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bkerensawhy does ia32-libs depend on bluez20:27
bkeroIsn't ia32-libs deprecated with multiarch?20:28
bkerensayes but for some reason boinc-client wants it20:37
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bkerensac_smith: hello22:46
bkerensatgm4883: do you still do world comm grid?22:46
tgm4883bkerensa, on and off22:46
bkerensaI am setting up some boinc servers right now22:47
tgm4883I got pretty high on the ubuntu team list22:47
bkerensaI think this new setup will surely blow me top the top somewhere22:47
bkerensaRackspace has given me this big $600 credit per month22:47
bkerensaI barely use any of it22:47
bkerensaso I am going to deploy! :)22:47

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