilot for testing all kinds of things07:21
rickspencer3didrocks, exactly07:21
rickspencer3integration testing is a good thing07:21
didrocksyep :)07:22
rickspencer3and if it goes smoothly because the individual stacks are well tested, that's also a good thing07:22
rickspencer3the key will be our speed in which we respond to test failures07:22
didrocksrickspencer3: we always take latest image with otto (and dist-upgrade in the morning), so we already catched several times regression from distros impacting us.07:22
didrocksyep, agree on the speed to respond to issues07:22
rickspencer3didrocks, yeah, like asac said, it will be good if we get to green quickly because of the work you already did07:24
rickspencer3I think running the tests that we already have is step 107:24
rickspencer3step 2 will be adding new tests07:24
rickspencer3step 3 will be making it simple to run the tests in emulation, for developers and in the lab07:24
didrocksyep, totally agreed that step3 is a little bit too hard still for developers07:25
didrocksor just to be able to reproduce the env localy even07:26
rickspencer3didrocks, that's longer term ... I think our focus on daily quality right now is the best way to go, rather than waiting for magic tools to be developed ;)07:29
rickspencer3but we'll get to step 3, I am certain07:29
didrocksright, but I really think we need to have better manual testing right now07:30
didrockslike what we did for unity07:30
didrockswrite a lot of manual tests, that we do for every release07:30
didrocksthen, those manual tests would be transformed into autopilot tests07:30
didrocksthat will ensure we always have a consistent phone image, knowing exactly the scenarios that works07:30
didrocks(and if we discover a new one failing, extending the manual test doc)07:31
didrockspopey: maybe that will make sense to you to ease your dogfooding task, thoughts? ^07:40
dholbachgood morning07:41
popeyrickspencer3: as I understand it phablet-flash currently doesn't pull from "current" but latest image on cdimage, it would need to be patched to do that. I don't see a bug filed for that https://bugs.launchpad.net/phablet-tools07:44
rickspencer3hey popey07:44
rickspencer3so if I phablet-flash now I can try the PIN support?07:44
popeywhen did PIN support land?07:44
popeythe latest image on cdimage is yesterdays07:44
rickspencer3popey, in awe's mail to @ubuntu-phone he said something about "today's" image07:45
popeyoh, not opened email yet07:45
* popey does so07:45
Saviqasac, ping07:47
popeyrickspencer3: I just apt-get update and apt-get install ofono-scripts on my phone which has yesterdays image07:48
popeywhich would be "today" by awe's timezone07:49
rickspencer3popey, so should I try phablet-flash?07:49
popeydid you flash it "yesterday"?07:50
popeywell you'll need to apt-get install ofono-scripts anyway, because that's not in the build (yet)07:50
popeyyou certainly could phablet-flash if you want a clean start07:50
rickspencer3popey, ok07:51
rickspencer3In a bit I'll install the ofono-scripts and give it a try07:51
popeydidrocks: do you know of any manual tests we already have for any of the phone components?08:04
popeyah yes, on the QA tracker08:04
didrockspopey: yeah, it's quite limited, but it's a good starting base08:05
* popey was looking in text files, silly me08:05
didrocksrickspencer3: btw, what about putting on the dashboard the daily release tests result as well?08:12
didrocksI think it will be valuable to see what failures blocked landing on some components08:13
rickspencer3didrocks, wfm, but I guess talk to gema about that?08:13
didrocksgema: ^08:13
rickspencer3didrocks, I think it would be good if you see a failure on the image, if you could see easily if the failure was on the daily release08:13
gemadidrocks: what testing are you referring to? autolanding?08:13
didrocksrickspencer3: right, to see the diff :)08:13
rickspencer3so you would quickly know if it's a pure upstream or an integration issue08:13
didrocksgema: daily release, yeah08:14
didrocksrickspencer3: exactly!08:14
gemadidrocks: we are working on that with the PS QA folks, the views are not quite where you can compare things straight away but we are working on it08:14
didrocksgema: ah, so you will publish soon the daily release tests status as well? great! :)08:14
gemadidrocks: yep08:15
didrocksgreat :)08:15
gemadidrocks: we'll land a first version soon and then we can work on making it better for your needs08:15
gemadidrocks: I am chasing your devices today08:15
didrocksgema: excellent, that will be of a great help, thanks!08:15
gemadidrocks: the very least I am going to make one or two of the ones we already have available for your testing08:15
gemaand speed up the set up of the new ones08:16
gemadidrocks: next time ping me earlier, plz :D08:16
didrocksgema: we opened a RT in may as requested, but I guess with pgraner transitionning and so on, the requests and pings were lost :)08:16
gemadidrocks: it's been quite busy, yep, but I wasn't on copy on that RT so I completely missed that08:17
gemadidrocks: I had been naively waiting for a while and thought you were busy with something else, rather than waiting for the devices08:18
didrocksgema: well, I think otto will need some adjustement once in prod, but with our local devices, it's working fine08:18
didrocksas we always refresh with latest images, but only provision once, it's fast as well :)08:18
gemadidrocks: yep, but to be able to adjust in prod you need something to run on08:18
didrocksexactly ;)08:19
gemadidrocks: will let you and jibel know later today08:19
djcanadajeffI can get into ubuntu touch chroot but my screen is black08:36
djcanadajeffhow do I fix this, can I post/view logs that will help find whats wrong08:36
djcanadajeffI'd even be willing to offer VNC remote desktop if someone could assist with this08:37
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seb128do we have any way to lock screen rotation at the moment?09:02
=== schwuk is now known as schwuk_away
JamesTaitGood morning all, happy World Population Day! :-D09:03
seb128is that going to be a Mir feature? do we have an api somewhere in the stack to read/set the screen rotation locking?09:03
ogra_hmm, i wonder why the image doesnt finish today09:18
xnoxseb128: we did have a tiny daemon doing screen rotation on nexus7-X, not sure if we have same for surfaceflinger....09:18
popeyogra_: still running or crapped out?09:19
seb128xnox, I doubt the solution used there works on the touch image09:19
ogra_no, the rotation is managed through androids sensor service via platform-api09:20
seb128tvoss_, ^ do you know about that?09:20
ogra_and hybris09:20
xnoxseb128: yeah... i wouldn't expect it to.....09:20
tvoss_xnox, what's the use case you want to solve?09:20
ogra_no idea if we can lock it already ... probably via a property (try getprop if you see anything rotation related)09:20
seb128tvoss_, I was the one asking09:20
seb128tvoss_, I'm trying to figure what I need the system-settings "lock screen rotation" switch to09:21
seb128tvoss_, I'm trying to figure what I need to plug the system-settings "lock screen rotation" switch to09:21
ogra_popey, look like it is still running .... i'm probably just impatient09:21
tvoss_seb128, hmmm, should end up somewhere in the shell. saviq, can you help out here?09:21
Saviqtvoss_, seb128, well, we have no such thing yet09:23
m-b-oI can't unlock my phone anymore after apt-get upgrade this morning. Is there a way to unlock the screen from shell?09:23
tvoss_Saviq, so all apps listen to the rotation sensor?09:24
seb128Saviq, is that on a roadmap (Mir, shell, platform api, ...)?09:24
Saviqtvoss_, yes09:24
tvoss_Saviq, I think we should put it on the roadmap09:24
Saviqtvoss_, and I still don't know how we can communicate with the app for that (and other questions the shell might need to ask the app)09:25
Saviqtvoss_, I've asked many times, didn't get no answer09:25
Saviqwe == shell09:25
popeym-b-o: i dont see that issue. do you not get the launcher when you pull in from left?09:26
popeyi upgraded then rebooted and it's fine09:26
tvoss_Saviq, ack. I was wondering if it would make sense for the shell to "own" the device rotation system setting, with apps listening to it09:26
tvoss_s/system setting/system property09:26
Saviqtvoss_, still, what if the app doesn't support the orientation you've locked in?09:27
tvoss_Saviq, up to the app to not react to it09:27
Saviqtvoss_, let me find a doc09:28
tvoss_Saviq, ack09:28
ogra_ah, there is the image09:28
m-b-opopey: I can't turn on the screen anymore, when it's gone black after idling.09:33
popeym-b-o: can you adb shell in over usb and see if unity8 is running?09:33
m-b-opopey: and I can't turn of the screen when using on/off button. it fallsback to the lock screen, the screen dimms some times and turns off09:33
m-b-ounity8 is running09:34
m-b-oand when i click the on/off button, cpu load is on unity809:34
popeyif you adb shell in and look in /home/phablet/.ubuntu-session/logs - anything interesting?09:35
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m-b-opopey: nope09:37
popeym-b-o: rebooted it?09:37
m-b-oseveral times. only came up after some persuasion and after the battery was removed09:39
popeyyou are using the latest flipped image?09:40
popeyi.e. when you "adb shell" you get an ubuntu root prompt, not an android one?09:40
m-b-ohaven't tried adb, was ssh'ing09:41
popeyah ok09:41
m-b-opopey: have a gnex. using on/off key, screen falls back to lock screen instead of getting switched off. can swipe away lockscreen. when on lockscreen and doing nothing, screens dimms slowly before getting switched off09:45
popeyogra_: does your gnex do the above after an apt-get upgrade?09:45
m-b-oimage is from end of last week, flashed via twrp09:46
popeyyou probably want to flash newer, 20130710 - or wait for todays image a bit later09:46
ogra_the powerd upstart job moved today09:46
popeyoh, todays image arrived09:46
* popey flashes09:47
ogra_i said so above, but didnt ping you, sorry09:47
popeyso you did09:47
popeyogra_: out of interest, what will we do at weekends, still flash and manually move to current? (I am happy to do that)09:54
ogra_hmm, good question09:54
popeygiven saturday image may well have friday crack / fun in it09:54
popeyand for some saturday is a good day to flash09:54
ogra_well, i hope we wont have to do that for more than one weekend09:54
popeyyou're expecting automation?09:55
ogra_i know plars_ is working on fixing automated testing09:55
popeyhappy to do it until that happens09:55
ogra_there are a few parts missing on the build side too ... i'm just trying to fix them09:55
rickspencer3\o/ German SIM with PIN is working!10:00
popeyogra_: flashed 20130711 to mako, made phone call, browsed web, started some apps okay10:01
popeyhowever I am now seeing what m-b-o reported10:02
ogra_rickspencer3, yay10:02
popeycan't wake/unlock the phone from slumber10:02
ogra_check syslog for powerd10:02
ogra_(and check if powerd runs at all)10:02
popeydmesg | grep powerd returns blank10:02
popeyJul 11 09:55:28 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [    1.225118] sp_tx_vbus_powerdown: 3.3V output disabled10:03
popeyJul 11 09:55:28 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [    1.283290] sp_tx_hardware_powerdown: anx7808 power down10:03
popeyJul 11 09:55:49 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [   26.221455] init: powerd main process (446) killed by SEGV signal10:03
popeyJul 11 09:55:49 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [   26.257836] init: powerd main process ended, respawning10:03
popeyJul 11 09:55:50 ubuntu-phablet powerd[1133]: Using backlight at /sys/devices/i2c-0/0-0038/backlight/lm353010:03
popeysame on nexus 710:03
ogra_do you see it in the pprocesslist ?10:05
ogra_it seems to have respawned10:05
popeyroot      1133  0.0  0.2  71624  5404 ?        Ssl  09:55   0:00 /usr/bin/powerd10:05
ogra_hmm, thats weird10:05
popeyto track it10:06
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1200156 in touch-preview-images "Can't wake phone from sleep" [Undecided,New]10:06
ogra_i used to ship a powerd.override job before ... but that was completely moved over into powerd now10:06
popeywonder who got bug 120000010:06
ubot5bug 1200000 in Midori "about:version should include activated extensions" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120000010:06
ogra_it shold behave exactly the same still10:07
davmor2ogra_, popey: is there an issue with network manager?  Since the 3g auto connect thing has been in place the wifi list hasn't been populated. Or has been but sporadically10:07
jodhpopey: anything useful in /var/log/upstart/powerd.log ?10:07
popey__pthread_gettid -210:07
popey__pthread_gettid -210:07
* ogra_ waits for his flash to finish10:09
popeydavmor2: can't tell right now as my phone is a bit borked10:09
popeym-b-o: could you confirm bug 120015610:10
ubot5bug 1200156 in touch-preview-images "Can't wake phone from sleep" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120015610:10
davmor2popey: is that a hint not to upgrade this morning10:10
m-b-opopey: yes10:10
davmor2popey: thanks for the hint I was going to flash my devices after reading emails :)10:11
popeyalways worth checking in here first ☻10:11
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mcuteHi guys,anyone knows when the phone function is going to be usable in denmark ?10:13
popeymcute: should work in any region that has GSM10:14
gemapopey: then that bug's important is quite high, I'd say critical10:14
mcutei can recieve calls, but cant make them :)10:14
gemamcute: what is the problem with making a call, are you trying to call a normal number or a services number?10:15
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davmor2gema: Naaaaaaaaaaaaa it's only a flesh wound10:15
popeygema: fixed10:15
=== valleycat is now known as arya
gemapopey: it's fixed?! that was quick :D10:15
popeyi wish10:16
mcutea normal cell number..it just goes to voicemail, no matter who i'm calling10:16
gemamcute: what happens when you call a home number?10:16
mcutedidn't try that, don't know anyone that uses one : )10:17
gemamcute: haha, can you tell me what image you are using?10:17
mcutedon't recall the version number, but its for the n4/mako10:18
ogra_when did you flash it ?10:18
mcuteand it was a week ago i had it on10:18
popeymcute: phone me! :D10:18
popeyNote: I am not in Denmark.10:19
mcutei did talk on the phone while using it...but coldn't make a call, straight to voicemail and then they would call back10:20
ogra_k, doesnt suspend here either on maguro10:20
ogra_restarting powerd doesnt help apparently10:21
ogra_i doubt it is related to the upstart job10:21
gemaogra_: needed to talk to you about the manual testing you guys are doing and was wondering if we could automate that and hook those tests to the publication of the images like we do with desktop10:22
gemaogra_: it'd help to know everything you guys are verifying as a minimum10:22
ogra_gema, i think plars_ was already working on it10:22
gemaogra_: yes he is, the problem is that I don't think our default tests as they are cover all you need10:23
ogra_gema, flashing, booting, starting an app and looking around if the shell is populated is what i do10:23
gemaor I don't know if they do, rather10:23
ogra_i guess popey also tries a call10:23
m-b-oogra_: what action should get triggered when pressing on/off key?10:23
gemauhmmm... maybe we should add the phone-app tests to the default job that'll run on every image10:24
ogra_m-b-o, powerd should recieve a message via dbus and switch the backlight on/off (and some other stuff)10:24
popeyi called earlier, yes10:24
popeyit worked but the phone app was very laggy10:24
ogra_gema, i think there is a test suite for the coreapps, when we had a broken image recently they properly all failed for asac10:25
ogra_i guess that would be a good one to run10:25
ogra_beyond that, my tests are very visual (check if the lenses in the shell are all populated for example) not sure how to automate that10:26
gemaogra_: there's several for the core apps10:26
popeywe're mostly doing shakedown tests10:26
popeyto make sure it's not catastrophically broken10:26
popeytoday i flashed, booted, launched 5 apps, dialled a number, made sure internet worked10:26
gemapopey: whenever we switch to automating checking, we may miss some of the things you guys are checking until all the tests are working properly10:27
popeyi dont plan on stopping doing my daily shakedown10:27
gemabecause I'd like to hook them up to stop images only when we are happy that they work as expected most of the time10:27
popeyI've been doing them for weeks already10:27
gemapopey: yeah, but if we hook up the automated tests to daily images they'll get published based on jenkins' feeling, not your testing10:27
gemapopey: even though you can continue to do your testing afterwards10:28
gemayou may find some problem has escaped us10:28
popeywell maybe we should throw some deliberately broken images at jenkins and see whether it passes them or not10:28
popeye.g. todays and 2013070910:28
popeybecause if it passes really bad images then i dont think it can be trusted to gate the images10:29
gemapopey: http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/smokeng/saucy/10:29
* popey has a mirror of past images you can throw at jenkins:- http://popey.mooo.com/mirror/10:29
gemait does10:29
gemawell, today's results are not there yet10:29
popeywow look at all those passes for 2013070910:29
popeythus proving my point10:29
gemapopey: yes10:29
gemaand my worry10:30
popeythat should have red lights on it10:30
gemathat's why I want to improve those tests10:30
popeyergo we should not trust it yet10:30
gemapopey: what was broken on the 9th image?10:30
popeyI'd be happy to video myself doing a morning test so you can see exactly what I do, because I may not describe it well ☻10:30
ogra_gema, the shell10:30
popeyshell didn't show any dynamic content10:30
gemapopey: that'd be super useful10:30
popeyalright, will video it tomottow10:31
=== schwuk_away is now known as schwuk
gemapopey: ack10:31
davmor2gema: I do a heavier shakedown on an evening as I use the galaxy nexus and n7 as my daily devices where I can.10:32
davmor2I miss youtube play back though :)10:32
gemadavmor2: that's good, I need to make sure you don't get broken and your evening entertainment obscured by bugs then :P10:33
gemadavmor2: although you being you, you'll find other bugs :)10:33
=== chriadam is now known as chriadam|away
davmor2gema: It's me they could say it was perfect and I'd find the only bug :)10:33
gemadavmor2: yep, and I'd find the one after you no problem :P10:34
davmor2gema: hahaha10:35
popeythis is true10:35
pete-woodsdpm: hi! Regarding the docs you uploaded for me yesterday - do they update automatically with distro releases of the -doc package?10:38
=== dandrader is now known as dandrader|afk
xnoxogra_: coloured output of android build looks "funny" in launchpad build logs.... =) but waiting for it to build and hopefully not fail like last time.10:43
ogra_xnox, yay10:44
popeyogra_: who should we poke with that bug?10:44
ogra_popey, working on it10:44
ogra_gimme a few reboots more10:45
* popey reboots ogra_ 10:45
* popey hopes we have backups10:45
xnoxogra_: it takes 23minutes here. I'll give distro builders 1.5h10:48
ogra_well, you corss build, dont you ?10:48
katiepopey, hi, i've updated my phablet-tools but still getting similar error http://paste.ubuntu.com/5864505/10:49
xnoxogra_: yeah.10:50
xnoxkatie: oohh mako. I could try flashing yours manually here.10:50
katiexnox., that would be great.. are you in the office?10:51
xnoxkatie, yeap =)10:51
ogra_env QT_QPA_PLATFORM=hybris10:51
ogra_env ANDROID_ROOT=/system10:51
ogra_popey, ^^ add these two to the upstart job10:51
ogra_then reboot10:51
popeyogra_: which upstart job?10:52
=== SkavenXXI-[OFF] is now known as SkavenXXI
m-b-oogra_: popey: this fixes it10:54
popeynice one m-b-o10:55
=== dandrader|afk is now known as dandrader
djjeffdoes ubuntu touch require android/cyanogenmod to run?10:55
djjeffor can it run as a stand alone10:55
ogra_djjeff, it uses the drivers (and some services) from android10:55
djjeffsounds kinda lame10:56
djjeffit should have been built from the ground up10:56
djjeffbecause each time a new ubuntu touch comes out10:56
djjeffwould you not have to upgrade cyanogenmod as well10:56
popeyogra_: yup, that did it10:56
ogra_djjeff, well, yeah, then we would have supported exactly the one phone for which we would have drivers10:57
ogra_djjeff, if yu can show me one that actually *has* linux (not android) drivers10:57
ogra_popey, great, uploading a fix10:57
popeyneo freerunner ㋛10:57
djjeffcould we find linux drivers for my hardware10:58
popeymanufacturers generally dont make them, so no10:58
djjeffI have samsung galaxy tab 10.1 (p4wifi)10:58
djjeffI was able to get raring to work on p4wifi10:58
djjeffbut not saucy10:58
djjeffbecause the cyanogenmod is out of date now?10:58
=== chihchun is now known as chihchun_afk
xnoxogra_: so katie's mako is unflipped, and it doesn't have enough space on /data to flash it.11:01
ogra_djjeff, you wont find any drivers except android ones for your tablet (nor for most usable other phones ... ) there is a reason we picked that path ...11:01
ogra_djjeff, ping the person that does the port for your device, porters need to regulary rebuild if we change code11:02
djjeffthe porter for the p4wifi is missing11:03
ogra_popey, i uploaded a workaround but didnt touch powerd itself, can you assign the bug to mfisch and tell him about the two vars in there11:03
djjeffcant reach them11:03
ogra_well, alternatively you could try porting yourself11:04
djjeffis it easy to port?11:04
ogra_see the wikipage from the channel topic it has a step by step porting guide11:04
djjeffcould I take a nightly image of cyanogenmod and port it over quickly?11:04
ogra_you need to port the source11:05
ogra_we dont use 90% of cyanogenmod ... as i said, literally only the drivers and some services that make use of them11:05
ogra_(sensors, graphics drivers etc)11:05
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|errands
djjeffso why would raring work on my p4wifi11:07
djjeffand saucy just show black screen11:07
djjeffdoes not make sense11:07
ogra_sure it does11:08
ogra_the bridging library that is used for communicating with android (libhybris) lives on both, ubuntu and android11:08
djjeffI dont have android installed11:08
ogra_if it gets updated on the ubuntu side, the android side needs to be updated accordingly11:08
djjeffonly cyanogenmod11:08
ogra_you are aware that cyanogenmod *is* android ?11:09
djjeffwhere in cyanogenmod do I need to update is there a guide11:09
ogra_just differently built11:09
ogra_yes, see the channel topic, there is a porting guide11:09
djjeffcyanogenmod lives in /system11:09
ogra_the patched android/cyanogenmod tree needs to be rebuilt regulary11:10
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|lunch
ogra_every time libhybris changes in the ubuntu side11:10
djjeffis there a prebuilt cyanogenmod that I can download somewhere?11:11
ogra_yes, the one done by the porter11:11
ogra_but as you already noticed he didnt updatte since raring11:11
ogra_so reach oout to him and make him rebuild it11:12
ogra_i see his contact info linked on the wiki11:12
ogra_just contact him11:12
ogra_xnox, then katie needs to make some room :)11:15
ogra_(just a guess though :) )11:16
asacogra_: we ran through all apps (core and default) to ge ta feel11:39
asaceven wit h new image the outlook is gloomy :)... i hope folks have run them on their own and are working on it11:39
xnoxogra_: 41 minutes, done https://launchpad.net/~canonical-foundations/+archive/upstart-daily/+build/478583111:42
xnoxogra_: I have no clue if those are flashable at all, though =)11:42
* ogra_ takes a look at the build log11:42
ogra_the output looks promising at least :)11:43
ogra_i'll do some tests later, still busy getting the buildstamp into our rootfs atm ... seems thats what blocks automated testing11:44
xnoxogra_: the ppa for that package is https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-toolchain/+archive/android/+packages11:45
xnoxogra_: i'm off to launch and fix up installer. Will try to test them as well.11:45
ogra_are the binary blobs supposed to be in there ?11:46
xnoxogra_: they are.11:46
xnoxogra_: they are there, no idea if they are suppose to be or not.11:46
xnoxtarball is still 500M =( and the images/zips include/embed kernel, not sure how good or bad that is.11:47
ogra_well, they kind of have to11:48
ogra_oh, you mean you dont pull the kernel packages dynamically atm ?11:49
WebbyITHi balloons :) Can you help me? I'm following the autopilot tutorial, but I have an error when I try to launch it http://paste.ubuntu.com/5864665/11:52
m-b-oWebbyIT: remove the / at the end, should only be the name CurrencyConverter11:57
WebbyITm-b-o: thanks :)12:04
=== Namidairo is now known as Namidairo`bnc
m-b-oWebbyIT: you can even call "autopilot list" to get a list of all available tests, so you can run a single test if you want12:06
=== Namidairo`bnc is now known as Namidairo
WebbyITm-b-o: cool! Thanks12:08
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
djjeffwhat is ifconfig "dummy0"12:21
djjeffand "sit0"12:21
xnoxogra_: dynamically pulls kernels, hybris, platform-api at build time.12:23
xnoxogra_: blobs are in the "upstream" orig tarball.12:23
ogra_popey, new image build running ... we should have something to test in ~1h12:26
xnox \o/12:33
popeyogra_: sweet!12:33
sil2100didrocks: I need advice regarding the autopilot-touch issue... I cannot make the python-ubuntu-platform-api dependency arch-specific, because autopilot-touch is a python package with arch: all, while I would feel dirty making an python package arch: armhf12:56
sil2100didrocks: since theoretically a touch device can be also i386, not only armhf :|12:56
sil2100didrocks: so maybe some Suggests/Recommends instead as it was before?12:56
sil2100It would be good if python-upa would at least provide some stubs for non-armhf archs12:57
sil2100didrocks: so maybe modifying python-upa to also provide some dummies for non-arm?12:58
didrockssil2100: yeah, I think it's the right approach12:59
didrocksso upa for all archs, dummies (until we have stubs) for !armhf12:59
=== _salem is now known as salem_
ogra_asac, hrm, phonedations has the daily standup at 17:00 ... not sure that time for the CI forum will fly so well13:22
=== alan_g|errands is now known as alan_g
asacogra_: this will be once a month most likely13:29
asaci elieve you guys should skip the standup for this purpose13:29
asacthere is not much flexibility13:29
ogra_yeah, thats fine13:29
ogra_i thought it was weekly13:29
asacwith all those key people that are always overbooked13:29
asacwell for now its a one time thing.13:29
asacthen we can agree13:30
asaci believe it will be monthly or so13:30
ogra_popey, new image should be up13:30
asacbecause its aligning13:30
asacand also want that people can come back with presentations etc.13:30
ogra_ughm, presentations ?13:30
ogra_you are turning into a manager !13:31
asacpresentatkions == proposals13:31
asachowever, the guy can present it without using hands and legs13:31
asaci dont know how it will work, but i assue we will identify problems first13:32
asacand then have tasks that folks come back with proposals/ideas so we can talk about them etc.13:32
asacpresentations dont need to be slides :)13:32
ogra_heh, so i can dance my proposal too ?13:32
ogra_like a waldorf student ... :)13:33
popeyogra_: ok13:39
sforsheeogra_, popey: MR for the powerd bug - https://code.launchpad.net/~sforshee/powerd/fix-power-button/+merge/17420313:49
ogra_sforshee, still missing one13:50
ogra_env QT_QPA_PLATFORM=hybris13:50
sforsheeogra_: when I tested I didn't need it13:50
sforsheepowerd doesn't use QT at all13:50
ogra_well, it doesnt work here if i only set one13:51
sforsheebut if you say it's really necessary I'll add it13:51
sforsheeall right13:51
ogra_i tried with about 700 reboots (felt)13:51
sforsheeogra_: which device?13:51
popeyphone app is so laggy13:51
mfischpopey: whats wrong with upstart13:51
ogra_mfisch, upstart is fine13:51
* popey points mfisch at ogra_ 13:51
ogra_mfisch, but you dropped to many env vars13:52
ogra_sforshee, i dont think the var has much to do with Qt ... but with telling the platform api to talk to hybris13:52
sforsheeogra_: then it seems poorly named13:53
ogra_definitely :)13:53
sforsheeanyway, I'll add it just to be on the safe side13:53
ogra_i guess rsalveti can tell us more about it ... or ricmm_13:53
popeyogra_: 20130711.1 seems good to me13:53
ogra_still syncing13:53
ogra_but if powerd DTRT for you i think i can just mark it good ... i dont expect regressions on maguro13:54
didrockssil2100: have you proposed the python-upa change?13:55
ogra_ah, my sync is done13:55
=== dandrader is now known as dandrader|lunch
=== achiang` is now known as achiang
sil2100didrocks: uno momento14:01
ogra_popey, 20130711.1 maked good14:03
ogra_(maguro is fine too)14:03
popeynice one14:03
mfischSaviq: whats the eta for the dash search to be enabled?14:03
Saviqmfisch, I'd say just over a week14:04
Saviqmfisch, so around midweek 3014:04
mhall119fginther: would it be possible to build the core apps for Precise?14:05
sforsheeogra_, mfisch: MR has been updated14:05
fginthermhall119, we can add that14:05
mhall119thanks fginther14:06
sforsheeogra_: the power button still worked for me on maguro without the QT var, but better safe than sorry I guess14:06
fginthermhall119, assuming thing build :-)14:06
mhall119I wonder if there's any purpose in keeping quantal builds of the core apps14:06
ogra_well, let me drop it again14:06
mfischSaviq: great, thanks14:06
fginthermhall119, dropping quantal would probably be a good idea, save some lp resources14:07
popeyquantal is a supported release14:07
sforsheeogra_: the only caveat is that my image was a few days old, I'm downloading today's right now14:07
mhall119is it still?14:07
ogra_wow, my maguro is in a reboot loop14:08
fgintherpopey, we can keep it :-)14:08
popeymhall119: till 14.04 surely?14:09
popey18 months14:09
mhall119I thought we started 9 months with quantal, or was it raring?14:09
popeythe wiki never lies14:09
ogra_apw, rtg, do you guys have a bug for this one http://paste.ubuntu.com/5865023/ ?14:09
ogra_sforshee, weird ... seems to work with the var dropped this time14:10
pipedreampurdy pictures https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTS of release dates14:10
rtgogra_, nope14:11
apwogra_, not seen that one before14:11
apwppisati, ^^ have you seen that one ?14:11
ogra_sforshee, drop it, no idea why it works now without it ... it definitely didnt before, i tried several times14:12
ppisatiapw: nope, first time14:12
ogra_apw, could be alsa on the ubuntu side ... i had it before but didnnt file a bug14:12
apwogra_, so intermittent then14:12
ogra_(alsa being the trigger when loading the config ... but the asoc driver should still not kill the phone imho)14:13
mhall119rsalveti: https://code.launchpad.net/~mhall119/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu-touch-sudoku-rename/+merge/173729 needs to land now, the new packages are in the PPA14:13
ogra_it causes a hard reboot14:13
mhall119rsalveti: also, ubuntu-calendar-app has been renamed to calendar-app14:13
apwrtg, so it seems panic of any kind is a hard re14:13
apwreboot, i guess that is a deliberate thing cause phones don't have a real hard reset14:14
rtgapw, NULL derefs certainly seem so14:14
ogra_apw, the good thing is that you have the ram console so you can check the dmesg from the crashed boot14:14
ogra_(thats where i fished out the log)14:15
ogra_but yeah, android kernels are all set to automatically reboot on panic14:15
ogra_you can force that off via sysfs if you like your phone to hang :)14:15
ogra_plars_, tell me if you are around14:16
=== plars_ is now known as plars
plarsogra_: hi14:16
ogra_plars, hey, so the change we made that IS had to apply wasnt complete14:17
plarsogra_: ok, any estimate on when we might be able to get the build stamp in that way?14:17
ogra_i'm just working on a fix for this ... that should be in livecd-rootfs today ... but will again have to wait for IS14:17
plarsogra_: understand14:17
ogra_so it depends on how fast IS processes the RT14:18
ogra_last time took three days or so14:18
plarsogra_: how about the way images move to pending? does the directory get created, and they are copied in as we get them, or do we copy them all, then flip the name of the directory all at once? Something else?14:18
plarsogra_: this is about the other problem I'm having, where I see the md5sum file change, but the images aren't quite available yet14:19
ogra_i think atm it is a symlink14:19
plarsok, so it *should* all be available as soon as one file changes I would think14:19
ogra_which gets moved to /current if the tests succeed14:19
ogra_but it doesnt have to be a symlink ...14:19
plarsogra_: well, not yet... at the moment it should be going to both current and pending14:19
ogra_no, we stopped that after a few desasters with unusable images14:20
plarsogra_: but we have to make sure it all works reliably, then we turn on another job that tells it to make the link in current if everything passes14:20
ogra_a new build only goes to pending atm14:20
ogra_i manually release it once we manually tested it14:20
plarsogra_: ok, that wasn't coming from me then, not sure who was doing that14:20
ogra_i think the hooks into your side are in place14:20
ogra_afaik cjwatson added them a while ago14:21
ogra_but we were overriding them or so, so it just went to both (pending and current)14:21
ogra_this was changed this week14:21
plarsogra_: but right now we still see lots of silly failures, for instance the first image that came out today, it saw the 20130711 image show up and downloaded the 20130710 image instead (this is the problem I was just talking about)14:22
plarson top of that, it failed because phablet-flash got 404 trying to download the image14:22
ogra_plars, i dont get why14:23
cjwatsonogra_: is the build-stamp you're trying to pass through livecd-rootfs *just* for outputting a file in the publication directory?14:23
ogra_20130711 was never released to /current14:23
plarsogra_: I look in pending14:23
ogra_cjwatson, and for the in-image /var/log/installer/media-info14:23
cjwatsonah, ok, so it does need to go through livecd-rootfs14:24
ogra_cjwatson, this part works fine ...14:24
cjwatsonyou shouldn't need to wait for that to put it in the cdimage output directory though :)14:24
plarsogra_: because if I'm not testing from pending, then we'll never get to where we can call the script to copy to current once it works reliably14:24
ogra_but i'm struggling with the .id atm since my testbuiolds fail all the time due to different issues14:24
cjwatsonogra_: I could take care of the .id bit14:24
ogra_cjwatson, no, i dont14:24
ogra_cjwatson, ok, then let me upload the media-info stuff14:24
cjwatsonplars: pending is flipped atomically on the cdimage master, but there's no way for us to sync it atomically to cdimage.u.c (which is a mirror)14:25
ogra_thats definitely working and tested now14:25
ogra_cjwatson, it isnt flipped automatically atm14:25
cjwatsonogra_: pending, not current.  please let me finish explaining this :)14:25
cjwatsonI'm not talking about what you think I'm talking about ...14:26
* ogra_ is quiet14:26
cjwatsonplars: so there is certainly a race from your side when you notice an update in jenkins.  One suggestion I made to gema on Tuesday was that you could use a rather careful rsync call to find out what the pending symlink points to, and then rsync from that directory, to eliminate the race14:26
cjwatsonplars: but I'm not sure if that's totally right.  It's a tricky one14:27
plarscjwatson: what's odd, is that we watch the same file for smoke testing on x86 images without seeing this problem14:27
cjwatsonplars: it's a race, you'll only get unlucky sometimes14:28
plarscjwatson: is there some difference in the way touch images get into pending vs x86 images?14:28
cjwatsonplars: no, just luck14:28
plarswe get unlucky often on touch imgaes, and I don't recall ever seeing this in x86 smoke testing is all14:28
cjwatsonplars: it just depends on whether you happen to rsync at the time when cdimage.u.c is populating14:28
cjwatsonIt could be size-dependent, or time-of-day-dependent, or ...14:28
cjwatsonThere's no fundamental difference that I can think of in play, and the reason I suspect you're seeing this would apply to both14:29
cjwatsonIt might well also be that this *is* happening to you sometimes on x86, but it's generally not causing failures so you don't notice14:29
cjwatsonBut phablet-flash is probably more pernickety14:30
alecucjwatson: hi! I'm trying to figure out how to get the list of installed click packages.14:30
cjwatsonalecu: you can't yet14:30
cjwatsonalecu: I'm putting all that stuff together at the moment14:31
stgraberogra_, rsalveti, cjwatson, slangasek: So looks like I resolved the last bug in my import-cdimage script, I have now added it to cron on nusakan (running once an hour), so touch images should automatically get converted and published to system-image.u.c14:31
alecucjwatson: I need something like that in the "available-to-install click pakcages scope", to filter out the ones that are already installed.14:31
alecucjwatson: ah, great.14:31
cjwatsonalecu: I'll have it for you by next week or so - it'll be "click list", or probably a PackageKit-based D-Bus call14:31
alecucjwatson: sounds good14:32
cjwatsonplars: the other (simpler in software, more complex in deployment) possibility is for you to ask for access to rsync directly from nusakan rather than from cdimage.ubuntu.com14:33
cjwatsonplars: that way you wouldn't have to cope with non-atomic updates of the pending symlink14:34
plarscjwatson: well, I'm using the phablet-tools to deploy these devices. so rsyncing wouldn't help me much unfortunately14:34
plarsphablet-flash pulls over http14:34
plarsand I don't think it currently allows you to specify another location14:34
cjwatsonplars: You could just spin until the directory is fully populated, I suppose ...14:35
cjwatsonOr we could see if IS can improve the way their mirroring of cdimage works, with a two-pass sync or something14:35
slangasekstgraber: nice!14:35
plarscjwatson: yeah, I'm trying to see if there's something more deterministic I can use to be sure it's ready, I haven't actually *seen* it in this state, I'm just going by what I see happening after the job runs14:36
cjwatsonstgraber: Great, thanks14:36
cjwatsonplars: I often see the directory semi-populated just after a push14:36
cjwatsonThough the older images are more usually missing than old14:36
cjwatsonOh, but there are multiple cdimage.u.c servers - one IPv4, three IPv614:37
cjwatson(at the moment, it varies)14:37
cjwatsonSo really, you can't guarantee that multiple requests will go to the same one14:37
cjwatsonSo I think the only reliable approach is:14:37
cjwatson (a) rsync -l the pending symlink, readlink it to find out what the build ID is14:38
cjwatson (b) pass that build ID to phablet-flash14:38
ogra_cjwatson, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5865116/ ... just for a final eyballing14:38
cjwatson (c) make sure phablet-flash retries a few times if the file is missing (perhaps)14:38
cjwatsonogra_: Looks OK, but delete the useless NOW=${NOW} visible in that patch context14:39
mhall119sergiusens: ping14:41
sergiusensmhall119: pong14:41
mhall119hey, the click packaging for the core apps, is that something that should live in the bzr branch for the project?14:41
sergiusensmhall119: ideally yes, at least the manifests ... today the whole infra depends on the debian packaging though14:42
sergiusensso I strip that out on _build_ time14:43
cjwatsonmhall119: It's like one file14:43
cjwatsonI shouldn't expect it would be painful to include even if it's ignored ...14:43
sergiusenscjwatson: mhall119 I plan to MR it in14:43
davmor2popey: is it safe to reflash now?14:45
mhall119sergiusens: cool, I'm looking forward to seeing click stuff in action14:45
popeydavmor2: yes14:46
mhall119cjwatson: will we be able to host click packages in a PPA?14:46
ogra_mhall119, popey, what happened to sudokutouchgame ?14:46
mhall119ogra_: it's now called sudoku-app14:46
mhall119ogra_: https://code.launchpad.net/~mhall119/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu-touch-sudoku-rename/+merge/17372914:46
ogra_would be nice if someone could reflect that in the seeds in the future14:46
mhall119ogra_: see above MP14:47
cjwatsonmhall119: Not currently planned14:47
davmor2popey: ta14:47
cjwatsonmhall119: I should think it's possible and we might do it, but probably not for 13.1014:47
ogra_mhall119, oh, thanks14:48
* ogra_ starts over regenerating seeds and meta 14:48
cjwatsonseb128: Do you think https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=66689 is the sort of thing we could apply as a distro patch in advance of upstream taking it, or is that evil?14:51
ubot5Freedesktop bug 66689 in freedesktop.org.xml "Add application/x-click type" [Enhancement,New]14:51
seb128cjwatson, I'm happy to see it distro patched ... do you want me to backport or do you have an upload ready for it?14:52
didrockssil2100: uno momento finished? ;)14:52
cjwatsonseb128: I don't have an upload ready, sorry14:52
seb128cjwatson, no worry, let me do it, that will do a nice change of the qt stuff I'm banging my head against for an hour ;-)14:53
sil2100didrocks: yes, well, basically ;p I had a chat with kenvandine and seb128 and I made it differently ;)14:53
sil2100Since the dummy-package idea was not so clean when trying to use the same source package, so seb128 recommended this14:53
sil2100He said it's fine that we're Arch: any!14:53
didrocksseb128: sneaky :p14:54
seb128didrocks, roh?14:54
seb128didrocks, that's the easiest way imho :p14:55
xnoxI think there should be people around here who'd know =) so I'm looking at the indicators-client to "borrow" the networking plugin into the system settings, it looks like it's wrapped with a ChewieUI, how would that integrate into the system settings app?14:55
didrockssil2100: seb128: I'm fine with that, I would prefer the dummy package approach, but anyway, it's not the first one :)14:55
cjwatsonseb128: heh14:55
xnoxis there a generic "load in a chewie" the design is slightly different, thus some tweaks are needed in the settings instead of the indicator.14:55
xnoxfurthermore, i'd need the same component again for out-of-the-box app =)14:55
sil2100didrocks: I wanted one too! But to make it non-hacky, I would have to create a separate source package or hack the debian/rules with if-conditionals for architecture detection ;p Which looked uglyyy14:56
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|tea
didrockssil2100: or having a .install.armhf -> .install in debian/rules14:57
sil2100didrocks: it would still try building the armhf bits on non-armhf14:57
sil2100We would have to ifdef the sources then ;p14:57
cyphermoxstgraber: you're still working on the mountpoints stuff?14:59
cyphermoxrsalveti: ^14:59
didrockssil2100: or override dh_auto_build14:59
cyphermoxI'd need an extra mount from Android in Ubuntu for the maguro:14:59
didrockssil2100: but yeah, way more complicated, let's go that road :)14:59
cyphermox .  /dev/mmcblk0p3/factoryext4ro,noatime,nodiratime,errors=remount-ro 0 014:59
stgrabercyphermox: in my images, all the android partitions are mounted in /android, so I'd expect /android/factory to exist there15:00
sil2100Let me ask someone from autopilot to approve that15:00
cyphermoxstgraber: on the current images I don't have a /android though15:01
stgrabercyphermox: we can then symlink that to /factory but I'm really annoyed by the polution of / on the touch devices so would really like hybris to get some env variable we can set15:01
cyphermoxstgraber: I'm fine with that15:01
stgrabercyphermox: correct because the current images aren't the loop-mounted ones I'm working on15:01
cyphermoxI'll try to mount it there, and see if I can change the property that needs this15:01
stgraberrsalveti: not to put any more pressure on you but do you have any kind of ETA for being able to tell hybris to look into something other than / for the Android partitions? would be great if we could get rid of the / polution at the same time as we switch to the read-only images15:03
stgraberrsalveti: I guess something like ANDROID_ROOT in the environment would be reasonable with it defaulting to / when unset15:04
stgraberwe'd then need to patch some non-hybris stuff like NM to respect it too but that should be simple enough15:04
ogra_stgraber, lets hope that none of the binary drivers have hardcoded /system in them15:05
stgraberogra_: none of the binary drivers are running in the Ubuntu side15:05
ogra_well they get talked to by userspace apps on the ubuntu side15:05
ogra_see the powerd issues we had today15:05
stgrabersure, but those apps are open source and so can be changed to respect ANDROID_ROOT15:06
ogra_(input wont work if you dont export ANDROID_ROOT=/system)15:06
didrocksstgraber: thanks!15:07
stgraberogra_: ah, ok, bad choice of environment variable name then if ANDROID_ROOT already rexists, maybe ANDROID_PARTITIONS would be better then15:07
didrockssil2100: thanks!15:07
ogra_stgraber, the android input layer seems to expect it that way15:07
didrocksstgraber: thanks you too (for a future request, you owe me one ;))15:07
stgraberdidrocks: ;)15:07
ogra_stgraber, and that is full of binary stuff i think15:07
gemadidrocks: we have the hardware ordered and it will be in the lab tomorrow, in the meantime we are preparing a machine for you to have your devices hooked to15:09
esigoloflashing i9000B15:10
ogra_stgraber, oh and look in the closed channel, seems BT wont work either if you dont have /factory15:10
sil2100didrocks: np, approved by Omer ;)15:10
stgraberogra_: I'm not talking about changing anything to the fs layout in the container, only changing our own bits to look into a different base path (/android instead of /). The only cases where that'd be a problem would be if 1) we get paths from the blobs and just assume they're right or 2) we run binary blobs in the Ubuntu side15:10
didrocksgema: excellent news! thanks :)15:10
ogra_stgraber, i'm not sure if it is so clever to not use the android mountpoint setup on the ubuntu side15:10
ogra_stgraber, well apparently it already causes probs ..15:11
stgraberogra_: well, our current setup looks like a huge hack to me, we basically try to make everyone think that Android and Ubuntu share the same rootfs, and they don't15:11
stgraberit's just a matter of time before we get a path conflict between the two15:12
=== dandrader|lunch is now known as dandrader
stgraberaccessing the Android paths through /android makes this much cleaner and sure we'll find bugs and will need to fix them, but at least we won't have stuff randomly blowing up later and it'll be much much easier to figure out where the various bits are coming from15:13
stgraberslangasek: any opinion? ^15:14
slangasekstgraber: well, personally I don't see why we should rule out having them share the same fs over the long term15:15
ogra_i dont care about the whole FS15:15
ogra_but there are certain paths the blobs assume15:15
slangasekcurrently there are some vaguely-defined issues with Ubuntu and Android colliding on the filesystem... but I think those are solvable over the longer term15:15
ogra_ /system /vendor ... some use /factory15:15
* slangasek nods15:16
ogra_the container can live where you like it15:16
plarsogra_, cjwatson: I'd like to do some tests to make sure that the job for mark-current works for touch images. I'm going to be out next week, so once some other pieces land, if others need to turn it on I'd like all the pieces to be there and working15:16
ogra_but we need to make these paths available15:16
ogra_plars, i'm using mark-current since monday15:16
cjwatsonplars: I've already verified that the cdimage end works, so it's just the communication with your end15:16
ogra_it DTRT when i call it manually at least15:16
stgraberslangasek: the actual list of paths appears to be device-dependent so having those directoriees shipped in the hardware-independent image seems weird to me15:17
plarsogra_: what options do I need to call it with? Can I do it per device? or is it all or nothing?15:17
ogra_mark-current -p ubuntu-touch -s saucy -i daily-preinstalled -a armhf BUILD-ID15:17
plarscjwatson: I was able to call with --help just now, so I know it *can * work, which is nice :)15:17
ogra_(BUILD-ID obviously being the versioned dir)15:17
plarsogra_: so this is going to depend on us getting th proper build-id in any case15:17
stgraberslangasek: my other concern is that with the new partitioning/loop-images, /data != Android's /data (which is actually /data/android-data) so we may get into weird cases if something attempts to use /data thinking it's the same asAndroid's15:17
ogra_plars, which rsync -l will give you15:17
slangasekstgraber: well, I assume that things are not allowed to use /data15:18
slangasekbecause /data is for user data15:18
plarsogra_: and I guess it is all or nothing, so for instance if mako passes and grouper fails, we can't tell it to mark the mako image current15:18
slangasekas for the paths, there may be variation between devices, but isn't the superset of paths used well-defined from the android side? (ogra?)15:18
cjwatsonplars: So it'll be fine then15:18
stgraberslangasek: and then we have the obvious problem (though AFAIK we haven't actually found any of those yet) where something on the Ubuntu side would like to access say /etc/fstab which exists in both15:18
cjwatsonplars: It's all or nothing, yes15:18
plarshmm, I'll have to see how I can check for that15:18
ogra_plars, atm its all or nothing, yeah15:18
plarsI'm sure I can work around it somehow15:19
slangasekstgraber: sorry, I don't understand what you mean15:19
stgraberslangasek: /data seems to be used for way more than userdata in Android... things like wireless firmware and wireless configuration are stored there on the nexus415:19
cjwatsonplars: The various platforms share files, so we can't promote one and not another15:19
ogra_plars, though due to the nature of the image it will be a very very rare case that you have only one broken subarch15:19
ogra_plars, rsync -l rsync://cdimage.ubuntu.com/cdimage/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/|grep pending15:19
plarsogra_, cjwatson: true15:19
ogra_that works for me15:19
slangasekstgraber: well, configuration yes15:19
slangasekstgraber: oh, why is /data != /data?  Is that for the rootfs loop-mount case?15:20
ogra_(might need a different url from the lab indeed ... and some post processing of the output)15:20
=== DrCode_ is now known as DrCode
ogra_slangasek, yeah, it is well defined ... usually the dirs i listed above plus -data15:20
slangasekogra_: is that actually defined in some android filesystem standard, or is it just "these are the only directories seen in the wild so far"?15:21
ogra_slangasek, well, for me its the latter, but i bet there is some kind of policy i just havent read yet :)15:21
slangasekthen that's not "well-defined"15:22
stgraberslangasek: /data is the raw userdata partition, which then contains a bunch of directories (android-data, user-data, system-data, ...) that are then bind-mounted into the right places. Having /data == /data would mean that Android would directly create a dozen entries right at the root of the data partition which may or may not conflicts with some of our entries based on devices and how the binary blobs feel on a specific day15:22
slangasekstgraber: so why are we not doing the same thing with /data on the Ubuntu side that Android does with it?15:23
=== tassadar__ is now known as tassadar_
ogra_stgraber, you are aware that the majority of android drivers expects the subdirs in /data to store theit variable files ?15:23
ogra_and for drivers we use on both sides we will definitely need that15:23
ogra_(we have bits that get initialized in android but managed afterwards in ubuntu)15:24
stgraberogra_: which is exactly why I suggested the ANDROID_MOUNTS (or whathever we call it) environment variable that can point to the location where we have the Android view of those partitions (in my case, /android where /android/data == Android's /data)15:24
ogra_i doubt that will fly15:25
ogra_happy to be proven wrong ... but it sounds a bit like we are artificially introducing problems for FHS cleanness15:25
stgraberslangasek: you mean, let any software create random entries everywhere with no apparent kind of structure? Sure we could do that and hope that we never get any kind of conflict or never have to actually go look at those by hand15:26
ogra_Mir wont start if you dont have the EGL/GLES libs in the right place15:26
ogra_(which is underneath /vendor)15:26
slangasekstgraber: I mean, why is Ubuntu's /data anything different from Android's /data?  I don't see why they wouldn't be the same *by definition*, given that /data as a mountpoint only exists for Android compatibility15:27
ogra_BT seems to expect /factory to be able to do stuff15:27
stgraberogra_: and if Mir is made to respect ANDROID_MOUNTS, it'll look into $ANDROID_MOUNTS/vendor which will perfectly work15:27
slangasekso if we're mounting something at Ubuntu's /data that we're concerned about being polluted by android... then we have the wrong thing mounted at /data15:27
ogra_stgraber, and the blobs ?15:27
ogra_stgraber, they run on both sides15:27
ogra_initialized on android, used on ubuntu15:27
slangasekstgraber: right, the GL drivers themselves may need filesystem access according to Android's layout.15:28
stgraberhmm, right, I mentioned that as being a blocker earlier, if we do run binary blobs in Ubuntu (and not in the Android container) that hardcode those paths, then we indeed can't do it15:28
slangasekwe certainly do15:28
=== alan_g|tea is now known as alan_g
ogra_stgraber, thats what i meant :)15:29
stgraberok, I'll have to do a few changes then, basically stop using /data as the userdata mount point, instead use /userdata and make /data a symlink to /userdata/android-data, same of all the other random bits from Android15:31
ogra_we could probably route all EGL through hybris but i bet that would have quite some performance impact15:31
* stgraber starts changing lxc-android-config and initramfs-tools-ubuntu-touch for that15:32
stgraberogra_: /cache, /data, /factory, /firmware, /persist, /system, /vendor15:35
stgraberogra_: anything I missed?15:35
stgrabernote that if a path doesn't exist, those will be dangling symlinks15:35
stgraber(so /factory at least will be a dangling symlink on mako)15:36
ogra_stgraber, not from the top of my head15:36
ogra_yeah, some are device specific15:36
ogra_mako has some others thogh ... that we didnt need yet15:36
stgraberogra_: not that are listed in its fstab, the mako fstab only contains cache, data, firmware, persist and system15:37
ogra_ah, fine then15:37
dpmhi sergiusens, I just noticed your announcement about "Initial click packages for all community core apps have been created and added to Jenkins, next step is to land on the image." Good work! Is there anything we should bear in mind/change in terms of how the core apps are built in our daily PPA? How and where are the click packages being generated?15:44
sergiusensdpm: click today has no PPA concept, right now they are all here: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/search/?q=click15:45
sergiusensdpm: I pick them up from trunk daily. Today our testing strategy depends on generation autopilot debian packages, we probably need a migration path away from that to strip out the debian stuff from there (should be simple)15:46
sergiusensI also modify (on the fly) the desktop files to remove the hardocded paths15:46
stgraberogra_: uploaded both lxc-android-config and initramfs-tools-ubuntu-touch15:47
sergiusensbut in the end that would need integration with upstart user sessions15:47
ogra_stgraber, thanks15:47
zoktaris there a way to check battery status from an ssh login ?15:48
dpmsergiusens, ok, cool. Let us know if we need to change anything in trunk to make it easier to generate the click packages15:48
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
dpmpopey, mhall119 ^^15:48
=== _salem is now known as salem_
stgraberogra_: I'll want an image rebuild once everything has published, is it simply a matter of triggering a livefs build from nusakan?15:51
ogra_just grep ubuntu-touch from the crontab15:52
ogra_and make sure someone does the manually testing to set the current symlink right15:52
ogra_*manual testing15:52
ogra_the command for setting pending to current is in /home/ogra/README.mark-current15:53
ogra_just run that of all arches have been tested15:53
stgraberogra_: well, as my changes only affect my images and my importer doesn't look at the pending/current flag, I can also just as well save myself the trouble of testing it on standard flipped and just not marking it as tested16:01
rickspencer3awe_, fwiw you SIM PIN unlock script worked perfectly for me16:02
stgraberbtw, barry's new system-image-cli updating my phone by 4 versions just using deltas: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5865338/16:02
ogra_stgraber, if you rebuild, the new build will be stuck in pending16:02
ogra_stgraber, due to no automated testing happening, every build has to be manually tested16:03
stgraberogra_: sure, and? everyone will keep downloading the old one with phablet-flash and my importer will import it anyway (as it ignores pending/current), what's the problem?16:03
ogra_phablet-flash doesnt use /current yet16:03
ogra_thats why testing is critical until sergiusens fixed that16:04
ogra_so we can at least roll back before to many people have the broken image16:04
elopiojppiiroinen: ping.16:04
stgraberah, ok. I'll ping here for someone to test on standard flipped then16:04
ogra_currently every new build has to be tested manually immediately16:04
ogra_and rolled back if broken16:05
ogra_(of fixed if its fast to fix)16:05
stgrabercjwatson: hey, is there a way to check whether an older build was considered as good by Jenkins (or the manual tool)?16:06
ogra_jenkins doesnt do any tests :) thats the issue16:06
stgrabercjwatson: the reason I ask is that my importer doesn't look at current/pending but instead imports any build ID it didn't see previously, so ideally I'd want to know the testing status for any of those16:06
ogra_stgraber, pull from /current16:07
=== Namidairo is now known as Namidairo`bnc
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
ogra_stgraber, and to see if there is a new build, just compare the last and /currten SHA256SUM16:07
stgraberogra_: not that simple, my tool supports importing a build history, so multiple existing builds. I'd like to know for each of those whether they were considered good.16:08
=== om26er is now known as om26er|afk
mhall119sergiusens: why do you need to modify the .desktop file path?16:08
ogra_you ask for advanced features of a tool that doesnt even work yet :)16:09
mhall119to click packages get installed somewhere else?16:09
stgraberogra_: basically looking for a .marked-good stamp file or similar in the build directory, if we don't have that somewhere, I'll just add it as it's simple and useful (even for non-touch images, so we can know which of the previous builds were considered good)16:09
ogra_stgraber, thats a great idea, do it !16:09
ogra_and no, we dont have that16:09
ogra_the only way to distinguish is /pending vs /current atm16:10
stgraberok, I'll add that then, then it'll be a simple two extra lines of python for my importer to skip any non-tested image16:10
* ogra_ is ouot for 1h16:11
sergiusensmhall119: click packages get installed in /opt/com.ubuntu.click/{APPNAME}/{VERSION}16:11
sergiusensmhall119: remember the /usr will be readonly16:11
mhall119sergiusens: hmmm, is there a way to put an install path variable in the .desktop that the installer will replace with the real path?16:12
sergiusensthe path may change though according to cjwatson16:12
mhall119all the more reason for a variable16:12
sergiusensmhall119: there's supposed to be a hook that does the right provisioning, the strategy for the is still unbeknownst to me16:12
art_can we put ubuntu mobile on gsIII16:16
esigoloi'm trying to boot up after flash and got only a black screen16:22
davmor2ogra_, sergiusens, popey: Muhahaha  todays image includes the nice button that switch off wifi and 3g,  oh except the 3g stays connected here :)16:23
esigolologcat shows failed to read /data/.layout_version16:23
esigologalaxy s i9000B16:23
=== x-ip is now known as pycharm
popeydavmor2: oh, it does?16:28
=== pycharm is now known as x-ip
davmor2popey: you're welcome :)16:30
davmor2popey: just as well you didn't claim it work perfectly right :D16:30
* davmor2 now waits for gema 's bug16:31
davmor2popey: it does weird and wonderful things if you knock both off and only switch the wifi back on too :)16:31
=== Oranger is now known as Chocanto
davmor2popey: can I have a quick reminder on what the command is to take a screenshot please, ta.16:33
pmcgowandavmor2, popey I tried it yesterday and it turned my 3g off for sure16:35
pmcgowanstill getting the latest16:35
=== genii_ is now known as genii
davmor2pmcgowan: I'm on galaxy nexus here if that helps16:40
mhall119ogra_: rsalveti: https://code.launchpad.net/~mhall119/ubuntu-seeds/rename-calendar-app/+merge/17424316:41
popeydavmor2: seeing this? http://popey.com/~alan/device-2013-07-11-174120.png16:41
mhall119ogra_: I'll wait for that to land before deleting the old packages this time :)16:41
popeyNote two "Mobile data" stanzas16:42
cjwatsonstgraber: I'm not sure.  You want plars or somebody I guess ...16:42
cjwatsonstgraber: (cdimage doesn't record any of this except by moving symlinks around)16:42
cjwatsonstgraber: Recording it somewhere other than cdimage/log/mark-current.log is probably reasonable, yes16:43
cjwatsonmhall119: No variables; you should use only relative paths in the .desktop for a Click package.16:43
popeydavmor2: http://popey.com/~alan/device-2013-07-11-174331.png  getting very confused now16:43
mhall119cjwatson: relative to what?16:44
cjwatsonmhall119: (Yes, I know that's against the desktop spec.  The idea is for the real .desktop file with full paths to be generated.)16:44
davmor2popey: I don't get the Wifi names any more just the double mobile switch16:44
cjwatsonmhall119: The app unpack directory.16:44
cjwatsonmhall119: i.e. your top level16:44
popeydavmor2: bug number?16:44
plarscjwatson, stgraber: couldn't we just have mark-current drop that file in the directory when it's called?16:44
davmor2popey: I want to take a screenshot to add to it so I haven't written it yet16:44
cjwatsonplars: Well, sure, mark-current can always log in a more machine-readable way if it wants ...16:44
* popey uses his handy "screenshot.sh" script to take screenshots ☻16:45
cjwatsonOr stgraber could parse cdimage/log/mark-current.log16:45
davmor2popey: hence asking what the command is to take a screenshot16:45
popeyaquarius: oi oi. i need a script like your sss thing which takes an image and stuffs it in U1 and then gives me a sharing url ☻16:45
popeyoh sorry davmor216:45
davmor2popey: but feel free to point me at screenshot.sh by all means16:46
davmor2popey: ta,16:47
aquariuspopey, just a script? that is: you're OK to run it from the command line, say?16:48
popeyaquarius: ya16:51
aquariuspopey, and you're OK with it being python?16:51
popeyi want it on my desktop for when i want to quickly share pics16:51
popeyi dont really care, but!16:51
popeyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/5865478/  that is what mine does16:52
aquariusoh, on your desktop?16:52
popeyi run that and currently then "scp file.png ... " and then give someone the url16:52
popeywhich is all very manual. i want to press a button (or run a script) and it give me a copy/pasteable u1 public url16:52
aquariuspopey, so you have full on U1 running, so "stuff it in U1" can be "copy it to ~/Ubuntu One/pictures", gotcha16:52
popeyits a standard 13.04 machine16:53
stgraberplars: yeah, I'll probably just change mark-current to write a dotfile in the build directory, that way this shouldn't be visible to people browsing cdimage.ubuntu.com but will be easy to find on nusakan without having to do any log parsing16:53
chilicuilgood morning, does anyone know if there is a native sip app for ubuntu touch/ubuntu phone?16:53
popeychilicuil: not yet16:54
popeyaquarius: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5865513/ thats what i do now16:54
pete-woodsdpm: ping16:57
popeyaquarius: feel free to publish your script and take all the credit ㋛16:57
=== SkavenXXI is now known as SkavenXXI-[OFF]
dpmhey pete-woods17:01
pete-woodsdpm: do the published API docs automatically update with distro releases of -doc packages?17:01
aquariuspopey, I'm customising a script I've already published ;)17:02
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOD
dpmpete-woods, for the development release or packages in PPAs, the docs are updated daily at midnight17:02
pete-woodsor do I have to nag (poor) you each time I make a change?17:02
dpmpete-woods, no worries. You only have to nag me if the automatic updates don't happen for any reason :)17:03
pete-woodsdpm: okay, cool, so my docs should automagically update tonight then! nice!17:03
dpmpete-woods, yeah, I could also increase the frequency to hourly instead of daily if that helps you17:04
pete-woodsdpm: it's not a problem - I just wanted to check. It'd be super-fancy if the upload was triggered by the same process that does the distro / PPA releases, though!17:05
dpmpete-woods, in any case, I've just updated them manually for you, so you can check them out earlier, enjoy ;)17:06
pete-woodsdpm: sweet. thanks! :D17:06
mhall119Calculator meeting starting in #ubuntu-touch-meeting17:06
dpmpete-woods, I agree, and I'm all up for automation, but I'm not sure we can hook up the d.u.c server to the release process17:07
davmor2popey: I forgot to ask is it the standard network-manager-applet or something else package wise?17:08
pete-woodsdpm: I'm assuming there there's some good reason for that. I really don't know our infrastructure here at all. I'm used to being the mug who has to (literally) hide a server in the server room to run jenkins, etc, on..17:08
aquariuspopey, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5865546/17:09
dpmpete-woods, no worries :)17:09
davmor2popey: sorry for the delay push a .deb to launchpad at the same time and didn't want to get confused :)17:09
aquariuspopey, er, except, close the triple quoted string on the first lien :)17:10
pmcgowanpopey, I told renato about the double mobile data thing yesterday17:11
pmcgowanbut did not make a bug, was hoping he would fix and do a new mr17:11
davmor2pmcgowan: is it standard network manager that is in use or is it something specific to touch I'd like to file a couple of bugs on it17:12
pmcgowanI think that bug is just the indicator UI17:13
davmor2pmcgowan: nm-applet even?17:13
pmcgowannew stuff17:13
davmor2pmcgowan: great do you happen to know it's name or do I need to just file against a device?17:14
=== schwuk is now known as schwuk_away
pmcgowandavmor2, let me get it for you17:15
davmor2pmcgowan: thanks17:16
pmcgowandavmor2, https://launchpad.net/indicators-client17:22
davmor2pmcgowan: ta17:23
davmor2pmcgowan: ha nice no way to report a bug :)17:24
pmcgowandavmor2, let me check if its the server project17:24
pmcgowandavmor2, the 3g toggle was part of indicator-server17:25
pmcgowanwhich is actually going away soon as I recall17:25
davmor2pmcgowan: https://launchpad.net/indicator-server is not accepting bug reports either :D17:26
pmcgowandavmor2, oh?17:27
davmor2pmcgowan: neither of those project have the report a bug button clickable17:29
pmcgowandavmor2, it is now ;)17:29
pmcgowanbut it is going away soon17:30
pmcgowanthere is a new consolidated implementation17:30
davmor2pmcgowan: ta17:30
awe_rickspencer3, awesome!  ;)-17:33
rickspencer3awe_, you guys are just ripping it up17:33
rickspencer3I've never seen anything like it17:33
esigolo3g autocon already patched?17:35
aquariuspopey, does that work?17:57
davmor2popey, pmcgowan: https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-server/+bug/1200324  and https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-server/+bug/1200322 enjoy move them as you feel fit :)17:58
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1200324 in Indicator server "double 3gdata is all that shows when re-enabling wifi" [Undecided,New]17:58
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1200322 in Indicator server "3g is not turned off when you move the switch to the off position" [Undecided,New]17:58
pmcgowandavmor2, how did you check the connection status? by accessing the net or command line or both?18:00
davmor2pmcgowan: opened the web browser and it loaded the home page thought it might be cached so tried a different page, knew I'd been to that page todat so tried a completely random page18:02
pmcgowandavmor2, ok18:02
davmor2pmcgowan: ifconfig shows an ip address for rmnet0 too with the indicator disabled18:03
pmcgowandavmor2, ok maybe its a nexus vs nexus 4 thing18:04
pmcgowanalthough I thought it got tested for both18:04
=== om26er|afk is now known as om26er
davmor2pmcgowan: well I'm on the u1 team and have a device of my own so if you need anything testing as long as I can use it still feel free to ping me here it will mail me if I'm away18:05
pmcgowandavmor2, great thanks18:06
davmor2pmcgowan: if you need more info on anything as well, just ask I'm happy to grub around getting log files etc :)18:07
=== Gh0sT is now known as mahabal
davmor2kenvandine: hey dude I get this on that galaxy nexus http://ubuntuone.com/6JQFVLxMEp3Nx1amdByWAA if I have the terminal open with the keyboard on display and let it sleep when I wake the device I get that.  I see you own the phablet maliit plugin so is this in your realm?18:15
pmcgowandavmor2, no thats tmoenicke18:16
davmor2pmcgowan: ah thanks18:17
davmor2pmcgowan, tmoenicke: maliit and maliit-phablet are another one where you can't file bugs :(18:21
sergiusensdavmor2: against the image for now18:21
mhall119davmor2: I get it on my nexus 7 too18:22
davmor2mhall119: https://bugs.launchpad.net/touch-preview-images/+bug/1200332 :)18:30
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1200332 in touch-preview-images "Galaxy-nexus maliit turns blank on terminal and webbrowser and you can't get it back" [Undecided,New]18:31
pmcgowandavmor2, yeah I filed that one yesterday too ;)18:32
davmor2pmcgowan: I asked about it ages okay but got called into a meeting and that was the end of that :)18:33
stgraberrsalveti: can you push: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5865827/ ?18:46
stgraberrsalveti: and trigger a rebuild once that's landed (not sure how to do that myself). I'm planning an ubuntu-touch rebuild in the next hour or so and would like that change to be part of it.18:47
bfillerkenvandine: trying to login to google via uoa-create on latest image to test the eds stuff. getting this error: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5865845/18:53
sergiusensstgraber: I can push that patch18:55
stgrabersergiusens: was just about to ping you! that'd be great!18:56
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=== Aww_ is now known as Aww
nik90Does anyone here know who is working on the browser app?18:59
bfillernik90: osomon but he's not on now18:59
nik90bfiller: ah thanks. Will catch him later19:00
bfillernik90: I might be able to help if you have a question19:00
nik90bfiller: oh great! I would like to know if the address url bar is placed in a toolbar?19:01
nik90bfiller: or is it a separate Qrectangle or something?19:01
bfillernik90: I think it's some sort of custom panel that functions like a toolbar19:02
nik90bfiller: ok. Because in the clock app, I have a bug where the osk hides the text field.19:02
nik90bfiller: but popey noticed that it doesnt do the same in the broswer19:03
nik90so I was wondering if it was a osk bug or clock app19:03
FlowerPothi, i just installed ubuntu touch on my nexus 7 however when i now try to boot i just see Google and nothing happens .. any idea how to fix that?19:03
bfillernik90: I think there is special code in all the apps to listen for when the osk is made visible and to scroll19:03
bfillernik90: which is a pain but necessary atm19:03
bfillernik90: let me find a simple example19:04
nik90bfiller: is there a bug report filed in the osk to fix that? Should Implement this special code which is essentially a temporary hack or wait for the osk developer to fix it on their end?19:05
bfillernik90: don't thinks it's an osk bug but rather something that should be built into the sdk19:05
bfillernik90: I'd implement it for now as don't know when this will be fixed19:06
nik90bfiller: ok. I will also parallely let kaleo know about this issue and if necessary report a bug report to track this issue.19:06
nik90bfiller: where can I find this extra code that I need to add?19:08
bfillernik90: phone-app does it in the messages view, as does browser. I'm looking now too19:09
bfillernik90: search for onVisibleChanged in phone-app19:11
stgrabersergiusens: do you know how to kick a new build of the Android bits? (for when you have landed my change)19:11
sergiusensstgraber: yup19:11
* stgraber is really looking forward to having all that done as packages on LP, finally a build process I'll be familiar with ;)19:12
bfillerboiko: can you give nik90 a pointer in phone-app where we scroll the entry field in messaging when the osk is shown/hidden?19:12
boikobfiller: yep, let me get the code here19:13
bfillerboiko: thanks19:14
boikonik90: so I have this QML item that watches for the keyboard changes: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/phone-app/trunk/view/head:/src/qml/Widgets/KeyboardRectangle.qml19:14
nik90boiko, bfiller: thnx19:15
boikonik90: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/phone-app/trunk/view/head:/src/qml/DetailViewCommunication/CommunicationView.qml#L23519:15
nik90boiko: Is Connections just any other qml element?19:15
nik90boiko: can you explain briefly the logic?19:16
boikonik90: you basically anchor the KeyboardRectangle item to the bottom of your view, and then the contents you want to scroll you anchor to the top of the KeyboardRectangle19:16
boikonik90: this KeyboardRectangle is a normal item that has the size of the virtual keyboard.19:16
boikonik90: when the keyboard is visible it has the height of the keyboard, when the keyboard is hidden, it has a height of 019:17
boikonik90: Connection is part of the QML language, yes19:17
bfillerboiko: could this be moved generically into the sdk somehow so app developers get the functionality for free?19:17
nik90boiko: oh so I use the whole KeyboardRectangle.qml file19:17
kenvandinebfiller, don't use uoa-create anymore19:17
nik90boiko: I get it now.19:18
boikobfiller: maybe, but one should take the time to refactor it as a proper component19:18
boikonik90: yep, for now copy it and then at some point it might be part of SDK19:18
nik90boiko: awesome! Thanks a lot19:18
boikonik90: no problems, ping me if you still have problems with it, ok?19:19
bfillerboiko: seems like setting a hint on the field that you always want to be visible would be desireable19:19
bfillerkenvandine: how to do it then? no ui for it in system settings19:19
nik90boiko: sure :)19:19
kenvandinebfiller, accounts19:19
kenvandinebfiller, but you need to install the plugin19:19
boikobfiller: but how the contents should be scrolled is totally dependent on the view's layout, hard to do something generic there19:19
kenvandinebfiller, ^^19:20
bfillerkenvandine: cool, I'll try19:20
kenvandinelet me know how it goes19:20
kenvandinei need to test that myself :)19:20
sergiusensstgraber: did you use git format-patch for that?19:22
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bfillerkenvandine: I get a UI for google in accounts but the ID field I can't enter anything. It shows 3 checkboxes for EDS as well19:24
sergiusensstgraber: I applied and building android now19:24
stgrabersergiusens: thanks!19:25
kenvandinebfiller,  :/19:25
stgrabersergiusens: that was a post of git show, probably should have used git format-patch to make it easier to apply19:25
kenvandinebfiller, the ID should get captured on login19:26
kenvandineit got mine19:26
kenvandinethat isn't editable19:26
sergiusensstgraber: yaeh, git am said it could detect the patch :-)19:27
bfillerkenvandine: I'm not getting prompted to login are you?19:27
stgrabersergiusens: where can I see when android's done building?19:27
kenvandinebfiller, i did19:27
kenvandinebfiller, if you see the EDS entries, it's already logged in19:28
kenvandinemaybe your account got created partially with uoa-create?19:28
kenvandinebfiller, remove the account and try again19:28
bfillerkenvandine: ack19:29
=== Cimi_ is now known as Cimi
bfillerkenvandine: worked, logged in19:33
bfillerkenvandine: is there another package I need for the google eds plugin? my google contacts are not showing up in eds after logging in19:37
=== popey_ is now known as popey
mhall119bfiller: I think you still need to manually do the contact sync (unless that's changed recently)19:40
bfillermhall119: manually how?19:40
mhall119using syncevolution19:40
mhall119following sergiusens's instructions19:40
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kenvandinemhall119, no, that doesn't use the UOA account19:43
kenvandinebfiller, not sure how to make it use that as the address book19:43
mhall119kenvandine: but it's still the only way to import contacts isn't it?19:43
kenvandinewe should be able to have online access to google contacts19:43
kenvandinewith UOA19:44
kenvandinebut it'll be  a different eds address book19:44
kenvandinenot sure if maybe the contacts app needs to do something different to query that19:44
kenvandinebfiller, for example, in gnome-contacts i can change address books19:46
kenvandinemy default one is "Google"19:46
kenvandinewhich i think i set ages ago in evolution19:46
WebbyITmhall119: can you help me with this? I don't understand where is the problem! Thanks in advance :)19:46
mhall119WebbyIT: give me a minute and I'll take a look19:48
WebbyITmhall119: thanks19:49
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AskUbuntuCan Ubuntu be installed on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus Verizon 4g phone | http://askubuntu.com/q/31905119:54
asacogra_: you said that we dont own the task to make phablet-flash support pulling from --pending --current etc.?19:59
asacwho is the guy that would fix that?19:59
popeyasac: sergiusens ?20:00
asacsergiusens: there?20:03
bfillerkaleo: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5866087/20:17
kaleobfiller, thx20:18
kaleobfiller, I see20:19
kaleobfiller, if boiko can make something a bit generic, it would be welcome in the SDK20:19
kaleobfiller, however what we could try is to resize the entire app automatically20:19
kaleobfiller, and make it opt-out20:19
kaleobfiller, so that if devs want to implement their own relayouting they can20:20
kaleobfiller, but by default there would be no overlap20:20
bfillerkaleo: that would be good20:20
boikokaleo: that would be a solution indeed20:20
kaleobfiller, can you file a bug? boiko: can you put your code in there?20:21
boikokaleo: maybe not really resize the app, but the page? (like having a property on the page saying if it should resize with the keyboard or not20:21
kaleoboiko, yes, hmmm, I meant the MainView20:22
kaleoboiko, hmmm20:22
kaleoboiko, the Page would be smart I think20:22
bfillerkaleo: yes I'll file20:24
sergiusensasac: popey am now20:24
kaleobfiller, thanks!20:24
mhall119kaleo: ping20:24
sergiusensasac: yes, I am supposed to fix that toady20:24
kaleomhall119, pong20:24
* kaleo has got some cheese20:24
* kaleo from La Boulangerie20:24
mhall119kaleo: QDesktopServices.openUrl() works as expected on desktop, but not on devices, why might that be?20:25
kaleomhall119, bug report is ther20:25
kaleomhall119, https://bugs.launchpad.net/qtubuntu/+bug/118655620:25
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1186556 in qtubuntu "Browser does not respond to Qt.openUrlExternally(link)" [Critical,Confirmed]20:25
mhall119kaleo: right, but my question is why we need a different implementation on Ubuntu Touch than we already have on Ubuntu desktop20:26
mhall119since presumably they both use XDG standardxs20:26
kaleomhall119, because we don't launch apps the same way20:27
mhall119we don't?20:27
kaleomhall119, and also even if we wanted exactly the same way there would still be a tiny bit of code required in qtubuntu to actually do that20:27
kaleomhall119, apps are launched with an extra parameter20:27
kaleomhall119, --desktop_file_hint20:27
kaleomhall119, and another one if they are in the sidestage20:28
kaleomhall119, I reckon the fix for the bug would not be very hard anyway20:28
kaleomhall119, I also think that we could save on startup time by not using the xdg perl scripts20:28
kaleomhall119, (while still respecting the standard of course)20:28
mhall119ok, I see the bug is critical, do we have any ETA on when it might be worked on?20:29
kaleomhall119, I marked it as critical today :)20:29
kaleomhall119, I guess we can bump it to high if that prevents the ETA question :)20:29
asacsergiusens: what will be done?20:29
mhall119kaleo: nothing can prevent the ETA question, you know that :)20:29
asacsergiusens: so there is one more requirement that might be supereasy to include in that batch...20:29
asacsergiusens: we have those "preview images" ... like mir20:30
kaleomhall119, as usual, we have a million things to do and it's really hard to plan with the million more new things coming all the time20:30
asaci want phablet-flash to also be able to take those... like20:30
asacphablet-flash -r current --overlay URL-TO-REMOTE-OR-LOCAL-PREVIEW-TARBALL20:30
kaleomhall119, my guess is that it will have to wait until loicm is free in a few weeks or if you can convince ricmm_ maybe sooner?20:30
asacsergiusens: notsure if that makes senes20:30
mhall119while(len(workitems) > 0) { kaleo.fork(); }20:30
* mhall119 hopes that works20:31
kaleomhall119, doing that but it takes nine months20:31
sergiusensasac: as long as the url it sits on is formated correctly the --uri should pick it up20:31
asacsergiusens: you know what i mean?20:32
mhall119kaleo: seriously? congrats!20:32
kaleomhall119, thanks :)20:32
kaleomhall119, 2 months to go20:32
asacsergiusens: e.g. the preview images only publish the ubuntu parts... while the rest is still on cdimage20:32
asacsergiusens: does --uri support file:///...20:32
asac(two questions)20:32
popeyasac: https://bugs.launchpad.net/phablet-tools/+bug/119814720:33
sergiusensasac: yeah, I understand, let me see how easily I can add an override20:33
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1198147 in Phablet Tools "There should be an easy way to flash a non-latest image" [Medium,Confirmed]20:33
mhall119kaleo: do you know yet if it's a C++ or Python developer?20:33
asacsergiusens: also... if you say "uri is correctly formatted" do you jyust mean having the right URI format like file:///? or really about magic stuff encoded in the path?20:33
sergiusenspopey: only reason I don't add that is because everything on cdimage is in flux, used to have it when we used jenkins if you recall :-)20:34
kaleomhall119, locomotive basic20:34
kaleomhall119, like her dqd20:34
sergiusensasac: correct stuff at the tip of the uri... but let me get away with that20:34
asacpopey: thats "old" images... i want random url images for our new approach of doing more and more topic/staging images for stuff like MIR20:34
popeysame thing really20:34
asacor anyone who sets up a nice jenkins job to unpack, hack and repack the tarball20:34
mhall119kaleo: heh20:35
mhall119kaleo: as long as she doesn't fall in with the wrong crowds and start using perl20:35
popeywow locomotive basic, thats a blast from the past20:35
sergiusensasac: oh, it's a tarball and not an update.zip? I'll fix that20:35
asacsergiusens: we will will produce stuff on jenkins20:35
kaleopopey, getting old heh20:36
asacsergiusens: well use case is: i setup a jenkins job that takes our ubuntu flash, hacks around, repacks it and then i can use phablet flash to try it out or even easily add new utah jobs jobs etc.20:36
asaci dont know what an update.zip is :)20:36
asacI think whatever MIR preview jenkins job produces20:36
sergiusensasac: it has the deploy logic to work from recovery20:36
kaleorobru, around?20:37
asacah. well. i really want to be able to flash such "branch/topic/preview" images20:37
asacjust like we do normally. or is that not reasonable?20:37
asaclet me show what i mean :)20:37
asacthere are a bunch of zips20:37
asacor .imgs20:38
asacnot sure...20:38
asacnow i got pointed at jenkins job that just produce the saucy-preinstalled-touch-armhf.tar.gz20:38
sergiusensasac: I think I understand what you want20:38
asaci ythink20:38
asacso i want to be able to just use phablet-flash to flash any of such preinstalled tarball20:38
asacbut still use current or 20130701 or whatever other parts i want :)20:38
asac(default current/latest)20:38
sergiusensasac: yeah, that tar would be better off for everyone if it were wrapped in an update.zip, so I'll be fixing that20:39
asacif we have that its super easy to just setup jenkins jobs20:39
zeroconfhi - I have some newbie questions20:39
asacthat validate preview images... which for me is the mechanism we want to use more extensively to do something like developing bigger topics20:39
zeroconfcan I install regular applications in Ubuntu Touch?20:39
asacok ... think i was clear enough :)20:39
sergiusensasac: just keep in mind that those jenkins jobs are all private20:39
asacsergiusens: thats a seprate problem :)20:39
asacsergiusens: that why local file urls also should work20:40
sergiusensasac: ack20:40
asacand in the utah lab i think its not protected20:40
zeroconfI mean - does Ubuntu Touch have APT and Synaptic? Can I install LibreOffice for example?20:40
asace.g. they can directly poll from private jenkins20:40
sergiusensasac: yes, it's the same network segment20:41
bfillerkaleo, boiko : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/120037120:42
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1200371 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "auto-scroll input fields when OSK visibility changes" [Undecided,New]20:42
bfillerplease add comments, suggestions, etc20:42
AmEvQuick question: Is there a daily self-updating torrent?20:42
kaleobfiller, thank you20:42
bfillerkaleo: np20:43
bfillerkaleo: this one would be awesome to tackle soon as well (somewhat related to osk): https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/118732120:45
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1187321 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "[MainView] contentOrientation is missing which makes the keyboard rotate unrelated to the content" [High,Confirmed]20:45
kaleobfiller, right20:46
kaleobfiller, linking to qtubuntu20:46
thomiHello touch people - this morning I'm unable to flash my nexus 7, phablet flash prints: "Device detected as /system/bin/sh: getprop: not found" - any ideas?20:53
sergiusensthomi: update phablet-tools and if you are on an old flipped image you will need to use -d grouper20:54
thomisergiusens: thankjs20:54
mhall119the Asus GetProp Not Found is an awesome device20:56
sergiusensmhall119: I can probably mask that, but then I wouldn't easily be able to root cause it20:57
mhall119sergiusens: ?20:58
sergiusensmhall119: the getprop device ;-)20:58
mhall119oh, that :)20:58
WebbyITmhall119: do you have a minute? :)21:04
mhall119WebbyIT: sure21:04
mhall119just pinged balloons about your build failure21:04
WebbyITmhall119: thanks :)21:05
mhall119I can't find out what caused the failure, so I'm enlisting his help21:05
WebbyITmhall119: ok, thanks. My first problem is that I've port  8080 blocked '-.-21:06
mhall119hmmm, not sure what we can do about that...21:09
=== schwukz is now known as schwukz_away
thomisergiusens: still no luck - with latest phablet-tools i get this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5866231/21:10
WebbyITmhall119: nothing, I suppose, but I'll resolve it soon21:10
mhall119WebbyIT: who is blocking you from reaching port 8080?21:11
WebbyITmhall119: my college, I'm in a residence, but i'm going to change location21:12
=== jhodapp is now known as jhodapp|afk
mhall119balloons: can we access that jenkins instance from another port? why not 80?21:13
robrukaleo, just got back from lunch. what's up?21:13
kaleorobru, <mterry> Kaleo, OK, I did sdk and apps stack (which doesn't have *all* the apps - I think phone and media are in their own stacks).  This will fix CI I believe, but daily-release will need another button push by didrocks <mterry> Kaleo, I gotta run, so hopefully that fixes you21:14
kaleorobru, the critical fix for the critical bug talked in emails landed in lp:ubuntu-ui-toolkit21:14
robrukaleo, oh, so you just want to make sure that the bugfix lands in saucy?21:15
kaleorobru, yes, before today's touch image is built21:15
kaleorobru, I suppose there is no real emergency21:15
mterrykaleo, gotta go21:15
kaleomterry, have a nice on21:16
robrukaleo, yeah, I don't know anything about the touch images. I just report to didrocks for the daily_release stuff. but I don't have permissions on the server, I just MP branches and then didrocks pushes all the buttons ;-)21:16
kaleorobru, didrocks does not have a backup?21:16
robrukaleo, so either jenkins will release it when it releases it, or didrocks will have to fix it when he wakes up (~8hrs)21:17
kaleorobru, like, when he sleeps?21:17
=== jalcine_ is now known as jalcine
kaleorobru, I hope no critical bug fix is blocked by that I guess21:17
robrukaleo, well, I think kenvandine, cyphermox, and sil2100 also can.21:17
kaleorobru, in any of the apps blocked by the toolkit's bug21:17
kaleorobru, ah ah, just the day when they are not here :)21:17
robrukaleo, well I dont think it's a big deal if it takes one extra day for the fix to land.21:17
kaleorobru, yeah21:18
kaleorobru, ok, thank you21:18
thomisergiusens: any ideas?21:18
mhall119didrocks sleeps?  who approved this?21:19
sergiusensthomi: oh, yeah, sorry, I know what it is, just thinking of a better way to solve this21:20
robrukaleo, actually, jenkins is smart enough to build SDK first before building the app stack so I think it should all publish just fine... I'm not actually sure what mterry thinks didrocks needs to manually do.21:21
robruunless he just meant to manually push the release ahead of schedule.21:21
kaleorobru, we should be all good then21:21
pmcgowankaleo, did you get what you needed for the release?21:29
kaleopmcgowan, yes21:30
kaleopmcgowan, thanks for asking21:30
mbybeeHi All21:45
mbybeeJust flashed my Galaxy Nexus - and WOW. That was the *smoothest* ROM I've ever installed. Really excellent work21:45
johnesIs there anyone here trying to port Ubuntu Touch on Galaxy S3 (i9300) ?21:48
mbybeeSo - seeing as I'm fresh eyes on this, and testing just every little thing I can find... where is the list of what works/doesn't work?21:52
mbybeeI don't want to create any pointless bug reports lol21:52
mbybeeLooking through launchpad to figure out what groups are doing what, etc21:52
johneswell, you mean this ? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install21:53
andidevelHi. i have installed saucy first time on my nexus4 today, and there is no people lens. is it disabled in this daily image?21:55
TroN-0074Question, the phone I am planning on install ubuntu touch is with a carrier I dont care about, will installing Ubuntu touch unluck me from my carrier's network?22:02
TroN-0074in the house?22:03
esigoloTroN-0074: you mean is locked ??22:04
andideveljup, but no idea ;)22:04
esigolodo you want to know if22:05
dejellohello all22:05
esigoloubuntu touch install will unlock your phone22:05
esigolodejello: Hello22:05
TroN-0074I think so, I just bought it from CL and it has cyanogen already installed22:05
esigoloTroN-0074: and what is the phone model?22:06
TroN-0074is the galaxy nexus22:06
TroN-0074currently under the sprint network22:06
TroN-0074spring is not good for me though22:07
esigoloTroN-0074: i'm not sure about that ! but you can take a backup and give it a try22:07
TroN-0074in case that doesnt work is there a place that I can download an image of stock android to re install it?22:08
mbybee@johnes - Yes, that guide is great, and the tools worked perfectly22:08
esigoloTroN-0074: yes sure ! just follow the how to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install22:09
esigoloTroN-0074:  any problem just ping here22:09
TroN-0074thank you22:09
esigoloTroN-0074: welcome22:09
mbybeeSo - I notice "Settings" is more of a stub, I guess?22:14
mbybeeIt's got sections, but many just go to a blank white screen22:14
mbybeeFiled a bug report for that. Overall, this is better than Android was on the G122:16
esigolombybee: it's kind of ! the content an real think will be add as the developers can22:16
esigoloreal thing*22:17
mbybeeUnderstood :)22:17
mbybeeI'm planning to dev quite a bit for this platform myself22:17
mbybeeThe real key bits (phone/sms) seem to be working, so I look forward to seeing it grow22:18
esigolombybee: if you want some help just ping :)22:18
esigolombybee: i'm just waiting a little bit more to use it as daiyl22:19
thomisergiusens: any ideas yet? I really need to get this device working... this is like the worst possible day for it to break.22:20
sergiusensthomi: can't you flash manually?22:21
johneswell... is there any "RIL Layer specialist" in here ? :D22:21
mbybeeesigolo: Thanks, I'll be in here quite a bit :)22:21
thomisergiusens: you mean with -b ?22:23
thomisergiusens: of the "Manual installation" section from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install ?22:23
sergiusensthomi: no, as is in the wiki https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install#Manual_Installation22:23
thomigotchya, will try that now, thanks22:23
andideveldoes anyone have an idea how to get the people lens visible? :)22:24
sergiusenspopey: around?22:29
mbybeeAnyone know how to force the keyboard up?22:29
mbybeeFor example, trying to tweet, no keyboard22:29
sergiusensmbybee: there's a bug open for it if doing it from the web22:29
thomisergiusens: those instructions seem broken - it just says to push a zip file and reboot.. twice. surely I have to actually install the zip file at some point?22:30
mbybeesergiusens: Thanks22:30
sergiusensthomi: it's picked up automatically22:30
thominot on my device. Having to select it manually22:31
popeysergiusens: ya22:31
andidevelthomi: it takes a few minutes. dont touch the device until it has finished... i thought too i have to choose it manually22:33
sergiusensthomi: have you ever done the -b thing?22:33
dejelloyay, my ovation build boots today...  still no adb???  hrm...22:34
thomisergiusens: I don't know, sorry22:34
asacguys... you are producing many images today.. .whats the trigger?22:34
sergiusensasac: I think earlier was a powerd/upstart issue22:35
sergiusensasac: new one might be stgraber experimenting with updates22:35
asacdoanac`: ^^22:35
mbybeeHmm. Think I'm going to have to revert to Android, at least until I can set the time/date.22:35
sergiusensthomi: do you have an ubuntu logo in recovery?22:35
mbybeeIt's close though - I think it's going to be one heck of an OS soon!22:35
sergiusensasac: the new one is only in pending22:35
thomisergiusens: nope22:35
sergiusensthomi: that means you never phablet-flash -b22:36
thomiok, is that a bad thing?22:36
sergiusensthomi: don't do it today, not sure you will hit the fastboot bug (if you have a buggy bootloader)22:36
thomiheh, ok22:36
sergiusensthomi: your automation is just broken, not necessarily bad22:37
dejelloand the display is 90 degrees off...merp22:37
sergiusensthomi: let's do it next week since you are in a hurry now22:37
thomijust pushing the big image... seems to take forever :-/22:37
mbybeeWell. I shall return, probably next week, to flash again :)22:42
mbybeeSeeya all22:43
RobbyFHow difficult is it for a non-dev to port to sgs3 would someone say?22:45
andidevelRobbyF: there is a already a port?! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices/i930022:51
RobbyFI need one for i747m22:51
RobbyFI'm a nexus 4 user but I 'found' an extra sgs3 brand new at work.22:52
andidevelhmm give it back?!^^22:54
RobbyFwas hoping to use it for this project.22:54
stgraberasac, sergiusens: yep, the latest one was to test the changes I did today23:01
plarssergiusens: something's wrong with this build I think, the .2 one for today23:06
plarssergiusens: it looks ok from the command line, I even see unity running, but on my mako it looks stuck at the "Google" boot screen23:07
plars...and adb logcat appears to be broken23:08
plarsI/ServiceManager(  517): Waiting for service SurfaceFlinger...23:09
plarsF/SurfaceFlinger( 1721): couldn't create EGLContext23:09
plarsF/libc    ( 1721): Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0xdeadbaad (code=1), thread 294 (SurfaceFlinger)23:09
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1200421 in touch-preview-images "Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0xdeadbaad (code=1), thread 294 (SurfaceFlinger)" [Critical,New]23:15
plarshmm, surfaceflinger came up after I hard rebooted it23:17
satchmohi there23:19
satchmoanyone out there?23:19
cyphermox_awe, still around?23:25
cyphermox_I'm having weird behavior from ofono when setting Powered on org.ofono.ConnectionManager23:25
cyphermox_rsalveti: ^^23:25
thomiIt seems there's no camera support on the n7 - is this a known issue?23:27
cyphermox_that's fixing the switch for Mobile data for now; it works locally here, but I'd like to know why it behaved that way to make sure we get disconnected right23:27
cyphermox_awe_: ok, after all it seems like the doc never mentions the contexts get deactivated, so I'm getting expected behavior23:30
cyphermox_and in fact, this is really good23:30
sergiusensplars: that's 'pending', right?23:30
sergiusensplars: mind giving https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/phablet-tools/current-pending/+merge/174307 a go?23:30
awe_cyphermox_, ok.  missed your first ping to "awe"23:31
sergiusensplars: and happrove if ok, let's stop these from propagating23:31
cyphermox_awe_: ah, right23:31
cyphermox_awe_: well, it's still weird23:31
awe_that said, I thought that you were just going to deactivate the context?23:31
cyphermox_I keep a default route, but drop the DNS settings23:32
cyphermox_awe_: it really seems incorrect to deactivate the context when you toggle the killswitch23:32
awe_If you toggle Powered, seems that would prevent a separate MMS-specific context to be activated?23:33
awe_well...we're talking apples & oranges23:33
cyphermox_but it will not deactivate an already activated MMS context either23:33
awe_NM has the concept of a WWAN disable23:33
awe_whereas we're talking about a "don't send data over mobile"23:33
cyphermox_wwan disable is what gets triggered23:34
awe_airplane mode is a different story23:34
cyphermox_the UI changed WwanEnable23:34
awe_cyphermox_, sure...but that doesn't mean it's correct.  ;)-23:34
cyphermox_this is equivalient to "airplane mode" for mobile only23:34
awe_it's what was initially suggested to renato, and made sense at the time23:34
cyphermox_well, it still makes sense to me23:34
cyphermox_what if you have multiple radios?23:34
awe_sure, but again... if the ConnectionManager is powered off, then MMS can't activate a separate context23:35
cyphermox_can't ofono re-power it ?23:35
awe_mmsd could, but it's not designed to23:35
cyphermox_also, aren't we possibly expecting that mobile data also deactivates MMS, which is technically mobile data :)23:35
awe_if powered, it will try to activate an mms context23:35
cyphermox_Could you try to manually Powered = false, and see if ofono doesn't just do the right thing?23:36
awe_good poit23:36
cyphermox_this is getting really complicated and tricky really fast though :(23:36
awe_uh yea..  I'm about to give up on mms for the night23:36
cyphermox_I should check for Powered anyway, and triggering WwanEnable for NM should change powered, do we agree to that?23:37
awe_for now yes23:37
awe_however I need to think about it some more23:37
awe_brain == fried23:37
cyphermox_worst case we can change the UI to just disconnect the interface instead23:37
cyphermox_(at the NM level)23:37
cyphermox_so I'll keep testing this and upload later..23:37
cyphermox_or tomorrow morning23:37
awe_sounds good23:38
cyphermox_rsalveti: around for an upload / review?23:38
asacouch ... i think it really happened... i lost core dev unnoticed once and for all (as i dont really have a reason get it back):)23:50
asaci am not even an ubuntu member anymore23:50
asacthats brutal :)23:50
asacwel... guess expiring three times without me noticing is reason enough to justify that :)23:51
popeyasac: I'll write you a testimonial ㋛23:54
asacpopey: is it really ok to get dropped out of ubuntu membership just because i dont upload anymore?23:55
asaci dont know the rules :)23:55
asaci must say i kind of like the debian policy better... they never would get the idea to kill my DD ... i hope :)23:58
* asac goes and checks23:58
popeyyou get dropped out every 2 years23:59
popeyyou get a reminder mail though23:59
asaci know... last time someone nice came along and saved me23:59
asacbecause i dont get those emails23:59
asacanyway... dont need it... but ubuntu membership?23:59
popeysabdfl expired once iirc23:59
asacalso expiring?23:59
asacfrom ubuntu membership? or being core dev?23:59

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