wallyworldniemeyer: how do i set construct a mgo txn to insert a record with an assert stating that there can be no other records already existing with a particular field set to foo?00:35
* thumper waves at wallyworld00:59
thumperwallyworld: summary of my day: it's all shit00:59
wallyworldhi there. feeling better?00:59
thumpernot really00:59
thumperbut starting to feel guilty00:59
wallyworldnot your fault you're sick00:59
thumperno, I know01:00
wallyworldi can fill you in a bit later what i've been doing. i want to get some stuff finished first01:01
* thumper nods01:01
niemeyerwallyworld: There's no way to assert on a whole collection at the same time01:21
wallyworldniemeyer: ok, thanks. i was afraid of that. i'm finding mongo to be quite limiting in ways like this. i think i've found a workaround01:22
niemeyerwallyworld: np01:23
niemeyerwallyworld: This isn't MongoDB itself, btw.. this is a restriction on the txn mechanism01:23
wallyworldah ok01:24
wallyworldsame effect for the developer though :-)01:24
niemeyerwallyworld: Yeah, only difference is that I take the blame alone :)01:29
wallyworldwhich means you can fix also :-P01:30
wallyworldthumper: did you want a catchup?04:06
thumperwallyworld: sorry, was in town for an appt04:29
jtvjam: could you update the landing machine's gwacl?07:09
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dimiternjam1: ping07:56
dimiternfwereade: ping07:57
fwereadedimitern, sorry, I'm incommunicado for the next hour, sabdfl meeting07:58
dimiternfwereade: ooh, good luck then ;)07:58
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dimiternmgz: you around?07:58
dimiternguys, I need to get to the tarmac machine, but couldn't seem to find the mail with the details how to do it07:59
dimiternwallyworld: around?08:09
wallyworldfor a bit. got soccer soon08:10
dimiterndo you know the tarmac machine's address?08:10
wallyworlddimitern: um, yes. let me check. i have a credentials file08:11
dimiternwallyworld: when jam1 sent them my pgp key was screwed, so i couldn't decrypt them, but i updated it since08:12
wallyworlddimitern: so you have the crdntials?08:12
wallyworldi just do a nova list and ssh to machone-o08:12
wallyworlddimitern: i just sent you th credentials again but i'm not sure if the key is used is valid08:15
dimiternwallyworld: thanks, will check08:15
wallyworldfwereade: after your meeting https://codereview.appspot.com/1120804408:15
dimiternwallyworld: it says "Error - secret key needed to decrypt message"08:16
wallyworlddimitern: hmmm. i will pm you08:16
dimiternwallyworld: ok08:16
jam1dimitern: jtv: did you get it sorted out?08:25
jtvHi jam1 — I don't know, was still waiting for a reply.  :)08:26
jam1it looked like dimitern was trying to do it08:26
jtvThat was very kind of him.  :-)08:26
jam1if you haven't landed your code yet, I can give it a look08:26
dimiternjam1: hey, not really - I found out the machine, but it seems none of my ssh keys work (trying ssh with the sshebang doesn't work)08:26
jam1dimitern: 160 is the juju bootstrap node, you need 19008:27
dimiternjam1: ah!08:27
dimiternjam1: still the same08:27
jam1dimitern: are you going to "ubuntu@10...." ?08:28
jam1"dimitern" isn't allowed, but your ssh key should be registered for the "ubuntu" user08:28
jam1maybe not... strange08:28
jam11 sec08:28
jam1dimitern: dimitern@kubrik is now there08:29
dimiternjam1: let me try08:29
jtvI hope my other branch will finish its landing *just* in time...  :)08:29
dimiternjam1: now if i can find the $GOPATH..08:30
jam1dimitern: sudo su - tarmac ; cd $HOME/trees/src/launchpad.net/gwacl08:30
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dimiternjam, jtv: ok, gwacl is now updated08:31
dimiternthanks jam, I need to do it once at least, now I'll know :)08:31
TheMuedimitern: thx for lgtm, that has been fast ;)08:41
dimiternTheMue: yw :)08:42
dimiternfwereade: when you're done, please take a look at https://codereview.appspot.com/10949046/08:54
fwereadedimitern, wallyworld, frankban: I'm afraid your reviews will have to wait until later today, I have a couple of things I need to work through with some urgency09:27
dimiternfwereade: ok, please ping me when done09:27
fwereadedimitern, will do09:27
dimiternjam, fwereade, mgz, wallyworld: standup?11:36
mgzdimitern: doh11:43
wallyworldfwereade: how did your meeting go?12:25
fwereadewallyworld, lots of interesting ideas12:26
* dimitern lunch12:30
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dimiternfwereade: still busy?13:25
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