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zequenceOvenWerks: Standard categories is fine, but will those exist in non Ubuntu Studio icon themes?06:58
zequenceI mean, the ones you have used for the menu06:58
zequenceIf these icons are meant to be used in a theme, then of course, they should go into the icon theme package07:02
zequence..as they are now07:02
zequenceBut, the most important thing is that there will be menu icons with any theme. 07:14
zequenceMost, if not all icon themes inherit HiColor at the end, so it is quite possible to add a postinstall script to create symlinks to the icons in the Ubuntu Studio theme for categories if those do not already exist07:16
zequenceThat should make sure there will be icons no matter what07:16
zequencebut, maybe this is not a problem to begin with?07:16
zequenceLet me put this on list too, btw07:31
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holsteininteresting discussion going on in #xubuntu-devel about xMir15:18
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