CashewGuyI do see him00:55
* CashewGuy waves00:55
* CashewGuy evacuates00:55
chachanguys, I'm using KDE Homerun and when my laptop longs certain time on inactivity, the animations goes slower like it wasn't using hardware acceleration but software01:18
SonikkuAmericachachan: Any given certain amount of inactivity, or is there a benchmark to go by? It could be just because Homerun (or any given program) hasn't been activated in X amount of time.01:19
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chachanno, applications run good, but graphics got a slower behavior, when I move windows I can notice even more01:21
chachanI checked memory, processing, and stopped things like nepomuk01:22
chachanI stopped energy events, screen saver, etc01:22
chachanI have to restart my laptop to fix the problem, after restart it works as expected01:23
chachanhave no idea what else to test or try01:23
SonikkuAmericachachan: Pastebin the output of [ lspci ]01:23
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com01:23
chachanSonikkuAmerica, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5866752/01:24
chachanI've used kubuntu for years, I used 12.10 without any issue. I'm not sure if it's a 4.10 problem or it's a Homerun. I guess I'd need to try with another activity01:26
SonikkuAmericachachan: I've never seen a graphics controller even close to that listed on line 2 of your pastebin.01:27
psinghchachan, in System Settings | Desktop Effects | General, have you tried unselecting "Enable desktop effects at startup" ?01:27
chachanpsingh, yes, I did and it didn't solve it01:28
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chachanin fact, I tried just login out and login in back and I turned out that my menus where using GTK instead of Qt. Very very weird thing01:29
chachanand again, I had to restart :'(01:29
chachanit turned*01:30
psinghchachan, you could also see if the Intel Graphics drivers help your situation.  The installer and instructions are available at https://01.org/linuxgraphics/downloads/2013/intelr-linux-graphics-installer-version-1.0.101:30
chachaninstalled. BRB. I'll reboot this01:31
chachanpsingh, SonikkuAmerica thanks in advance01:32
psinghchachan, also, I know you tried completely disabeling the desktop effects, but I would like to point out that I have issues with the blur effect.  You might just try disabeling only that.01:32
chachanpsingh, let me check01:33
chachanpsingh, how did you realize that?01:33
SonikkuAmericachachan: Wait... menus using GTK+?? O_o01:34
chachanSonikkuAmerica, yeah01:34
chachanpsingh, disabled it and still the same. Let me reboot01:34
psinghchachan, I noticed that blur effect slows down Homerun.  When I disabled t, Homerun is snappy.  Don't know if this applies to you (especially since you've tried diaseling all desktop effects), but it doesn't hurt to try.01:35
chachanback, as usual. It works great when it's just rebooted01:38
chachanwhat are the name of the intel module?, I'm seeing a i91501:39
chachanwhat is*. Sorry, english is not my native lang01:40
psinghcachan, lspci will give you the name of your graphics chip.  Make sure the Intel drivers support that chip.01:40
psinghWould someone please confirm my bug report about fuzzy fonts in Kick Off (https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=322263) ?01:40
ubottuKDE bug 322263 in widget-kickoff "Fonts look fuzzy in Kick Off" [Normal,Unconfirmed]01:41
SonikkuAmericai915 is for Intel 915G and 965 graphics chips.01:41
psinghSonikkuAmerica, chachan's lspci output ays "VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)"01:42
SonikkuAmericapsingh: Right. (I looked at it earlier.) Do you have any idea what GPU that corresponds to?01:43
chachanI'm running an installer, looks like just install the deb isn't enough01:43
psinghchachan, install the deb using sudo dpkg -i <..>.deb.  Then you can run the driver installer GUI.  Look for "Intel Graphics Drivers" application under Settings in Homerun.01:45
psinghchachan, if the Intel drivers do not support your chipset, the Installer GUI will tell you, because it does a check first.01:48
chachanpsingh, I guess is installed. I had no problem or warning01:48
chachanI'll let this alone for a while to test it01:48
psinghchachan, Good.  I've had no negative issues with these drivers.  Let us know if it helps your situation.01:49
chachanpsingh, and how do you determine if you are using the intel driver?. I see i915 when I do: lspci -v and lsmod01:50
psinghchachan, I have just assumed I am using the driver, since the installation does not give errors.  This is a good question.  Let me look into how to verify...01:51
chachanpsingh, yes, because before the installation I was seeing i915. I'm not sure the intel driver are called same01:52
chachanis called* >.<01:52
chachanok, I'll see you later guys01:53
psinghchachan, to check if the new drivers are installed, type dpkg -l | grep libva.  The libva-intel-vaapi-driver version should be 1.0.20, and libva1 version should be 1.1.1.  (See this thread: https://01.org/linuxgraphics/node/106)02:09
psinghDoes anyone else find that fonts in KDE plasma widgets look fuzzy, but fonts in other parts of KDE (such as text boxes, Kate, KMail) look OK?02:13
SonikkuAmericapsingh: They look OK to me on an Intel 965, maybe I need a pastebin of your [ lspci ]02:17
psinghSonikkuAmerica, thanks.  Here is the output... http://paste.kde.org/794192/02:19
SonikkuAmericapsingh: OK, you have a 965, like me.02:19
SonikkuAmericapsingh: What is your current screen resolution?02:20
psinghSonikkuAmerica, yes I do.  My screen resolution is 1920x1200.02:21
SonikkuAmericapsingh: That's a bit taxing to a 965. Try 1366x768.02:21
SonikkuAmericapsingh: If that's fine, go up to 1920x1080.02:22
psinghSonikkuAmerica, the problem is, fonts look fine in some parts of KDE, and only look fuzzy in other parts.  1920x1200 is the native resoluion of my LCD.  Take a look at these screen shots: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde-workspace/+bug/921555/+attachment/3732885/+files/Homerun.png ,  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde-workspace/+bug/921555/+attachment/3732886/+files/KDE%20Contacts.png , https://bugs.launchpad.02:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 921555 in kde-workspace (Ubuntu) "Plasma panel and menu don't follow font hinting" [Undecided,Confirmed]02:24
psinghSonikkuAmerica, if you zoom into any one of those images, you will see that grayscale sub pixel rendering is used everywhere where I claim that the fonts are fuzzy.  And wherever the fonts are not fuzzy, RGB sub pixel rendering is used.  (I have selected RGB subpixel rendering in System Settings).02:25
psinghSonikkuAmerica, I am going to try a lower resolution, just to see if anything interesting happens...02:26
SonikkuAmericapsingh: This may sound strange to you, but the actual vs. the desired subpixel rendering look exactly the same to me. I'm running my computer in 1024x768 (my highest possible).02:27
psinghSonikuAmerica, it does not sound strange at all.  OVerall,  it depends on your resolution, your monitor, and your personal preference.  However, there is a way to objectively check what I am talking about...02:30
SonikkuAmericapsingh: I would try 1366 first because of it's 768-pixel height02:31
Steelyhi , quick question regarding a kubuntu 12.04 install and not being able to properly boot with any kernel newer than the 3.0.2-48, it doesn't get to loading x and will freeze up02:32
psinghSonikkuAmerica, please see this Bug report I submitted.  https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=322263.  If you ZOOM into the images I've linked you to, do you notice gray "fringes" around some of the fonts?  Do you notice colored fringes around the fonts that I claim look smoother?  (The gray fringes are grayscale, while the colored fringes are RGB).02:32
ubottuKDE bug 322263 in widget-kickoff "Fonts look fuzzy in Kick Off" [Normal,Unconfirmed]02:32
Steelywondering if anyone has seen this regression, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/118415402:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1184154 in linux (Ubuntu) "After last Kernel Update (3.2.0-44) system hangs on startup" [Critical,Confirmed]02:33
psinghSonikkuAmerica, since I've selected "RGB" in System Settings, ALL fonts in KDE should follow this setting.  So even though what looks good may be a matter of opinion, it seems that KDE is not respecting system settings.02:33
SonikkuAmericapsingh: OK, that could be anything, but I'd call it a hinting issue. I noticed several problems not just in Ubuntu, but also in Solaris, about these types of things.02:34
SonikkuAmericapsingh: Particularly in GNOME 2.x, where hinting was a problem. That's about as far as I can go for tonight, I'll hope you understand, me being in the Western Hemisphere (but a cricket lover, at that)... at least you did file a bug against KDE for it02:36
psinghSonikkuAmerica, yes this is a hinting issue.  I think Plasma Widgets do not follow the ser's configured hinting in System Settings.  Did you zoom into the images using Gwenview, and did you notice the gray fringes vs. the color fringes?  I'd loke to make sure I am not the only one that sees the difference when zoomed in.02:36
psinghSonikkuAmerica, thank you.02:37
SonikkuAmericapsingh: One last lick...02:38
SonikkuAmericapsingh: Check this zoom-in from Gwenview: http://i.imgur.com/akvWNBn.png02:38
SonikkuAmericapsingh: I think I might see where the hinting comes in after it's been screenshot, but under my normal eye I saw no difference. My eyes must be playing tricks on me. It's 10:39 PM at night over here. XD See ya!02:40
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psinghSonikkuAmerica, I see the fonts on the left have gray borders, while the fonts on the right have colored borders.  (But I have to zoom in (using CTRL+) a bit more than the enarged image you sent me).02:40
promaticI need some help. Can someone please assist me?03:35
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shrinihello all06:22
shriniis there any rich text editor for kde?06:22
shrinilike wordpad for windows?06:22
shrinithe kate has only plkaintext06:22
lordieva1erGood morning.06:37
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Leo_A linux noob here09:17
Leo_anyone ubuntu expert online?09:18
Leo_anyone else dealing with no GUI after boot?09:18
lordievaderHey Leo_ What seems to be the problem?09:23
rozebighello every one10:34
buttee22 hello. could i get a suggestion for a very easy simple inventory management software? just to keep track of items coming in and out with basic info...11:44
Walexbuttee22: usually http://freecode.com/ has a comprehensive searchable list of free sw projects11:44
Walexbuttee22: for those already packaged for Ubuntu try http://packages.ubuntu.com/11:45
buttee22thank you11:54
BluesKajHiyas all11:54
buttee22after i download simpleinventory-0.5.0.tgz how do i install it?12:04
fkmHi there. I just did an update and now, dropdown-menus won't show :-( Here's the corresponding APT log http://dpaste.com/1295190/12:17
fkmFrom the timing and the many Qt updates, I figure the updates broke the dropdowns. I also have problems with the windows menus which I have hidden behind a button.12:18
fkmIs there additional information I can provide to help?12:19
fkmRestarting X and rebooting the whole system didn't help. Changing the widgets didn't help either.12:19
fkmBtw. With "windows menus" i mean the option: "Menubar style: Title bar button"12:22
fkmThey do show, but tend to collapse to an empty menu, leaving just a (sort of) dot visible.12:23
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BluesKajfkm, was this after you upgraded kde version from the backports?12:26
BluesKajthen you have a dependency problem , the same thing happened to me ...run a dist-upgrade and pastebin the error12:28
fkmOk. Thank you!12:29
BluesKajhave to track down the offending lib and remove it12:29
fkmHmm... dist-upgrade doesn't do anything. I'll check the log if I can find it.12:31
fkmHmmm. I just realised that I didn't have the backports installed. Seems that I just wanted to and then didn't xD Well... I'll do it now. Maybe it will fix the problem :-D12:35
BluesKajfkm, ok12:39
BluesKajhi amundsen14:03
amundseni'm trying to install the latest version of NitruxOS icons14:03
amundseni've been googling, trying all kind of solutions ...14:03
amundsenwith no success ...14:04
amundsenanybody got it?14:05
OerHeksthe page on KDE[ http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/Nitrux+OS+Icons?content=154498 ]  look says, download it from http://nitrux.weebly.com/products.html14:06
amundsenOerHeks: i've already done that ...14:08
amundseni have theme in my hh.dd14:08
OerHekshmm extracting takes ages, no go14:14
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* vishwaje hello15:45
n0ydnitruxos has a ppa15:50
n0yd(i know I am a little late)15:50
OerHeksn0yd, this one ? https://launchpad.net/~noobslab/+archive/nitrux-os15:53
n0ydI was just answering someone up above that was having issues15:55
n0ydoh, that was you (i think)15:55
OerHeksjups, not me having issues, but i could not extract that iconset for testing15:56
n0ydif you google nitruxos, its the second result. I also have used it before when I saw it mentioned on webupd815:56
n0ydit worked for me, though this was in gnome-shell15:56
n0ydMan I wish there was a way we could combine all ppa's in the sources list into one or something.  I have so many ppa's updating my repo sources takes a while :P16:04
BluesKajn0yd, that's the price of bleeding edge :)16:06
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n0ydBluesKaj: no of any precompiled 3.10 kernels yet besides the saucy kernel?16:30
n0ydJust curious. I've been running liquorix, but afaik it hasnt gotten to 3.10 yet16:30
n0ydknow* not no16:32
BluesKajn0yd, no , haven't heard of any , usually the dev guys will mention when the kernels are being built16:32
n0ydYa. Obviously there have been saucy 3.10 builds for awhile, and we will never see 3.10 in saucy (or 3.9), but I always use liquorix kernels usually anyway16:33
n0ydI always used to just compile my own, but Im just too lazy for that now. It doesnt really add any benefit, unless you need to save ram or something16:33
n0ydin raring*16:34
BluesKajn0yd, what's liquorix ?16:35
n0yda precompiled zen kernel (lots of patches and opotimizations for desktop use, ubuntu kernels are realy meant for servers, as that is the market who pays them :P)16:36
n0ydhas the -ck patches and lots of other stuff16:36
n0ydits easy to install, it has a mirror16:36
n0ydI know it says debian, but it works fine in ubuntu16:37
n0ydliquoriz is actually a member of the zen kernel team, so its basically the same, he might add a few things though16:37
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BluesKajn0yd, I see it mentions that it's faster than the default generic kernels, so is this an alternative option or a replacement?16:40
n0ydyes its faster than the default kernel, as its optimized specigically for desktop use (gaming and such)16:41
n0ydits a drop in replacement/alternative16:41
n0ydyou can keep the stock kernel installed16:41
n0ydor remove it if you want. If you leave the stock kernel installed, it just means you will have more options in the grub list at boot16:42
BluesKajerr interesting16:42
n0ydthere are other things you might wanna do also16:42
n0ydFor whatever reason ubuntu never installs the cpiu microcode, which can ehlp a little bit16:43
n0ydso I always install microcode.ctl (i think thats it) and intel-microcode (if you are on an intel chip)16:43
n0ydits always mentioned in ubuntu tweaks and tips guides16:44
n0ydAnd I also install preload, which definitely gives a nice boost. It learns what applications and libraries you use the most, and preloads them into memory16:44
n0yd]There is no configuration needed, just install the pkg and go16:44
BluesKajn0yd, I'm not a gamer and I'm on saucy so i think I'll stay with the default 3.1016:54
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit16:58
n0ydBluesKaj: its not just for gaming16:59
n0ydI was just using that as an example16:59
n0ydYou would see improvement in just about any desktop task17:00
n0ydEspecially with preload :)17:00
n0ydI dont game either. Im on a laptop :)17:00
n0ydIt also uses a better/faster disk scheduler17:00
n0ydThe one designed by popular kernel hacker con kolivas from the -ck patchset17:01
n0ydBluesKaj: what version of KDE is in saucy?17:01
n0ydim currently on 4.10.517:01
n0ydlooks like the freenode servers are getting hammered again, like yesterday17:04
n0ydBluesKaj: you are running kubuntu 13.10 right? not the ubuntu variant?  Just curious, cause I'd like to know if you have encountered any big bugs or unstableness17:08
n0ydKubuntu is rock solid imho compared to unity or ubuntu-gnome17:08
n0ydat least on 13.0417:08
n0ydbrb, need to restart X17:10
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit17:11
BluesKajkubuntu 13.10 is quite stable , and 13.04 had to upgraded over the internet from 12.10 since ubiquity stalled and would recognize my HW , then later when 13.10 became available I did a do-release-upgrade then as well17:12
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n0ydAre there any good solutions for integrating pulse audio volume control into KDE or Kmix?17:16
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n0ydCause kmix doesnt have the flexibility pavucontrol has, such as adjusting audio all the way to 150%17:17
n0ydWhich is useful on my laptop because it sits on my desk near my air conditioner and sometimes I need more than 100 percent17:17
BluesKajkubuntu 13.10 is quite stable , and 13.04 had to upgraded over the internet from 12.10 since ubiquity stalled and would not recognize my HW , then later when 13.10 became available I did a do-release-upgrade then as well17:18
n0ydAnd for whatever reason, I think its something to do with pavucontrol maybe being GTK or something, but pavucontrol misses all the icons and such inside the program itself, so it looks quite ugly17:18
n0ydthere must be an applet or something for controling pulse audio in kde17:19
BluesKajpavucontrol is handy for solidifying the inputs and outputs settings on the soundcard17:19
n0ydI use it because it lets me boost things higher than kmix17:19
n0ydlooks like th4e veromix applet should do this17:20
BluesKajpavucontrol in in the multimedia section in the kmenu17:20
n0ydits basically a KDE frontend for pulse17:20
n0ydI know where it is, that isnt my question17:20
n0ydAnd its not installed by default in kubuntu btw17:20
n0ydthis sounds perfect17:21
n0yd\its exactly what i was looking for17:21
BluesKajno it's not , but it should be, pulse can be a pita without it17:21
n0ydSo I can get rid of kmix starting on startup, and just that17:21
BluesKajveromix never did much for me17:21
n0ydAnd wont have to use pavucontrol anymore either, cause it doesnt have a kde applet for the systray, and its ugly for some reason to do with theming17:22
BluesKajI rely on alsamixer mostly17:22
n0ydalsamixer is useless for adjusting pulse17:22
Stravhe! Small question: Anyone else having their transparency/blur effect somewhat screwed when changing their output display (say from std laptop screen to vga)? (I'm currently on ubuntu 13.04, kde 4.10, using kscreen 0.92; btw, I'm having this issue on both kwin and kwin gles)17:22
n0ydI just need access to a mixer that will go all the way to 150% like pavucontrol does, but without having to open pavucontrol17:23
BluesKajwell ,i don't use analog signals ..guess I should have mentioned that17:23
n0ydim just using my built in speakers on my thinkpad17:23
n0ydthats it17:23
n0ydand occasionally my headset or my webcams builtin mic17:24
Stravthinkpad x200's built in speakers are soo weak.17:25
n0ydya so the t500's17:25
n0ydat least for some things17:25
n0ydIt doesnt help I have a noisy AC unit right next to it17:25
BluesKajmoswt laptop speakers aren't very useful for music , maybe for watching talking heads and news etc , but forget about music17:26
n0ydStrav: as far as your question goes, I donno. I dont really ever switch17:26
n0ydI use both my sony lcd and my laptops screen17:26
n0ydLike a dual monitor setup, with the LCD being the primary, but I put panels on both17:26
n0ydWith each panel controlling only the windows on its own screen17:27
n0ydTry googling or looking in the bug tracker for similar issues17:27
Stravhmmm. won't you mind giving it a try? (I would gladly fill out a bug for the issue but I'm having somewhat a hard time to determine the cause (kwin, kscreen, etc.)17:28
n0ydOr if you are on 13.04, you could try enabling the kubuntu backport repos (they are listed on KDE's site, probably on kubuntus also) which gives you more to up to date KDE packages17:28
n0ydStrav: sure, what exactly do I need to do?17:28
n0ydhmm veromix is not working for me17:31
n0ydI wonder why17:31
Stravn0yd: thanks! Well it's kinda simple: Start with your vga cable unplugged. Now plug it in and setup your config so that the LCD becomes the only/main output when plugged in. Unplug and re-replug... at least in one case, you should have the transparency/blur effect disabled in your panel (the panel itself might remain transparent but for instance, if you raise a plasmoid, say network manager, it's background should be opaque)17:32
n0ydoh ok. Ya it probably is a bug. Kubuntu has had some similar issues this release17:33
n0ydLike if you install with your VGA plugged in, on first boot, its unusable17:33
Strav(btw I do believe I have the backports enabled)17:33
n0ydYou either have to drop back to TTY and rm ~/.kde or possibly run an upgrade17:34
n0ydStrav: I dont mean the standard backports17:34
n0ydI mean the ppa backports17:34
n0ydBut I will test it for you17:34
n0ydStrav: brb17:35
Stravn0yd: let me see what I have.. (btw, I've upgraded to 13.04 since the first day of the release and it seems this issue is some regression from an update that went on a few weeks ago)17:35
n0ydStrav: ok, I just did it. And I didnt have any issues, but repeat the steps again so I make sure I did it right17:39
n0ydI booted with vga unplugged, plugged it in, made VGA primary with laptop LCD disabled17:39
n0ydThen I switched back, and transparency and whatnot still worked17:39
n0ydThis is on intel graphics.  Also using a newer kernel (which would give me a different intel driver) and Im using newer Xorg from the xorg-edgers repo17:40
Stravn0yd: I'm also on intel, using kernel 3.1017:41
n0ydBecause the mesa that was stock in 13.04 at release (it might be fixed now) didnt work correctly with some games on Steam because of mesa needing an update17:41
n0ydYou are using the saucy kernel on 13.04?17:41
Stravn0yd: (had the same issue on the std 13.04 kernel)17:41
n0ydIm using the liquorix 3.9 kernel17:41
n0ydWell I described what I just did, was that correct?17:42
n0ydOr do I need to change it17:42
n0ydIm only on the laptop screen roight now, but with the VGA cable plugged in (just have it off in the settings)17:42
Stravn0yd: yes, works great. I mainly switch because I've heard that you don't see the console anymore when resuming from suspend (which is a visual wart I've waited for long to disappear)17:42
Stravn0yd: yep you did the right thing...17:43
n0ydI donno then man. Look for a similar bug17:43
n0ydIf you cant find one, file a bug (and if there is a similar bug, someone will point it out)17:43
Stravn0yd: but have you just tried to raise a plasmoid (network manager details for example) ... for in my case, it appears that the transparency remains on the main panel but not when I raise a plasmoid.17:44
n0ydI use my thinkpad basically as a desktop, so it rarely gets unplugged17:44
n0ydoh youre right17:44
n0ydthe desktop thing is a big black bar on the right of my desktop17:44
n0ydbut my window transparency works (like when moving a window around)17:45
n0ydoh wait nvm17:45
n0ydthats because of the screwed up background17:45
n0ydone sec, lemme tesst17:45
Stravn0yd: yep I do have the same behavior (I disabled transparency when moving windows but when I minimize one, there is some transparency occuring... this thing seems only limited to plasmoid (and I must add: my panel theme (slim glow) is reset to the default one).17:46
n0ydyup looks like plasmoids dint have transpoarency17:47
n0yddo you have a specific [plasmoid to try??17:47
n0ydim fairly new to KDE (not Linux, just I always didnt like KDE4 til now)17:48
n0ydSo I dont know a lot of its features (epsecially the huge amount of options)17:48
chachanSonikkuAmerica, remember my issue last night?. Looks like it goes with the intel driver...17:48
n0ydStrav: ya i dont see transparency with any plasmoids so far17:49
n0ydSo I guess it is a bug17:49
n0ydI would go ahead anf file it17:49
Strav"Icon-only task manager" is a must if you like dockers (or just the concept of grouping lauchers and tasks)17:49
n0ydI dont think its kwm17:49
SonikkuAmericachachan: OK. Like I said, your [ lspci ] output was rather vague as to what graphics controller was in use.17:49
Stravn0yd: glad you can reproduce it though...17:49
n0ydyup, no problem17:49
SonikkuAmericaStrav: (Or if you're nostalgic for Windows 7. LOL)17:49
n0ydStrav: does kde not have a key shortcut for switching between display modes?17:50
n0ydI know gnome shell does17:50
n0ydAnd probably unity17:50
n0ydAnd windows of course17:50
n0ydLike win+p (though this opens the run box on kde)17:50
n0ydIt would be much easier than going into settings to change what displays you want on or off17:51
StravSonikkuAmerica: or windowmaker, or awn, or any docker for that matter. It's just that Icon-only-taskmanager is the only one I've seen so far that is properly integrated with kde (as opposed to daisy for instance)17:51
Stravn0yd: not certain. are you using kscreen?17:51
SonikkuAmericaStrav: :)17:52
n0ydkscreen? ya I believe so17:52
n0ydwhatever is default17:52
Stravn0yd: I don't think kscreen is default yet (it should be integrated with kwin on kde 4.11 if I'm correct)17:53
n0ydi know i have kscreen17:54
n0ydwait, just kscreen-console17:54
n0ydwhatever that is17:54
n0ydgod I cant wait for wayland, the performance even just when moving windows around feels so much better17:55
Stravn0yd: you should see it in the service management of the startup and shutdown settings section...17:55
n0ydim not that worried about it17:55
Stravn0yd: anyways, I don't see any interesting keybindings for kscreen...17:55
Stravn0yd: most likely, if you have kscreen installed, it's this component that would do the switch.17:56
n0ydi find it strange KDE doesnt have something to do that, as the other big DE/WM's have it, and usually its KDE that has the most features17:56
n0ydno biggie for my usage style atm. like I said, I use my thinkpad as my desktop17:57
Stravas for other plasmoids, as you just tried: veromix is nice. Other than that, I'm using the default ones: instant messaging presence, keyboard switcher, network management, battery monitor, etc.)17:59
n0ydi cant get veromix to work17:59
n0ydit just shows a blank plasmoid17:59
Stravhow have you installed it17:59
n0ydvia apt18:00
n0ydits in the repos18:00
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n0ydthere is also the gtk version too, but obviously I dont want that18:00
Stravfor what it's worth, try perhaps to directly install it from the install plasmoid tool...18:00
n0ydya i will mess with it later18:00
n0ydIm bust with other stuff18:00
Stravnp. Anyways, thanks a lot for duplicating my bug. I'll see if I can find it on launchpad or something.18:01
BluesKajn0yd, installed the liquorix kernel  , you mentioned preload as well ?18:21
n0ydno configuration needed, just install it. And after awhile it monitors your usage and what libraries you load etc18:22
aPpYeI have a problem with kate (smb kio slave?) where I often have to retry saving a document  over and over when it is located on a smb share that I access  via smb:// ... it says "Could not write to smb://user@server/path/to/file.txt".18:54
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seronishow do i get kwallet to stop asking me for a password when i open chrome?  i double checked my kwalletrc and Chrome is already listed in an  [auto allow] section19:27
BluesKajseronis, just leave the user and pw blank and hit enter19:31
seronisi dont want to SEE a kwallet prompt.  it steals keyboard focus as it shows up.19:32
seronisi just want to figure out how to get that  [Auto Allow] section in kwalletrc to actually work19:32
BluesKajit wont open anymore if you leave the fields blank19:33
BluesKajso you actually want to use kwallet  , then i have no clue19:34
seronisyup.  i just want it to obey its own 'auto allow' policy instead of 'nag allow'19:41
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raymearshi everyone. got a silly issue with my flash player. after switching from a flash installed via flashaid(ages ago) to the adobe-flashplugin i couldn't play vimeo videos. i then tried installing flashplugin-installer. same behaviour.20:47
raymearsany idea what files i would have to remove to "reset" the whole thing and start fresh with this whole flash thingy?20:47
raymearsusing 13.04 with latest updates btw20:50
Kitt3nUmm, is there a bug which causes Kubuntu to not install any software sources?21:13
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dilfridgeany forum ops around?22:46
dilfridgeProblematic Russian Netblock (IP-042). < being hit by this again... :(23:07
dilfridge... and I'm not even in Russia.23:08
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wissamHi , where i can get more animated wallpapers?23:17
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valroadieI am not sure about animated but for KDE you can play video supposedly: http://kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=11210523:27
wissamvalroadie: i think playing a video as a wallpaper eat more cpu23:34
wissamI am using kubuntu 13.04 ,kde 4.10.4 .there are 3 animated wallpapers by default in /usr/share/kde4/apps/plasma/wallpapers/23:35
wissameveryone of them contains .svgz and .qml files23:37
valroadiewissam, tbh I don't use or have played around with them, but maybe look here and see if it help? http://software.opensuse.org/package/plasma-wallpaper-dreamdesktop23:40
wissamvalroadie: Ok thnx ,but what does "tbh" mean? ican't find it in dictionary :/23:42
valroadie"tbh"= to be honest ;)23:44
wissamvalroadie: ok thnx23:46
valroadiewissam, no problem! Good luck with your searches :)23:46

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