cmars232this might be a dumb question, its been a little while since i've tried juju... is there no longer a way to use lxc containers?03:10
cmars232nvrmind, found my answer. looks like lxc is on the way03:17
stokachuhey there, ive got some charms deployed a custom django app, gunicorn, apache2, haproxy, and postgresql. ive gotten everything deployed and relations created and I can access the web application after getting guincorn deployed. however when i attempt to build a relation between apache2 and haproxy and load my template {{ haproxy_gunicorn }} isnt being filled in even though i've done a relation-set services_all in the website-relation-joined03:38
stokachunegronjl: you awake/busy?03:39
marcoceppistokachu: are you trying to add a relation between the haproxy that is already attached to gunicorn?03:39
stokachuso i attached gunicorn to my django app03:40
stokachuone sec ill paste my steps03:40
marcoceppistokachu: I'm not long for this world, the bed is calling, but I'll try to help you out until then03:40
stokachumarcoceppi: thanks :D http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5866972/03:41
stokachuthose are my steps and and ive got a vhost template that has {{ haproxy_gunicorn }} to pull that information03:41
marcoceppiHow would haproxy know of gunicorn? It looks like seg-dash -> gunicorn then haproxy -> apache2 haproxy and gunicorn don't seem to intercept03:43
marcoceppistokachu: ^03:45
stokachumarcoceppi: hmm03:45
stokachuso would i add relation from apache2 -> gunicorn then haproxy -> apache2?03:46
stokachualso im not sure the benefit for haproxy + apache203:46
marcoceppiYou could, I'm not seeing the point of apache in this equation03:46
marcoceppior haproxy03:47
marcoceppior gunicorn03:47
marcoceppiall three act as proxies (verifies) for the most part03:47
stokachuso i was doing apache for the static files and gunicorn for the application03:47
marcoceppistokachu: ah, I see03:47
marcoceppiSo that will be promblematic03:47
stokachubut i saw all these other charms and got excited03:47
stokachuso when i manually setup an app i have nginx/apache reverse proxy to gunicorn03:48
stokachuand thats it03:48
marcoceppiYou, you'd ideally want to serve them all from one IP/fqdn, but haproxy can't talk to multiple charms at once since it won't know which address to talk to03:48
marcoceppiSo you'd effectively have one ip address that maps to the apache2 static (via haproxy) then the gunicorn would be the app server03:49
marcoceppiwhich could be put in front of another haproxy, if you so wanted03:49
marcoceppiactually, it could not03:49
marcoceppisince it dones't provide a website relation, for some weird reason.03:49
marcoceppithat is unfortunate03:50
stokachuso if ive just got one application i want to deploy should i ditch haproxy or apache and just proxy it through to gunicorn?03:50
marcoceppiSo, are you actually using gunicorn to deploy a wsgi?03:50
marcoceppiI'm not sure what the seg-dashboard is03:51
stokachuthats the django app03:51
stokachuso i was using gunicorn in place of mod_wsgi03:51
marcoceppiOne sec, I need to check one more thing03:52
marcoceppisorry, was confused that gunicorn was a subordinate03:52
marcoceppiSo you've got seg-dashboard that's using gunicorn deployed on top of it as it's web server03:53
stokachuso far03:53
stokachumy next step is to proxy it through apache03:53
marcoceppiI'm not sure why, I feel like gunicorn should *provide* a website relation over http interface, so that you can actually hook it up to a proxy03:53
marcoceppiI'm not sure why it doesn't*03:53
marcoceppilet me check a few more charms to see where the onous is for website relation and gunicorn03:54
stokachuso far ive been basing my stuff of apache2,gunicorn,and python-django03:55
stokachuand the apache2 one mentioned haproxy+gunicorn03:55
marcoceppiSo, the example gunicorn provides, python-moinmoin, python-moinmoin (and python-django) has the website relation on that charm03:55
stokachuyea so i can get python-django and gunicorn to work03:55
marcoceppiSo, what you could do is make sure seg-dashboard provided a website relation over the http interface, it would then set the "hostname" and "port" that the proxy would use for it's request03:55
stokachui think im missing a provides03:56
marcoceppiSo, as far as connections go, seg-dashboard -> apache2 (put static here as well via custom vhost) -> haproxy03:56
marcoceppiwhere haproxy would push to apache2, which would (could) serve static or push down in to the app layer03:56
stokachugotcha, lemme go back to messing with it and ill let you get some sleep03:57
stokachuthanks for the help :D03:57
marcoceppiif you're not worried about static content, or if static could live in a CDN/on the seg-dashboard, just wire up seg-dashboard -> haproxy and cut apache2 out of the loop03:57
marcoceppistokachu: no problem! I'll be back EDT AM if you want to drop questions here or on the list03:57
marcoceppigood luck!03:57
stokachumarcoceppi: thanks will do :D03:57
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amanSharmaWhat is JuJu? And how does it affect a Google App Engine developer?12:00
amanSharmaAnd how does it speed up the development process?12:00
TheMueamanSharma: It's a tool to deploy and configure services on clouds like EC2, OpenStack, MAAS12:17
amanSharmaTheMue : not related to appengine?12:17
TheMueamanSharma: The GAE is too different from those as it is more a development platform and runtime environment.12:17
TheMueamanSharma: The others are IaaS, they provide a pure infrastructure.12:18
TheMueamanSharma: There are charms for a large number of services. They describe how the software has to be deployed and how it can be connected and configured.12:20
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stokachuwhen deploying a django app with gunicorn, apache, and haproxy i cant figure out how to link gunicorn and apache together in a reverse proxy setup13:43
stokachuapache talks about {{ haproxy_gunicorn }} and setting up that relation in website-relation-changed but when i deployed the template it isn't getting filled in13:44
stokachumarcoceppi: hey there! :D13:45
stokachuso im using the minimal amount of charms to try and get the proxy working13:45
* marcoceppi pokes at the apache2 charm13:45
stokachuright now im trying to figure out how to get apache2 to proxy to gunicorn13:46
marcoceppistokachu: do you actually need apache2? I know you mentioned static serving, but is it really needed?13:46
stokachui could force gunicorn to listen to port 8013:46
stokachuand bypass apache all together13:46
marcoceppistokachu: well, you don't need gunicorn to listen on port 8913:47
marcoceppierr 80, since haproxy can proxy to non port 80 web servers13:47
stokachuah ok13:47
marcoceppiAss long as website-relation-changed provides the hostname and port (typically `unit-get private-address` and the port number respectively)13:48
marcoceppithen any charm that consumes the http interface will know how to talk to that charm13:48
stokachuah that may be my missing piece13:48
stokachuright now it checks for /etc/gunicorn/${UNIT_NAME}.conf but that never gets generated13:49
stokachuand i couldnt figure out how to generate that13:49
marcoceppiRight, so you can deploy gunicorn on top of the apache2 charm (since it's a subordinate) and use gunicorn + apache213:50
stokachulemme try that real quick13:50
marcoceppibut you've already got gunicorn on top of your dashboard charm, and to be honest it's probably fine there13:50
marcoceppiHere's an example website-relation hook: http://jujucharms.com/charms/precise/wordpress/hooks/website-relation-joined13:50
stokachuok lemme check that file13:51
stokachuok gonna try a few ideas13:53
fgintherhello, is there any documentation for debugging "agent-state: down" ?14:02
stokachuso i noticed u'haproxy_all_services': u'- {service_name: haproxy_service, service_port: 80}\n' which doesn't include my additional services14:10
stokachuand apache2 template can't pick up the gunicorn settings14:10
stokachuthat is my website-relation hook14:11
stokachuhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/5868181/ and here is my status output14:13
stokachunegronjl: you around?14:28
stokachuaccording to haproxy i should be able to set all_services during a website-relation-changed but it isn't getting picked up when doing an add-relation apache2:reverseproxy haproxy:website14:36
stokachuhere is the template http://paste.ubuntu.com/5868244/14:39
marcoceppistokachu: haproxy_gunicorn isn't going to be filled because gunicorn isn't deployed on apache14:42
* marcoceppi pokes apache2 charm a little more14:42
ahasenackmarcoceppi: if you're poking apache2, I was wondering if it would be a good idea to expose in the relation the SSL certificate it generated when SELFSIGNED was used14:45
ahasenackmarcoceppi: it would help setting clients up to talk to that apache without having to use --no-check-certificate and stuff like that14:45
marcoceppiahasenack: I wouldn't think that you'd need to talk over SSL when "inside" the network though, right?14:47
ahasenackmarcoceppi: it's used for testing, the "final" and "real" service would use a real cert14:47
ahasenackmarcoceppi: so I need to use ssl14:47
ahasenackin my case, I can't even disable the SSL check14:48
ahasenackso I have to copy the cert over to the clients or else it won't work14:48
marcoceppiit wouldn't hurt to add the cert to be sent over the wire, you'd just have to make sure your charm knew to read the relation value14:48
stokachui used this to base how to setup gunicorn and my web app https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~charmers/charms/precise/apache2/trunk/view/head:/README.md#L4114:53
stokachubut i dont see anywhere in the logs where website-relation-joined gets called from my charm14:54
TheChistoso|2hi everyone -- does anyone have a guide on deploying openstack HA w/ ceph w/ < 28 servers? (less than 16 is what i really need -- and i'd like multiple compute nodes as well)15:13
TheChistoso|2also, w/ openstack HA, the compute nodes still use locally attached storage for the locally running VMs, correct? they're not using ceph?15:14
stokachumarcoceppi: how would i deploy gunicorn on top of apache2?15:15
stokachui get error no matching endpoints when i do juju add-relation gunicorn apache:reverseproxy15:18
marcoceppistokachu: The same way you deployed it on to your dashboard, just juju deploy gunicorn apache2-gunicorn (so you have a different version of the subordinate) then add relation gunicorn_apache2 to apache215:18
marcoceppiAre you trying to deploy the subordinate or trying to connect the two via relations?15:18
stokachui have gunicorn deployed just trying to add a relation15:19
marcoceppistokachu: gunicorn doesn't have an http interface, so you don't directly connect gunicorn to anything but the unit it's running on15:19
marcoceppiyou instead want to connect your dashboard, which has a website:http relation to apache2. Though I still don't think you need apache2 for this set up15:20
TheChistoso|2how is juju 2.0 coming along? is there an official release date?15:21
marcoceppiTheChistoso|2: no official release date yet, that I know of, lots of progress being made with 1.X releases though!15:22
stokachumarcoceppi: i just did add-relation haproxy seg-dashboard15:23
stokachuand it finally pulled those variables in15:23
TheChistoso|2marcoceppi: thanks -- i'd really, really like to use maas+juju to deploy openstack HA but i really need to see something that uses < 28 machines. i have 16 available to me right now.15:23
stokachuok lemme see if i can get farther now15:23
marcoceppistokachu: good luck, we'll be here if you need more help15:24
stokachumarcoceppi: thanks! im going to write a blog post about it once i get it all done15:24
* stokachu spent 8 hours on this15:24
TheChistoso|2can folks explain the ceph setup w/ openstack ha using juju?15:24
marcoceppiTheChistoso|2: I'm not sure the state of the HA OpenStack charms, jamespage or adam_g might be able to provide more clarification on it15:25
marcoceppiI know they've been doing a lot of work to make the OS charms a lot more robust15:25
TheChistoso|2do you or anybody know how the OS charms configure the network interfaces? right now i only have 1 nic on each machine, but in production i'd have a few going to different switches -- so i'd need to configure provisioned machines accordingly...15:26
TheChistoso|2is it assumed all machines are completely homogenous?15:27
marcoceppiTheChistoso|2: I don't personally know, hopefully one of the two I pinged above will pop in to answer15:28
TheChistoso|2marcoceppi: thanks anyway :D15:31
marcoceppiTheChistoso|2: from just poking at a few of the OS charms, it looks like most have configuration options for managing the networking15:32
jcastrohey m_3_ around?15:35
m_3_jcastro: yup15:35
jcastroI want to try to put the mac tarbal on github.com/juju/juju-core15:35
jcastroin the releases section15:35
jcastrobut I want you around in case I clobber the repo15:36
jcastrowhich I am confident it won't do15:36
jcastrohey so is this mirror the one off or is it auto updating?15:36
m_3_jcastro: it'll be good to test if that change to the mirror target screws up the mirroring15:36
m_3_it _should_ be auto-updating15:36
m_3_but I haven't checked since yessterday15:36
m_3_every 6 hrs15:36
marcoceppim_3_: there's a commit on there from 4 hours ago15:37
marcoceppiso it would appear to be working15:37
m_3_jcastro: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5868387/15:38
m_3_jcastro: first is an example of a barf... subsequent ones succeeded15:38
m_3_marcoceppi: ack, cool15:38
jcastrohow's that?15:39
m_3_jcastro: lemme kick it and see if it barfs15:39
m_3_we should really mirror tags too15:41
m_3_jcastro: that seemed to be ok15:42
marcoceppim_3_:  +115:42
marcoceppim_3_: if you mirror tags though, jcastro's release will probably piss off the importer15:42
m_3_marcoceppi: it tries, but can't catch all the tags b/c of tag formatting allowed in bzr -vs- git15:42
m_3_(see that pastebin above for the warnings about tag conversion)15:43
marcoceppim_3_: I only see 0.x tags though, where are the 1.X tags?15:43
m_3_jcastro: so that looks like it's keeping the releases in a bucket entirely independent of the source15:43
m_3_jcastro: so subsequent pushes don't require pulls/merges first15:43
marcoceppim_3_: nice!15:44
m_3_jcastro: so I think we're good if we just wanna keep it all on juju-core15:44
m_3_we've gotta change the readme to explain how to get the mac client15:44
marcoceppiand make it markdown :)15:44
jcastrothat's pretty much an ideal situation15:44
m_3_jcastro: but that's gotta happen on lp... _not_ gh15:44
m_3_marcoceppi: gh might take rst if we named it such... dunno15:45
m_3_marcoceppi: it's easy enough to convert it to md15:45
marcoceppim_3_: yeah, you're right, if it's .rst it'll render15:45
marcoceppibut, but, but, markdown :)15:46
m_3_I know15:46
jcastrook so all we need to do is blow away github.com/juju-client15:47
m_3_jcastro: shall I do that now?15:47
m_3_also does anybody know the status of hpcloud az-2 for juju 1.11.2?15:47
jcastronot yet15:47
jcastrolet me announce first15:47
m_3_jcastro: k15:47
jcastrosince I sent that URL to the list.15:47
marcoceppim_3_: I created an az-3 bucket15:47
marcoceppiand have 1.11.1 tools in it15:48
jcastroAnybody else with a Mac want to test this?15:48
m_3_marcoceppi: I'm working with hp peeps in az-2 in a couple of hours15:48
m_3_marcoceppi: and gonna bail back to juju-0.7 I guess15:48
marcoceppim_3_: I'm not aware of any change there, you'll probably have to generate the image-metadata, etc15:48
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marcoceppijcastro: we modeled the docs heavily after stripes documentation16:02
jcastroevilnickveitch: hey so I think it's time to redirect juju.u.c/getting-started to new docs16:02
marcoceppithat's how they organize "code examples" in different languages16:02
marcoceppifigured we could do something similar when we have instructions for multiple versions of an OS16:02
evilnickveitchyeah, it is pretty easy really16:02
evilnickveitchand a good idea16:02
jcastrook show me how!16:03
evilnickveitchjcastro - yes please16:03
marcoceppievilnickveitch: I can push up a quick merge proposal with the CSS16:03
jcastro<evilnick> Actually I was going to do that for you Jorge.16:03
marcoceppijcastro: *16:03
jcastroThanks man!16:03
evilnickveitchmarcoceppi, do it16:03
m_3_mgz: do you know what happened to alternatives in the current juju-core ppa?16:03
evilnickveitchhmm, better push my work today too16:03
mgzm_3: was never in the ppa, works fine in the distro release (saucy only atm)16:04
mgzas we have golang and mongo backport issues16:04
mgz(mongo now resolved)16:04
m_3_mgz: right... trying to work with users on precise (using the ppa)16:04
m_3_ah, gotcha16:04
m_3_mgz: should I file a bug to get it in the ppa?16:05
m_3_or was that explicitly decided?16:05
mgzfixing the ppa is doable now we've made it somewhat working again16:05
m_3_ack... mgz thanks!16:05
mgzbut remember it'll clash with pyjuju < 0.7 anyway16:05
mgzso, they'd need the pyjuju paa too16:05
m_3_right... which was really the case16:05
m_3_most peeps worked precise juju from the ppa16:06
m_3_distro was so old for so long16:06
m_3_and our docs always said "use the ppa"16:07
jcastroevilnickveitch: related to the mailing list posts about consolidating those pages, I sort of moved metadata.yaml stuff over to one from the other already16:08
m_3_sort of makes sense to get alternatives everywhere anyways... who knows what the transition from 1.xx to 2.xx will look like16:08
evilnickveitchjcastro, okay, I am rewriting them all anyhow16:10
jcastromarcoceppi: lmk when you push and I'll start on the OSX instructions16:11
marcoceppijcastro: ack16:12
marcoceppigoing to lunch first16:12
jcastrono worries16:13
arosalesjcastro, re OSX default series question16:14
arosalesit looks like the behavior is juju defaults to precise if nothing is entered. I think the same is for Ubuntu except I *think* juju will try to read what the client version is at16:15
marcoceppiarosales: I was under the impression juju will _always_ default to LTS unless otherwise specified16:15
arosalesmgz, can you confirm if no default series is present and a user is deploying from raring will juju try to deploy precise or raring?16:15
marcoceppibut I could be wrong16:15
arosalesmarcoceppi, that very well be the case16:16
arosalesjcastro, but I think I was incorrect in stating osx users need to specify precise. They would need to specify a default-series if they want something other than the latest LTS16:17
arosaleswhich as marcoceppi said is the same behavior on Ubuntu16:19
mgzarosales: precise16:21
arosalesmgz, thank you for confirming.16:22
mgzthat behaviour did change :)16:22
arosalesmarcoceppi, no surprises you were correct :-)16:22
arosalesmgz, thanks for helping try to save face lol :-)16:22
arosalesjcastro, so aside from downloading the osx client from github the instructions are the same in set up.16:24
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arosalesjcastro, we may want to add the public bucket URL for Hp cloud in the instructions until we get simple streams fully implemented16:26
arosalesthats applicable to all client16:26
arosalesjcastro, ping me if you have any other questions on the osx instructions.16:27
teleyinexhi there16:55
teleyinexdoes someone know where is the Hangout for today's event?16:55
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jcastroI am setting it up now16:57
jcastroit'll be on ubuntuonair.com in a few minutes16:57
arosalesjcastro, can you also post the URL for folks to join if they are interested in being an active participant?16:59
arosalesjcastro, thanks16:59
arosalesnote ubuntuonair.com for viewing, above plus.google.com url for participating.17:00
jcastroquestions in here17:00
jcastromims had to reboot so waiting on him17:00
andreas__jcastro: has it started? ubuntuonair.com doesn't have it yet17:06
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ahasenackjcastro: why does it always lag behind? :)17:06
jcastrodoes that work?17:06
ahasenackjcastro: the youtube one does17:07
arosalesjcastro, ya ubuntuonair not working for me atm either17:07
ahasenackjcastro: youtube is ok, ubuntuonair.com has nothing17:07
jcastrook try now17:08
ahasenackjcastro: it's good now17:08
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stokachuok so ive taken out haproxy and setup apache -> gunicorn -> django app17:29
stokachuhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/5868704/ - this is the relation setup17:30
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stokachueverything works except when i attempt to access login.launchpad.net through our openid setup it is using the unexposed proxy ip rather than the public apache ip17:30
stokachuhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/5868709/ - this is my vhost file17:31
stokachuwhen accessing thirdparty sites like launchpad am i missing a apache setting to force everything to use the server ip?17:31
SpamapSFYI, somebody should probably get juju-core into Debian. juju and juju-jitsu are in the process of being removed http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=71272417:32
jcastroYeah I need to find a volunteer17:33
jcastroSpamapS: but we have our hands full with the 12.04 backport17:33
stokachuand also if my static files are on the proxy server how do i serve those out of apache17:33
stokachulooks like ProxyPreserveHost worked17:39
marcoceppistokachu: Was that something you had to add to your vhost.tmpl or that you had to modify the charm to include?17:41
stokachui put directly in the vhost template17:44
stokachumarcoceppi: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5868744/17:44
stokachuthats my latest17:44
stokachueven with forced ssl openid still wants to callback to http17:45
marcoceppistokachu: right, so it wasn't nessiarily somethign that needs to be patched in the charm17:45
stokachuthat may be something with the application code itself17:45
stokachumarcoceppi: oh nah17:45
stokachuunless we wanted to add configurable proxy support in apache charm17:45
stokachubut right now i just use enable_modules="proxy proxy_http"17:46
stokachuand that stanza17:46
marcoceppistokachu: awesome17:46
stokachuso can i create a custom site.yaml file and just include all the options for different charms?17:47
stokachuand do i have to specify which charms go with which config option?17:48
stokachumy django app charm has a config.yaml but i need one for deployment to cut back on juju commands i have to type17:48
AskUbuntuJuju deployed apache+gunicorn+django app over SSL, openid fails with No Mode | http://askubuntu.com/q/31938218:34
marcoceppiarosales jcastro about to commit this, any tweaks?18:41
jcastromarcoceppi: hide windows for now pls18:42
marcoceppijcastro: ack18:42
* arosales looking18:42
marcoceppijcastro: I'll leave it to you guys to write the mac osx stuff18:43
jcastroyeah I just need the blank canvas18:43
marcoceppithis is just a css skel/preview of what it'll look like18:43
arosalesmarcoceppi, looks good18:43
arosalesmarcoceppi, I take it we can edit that via wp admin18:43
jcastrono it's on docs isn't it?18:43
marcoceppiarosales: nope, it's on the docs, so you can edit it with the power of html18:43
marcoceppiit's pretty straight forward though18:43
jcastroI was just talking about just redirecting get-started to docs once we do this18:44
arosalesmarcoceppi, even better thanks18:44
jcastrohave the get started in one place instead of two18:44
sarnold"Backports are usually enabled by default" really?18:45
jcastroin before the bot18:49
sarnoldjcastro: heh, bot beat you by 15 minutes :)18:50
stokachui figure i'd post there for others to get some help too, but once i get this all working ill writeup a nice long tutorial18:53
jcastrothat would be awesome18:53
stokachuive spent 8 hours on this so far so for me personally i dont want to forget it18:53
stokachutbh this was my first task at juju18:53
stokachuso ive come quite a ways18:54
sarnold".. punches hamsters", haha18:56
stokachui forgot about that18:58
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jcastromarcoceppi: ready to push those doc changes?19:03
marcoceppijcastro: just working out the javascript so you can actually click on the tabs19:03
* jcastro nods19:03
stokachuis juju 1.x still python?19:05
stokachuthis is the version iv been using 0.7+bzr628+bzr631~precise119:05
jcastrothat's the python version19:06
jcastro1.x and up are golang19:06
stokachuah ok19:06
stokachui heard 1.x doesn't support lxc yet?19:06
jcastrono, next monthish?19:07
stokachuok cool19:07
stokachuthats just what ive been using for testing etc19:07
jcastroonce we have containers it will be so nice19:07
stokachudefinately, makes it easy to develop apps with. before i was using varnish but this is too cool19:07
jcastroyou mean vagrant?19:09
stokachuah yea that other v one19:11
marcoceppijcastro: pushed19:14
jcastroarosales: for the osx instructions19:17
jcastrohow do you untar something on OSX?19:17
arosalestar -xvf19:19
arosalesunix linix pretty similar here19:19
arosalesvia the command line19:19
marcoceppiI have problem with this guide19:20
marcoceppisome of these aren't very black and white19:20
marcoceppiguide == qa raiting19:20
marcoceppiit must be friday, brain is failing me19:20
arosalesmarcoceppi, there are some gray areas19:21
arosalesmarcoceppi, let me get you a link to existing rating reviews19:21
marcoceppialso, some of these are pretty opinionated19:22
marcoceppilike "Maintainable, easy to read and modify", if I find a charm in chef-solo I would answer no, but a charm in bash would be a yes19:22
jcastrothink more code comments there19:24
marcoceppiugh, I need to work on the wordpress charm19:24
jcastromarcoceppi: are the new CSS/instruction things supposed to render locally?19:24
jcastrodon't work for me19:25
marcoceppidon't know, haven't tried. I run a local apache instance when testing19:25
jcastroand it worked?19:25
marcoceppiyeah, it doesn't work without a webserver19:25
jcastrook I'm done, can you test when I push to make sure?19:25
marcoceppiprobably why evilnick is having problems with ask ubuntu integration19:26
marcoceppijquery doesnt' load properly, and it's all down hill from there with jquery19:26
jcastropushed, can you pull and see if it renders right?19:26
marcoceppijcastro: only one bug http://i.imgur.com/ds6mmGW.png I'll patch it up though19:28
jcastroneeds a <tt> around juju instead of ` too19:29
marcoceppijcastro: also, you can use <code></code> in liue of ``19:29
marcoceppiyup :D19:29
marcoceppiI was actually planning on adding these tabs to begin with for the Amulet reference doc, so it's nice to get them out of the way now19:35
jcastroarosales: do you remember when the docs regen?19:44
arosalesjcastro, cron setup to run at: 6,18 30 * * *19:47
marcoceppidarn, just missed the 18:30 utc window19:49
jcastromarcoceppi: do you remember how we did redirects?19:58
marcoceppijcastro: I do19:58
jcastroI copied the survey one and called it template-getstarted-redirect.php19:58
marcoceppiOh, you mean in WP19:58
jcastropushed, and then when IS updates, in WP .... ?19:58
jcastroI just select that PHP as the template?19:58
marcoceppiYou just change the page's template to that19:59
marcoceppithat *should* be it19:59
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TheChistosohi guys -- are the openstack guys around?20:55
stokachunot that i know of20:56
argesNot sure if anybody has had this issue before. I'm trying to deploy gunicorn on a local LXC environment, and it can't find endpoints. After checking my environment/configs, I decided to create a new user and try there, and deploying gunicorn worked perfectly.21:05
argesAre there files I should remove to 'clean' my environment? I removed .juju/cache and even my local lxc machines21:06
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arosalesmarcoceppi, jcastro do you know of the github mirror goes both ways or just one way23:40
arosalesie do changes on the github side get mirrored to lp?23:40
arosalesor just lp --> github ?23:40
* arosales thinks the latter, but wanted to confirm23:47

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