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mhall119nik90: thanks for the email, this will certainly help folks tomorrow01:03
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dholbachgood morning06:42
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Aviralis there any command to exit from the application  on user click?08:10
AlanBellwhat is the package to install to get the new ubuntu SDK stuff and Qt Designer?08:12
AviralAlanBell: http://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/08:12
AlanBellhmm, I thought it had landed in the 13.10 repos yesterday or something?08:13
AlanBellthe thing this article is about http://iloveubuntu.net/qt-creator-271-renamed-ubuntu-sdk-available-ubuntu-1310-numerous-new-features08:15
AlanBellqt creator is different to Qt designer it seems, maybe that is where I was going wrong08:16
Aviralnow it is working or not?08:17
AlanBellI think there is some other package that installs plugins to QtCreator for Ubuntu development08:17
AlanBellapparently it is findable in software centre, but that takes ages to start and crashes as soon as it does start08:19
Aviralu are running ubuntu sdk and now it is crashing08:21
dpmAlanBell, the way we recommend to install the SDK is with http://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/ - if there is another way that doesn't work, would you mind reporting it against https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit ?08:22
Aviraltried this command?? sudo add-apt-repository ppa:canonical-qt5-edgers/qt5-proper && sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-sdk-team/ppa && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-sdk08:22
AlanBellno, software centre crashes, not the sdk08:23
dpmah, I see08:23
dpmthen in that case, the bug is in SC :)08:23
AlanBellso what landed in 13.10?08:24
dpmAlanBell, Qt Designer is not a standalone app: there is only Qt Creator and Qt Creator with Ubuntu plugins. Both contain the Qt Designer as a tab (i.e. as part of Qt Creator)08:24
dpmperhaps you've got an old Qt Designer package from Qt 4?08:24
dpmAlanBell, what landed on 13.10 archive and on the 13.04 & older  PPAs was a change to be able to: invoke Qt Creator with the Ubuntu plugins by typing "ubuntu sdk" on the dash or invoke vanilla Qt Creator by typing "qt creator" on the Dash08:25
AlanBellprobably, yeah, it was qt4-designer I was looking at08:26
AlanBelltyping "ubuntu sdk" on the dash tries to sell me books about hacking the Kinect08:26
AlanBelldo I need that ppa on 13.10 still?08:29
dpmAlanBell, that works fine for me, but I'm using the PPAs I've just been pointed at bug 1198084, which might be relevant here.08:30
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1198084 in qtcreator-ubuntu "Unity Dash doesn't recognize Ubuntu SDK as an installable app" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119808408:30
AlanBellah, ubuntu-sdk is the package, which isn't installable at the moment it seems08:31
dpmAlanBell, we're in the process of updating the SDK installation instructions to recommend just the ubuntu-sdk package from the archive in saucy (i.e. no PPAs). So it could come in quite handy if you try to basically forget about the PPA and report back if you've got any glitches08:32
nik90dpm: In the http://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/, you should remove the wording "Development release" since 13.10 does not require any ppa to get the latest sdk or qt packages08:35
AlanBellyeah, I think I still have some ppa cruft from before my upgrade, libqt5v8-5 is 5.0.2-3ubuntu1~raring1~test108:35
nik90dpm: updated packages land in the archive directly. This will also be the case when we transistion to 14.04 later08:35
JamesTaitGood morning all, happy Friday and happy Cow Appreciation Day! (With a shout out to Embrace Your Geekness Day tomorrow) :-D08:36
nik90AlanBell: that's right. I had similar issues as well.08:36
AlanBellas the archive packages are not a higher version than the raring ppa I need to downgrade those things08:36
nik90oh btw morning all :-)08:36
dpmhi nik90, good morning! :-) that's what we're trying to do, but some steps need to be done to ensure the transition is smooth. Not all packages land as part of daily releases yet (e.g. Qt Creator) -> http://pad.ubuntu.com/GjiQAlduX508:36
AlanBellwhich collapses quite a big dependency tree, so I might leave that until later08:36
nik90dpm: kaleo asked me to remove all the ppa which I did.08:38
dpmnik90, ah, you're the perfect testing candidate, then :) Did you run into any issues or glitches?08:39
nik90dpm: I removed the ppa only 2 days ago. For now I do not see any issues. However I wouldnt know myself since I do not what the latest version of these packages are in the ppa and if I received as normal updates.08:40
Aviralnik90: is there any command to exit from the application on user choice ex i will create a button of exit08:43
mptkaleo, seb128: There is no default browser setting in System Settings. It hadn't occurred to me that we'd have more than one. :-)08:44
Aviraldpm: is there any command to exit from the application on user choice ex i will create a button of exit08:45
seb128mpt, hey, we will probably not have > 1 at the start, but no other OS is getting away with that ... ;-)08:46
nik90Aviral: currentyly none of the applications have an exit button08:46
nik90Aviral: you have to use HUD to quit the application08:46
Aviralnik90: ya thats why i am asking08:47
dpmmpt, do you have any input on bug 1198084 ? I'm not sure if it's related to SC/aptdaemon or rather to the applications scope08:47
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1198084 in qtcreator-ubuntu "Unity Dash doesn't recognize Ubuntu SDK as an installable app" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119808408:47
nik90This cannot be done localised to the clock app. It is something which will be common to all applications and hence should automatically come from the sdk08:47
nik90or rather *shouldnt* be done localised in the clock app.08:47
Aviraloh so there is no need to implement the exit option?08:47
mptdpm, no, no idea sorry.08:48
dpmno worries. Saviq, would you have a clue on that bug? ^^08:48
dpmAviral, no need to for now, that's correct. You can close the apps on the app scope by long-pressing on them already08:49
Aviralactually i am working on simple animal farm app and it shows a blank action bar so is there any way that it dosent appear even when the user scroll down to up08:49
Aviraldpm:  thanks :)08:49
Saviqdpm, not sure, but I'd expect the software center parses for .desktop files and such08:50
Saviqdpm, but I don't have experience with it either08:50
dpmAviral, there is already an animal farm app, perhaps you want to join forces with Robert Ancell? -> https://plus.google.com/106527694663794732344/posts/LuFPbQXN8dT08:50
nik90Aviral: if you have no toolbar options, then the toolbar should not popup when you swipe from bottom to top08:50
Aviralya i knw i am working on that only :)08:50
nik90the toolbar should in essence be disabled08:50
Aviralthere is no toolbar option it is still showing pop up08:51
dpmSaviq, yeah, we have a .desktop file for that already. No worries, I'll try to find out more. mpt, one last question: do you know who the best person to ask about that bug on the Software Center side be?08:52
nik90you might want to report a bug against the sdk regarding this then08:52
Aviralneed to asign a bug for SDK??08:54
AskUbuntunot be written in the urlentry of an application made ​​in glade, how to enable? I'm doing the tutorial Jono Bacon (Ubuntu Creating Your First App) | http://askubuntu.com/q/31917509:10
nik90dpm: There is another bug regarding the translation string being too long in a toolbar.10:27
nik90dpm: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/119969910:27
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1199699 in Ubuntu Clock App "German translation in the menu needs more space" [Medium,Confirmed]10:27
nik90not really sure what can be done here. Should this be fixed by the sdk where the toolbar move to accomodate large strings?10:28
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* AlanBell has the ubuntu sdk installed from the 13.10 repos now dpm 10:30
AlanBellhttp://code.google.com/p/apt-downgrade/source/browse/apt-downgrade.py is a very useful script10:31
dpmthanks for the heads up nik90, will look at it now10:43
dpmnik90, I agree that this should probably be fixed in the SDK10:43
* nik90 files a bug report in the sdk10:44
dpmnik90, I added a bug task for it already, you can reuse the existing bug report10:46
dpmperhaps just replacing the current description, which is a bit short10:46
dpmAlanBell, cool, let us know if you run into any issues10:46
nik90dpm: yes I was adding the affects ubuntu-ui-toolkit package to the existing bug report.10:46
nik90But I just noticed that it has been added by you10:47
dpmyeah, did that10:47
nik90dpm: does this make the bug invalid for clock and weather since it an upstream issue?10:47
dpmnik90, probably, but I'd leave it for now, even if it's just to track what happens upstream.10:48
dpmbut it's up to you10:48
nik90dpm: ah ok..will leave it then10:49
WebbyITnik90: about https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app/+bug/1197436, do I have to use AdminName only in USA? Because here in Italy we have them, but are useless10:57
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1197436 in Ubuntu Clock App "Add City needs to show states in US" [Medium,Triaged]10:57
WebbyITnik90: nevermind11:00
nik90WebbyIT: on talking to the design team, they requested that the state names be added to all cities11:00
nik90WebbyIT: since these duplicate city names occur in different parts of the world and it is difficult to know which place they are located in.11:01
WebbyITnik90: ah, ok11:01
nik90WebbyIT: make sure you assign the bug to you change status to inProgress if you work on it. Will let other people know about it.11:02
WebbyITnik90: yeah, I assigned it to me11:03
nik90WebbyIT: awesome :D11:04
WebbyITnik90: and here the MR :) https://code.launchpad.net/~rpadovani/ubuntu-clock-app/1197436/+merge/17438011:04
nik90WebbyIT: testing your fix now :)11:07
WebbyITnik90: maybe I can delete fontSize: "large"11:07
nik90WebbyIT: Those were given by design. So if you find them big, I suggest you file a bug report instead and I will take it up with the design team.11:08
WebbyITnik90: ok, I'm reporting it11:09
nik90WebbyIT: Approved!11:16
WebbyITnik90: thanks :)11:16
nik90kaleo timp: Does the listview.Base or Standard provide any form of text wrap?11:19
nik90WebbyIT: Technically we can text wrap the results, however I do agree they look a bit too big for my liking11:23
timpnik90: Base doesn't have text in it11:23
nik90timp: I added a Label to the base.11:23
dpmnice work WebbyIT ;)11:23
timpnik90: Label supports text wrapping, it is a subclass of Text. But I do not think it is recommended to put multi-line text in it11:24
nik90timp: I was not able to use ListItem.Standard since it does not allow me to change the text size. So I used ListItem.Base to add a label to it.11:24
WebbyITnik90: I've no phone, but on computer is definitely too big for my taste11:24
WebbyITdpm: thanks :)11:24
timpnik90: I'm not sure what you want to accomplish exactly. Do you have a visual design of what you want?11:24
timpnik90: yes for custom list items that may be what you need.11:24
nik90timp: yes, let me share it. 1 second11:24
timpnik90: but on the other hand, if you can use Standard that is better because it is consistent among apps11:25
timpnik90: and if the default we use there is wrong for all apps we should change it in the UITK11:25
nik90timp: http://ubuntuone.com/35fEbdT2KpA0bE0fc4C69b11:25
nik90timp: I am not sure if the fonts we received from design apply to all the other apps. If they do, then yes it should be UITK. I wil have to confirm that with the design team next week then.11:26
timpnik90: please do, and report it as a bug in UITK if it needs to be changed11:27
timpI don't think we ever got final specs for what a list item should look like11:28
nik90timp: will do.11:29
timpso what we have now is just our own interpretation from a design wireframe, until we get the visual designs11:29
timpnik90: thanks11:29
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dpmnik90, no need to wait to next week, let me see if someone from design can join us here11:41
nik90dpm: I just now talked to mehow from the design team11:42
dpmwe should get everyone on this channel, though11:42
nik90yeah I have asked him to come to this channel11:43
mehowI am here11:43
nik90everybody this is Michal from the design team11:43
nik90so mehow, you want to implement it like " City name (large font size), state and country name (smaller font size)"11:44
dpmperfect, hi mehow, hi ckpringle :)11:44
mehowYEs this is something that came to my mind as a simple solution11:45
nik90hi ckpringle11:45
ckpringlenik90: hey dude how are you?11:45
nik90ckpringle: great. Today we are having the clock app hack fest! :)11:45
mehowBut I guess it will be easier to give you more info on monday after I spend some time playing with it11:45
ckpringlenik90: woohoo!11:45
nik90mehow: okay that should be fine.11:46
nik90ckpringle: is most the design work now on the sdk itself? I dont see you much on the core app design meeting anymore11:46
nik90I meant "are you working on the sdk itself?"11:47
ckpringlenik90: yeah I've been trying to focus on getting the SDK up to date with the latest, there's a lot of things that need to be updated in it and designed!11:47
ckpringlenik90: kaleo pinged me a pic of the clock with the gradient background yesterday, exciting!11:47
nik90ckpringle: those new sdk animations for checkboxes look splendid :-)11:47
ckpringlenik90: :)11:48
nik90ckpringle: yup, the background gradient support is landing end of the day. I will implement it in the weekend11:48
nik90or perhaps even leave it to the new hack fest enthusiats11:48
AskUbuntuHow to develop for ubuntu using c++ | http://askubuntu.com/q/31925611:50
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sarobatanything happening here?12:11
nik90|Lunchhi sarobat12:11
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nik90the clock app hack fest is going on12:12
nik90feel free to jump on any bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app/+bugs?field.tag=hackday12:12
nik90They are easy to fix bugs12:12
sarobatthank you12:13
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nik90|LunchGoing for lunch..brb in 25-30 minutes12:16
dpmnik90|Lunch, enjoy!12:31
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popeynik90|Lunch: out of interest what release of ubuntu do you develop on?12:49
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popeyballoons: whats the rationale for us not having autopilot latest in precise in the autopilot ppa?12:53
AskUbuntuQML Page: Binding loop detected for property "flickable" | http://askubuntu.com/q/31927712:54
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nik90popey: I develop on 13.10. Previously I used 12.04, however due to autopilot qt not being backported to 12.04, I had to upgrade.12:56
popeynik90: thanks, this worries me12:57
nik90popey: yes. I actually got an email from a contributor wanted to test core apps, however he couldn't even install certain core apps like calendar or weather I think because he was running 12.0413:01
popeyThat's a real shame.13:01
kaleonik90, you won't need to set the theme manually anymore to have the gradient working13:12
nik90kaleo: ok13:12
nik90kaleo: I have been replacing my colors also with Theme.palette stuff13:12
WebbyIToSoMoN: about MR of yesterday, I don't understand why Jenkins wants a new review13:14
oSoMoNWebbyIT: let me check13:14
kaleonik90, and it will be in lp:ubuntu-ui-toolkit (trunk) in 30 mintues13:15
WebbyITkaleo: great job :)13:15
nik90kaleo: but it will land only as an update once jenkins releases a new UITK update?13:15
kaleoWebbyIT, thx13:15
kaleonik90, you mean land in the touch image?13:16
nik90kaleo: no I mean as an update to saucy desktop through the update manager13:16
kaleonik90, right, it could take a while13:16
kaleonik90, today very probably13:16
kaleonik90, worst case, tomorrow13:16
oSoMoNWebbyIT: it looks like it failed for no good reason (sometimes jenkins is a bit flaky), I re-approved it, let’s see if it lands correctly this time13:17
nik90kaleo: thnx for all this. the theming infrastructure is so much better now13:17
kaleonik90, but packages are available in the MR already13:17
kaleonik90, yw :)13:17
WebbyIToSoMoN: ok, thanks :)13:17
nik90kaleo: ah ok. Will give it a shot13:17
WebbyITis it possible to use setTimeout? Because I insert it in a function in a .qml file but doesn't work!13:19
salem_om26er, ping13:47
om26ersalem_, pong13:47
salem_om26er, hey, about ofono, I just dist-upgraded here and I got the same behavior, but I restarted it by hand and it then it works.13:48
om26ersalem_, restarted = server restart ofono ?13:48
salem_om26er, yes13:49
salem_om26er, I wonder if ofono is not being started before dbus13:49
om26ersalem_, i have done that a number of times13:49
salem_om26er, did you use service restart? or stop/start?13:49
om26ersalem_, i cannot find ofono in system bus at all13:49
om26ersalem_, both13:49
salem_om26er, ok, I am rebooting my system and then I can confirm. just a sec13:50
om26ersalem_, ack13:50
dpmWebbyIT, oSoMoN, the reason that merge proposal was rejected by Jenkins was because now it only lands branches that pass all the autopilot tests13:51
dpmclicking on the link on the latest comment brings me to
dpmwhere it says it's not passing these two tests:13:52
dpm- test_timeline_view_shows(with mouse)13:52
dpm- test_new_event(with mouse)13:52
oSoMoNdpm: actually, it says that those two tests (the only tests the app has) are passing13:52
oSoMoNdpm: see "errors=0" and "failures=0"13:52
dpmoSoMoN, ah, you're right, I misread "failures"13:54
dpmignore my comment, then :)13:54
dpmballoons, any idea why that merge proposal is failing? ^^13:54
nik90dpm: oSomon previously said that jenkins was being flaky..we should see if it passes the next time. At the moment however the jenkins bot is down. I notified fginther who confirmed it. He should bring it up online soon.13:55
nik90Does anybody here know which app I can use to browse gsetting keys..I cant remember the one I used to use before.13:57
dpmnik90, I believe dconf-editor13:57
nik90Ian Lane has written a nice sample app to browser the wallpaper using gsettings keys and I want to see If I can use it get the current time format using gsettings13:57
nik90dpm: ah that is it. Cant believe I forgot the app's name.13:57
dpmnik90, unfortunately, just before Laney created the app, I learnt that we're not yet in a position to recommend GSettings to app developers13:58
nik90dpm: oh :(13:58
dpmit's because it's not in scope for app confinement in 13.10 apparently13:59
dpmone of the security guys pinged me about it after I filed the bug to get API documentation for it13:59
nik90that's too bad. I am guessing they are building some other system to provide that funtionality while still confining to app confinement?14:00
om26ersalem_, hey, its seems to be a blunder on my end :/14:00
om26ersalem_, I had the wrong version of ofono installed, (from the phablet-team ppa)14:00
dpmnik90, not really, we don't have a fallback yet, so it's back to using LocalStorage and sqlite14:00
nik90dpm: for the clock app I was more interested in reading gsettings keys than for writing into it14:01
nik90the gsetting keys provide info such as the time format 12/24 hour format. I thought of using that to show the correct format14:01
dpmLaney, I'll forward you the thread. In any case, your sample app will make for a good tutorial on d.u.c when GSettings is included in the app confinement work14:02
LaneyWhat happens if you try to use it?14:02
LaneyWe're already using it in system-settings ...14:02
nik90actually yes I was sure that the system-settings app was using it14:02
dpmnik90, I'd recommend checking with seb128, kenvandine or the security guys, let me give you their nicks in a sec14:02
nik90Laney: Since it is the system settings app, does it need app confinement?14:03
Laneydon't really know about that14:03
nik90Laney: btw thanks for the app code. I couldn't find anywhere a good example of a flickable. I can learn from your code :-)14:04
Laneynik90: Anyway, it's not too useful on the device since AFAIK nothing sets the gsettings stuff so at best you get the defaults14:05
Laneyit's good on desktop though14:05
kenvandinei don't think system-settings will be in app confinement14:05
kenvandinesome of the plugins will need access to things like that14:05
nik90kenvandine: true.14:05
salem_om26er, yes, I rebooted here and it worked out of the box.14:05
Laneyit's too bad if apps won't be able to use gsettings at all14:05
om26ersalem_, yeah, the problem was on my end, using wrong ofono14:06
kenvandinemaybe long term it could be, but we would need more rules for allowing it to do what it needs14:06
salem_om26er, ok, better then!14:06
kenvandineLaney, we're discussing it14:06
nik90Laney: yes. but we cannot really write qml apps just for the desktop anyway, so yeah14:06
kenvandineLaney, how confined apps can use gsettings-qt14:06
kenvandinespecifically each app would get their own confined settings14:06
kenvandinebut not sure it is doable for 13.1014:06
kenvandineLaney, one thing that it would need to support is multiple installs of the same app14:08
kenvandinewith different settings14:08
kenvandinei guess that is a supported scenario14:08
mrqtrosHi all :)14:08
kenvandineso i guess relocatable schemas14:09
kenvandinehi mrqtros14:09
nik90mrqtros: hi14:09
ayr_tonToday still the Music App Hackday?14:15
popeymusic was yesterday, but we accept patches every day!14:16
mhall119popey: nik90: how is the hack day going?14:29
popeymhall119: nik90 has been active here..14:30
nik90mhall119: hi14:31
nik90mhall119: well we had our first commit by WebbyIT14:31
nik90ckpringle: Can you take a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1171470, it was submitted by you during the clock wireframe design implementation. Things have changed quite a bit since then and we have removed the millisecond transition. In essence the bug is fixed.14:32
dpmhey mrqtros, careful if you say hi here, we might recruit you for the clock app as well ;)14:32
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1171470 in Ubuntu UX "[clock app] Stopwatch milliseconds to seconds transition feels strange " [High,Triaged]14:32
nik90ckpringle: I still like to get it by you before I mark it fixed.14:32
mrqtrosdpm Ahah ))))14:33
nik90dpm: :-)14:33
mhall119nik90: well, first commit to Clock by WebbyIT, he's been submitting ot other apps all week14:33
ckpringlenik90:  done14:33
nik90mrqtros: feel free to take a loot at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app/+bugs?field.tag=hackday14:34
nik90mhall119: yes I noticed. Our hack day specialist WebbyIT14:34
nik90ckpringle: thnx14:34
nik90mhall119: the background gradient support by kaleo has landed in trunk. Eagerly waiting on update to saucy :D14:38
kaleonik90, mhall119: API is SO COMPLEX :)14:39
nik90kaleo: :), oh btw any colors used should be through Theme.palette and not UbuntuColors right?14:40
kaleonik90, correct14:42
nik90mhall119: ?14:43
balloonssorry I've gotten dc'd so many times this morning, my IRC client is confused ;-) I thought I'd pop in here and manually see what's up.. looks like there is a backlog of some questions14:43
seb128kaleo, nik90: what Theme.palette?14:44
seb128kaleo, nik90: is using  UbuntuColors.orange wrong?14:44
balloonsso popey autopilot requires newer stuff that is only found in raring or greater. Some thought was given towards having it work in precise, but you know, the sdk stuff doesn't work there either, so ...14:44
balloonsdpm, you have/had a question on merge requests?14:45
nik90seb128: yes using UbuntuColors is incorrect14:45
dpmballoons, the sdk does work on 12.0414:45
seb128nik90, why and what should I use instead?14:45
balloonsdaker, oO?14:45
nik90seb128: basically if use UbuntuColors, then irrespective of the system theme, the color will be what you set it. Instead it should take whatever the theme suggests.14:46
nik90seb128: So you should be using the SDK theme palette. Let me grab the documentation for you.14:46
dpmballoons, yeah, I did have a question, thanks for coming back to me. It seems this merge proposal got rejected for no apparent reason: https://code.launchpad.net/~rpadovani/ubuntu-calendar-app/1193090/+merge/17095714:46
seb128nik90, the Ubuntu's orange is not theme specific though14:46
dpmWe were wondering if you might have an idea why14:46
nik90seb128: true. What I meant was that you shouldn't hardcode the widget's color by using UbuntuColors.14:47
mhall119seb128: nik90: I'm assuming the two APIs serve different use cases14:47
nik90Instead you should let the theme provide the color14:47
balloonsdpm, sure let's see why14:47
dpmthanks :)14:47
nik90mhall119: yes14:48
kaleoseb128, the ubuntu's orange is only used in specific themes14:48
kaleoseb128, what's your use case?14:48
balloonsdpm, ohh I see why I think right off the bat :-)14:48
nik90seb128: If you open the UITK gallery and then open the API documentation, there in the homepage you should find Theme palette documentation.14:48
seb128kaleo, I'm using it in the disk space bar to show the space taken by the ubuntu image14:49
seb128in system settings14:49
balloonsyea, indeed.. the UI for calendar has changed but the autopilot test hasn't been updated.. it's failing now14:49
kaleoseb128, let me look14:49
seb128kaleo, well, it's easy to change if wanted14:50
kaleoseb128, oh yeah14:50
nik90kaleo: http://iloveubuntu.net/pictures_me/system%20settings%20dropdown%20filter%201.png14:50
kaleoseb128, nice custom widget14:50
kaleoseb128, hmmm, interesting14:50
seb128kaleo, thanks ;-)14:50
dpmballoons, I initially thought so too, but then I was pointed at "errors=0" and "failures=0" - so it seems either the tests passed or Jenkins does not report correctly14:51
kaleoseb128, yes right, it's "Used by Ubuntu"14:51
balloonsdpm, yes jenkins is lying to you a bit14:51
ayr_tonWait... I opened the ubuntu-clock-app and when I use the alt+tab the icon and name is from the Sudoku app. Is this normal?14:51
kaleoseb128, you have it right then14:51
seb128kaleo, right, thanks14:51
kaleoseb128, is this app supposed to use the light theme by default?14:51
balloonsanyways, fix the ap test and you should be good.. need help?14:51
kaleoseb128, or is it going to switch to a different background color essentially?14:51
mhall119ayr_ton: yes, it's a limitation in qmlscene and unity 714:51
seb128kaleo, that's a good question, I don't know14:52
seb128mpt, ^ do you know? ;-)14:52
dpmballoons, I think WebbyIT might need some help in fixing the tests for that merge request14:52
mhall119ayr_ton: basically because they all use qmlscene as the process, bamf can't tell what application the window really belongs to14:52
balloonsdpm, ok, can do14:52
kaleoseb128, do you have any visual design mockups btw?14:52
ayr_tonmhall119, interesting, thanks :)14:53
seb128kaleo, no, no recent one at least ... just http://design.canonical.com/wp-content/uploads/phone-overview-visual.small_.png which is what was posted on the design blog some time ago14:53
seb128but that doesn't include subpanels14:54
dpmballoons, do you think you could also send a reminder to the ubuntu-touch-coreapps mailing list about autopilot tests being executed by Jenkins from now on? I know you mentioned it in the IRC meetings, but not all developers attend them, and probably not all of them are aware of this and might be puzzled by the sudden failures and Jenkins reporting "0 errors"14:56
balloonsdpm, sure sounds like a fine idea14:56
dpmthanks balloons!14:56
mptseb128, I've been given draft mockups that use the dark theme14:58
jonomhall119, dpm has the gradient support now landed?14:59
mptNeed to work over them with the visual designer14:59
dpmjono, kaleo tells us it's landing today14:59
jonodpm, perfect14:59
nik90jono: it has landed in trunk14:59
jonoand then I guess we can work to get them implemented in the core apps14:59
jononik90, awesome :-)14:59
dpmthere you go :)14:59
seb128mpt, ok, can you share that with me, when you get things in an useful state?14:59
jononik90, great work btw!14:59
nik90jono, dpm: waiting for it as an update in saucy14:59
nik90jono: thnx :)14:59
jononik90, I used the clock the other day to time the flank steak I was grilling15:00
jonoworked great :-)15:00
nik90jono: It is basically 3 lines of code to implement background gradients. All core apps should implement them quickly15:00
jononik90, awesome :-)15:00
nik90I am glad.15:00
kaleomhall119, ayr_ton: Trevinho is fixing that I believe, there is a bug report15:00
oSoMoNbfiller: this is the MR that groups history entries by domain name: https://code.launchpad.net/~osomon/webbrowser-app/domain-name/+merge/17443515:00
bfilleroSoMoN: cool will try it15:01
kaleojono, dpm, it has landed15:01
kaleo(in trunk)15:01
jonokaleo, awesome :-)15:01
kaleojono, oh, nik90 told you :)15:01
jonokaleo, :-)15:01
nik90kaleo: too late :)15:01
mhall119kaleo: good to hear, fixing it where?15:01
jonokaleo, any idea when it will be published so our core app devs can use it?15:01
kaleomhall119, in BAMF15:01
dpmyeah, nice work kaleo ;)15:01
kaleojono, today or tomorrow15:02
jonokaleo, perfect15:02
jonokaleo, btw, the theming changes in the toolkit look incredible15:02
jonothey look so slick15:02
mhall119jono: only the clock and calculator have been given gradients in their visual designs15:02
dpmjono, it's part of the daily releases on saucy, so as Florian says, as soon as the builders pick it up from trunk15:02
kaleojono, I know, rosie did an awesome job!15:02
jonodpm, ahh daily SDK releases are now up and running?15:02
ayr_tonkaleo, for Unity 7 or Unity 8 only?15:03
jonomhall119, cool15:03
kaleojono, it really changes the way you feel about the apps15:03
mhall119jono: btw, the screenshot of the Clock app on my blog, that's using the new API :)15:03
kaleojono, we had daily releases for months actually :)15:03
kaleojono, (just not of the documentation publication)15:03
dpmjono, for the SDK daily releases are up and running (except for Qt Creator)15:03
mptseb128, sure thing15:03
kaleomhall119, LINK15:03
mhall119ayr_ton: presumably Unity 8 won't need the fix, since it doesn't need BAMF15:03
mptseb128, I'll put them on the relevant wiki pages15:03
jonomhall119, calendar has some gradients too15:03
seb128mpt, thanks15:03
mhall119kaleo: http://mhall119.com/2013/07/ubuntu-clock-app-hackfest/15:03
jonokaleo, really? I was updating in saucy and never saw updates15:03
ayr_tonmhall119, make sense15:04
kaleoseb128, ok, dark it will be then15:04
jonokaleo, ok, so I can unsubscribe from the PPA now I guess?15:04
seb128kaleo, seems so15:04
kaleoseb128, it will be good to have the visual designer's opinion on this widget then15:04
mhall119jono: calendar's visual designs aren't done yet, but they'll probably use gradients too, yes15:04
kaleojono, yeah that's the thing15:04
kaleojono, the PPA was probably preventing upgrades15:04
kaleojono, remove it :)15:04
jonomhall119, basing it on http://design.canonical.com/wp-content/uploads/2013-06-20-15.28.21.jpg15:05
jonokaleo, awesome, removing now :-)15:05
seb128kaleo, yeah, that's a good point, I've been focussing more on getting the infos to the UI so far than on the UI details, it's time I work a bit more closely from the visual design guys15:05
kaleoseb128, it's what sells :)15:05
seb128mpt, ^ do you know if I should get in touch directly from somebody from design for the system settings visuals?15:05
mhall119jono: from that blog post: "The visuals in the image below are an exploration of how this can potentially look and feel. This is still very much still in progress, but gives a strong hint of what’s to come."15:05
mhall119so it will likely use gradients, but we don't know yet where or how15:06
nik90seb128: I actually wanted to ask you. Is it possible for the system settings to change the system time as of now?15:06
mptseb128, no, I'll publish them when they're ready15:06
seb128mpt, ok15:06
mhall119nik90: not last time I checked it15:06
seb128nik90, no, we don't have the datetime panel yet15:06
kaleoseb128, can system settings make me coffee?15:06
nik90seb128, mhall119: ok15:06
seb128kaleo, if you run it under sudo maybe :p15:07
nik90seb128: but I suppose you will take the system time from the gsettings then.15:07
mhall119kaleo: yes, but it's Americano15:07
seb128nik90, no, that doesn't make sense ... gsettings is for settings15:07
mhall119nik90: you should be able to just use the Qt time, and that will change based on system time15:07
seb128right, qt probably provides an api for that15:08
nik90mhall119: oh yeah.15:08
seb128nik90, you can "text: Date()"15:09
seb128standard js seems to work15:09
seb128(I just tried)15:09
nik90mhall119: me and popey were discussing on this in the design meeting where if the user sets a world city as his current location and if the system changes the time, then which one has precedence15:09
* mhall119 is always surprised when javascript works15:09
mhall119nik90: you should get UTC time from the system, then apply the world city's offset15:10
WebbyITI'm sorry, I was away. I saw a ping by balloons and dpm about the MR, but i don't understand15:10
mhall119nik90: starting from UTC makes things easier most of the time15:11
nik90mhall119: I agree. However there is a special case not met by that logic which is should the world city's offset be ignored if the user's system time has been changed outside the clock app.15:11
popeymhall119: its not where you get the time from, the discussion was about how we adjust what we display15:11
popeye.g. you step off a plane in a new timezone, network updates time, the clock should take account of that, but still let the user override it15:12
mhall119oh, I see15:12
mhall119so maybe we need a special "Local Time" location that changes, but if you set it to a specific world city it doesn't?15:12
dpmWebbyIT, we were just saying that we now know why your merge proposal failed: the calendar UI has changed and it's no longer passing the autopilot tests (https://code.launchpad.net/~rpadovani/ubuntu-calendar-app/1193090/+merge/170957) - balloons can help you to get them in shape so that the merge proposal is accepted15:12
mhall119I'm assuming you can always get UTC time, and UTC time won't change when the network time changes15:13
popeythe clock app should detect when timezone has changed and adjust display for "the time here" accordingly15:13
nik90mhall119: yes but if you set it to a specific world and the it doesnt change (after entering a new country) then you are restricting the user.15:13
balloonsWebbyIT, indeed15:13
popeybut the user should be able to override that to display the time back at home or somewhere else15:13
WebbyITok dpm, thanks. So, balloons, what have I to do? :)15:14
mhall119right, so then can we just have 1 "Current local time" and multiple "Fixed location time"?15:14
nik90popey, mhall119: I need a sort of decision proposal if you will. What to do in certain cases that we described above.15:14
popeyeffectively, yes15:14
nik90mhall119, popey: Can we document this in google docs? I already have one edited describing some case scenarios15:15
balloonsWebbyIT, well the test that is failing is the test_new_event15:15
balloonsSo we need to update that to use the new date selectors (that's were it's failing)15:15
mhall119popey: nik90: design might have some advice on this too15:15
popeythey were on the call15:15
popeybut yes15:15
nik90mhall119, popey: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10f7sU1POjFWc1y1afiV3IynJxDQartyFsXcpexI--7w/edit15:16
popeynik90: i have comment rights only..15:16
nik90popey: just sent you an invite to your canonical email15:16
popeyok, ta15:16
ayr_tonmhall119, about the 3 and 4 work items in your blog for today hackfest.  For this is necessary a merge proposal in sdk-system-alarm-api first? Or I could do some merge proposal directly in the clock app for help in this?15:18
mhall119ayr_ton: it'll need an API and platform implementations, those are already planned and spec'd as far as I know, just need an engineer's time to implement them15:18
mhall119speaking of that, kaleo: is there anybody else who can pick that up while zsombi is on holiday?15:19
balloonsso WebbyIT let me pull the branch and let's see what needs modified15:19
kaleomhall119, breeding program? :)15:20
WebbyITballoons: ok, thanks :)15:21
mhall119kaleo: I've done my quota15:21
mhall119kaleo: I assume you have a blueprint, milestones and work items for yours :)15:22
mhall119come to think of it, our monthly planning cycle is disturbing similar to those pre-natal planners15:22
kaleomhall119, lol15:23
ovenwolvI don't know enough programming to help, but I am listening to heavy metal.  Just know that.15:26
mhall119ovenwolv: moral support, we appreciate it :)15:26
balloonsovenwolv, +115:29
ovenwolvExcellent.  We appreciate you guys making a phone with linuxy goodness.15:29
AskUbuntuHow can I add another version to available versions? | http://askubuntu.com/q/31931815:32
dpmovenwolv, \m/15:32
ovenwolvballoons and dpm, \m/15:33
ovenwolvGetting ready to watch the video on creating an autopilot testcase15:34
balloonsovenwolv, :-)15:35
timpwhat should I imagine when I see \m/ ? I understand \o/, but m is a weird head15:35
ovenwolvYou should image the fingers of a single hand15:39
ovenwolvminus the thumb, i suppose15:40
balloonsok WebbyIT I have a really quick fix for the merge15:53
balloonsthe autopilot tests for calendar should be fixed up :-)15:53
balloonsarielschon12, this is balloons reading you loud and clear. do you copy, over?15:54
arielschon12I copy alright, thanks!15:54
arielschon12Anyone knows how can I get started and contribute to the core apps?15:55
WebbyITballoons: ok :) Do you submit a new branch for fix autopilot or have I to modify something?15:55
balloonsarielschon12, there's a lovely tutorial on developer.ubuntu.com if you need help with qml, etc.. However if your already to go on that front, take a look at these wiki pages: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/15:56
balloonsPick an app, go to that page and we can help you get the code and start hacking15:56
balloonsWebbyIT, I'll push something in just a moment15:56
mhall119arielschon12: what kind of contribution do you want to make?15:56
arielschon12Well mhall119, First I just want to get my hands on the code and see what is going on15:57
mhall119arielschon12: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/DevelopmentGuide has a generic guide to getting the core apps code and submitting your changes15:57
WebbyITballoons: you are awesome :D15:58
arielschon12Thanks guys :)15:58
mhall119thank you arielschon12, looking forward to seeing your merge proposals :)15:59
arielschon12Cool, thanks mhal!15:59
arielschon12And now off-topic, I am currently running MAC OS X 10.7.5 and I want to dual-boot it with ubuntu. I have tried it before, but stuff got messed up. Anyone knows how to do this (I am using an iMac, so wireless mouse and keyboard support is needed in the OS selection)15:59
nik90WebbyIT: I see that you have taken on another bug :). Just one thing to note, try using the ImageButton.qml component located in the stopwatch folder. This will allow you to get the same styling as the stopwatch lap,reset buttons.16:00
nik90I forgot to mention this in the bug report16:01
WebbyITnik90: yes, I did it. Reset working great, now I'm working on pause function :)16:01
ovenwolvariel, why not try a virtual machine on your desktop? Virtual box or vmware player should work fine, then you don't have to choose which OS to boot16:07
balloonswild.. well, I think I may just gut the test instead.16:11
balloonsit seems like there is still more work to do.. it "passes" but I don't see a way to make an event at all :-(16:11
mhall119you might have problems getting the SDK apps running in a virtual machine, they require OpenGL ES support and last I heard VirtualBox didn't have that16:11
mhall119VMWare I heard works though16:11
ovenwolvI have 12.04 on VMWare player, with the QT SDK installed, but it could be missing something and I wouldn't necessarily be aware16:16
WebbyITnik90: it seems that Jenkins can not stand me :-/ Here the MR for pause: https://code.launchpad.net/~rpadovani/ubuntu-clock-app/1166264/+merge/17445816:18
balloonsWebbyIT, see my comments on the merge16:22
balloonsI took your branch and made some changes: https://code.launchpad.net/+branch/~nskaggs/ubuntu-calendar-app/autopilot-fixes-for-newevent16:23
balloonsmhall119, are any of the calendar folks around?16:24
nik90WebbyIT: I have asked it to build it again.  Let try once more.16:24
WebbyITballoons: ok, thanks :)16:24
nik90WebbyIT: Your code is perfect. I do not think that is the issue.16:24
balloonsWebbyIT, does new event work for you? I can't seem to create one.. there's no save button I can see16:25
WebbyITnik90: Ok, thanks :)16:25
WebbyITballoons: no, both oSoMon and I have the same problem. If you launch it you have some errors: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5868534/16:26
WebbyITballoons: but you can get around this, with some modification16:27
balloonsWebbyIT, ok right.. so for the moment, I killed the test16:27
mhall119balloons: not that I see, why?16:29
WebbyITballoons: FYI in NewEvent.qml you have to change line 130 from ListItem.SingleControl to ListItem.Empty and line 132 from control: Button to Button, and it works. I didn't do it because I don't know why is in that way, so I don't want to do damages.16:30
balloonsmhall119, just wondering..16:30
balloonsWebbyIT, well, hmm.. heh16:30
balloonsso WebbyIT if your ok with my branch changes I'll merge that branch into trunk16:32
balloonsit's just your changes + the autopilot fixes16:32
WebbyITballoons: yes, certainly :)16:32
balloonsok, so let's do it16:32
WebbyITballoons: ok, I link your branch to bug and delete my branch16:34
balloonsWebbyIT, no that's ok16:34
balloonseverything can stay as-is16:34
balloonsincluding the request16:34
WebbyITballoons: ah ok, as you wish16:34
balloons:-) I think it's saner to do it that way.. maybe others would like to see a new MP, but :-)16:34
balloonssince I'm merging it, I get to choose I guess :-p16:35
dpmkaleo, speaking of dropping PPAs for the SDK saucy installation, that's already done in d.u.c -> http://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started16:35
dpmpopey, mhall119, just a FYI ^^16:35
balloonsWebbyIT, basically you should be good.. I'l merge it in a moment16:35
nik90WebbyIT: your branch got merged :-)16:38
nik90WebbyIT: Told you that your code was fine :D16:38
WebbyITnik90: good :) Now I'm going to move ImageButton.qml in common, so you can merge also other branch :)16:39
Aviral_i want to push modification in launchpad i has commited the content aviral@aviral-G31M-ES2L:~/animal-farm$ bzr push lp:~aviral190694/animal-farm/aviralupdate You have not informed bzr of your Launchpad ID, and you must do this to write to Launchpad or access private data.  See "bzr help launchpad-login". bzr: ERROR: Invalid url supplied to transport: "bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~aviral190694/animal-farm/aviralupdate":16:40
Aviral_now it is shoing the above error after writing the branch push code16:40
nik90WebbyIT: be aware that when you do that, you need to also add a import statement in stopwatchpage.qml file16:40
nik90Aviral_: When did you submit your ssh key to launchpad?16:41
nik90Aviral_: it sometimes takes few hours to accept and recognise your keys.16:41
Aviral_ohh i had done it today only16:41
mhall119Aviral_: have you run "bzr launchpad-login"?16:42
mhall119bzr launchpad-login aviral19069416:42
WebbyITnik90: I think is not necessary, because there is import "../common"16:42
mhall119that should tell bzr who you are on launchpad16:42
WebbyITnik90: in fact, it works. Do you want that I explicitly import it ?16:43
nik90WebbyIT: ah yes. You are already more familiar with the code than I am :P16:43
nik90WebbyIT: nope you were right!16:43
WebbyITnik90: ok, perfect :)16:43
nik90WebbyIT: can you move the button to the center since it is the only one present in the timer?16:44
WebbyITnik90: sure16:44
nik90WebbyIT: you also need to reset the pause time to zero in the reset() function. Otherwise you can only run the timer once.16:45
WebbyITnik90: good point16:48
nik90WebbyIT: Instead of adding a new variable "pauseTime" wouldn't it be better to assign a new  StartTime every the timer is paused? This is also the logic that the stopwatch makes use of. This way have one less variable to worry about.16:50
nik90You can take a look at the stopwatch logic on how it keeps time by manipulating the startTime16:50
=== AllStruck_ is now known as AllStruck
WebbyITnik90: I can do it, but I have to rewrite logical of the timer, that isn't the same of the stopWatch. Now the remTime = totalTime - Math.floor((new Date() - startTime)/ 1000), so I can't change startTime. I can add delay to startTime, but it's the same thing that i do with PauseTime. If you want i can change PauseTime in delay, and sum it when press pause16:54
* nik90 is thinking about the logic16:57
AskUbuntuHow can TextField input be validated for long integers? | http://askubuntu.com/q/31935516:58
WebbyITnik90: or, maybe I did not understand anything of logic16:58
nik90WebbyIT: can you update the code to reset the pause time. I will test it again. Because as of now, the timer does not work the second or third time when I set it.17:01
nik90in the reset() function that I mentioned earlier17:01
nik90let the code logic remain as you did for now17:01
WebbyITnik90: done https://code.launchpad.net/~rpadovani/ubuntu-clock-app/1166264/+merge/17445817:02
WebbyITnik90: the last commit -> http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~rpadovani/ubuntu-clock-app/1166264/revision/14017:03
nik90WebbyIT: actually I am fine with your code logic. Lets not change that. I am going to now keep testing to see if it fails in any cases.17:07
nik90WebbyIT: one small fix. Could you move the pauseTime = 0, to AnalogTimer.qml17:07
nik90there is a reset function in that file17:07
nik90there you can do startTime = remTime = pauseTime = 017:07
nik90just my small nitpickings :)17:08
=== JamesTai1 is now known as JamesTait
WebbyITnik90: you're right, is right to write good code :) Done17:10
nik90Aviral_: is your issue fixed?17:16
Aviral_no :(17:16
Aviral_aviral@aviral-G31M-ES2L:~/animal-farm$ bzr push lp:~aviral190694/animal-farm/aviralupdate Permission denied (publickey). ConnectionReset reading response for 'BzrDir.open_2.1', retrying Permission denied (publickey). bzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. Please check connectivity and permissions, and report a bug if problems persist.17:16
nik90Aviral_: when did you say you uploaded your ssh keys to launchpad?17:18
nik90hmm the error says Permission denied (Public key)17:18
nik90you sure you uploaded the corrected keys to launchpad?17:18
Aviral_i am not sure17:18
surgemcgee_popey: mhall119: Stock ticker was updated to correct device visual glitches.17:43
surgemcgee_Please provide a screenshot when you get some time.17:44
mhall119great work surgemcgee_17:45
surgemcgee_mhall119: Hey, thanks.17:46
mhall119Aviral_: did "bzr launchpad-login aviral190694" work without error?17:46
nik90popey: mind testing https://code.launchpad.net/~rpadovani/ubuntu-clock-app/1166264/+merge/174458 for me?17:47
nik90popey: It includes a reset button. The main timer button now start/pauses the timer.17:47
Aviral_mhall119: sir that command worked but new error has occured :( i am bored by watching thses errors again and again17:50
nik90mhall119: he got error Agent admitted failure to sign using the key. Permission denied  (publickey). ConnectionReset reading response for 'BzrDir.open_2.1', retrying Agent admitted  failure to sign using the key. Permission denied (publickey). bzr: ERROR: Connection closed:  Unexpected end of message. Please check connectivity and permissions, and report a bug if  problems persist.17:51
Aviral_mhall119: Agent admitted failure to sign using the key. Permission denied (publickey). ConnectionReset reading response for 'BzrDir.open_2.1', retrying Agent admitted failure to sign using the key. Permission denied (publickey). bzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. Please check connectivity and permissions, and report a bug if problems persist17:51
mhall119Aviral_: if you run just "bzr launchpad-login" what does it print out?17:51
mhall119hmmm, this is very odd indeed17:52
nik90WebbyIT: your code works without any regressions. I guess it is good to go.17:52
WebbyITnik90: good news :)17:53
mhall119Aviral_: is your ssh key in ~/.ssh/id_<rsa or dsa> ?17:53
Aviral_mhall119:  yes,i think it has a problem with me i has to gift something to launchpas to accept my sshkey17:53
mhall119Aviral_: what does "bzr whoami" return?17:54
Aviral_Aviral Aggarwal<aviral190694@gmail.com>17:54
mhall119Aviral_: try this:17:55
mhall119bzr push lp:~aviral190694/+junk/animal-farm17:55
Aviral_mhall119: Agent admitted failure to sign using the key. Permission denied (publickey). ConnectionReset reading response for 'BzrDir.open_2.1', retrying Agent admitted failure to sign using the key. Permission denied (publickey). bzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. Please check connectivity and permissions, and report a bug if problems persist.17:56
nik90WebbyIT: Approved again! Your 2nd bug fix for the clock app.17:56
Aviral_same error :'(17:56
mhall119well it's launchpad then, not specifically animal-farm17:56
mhall119Aviral_: join #launchpad-ops and maybe someone there can help17:57
mhall119sorry, just #launchpad17:57
Aviral_mhall119: joinede17:57
WebbyITnik90: thanks you for your support and your guide :)17:58
nik90WebbyIT: the pleasure is mine17:59
mhall119Aviral_: might take a bit to get a response, but hopefully someome there can check into the launchpad side of things to see if they can see what's going wrong17:59
Aviral_mhall119: not an issue sir i am here for 1 more hour and thanks for your help :)18:00
WebbyITnik90: when is the next design meeting for clock? I'm very interesting in helping the app :)18:08
nik90WebbyIT: On thursday 16:00 UTC. I will ask dpm or popey to send you an invite to it18:08
nik90WebbyIT: Its on g+ hangout.18:09
popeydpm will have to i think, it's in his calendar18:09
nik90popey: ok18:10
nik90popey: I will send him an email regarding this today18:10
nik90would love to have WebbyIT in these meetings :)18:10
WebbyITnik90:  ok thanks :)18:11
nik90WebbyIT: oh by the way, if you can you should join the dev weekly meeting on Friday from 19:30 UTC - 20:00 UTC18:11
nik90which is today in another 1hour18:11
WebbyITnik90:  it would be great to work side by side with people like you :)18:11
nik90the meeting is with popey and mhall11918:11
popeywow, 19:11 my time and I now notice the /topic wrong18:12
popeyso sorry nik9018:12
WebbyITnik90: yes, on #ubuntu-touch-meeting?18:12
nik90WebbyIT: yes18:12
nik90WebbyIT: So to summarise, we meet every week on Thursday (16:00 UTC) and on Friday (19:30 UTC)18:12
WebbyITnik90: I'll be there :)18:12
nik90popey: did not notice. I actually almost forgot today's meeting :P until I mentioned it18:13
nik90WebbyIT: great!18:13
=== nik90 is now known as nik90|Dinner
nik90|Dinneralrite I am of to dinner. brb in about 1 hour18:13
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popeybetter late than never!18:14
nik90|DinnerWebbyIT: latest bug fix by you merged successful by jenkins bot18:15
WebbyITnik90|Dinner: great :)18:15
bobweaverwhat up G18:24
bobweaverso clock app today what are some of the things that you might be having issues with18:25
bobweaverlike logic things or need c++ plugins or anything like that ?18:25
popeythe bugs are listed in the /topic18:28
popeythe clock app is mostly there tbh18:28
popeyif you're interested in helping with other apps then they're all listed on the hackdays link above18:28
popeythe only ones that use a c++ plugin are the file manager (mostly done) and the music app (needs design work)18:28
popeythey both use the same plugin - nemo..18:29
mhall119terminal also has a C++ plugin18:33
popeyah yes18:37
domasdevwhats the hacksday link18:38
bobweaverHey my apps also have c++ plugins18:41
bobweaverbut I only have zeroconf and system tools and mysql database c++ plugins18:42
bobweavermostly dns_sd , QProcess and QSql stuff18:43
bobweaverpopey,  are there plans at all to move the core apps to use applicationView so that it will be a single binary and one will not have to run qmlscene?18:48
mhall119bobweaver: we meant of the Core Apps18:48
mhall119bobweaver: applicationView being a C++ thing?18:49
popeyi think there's a plan to have a more lightweight application start framework18:49
bobweaverkinda mhall119  like using QGuiApplication  and QCoreApplication and QQmlEngine18:50
bobweaverhaving it so you do not have to use qmlscence18:51
mhall119bobweaver: like popey said, I think the plan is to replace qmlscene with another generic, but more functional, application runner18:51
mhall119but we don't plan to include a C++ launcher in each app18:52
bobweavermhall119,  something like this https://launchpad.net/~josephjamesmills/+archive/sdk-extras18:53
bobweaverthe ubuntu-tabs-cpp package that I made a while ago18:53
bobweaverneeds work needs to install the qml source directorys to a better place as debian files(auto generated ) say no no on installing files on them selfs18:54
bobweaverIt just creates a new wizard that has packaging questions and forms to fill out that fill in the debian/* files has a tabs application that you can build for debugging or for release18:56
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kaleoseb128, still around?19:44
seb128kaleo, lol, I was just calling it a week ... I've a few minutes to answer a question though ;-)19:45
kaleoseb128, I was testing your app again19:45
kaleoseb128, and I'm really puzzled by the flicking in the main menu19:45
kaleoseb128, it feels so different from everywhere else19:45
kaleoseb128, what's doing that?19:45
seb128the fact that it goes offscreen like that?19:45
kaleoseb128, you are not using a Flickable or a ListView?19:45
seb128I am19:45
kaleoseb128, it does not go offscreen at all19:45
kaleoseb128, just it slows down very differently19:46
kaleoseb128, compare it with the dash for example19:46
seb128you are the toolkit guy, tell me what I'm doing wrong :p19:46
kaleoseb128, which file should I look at?19:46
seb128we are using flickable a column in it19:46
seb128what screen are you on?19:46
kaleoseb128, main19:47
seb128do you have the same issue in e.g about?19:47
kaleoseb128, let me sese19:47
kaleoseb128, yes19:47
kaleo                boundsBehavior: Flickable.StopAtBounds19:47
kaleothat's not supposed to be there :)19:47
seb128kenvandine added that19:48
seb128without it things were acting weird19:48
seb128e.g flicking on a dialog that fit on screen would send it off screen19:48
seb128which feels buggy19:48
seb128why would you want any scrolling on something that fits on screen?19:48
kenvandinekaleo, we had a screens without enough content to fill them19:48
seb128especially on a desktop19:48
kenvandineyet you could still drag19:48
seb128using a wheel scroll you could get the UI way off screen19:49
kaleoseb128, kenvandine, hmmm,19:50
kaleoseb128, kenvandine, so, it might be the wrong solution19:50
kenvandineperhaps :)19:50
kaleoseb128, kenvandine, and whatever the solution is, it should go in the toolkit19:50
kaleo so that all apps benefits19:50
seb128kenvandine, did you open a toolkit bug about that?19:50
seb128we should do that19:50
kaleoI'm testing a bit19:50
kenvandinethis is the behavior of any flickable19:50
seb128kaleo, sorry about the lack of bug filling19:50
kenvandinewhich is outside of our toolkit19:51
kaleokenvandine, that's the only property you set to fix the issue?19:51
kenvandinei think so19:51
kaleokenvandine, yes, but we have power of Qt :19:51
kaleokenvandine, :)19:51
kenvandineso unless we want to have our own flickable19:51
seb128kaleo, try on the about panel, it's easier to edit (you can edit the .qml without rebuilding)19:51
kaleokenvandine, that also is a possible option19:51
kaleokenvandine, Qt Quick Controls has that19:51
kaleoseb128, ok19:52
kenvandinethe downside with that is all the existing components wouldn't inherit from that, would they?19:52
kaleoseb128, MainWindow.qml is built into the binary?19:52
kaleokenvandine, inded19:52
kaleokenvandine, but let's first figure it out19:52
kaleoseb128, not cool19:52
seb128kaleo, plugins/about/PageComponent.qml is not (that's the about panel)19:52
kaleoseb128, unless it's strictly necessary I would avoid bundling QML files into the binary19:53
seb128kaleo, yeah, tell mardy, he did the main UI thing19:53
kaleoseb128, that's a side point obviosuly19:53
kaleoseb128, :)19:53
seb128the panels don't do that19:53
kenvandineso perhaps Qt's flickable should be modified :)19:53
kaleoseb128, you'll know for later19:53
kaleokenvandine, perhaps19:53
seb128noted, thanks ;-)19:53
kenvandinekaleo, yeah... that seems to be mardy's preference19:53
kaleokenvandine, or made configurable at a system level, if it's not already the case19:53
seb128I didn't like it anyway19:53
kaleokenvandine, I'll tell him off19:53
seb128since it's harder to hack and test changes :p19:53
kaleoseb128, exactly19:53
kaleoseb128, kenvandine, so yeah without                  boundsBehavior: Flickable.StopAtBounds it feels much better19:55
kaleoseb128, kenvandine, let me make a page with little content19:56
kaleoseb128, kenvandine, so you can still scroll and it bounces back, it's not that bad, let me see a bit more19:57
kenvandineseb128 and i both found it terribly annoying19:57
kenvandinetry the reset plugin19:57
seb128kaleo, try on a desktop with a wheel/trackpad scroll19:58
seb128but even on the device19:58
seb128if you try on android they don't make things scroll offscreen when you touch them on a page that fits in screen19:59
seb128(just tried on my phone)19:59
kaleoseb128, ok, I think the solution is to make it conditional19:59
kaleokenvandine, ^19:59
Joe_BIs it possible to set the location from within the app?19:59
kaleoseb128, if contentHeight bigger than height then DragAndOvershootBounds19:59
kaleoseb128, else StopAtBounds19:59
seb128that seems tedious19:59
kaleoseb128, tedious to implement?19:59
seb128shouldn't the toolkit Do The Right Thing19:59
seb128no, easy to implement20:00
kaleoseb128, well, yes, I'm talking about the solution that would go in the toolkit20:00
seb128but it means every single app have to go through discover and implement that20:00
seb128ok, good ;-)20:00
kenvandinekaleo, that would be fine20:00
kaleoseb128, cf discussion from before :)20:00
seb128+1 from me20:00
kenvandinebut it should go in Qt imo20:00
kaleokenvandine, agreed20:00
kenvandineso all flickable's benefit20:00
kaleokenvandine, maybe a boundsBehavior new type20:01
seb128don't get me started on the list of things qt doesn't do for you ;-)20:01
seb128(like wth with column not working if you don't put the anchors on left and right)20:01
kenvandineif a new type, i think it should be the default :)20:01
kaleokenvandine, yes20:01
kaleokenvandine, at least for Ubuntu20:01
kenvandinei can't think of a case where you want want to be able to do this20:01
seb128(or listviews not working if you fill them but don't specify an height)20:01
kenvandineseb128, oh that is annoying!20:01
kaleokenvandine, agreed20:02
seb128kenvandine, yeah, I'm still not sure I like qt because of those things :/20:02
kaleoseb128, lol20:02
kenvandineseb128, well... still far less frustrating than gtk :)20:02
seb128it's so annoying that you take a listview, pack it with a model and get nothing on screen20:02
kaleoseb128, like all the other benefits are not enough20:02
kaleoseb128, it's good you konw20:02
seb128then spend an hour trying to figure why20:02
kaleoseb128, i that's the biggest   yissues you have20:02
seb128"oh, heigh is 0 if you don't specify it"20:02
kaleoseb128, that's a good sign20:02
kaleoseb128, I agree though20:02
kaleoseb128, the width/height being 0 and nobody telling you is bad20:03
kaleoseb128, at the very least QtCreator should tell you20:03
seb128kaleo, yeah, I like it most of the time, it's just so details that are really annoying and bit most of the beginners20:03
seb128just *those* details*20:03
kaleoseb128, kenvandine, I suggest in the meantime for the system settings app:20:03
kaleoseb128, kenvandine, 1) create a CustomFlickable.qml that factors the code you have20:04
kaleo(it's repeated in multiple places20:04
kaleoseb128, kenvandine, 2) implement the behaviour described above20:04
kenvandinethat's why i want a mode in qmlscene to run with red boxes around each element... just like firebug20:04
kaleokenvandine, that would not show 0x0 items :)20:04
kaleokenvandine, and if you use QtCreator's QML debugger20:04
kenvandinekaleo, it should :)20:04
kaleokenvandine, you can click on the UI20:04
kaleokenvandine, and it takes you to the code20:04
kenvandinedude... i've never had luck with that20:05
kaleokenvandine, why not? :)20:05
kaleokenvandine, well, not being able to run the app locally does not help :)20:05
kenvandinei fought with getting it to load at all20:05
kaleokenvandine, that's very odd20:05
kenvandinenot just for systems settings20:05
kenvandinemostly with friends-app, instagram, etc...20:05
kaleokenvandine, I can take a look when we meet20:05
kenvandinei gave up on trying :)20:05
kaleokenvandine, works fine here :20:05
kenvandineso i've heard :)20:05
kenvandinewhat i want though is to be able to hi-lite all the components and maybe a zoom for the 0x0 items20:06
kenvandineso you can play with it20:06
seb128kaleo, ok, thanks for the advice, I'm going to have a look to the customflickable and fill a bug on the toolkit about that20:06
seb128kenvandine, ^ if you want to beat me to it feel free, otherwise I can do that on monday20:07
seb128not today though, enough work for this week ;-)20:07
kaleoseb128, thank you20:07
kaleoseb128, sorry for the extra work20:08
seb128kenvandine, kaleo: well, even without the 0x0 widget issues, having borders around elements would be nice, I keep changing my Items for Rectangles in custom widget to see what's going on20:08
seb128kaleo, no worry20:08
kenvandineoh... so it does seem to work with something that is pure qml20:09
seb128ok, on that note, enough for me for this week20:12
seb128have a nice w.e everyone20:12
seb128see you next week20:12
bobweaverkenvandine,  why not use QtQuick.Window 2.0 and use Screen.height/width  and console.log that to app on start up ?  or set the Window in c++ to be like    QtQuick2ApplicationViewer k;   k.showMaximized();  or something like that showFullscreen() ect20:41
kenvandinebobweaver, for what?20:42
bobweaverkenvandine,  for your Items20:42
bobweaverand debugging like you where talking about above ^^20:43
kenvandineyou mean to see when something is 0x0?20:43
kenvandinebut i don't care about screen size... what i want is to see how big each item is20:43
kenvandinenot just how big20:43
kenvandinebut also hi-lite them20:43
kenvandineso you can mouse over and see what element is what20:43
bobweaverthis is a Model ?20:43
kenvandineno, just a general complaint20:45
kenvandineduring development people often don't see the results they expect20:45
kenvandineand it's can be a pita to see why the height is 0, etc20:45
kenvandinei want something like firebug for qml :)20:45
bobweaverkenvandine,  Item {width: Math.round(Screen.width / whatever) Rectangle{id:foo; width: Math.round(Screen.width / 2)    }  MosueArea{hoverenabled: true;  onEntered:{tooltip.opacity = 1 ; tooltipText.text = foo.width +"\n"+foo.height}  } Rectangle{id:tooltip; }   }20:48
bobweavermake sure that you import QtQuick.Window 2.020:48
kenvandinesomething like that20:48
kenvandinebut i want it to be part of the toolkit20:48
bobweaverI would make my own Elements for ToolTip and what not20:49
kenvandineyeah, that isn't as interesting20:49
bobweaverI think that there is tooltip in QtQuick.Controls20:49
kenvandinei don't want it for me... but for everyone that gets annoyed figuring out what is going on20:49
bobweaverThink being keyword20:49
kenvandineQML_FIREBUG=1 qmlscene foo.qml20:49
kenvandineand you magically get outlines or bgcolor changes on hover :)20:50
bobweaveryeah it sux when you are like what is wrong with my list/grid/path View and it is not that at all it is your delegate or somethingmlike that20:50
kenvandineor you set height to some other component's height20:50
kenvandinewhich turns out to be 020:51
kenvandineso you don't see it at all20:51
kenvandineannoying things like that waste too much time20:51
bobweaverconsole.log("Is my Friend")20:51
kenvandineyeah... me too20:52
kenvandinebut i hate debugging that way20:52
bobweaverI mean you could make that happen real easy with c++ in ones main.cpp (if that is ones main cpp file )20:52
bobweaverconsidering that it is qmlscene there is not bound to be any c++ files20:53
bobweaverdont understand why people do not want c++ in there qml . oO*  I mean qml is c++ plugins and what not.20:54
bobweaverthere is no tooltip in QtQuick.Controls only toolbars and toolbuttons20:56
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timpbobweaver: what do you want a tooltip for?21:39
bobweavertimp,  I dont but me and ken where talking about debugging and options21:40
timpok :)21:41
jdstrandmhall119: hey, I need to write an app that has a little C++22:08
jdstrandmhall119: I don't see any C++ templates under the Ubuntu project in qtcreator22:09
jdstrandoh, wait, maybe I do22:09
jdstrand'QML Extension Library + Tabbed Touch22:10
jdstrandlet me play with that22:10
jdstrandyes, that should do it22:11
jdstrandmhall119: nm! :)22:11
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