diddledanI wonder when the watershed moment will be in a few years from now when BIOS support is dropped from mainline distros in favour of (u)EFI only :-p00:03
directhexdiddledan, pfft, we still haven't dropped i38600:04
diddledantechnically we have. we're still supporting i686 tho00:05
diddledanthe kernel dropped i386 a while back00:05
diddledanI think the redhat-based are supporting i586+?00:06
directhexpoint is, 32-bit?00:07
directhexamd64 shipped in 2003 iirc00:07
diddledanyeah, I get your point :-)00:07
diddledanI think 32bit is still listed as recommended on ubuntu.com00:08
diddledanunless you select server00:08
popeydirecthex: having fun with DOTA?00:08
directhexpopey, really really doesn't render here00:09
directhexdiddledan, yeah, the recommending of i386 still is farcical imho. but there you go.00:09
popeyi said I'd burn 28 CDs for someone for tomorrow00:11
popeyi regret this00:11
diddledanI'm sure we must have reached hte point that most folk that still don't know the difference between 32/64bit are probably going to be running a 64bit-capable cpu00:11
diddledanand those that do know the difference can decide for themselves00:12
diddledanpopey, what you burning?00:16
popeyphotographs of children00:17
diddledanpopey: 10-15 minutes per burn, that could be in the order of 7 hours00:18
popeyonly ~350MB per cd00:19
popeynearly done, on the last two00:20
popeyhave two computers running in parallel ☻00:20
popeycould have 3 but I am lazy00:21
neurodiddledan: in what world are you burning CDs at 6 speed?! 10-15 minutes per?00:22
diddledanneuro: +verify00:22
popeythese are 24 speed i think00:23
popeywhatever a superdrive in an imac and a mbp do00:23
popeyhaha, advert for The Net on telly00:24
neuroi *still* think "what, an *HD* 3.5" drive?!" when someone says superdrive00:24
popey"Starring Sandra Bullock and a bunch of men who mostly get killed"00:24
neuroand i *still* think of the BBC 2 series rather than the movie when someone says The Net00:24
popeyit annoys me the notification sound is the same as the ios one00:25
neuroand yeah, that sounds about right :)00:25
diddledanwtf, who gets killed?00:25
neuroi think you'll find it's the other way round00:25
neuroi was reading an article on eurogamer about gamesmaster the other day00:26
neurogot me to thinking about techie/geeky progs from the 90s00:27
neuroand the net was definitely my favourite00:27
popeyit annoys me that every single apple device I own has better audio output than every single other device I own00:27
popeyiphone, ipad, mbp, imac00:27
diddledangotta love that they had partrick moore as the digitised head on gamesmaster00:27
popeyall better than every other device00:27
neuroif it makes you feel any better, the 13" mbp speakers are a bit crap00:28
popeythats what i have00:28
Azelphurpopey: surely professional sound cards do better?00:28
popeyi dont own any00:28
neurobut my 13" mbp is currently plugged into 27" apple lcd, sooo ...00:28
neuro... it sounds pretty good00:28
popeyname one laptop which has "professional" speakers and sound card00:29
diddledanfriend at work swears by £50 USb DACs00:29
popeyalso audiophiles..00:29
Azelphurpopey: no idea, I'd get one on USB.00:29
Azelphurthere are some pretty decent USB sound cards, I hear00:29
popeyno good for portability00:29
Azelphurbut then I ain't an audiophile00:29
popeyme either00:29
neuroi have a plantronics usb doohicky for my headphones, best headphone audio evar00:29
popeyits not the card I'm talking about00:29
neuroplugged headphones into dell laptop, was tinny as hell00:29
popeyits the whole sound system00:29
neuroplugged plantronics usb thingy in, plugged headphones in, win00:30
neuropopey: not many manufacturers have built-in optical support in the headphone jacks either00:30
diddledannot many pc speaker systems come with optical input tho00:31
popeysee, this is one of the very many reasons people pay more for apple kit00:31
neuromy mac mini in the living room is hooked up to home theater surround00:31
neuroso optical was a flat-out requirement rather than a nice to have00:31
diddledanI'll bet that gives good fuzz00:31
neurono way am i putting up with dolby prologic from a stereo source when i can have DTS-ES 6.1 \o/00:32
diddledanalthough, everyone these days in surround systems seems to be all about maximum wattage00:32
neuroi thought these days the tipping point for getting people to buy was ipod connectors / bluetooth / airplay support00:33
diddledanmy dad's 1960's speakers with RMS of about 20WATT can out-volume most modern-day speaker systems rated much higer wattage00:33
neuroyour dad's speakers were owned by the 1960s?00:33
diddledanfrom the 1960's00:34
neurofrom the 1960's what?00:34
neuro<- grammar nazi00:34
neuro1960 owned an era?00:34
diddledanyou kill grammar on a genocidal scale?00:34
neurono, i'm megalomaniacal about grammar mistakes00:35
diddledansurely that would make you a "gramma mistake nazi"? :-p00:35
neurothere's no need to be too specific about it00:35
neurolimits your options down the line00:35
neuropopey: it's funny, it dawned on me today that it's nearly 5 years since the ill fated fsf "hassle the genius bars" campaign, and the epic #lugradio discussion about it all00:36
popeytime passes00:37
neuroi found the irc log too, buried deep within a vm :)00:37
Azelphurpopey: I dunno, people have all these good things to say about apple kit00:37
popeyi speak from personal experience00:37
Azelphuryou'd be hard pressed to find my i7 with a GT 650M at 11.6"s from Apple00:37
popeyi dont care00:38
popeyproperly do not care00:38
neuroneuro@cochrane:~$ ls -l logs0/Freenode/#lugradio/20080728.log.bz200:38
neuro-rw------- 1 neuro users 51562 Jul 29  2008 logs0/Freenode/#lugradio/20080728.log.bz200:38
popeyyou value raw grunt, I do not00:38
neurowhy would you want an i7 with a GT650M and an 11" screen?!?!00:38
popeyeach to their own00:38
AzelphurIt's pretty decent build too, my friend kindly knocked it off my desk onto a hardwood floor, it survived without a scratch00:38
popeythere are so many variables when buying a computer00:38
neurothat's like buying a ferrari and putting 13" rims on it00:39
popeyfocussing on one single thing is mental00:39
Azelphurneuro: it fits in my coat pocket, which means I can take it with me everywhere.00:39
Azelphurno more laptop bag. :)00:39
neurowhatever floats your boat, i guess00:39
neurowhat make?00:39
popeyAlanBell: used to do that with an OLPC00:39
diddledanI need more screen estate, not less00:39
AzelphurIt's a Clevo.00:39
popeyin his coat pocket00:39
Azelphuryea, it's cool, totally freaks people out when I whip my laptop outta my pocket00:40
diddledanI've got a tablet (or two) which cover the smaller form-factors00:40
Azelphurbecause it's a scottevest, they have no idea until it just magically appears00:40
Azelphursometimes I pull it out when people aren't looking, and then they turn around and are like what...where did that come from00:40
neuroyou have some easily freakible friends, it seems00:41
* Azelphur shrugs00:41
* popey goes to bedlington00:41
neurowow, clicking on 11" laptop thingy on the front page of clevo00:41
neurogoes to http://www/en/products....00:41
Azelphurbut yea, popey is right about me, I'm a raw horsepower kinda person, I used to cary around a Dell XPS M1730 which is probably one of the biggest, heaviest laptops ever to be on the market.00:41
Azelphurand I loved it :P00:41
neurodepends what you define as "market"00:42
popeyi had a dell xps gen 200:42
neuroi remember a few luggables that would make any xps seem like a netbook00:42
popeyit was big/heavy/powerful00:42
Azelphurpopey: you had an M17 too iirc at one point00:42
popey1600x1200, many years ago00:42
Azelphurthink it was the non-gamers edition though00:42
popeyonly an xps gen200:42
neuromost any dell precision laptop would kick the bum of an xps in terms of mass00:42
popeywith the silly LEDs00:42
popeythen it died00:43
popeyand dell screwed me over00:43
popeyspecifically the nvidia card died00:43
popeyspecifically the heat bond wasn't enough00:43
Azelphurpopey: yea, loads of dells with nvidia problems from around that period00:43
Azelphurmy brother has a pile of them (literally)00:43
neuroas dell say: "oooooh, cost ya"00:43
popeyit was a month out of warranty00:43
popeywhen i called and they said it would cost i said "no thanks"00:43
popeythen they asked if i was happy with the service00:44
popeyI said no00:44
popeythey tried to argue with me00:44
popeyeven put me through to a manager to argue with me00:44
popeyI was disgusted00:44
popeydidn't touch dell for a while after that00:44
popeyadded them to the wall of shame ☻00:44
neuroi remember getting told a lovely story by dell one night00:44
neurowhile sat in front of a crashed, really badly broken poweredge00:45
neuroand the story was how the Next Business Day support was in business hours00:45
neuroso if I called after 6pm00:45
Azelphurhttp://dr_fish.speedymail.org/techreport/w110er_open.jpg is my laptop I currently roll with, so much power in so little space.00:45
neuroand said "get someone here now"00:45
popeyawwww http://popey.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/Image403.jpg00:45
neurothat 'now' meant 'next business day', which really meant 'day after tomorrow, sucker'00:45
neurohad to explain that one to my boss00:46
neurohe wasn't very pleased00:46
Azelphurpopey: I take it out to the local national autistic society with me every week, plug it into the ~50" TV on the wall, and we all play games in Dolphin with PS3 controllers :D00:46
neurohad the acct manager almost literally over the coals, but was feck all he could do as the support was outsourced to Wang at the time00:46
Azelphurso yea, lots of grunt for such a tiny machine00:46
popeyjeez 3 years ago i roasted my laptop http://popey.com/blog/2010/03/08/roast-laptop/00:47
popeytime properly flies00:47
popeyAzelphur: thats awesome00:47
diddledanAzelphur: that's cute00:47
Azelphurmight even have a photo of that somewhere I think00:48
* Azelphur digs00:48
neuropopey: yeah i just read that about roasting the card, nice00:48
diddledanit's like a baby puter suckling it's mommy00:48
neuroyeah, Wang00:48
popeyfirst heard of wang in .... uhm00:48
popeymy first job00:48
neuroi probably saw their name in an ad in BYTE or PCW or something00:48
popeythey had a wang pc and a pc running windows 1.0 or something00:48
neuroor maybe in a movie?00:48
* popey checks his dates00:49
popeyyeah 1988 would be okay for windows 1.0 or so00:49
* neuro shivers00:49
popeyand now bed.00:49
popeynn chaps00:49
diddledannn, popey00:49
neurojings dude, didn't realise you were that much older than me00:49
neuroand on that note, nn00:49
neuroi think i too shall hit the hay00:50
neuroand also go to bed00:50
* popey is 4200:50
neuro= 3900:50
popey40 this year?00:50
neuroyou must have left school early?00:50
popeyfirst job00:50
neuroi stayed til 1800:50
neurofat good it did me00:50
popeyI wish i did00:50
popeynow.. bed00:51
Azelphurhows 13.10 at the moment? I'm still on 12.10 and need to get upgrading lol01:18
Azelphurthinking I might just skip 13.04 and go straight to .10 a tad early ;)01:18
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MooDoomorning all06:55
MartijnVdS\o MooDoo07:01
mungbean_quidco gave me £5 for joining if i spent any money at ayn retailer :D08:13
mungbean_bought an airfix for £5.99 from argos delivered. got £5.09 paid back \o/08:13
mungbean_should have done this years ago08:14
diploMorning all08:14
diploI've been a quidco person for years, still haven't done much with it.. always forget :)08:14
MartijnVdSmungbean_: you know you're the product they sell right?08:14
diploMy friend has made about 3k in the last few years08:14
mungbean_MartijnVdS: well they are giving me a cut of the referral monies08:16
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:17
bigcalmDoes toggl hate just me, or is it broken for everybody else as well?08:17
bigcalmA project time tracking website. No worries :)08:18
mungbean_arrived at work with massive tray of brownies08:21
mungbean_work with a load of IT geeks, nobody interested :-|08:21
bigcalmEverybody on a diet?08:21
TheOpenSourcerermungbean_: Call them chocolate cake.08:21
=== msm is now known as Guest51304
mungbean_triple choc white/milk/dark, they are finest brownies known to man08:21
bigcalmCall them girl guides08:22
JohnRobertI got xubuntu working properly on my t-420s... the trick was disabling optimus thingi in the bios08:23
JohnRobertbloody thing08:23
JohnRobertit's a shame it can't just boot up and say 'try turning off optimus in the bios'08:24
JohnRobertrather than refusing to work properly08:24
mungbean_optimus support sucks08:24
=== mungbean_ is now known as mungbean
mungbeandid you turn it to performance mode or stamina?08:28
mungbeananyone here use a roof box for their carf?08:32
popeystill not got new google maps on android08:34
MartijnVdSpopey: they know you work for a competitor ;)08:38
ali1234i haven't got it either08:45
ali1234seems like i can manually update through the appstore?08:46
JohnRobertnew maps?08:46
ali1234it doesn't seem that different to the old one08:48
neuroupdated NSA API08:48
JohnRobertanyone know if there's a way I can set a specific route or use 'my maps' with google maps?08:48
JohnRobertI often go out on bike rides and use the navigation thing08:48
JohnRobertas it can speak the directions08:48
JohnRoberthowever, I can't specify a route with it08:48
popeycant you create the route on the web and then send it to your phone?08:54
=== schwuk_away is now known as schwuk
mungbeancan someone explain roof bars to me :$08:54
christelyou can attach things to them!08:54
* christel nods08:54
popeythey run along the top of the car08:55
* popey has moved to the back garden again08:55
neuroROOF RACK08:55
mungbeani buy a roof box, i have to buy roof bars too08:55
christeldoes your car have roof bars to which you can attach your box or do you need to get roof bars fitted?08:55
popeymy car has them08:55
neuroyeah, you'll need the bars to attach the granny box to08:55
popey\o/ volvo08:55
christeli drive a volvo so i have them by def...08:55
neuroif you don't have mounting points08:55
mungbeani have a fcous esate. it has black trim along the top08:56
mungbeando i need a roof rack as well as the box?08:56
neuroyou know what i'm going to say08:56
neuroyou'll hate it08:56
mungbeani don't have the box yet,08:56
mungbeani'm gathering requirements08:56
mungbeanbut no rails come with box08:56
neurono, but surely your owner's manual will tell you if you have mounting points along the roof trim08:57
neurohang on08:57
mungbeanok, so how do i mount the box to the mount points08:57
christelmungbean: i suspect you will need to purchase rails/bars that fit your car08:57
christelhalfords sell them08:57
neuroyeah, exactly, how do you mount the box08:57
neurowith rails/bars, surely :)08:57
* neuro is confused and goes back to his mcdonald's strawberry/banana smoothie08:58
mungbeanthey seem expensive08:58
neurothey are!08:58
neuroit was like 2 pound something08:58
neuroit wasn't *that* expensive08:58
ali1234strawberry and banana? mixed together?08:58
mungbeanroof bars , not MCD08:58
neuros'only a drink!08:58
neuroali1234: yar08:59
=== DGJones is now known as DJones
ali1234is that a real thing or did you just ask for half and half?08:59
neuroit's a real thing08:59
ali1234because it sounds disgusting08:59
neuroit's awesome08:59
mungbeanbanana is often used to thicken smoothie09:00
ali1234well they always used to do strawberry *or* banana milkshake09:00
ali1234is it just like those mixed together?09:01
neurothis isn't a milkshake09:01
ali1234or is smoothie different?09:01
neuroit's a smoothie09:01
brobostigongood morning everyone,09:01
mungbeanwhat are T-track fittings?09:01
ali1234more liquidy?09:01
neuropuree + juice + yoghurt + ice09:01
neuromore liquidy, more icy09:01
neuromungbean: it's the black strip09:02
mungbeanas opposed to "fixing points"09:02
JohnRobertpopey, yeah, but I don't think I can get navigation to follow the map09:02
ali1234fixing points are fixed points... the t track thing can slide in one direction... i guess09:02
neuro"4. What is a T track?"09:03
mungbeanlol i'm on that site09:03
=== schwuk is now known as schwuk_away
mungbean"Aluminium bars have a load limit of 75kg if this is supported by the car on which they are being used."09:03
JamesTaitGood morning all, happy World Population Day! :-D09:03
neuroyou what? :)09:03
neuroare we celebrating the existing population or is this a call to continue adding to it?09:04
* popey gets jiggy with neuro 09:05
popeyoh, that's not going to work is it09:05
neuronot really, no09:05
ali1234http://www.roofbox.co.uk/roof-bars/ <- has pictures of each mounting type09:05
neuronot without some sort of biological upgrade09:05
JamesTaitneuro, an attempt to raise awareness of global population issues, apparently.09:06
neuroand a *lot* of single malt09:06
popeynah, you're not that ugly ㋛09:06
JamesTaitGET A ROOM! :-P09:06
popey /join #popey-and-neuro09:06
neuroi wasn't talking about me!09:06
popeyi know ☻09:06
neuro/join #worldpopulationday-ifyouknowwhatimean09:07
neuroAnd on THAT bombshell ...09:07
neurowow, i killed the channel09:11
neurodidn't really mean to do that09:11
neurounless everyone's join those other channels ;)09:11
Laneywe were all doing our bit09:13
bigcalmI just want sleep09:13
* popey updated home minecraft server to 1.6.2 09:16
popeyseems you get baby zombies and baby pigmen now09:16
popeywho run fast09:17
neuroi need to get back into minecraft09:17
popeyand there seems to be a bug where animals run all the time09:17
neurobeen ages since i've fired it up on mac09:17
neuroplayed it a bit on the xbox with some mates09:17
popeymy kids will be playing it for the next ~weeks09:17
popeythey break up from school today09:17
popeyso i thought I'd update it for them ☻09:17
neurogeek dads ftw09:17
popeyalso, sophie wants to write a game this summer09:18
neurosomeone should set up sysadmindads.org09:18
bigcalmThat makes me think of Mum's Net09:20
neurooh jeez09:20
neuroi wandered in there by accident the other day09:20
neurofound a thread where parents were asking about buying CoD Black Ops II for their kids09:21
neurolike 8-12 yr old kids09:21
neurovirtually every post was facepalm worthy09:21
neuroi talked a couple in Tesco out of buying Cod and BF3 for their 8 year old last year09:22
neuroexplained to them that the ratings on the front of the boxes were there for a reason09:22
MartijnVdSneuro: "Get GTA4 instead, they can murder prostitutes in that one!"09:22
neuroand that they were filled with violence, blood and swearing, and they were completely age inappropriate for an 8 year old09:22
neurothey were like "ohhhhhh???"09:22
neurothey had NO idea09:22
neuroseems to be mainly peer pressure that gets kids < 16 playing CoD09:23
neuro"but mummy, all my friends are playing it!" "well, ok then"09:23
MartijnVdSneuro: "You have no friends"09:23
ali1234i still maintain that they're not age appropriate for anyone over the age of 16 either09:24
ali1234because of the violence blood and swearing09:24
neuroi mean, i don't play CoD because a) it's rubbish and b) it's generally played only by kids and muppets09:24
* neuro prefers battlefield09:25
neuroali1234: do you also not watch any movies with violence, blood and/or swearing?09:25
neuroor tv shows?09:25
ali1234it depends09:25
ali1234if that's all they have, then no09:25
neuroi'm not hassling, i'm just curious09:25
ali1234it's more like "because they don't have anything else to offer"09:25
ali1234they = games, tv shows and movies09:25
neurobattlefield offers a stylised military simulation, encouraging tactical and team play09:26
bigcalmStill waiting for Minecraft the movie09:26
ali1234does it?09:26
popeywatched the film about minecraft?09:26
popeywell, about mojang09:26
ali1234cos whenever i see anyone playing it it just looks like rocket spam and helicopters09:27
bigcalmDidn't know there was one09:27
popeyit was kickstartered09:27
neuroali1234: you're playing with muppets then :)09:27
popeythey put it on tpb iirc09:27
popeywith a watermark suggesting you should actually pay for the real one09:27
neuroyeah, it was streamable on the xbox for a bit09:27
ali1234ARMA seems to actually offer a fairly realistic simulation09:27
neurothey made a big thing about it09:27
bigcalmMy nanny ISP doesn't let me go to tpb any more :(09:27
popeyother torrent sites are available09:27
neuroarma is definitely more "realistic" than battlefield09:27
JohnRoberttry googling tpb mirror09:27
popeyalso.. i use mirrors09:28
directhexi don't play games with other people very often09:28
JohnRobertmany people clone tpb to other sites09:28
directhexas other people are, by and large, gibbering monkeys09:28
neuropopey: tut tut :)09:28
bigcalmdirecthex: you should buy Trials Evolution and play with me :D09:28
popeylegal torrents innit09:28
neurooh dear god, no09:28
JohnRobertI was talking about tall parent broncos09:28
ali1234if rocket spamming is the best tactic then it's not the player's fault if that's what they do09:28
ali1234it means the game is broken09:28
JohnRobertbest game ever.09:28
neuroevery time i play trials evolution, i end up wanting to put my joypad through the telly09:28
directhexi used to play quake 2 online09:29
directhex350 ping]09:29
JohnRobertme too09:29
JohnRobertmine was around 250009:29
JohnRobertstill pwned.09:29
neuroali1234: i'd take issue with "best"09:29
directhexunreal tournament, now that i enjoyed playing competitively09:29
JohnRobertanyway, back to zend framework 2.09:29
neuroali1234: the best servers are always ones where players abide by the mantra PTFO09:29
neuroPlay The ****ing Objective09:30
ali1234best = most likely to win09:30
directhexbigcalm, buying games this morning is dumb, the sale starts in ~7 hours09:30
neuroali1234: i'd only say rocket spamming was good for "winning" at team deathmatch09:30
bigcalmdirecthex: ah, somebody at the LUG last night mentioned there was a sale coming up. Hope BioShock is in it09:30
neuroyou're not going to win at rush, or ctf, or conquest, etc by rocket spamming09:30
neuroi think you've seen one specific scenario and conflated it to cover the entire game09:30
directhexbigcalm, everything is in it. EVERYTHING.09:31
directhexbigcalm, you don't know standard steam sale etiquette then?09:31
ali1234in a good game you're not going to win at *anything* by rocket spamming because you won't get more than 2 or 3 rockets per quad09:31
neurosale? where? steam?09:31
popeydirecthex: i dont09:31
neuroali1234: um09:31
bigcalmdirecthex: do educate me :)09:31
directhexi guess this is the first steam sale for many ubuntoobies09:31
neuroali1234: squad explosive perk + ammo crates09:31
directhexsteam sales are typically divided into three main camps:09:32
neuro1) rubbish09:32
neuro2) old09:32
neuro3) OMGOMGOMG09:32
* neuro runs09:32
directhex1) short-term sales. these run from about 4 to 48 hours, and offer the best prices on individual games. a game *might* appear more than once as a short term sale over the duration of the entire sale09:32
directhex2) whole catalogue sales. almost every game on steam will have *some* reduction applied to it09:33
ali1234neuro: and that's the inherent conflict - the gameplay mechanics are designed for kids with short attention span, while the story and content is only suitable for adults09:33
ali1234neuro: thus as a whole the game is not suitable for anybody09:33
neuroali1234: it sounds like you've never actually played bf3 or any other battlefield game in earnest09:33
directhex3) publisher packs. this typically consists of all or most of the games made by a given publisher, sold at a massive bundle discount (e.g. thirty games from 2K for under 30 quid)09:33
ali1234there are tv shows and movies like this too09:33
neuroyes, there are dumb tv shows/movies full of violence and swearing etc09:34
neurobut there are smart ones too09:34
bigcalmMy wallet is going to feel the impact I fear09:34
directhexthe short version is, don't buy a game unless it's in category 1 or 3 - until the final day of the sale, when it's clear that game you were waiting for wont go on super sale09:34
neuromy favourite film of all time is Heat09:34
neuroit's full of violence, blood and swearing09:34
neurotell me it's not an intelligent movie09:34
ali1234i'm not talking about the smart ones09:34
neuroah, now you're qualifying :)09:35
directhexfr'example, a game might be 33% off "normally" in the sale, but 75% off for 8 hours in a short-term sale09:35
neurodirecthex: I LOVE THOSE09:35
ali1234well, i started off talking specifically about two games09:35
popeythanks directhex09:35
directhexso you're dumb if you buy it at 33% off because you didn't wait for it to be 75% off09:35
neuroali1234: and to me, bf is the smarter cousin of cod09:35
ali1234butthat's not saying much09:35
ali1234lol butt hat09:36
neurothe publisher packs are awesome, but only if you have few or none of the games in the pack (duh)09:36
directhexyes, neuro is correct09:36
neurowhich is why i've never bought the steam pub packs09:36
directhexi bought many publisher packs in the early days of steam sales, so now they're no use to me09:36
neurobecause i have most of them already09:36
neuroyeah, would be nice if they could calculate a discount based on what you have already09:36
neuroalthough that may be somewhat complex09:36
neuroand unfair09:36
directhexthat's a point to stress - in ALMOST all cases, if you own game FooBar, and buy a pack which also contains FooBar, you will NOT receive a spare copy09:36
directhexit'll throw the second copy in the virtual bin09:37
neuroand then virtually stamp on it09:37
neuroand then emit an evil virtual cackly laugh09:37
neuro"ha ha ha ha ha!"09:37
MartijnVdSdon't you even get a hat for it?09:37
MartijnVdS(virtual hat)09:37
neuronope, not even a butt hat09:37
ali1234virtual butt hat?09:37
directhexfor more detail, see https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=4502-TPJL-265609:37
ali1234what's te deal with trading cards now? are they the new hats?09:38
directhexhats, but for any game!09:38
popeyi seem to own about half of the possible linux games09:38
ali1234hats are for any game aren't they?09:38
ali1234i mean you can only wear them in TF2...09:38
ali1234but you can get them all over the place i thought09:38
bigcalmHumble Bundles are to blame for a lot of those I'm guessing09:38
bigcalmSame here09:38
directhexali1234, there are often promotional tie-ins, i.e. "buy this game, get 3 tf2 hats"09:39
neuroit would have been interesting to see what would have become of the xbox live marketplace had microsoft stuck to their guns09:39
neurocould have become very steam like09:39
neurothat's the only problem i have with the xbox one, small storage09:40
neuroi joined playstation plus in december and the 250GB hd in my ps3 is nearly full09:40
ali1234do achievments and trading cards work in steam for linux?09:40
neuroof couse09:40
ali1234cos the only game i've played enough to earn any, they don't09:41
ali1234i guess just that game is broken then09:41
ali1234i guess TF2 works but then that's valve, you'd expect it to09:41
neurowhy would they make a big thing out of steam on linux and then cripple it?09:41
popey231 linux games in total, I have 68 it seems09:41
popeystill plenty to buy ☻09:41
neurogood lord, man09:41
ali1234i don't think it's intentionally broken09:41
ali1234just kinda half broken sometimes09:42
* neuro hopes his bonus comes through this week09:45
neurohave my eye on a synology nas :)09:45
MartijnVdSsynology <309:46
neuroDS213J with 2x 2TB WD Reds for 380 quid from ebuyer :)09:46
bigcalmIn case anybody is interested, spex4less are having a sale on prescription sunglasses: http://www.spex4less.com/sale_offer_sunglasses.shtml09:47
neurogonna mirror it and use it as an iscsi target for an ESXi datastore09:47
bigcalmAbout to throw 25 quid at them for a decent enough pair09:47
neurothe 1TB drive in my main ESXi box is knackered09:47
* popey is rocking out09:47
* neuro is daftpunking out09:47
bigcalmI seem to have Orbital on this morning09:48
popeywe are having scrobble support in the ubuntu phone music app09:48
popeylove that tron legacy album09:49
neuroit's awesome, isn't it09:49
popeyyeah, but then i really love the flim too09:49
popeywatched it a dozen times i think09:49
popeywhen i rented it on virgin i watched it 3 times in the 24 hours you're allowed ㋛09:49
neurohahaha ... "Your musical compatibility with popeydc is SUPER"09:50
popeyyeah ☻09:50
* neuro hugs his TRON/TRON Legacy blu ray double pack09:50
popeythat looks _so_ camp when I read it09:50
neuroha, so it does09:50
neuroOMG, it's SOOOOOPERRRR!09:50
popeyBig Gay Al.09:50
popey\o/ Jabber09:51
MattJJabber \o/09:51
neurosee, popey, now i have a problem09:51
neuroi was up for some daft punk this morning09:51
neurobut when i see Won't Get Fooled Again ...09:51
neuroand Ace of Spades09:51
neuroYOU CONFUSE ME09:51
popeyyeah, they kickstarted me this morning09:52
neurothis is still my favourite thing for when i need a boost in the morning09:53
neuro45 minutes of non stop Crystal Method09:53
neurobest thing i bought off the itunes store in years09:54
neuroin fact, sod daft punk09:54
* bigcalm slides around to Zero 709:55
* popey foot-taps in the garden with headphones on09:56
popeyneed to take these off before the kids come home and run out here and scare the bejeezus out of me09:56
* neuro posts the first shout in the ubuntu-uk last.fm group for nearly 4 yrs09:57
popeyYour musical compatibility with jonobacon is LOW09:58
popeyquelle surprise09:59
neuromorn aq09:59
davmor2Morning all10:00
bigcalmMorning davmor210:00
=== emmy is now known as Guest59849
davmor2JamesTait: I know I'm a few seconds early10:00
davmor2bigcalm: told you I'd see you online in the morning, ye of little faith :D10:01
JamesTaitdavmor2, close enough for me, I was pretty late this morning.10:01
JamesTaitdavmor2, and good morning to you, sir.10:01
bigcalmdavmor2: only because I cba so far today10:01
davmor2bigcalm: man having another dev on the team sure has made you lax :P10:02
bigcalmdavmor2: gah, far from it. A lot of my time has been spent providing support10:02
popeythis is odd http://www.last.fm/user/AJ2002 just friend requested me10:19
MartijnVdSYour musical compatibility with popeydc is HIGH10:21
popeylastfm is very shouty10:21
=== schwuk_away is now known as schwuk
mungbeanif amazon can do autrip for CDs, i wish they would do autorip for books :D10:32
MartijnVdSmungbean: that would ROCK10:32
MartijnVdSthough I can't get to my autoripped CDs10:32
mungbeanoh why?10:32
MartijnVdSmungbean: can't access the UK mp3 storage from .nl10:32
MartijnVdSonly the US storage10:32
MartijnVdSyay "rights"10:32
mungbeantor exit node?10:32
MartijnVdSmungbean: haven't tried my vps yet ;)10:33
MartijnVdSmungbean: also, I've already non-auto-ripped them ;)10:33
* popey notes everyone everywhere says amazon should do autorip for books10:33
mungbeanyeah and that10:33
MartijnVdSpopey: also vidoe10:33
popeyI have yet to have a conversation with someone about autorip which didn't result in them saying that10:33
ali1234by autorip you mean give you a free ebook if you already have a paper copy?10:33
mungbeanyeah, althoug i've noticed an increase in mp3 album prices lately10:34
popeyi think people want to have ebooks of past purchases10:34
popeynot sure why10:34
mungbeanbecause reading books sucks, and reading on kindle rocks10:34
MartijnVdSI did get the email that Amazon autoripped >160 CDs for me10:34
popeybut you've already read them surely?10:34
bigcalmSave them getting out of bed and looking at the bookshelf for something to read10:34
ali1234say you want to read it agan but you can't find it10:35
MartijnVdSpopey: re-reading books can be fun10:35
mungbeanand i'm re-reading all the hitchhikers actually10:35
ali1234or it might be a reference text10:35
mungbeanmy others are in the loft10:35
popeyi haven't read those for years10:35
popeyi listened to teh audio book versions over and over10:35
popeywell, audio play10:35
mungbeangot them for 2.29 for set of 510:35
bigcalmI put a book on my Amazon wish list and was bought it for my birthday. 1/4 way into reading the book I realised I had already read it. Just about 20 years ago :D10:35
mungbeanwhich book? noddy?10:36
mungbeanthere's loads of books i have in the loft because i made a couple of babies10:36
popeyi need to clear out the books in my office10:36
popeyas it's being converted to a kids room this month10:36
bigcalmIssac Asimov - The Naked Sun10:36
mungbeani'm more inclined to read them on my tablet10:37
mungbeanmy wife wants an extensions10:37
mungbeannot sure whether loft or outback10:37
bigcalmpopey: finally making the move to the garage?10:37
bigcalmmungbean: toilet extension?10:37
mungbeana new room10:37
popeyonce the den is converted10:37
popeysee if we have enough money left to do the garage10:38
popeyif not I'll spend all summer working outside ☻10:38
popeylike I am now10:38
mungbeani "did" my shed the other day..*hundreds* of snails and spiders10:38
mungbeanoutside gives you cancer, dailymail told me10:38
ali1234literally everything and everyone on the internet is named after something from a sci-fi or fantasy novel10:39
ali1234every time i read one i get about 100 new references10:39
mungbeanreminded of a line in catch-22..10:40
mungbean"where are the snowdens of yesteryear"10:40
mungbeanhow apt10:40
ali1234i was talking to my brother the other day and he was comparing LotR and something else, saying the other thing was more influential on geek culture. i think the other thing might have been star wars.10:42
ali1234that's clearly nonsense. there's far more gandalfs and legolas than han solos and darth vaders on the internet10:45
MartijnVdSali1234: http://i.imgur.com/4Jzu0.png10:45
MartijnVdSali1234: maybe he meant MLP:FIM10:45
mungbeanlotr influenced other fantasy culture a lot10:45
MartijnVdSmungbean: too much, imho10:46
mungbeanstar wars influenced 8yr old boys10:46
MartijnVdSit's all dwarves + humans + elves vs (same 3 but evil)10:46
ali1234that picture needs to be taken further by replacing patrick stewart with jonathan frakes photoshopped into a stillsuit with vampire fangs10:49
MartijnVdSali1234: offend ALL the fandoms10:49
ali1234well there's no point doing half a job10:50
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|errands
directhexshower handset: £1611:58
directhexsame handset with hose & riser rail: £2011:58
JohnRobertpicard ftw.12:24
JohnRobertbest character in anything ever.12:24
Azelphurhmm, anyone have any suggestions on what everyday shop might stock magnetic tape? :p12:25
* Azelphur doesn't want to order it online and wait12:25
Azelphurcould do, there's one not too far from here :)12:25
mungbeanyou might wanna pick up some sugru in there too12:26
Azelphurwhat's that for?12:26
mungbeanits like an awesome use-once blue-tac that turns to rubber once you've applied it12:27
mungbeanlots of uses.12:27
JohnRobertI have some of that12:27
JohnRobertstill not used it12:27
mungbeane.g. for creating a comfrotable hand-grip around a metal tap12:27
mungbeanrepairing a welly boot12:27
JohnRobertor something12:27
MartijnVdSJohnRobert: you're thinking of subaru ;)12:28
JohnRobertstill don't know what to do with it12:28
AzelphurI'm getting it for my latest silly plan, https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3832397/Photos/2013/Jun/2013-07-11-132206.jpg12:28
MartijnVdSJohnRobert: they have lots of ideas on their website12:28
JohnRobertwireless charging?12:28
mungbeanand youtubes12:28
Azelphurportable battery connected to induction charger works, now I just put a bit of magnetic tape on the induction charger so it sticks to the phone, and then put the whole assembly in my pocket, :D12:28
JohnRobertexcept you'll kill the compass inside the phone12:29
mungbeando you need your goands Azelphur ?12:29
MartijnVdSAzelphur: because the phone doesn't have a charger port on USB?12:29
AzelphurJohnRobert: it's designed for that, the nexus orb uses magnets to hold the phone on12:29
JohnRobertI have nexus412:29
JohnRobertit's good12:29
Azelphurhttp://img.gawkerassets.com/img/18ec4kgczda18png/original.png :)12:29
AzelphurMartijnVdS: it does, but having it auto charge simply by putting it in your pocket is awesome :p12:30
JohnRobertgood...where does the charging battery go?12:30
AzelphurJohnRobert: in a different pocket, I have a scottevest so it has cable routing between all pockets \o/12:30
JohnRobertoh right12:30
MartijnVdSAzelphur: aren't the losses greater when charging wirelessly?12:30
JohnRobertMartijnVdS: certainly.12:31
AzelphurMartijnVdS: sure12:31
AzelphurI got 12k mAh in that thing, should compensate.12:31
JohnRobertinduction charging is really inefficient12:31
mungbeandoes wireless charging create a lot of heat?12:31
JohnRobertprobably not at that level12:31
JohnRobertwho knows12:32
JohnRobertnot me12:32
AzelphurI've been charging my phone for a while now and see no noticable rise in temperature12:32
mungbeani'd still keep it away from my gonads12:32
MartijnVdSAzelphur: 1.2kmAh = 1200Ah ;)12:32
Azelphurmungbean: haha12:32
MartijnVdSAzelphur: don't use two modifiers at once ;)12:32
* Azelphur hides12:32
MartijnVdSAzelphur: please?12:32
popeyi plugged my battery into itself earlier by accident12:42
BigRedS_is that a nexus with a wireless charger?12:42
=== BigRedS_ is now known as BigRedS
popeythe charging light came on12:42
popeyinduction charger, yes12:43
BigRedSoh wow. I'm doubly wrong :/ Ages ago I made a bet that Apple would be the first to do it, and nobody would until Apple made it cool12:43
BigRedSand now it's been exclusively Nokia for a while, and then whoever Google got to make that...12:43
popeynexus 7 does it too IIRC12:44
BigRedSLG? Google really should buy a handset manufactuer...12:44
MartijnVdSBigRedS: like Motorola?12:44
directhexpalm pre.12:44
MartijnVdSaren't there 26 competing wireless charging standards or something?12:44
directhexfrom 201012:44
BigRedSMartijnVdS: probably12:44
BigRedSdirecthex: really? If I knew that i'd probably have bought one12:44
directhexwireless charging, via optional "touchstone" dock and replacement battery cover12:44
BigRedSit's a gimmick I've been waiting for for _years_12:45
directhexfuture models shipped with the battery cover12:45
mungbeankindle is a swindle. this book is available as books 1,2,3 http://www.amazon.co.uk/1Q84-Books-1-2-3/dp/0099578077 but not on kindle. you have to buy separate, and they are only ~50p less than the real thing12:45
directhexmungbean, talk to the publishers12:45
mungbeani clicked the link12:45
mungbeanvarious times 6 months ago12:45
BigRedSI don't understand the problem. There's a dead-tree compilatoin of books 1-3 but for kindle you need to buy them separately for a total cost not a lot less than the real thing?12:46
BigRedSI mean, I understand *that* problem, is that the right one?12:47
mungbeandead tree comp = £912:47
mungbeankindle have to buy 1,2 together = £6 , and book3 separately = £6ish12:48
mungbeandead tree < kindle12:48
BigRedSoh, wow12:48
MartijnVdSthat happens a lot in the US as well12:48
mungbeanits 1328 pages. i don't want big book12:48
BigRedSI've not seen much of that. But I only buy really cheap books with my kindle...12:48
popeythat makes sense12:48
popeyyou need to get rid of dead tree books12:49
popeythey take up space12:49
popeyebooks do not12:49
popeyso less motivation to drop the price to "shift" them12:49
mungbeanbut ebook more expensive = insanity12:49
BigRedSnot really, they want to sell dead tree ones more than they do ebooks12:50
BigRedSif they think people will pay more for the ebook than they will for dead tree then they will charge that way12:50
mungbeanultimately they want to sell only ebooks12:50
BigRedSnot when they have a warehouse full of paper12:50
popeyebooks have vat too12:50
mungbeananother option is to buy books 1,2 on kindle and get book3 from the library, but that's the only one in the library12:51
popeyhttp://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/9216138/Why-do-ebooks-cost-so-much.html covers it12:51
mungbeani said "do you have books1,2?"12:51
mungbeanno, not in the whole borough. "but you have to read 1,2 before 3"12:51
mungbeanand it is a recentg book12:51
* MattJ thinks he needs more signatures on his PGP key13:10
MartijnVdSMattJ: you ALWAYS need more signatures on your PGP key13:11
MartijnVdSeveryone does!13:11
popeyi do13:11
popeyi have like.. none13:11
MartijnVdSpopey: aren't there canonical geeks who can sign yours?13:11
Azelphurhow is 13.10 these days? is it in a usable day to day state more or less?13:12
MattJSince I sign software releases with mine, I feel it should be easy for them to find a trust path to me (else, what am I signing it for?)13:12
MartijnVdSAzelphur: it's been usable for a while now13:12
AzelphurI'm still on 12.10 so thinking of jumping on a bit early and saving myself some hassle13:12
MartijnVdS13.04 is good anyway :)13:13
AzelphurI'll give the 13.10 daily a shot then :)13:13
Azelphurxubuntu, that is13:13
* popey is staying on 13.0413:13
Azelphurpopey: why?13:13
popeyit works ☻13:13
Azelphurgood answer :P13:13
popeydont feel the need to upgrade13:14
Azelphuryea, I'm upgrading because I have lots of out of date packages / lots of stuff that doesn't have builds for quantal any more13:14
BigRedSAzelphur: I stuck it on my laptop last night, seems good13:14
BigRedSso far13:14
Azelphurthinking of that, I should probably go 13.04 too, nothing has builds for 13.10 yet13:14
* bigcalm ponders a key signing party at his wedding13:19
MartijnVdSbigcalm: "My Big Fat Geek Wedding" ?13:20
popeyexcellent idea!13:22
=== alan_g|errands is now known as alan_g
* neuro is sticking with 12.04 :P13:32
neurosupport until 2017 ftw13:32
bigcalmLTS on servers. Nuts if you do it any other way :P13:34
neurolifecycle is too short for non-LTS releases13:35
neurodebian releases are too unpredictable13:35
neurored hat/centos is ... well, red hat/centos13:35
neurofedora on a server is just suicidal13:35
neuroand don't get me started on gentoo13:35
neurooh good, the dogs in the houses on either side of me are talking to each other13:36
davmor2neuro: so you use Sles then right?  /me ducks for the bunker13:37
neuroha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, no13:37
neuronow it's three dogs13:38
neuroSHUT UP!13:38
=== msm is now known as Guest32457
popeykinda wish I'd stayed on 12.04 on my laptop13:46
neurocan't you backup/reinstall?13:46
popeynext time i get a new SSD I will go back13:46
popeyi resisted for so long13:46
neurowell, of course you *can* but i guess the point is do you want to :)13:46
popeyi have backups13:47
popeyi could wipe right now13:47
* neuro is pondering ram + sshd upgrades for both MBPs13:47
popeyooh, thats a thought, i could go to 16GB in this maybe13:47
neuromain issue with it is that the only reasonably priced hybrid drives are seagate13:47
neuroand seagate = teh suck in my experienc13:47
neuroalthough 109 quid for 750GB 7200rpm HDD+32GB SLC SSD is pretty good13:48
neurooops, 8GB SLC SSD :P13:49
neurowhich is apparently "enough"13:49
neuroram is probably the best thing for now, i'm constantly butting up against 8GB with so many tabs open in chrome13:51
neurojings, ram is cheap!13:54
MartijnVdS yeah.. I have 16GB in my machine..13:54
MartijnVdSof the fast stuff®13:54
neuro98 quid for 2x8GB PC3-12800 and 101 quid for 2x8GB PC3-1060013:55
MartijnVdSI don't know PC3-12800-style.. I know mine is 2133MG13:55
MartijnVdSneuro: 2133 is PC3-17066, apparently13:55
MartijnVdSbecause.. reasons13:56
neuroi still remember when a gig of ram was in the hundreds13:56
neuroof quid13:56
MartijnVdSneuro: I remember when a *meg* of ram was that expensive :)13:57
neurothen again, i still remember getting excited over getting 512Kbps ADSL13:57
neuroMartijnVdS: 256KB graphics cards!!!13:57
MartijnVdSneuro: 256 colours!13:57
MartijnVdSneuro: AT ONCE13:57
neuro!!!!! ARE YOU MAD!13:58
neurohaha, lubotu3 just pinged me13:58
MartijnVdSbecause of the !!!?13:58
neuro"wait, you mean i can get a floppy disk drive?! for my Spectrum!?"13:58
neuroand so on13:59
neuro#include <eeeeee-when-i-were-a-lad.h>13:59
MartijnVdS#include <magnets.h>14:00
neurohmm, email from sony14:06
neuro"Few days left to claim your Xperia™ smartphone"14:06
neuro"When you buy a BRAVIA TV before the 14th July"14:06
* TheOpenSourcerer recalls paying ~£500 for a 64*MB* upgrade to my 486DX14:10
TheOpenSourcererThat was to replace the installed 32MB14:11
popeyAhhh, those were the days14:11
popeyI probably still have some 30pin dimms here14:12
TheOpenSourcererme too somewhere14:12
bigcalmMake for good key fobs14:12
popeybrilliant idea14:12
AlanBellas does a 50 ohm terminator14:12
neuropopey: i have tons of the things14:13
neuroand stupid sized sparcstation dimms14:13
=== emmy is now known as Guest15561
SuperMattman, I feel like I must be doing something wrong with isc-dhcp-server614:39
SuperMattmy clients will only get a ipv6 address if I manually run dhclient -614:40
SuperMattif I use network managler, it just doesn't pick up an address (hell, it doesn't even seem to talk to the server)14:40
Azelphurdecided to be adventurous and move onto Ubuntu 13.10 \o/14:41
SuperMattgood luck!14:42
Azelphuryea, already having some fun lol14:42
Azelphuropen terminal on second X screen? -> kill all other terminals and child applications.14:42
Azelphurthat seems to be an issue with xfce-terminal though, none of the others do it *shrug*14:43
SuperMattok, so it seems that network manager and ipv6 dhcp is borked somehow14:45
SuperMattI'll check for any bugs14:45
SuperMattgreat, I'm seeing the same issue in fedora 19 too14:51
neuromaybe a problem with the dhcpd then?14:53
SuperMattI don't know14:54
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|tea
=== alan_g|tea is now known as alan_g
popeyAzelphur: did you say you have a usb sound card?15:41
* MartijnVdS has one15:41
MartijnVdSa _good_ one15:41
popeyoh, just remembered i have a usb headset which is "quite good"15:42
popeybetter than the sound card in this lappy15:42
* popey tries15:42
MartijnVdSxonar u315:42
popey\o/ much betterer15:44
bigcalmIs this a new bit of text in git? "Already up-to-date. Yeeah!"15:49
bigcalmI'm not sure I've seen it say "Yeeah!" before15:49
AlanBelldo you have to read it with an Austin Powers voice?15:56
MartijnVdSit's probably a reference to that sunglasses meme?15:57
MartijnVdSfrom some kind of US tv show?15:57
* MartijnVdS does't follow these things15:57
BigRedSI do worry when software I use starts making cultural references that I don't get16:05
bigcalmMakes you feel old?16:06
MartijnVdSsoftware should stay out of the meme business16:06
MartijnVdSone apt-get moo is enough16:06
=== msm is now known as Guest30994
brobostigonhow do i use pastebinit again to pastebin the output of a command?16:11
MartijnVdScommand | pastebin16:11
brobostigonthank you MartijnVdS16:11
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=== naderp is now known as oberlus
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOD
=== schwuk is now known as schwuk_away
Azelphurpopey: I had one a long while ago, use a usb headset at the moment17:49
directhexsteamsale? steamsale!17:59
MartijnVdSI silently repeat phrases to myself when i think i may have said something odd, when i do this i also mouth the words as i say them to myself18:01
MartijnVdSuh wahat18:01
MartijnVdSThe Steam Store is experiencing some heavy load right now. Please try again later.18:01
* MartijnVdS kills his pastebuffer.18:01
AzelphurHas anyone noticed in Ubuntu 13.10 ccsm settings aren't saved?18:17
Azelphur(P.S. I wish Canonical would stop breaking compiz)18:18
MartijnVdSAzelphur: happens all the time, since 11.1018:29
MartijnVdSAzelphur: same for all unity settings18:29
AzelphurMartijnVdS: weird, didn't happen to me on 12.1018:29
MartijnVdSI have to re-set sloppy focus, auto-raise and several other settings ever other reboot or so18:30
MartijnVdSthere used to be a bug about it18:31
MartijnVdSbut I can't find it now18:31
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 1063617 in Compiz 0.9.9 "1:0.9.8+bzr3319-0ubuntu1 regression: keeps setting gsettings keys to wrong values" [High,Fix committed]18:32
=== RadiumCat is now known as StrontiumCat
knightwisehey everyone18:44
MartijnVdS\o knightwise18:44
knightwisehey MartijnVdS how are you tonight18:44
MartijnVdSknightwise: a bit on the bored side, but fine :)18:45
MartijnVdSknightwise: wrote this earlier this week: http://blog.vandestreek.net/2013/07/playing-with-wpa2-enterprise-using.html18:45
knightwiseI'm fighting the demons of iTunes and their proprietary music databases18:45
MartijnVdSpoor you18:45
MartijnVdSstop buying Apple stuff then ;)18:45
knightwisemanaged to make a full export of my itunes library (based on my playlist structure)18:46
knightwisenow trying to drag them into owncloud to see if I can access them via the browser18:46
MartijnVdSknightwise: have you tried http://www.vandestreek-bier.nl/ yet? :)18:48
knightwisebut i don't drink beer unfortunately18:49
MartijnVdSknightwise: you must know someone who does though18:49
MartijnVdSknightwise: being from Belgium18:49
knightwiseps : question18:53
knightwisewhats wrong with the sources line for 12.04 on this page : http://software.opensuse.org/download/package?project=isv:ownCloud:community&package=owncloud18:53
knightwiseecho 'deb http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/isv:ownCloud:community/xUbuntu_12.04/ /' >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/owncloud.list18:53
knightwiseit says "mallformed url" when i add it to the files18:54
MartijnVdSthe extra ":" bits?18:55
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MartijnVdSknightwise: try using %3a18:55
diddledanoddness. on bootup my options for the igb module aren't applied when the kernel loads it. ("options igb max_vfs=7" in /etc/modprobe.d/igb.conf) but removing the module and reinserting it does correctly reference the option19:29
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diddledanmy google foo is failing me19:38
Daraeldiddledan: Something to do with the initrd? (I'm guessing blind here, but I can't see how "sudo update-initramfs -u" could *hurt*, and it *might* somehow be part of it (although I'm not sure *how*...))19:40
diddledanit might be cached in the initramfs, I guess19:41
DaraelThat's what I was thinking.  Seems a bit odd, but maybe worth a try, no?19:42
diddledanok, reboobing19:42
diddledanthank god I've got a second puter :-p19:43
diddledan(and a third, and a fourth, but that's by-the-by :-p)19:43
diddledanyup, it was the initrd19:44
diddledanit works fine now19:44
diddledanwell thinked19:44
DaraelShiny.  Glad it worked.19:44
DaraelO'course, that means it would've "magically" fixed itself upon the next kernel update anyway :-þ19:45
diddledaninitrds are a black art to me these days now they're all automated. I remember building my own custom jobbies for Gentoo netboot back in the day, but modern stuff eludes me19:45
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diddledanI think I'm gradually turning into a fuddy-duddy19:47
diddledansoon I'll be complaining that kids don't know what they've missed by growing up now rather than in the 90s19:48
diddledanremember snowy TV reception? kids today don't even understand that such a thing existed19:49
diddledanfor kids today, tv is either working or broken. they have no concept of partial reception19:49
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AzelphurIs the software center broken in 13.10 atm?19:56
MartijnVdSdiddledan: FM radio still works like that19:57
MartijnVdSdiddledan: AM radio if you want to demonstrate easily :)19:57
AzelphurIs there any way to tell APT to install old quantal packages from a repo, until the newer packages are available?20:34
MattJAdd quantal's repos to sources.list?20:39
MattJit will just use the newer ones20:39
* SuperMatt has two projects on the go right now20:47
AzelphurMattJ: but, there are no newer ones, that's the point20:48
SuperMatt1) reinstall the laptop with saucy and btrfs (so I can finally get some exposure to it)20:48
Azelphurit's a third party repos that has no packages newer than quantal, and I'm on 13.1020:48
SuperMattand 2) reorganise the data on my disks so they're less likely to die if something goes wrong20:48
directhexAzelphur, apt doesn't use distro-specific packages, it uses whatever is configured in sources.list20:48
SuperMatts/die/lose all the data20:48
directhexAzelphur, assuming the dependencies resolve, it;'s fine to have a quantal ppa in post-quantal20:48
Azelphuryep, this creates a packaging nightmare :P20:50
Azelphurlooks like canonical renamed libudev0 to libudev1, it's breaking lots of things :(20:50
MattJRight, that's where you hit problems :)20:51
SuperMattchrome seems to have been bitten by it20:51
diddledanAzelphur: are you running your day-to-day activities on 13.10? i.e. is it stable enough for those that need some semblance of normality?20:53
Azelphurdiddledan: I'm trying to, only been using it for a day so far20:53
Azelphurbumped into a few bugs, but doing ok, managed to work around most of it20:53
diddledanwe're half-way through the dev-cycle now?20:53
* diddledan googles the timeline20:54
SuperMattand what a great cycle it has been so far20:54
diddledansaucy sausage? :-p20:54
SuperMattI'm not ready to go saucy everywhere yet, but my lappy has been running it for a while now20:54
SuperMattI'm not going to put mir on mine until it lands sans ppa though20:55
SuperMattI do like a modicum of stability20:55
Azelphurwait, is 13.10 mir?20:55
Azelphurwell, I'm using xubuntu 13.10, so probably not :P20:55
SuperMattit will have mir, yes20:55
Azelphuryea, I have a feeling xubuntu won't adopt that.20:55
SuperMattxfce will happily run on top of xmir20:55
SuperMattprobably not20:55
AzelphurSuperMatt: what about high performance apps?20:55
Azelphurlike games20:56
SuperMattI don't know about that right now20:56
SuperMattI haven't done my own investigating yet20:56
AzelphurIf they break games, I loose all faith in canonical, haha20:56
SuperMattwell, xmir should be able to run games20:56
Azelphurspend ages working to get big companies to seriously adopt Linux -> steam finally jumps on board -> break steam20:56
Azelphuryea, hopefully :)20:56
SuperMattmight see a reduction in fps though20:57
SuperMattwho knows20:57
SuperMattI certainly don't20:57
Azelphurcompiz is gonna be interesting too.20:58
SuperMattcompiz will be gone20:58
SuperMattbut it's working fine in mir at the moment20:58
SuperMattaint nobody got time for compiz20:58
SuperMattnot no more, no how20:58
AzelphurI'm all for a compiz / X replacement20:58
AzelphurI'll probably cling to them until it's ready for actual use though20:58
MattJas long as it supports 54 monitors?20:59
diddledanmy main worry over replacing X is the network transparency20:59
SuperMattwhat I really really really really hope for is that I can still bind the top left window to expose all apps20:59
MattJdiddledan, nobody cares :(20:59
SuperMattI think a lot of people care20:59
SuperMattbut I also think there are better ways of doing things like that20:59
MattJYes, we could use the cloud21:00
diddledanthey seem to suggest that vnc is better. I fail to see it.21:00
diddledanI like my remote windows to integrate seamlessly21:00
SuperMattit's a tricky one21:00
diddledannot appear inside a virtual desktop21:00
SuperMattsmall apps certainly work well using X forwarding, but I've seen fewer and fewer apps that work with it these days21:00
SuperMattat least, work *well*21:01
Azelphuryea, networked X is very slow21:01
diddledanfirefox is one notable problem with X forwarding - run firefox remotely and you end up spawning a local binary21:01
AzelphurVNC is very slow too21:01
Azelphurbut stuff like teamviewer (I know, horrible proprietary) is very fast21:01
AzelphurI wish we had something open source that could keep up with tv :)21:01
SuperMattI've heard that some of the technical apects of X forwarding just don't match the needs of today21:02
SuperMattI can't for the life of me remember what they are though21:02
Azelphurno doubt, X is like 30+ years old now21:02
SuperMattI think it has something to do with the traffic being sent back and forth, and that there's simply too much of it with modern day apps21:02
SuperMattit's a good time to be a linux enthusiast, that's for sure21:04
SuperMattI was getting worried that everything was going to become stable!21:04
SuperMattthank glob for all these changes21:04
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diddledanmythtv rocks most socks21:48
diddledanthough only when frontended by xbmc21:48
diddledanor maybe I should use tvheadend?21:48
Azelphurdiddledan: my parents are still running plain old myth, maybe I should move them over to XBMC21:49
diddledannow that you can buy the mpeg2 codec for the raspi, it makes a sweet frontend21:50
shauno_I was a bit bummed by xbmc on the pi.  it didn't seem to be quite enough to do most menu transitions21:58
diddledanyeah, the menu transitions are a bit sluggish, but video is fine21:58
ali1234SuperMatt: X defines drawing primitives like lines and rectangles which compress very well due to being vector based22:00
ali1234the problem is that nothing uses them any more22:00
ali1234Qt and Gtk just request buffers from the server and then draw into them directly22:00
ali1234when remoting that just has to be compressed and sent as-is22:00
ali1234removing remoting from the newer stacks doesn't fix this problem at all, it just makes it someone else's problem22:01
ali1234even though X is really bad at remoting these days, it is still better than anything else. you only have to compare with VNC to see why: VNC is really laggy and sometimes does not update at all. this is because VNC can't see which areas X is repainting so it either has to send the entire screen (probably as a really blurry JPEG) or try to compare successive frames and send the difference (which is really slow). it can't tell software not to use overlay22:06
ali1234even if X has to send compressed bitmaps, it can still optimize this by knowing exactly which parts of which windows have been redrawn without doing any extra work, and it can tell clients which features like overlays are available for use.22:08
ali1234Azelphur: i can X host mplayer playing SD content over 100mbit or HD over 1000mbit ethernet. can't do that with VNC, or anything else i have ever tried. sound is a problem though :P22:10
Azelphurah, that's cool22:10
ali1234but if you want to stream TV, just stream the raw transport22:11
ali1234this is pretty much guaranteed to be the best way to do it22:11
Azelphurbut then, fairly not useful for anything22:11
ali1234why not?22:11
ali1234mplayer and vlc can both play this22:11
Azelphurif you're gonna stream video, you're gonna do it an easier way, like sftp22:11
ali1234i would be highly surprised if xbmc could not22:11
ali1234sftp? for a stream? wuuuut?22:12
Azelphurwhy not? I always do it22:12
ali1234because it makes no sense22:12
Azelphurjust sftp://user@blah in nautilus, double click file, done22:12
ali1234it's a stream22:12
ali1234it's not a file22:12
ali1234it has no beginning and no end22:12
Azelphuroh, ok then22:12
ali1234you connect, you get mpeg packets22:13
ali1234this is how IPTV works22:13
Azelphurfun :)22:13
ali1234DVB is practically IPTV anyway22:13
ali1234with 6 tuners and the right software you can have everyone on your network watching every channel simultaneously and not need more than about 300mbits of bandwidth22:14
ali1234regardless of how large your network is22:14
Azelphursweet :o22:15
ali1234assuming all of it supports broadcast packets22:15
diddledanor multicast22:15
ali1234and also no need to every reencode anything22:15
Azelphurali1234: myself I just have XBMC hooked up to NFS22:15
ali1234sorry yeah multicast is what i meant :)22:15
diddledanI've yet to play with multicast22:17
diddledanI have no idea how it works22:17
ali1234it's fun22:17
diddledanone thing mythtv is crap at is channel numbering22:18
ali1234yeah really22:18
ali1234i hate retuning because it always messes it all up22:18
diddledanit's put 5* in slot 222:20
diddledan5USA in 422:20
diddledan5+1 in 522:20
diddledanQVC in 622:20
diddledanit's fscked22:20
diddledanhmm, has my washing machine finished? I don't hear it anymore22:21
diddledanis there a simple way of getting mythtv to reorder the channels per their standard numbers?22:23
Azelphurdiddledan: not last I checked.22:27
ali1234diddledan: there is but i forgot what it is22:56
ali1234diddledan: there's also a hard way where you write a script that fixes the database directly, which is my preferred method of wrangling mythtv22:57
Azelphurhttp://imgur.com/a/Z7VWc theres a dude selling these on #bitcoin-otc, awesome.23:19
Azelphurfolks who have shops here, do it. xD23:19
ali1234neon seriously?23:43
ali1234why not LED?23:43
* Azelphur shrugs23:54
ali1234does anyone here actually have a shop?23:54
AzelphurI'd be surprised if there isn't at least one computer shop person in here23:55
ali1234i don't recall anyone ever mentioning such a thing...23:56
ali1234lots of consultants and sysadmins but no physical shops23:56
Azelphurali1234: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3832397/Photos/2013/Jun/2013-07-11-132206.jpg my latest crazy idea, btw :)23:56
AzelphurUSB battery, induction charger, gonna put the induction charger behind the pocket in my coat, insert phone into pocket, phone charges.23:57
ali1234what is it?23:57
ali1234tha's genius23:57
Azelphurty :D23:57
ali1234patent it immediately23:57
ali1234design a way to weave the charger into the fabric of the pocket23:57
Azelphuryea I haven't actually seen anybody trying this before, but it serously looks like it'll work23:57
Azelphurgonna get some magnetic tape tomorrow to put on the charger23:58
Azelphurthen I'm hoping the phone will sorta clamp onto it and stay put23:58
ali1234if you make the whole pocket be a coil then you don't even need magnets23:59

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