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caribouHi, I'm working on the following bug : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dante/+bug/85759810:51
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 857598 in dante (Ubuntu) "socksify fails to run" [Undecided,In progress]10:51
caribouI would need a task for precise as I will also propose a fix for precise as part of another bug I'm working on10:52
caribouI have also taken the liberty to switch it to In Progress as I've assigned myself to it10:54
caribounot sure if it  was to proper thing to do10:54
jibelcaribou, done and assigned to you10:55
cariboujibel: merci10:55
jibelcaribou, if you're working on it in progress is the right status10:55
cariboujibel: that's what I thought10:56
jibelfor reference https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Status10:56
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caribouWhat should I do if I have a debdiff that fixes two separate bugs ?14:18
caribouattach it to both bugs ?14:18
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phillwHi good people, can someone check out bug 1200304 and get any private data removed so that it can be made public.20:00
phillwThe request comes from the OP20:00
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jtaylorop can make it public himself20:14
jtaylorand I think he can also read and remove his own data20:15
TheLordOfTime^ that20:15
TheLordOfTimephillw:  ^20:16
phillwjtaylor: I'll ask that he does.20:16
jtaylorstrangely I can't even see the bug20:16
TheLordOfTimejtaylor:  nor I which is suspicious20:17
TheLordOfTimeor suggests something broke20:17
TheLordOfTimeor maybe its one of the packages or projects bugcontrol doesn't have access to20:17
hggdhnot really. It all depends on how the bug was opened, and against what20:17
* TheLordOfTime shrugs20:17
hggdhanyway, phillw ^ we cannot see it20:18
TheLordOfTimeso the OP will have to remove the data, or wait until someone who can see it can get to it20:18
* TheLordOfTime checks something20:18
phillwI've asked the OP to mark it as public, but I'm a little concerned that in doing so, it could reveal private information that should not be made public before having such data removed....20:19
TheLordOfTimephillw:  he should go through the data and remove it himself20:19
phillwHe is a tester, not a programmer!20:19
hggdhphillw: it might, indeed. But since we cannot see it -- not even to know what is in there --, there is not much we can do. If you could find from the OP what he opened the bug against, we then could find who would have access20:20
hggdhlike, opened against upstream as opposed to an Ubuntu package, marked the bug as a security issue (which means only the security team can see it), etc20:21
phillwI've copied this chat to the OP, not too sure which time zone he is on, so I will await a reply. Thanks for your help.20:23
hggdhphillw: glad to help, even if we did not actually helped...20:25
hggdhoh, bad tense. Ah well. It is Friday.20:25
TheLordOfTimehggdh:  you're excused :)20:27
phillwhopefully the grammer nazis are jumping off cliffs :P20:28
TheLordOfTimephillw:  i'm a grammar nazi usually20:28
TheLordOfTimebut i'm just as bad typing from a phone20:28
hggdhTheLordOfTime: since it is Friday, you should have said "... excuset", or something like it. So that I would not feel alone, and all that :-)20:35
TheLordOfTimehggdh:  autocorrect on the iOS is decent at doing its actual jonbn20:36
hggdhTheLordOfTime: THANK YOU!20:36
* hggdh now has company20:36
* TheLordOfTime goes back to figuring out an FTBFS problem in non-Ubuntu software.20:37
phillwthe bug is against lightdm20:49
hggdhphillw: not lightdm(Ubuntu), but just lightdm, right?21:03
TheLordOfTimehggdh:  is it against "lightdm (Ubuntu)"  or just the lightdm project21:03
TheLordOfTimebecause if it's the second of those i don't think bugcontrol has access21:03
phillwhggdh: lightdm(Ubuntu)21:03
hggdhthen it was probably masked as a security bug21:04
TheLordOfTimeehh whatever i was going to say is bleh21:04
TheLordOfTimethat's probably it then21:04
hggdhcuz otherwise we would have access to it21:04
TheLordOfTimeprivate security i think needs sec team21:04
hggdhyes. They are the only ones that can see them21:04
phillwthe screen shot is at http://imagebin.org/26432221:05
hggdhphillw: oh, OK, it is a crash. Only apport retracing has access to it right now21:06
phillwwho are they? :)21:06
hggdhphillw: others will only have access *after* initial apport processing21:06
hggdhphillw: they who?21:07
phillwapport retracing21:07
hggdhphillw: when a crash bug is opened, the bug is restricted -- the presence of a coredump is more than enough to make it restricted21:07
phillwSo, what advice should I give to the OP?21:08
hggdhso only an internal back-office process -- the apport retracing utility -- has access to the bug. When the retracing is done, the coredump is deleted, and the bug is accessible for some21:08
hggdhphillw: tell him/her to please wait. The bug should NOT be made public right now21:09
phillwokies, again - thanks21:09
hggdhphillw: after we have the retracing done, we can look at it, and see if it is good to be public21:09
phillwTheLordOfTime: could you have a read of a new section https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Overview#My_bug_is_marked_private to see if it is factually correct, thanks.23:08
TheLordOfTimephillw:  someone else can, I'm busy atm yelling at PayPal23:09
pleia2phillw: have a moment for a quick PM?23:10
phillwHi, can someone from bug-squad check on if https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Overview#My_bug_is_marked_private is factually correct, i23:10
phillwpleia2: always :)23:10

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