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espressobuffhi, i want to navigate our bazaar repo, similar to svn list09:48
espressobuffbut when i try bzr ls <uri>, i get ERROR: Not a branch.... location is a repository.09:49
espressobuffhow do you do it then?09:49
mgzespressobuff: as it says, it needs a branch, not just a repository10:01
mgza repository is a store of data, a branch is the actual graph of history10:02
mgzso, eg, `bzr ls lp:bzr` works fine, because that references an actual remote branch10:02
espressobuffmgz: thanks. but i want to navigate the repo to search something that i might be interested in10:07
espressobuffwhat's the correct way to do that then?10:07
mgzwithout a branch which references the repo, you don't have anything to navigate10:08
mgzthere are ways to inspect repo contents, but nearly all the time what you care about is branches10:09
mgzis there something specific you're trying to do?10:09
espressobuffcan you give example of a repo vs branch? sorry i'm a total bzr newbie (from svn)10:10
mgzespressobuff: http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/bzr.2.5/en/user-guide/core_concepts.html10:12
mgzbut for example, I have ~/bzr which is a shared repo, and under that I have ~/bzr/2.5 which is a branch and a bunch of other branches10:13
espressobuffso repo is the root of branch(es)? as in svn, we usually have "trunk" and "branches" as branches of a project?10:18
espressobuffanyway, what i'm trying to do is that, say i can "bzr co bzr://bzr/data/bzr/dir1/dir2/dir3/dir4/trunk"10:19
mgzsee also http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/migration/en/survival/bzr-for-svn-users.html10:19
espressobuffand then do "bzr ls bzr://bzr/data/bzr/dir1/dir2/dir3/dir4/" just fine10:19
mgzespressobuff: no, you can't10:20
mgzthat's a very svn thing to do10:20
espressobuffbut i want to see the content of, say "bzr://bzr/data/bzr/"10:20
mgzwell, you can, but not in the way you're thinking10:20
mgzreally what you want is to just branch trunk locally, then use ls10:20
espressobuffcan you give the actual command, in relation to my example? thanks10:21
mgznot without knowing what you've actualyl got, but generally, `bzr branch remote-location`10:22
mgzwhich gets you a local copy to work on.10:22
espressobuffugh, sorry, maybe i just need to read up more to override my old svn concept10:35
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eriduis there any way to coerce bzr into accepting filenames with backslashes19:17
jelmereridu: no, unfortunately not19:39
jelmereridu: there is an old bug report about this19:39
jelmereridu: http://pad.lv/8184419:39
ubot5Launchpad bug 81844 in Bazaar "backslash in filename causes InvalidEntryName etc" [Medium,Confirmed]19:39
eriduthis breaks the git bridge for a project I want to hack on19:39
jelmerit's a fairly hard bug to fix, there are assumptions in a number of places in bzr that / and \ are path valid path separators19:49
jelmerwell, perhaps not hard.. mostly just time-consuming I think :)19:50
eriduwhy not os.path.sep?19:54
eridureally I guess you'd want to forbid them in most cases but accept them if they appear19:54
SamBit's a ROYALLY STUPID idea to EVER have \ in a path component19:56
jelmereridu: that means it becomes impossible to use some repositories on both Windows and POSIX/Mac19:57
eriduSamB: I wouldn't have put it in, but this project literally has a file named '\'19:57
eridujelmer: I caught that just after sending it19:57
jelmerideally bzr should just use one path separator internally ("/"), and accept "\" as a path separator too on windows19:58
SamBit is equally stupid to have / in a path component, of course, but since no major platform allows it ...19:58
jelmertranslating it from \ to / and from \ to / where necessary19:58
jelmerbut that means there are a fair number of code paths you have to update19:58
jelmerSamB: I'm sure you can find a unicode character that looks enough like a forward slash if you really want to :)19:59
fullermdThat's what unicode is FOR, after all.  The old 7-bit ways of making confusing filenames are SO last century.20:03
jelmerfullermd: 😜20:10

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