lumpy__so am i00:01
OvenWerkswhat have you tried?00:01
lumpy__do want to do this in chat or do want to open a teamspeak session00:01
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OvenWerksI haven't got TS set up.00:02
Lumpywell I tried removing pulse00:02
Lumpygot me no where so i reinstalled it00:02
Lumpyi checked all the alsamixer sliders00:03
Lumpyexperimented with it for each on00:03
Lumpygot me no where00:03
OvenWerksit shouldn't make any difference. (pulse)00:03
Lumpyi believe not connecting to the shoutcast server is a seperate issue and may be on the shoutcast server end00:03
Lumpywell do you have any thoughts on how i can trouble shoot this00:04
OvenWerksconnecting to shoutcast is only worth worying about after audio works.00:04
Lumpyyou are much better at all the cli stuff00:04
Lumpywell the fallbacks won't connect either00:04
Lumpyand i agree00:04
Lumpyit is not worth dealing with until i can get jackd to work00:04
OvenWerksI would like to see the alsa screens.00:05
OvenWerksI can't remember the web site for sending screen shots though :(00:05
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.00:05
OvenWerksthere we are :)00:05
OvenWerksso starting alsamixer in a terminal00:06
Lumpyi was going to try and let you just watch the desktop00:07
Lumpyvino is giving me critical errors00:07
Lumpyso then i just paste you a link like this --> http://imagebin.org/264081 right?00:10
Lumpythat is the default, built in sound card00:10
Lumpythat is NOT the one i use to stream00:11
OvenWerksI was about to say that :)00:11
Lumpywell i assumed you wanted to see everything00:11
OvenWerksOK screen shot of what F^ looks like?00:11
OvenWerkssorry F600:11
OvenWerksThat should be a list of cards00:13
OvenWerksOk, so select the SB00:14
OvenWerksIf it works faster for you, you can just take shots of the terminal window.00:15
Lumpyless than half the sliders show00:17
Lumpydo you want to see all of the sb sliders?00:17
OvenWerksMight be useful.00:17
Lumpythose last two complete F300:20
Lumpyand that would be F400:21
OvenWerksWhat are the Line Liv... and line2 li?00:22
OvenWerksif you select them the Item line at the top should give more info00:23
OvenWerksit also looks like there is more off the screen to the left.00:23
Lumpythere are three images total for F300:24
OvenWerksI mean for F400:24
Lumpythe item desp for  line live is "Line LiveDrive [dB gain: mute mute]00:25
Lumpyyes there is Bass, Trebble, Front, Surround, Synth, and Wave00:26
LumpyBass and Treble are at 5000:26
Lumpythe rest all at 000:26
LumpyLine 2 is the same as line one only diff is "LiveDrive 1"00:27
OvenWerksin another terminal :) arecord -l00:28
Lumpyi am assuming that is an l and not a one00:29
Lumpyscreenshot of it?00:29
OvenWerksI think you can drop the info from card 1 here.00:30
OvenWerksjust the first line00:30
Lumpycard 1: Live [SB Live! Value [CT4780]], device 0: emu10k1 [ADC Capture/Standard PCM Playback]00:31
OvenWerksThat looks pretty normal.00:31
OvenWerksIt only showed two devices?00:32
OvenWerks(card 0 and card 100:32
Lumpyjust double checked00:32
Lumpylike you said00:33
OvenWerksok, maybe we should look at qjackctl.00:33
Lumpyit /looks/ pretty normal00:33
Lumpybut it /acts/ pretty stubborn00:33
Lumpylike my xgf00:33
Lumpyfire up in terminal? or gui?00:34
OvenWerksdon't start jack, just qjackctl00:34
Lumpywhat we really need are more menus.. . hehe00:35
Lumpyokay opened but not running00:35
OvenWerkslets look at setup00:35
OvenWerksInterface: says?00:36
OvenWerksshould be right side of the dialog, maybe a third down.00:37
Lumpythat would be the settings tab00:37
Lumpyand everything is set just as it is on my two fallbacks00:37
Lumpyboth of which work00:37
OvenWerksyou shouldn't have to use input and output devices.00:38
Lumpyand i have tried every variant of the input and output devices related to SB00:38
Lumpywhat do you mean00:38
Lumpylike leave it blank?00:39
OvenWerksinput device, output device should be default and just set the device with Interface: which is greyed out right now.00:39
OvenWerksHas it always been greyed out?00:40
Lumpynot if i put default in for devices00:40
Lumpybut I have always chosen the devices in the past00:41
OvenWerksThere can be problems doing that. Channels can be default too.00:41
Lumpyusually channels are default00:41
OvenWerksbeside Interface there is a tiny box with a >00:41
Lumpythat was one of my "swings and misses"00:42
OvenWerksif you click that it should show your devices.00:42
Lumpyi got that already00:42
OvenWerksselect hw:1 not hw:1,0 I think00:43
Lumpyselected that which is SB Live! value [CT 4780]00:44
OvenWerksshoot me another screen before we save it :)00:44
Lumpyit now looks like this --> http://imagebin.org/26409000:44
OvenWerksqjackctl has changed my version looks different :)00:44
OvenWerksselect ok00:45
Lumpysave it first though right?00:45
OvenWerksOK should save it.00:45
Lumpywell you never worked in the department of redundancy department :P00:46
OvenWerksThe preset save at the top is something else00:46
Lumpyso should i try it now?00:47
OvenWerksstart jack.00:47
Lumpyno errors in message window00:48
OvenWerkswhat does the connections look like.00:48
Lumpyi also see pulseaudio in the connection00:48
Lumpyhang on i will get you a shot00:48
OvenWerksThats ok00:48
Lumpyguess i managed to reinstall pulse okay then00:50
OvenWerksseems so00:51
OvenWerksOK lets select "disconnect all"    to get rid of the pulse connects00:53
OvenWerks"expand all" will show well too00:53
Lumpydid that as well00:54
OvenWerkshow many captures do you have?00:54
OvenWerks(Im thinking two)00:55
Lumpycapture_1, capture_200:55
OvenWerksdo you have  some noise/music that is continuous you can run into line in?00:56
Lumpyi can just thump on the mic00:56
Lumpywhich i can hear over the speakers00:56
OvenWerksI was thinking music would be easier but that is fine too00:57
Lumpyeverything that goes in goes into the mixer first00:57
OvenWerksstart the meterbridge00:57
Lumpyokay i just opened up gmusicbrowser00:58
OvenWerksconnect capture 1 and 2 to the meter bridge.00:58
Lumpycan't believe i didn't instal vcl yet00:58
OvenWerkswe want audio from off of this machine though.00:59
Lumpyactually we don't00:59
Lumpyi am in irc on my net book00:59
Lumpywhich is running into the mixer00:59
Lumpyno meter movement on the meterbridge00:59
OvenWerksthat would be off of the target machine then ok.01:00
Lumpycapture to meterbridge gives me no movement01:00
Lumpyand i have a good level on board meter01:00
Lumpyand can hear the music through the speakers01:01
Lumpyand they are the speakers connected to the SB01:01
OvenWerksOk back to alsamixer in a terminal that is not full screen so we can still see the meters01:02
Lumpyi am assuming capture01:03
OvenWerkslets start with playback actually01:03
OvenWerksif you move over to the slider that says Line01:04
OvenWerksand hit M the sound out to the speakers should go away01:04
Lumpykk, muted it01:04
Lumpyand just as you said01:04
Lumpywhich i knew would happen01:04
OvenWerksOK now capture.01:05
OvenWerksin the image you showed me "Line" was the first thing on the left, can you go left of that?01:06
Lumpyyes like i typed Bass, Treble, Front, Surround, Synth, Wave01:06
LumpyBass and Treble at 5001:06
Lumpyrest at 001:06
OvenWerksOn the capture screen? wow no wonder I was confused.01:07
Lumpythe SB has EVERYTHING on the capture screen01:07
OvenWerksThe alsa driver is not clear in naming then.01:08
Lumpy i think you can capture everything but bass and treble01:08
OvenWerksif you select Line which is capture right now and hit space.01:08
Lumpyit was already selected but space does toggle it01:09
OvenWerksmaybe go through the other channels hitting space. for each. You may find you don't have to unselect one for the next to work.01:09
Lumpynot all of them01:09
Lumpycolor me simple01:10
Lumpyline and capture must have capture under them01:10
Lumpyi now have meter movement01:11
OvenWerksgood, gotta go01:11
OvenWerksWife needs me.01:11
Lumpythanks mega bunches01:11
Lumpyi feel soooo stupid01:12
Lumpytime for me to fly as well01:26
Lumpythanks again and ttyl01:26
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dboltonWhen I Alt+Middle click a window it dismisses/minimizes the window. Is there a way to turn off this behavior?21:56
dboltonArdour uses the same shortcut for automation editing21:56
dboltonI only see keybaord shortcuts in the Xfce settings windows.21:57
holsteindbolton: thats where i would look.. in the xfce settings22:20
holsteindbolton: i havent bothered with middle-click for a long time.. and i dont have a way to  test22:20
holsteindbolton: ask in #xubuntu as well22:20
holsteindbolton: how about, under settings for window manager.. keyboard section22:35
dboltonholstein: I don't see any mouse shortcuts there.22:41
dboltonJust keyboard.22:41
holsteini would just remap the one in ardour, and get some work dont22:42

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