rick_hhere's her blog post on it http://www.kscottz.com/solving-autostereograms-aka-magic-eyes/00:52
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greg-gGAH stupid useragent matching04:01
rick_hheh, UA lies!04:04
rick_hit's beyond ridiculous any more04:05
greg-gyes, I use iceweasel, no that doesn't mean you should give me a stupid error message04:21
rick_hhttp://www.nczonline.net/blog/2013/03/27/internet-explorer-11s-user-agent-string-what-does-it-mean/ :)04:21
snap-lEven better: use G+ with a privacy masking user agent12:58
snap-lIt'll complain mightily that you don't have a recent browser12:58
rick_hgotta give it some +1 love http://www.reddit.com/r/programming/comments/1i2p69/shuttle_a_simple_ssh_shortcut_menu_for_os_x/13:25
brouschAh, Detroit http://www.wxyz.com/dpp/news/region/detroit/scrappers-to-blame-for-no-water-flowing-from-the-fountain-in-hart-plaza13:29
brouschrick_h: But that's a GUI program13:30
rick_hbrousch: it's a local guy at CHC13:30
rick_hand it's for the mac so wtf...13:30
trevlarrick_h: :)13:30
brouschah, now I understand13:30
snap-lAnd he's in the channel. :)13:33
snap-lI'll leave it as an exercise to figure out who. :)13:33
brouschsnap-l: You've gone back to Apple?!13:35
snap-lUh, no.13:37
brouschSee what happens when you leave it as an exercise13:37
brouschThat's how rumors get started13:38
snap-ljrwren_: God, this reorg of MS looks like deck-chair musical chairs.14:28
rick_hok, well didn't see that coming http://insights.ubuntu.com/news/press-releases/verizon-joins-ubuntu-carrier-advisory-group/15:11
brouschTing or DIAF15:19
mathomastechrick_h: Very cool. Nice to see a local major play jump on board.15:20
snap-lbrousch: That's my line15:26
snap-lSeriously, though, very cool to see Verizon pick this up15:26
snap-lHopefully others will follow15:26
snap-lIt turns it from "whatever" into "mildly interested"15:26
snap-lApparently the motivational poster is alive and well16:41
greg-gugh, that site annoys me16:44
greg-gthe posters16:44
snap-lYeah, it's a little too much "damn the torpedoes"16:44
greg-gyeah. I can only think of 5 hour energy drinks when I look at that site16:46
rick_htrevlar: https://twitter.com/JamesJelinek/status/355364535198158848 :)17:00
trevlarrick_h: thanks!17:35
trevlaralthough I have a "if ( var == false )" that I swear I didn't see https://github.com/fitztrev/shuttle/blob/master/apple-scripts/iterm2.applescript17:43
trevlarI don't know how that snuck in there17:43
trevlarI do it better in the applescript for terminal.app https://github.com/fitztrev/shuttle/blob/master/apple-scripts/terminal.applescript17:43
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snap-lDefcon Staff: Hey, Feds ... you're not welcome at DEFCON this year.20:17
snap-lFeds: Not a problem! We were planning on telecommuting anyway...20:17

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